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Yikes, I almost hate to review this and let the secret get out but duty calls. As noted in other reviews, ACC has been a private golf course until recently. It looks like declining membership resulted in the course being sold and the new ownership has made is semi private now.

First, the not so good. Club house really looks like it has seen better days but the cart kid told us they were planning on a major renovation. It also felt like there was more than a bit of culture clash going on between the old members and the public golfers. To be fair, we saw a couple of yahoos trying to skip holes and whose attire was marginal if you know what I mean. We had no problems, but we were dressed nicely and observed proper etiquette. Still, feeling like you are being judged is a little uncomfortable.

That being said, the course is terrific. Outside of the Palm Springs area, perhaps the best conditioned track I've played in Southern California in a long time with the possible exception of the Goose. It's an old school, tree lined and flat layout. Very typical of William Bell designs. Deceptively hard, as overhanging tree limbs and awkward angles into the greens if youre not on the correct side of the fairway make this a challenge. Ball doesn't roll much on the lush fairways. Fairways, tee boxes and greens in excellent shape. Nice soft sand in the bunkers.

Excellent pace of play, we got done in just over 3 hours. We paid a midweek price of $45 for seniors. This is a about 50% more than we'd pay for nearby Shandin or Yucaipa but it's in a different league. Had an excellent sandwich and a beer after we played. A great addition to the 909 public golf scene.
Got lured in by the $33 weekday with food and bev deal. While, we much prefer it's sister Resort course, Legend has always been quite the old school challenge with treelined fairways, fast greens and lots par 4's so long that you have to keep checking the card to see if they are par 5's.

It seems course conditions here have deteriorated since our last visit though. Greens were good, quick and tough to read. Recent flooding they are working on have created lots of GUR, running streams bifurcate many of the fairways and you have to ford almost knee deep water several times to get around the course. The bunkers are in terrible shape, just no sand under the ball.

Other than the friendly cart girl, customer service at the pro desk, starters and cart barn was snarky and surly today. Seems like this is the general personality of this course recently. Still, it's one of the few reasonable choices in the PS area until the weather heats up and the prices start to drop.
Played here on a Friday afternoon. $32 for a course of this level is a great deal. This is such a complex and challenging course and I like making the drive out here once in a while because it's really good for my game to play testy, irritating courses like Tukwet once in a while.

The fairways, while not overly wide have enough room to put your ball into if you're a reasonably straight driver. It's around the greens where the challenge lies here. At least half a dozen times I hit "perfect" approach shots I thought were going to result in kick in birdies, more often than not the ball jumped off the very firm putting surface like off a trampoline and bounded 10 yards over the green or into a bunker. Well struck pitches and bunker shots as well, run much farther than anticipated. The unpredictable slopes around the greens and rough take away the run up shot as an option as well. Tukwet is just a poster child for the type of modern golf course that requires impeccable maintenance in order to be played the way it was designed but a few years down the road-they just cant quite keep up. Another pet peeve are the deep greenside bunkers full of little rocks. Oh, and no scorecards today...really? I'm sorry-I may be coming across badly with this review, but its frustrating to have a great ball striking day foiled by course conditions.

It's not all bad-greens putt relatively smoothly and the fairways are in great shape after the recent rains. The service at the bar and from the cart barn is a bit surly, but the girl with the beverage cart is friendly. Green beer on sale, yay!
Good overall these days. Greens are good, always love the layout. Fairways are a little scruffy as are tee boxes but not too bad. Only really bad feature is the bunkers, very hard underneath the thin layer of "sand" and full of small rocks. Really need to improve this Yucaipa.

Food service is great and the employees are always friendly. Especially the starter ladies, Ray and Barry.
Played Hidden Valley, Friday 2/11 using gift cards sold at Costco. Greens are in good shape rolls well but chips and pitches refuse to check up,pace of play is good- the penal nature of this course tends to keep away the riff raff. The couple of bunkers I landed in actually had nice fluffy sand which was nice. Fairways and teeboxes were a bit chewed up but still playable. Spectacular elevation changes and course routing always make this course an adventure.
Hadn't played here for a while and decided to check out if conditions were better than last time.
The good-greens were better than decent, a touch on the slow side but rolled smoothly and accepted approach shots. Pace of play was good and bunkers no worse than comparable courses.
The bad-indifferent customer service, they could really take a page from the folks at nearby Yucaipa. Lady at the snack bar is super grumpy.

