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Played today on their senior Jan special ($35). POP was 3.5 H. Course came through the storms just fine. No CPO at all today. Fairways provided good roll and lies all round. Rough outside of fairways and around the greens was still tall and sticky (not all cut yet). Bunkers were just great to play out of (in 2 no issues). Tee boxes were all clean/playable. Greens were cut and chipping/putting just fine. Held high shots + good bounce/release and roll as well. Customer service excellent at all levels. Enjoyable and recommended.
Played this morning in 2.5 H. Cart path only for those using a cart. But the course came through the storm very well. They even were able to mow the greens this morning and they putted just fine. Of course, the fairways were wet, but not that bad. Played LCP and was able to play the round w/o issue. Sand traps (not all) had standing water and they were pumping the water out. Not that it will make much difference w/o enough sand? Customer service excellent at all levels. Would expect dry conditions by Monday and on.
Played today in 3 H. Had the place to myself. Since playing here last month, not much has changed from my previous review. The fairways have become a little more dormant, but still provided good roll and good lies. Tee boxes fine. Bunkers fine. As said previously, very little rough, but water and OB await errant shots. Greens were fast and even seemed faster than last month and a pleasure to play on. Customer service was great from all staff. I really like playing this course and will continue to take advantage of their member for a day promo, as long as it lasts.
Played here today, after reading the last posting. I had the pleasure of playing with a member and his local knowledge was very helpful. I do not have much too add, that roarksown1 has not already stated and stated very well. Two points he made, length and course knowledge are extremely important when playing here. He also, did not seem a fan of the bunkers? But I found them to be very playable. Many holes are elevated and w/o knowing size and contour of the greens, hitting to the right area of the green, can be difficult. The layout of the course is very nice, but I would have preferred a Par 72 vs Par 70, given the length and elevation of several holes. 2 more Par 5's would have been ideal. The par 3's, (all 4) are excellent, challenging and nicely designed. Hole 7, is a dogleg r/l 555 par 5 that begins with an elevated tee and ends with an elevated green, with water in front. Hole 8, is a 170 par 3 over water, with a long narrow, elevated green guarded by large bunkers. Hole 9, is a 324 uphill Par 4, guarded by bunkers and trees. A really great stretch of 3 unique holes, IMO. The rough was very thick outside of the fairways and will cause a lot of problems. There is a creek that runs through the course, that comes into play, plus numerous OB due to narrow fairways. Customer service was excellent. Lunch was terrific and POP was right at 3 H. Highly recommended. If GK wants to hold an outing at a private club? I highly recommend this one. Its location off the 605 freeway in Whittier, should be centrally located for many GK members?
Played today in very windy conditions (very challenging). POP was 3 H. Found the course to be in good condition, even after the recent rain (only 1 hole was CPO). Fairways had great roll and decent lies (did find some thin spots). Rough was thick, sticky and plenty of OB to deal with (and the wind did not help in this area). Bunkers were great. Tee boxes, though dormant, were just fine. Greens were hard and fast, though they held high shots very well. But putting on fast greens, with wind, will test your patience all round (it did mine). Customer service was excellent at all levels. Great course, great personnel. Well worth playing.
I only had time today for 9. So played the Mt Course 9 here. Was very impressed with the conditions. Fairways had decent coverage, though you did find some thin areas. Tee boxes were all clean and playable. Bunkers were very playable. No rough to speak of. Greens were just great. Small greens, that require accuracy and they were clean and played very fast. Like this little 9 (1 par 5, 3 par 3's and five good par 4's). Customer service excellent at all levels. Great 9 and plays quick.
Intended to play early. Expected a frost delay, so rescheduled for 2 hrs later. Worked fine. Ended up playing in 3 hours. Fairways are totally dormant. Thin lies but plenty of roll. No rough to speak of. Bunkers are very good/playable. Tee boxes are just fine. Greens look slow, but are in great shape with speed. Customer service excellent. Restaurant closed for month of Jan for remodel. Food only at snack bar.
Played yesterday to end 2018, Course is in relatively good shape. Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways were hard, dry and provided good roll, but spotty lies. Sand traps, as I have stated many times, NEED SAND (maybe in 2019 but I won't hold my breath). Very little rough to deal with and what is there, is playable. Greens held shots, chipped/putted well, all round. Customer service excellent at all levels. Great old course layout, just needs some more TLC.
Played today. Cold when we started but warmed up nicely. Course is in good shape. They say the new green on # 15 "should" open Jan 6 (hope so as temp green sucks). Tee boxes are fine. Fairways are hard and thin, so clean strike is imperative (but lots of roll). Bunkers are all fine. Very little rough to speak of, but plenty of OB areas and water, are in play. Greens are great. Chip/putt well, hold shots and fast (especially downhill). Customer service was excellent at all levels. Really enjoy this course and its layout.
Was invited to play out here today. Cold sunny day but fun course to play. Tee boxes were all lush/green (compared to my last visit) and very playable. Fairways were a mixed bag. Some had good coverage/lies/roll, while others were just acceptable (most likely the time of year). Rough was about 1/2 inch and very difficult to hit from. Bunkers were all clean/playable. Greens were in great shape and putted/chipped (with speed) all round. Great customer service at all levels. Great food in the clubhouse. If you have the opportunity to play here, do so.
To end our trip, we are staying here and took the All You Can Play Special (IMO the best way to do it, otherwise $$$$). Played here yesterday (twice). Got out early to avoid the wind and got rewarded for almost 12 holes. Then the wind came up, but nothing outrageous. Though it was challenging (and much more so in the afternoon). Customer service here was exactly what one would expect. Fantastic. As for the course, Nice wide fairways (IMO) and great roll and lies, all round. Tee boxes were just great. Bunkers (with that great red/brown color) were great and playable. Greens were large and chipped/putted great all round. Food/beverage afterwards, very reasonable. Truly a wonderful resort. Recommended.
Played yesterday on a beautiful HI day. Having not been here for a few years, I was taken back by all the development. What once was a quite and rather non busy area, is not that anymore. This is were they put the new Disney resort. Found the course to be in terrific shape. Ted Robinson design, so you know you are going to get water (plenty of it). Got out early so as to avoid as much wind as possible (worked). Never had an issue with any tee boxes. Fairways were wide and very playable. Bunkers were just fine. Greens were fine (large and undulating) and no issues with chipping/putting. Customer service (as expected) was top notch. Great restaurant/bar for after round drinks and food. Love the fact that they have a Roy's restaurant here at the resort. Stay at the Marriott Beach Club (my choice) or Four Seasons to get great rates and specials. Relaxing, enjoyable and recommended.
Listing 13 to 24 of 58,611 Course Reviews
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