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Played 1/6 as a foursome and the second group off at 7:30am which is very rare. Course was wide open and maybe the rains the night before scared people off. Dealt with some light morning fog but it was gone by the 4th hole. POP was right at 4.5 hours, never waiting on a shot and not getting pushed by the group behind us.

The fairways, rough, and tee boxes are all still dormant, but the greens have good color to them. While the greens are in much better shape than they were in the summer they still leave some areas to be desired. The super there has been punching them and filling the holes with a new fertilizer in hopes of bringing up bentgrass instead of poa annua. Some greens have a made a full recovery from the disease and punching while others are taking their time in some areas. They have done a good job in keeping hole locations away from the areas that need the attention and not foot traffic.

Overall, the course is the only public course in the area worth anything, and until then the POP will continue to suffer. They did raise their rates slightly and the greens seem to have less and less unrepaired ball marks and sand traps are raked more frequently as a result.
Played in a tournament for a concrete conference down last weekend. POP was slow as we didn't have enough groups for a shotgun start, and took us right around 6 hours to finish, but that wasn't the courses fault at all.

The course had just allowed carts off the path the day we played, and it was doing very well from the overseed. Lush, green grass could be seen throughout the course from tee to green with minimal divot damage. The fairways were immaculate. The tee boxes had some minor divot damage but played great. The rough around the greens and fairways would grab your club just enough.

The only gripe was the greens. They had some minor damage that wasn't divots but small, inconsistent dead spots around the green. Maybe a fungus I don't know, but it was odd to see coming of the overseeding. They played very slow, but had deceiving breaks to them that seemed like it would be even more tricky with some speed.

I wasn't in any traps but they seemed inconsistent. Some had very large rocks in them about the size of golf balls, and some had great looking sand.

Overall, I'd play it again once the greens regain their speed. A fun, short track that makes think off the tee and had some small tricky greens.
Played 9-8 as a threesome. Was over in the area for a wedding and had some time to kill so me and a couple of buddies decided to play the par 3 course since we have never played it before. What a treat. It's fun and very challenging. The greens are very dramatic in their undulations, which makes you think about where you're going to hit your tee shot. The hardest hole is the shortest hole, playing only 82 yards but over water with a green that doesn't have a flat spot on it.

The greens were in perfect condition. Minor divot damage but nothing terrible.
Tee boxes had minor divot damage but again nothing terrible. They were a little uneven which is the only knock.

The only rough they had was the frog hair that grew around the bunkers. They kept the rest of the grass around the green pretty tight which made it even more difficult if you were just off. Basically had to put everything.

If you're in the area and don't have 4 to 5 hours to play a full 18 with some friends, I strongly suggest playing the Challenge par 3 course at Monarch. At only 26 bucks to ride and 16 to walk, it's a steal and a half.
Played 8-18 as a twosome teeing off at 9:40am with the course pretty wide open for the day. Waited on some holes but nothing to crazy. POP was right at 4 hours.

Greens, as always, are the highlight. Still kinda slow because they keep them a little long in the summer, but if you have a putt or a chip downhill good luck stopping it anywhere near the hole. Always ran smooth and held their line.

Fairways had some burned out areas which is common for this time of year. Still great to hit from.

Rough was thick around the greens and just off the fairways, but gave way to hard pan and dirt about 10 yards off most fairways.

Tee boxes are the only downside to this course. With how narrow some tees play with tree growth, it asks you to play from different areas of the tee instead of the middle. Unfortunately the further you drift from center, the more uneven it gets. I understand that this is a hilly course, but it's tough to try and hit a cut when the ball is noticeably above your feet at tee off. That's the only gripe I have about this course.

I wasn't in any traps, but the sand looked well kept all around the course.

Always will be one of my favorites to play in the central valley. The food is good at the restaurant as well. Can't wait to come back again soon.
Played 6/24 teeing off at 7:30 with only a threesome in front of us all day. Pace of play was great, finishing in just over 4 hours. We were able to take our time and we never felt rushed.

Course is in good shape right now. Tee boxes are lush, nice to hit from. The white markers are a little beat up with divots, but the others are very nice. Fairways are green and lush, nice to hit from.

Greens have completely healed from their recent aeration, and are rolling very nicely. They held all shots well, and as I mentioned rolled true. As we get into the dog days of summer it'll be interesting to see how they react to the heat.

The sand traps have been completely overhauled around the green. They are playable, with soft to heavy sand. It's not the fluffy stuff you get at high scale courses, but it's way more enjoyable than the hard pan that existed a few months ago.
Got out and played on Monday the 14th as a single teeing off at 9am. It was pretty foggy and quite chilly when I teed off, and stayed that way for most of the front nine. A little breeze pushed the fog out, and from 9 on it was a beautiful day on the course. Hunter Ranch has always been my favorite central coast course, and this outing was no exception.

The greens are the highlight of this course, and they didn't disappoint. In fact, they were quite hard, only holding very well struck shots. The speed wasn't was it usually is, but they have the Paso City Championship coming up along with their team ball event, so I imagine the speeds will pick up in the coming weeks.

The fairways were in great shape, a real pleasure to hit from. Rough, although not long, was thick and really grabbed your club. Your ball sat up, but any contact with the grass meant your club was going to get held up.

The bunkers were wet in the morning but were still nice to play from as the day went on.

The only knock on this course is the tee boxes. Most need to re leveled and possibly re sodded, but that's just me being picky. I'd play this course every day and be happy.
Played last Sunday the 15th teeing off at 8am. Starter did a good job letting us keep our time even though a group that was supposed to tee off at 7:30am waited for their last person to show up and wanted to go off before us.

