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OK time flies. 7 years since I played here last (why - maybe traffic coming home). Played this morning in 3 H. We took advantage of the weekend Sr deal ($29). Greens were punched on 8/9 of this month and are still healing. Some of them are better than others and those had good putting speed, but I think at least another week? But overall, they were all playable. We found the tee boxes all clean and playable. No issues with any fairways, as they had roll out and great lies, all round. In one trap and no issues and heard none from others. Did not find much rough, but there are enough OB areas to compensate, should you get way off the fairway. Not to mention the lakes that can come into play. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Glad to revisit here, as I totally enjoyed the course and the layout. Recommended and we will be going back, before 7 years, for sure.
Played today on the Member for a Day promo. Pace of play was right on 3 H. No one in front of me on the front 9. Starting on ten they had a 12 man member tourney, but was able to work my way through them very easily. Had never played here, so was very interested in doing so. Course is right off 57 highway (between 10 and 210) as well as Via Verde exit from the 10. Course has a nice putting green located right next to the 1st tee, as well as the driving range next to 1st tee as well (very convenient). Course is a mixture of downhill and uphill holes, due to the course sitting in a little valley. Nice set of par 3's (one fairly flat, one straight uphill and 2 downhill) that are of good length and challenging for all handicaps (nothing outrageous). Bunkers were great (only in one) with nice soft/playable sand. The rough is thick and penal outside of the fairways, which are very generous/wide. The par 4's and par 5's are a good mixture in length, with many of the holes playing all uphill (like # 18, 496 all uphill). They had just punched the greens about 10-12 days ago and some had healed nicely, while others still had aeration remnants. So putting and chipping where slow. Greens are very large and look to be very challenging when in top shape. Fairways (nice and green) needed cutting, so very little roll out during the round, but the lies were fine. The tee boxes had been "scalped" and were brown, but did not effect teeing the ball up in any way (they were also sanding some of them today). There were two holes that had water and from the tee box they looked huge (like infinity pools) and gave the impression the carry was longer than it appeared (very interesting). Also, on # 9 right after coming off 8 green, there is a staircase (45 steps) to # 9 green, if you are walking and don't want to walk around the corner (I think I would walk around). Customer service was excellent at all levels. If you ever have the opportunity to play here? Take advantage of it. The next promo offer that comes my way, I will play again, so I can hopefully see the course in top shape.
Played today in 4 H pace. Very slow group in front of us. If people wish to play early, they should not play slow? Effects everyone behind you. Course has rebounded nicely over the last 2 weeks. Tee boxes are all now green, clean and playable. Fairways were damp when we started (so no roll) but on the back 9 they began to dry out and provide some good roll. But the fairways are not "lush" (and still some dry/brown spots) so you will encounter some thin lies and hopefully you know how to deal with that? Bunkers were all fine and playable. Greens have come back very nicely from aeration. Wet when we started and had not been mowed, but sill putted fine. By the time we got to the back 9, they had dried out and chipped/putted just fine, with good speed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Back out again this week, after finding out the tournament scheduled for today was cancelled. POP was 2.5 H. Fairways have greened up even more since last week. Still some "spotty" areas on some fairways, but not a big issue. Lots of roll and good lies during the round. Tee boxes all clean playable. Bunkers were all raked and cleaned, but still not enough sand in them (maybe a Go Fund Me account should be set up?). Found 1 that was playable and another one, not so friendly. Rough has been allowed to grow up and it is tough playing out of it (stay in the fairway). Greens have gotten better, for sure. Green/clean/smooth, good speed. Saw small issues on 9 and 13 but not causing any issues. Customer service is excellent at all levels. Course is in as good a shape (maybe better) then some in the area?
Played today in a POP of 4 H. Should have been faster (we even went out early) but were paired with 2 very "deliberate" players who slowed us down. We even had to let a group of 3 play through at # 4 and almost had another group catch us? We should have just left them? Course has recently aerated 1/2 of the greens Oct 1. 2nd half to be done in another week? But the greens are not very smooth, especially the aerated side and putting from aerated to non aerated is difficult (we will wait until after DST to return). Tee boxes had some issues. Some were clean and level. Others were not mowed and shaggy. Not in any bunkers and heard no complaints from anyone, either. Fairways were in good shape and provided "decent" roll and good lies, all round. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Personally I don't recommend the course at present.
