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Played here yesterday with nodoubles22 for our GK Cup match. We got a great “Deal” time on for $44/ea. after promo code. Glad we opted to play in the desert because it was a beautiful day while the L.A. basin was socked in under thick cloud cover all day. Wind kicked up a little bit toward the end of our round. The course was busy and pace was sluggish (around 4:45), made worse by the impatient group behind us who yelled for us to pick up the pace, attempted to pass us until they realized there was nowhere to go and hit into us as we were leaving a green complex one time. So, jerks, basically. (nodoubles22 exacted some harmless revenge in one instance, which was funny.) Customer service was great and the facilities are topnotch!

Conditions are very nice! Greens were a little crusty but rolled smooth at medium-fast to fast speeds. They were more firm than soft, but full shots would check up. Chips rarely checked up unless precisely struck. It was rare to make a ball mark. Fairways were 95% great with a few sporadic browned-out areas. Rough was lush and not very penal. Tee boxes were good. A few had areas with quite a few divots. I was in a ton of bunkers and they all had sufficient sand and in good condition.

I’d only played this course once around 2002 or so. I remembered liking it but I really enjoyed it yesterday. The scorecard says Faldo (with Schmidt/Curley) designed it to emulate sandbelt courses, and I’ve been very interested in Royal Melbourne lately, so I loved that aspect of it. Fun time playing with nodoubles22 and I hope we get to play together again soon!

Here’s a Flickr photo album I created of 40 photos:
Ringworld and I played our GK Cup match here today. 11:06 "Deal" time through for a very nice price. Maybe the heat chased everyone away, because I checked in around 10:35 and was told the course was pretty open and we could start whenever we wanted. A walking single joined us but dropped back after we both birdied the second hole, fearing he couldn't keep up with us (haha). Pace of play was outstanding, finishing in about 3:20. Saw the beverage cart twice with its great prices! Gotta love that about El Prado!

The course is just in okay condition. The greens show lots of visual evidence of aeration but rolled pretty smooth and medium fast. They held full shots pretty well but chips will run out a bit. Fairways vary from good to thin. Rough is the low point of the course, non-existent in many areas and with lots of animal holes, etc. I was in one bunker and it was thin but better than I expected. Tee boxes were mediocre but workable.

I love this layout. I just wish it was in better condition. The carts and paths are really beat-up, too. All that said, I am very happy they are still open and still consider this one of the best "value" courses anywhere around.
There are two ways to rate a course: One is the aesthetic value and lushness and maintenance of the grass, while the other is based purely on the playability of the course. I bring this up because since it reopened several years ago, Rams Hill has been THE STANDARD for that first description. Yesterday’s round was the first time I’ve ever seen a little browning in the fairways, but here’s the catch: The course is arguably playing better than ever despite not being perfectly green from edge to edge.

Firmer fairways mean the already-present contours become accentuated, and more fun. The greens are running slower than I’ve seen them in the past, but if they hadn’t been, the course might’ve been unplayable with yesterday’s insane wind. I’ll wrap up this preface to my review by saying that it seems Rams Hill is exceptional either way: Manicured to perfection or a little drier but faster and bouncier.

Played with dconnally and Rat-Patrol yesterday and we started around 1:30. We pretty much had the course to ourselves, but extremely strong winds slowed our pace, and we finished in a little under 4:30. (Huge thanks to dconnally, dcricket and Rams Hill for the circumstances that led to me playing there yesterday.)

The greens were smooth, mostly firm and rolling about medium speed. Putts hit into the wind really needed to be smacked, which felt odd. Downwind shots were very difficult to stop on the greens. Fairways were mostly great except a few thinner spots here and there, but even those areas were fun. For instance, on the 419-yard par-4 14th, my drive must’ve caught a speed slot and I only had about 40 yards downhill to the green. Rather than attempt a precise chip off the tight fairway, I opted to putt and ran it onto the green. It would’ve been fun to putt a whole bucket of balls from that spot. Most of the rough was lush and very easy to hit from, probably about an inch deep. Blue tee boxes were good overall. All the bunkers I was in had plentiful sand.

