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Played Eagle Glen yesterday (Sunday,, 4/15) at 10:40 AM in my GK Cup match with DConnally.

Found a GN Hot Deal for $60 a player which I felt was a pretty good deal for that time of day on a weekend. The course was really busy yesterday (starter mentioned 175 on the tee sheet to start the day) so we tee'd off 25 minutes past our time after being stacked 3 groups deep on the first tee. That being said, the Starter did a good job handling it. I could suspect that could get ugly.

This was my first time playing Eagle Glen and I was really looking forward to it. From past reviews and the pictures it looked like an interesting layout and beautiful setting and I felt both were very true. It's really cool being back in the valley there and you get some really cool views and shots throughout. Lots of elevation changes here but I don't think it gets overly gimmicky with the holes using more subtle drops and rises than big drops (although there are a couple). I feel like there's a good amount of local knowledge that would help here, but not so much that you can't get around the place your first time. The carts had solid GPS systems so that helped quite a bit.

As for the conditions, I'm going with mixed bag at best here. They did a small tine punch a couple weeks ago that the greens are completely healed from (in respect to holes). I did feel that while the greens were healthy, had great coverage and didn't show any holes from the punch, they just weren't that smooth and kind of had that leftover "graininess" you get from the punch and sand after aerification. That being said, if you hadn't played these greens before and got above the hole (especially downwind) they were super fast. Would be a blast playing these things if they were firm, smooth and fast.

I'm never particularly critical here because most of the time I'm out playing golf I'm just stoked to be there, but the fairway conditions at Eagle Glen leave a ton to be desired right now. They were punched recently enough to show and a couple times I had some issues with the ball sitting down, but where it got mostly difficult is the high level of bare lies out there as well as the overall firmness of the fairways. I absolutely LOVE a fast, firm course, but because of some of the hills it made it tricky. A couple drives rolled out into issues so just be aware of that when playing (practice a 200-210 yard shot off the tee and you'll be golden out here).

Tees were totally fine and the rough was non existent.

The guys in the shop were cool when checking in and saw the beverage cart multiple times and the gal driving was great. Good service all around.

POP after the rough start ended okay for a busy weekend. We finished in 4 hours 45 minutes after a front nine that took almost three hours.

I really thought the layout was a lot of fun at Eagle Glen and with a couple more weeks to let the spring maintenance take hold and I'd be glad to give it another shot out there. Lots of fun holes and options out there. Will be back.
Played Sunday, 1/11, teeing off around 8:30.

Arrowwood is definitely a course where playing a few times makes a big difference in how you play. Currently the conditions are set up to play really firm and fast and knowing where roll out is going to happen and how much is HUGE. The overall condition of the course is really good, just expect a lot of roll in the fairways and the ability to bounce the ball around some of the green complex mounding. The greens, even though they were firm and relatively fast, still held beautifully.

I like Arrowwood more and more I play and the people there are always really nice and run a great operation. If you get there early there is a really solid practice area and the small grill has a good looking menu and beer selection.

Pace of play was exactly 4 hours and the whole experience was great. There is a great deal with the GK/Costco coupon here but even at the normal rate I think Arrowwood is definitely worth it. I want to get back out there soon!
I played a quick 9 this past Friday afternoon at the Goat in about an hour and fifteen minutes walking. Absolutely great pace.

I've played the Goat quite a lot and I can honestly say I have never seen it in such good shape. The greens were the smoothest, firmest and fastest they've ever been but still held shots great and were not so firm that they became unfair (the greens are really small with lots of undulation). Really a ton of fun to putt on.

There has been a lot of work to get the fairways going and definitely some great coverage and great lies. You'll obviously get the occasional shots of the DG (unless you hit a lot of great shots), but I had nothing but solid lies in the fairways all day.

There will be some construction happening soon to repair and add some cart paths and clean up some trees, but the course is the best I've seen it and I would definitely recommend playing soon.

I'm not 100% sure but I do believe that the best day to play is Friday because the grounds crew puts in a lot of extra time and work mowing and prepping for the weekend. Friday afternoons are definitely a good time.
Better late than never!

I played in the GK Event a week and a half ago and had a great time! I absolutely love this course and it gets better and better every time I play it. One thing that does stand out to me is that I have a hard time remembering the details of the greens and their slopes. I'm not sure why because I am starting to get a feel for the sight lines off the tee and flow of the course layout, it's just the green complexes that I can't remember. This kind of sucks because its a HUGE part of the course design and a big advantage if played correctly. Oh well...

First off, the course conditions all the way around were completely awesome. It's always so fun to play courses so immaculate from tee to green, especially in contrast to the desert landscape. If I could be nitpicky at all I would like to see the par 3 tee boxes cut a bit shorter, but seriously, I have to try REALLY hard to complain on those.

I know the knock is the distance to get to Rams Hill, but I have no problem with the 1 hour 45 minute drive. It's scenic, easy driving and if you give yourself ample time you just know you're making a day of it.

