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Played here today with a 12:30 "Deal" time to close out my Vegas golf trip. They had me scheduled for Desert Hawk/Coyote Run but had me play Coyote Run first. Then as I finished No. 9 a friendly employee approached me and offered for me to play Eldorado next so I could avoid the groups I was waiting on throughout the front nine. This worked out great because I had never played it and I was able to play it super quickly. Total POP for 18 was 3:10. Customer service top notch from the shop staff and outside attendants.

Course is in really good shape, although the greens were a little perplexing. Greens have poa annua (or similarly blossoming grass) with tons of blossoms, creating a patchwork appearance and bumpiness. (I almost wondered if they weren't mowed today with the blossoms so apparent by noontime.) They were medium speed and quite firm. Even well-struck shots ran out a bit on this very windy day. Fairways, rough, tee boxes and sand were all great. The sand did have lots of little pebbles in it, but with the new(ish) rule, that's no longer a big deal.

I'd played here one other time and loved it, and today I loved it even more. For some reason I had in my head that Eldorado was the "lesser" of the three nines, but now having played it, I think it's just as good as the other two. I love how raw and rugged this course is, with dry desert washes running through it and the natural-looking berms bordering the washes. I really consider it among the top public-access courses in the entire Las Vegas area. Highly recommended.
Played here this morning with a 7:40 "Deal" time that was absurdly low priced. I had another tee time at 12:30 way across town, and yesterday one of the guys I played Bear's Best with is a Siena resident who said play is never fast at Siena. As a result, I showed up early and told the starter I was ready immediately, and she let me go by myself around 7:15. She said I'd run into the Men's Club shotgun at some point, but I never did, and I finished by about 9:45. Worked out great!

The course is in decent winter shape, but definitely the lowest quality of the four courses I played over the last 3 days. Greens were good to great, medium fast overall and could get really fast on downhill/downwind putts. They were smooth although there were lots of old ball marks. Fairways were mostly good but a little thin. Rough was mostly dormant and thin. The visual delineation from fairway to rough wasn't as striking here with more dappled appearance. Tee boxes were pretty beat up and fair at best. Bunkers had a thin layer of sand on top of what felt like concrete; gotta pick it clean here.

I'd played here several summers ago and really loved the course and found it in great condition at that time. It's a far cry from those conditions right now, and it seems housing has encroached further, making it a little more claustrophobic feeling than I remembered. Still a good layout with some fun holes.
Played here on Monday, 2/10, the second day of my Vegas golf trip. I had an 11:30 time and apparently no one else was booked at that time. The starter sent out a couple who asked to play alone right in front of me, and then started telling me he was searching for people to pair me with. He kept asking me to wait because he knew some people had told him they were willing to go early, but he couldn't find them and/or they'd decided to eat first. Meanwhile, my tee time eventually passed when he asked me again if I wanted to wait. I said no and he reluctantly let me go to the tee by myself. It really irks me when courses act like it's my problem that I don't have a playing partner. Hey buddy that's your problem; I'm just here to play golf. Then after all that, right after I hit my first tee ball, another single rolled up to join me. So we played together and then invited the twosome behind us to join us for the last 5 holes or so. POP seemed slow but we finished in about 4:15.

That was only a minor issue and otherwise the starter was really nice, and probably just felt bad for me having to play alone. I just don't like when they act like it's my problem.

Conditions are excellent, definitely the best of the four courses I played over the last 3 days. Greens were great, smooth and medium fast and medium firmness. Full shots would take a bounce or two before stopping. Also, the 17th green seemed like it hadn't been mowed or something; definitely longer grass and slower pace than all the others. Fairways were excellent. The dormant rough was also in excellent shape and sometimes nasty where your ball sinks down and becomes hard to see and extra grabby when playing through it. Tee boxes were good. Sand in the bunkers was fantastic. Some of the best I've encountered recently.

This was my second time here. I really enjoy the course. Some of the Strip views from 5+ years ago have disappeared due to more homes being built, but there are still a few holes with stunning views of the entire valley. Plus many of the homes that line this course are breathtaking; they almost look like small hotels, not houses. Anyway, highly recommended although I didn't pay rack rate. I used my ClubCorp Play Away to get it for ~$42 with tax.
Played 36 holes here Sunday, 2/9 to kick off a 3-day Vegas golf trip. Tee time was 12:03 and was welcomed to the course, able to use the locker room to change shoes, etc. I hit a few putts and was sent on my way as a single. Things moved quickly and I finished in about 2:30, so I kept going and played the second round even faster. Finished 36 in about 4:45, all solo. Played through one or two groups the whole day. It was cold and extremely windy (no snow tho like Matt and Rob got... I would've preferred snow to these crazy winds).

Conditions are good overall. Greens are probably the highlight. They were extremely fast when downwind/downhill, and then on uphill/into the wind putts sometimes you had to hit it pretty hard to get to the hole. They were smooth and medium firmness. Green fairways looked pristine from afar but were actually a little thin when you were on top of them. Not a whole lot of cushion under the ball this time of year. Same goes for the dormant rough, which provides a great visual contrast to the fairways, but does little to stop balls running through it. Tee boxes were mixed, some good condition some poor with lumpy areas on the bad ones. The bunkers ranged from good condition to excellent.