The ugly-The fairways. Dear Lord, they are awful. Rock hard and overgrown with weeds. The whole course is GUR. "Rough" and tee boxes in equally bad shape. Need a hammer to get your tee in the ground.

Now...all that being said we paid $26 on an all inclusive special On a Friday morning for green fees, cart, range balls, unlimited beverages and a something to eat for lunch. That folks is a great value that makes up for some of the shortcomings of this course. I know the water shortage is mostly to blame for the conditions, but at least management recognizes the course isn't in great shape and prices things accordingly.
Hadn't played here in over a year. Was dissapointed to find the fairways and "rough" to be in such poor condition. Lots of GUR, dirt areas and weeds despite the recent rains. They really need to invest in some grass seed.

On the plus side, the greens were in nice shape-medium speed but rolled smoothly and accepted most approach shots. Bunkers surprisingly in good shape. Excellent service from the pretty girl in the bev cart. Very friendly and must have seen her 6 times on the back nine.

Still, it's hard to justify returning here until playing conditions get better as competing courses nearby are in better shape for less cash.
Played Wed 1/13 for the afternoon rate of $35. Pace of play was excellent, bunkers have lots of nice fluffy sand to play out of. Tee boxes and fairway landing areas have lots of unfixed divot marks. Greens are smooth, roll well but dont accept well struck pitches and approach shots. I prefer fast greens as a rule, but these may have gotten away from the crew. Very hard to put a nice roll on your ball without running it well past the hole. I hadnt played here in a while and don't remember it being so difficult in the past. I've always liked the design of this track and hope to play again when spring comes and conditions normalize.
Oak Quarry is always one of my favorite tracks for its distinctive design and challenging but playable layout. Played yesterday and was dismayed to find most of the greens just pockmarked with numerous unfixed ball marks. Greens in general were hard and to run up all but the shortest approach shots. Rough and fairways were ok, sand bunkers as usual were thin and had little rocks in them-I bring an older sand wedge for courses like these where I know the bunkers are like that. I hope the greens condition isn't a long term trend.

Bev cart came by several times and food at the clubhouse as usual was excellent.
We've played the Lakes course at Menifee several times but somehow not the Palms. Just like its sister course it had nice greens,playable fairways and decent teeboxes. I think the design is just a bit more challenging and interesting though. Greens were medium speed but generally had 2 or 3 tiers so short shots have to be precise. Fair price of $41 for a Friday morning. Bunkers are basically groomed dirt with no imported sand just like everywhere else in this price range, but they are at least soft and playable. Pace of play was excellent as we teed off at 740 and we were done before 11. Did not have a chance to try the food in the clubhouse, but cart service was friendly and efficient. Again, a great value. Any nearby course that is this good or better with the possible exception of Soboba when it's on sale is probably at least $20 more.
We actually meant to play a different golf course altogether (The former SCGA) in this area, but one of my playing partners got confused-not uncommon-by the name change of this course and booked us here. At first we were furious at him "Dude, you booked us at Temeku Hills, that place is a dog track!"

To our relief we were pleasantly surprised. The new ownership has really turned this course around. Conditions were much, much better than when we last played here 4-5 years ago. Greens are quick and in good shape, fairways are firm but the turf is nice, the rough is a little scraggly in spots but no big deal. I never landed in any bunkers but the sand in them looked ok to me. Did not get a chance to try the food service, but the staff encountered all seemed friendly. No sign of a beverage cart on course FWIW. Pace of play on a Sat am just in front of a tournament was excellent, we blazed through the round in 3:45. Nice job Legends!
SixPez's earlier review is spot on. Made the drive up the hill and played this course last week. As he noted, nice fairways and greens with level but hard tee boxes. I too am a bit put off of by the 12 hole concept but realize it's probably a lot more sustainable for golf in a small out of the way community to cut water usage and maintenance. To his review, I'd add that it would be nice if the yardage markers were more visible and easier to find, particularly as this course is so new my Garmin doesn't have it in the database yet. Pleasant, not too challenging "linksy" layout. Kind of reminds me of Diamond Valley in Hemet. The Joshua Trees sprinkling the surrounding hillsides add character to the scenery offsetting the trailer park and dilapidated condos on the other side of the course. Food service still not available, but all staff I encountered were all very friendly. Covered driving range with unusually nice artificial turf. It's good to see a new course open up anywhere these days. Kudos to the ownership of this track!
Listing 13 to 24 of 61,679 Course Reviews
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