I think I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I enjoy Rams Hill more and more each time I play it, and I can’t wait to get back out there.
Played here yesterday at 7:46 with sixpez and mpisarski01. Great deal on for $28.50. Teed off right on time and despite waiting on most shots, pace was good at around 4:00. We played the West/South rotation.

As Keith already detailed, conditions are excellent across the board. Greens were in great shape, super lush and healthy. They were very smooth, medium speed and held full shots pretty well. A little more firm than soft. Fairways were excellent and provided perfect lies all day. Rough was consistent at about one or two inches deep and in great condition. Bunkers had a little inconsistency but most were very good. Black tee boxes were really nice.

Due to an abundance of palm trees and multiple doglegs, this course requires you to move the ball both ways and provides a fun, scenic layout with many water hazards. I really enjoyed it, especially with the great deal we got.

I made a Flickr photo album of 32 photos that can be viewed here:
Joined sixpez here today to use an UnderPar voucher he bought a while ago. It was good for 10:30 or later and included a free replay. We booked a 10:30 tee time and started pretty much on time, although with a warning from the starter that the course was playing slow. He wasn't kidding. Our first round took 5 hours 17 minutes and felt like we'd played 36 already. Fortunately, after that round we checked with the pro shop and they were able to send us right back out. In round 2 we played through a few groups and finished in around 3 hours, with only a little sunlight remaining. Mostly cloudy skies, a little wind, warm temps until the sun started to go down, at which point it got sorta chilly.

Course conditions are mixed. The greens are very good: Smooth, fast and accept full shots well. I debated between rating them a 7 or 8 but settled on 7. Fairways have good coverage but are a little thin, providing tight lies. What rough there is is quite good, a little fluffier than the fairways and sometimes easier to hit from. Not very penal at all. Then there's also the absence of rough since the turf reduction a few years ago, which isn't very attractive and oftentimes leads to balls rolling forever on hardpan or dirt. Tee boxes (we played blue both rounds) were the low point of conditions, with most/many pretty beat up and a few good ones. Bunkers were the high point of conditions, with very well maintained sand in sufficient quantity. Nice to see!

This is a fun layout with a number of great holes, but overall the course currently feels a bit neglected. It's decent enough, but at one point many years ago it was really nice. I'd love to see it return to those standards. Still recommended.
Played here today at 12:15 with mpisarski01 for our GK Cup match. We got a great GN Hot Deal rate of $19 each earlier in the week when rain was forecast for most of the day. Around 12:10 there was one big group of 11 players on the tee in front of us (I think they went out 4-4-3) and we teed off at 12:28 as a result. Pace was pretty good and we finished in right around 4:30. Our playing partners left after nine, so we waited a lot on the back nine due to playing quickly behind the threesome in front.

Conditions are pretty good. The greens were great, except when they weren't, which is when Matt twice had putts bounce really high right off his putter. Otherwise they were smooth, accepted full shots very well, medium-fast and looked good. Just the occasional bumpiness to deal with. Fairways and rough have really nice coverage, maybe a little spottier in the rough. Neither of us were in a bunker, but I had to stand in one and it seemed nice. Tee boxes were a little beat up, but the markers were placed extremely wide (edge to edge on every box), so you had tons of options for where to tee it up.

I hadn't played out here for a while and it was great to get back. Not the most photogenic course, but it's fun to play and keeps things interesting and is a good test.
Played out here today (10:56 "Deal" time) with Sr714 for our GK Cup match. Sent out by ourselves as the third twosome to tee off in a row. Later a marshall told us that never should've happened, but we ended up playing by ourselves the whole round. Pace was slow but not agonizing. Around 5:00 total. Mostly cloudy skies, a little windy and sorta chilly.