This was my first time here. It's a pretty decent course. I didn't love it, but it has some good holes and then a bunch of forgettable ones. I definitely look forward to returning under more playable weather conditions. The wind wreaked havoc on me all day here (and for all five rounds I played on this trip, actually). Lots of water hazards, some of which are more for aesthetics than actually coming into play. I really liked holes 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 15 & 18. I'll probably play here again in April on my next Vegas trip.
Decided this morning I'd rather play golf than watch all of the Super Bowl, so I jumped in the car and headed to San Clemente. Arrived around 12:10 and asked to be put on the list. They must've had special Super Bowl special rates (I know they were offering 9-hole rates midday, but I told them I was planning to play 18) because they only charged me $20 to walk, and I teed off at 12:25. Paired with a dad and his two boys. We all walked and finished in just under four hours, good enough to get home before halftime. Couldn't ask for much better other than maybe nicer weather. It was overcast and a little cool and windy. It felt great but the course didn't look quite as nice as it would under sunny skies.

Gotta agree with sparky14 and weber about conditions. It's really nice out there right now, definitely the lushest fairways I've played in the last few weeks. Greens are medium-fast and smooth. They were medium firmness; some shots took a bounce or two before stopping. Rough was healthy and a little longer than the fairways but not too penal. Bunkers I was in were all good. Blue tees were good except for No. 14 which is really thin.

I hadn't played on kikuyu for quite a while and it seemed extra grabby today. I love this course and always enjoy any chance to return here, especially when it's in good condition like it is right now. Highly recommended for the layout, conditions, value and views.
Played here today with mpisarski, gregholla and Hillary. Started at 12:20, waited only a few times, and finished in just under four hours. Cloudy and cool most of the day with only a few minutes of sunlight.

Course is in good condition for winter. Greens are smooth, medium-fast to fast and accept full shots really well. A few holes were near ridges and if you ran your ball too far, it was gone. Fun to putt. Fairways had good coverage and green grass but were maybe a bit thin. Rough was lighter in color and provided a little more fluff under the ball in most spots. The first couple bunkers I was in (both sides of No. 1 green) were pretty thin, but the rest were good. They are full of bright white sand and look really great. Gold tee boxes were lush and well manicured.

I'd played North several times many years ago but had never played South until today. From what I recall of North, South is a little less dramatic and less demanding. You do need to be hitting the ball straight because no two holes touch each other, so you're always playing through corridors with lots of penalty areas if you get too far left or right. All the par 5s were fantastic and interesting. The par 3s are two short ones and two long ones. Fun times!
Played in the GK Cup final here on Sunday with mnielson, JohnnyGK and Nickesquire. First time here and really enjoyed the course.

Conditions are what you'd expect in winter except for the excellent greens, which were definitely the high point. They were smooth, fast and accepted full shots well, but shorter shots tended to run out quite a bit. Really fun to putt and I feel like I was just getting a good feel for them toward the very end of the round. Fairways were thin but with decent coverage. Rough was a little spottier; my ball ended up on bare spots once or twice. The bunkers I was in – one fairway and one greenside – were both good, especially the greenside one, which was excellent. Blue tee boxes were a little beat up but not a big deal.

I really enjoyed the layout, which snakes through housing but also has some spots where several holes converge and provide less of a "housing tract" course. Friendly staff and seems like they have great rates, too. Definitely recommended, and I'd like to play it again sometime with lusher conditions. Thanks to Johnny and Nick for setting it up and thanks to the course to having us out!

Finally, big congrats to Mike for capturing the Cup! Fun day!
Played here at 11:10 yesterday with a GN Hot Deal for $50. Opted to walk with a nice Sun Mountain push cart they provided instead of taking the cart. Paired with 3 nice guys and we all played the blacks. Teed off right on time. Pace was slow with lots of waiting and then on the back nine we fell a bit behind the group in front of us. Total POP around 5:10 (eek).

Conditions are good. Fairways are dormant and thin, but not too bad. Very tight lies. The rough is almost non-existent except around bunkers and near the green complexes. Both fairways and rough are yellow/brown, but the greens, giant collars and the surrounds are all green. The greens are medium fast (really fast downhill), smooth and accepting of full shots. I was only in one actual bunker and it was in good condition. I was also in the waste area short of No. 3, which needs some attention. There were big piles of dirt in it, some loose pipes and other exposed pipes that run underneath it. Black tee boxes were maybe the high point for conditions... really nice and lush.

Even with a 5+ hour round and playing terribly, I had a great time. Hard not to enjoy this wonderful course. Highly recommended!
Caught an amazing "Deal" time rate on for Sunday, 1/5 at 11:50 where it came to only $42 after the 25% off promo code. I hadn't played here in many years (since '97 to be exact), so I was happy to finally return. Got paired with three fun guys. POP was a little slow, but not too bad for a weekend in Orange County. We waited on nearly every shot and finished in about 4:45. Oddly, the whole clubhouse except for the cart barn seemed to be locked up already when we finished. Nice carts with GPS and USB ports (although too many ads/announcements on the GPS that required multiple taps to "Return to Golf" for my taste.)