The staff out at Rams Hill is always fantastic. Jennifer in the bar was great and funny and the guys running the carts and beverage cart did a great job. Just genuinely nice folks.

Can't really say much more than Rams Hill is definitely my favorite course in San Diego County. I'm excited to get back soon!
Played in a tournament up at Grizzly Ranch on the 27th and 28th. HOLY COW is all I can say. The wet winter and spring were more than kind to Grizzly and the conditions were out of this world. I've never played on grass that deep green in color and pure. I'm just a huge fan of rye and this was like 7,000 yards of perfect carpet.

The setting might be my favorite of any course I've ever played. I can't really remember being more secluded. There are no homes (save for a handful of killer looking cabins you can rent) or roads around and its just you, golf and nature.

The layout is really interesting without being too difficult or punishing. Just a bunch of fun looks all around this place.

I was trying to think of a drawback to Grizzly Ranch and I simply can't. There isn't a weekend I look more forward to than when I get to play here. If you can find your way up, go play it right now. It's fantastic.
Played an early round this morning, walking in about 2 1/2 hours.

Yesterday and today they just punched the fairways so it's not the best conditions right now. That being said, the greens were rolling really pure, the tees were great and everything else was good. I might give it a week or so before heading out. You could bump the ball to avoid the holes or dirt plugs, but the grass also is a bit long since they couldn't get the mower on it.

Still a fun time out there and with the greens good it's still worth the $20 or so bucks to walk it.
Tee'd it up with the GK Guru group on 5/19 on a gorgeous day in Fallbrook. The Golf Club of California has always been one of my favorite layouts in the county but there had always been some struggles when it came to the conditions that just took off some of the luster.

That could not have been farther from the truth this time around as I thought the conditions were the best I've ever played them. Fairways, although firm and fast, provided great lies all day. I was in one bunker and the sand was great. Seemed like everyone in the group who ended up in one did alright. Tees were solid with good coverage and never had an issue with finding a good spot to tee it up. I thought the rough was kind of the typical SoCal drought-era rough with it typical pretty short and easy to hit from, but sparse in spots, which is fine. Definitely not penal in the "lush" sort of way.

The highlight for me were the greens. I thought they were darn near perfect. They held great, ran true (although the kept breaking away from the hole, which was weird) and semi-fast. I was really impressed.

Service out there was cool and it's such a good environment to play in. I really can't say enough about the layout as you get such a variety of holes. You should absolutely throw this one in the rotation or make it a must play right now. I love this course and will be going back soon.
Played in a SCPGA event on May 3rd on a hot and windy day.

This was my first time out at Bear Creek and I absolutely loved the place. I really didn't know what to expect going in as I hadn't done much research on it. Driving in you wouldn't know what a high end neighborhood it is. There are some serious homes on this course!

They have a pretty big clubhouse and awesome practice area. Obviously this course was designed to host tournaments and it really set up great for that. The range was perfect with great grass and tons of targets, practice greens were perfect and provided all sorts of putts you get on the course and plenty of great short game shots. Kind of practice area you'd love to hang out all day at.

I absolutely loved this layout. There are a great variety of holes that lets you work every club in the bag. Off the tee there's pretty ample room but the greens were pretty severe with some tough bunkering so in my opinion its where the course gets its teeth.

I felt the course was definitely in good shape. The tee boxes were absolutely perfect. Lush, tight grass and always level. The greens had probably been punched and sanded somewhat recently but rolled pretty well. Towards the end of the day they became a bit bumpy but you can tell that they are going to be awesome soon. The fairways were an interesting type of bermuda, but provided great lies to hit from. You can take some massive divots out there!

I really felt it was a treat to be able to play this course. If you get a chance definitely get out there, just a really cool golf experience.
Played Friday, 4/28 teeing off at 8 am on a beautiful day. We used a voucher Gary had from Costco and it was $40 per player with cart which is an ABSOLUTE STEAL.

Arrowwood has to be one of my favorite courses around and I kept mentioning I had no idea why it had been so long since I played there. The course provides and incredible variety of holes and you end up really having to hit every club in the bag. I was also reminded that the greens provide some interesting breaks as I couldn't get a read on them all day, but I do like that feature as it provides a lot of play to get comfortable out there.

As for the course conditions, Arrowwood might be in the best shape that I can remember. The fairways are absolutely perfect in my opinion. Cut short and tight to give you some roll out there but enough cushion under the turf to be able to really get after it. I had nothing but perfect lies all day long. The rough here isn't too penalizing, and I'm glad it's there to slow down some drives headed for the native areas, but I found that chipping/pitching out of it around the greens really added some difficulty as getting any kind of spin is pretty tricky.

The greens here might not be visually perfect, but they performed great. I'd say they were probably 10.5-ish on the stimp and really smooth. They did hold shots hit well but also provided a bit of run-out which I like because there are a few holes where you can play off slopes to get at pins. Really fun.