Greens are pretty good, about medium speed to medium-fast. They have some imperfections here and there, but good for the most part. The course looks fantastic when spotted from the street! However, we'd learn that's because the fairways are dyed green. They played really nicely and the dye job is the most convincing one I've ever seen...not that weird artificial bluish-green you see sometimes. Rough was a little spottier, but dormant grass, clumps of crab grass, etc. I was in one bunker and it was fantastic...lots of loose, soft sand. Tee boxes decent. There's a spot of roped-off GUR greenside on the 7th hole that's sort of weird, just pure dirt between the bunker and the green. My ball ended up in it, and dropping outside of it then necessitated a very difficult chip over the dirt. Hopefully they fix that soon.
Played here today at 7:56 using a Costco voucher I received for Christmas. Paid $10 extra to tee off before noon. Employees (especially the starter) were all very friendly and welcoming. Paired with three guys who play the course semi-regularly. Started on time and pace was decent all day. The group in front of us was a little behind but we still finished in just under 4:30. Beautiful morning and quite warm by the fourth hole.

Conditions aren't much to look at right now but the course actually plays quite nice. Greens are smooth, medium to medium-fast speed and accept full shots well. Fairways are dormant grass with good coverage, but extremely tight... almost like hitting off an old, thin driving range mat. The rough was sometimes preferable, providing a little fluff under the ball. It wasn't too penal in most spots and seemed best around the green complexes. Tee boxes were good, although one or two were a bit lumpy. Bunkers were pretty good, no compacted sand but some seemed more dirt-like than sandy.

This was my third time here and I feel like the course grows on me a bit each time I play it. I think the greens are really challenging, tricky to read and difficult to hole putts. The dormant fairways mean you have to be especially careful on downhill sloping fairways. I nearly drove the green on Nos. 1 & 14. On the short par-4 6th, my 3-wood tee shot ran through the fairway and into the hazard some 280+ yards from the tee. And then on the downhill 16th, my drive ran all the way to the end of the fairway, probably 370 yards from the blue tees. Kinda felt like Kapalua on those holes, so that was sorta fun, but also sorta ridiculous. They put up some netting around the 18th green presumably to keep birds off the green... a necessary evil, I guess, but it's not very attractive on an otherwise pretty finisher.
I was in search of somewhere to play early, cheap and quick while on a post-Christmas Las Vegas family vacation, so I chose a $28 GolfNow Hot Deal for 7:30 Thursday morning. The other 3 spots were still available as of the night before, so I sort of expected the course to be empty, but it turns out there's a large member shotgun every morning. They originally said I'd start on No. 1, but then moved me to No. 2. Staff was all friendly and welcoming. I had the course to myself for about 3 or 4 holes, but then caught the members ahead and pace slowed considerably. Total POP for this executive course was still good at a little under 3:00. Weather was beautiful clear skies, bright sun and chilly in the low 40s to start. Right before the shotgun start, it was announced the course would be Cart Path Only until 8:30. (I called the previous day to inquire about frost delays, and they said they don't do them here. They just do CPO if there's frost. ???)

Conditions are quite good, but not as pure lush green as in sixpez's photos above. Greens were smooth, medium-fast to fast and held full shots well. For a senior-oriented executive course, there's a surprising amount of slope on some greens out here. (I four-putted one.) Full shots stopped quickly but it was difficult to control shorter shots around the green. Fairways and rough were both quite nice. I wasn't in a bunker but they looked good. Tee boxes were decent but several were a little lumpy.

There's a mix of some nice holes out here and some boring ones, too. Pretty good variety of hole lengths, although the six par 4s are all in the 320-350 range. Some minor elevation changes in spots, which is nice. The 15th tee offers views of The Strip, which is cool. Also, it seems like this course is almost always in pretty good to great condition. Overall, not a bad option when budget or time constraints are an issue.

Here's my Flickr photo album of 24 photos:
Always great to get together for a GK Plays! Thank you Johnny for another fun event, and thank you to GolfMoose, Linksoul, Cleveland Golf and all the sponsors for such a cornucopia of prizes. Enjoyed the day yesterday with rudyclub, Andrew1 (whose name isn't Andrew!) and jefffassel. Shotgun pace was right around 4:30.