Conditions are winter-y but good. Dormant fairways are thin but sufficient and pretty convincingly dyed green (I'm pretty sure they're dyed; I'm positive some collars were dyed.). Rough is practically the same height as the fairway, just not dyed. So with so much ESA on this course, there's nothing to really stop your ball from trickling out of play. Greens were a bit inconsistent. None were bad, but some were definitely better than others. Mostly ran medium-fast to fast; you had to be careful with downhillers or they could easily get away from you. They were pretty soft and accepted full shots well. Smooth except for some of the lesser conditioned ones that had patchier grass in spots and showed ball mark damage. Gold tee boxes also inconsistent... some were really nice, others needed some attention. The bunkers I was in were good.

I'm usually pretty good at remembering layouts, but having not played here since 1997, I had forgotten much of the course and also remembered some things differently. I didn't remember the back nine at all, but there are some pretty good/fun holes back there. It definitely helped that the guys I played with had just played there a couple weeks ago and were able to give me some tips on where certain holes went, etc. Gotta love the severely downhill holes like 3, 7, 9 and 17. Oddly I remembered No. 1 being significantly uphill and thought No. 5 used to be much more uphill, too. Neither one really is. It's a fun course but a little too tight for me to want to play it too often. If I can land another deal like I got today, I'll definitely head back out there, though.
For the last few years, Barona Creek has been atop my "local public course I haven't played" wish list. I'd always heard great things but never made the trek due to a variety of reasons. I recently saw on their website that they're beginning a big project on the greens that will cause the course to be partially closed starting on January 8, so that added some urgency for me to finally get out there. Then things worked out when I had New Year's Eve day off and they weren't charging holiday rates. I first stopped in the casino to get a player's club card and then arrived at the golf shop a little after 10:00 a.m. to get my name on the list for the 11:00 twilight rate. The really friendly pro shop attendant checked me in, charged me the twilight weekday player's club rate of $64 and said he'd probably get me started a bit earlier than 11:00 to avoid having to send me out as a single amongst a bunch of other groups. Great! I had a tasty hot dog in the snack shop and hit a few practice putts and then was called to the first tee around 10:45. Paired with a friendly couple. POP was good, except for when my playing partners ordered food from the 9th tee phone and it must've taken a long time because they didn't show up at the 10th tee for probably 20 minutes. I let the group behind play though, and even with that delay, we finished in just under 4.5 hours.

Conditions are winter-y, but good. The dormant fairways on the front nine were dyed a bright green and offered really tight lies but there was always grass under the ball. Back nine were mostly the same, but not dyed except for maybe one or two. The rough is not dyed and provides a bit more cushion than the fairways, but the ball might also settle down in little indentations. If you got really off line, the tall weeds/grass would pretty much eat up your ball. The greens were pretty good; medium-fast, mostly smooth and held full shots really well. Visually, they showed lots of little imperfections/ball marks, but nothing that ever impacted play for me. On closer shots, they played a bit firm. Gold tee boxes were flat and in great condition, most of which were dyed green. I was in several fairway bunkers and one greenside bunker, and they were all really good.

It got super windy starting on the 10th hole, which made this outstanding links-style course all the more fun. I really, really loved the layout. I'd always heard comparisons to Rustic Canyon, which are accurate, and I think I like Barona Creek even better than Rustic. It offers similar playability with lots of crazy undulations on the greens, kick-plates to the sides of greens, etc. Just a fantastic course. The par 5s are all great. The par 3s offer a variety of lengths and play in multiple directions. I really loved the short par-3 11th. There are a few holes with some really great elevation changes, and one with beautiful rock outcroppings.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the whole course will not be open for some time due to this project with the greens. A sign in the restroom says "*Front 9 CLOSED, Back 9 Only* Wed. Jan 8 thru June. Limited tee time availability. See shop staff for details."

At any rate, I'll be anxious to get back out there again whenever possible.
Played in the GK Review Guru outing, part of the first group off the tee on Monday 12/9. Always a pleasure to return to what I consider the prettiest public course in the desert. Thanks to IWGR for having our group out, and thanks to Johnny for organizing it!

Conditions are excellent. Greens are a little pock-marked here and there but otherwise smooth and medium speed. They accepted full shots really well. Fairways were immaculate or nearly so. Same for the rough. Tee boxes fantastic. Bunkers very nice with plentiful sand.

Heartily recommended!
Had a great time at Sunday's year-end GK Plays! Big thanks to Rams Hill, Linksoul plus all the other generous sponsors, Johnny and fellow GKers for a wonderful day!

The course was in really nice condition. I liked how they had clear definition around the bunkers this year with dormant, golden grass that contrasts beautifully with the deep green lushness everywhere else. Greens were smooth, accepting of full shots and medium slow. Would definitely like to see them faster. Fairways were mostly all good, although a few had some thinner areas that are a little atypical for this course this time of year. Rough was fantastic: lush and not too penal. Tee boxes and bunkers both excellent.

Lots of fun! Can't wait to get back!
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