Played today in nice POP of 3 H. Course was very quite, as large tournament later in AM. The fairways are green and providing good lies, but very little roll out today, as they were wet from overnight watering/dew. Still no additional sand in bunkers, but they have been worked on and the one I was in, was playable (rest of them appeared OK). Tee boxes were all clean and playable. They aerated almost a month ago and the greens look great. Not super fast, but acceptable and they chipped/putted just fine. Customer service excellent at all levels. Twilight is now starting at 10:30 for those interested.
Played today POP at 4 H. A little more crowded with the later sunrise. Not much to report that was not said about last week, though the course is greener and the greens were very nice. New restaurant is now open and it is very nice. Customer service excellent at all levels. They say they will aerate next week?
First off POP 3 H. Course is getting better each week (IMO). Tee boxes have all filled in since they were "scalped" last week. Fairways were a little wet to begin, so little roll but good lies and as they dried out, more roll (not all) and good lies. Bunkers were just fine and playable (in one). Very little rough and what there is, is playable. Greens have come back very nicely. The greens have picked up speed (not all) but they are getting there. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played this morning, as the 3rd group off with the sunrise. POP was 3H. So no glow balls or playing in the dark. Course was very wet from overnight watering and the dew. Add to that, we had strong overcast, some wind and all those factors made the course play very long. Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways "were a mixed bag - some areas nice, some areas awful" to quote Weber. Bunkers were playable, but some still had wet sand. Greens were good and playable and no issues were faced by anyone. Excellent customer service at all levels. We also celebrated our friend Jim's birthday, who turned 97 and is still playing (many of you may know him) and hope to celebrate his brothers 104 birthday in Feb (he had to stop playing at 102).
Played this morning, in a POP of 3 H. First thing you notice, is that all tee boxes have been aerated/scraped and are the color of brown (but it did not effect the teeing process). Fairways were very wet and provided no roll but decent lies. Bunkers were all clean and playable. Greens have come back nicely from aeration on Sept 4/5 but they are putting a lot of water on them and they are slow. Customer service excellent at all levels. No doubt conditions will improve, with the cool weather we are experiencing?
Played this morning (Valley 9/Mt 9) in a POP of 3. We were first off and the only issue we encountered was maintenance was slow and we were fast (Mt 9 greens not mowed until we got to # 9 our 18). The Valley 9 was being cleaned in front of us and we had no issues. We had not played up here for many years (when it was Robinson Ranch). Glad we came back. Hard to remember what the course was like, but you can see how they did change/reroute some of the holes on the Valley 9. Mt 9 had no changes. No idea about Desert 9, as it was closed for maintenance. We found the course to be in excellent condition (though wet from overnight water/dew). Tee boxes were all level/clean (both 9's). Fairways had good coverage and good lies (not much roll being wet). On the Valley 9, they have cleaned/cleared a lot of area, thus you have some long carries from tee box to fairway (leaving you with desert/chips etc. if you don't make the fairway). You also have a few creeks and drainage areas, that can come into play. Not the case on the Mt 9. There you have green from tee to green (with many sand traps, OB and water, though not much water in the ponds). Rough was playable on the Valley and there are numerous OB desert areas to contend with. Mt 9 has very little rough but lots of OB if you do not hit the fairway. The greens on both 9's were just great (even the wet ones). It looks like they have put in all new greens and they are big, undulating and I suspect fast when dry (never saw any divots or old ones either -outstanding). Bunkers were all clean and very playable on both 9's. Enjoyed the round very much because you are playing 2 different courses, which keeps you interested and entertained for all 18 holes. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Still the large clubhouse, but we did not have time to sample the food. Brand new carts (comfortable and fast). Though the course is a drive, we will be making time to go back again, as it is a great course to play. Very quite early AM but was crowded when we finished. No issues with traffic up the 5 (as we went early) but did find some traffic when we exited onto Sand Canyon Road (??) and we were only 3/4 mile away from the course. Must be a shortcut for locals? Highly recommended.
Played today in 3 H. Got off early as the sun was coming up, so it was a little wet to begin with.Tee boxes were all clean and no issues. Fairways provided good lies, but little roll (until later in the round) to start with. Bunkers were all clean and heard no complaints. Greens were damp to begin with (so little bounce) but chipped/putted just fine (but many divots needed fixing, due to lazy golfers). As the round progressed the greens got faster. They have opened up the new men's bathroom (good news). Hopefully the restaurant will come shortly? Customer service excellent at a levels.
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