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Joined a friend today and wish I had not. We ended up leaving after 9 holes. The pace of play was atrocious + the fairways were terrible (you might just as well play winter rules). The tee boxes were fine. The bunkers were OK and the greens were nice? But 3 out of 4 does not make for a good round. I realize a lot of the conditions are the fault of recent weather conditions? But I personally feel, that courses who want our $$ (or $$$) should be up front about those conditions, when tee times are made (that is my personal opinion OK). I think I will take some more out of state trips through the rest of Aug and part of Sept? Or travel farther out to other regions of CA (Ventura, Monterey, etc) to find better conditioned courses?
Played this AM in 2.5 H. The course has taken a beating, since my last review (a month ago) and the last one (Weber). Greens are horrendous from fungus. # 15 should be closed, it looked so bad (+ 2 and 8). And with all the water they have been putting on them, every shot leaves a divot and many are not being fixed, adding to the misery. Customer service excellent. For the most part, the tee boxes were fine. Though I did find a few that were not. Fairways are decent but soft, with very little (if any) roll. Bunkers were OK and maintenance was getting them cleaned. I love this course but not willing to pay for these conditions. Will be back when it cools down.
Played AM today in 3 H. Tale of two courses today. Going off early, you expect to be behind maintenance (which is fine), just wish they would buy a mower that picks up the grass clippings? When we did find our golf balls (and cleared the clippings) we found good fairways with good lies (front only). And the greens today on the front were firm, clean and fast (thanks). Bunkers had been cleaned (from what I saw) and heard no complaints (both front and back 9's). Back nine was a different story? Fairways had not been mowed (so they were soft) but provided good lies. The greens had not been mowed and were soft and slow. Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Played today in POP of 3.5 H. The course, IMO is in the worst shape I have ever seen it. It is very apparent that the recent heat wave in P V took its toll? Greens were sanded yesterday (and being watered today) and they are in terrible shape. Evidence of previous fungus is on every green (they putted lousy). Fairways are a mix bag, with many brown areas and were for the most part, very wet and very few good lies. For the first time, I witnessed tee boxes that were in bad shape. No comments on the bunkers, as I was not in any, nor did I hear anyone complain. The restaurant, which I believe began a remodel almost 3 months ago, is still unfinished. They now have an area for food outside of the pro shop (not where I would want to eat). The bathrooms in the locker room are still closed. One bathroom available inside the banquet area. Customer service was adequate, not excellent like normally. This is a course I have played on a continual basis for the last ten years. But it will be sometime until I read a good/better/best review, before I go back.
Played today in POP of 3 H. We did not find the course in as good a shape as 2 weeks ago. Lots of maintenance and too much grass clippings in the fairways (maybe they do not have enough staff). Course had been heavily watered and there was little to no roll in the fairways. Greens were wet and had not been cut, but were much better by the time we reached the back 9. Tee boxes were fine. Bunkers were fine. What little rough there is, was wet and difficult to play out of. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played here after Avondale, as it is only 1 mile away. This course is over 100 years old and opened in 1907. Lots of history and amenities and while the course does not have any holes on the water, the clubhouse is and a great place to unwind after. It has a great driving range, chipping range with bunkers and 3 practice holes (nice way to warm up). The course is not overly long, at 6321 yards. But the fairways are lined with large trees and will make staying in the fairway a priority. Fairways are terrific, with lush grass, that provide great lies/roll. Tee boxes are immaculate. Rough is very penal. Large bunkers with great sand, to play out of. Greens are large, fast and chip/putt fantastic. Another neat feature here, is that on the 10th hole, they have a full restaurant/bar (so if the front 9 went bad ????). Of course the customer service was absolutely great. I felt like a member.
Played today and what a wonderful golf course. It is a private course, that allows outside play. Located in Hayden, just N of Coeur d'Alene, on Lake Avondale. The course is immaculate and while playing to 6614 from the tips, most of the front 9 is lined with huge pine trees, which makes it imperative to stay in the fairway. The design of the course is a great mixture of holes, which is truly enjoyable. # 1 is a par 4, fronted by large pond, large deep bunkers and a 2 tiered green (just how you want to start on a course you have never played). Two beautiful par 3's, that use water, sand, elevation and undulating greens, due to their length (both short but difficult). The back nine is somewhat flatter, until you reach 17/18. Back to back par fives, that encompass doglegs, trees, elevation and water. Tee boxes were beautiful. Fairways had the perfect grass with great lies and roll. Bunkers were great and in terrific shape. Very little rough and what there was, was playable. Greens were outstanding and chipped and putted beautifully all round. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Great food with a great outside eating area. Highly recommended.
