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I like to think of SC Muni as the poor man's Pebble Beach (kinda like Torrey, but one notch lower) You get sneak peak views of the ocean, poa annua greens, sticky Kikuyugrass that eliminates the bump and run, and a nice ocean breeze. All for about 50 bucks. Even though I started at 12:00 and finished at sunset I still believe this course is one the best values in the oc area.

The greens were their typical medium fast pace, that sometimes require a magic 8 ball to read. Few shallow divots on the green. Overall, great to putt on and enjoy them now because next month they will be punched.

Fairways were as good I’ve seen them. Great lies and few bare spots. Saw an amateur hit his drive on hole 11 to the 150 marker (330 yard drive, no wind and flat) My driver didn’t want to get out of the bag after seeing it. I told him I still loved him and poked the ball out to the neighboring zip code.

Well, that’s it. Back to the work grind.
Played Saturday 2/1 9:15

Must confess I don't usually pay 95 dollars for a winter round of golf. However, the sun was out, it was a special occasion and I decided to play with a friend who had a Creek card.

What a treat. The conditions were so MINT that I'm inclined to play there once a month instead of driving 45 mins to a cheap goat track.

Fairways had nice clean grass, only a few spots were thin (but still had grass). Bunkers were full on fine sand (Torrey Pines quality), and the greens were running medium fast, and barely blemish. The greenskeeper should be proud of the way it looks.

Last time I was out I saw a Golden Eagle in the middle of the fairway on Hole 4. The course Marshall says there's a family of them that feed off the lake on the par 3 Hole 5. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a Chicken.

Word of caution on Hole 17. When you park at the green, there is a family of squirrels that are highly trained bandits that will steal any food out of your cart. I was told by my playing partner that one squirrel chewed through a friends brand new golf bag to get at some chocolate.
Be warned. Maybe bring an offering for them and lay it out on the grass 10 yards from your cart. Or if you hate your playing partner, rub peanut butter on their bag. :-)

Service was A+. Wish I could find something to criticize but we even finished in 4 1/2 hours, with some sun on our faces. Life is good.
I haven't played golf in a while, but felt compelled to write about last Saturday's round at Coyote Hills Golf Course.
First time playing it. Course conditions were good. Few brown spots. Not a lot of divots on the greens.
Course is pretty narrow and has only 2 Par 5s.
Started at 12:30 and only go 15 holes completed. It took over 3 hours just to play 9 holes.
One hole had 4 groups waiting to tee off.
No one was at the snackbar after we waited for 10 mins.
For 61 dollars, this was not good value.
We complained to the shop, but they offered little help other than "sorry".
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Played last Sunday the 10th at 8:30. Our tee time was 6:45 but we had almost a 2 hour frost delay.
Have to strongly disagree with the previous review of this course. It is NOT a 9.5 The fairways have sparse grass on about 50% of the holes, the other 50% are lush and in good condition.
Greens have a a weird fungus on a couple of holes that made cauliflower ridges, which prompted my playing partner to say to me "This place is a goat track" Most greens were in good condition though and were rock hard.
I'd say the best part of the course is the design - many interesting holes and the breakfast in the club house. Recommend the breakfast sandwich. Food is definitely worth getting here. :-)

Pace of play was good 4.5 hours.
Played on Jan 1st, Tuesday on a frosty morning. I can officially say I was under par in 2013 for two holes...then reality set in and then got kicked in goonies on mutliple holes.

2nd time playing this course. Great layout. Some really interesting holes (short par 4s) really long Par 5s (600 yards plus).

Conditions on the greens were great - running fast and divot free, but that's about it. Dormant fairways, bare spots, thin bunkers. Lots and lots of trees. Back 9 you need to have the skill of a surgeon on the tee shots.

Enjoyed playing here but not worth more than 40...

Excellent customer service...very friendly and helpful.

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Played at 12:00 yesterday (Wednesday), finished at 5pm. We were the last group out but took our time mainly because we were trying to find each other's balls in the rough.

Grandstands are all up. I played as a single for 60 bucks, and didn't wait to get on. Great value.

Conditions are about as good they get now. Lots of new grass planted around the greens for the PGA event. Only gripe is that the greens hadn't been rolled for a few days and seemed slowish. Sure that will change soon.

Still hunting my first hole in one...

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Day/Time: 12/26 Wed - 12:10
Highlight: Greens - pretty much divot free
Lowlight: Fairways combined with poor irrigation = mush burger lies
This an old faithful of mine. Best layout for an executive although can't say I was too happy with the conditions today, mainly due to the rains. Grass is dormant, although I don't think it ever wakes up!
With all the par 3s here, I was raising my odds for my first hole in one. No luck :-(
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Played Sunday 12/23, started at 10am and finished in 4.5 hours.

One of the great things I like about this course is the consistency of the conditions. It doesn't vary much from month to month. Greens are mostly divot free, fairways better than average, and the design is good.

The greens though must have been designed by David Copperfield. I can't ever seem to figure out the speed or the break. In theory, everything breaks to the ocean, but some seem to break uphill and the speed is often much faster than I anticipate. Maybe because the practice greens are slower.

Anyway....beautiful course. Not much to say other than it was really enjoyable.

Still waiting for my first hole in one....
Finished a twilight round yesterday in less than 4.5 hours. Did not wait to tee off on any holes. Awesome value for 24 bucks.

After the rains some of the fairways have a little bit of ground under repair. Conditions are still really nice. Greens are perfect.

It seems like they've cut back the rough. It's not as wild and wooly as in the past.

Played with a scratch golfer that struggled because of the odd breaks on the green and distance variables with wind and slope.

Cold Santa Ana day but stunning sunset.
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Played yesterday in the snowman scramble. Great tournament - free beer on one of the holes, well organized and ton of fun for all.

Happy to report the conditions of this course have dramatically changed for the better. There used to be a lot of bare spots on fairways and divots on the greens but not anymore.

Would return.

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Couldn't resist another after work session at Torrey. Got on at 12:00 and finished at 5:00.

Greens have improved a lot from a couple of weeks ago. They are no longer sandy and running medium fast. Everything else is as you would expect at this time of the year i- perfect fairways, tricky rough (seems to be a little less wild and wooly) and great bunkers.

Grandstands are now up for the Farmers. 60 bucks (resident) is mega value for the conditions right now.
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Played yesterday around 10am. Agree with Weber's last review - greens are getting speedier.

Conditions are really nice right now. Good time to get out there. Don't really have much anything bad to say about it except it can take a while to find your ball if you don't hit the fairway. :-)

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