The course is starting to come out of the dormant season, with green grass starting to poke through the brown. I give it a couple more weeks before the fairways are green again. The rough is still having a tough time coming back, as some of the rough around the greens were patchy, making it tough to play chips.

The greens have healed completely from the aeration, and man are they running smooth. Aside from some unrepaired ball marks, they ran so smooth and quick. Definitely the highlight of the course. Receptive of well struck shots, providing plenty of spin, which can be fun with the undulations.

The sand remodel is still underway, but the majority of the greenside bunkers have sand in them now. The deep bunker on 15 has real good sand in it, allowing you to actually play a shot out of there instead of swinging and praying.

Overall, the course is continuing its upswing in performance and play-ability. If you're in the area, it's worth a check out.
Played on March 10th as a twosome going off at 7:30am. I saw that the greens had been punched courtesy of this website, but I hadn't had a chance to get some swings in in some time so I decided to use the time to practice on the course.

Before I teed off I had a chance to talk with the super there, and he told me that the punches are the large ones, and this is due to him trying to get more sand down below the surface to drive out the fungus and poor soil that has derailed the greens in the past. He said depending on how this goes, it may take one more punch this year to fully insure that the roots of the greens are clean of everything that's been killing them each year. He also said that he's starting to turn over the sand traps near the greens, and you can see that some traps have heavier, almost river bottom sand in them. Although not ideal, they're much better than the hard pan that has been the norm here.

As for the rest of the course, the fairways, rough, and tees are still dormant from the winter, making for uneven and tight lies throughout the course. Hopefully this rain and sunshine will begin to bring back the grass.
Finally getting around to making this review, but on January 25th I played here with some friends while we were in Vegas for a work convention. Having never played a Vegas course before, I blew off the warnings of a windy day and we teed it up anyways. As windy as it was, the course was still very enjoyable. While we suffered through 30+mph winds throughout the day, we still were able to enjoy the TPC layout and customer service. To gauge the wind, I teed off on 3 with a 5 iron and was 35 yards out from the green.

Tee boxes were in great shape, lush with plenty of grass to play from. Fairways were lush, a real pleasure to hit from. Rough was thick around the greens and less penal elsewhere. Greens had a surprising amount of ball marks that didn't seem to be properly fixed. They were quick though, especially as the wind dried them out throughout the day.

Overall, TPC was a nice course, but aside from the par 3s there weren't many holes that I found extraordinary. I'd play it again, but only if I could find a deal on a tee time.
Played 12/9 as a foursome as a part of a tournament for our men's club.

After a lengthy hiatus from swinging the sticks I finally got out to brave the cold and get some swings in. There was a 30 minute frost delay, so our shotgun start was delayed. It was still nice, as Riverlakes hasn't been a course to adhere to frost delays in the past.

The course has begun to turn over the dormant, as they didn't overseed anything but the tees and greens. The fairways and some parts of the rough have started to turn brown and give way to tight lies, so stingers were aplenty.

The greens though, the greens have turned around completely. After the excessive heat turned them patchy and dead, the super here has them looking and rolling, dare I say it...quick. I hope he can continue to turn the greens around to the point that they'll be able to start rolling them again. With the greens undulations and breaks, having some speed will just add to their challenge.

The bunkers still suck. Maybe an inch of sand before you're basically hitting off concrete. They have begun to turn over the dirt on some of the bunkers around the greens, so there's fluffy dirt there, but still hard to play out of.
Played on Veteran's Day as a foursome. Our tee time was at 11:37 but when we got to the course we were informed they were running 30 minutes behind. On top of that, they were charging an 18 dollar "service fee" that I've never heard of. Our round cost us 72 bucks and I'm guessing it's because of the holiday weekend.

POP was abysmal. We waited on every shot, as the group in front of us thought they were on tour. By the time we made the turn they were a whole hole behind the group in front of them. We saw the marshall plenty but he never said anything to the group in front of us. We teed off at 12:15 and we played speed golf on 18 to finish at 5:30.

Regardless, the round was fun. Morro Bay's greens are always tricky, and the fairways provided great lies throughout the day. Some of the rough was thick in places and others it was patchy.

Tee boxes had good coverage, but some could use some leveling. The few bunkers on the course had great sand in them.

As always, the views were spectacular of the bay, and this course is always one I'll come back to, just maybe not on a holiday weekend.
Played 9/2 with my dad, teeing off at 8:30 on an uncharacteristically hot day in Arroyo Grande, as temps reached 100 before cooling off.

The course, always being in great shape with good greens, seems to be falling off a bit. The greens weren't consistent, some being quick and others being slow. Some greens had small puncture holes in them. Not so much a full punch, but little ones that altered the putt just enough. The course was very wet, and I experienced many plugged shots on the green and some even in the fairways.

Rough was the highlight of the course. Thick and really grabbed your club just about anywhere on the course. We even lost a few balls even though we had good ideas where they entered.

Tee boxes were pretty beat up. As it's a shorter course, target golf type of course, many people opt for irons off the tee on many of the par 4s, and as a result the divot damage is pretty bad. Also, some tees are pretty uneven.

Fairways were consistent, but as I mentioned pretty wet. Nice to hit off of and felt good compressing a well hit iron shot.

Bunkers had thick, sometimes wet sand. Tough to play out of.

Overall, I wouldn't pay the full rack price for this course. It's nice, and has the bones to be a great competitive course, but right now it seems that it's losing its luster, especially for the price.
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