The crew at Arrowwood always provides great service. I've never had an issue with pace of play out there as we saw a Marshall several times and I think they do a pretty good job tracking POP and keeping on people. The pro shop crew is always efficient and the starter out front keeps things running really smoothly.

I would highly recommend Arrowwood right now and I will be back to play there very, very soon.
I was another one of the lucky ones to tee it up at the GK Plays at Rams Hill this past Sunday. It was quite literally the absolute perfect day to play a round of golf. It was clear and calm and the ideal temperature. Amazing December day.

This is my second time playing (played in the same event last year) Rams Hill and the course seemed so much better the second time around. Remembering a bit of the routing and strategy of the course made a big difference and it showed in my scoring. While the course is definitely right there in front of you, knowing how to play some of the bumps, swales and contours really gave me some confidence around the place. Just a really stellar layout. Tons of fun, fair and not a dull moment in the entire round.

As for the condition of the course, really impressive. If I had to give a little constructive criticism it would be that the turf all around seemed to need a little haircut overall. When I found myself in the rough it felt like the grass was a bit "young" and I'm sure that has to do with the overseeding and the time of year. The deep emerald green of the grass was gorgeous and I never had a bad lie, it just felt like it could have been a little firmer. But that's really splitting hairs.

The staff here is always awesome and I absolutely love hanging out on the patio after the round.

In my opinion this is hand's down the best public course in San Diego county. I'm a huge Rams Hill fan.
Alright, better late than never! I tee'd it up at the GK Event last weekend on a perfect day at Mt. Woodson. Had a great time playing with some GKers I had never met before but like always, met some really cool people.

I am a huge fan of playing golf at Mt. Woodson even though I just can't seem to get my game going there. I can't really explain it as it should fit my game well, but for some reason it just eats my lunch. That being said, I think it's one of the most unique golf experiences in San Diego County and just a beautiful place to play.

As far as the conditions go, I think they are definitely above average. The fairways were lush with great coverage and I never had a bad lie (I also didn't play from that many). The tee boxes are a bit chewed but I never had a problem finding a level lie which is all I care about considering I use tees :)

One thing that I'm torn about are the greens. On the plus side they are super healthy and held shots great. Considering they were punched only a few weeks ago they were really well recovered. My only complaint is that they were pretty hairy and weren't that smooth. I would love to see the greens cut short and made a little firmer, it would make it pretty crazy out there :) I can assume that in the coming weeks as they have even more time to heal they can thin out the amount of material and really get the putting surfaces pure.

The staff at Mt Woodson is awesome. Josette at the snack bar is always really sweet and the guys running out group were really cool.

I'm stoked that Mt Woodson is really shining and I'd be quick to recommend them to anyone. Just a really cool golf experience.
I was beyond lucky to play Grizzly Ranch three days in a row, this past Saturday thru Monday. It was a tournament for my company and I literally can't imagine playing a golf course in better shape than how they had Grizzly set up (it was better than Rams Hill at the last GK Event which basically set the bar as high as it could go). The season is drawing to an end up at Grizzly, so you have to play before September 26th when they punch the greens if you want the killer conditions.

I'm trying hard to figure out a way to give Grizzly something other than a 10/10 and the only thing I can come up with is the beer selection and menu in the bar area aren't that good. That's it. Period. So maybe a 9.99 out of 10?

Grizzly Ranch is about 45-50 minutes outside of Reno in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing around. I think the property has 3 cabins you can rent, then there's 4 houses and that's it. there are no holes that are side by side and the feeling of serenity you get here is beyond compare. It was so peaceful that we actually had to wait while two bucks banging antlers together stopped making so much noise. Nothing to get mad at....

As for the golf course itself, the layout is fantastic. The selection of holes and variation kind of reminds me of La Purisima, without some of the more harsh qualities you get at LaP. You have a couple driveable par 4's, both long and short Par 3's, par 5's you can reach and those you have to hold on for dear life to finish. Just a cool track with no two holes alike.

The conditions of the course are 10+'s all around. I imagine this is what a tour course plays like. There were shades of green I've never seen and the way that contrasts the whispy fescue lining the fairwarys, the massive pine trees and creeks and lakes is different than anything I've seen.

This course is kind of a pain to get to. The drive is pretty easy but I'm guessing it's a good 45 minutes from anywhere you would normally stay. Worth the effort? YES!

The rack rate at Grizzly is about $135 on weekends and there is no doubt in my mind it's well worth it. I've heard that a couple other courses in the general area are really incredible as well, so it definitely would be a destination area.

Unless you can call in sick and go play in the next week to ten days (big maintenance and then course closure happens), make plans to visit Grizzly Ranch next year (right around September 10th would see ideal conditions), you won't be disappointed. Bucket list course all around....
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