Played here today. One of the toughest courses I have ever played. Every tee box has a hazard or a long forced carry in front of it. As an example. # 10 from the blue is over a marsh, to an elevated fairway and you must carry it 200 yards just to hit the fairway (par 5 @536). That's just one hole? It would take me a week to describe all the other ones (LOL). The course itself is beautifully maintained. Tee boxes were immaculate. Fairways were green but not lush, like lower elevation courses here in ID. You had to be good at taking divots and sweeping the ball with your hybrids ( my 3 wood did not want to work on this grass). From the tips, it is 7089 and rated 74.6/148. A Nicklaus course. There is a ton of water that comes into play and the outside of all fairways is either a cliff or tall native grass (bring lots of balls), you must stay in the fairway, or else. Tremendously designed holes, especially the par 3's. You end with a par 3 over water @ 199 (# 16), Then a par 4 @ 419 with water in front of the green, then a par 4 @ 467 with the fairway surrounded by water and water in front of the green. And the greens were huge, undulating and fast (11-12) and local knowledge would go a long way at this course (no GPS or booklet ???). Customer service is tremendous. 8 miles out of Sandpoint ID but well worth the trip or stop if in the area. It is officially in my top ten of all time. Totally a bucket list course. And a steal at $75. I will place pics on all reviews upon my return.
Played here this morning. Being a great fan of Jim Engh courses, I had to call in a lot of favors to play here. They were all worth it. Located 20 miles S of Coeur d'Alene in a private development, this course will not disappoint. The par 3's were the most unique, I have ever played. Engh used solid granite walls, water falls, water ponds and elevation in their design. And at all of his courses, you will find 3 par 3's and 3 par 5's on either the front or back 9. Great enjoyment and great for scoring. The course from the Black Tees is 7130 with a 73.9/145 rating. All of the par 4's and par 5's are outstanding (with great elevation changes and views of the lake) and designed to be below the cart paths and have mounding along the sides, to route shots back into the fairways. He also has used his traditional bowl shaped greens, which are part of his signature design. If you ever come across a member, tell them to invite you. Or, try one of Engh's many public courses in the Western US. I hope to one day, say I have played them all.
Played this afternoon. The course is in terrific shape and even though my post is 2 years after dconnally, there is not much I can add, that he has not already posted. Yes, even after 2 years. But he paid $125 it is now $165 for afternoon. $250 for morning (ouch). I had played here almost ten years ago, so I wanted to give it one more shot. The conditions were nearly perfect. I did not really like the required use of the forecaddie. IMO this course really is laid our right in front of you and I did not really feel I gained anything by his assistance. But the chance to play a 100% floating green and then be taken out by boat to putt, is really cool. I would recommend it for the purest of golfer and we all know many of those, right?
2nd round of the day. 3 H POP. Had not played here, since 2004 when it was 1 year old. On the grounds of the Coeur d'Alene Indian tribe reservation. Less the 1 hour from Spokane and also Coeur d'Alene. This course has matured into a tremendous golf course. Every tee box was spotless. The fairways (nice and wide) were like playing on a carpet and with great roll out and the best lies I have played all year. Bunkers were large, intimidating but great to play out of. Rough was tall grass and environmental areas and impossible to play out of. The greens are large, undulating, fast (12), void of divots (great maintenance). Great par 3's. Beautiful elevation changes on the holes. Great service and wonderful 19th hole. In the area, do not miss this one.
1st off today POP 2.5 hours. Wow what a course. Designed by John Harbottle Jr. From the tips 7300 +. Lots of elevation changes. Terrific par 3's and I loved the 3 par 3's and 3 par 5's on the back. Course record Maverick McNeily 61. 100% links and on the campus of WA State and just beautiful views of the farmlands. Customer service is fantastic (thanks Brian). Every tee box was level/clean and in top shape. The fairways looked like a Scottish course, with the brown and green grass, but they were firm (lots of roll) and terrific lies. Traps (not many but deep and dangerous) were so clean and playable. Lots of tall grass (in place of rough) outside of the fairways, that is deep and virtually unplayable. The greens are large (and fast today at 11.5) undulating and just great. They all are below the cart paths (wind protection) in large bowls, with unique ridges around them, allowing you to use them to chip into the green (great design idea). Highly recommended if/when in the area. Great Courtyard and Residence on campus 5 minutes from the course. This is a course not to miss, if you love golf (like all GKer's do). Great restaurant on site.
Listing 13 to 24 of 57,679 Course Reviews
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