Conditions are mediocre to great, but mostly in between. The course definitely plays better than it looks. It's sort of splotchy in spots and several greens have some fresh sod issues and a light top dressing of sand (or maybe fertilizer?). Greens were smooth and quick for the most part. Full shots took one bounce and then stopped quickly. Fairways were lush, nice to play from. Rough was also lush, sometimes difficult. Tee boxes good. Bunkers were mixed. Nice sand and seemed to be nicely maintained, but I found a rock in one and in another, my ball rolled up to the back and stopped on a very steep angle instead of rolling back to the bottom. Then that portion of the bunker had very little sand and was clay-like underneath. Overall the course seemed much wetter than I would expect, considering how we've had no recent precipitation.

Having now played both La Costa courses, I definitely prefer Champions. Legends felt like a slightly nicer version of Riverwalk to me. I know they are part of a beautiful resort, but I consider the normal prices for these courses to be absolutely absurd.

The bright sky didn't cooperate for great picture taking, but I still created a Flickr photo album of 27 photos here:
I dug Nickesquire out of golf hibernation and convinced him to join me here today at 7:00 a.m. using a “Buy One, Get One Free” green fee coupon I had. Normal price $110 so we paid $55 each. We were paired with a single who was a nice guy except he would drive ahead and keep playing the hole out of turn if we were searching for a ball. Poor etiquette; a little annoying. Gorgeous morning with shirt-sleeve weather and mostly sunny/partly cloudy skies. We were the second group off and pace was excellent. The group in front disappeared very quickly, so we never waited on them, and we kept things moving enough to not have the twosome behind us pushing us. Total 3:20.

All of the turf is in fantastic condition. However, although the greens are lush, smooth and pure, they’re pretty slow right now. It’s not like they’re furry or anything, just much slower than you would expect for how good they look. Maybe it’s by design or maybe just a product of still letting them mature after overseeding? Also, they didn’t hold shots very well, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they were firm. They’re difficult to hole putts, as there is lots of slope and rarely do you find a straight putt. Some have crazy undulations, like the par-3 14th, shaped like a fidget spinner with one prong significantly elevated above the other two. (Same architect as Redhawk, so slightly reminiscent of the practice putting green there.) Fairways were lush, providing great lies all day. Rough was lush and probably 4 inches deep. It was difficult to find balls in it until you were right on top of it. Semi-penal, depending on how deep your ball settled. There are also a few areas of exceptionally deep rough (like knee deep in spots) that are farther off-line, some of which are marked as lateral hazards. Tee boxes excellent. Sand was great, too. Overall the course is in very nice, overseeded condition; the greens just need to speed up and then everything will be almost perfect.

I had played here several times in the past but I don’t think I’d been back for 20+ years. It’s a fun course with some good elevation changes, tricky greens, quite a few water features and lots of pretty views. Pro shop attendant and starter were both very friendly. The club seems to have a very active membership and it was cool to see a whole bunch of pull carts lined up outside due to the fact that many members walk.

Here’s my Flickr photo album of 48 images:
Played out here today, Saturday 11/25, on an 11:50 GolfNow "Hot Deal" for $32. There were lots of times available on GolfNow, so despite a traditionally busy golf weekend, I thought this "under-the-radar" course might be less busy than others. Wrong. It was super busy and play was slow. I was sent out by myself between a bunch of foursomes (I guess the other 3 who bought at 11:50 never showed up) and the front nine took about 2:30. Then on the approach to the 11th, the group ahead of me waved me up and said they wanted to let me through all day but there was nowhere to go, but now several groups in front of them had bailed. I played the next few holes very quickly but then caught people again. Back nine pace was 1:30 for a total of just over 4 hours. Unseasonably warm and sunny, little wind, but fortunately there are lots of big trees out there to provide shade.

Course conditions are pretty good with some "good, but..." thrown in. Greens roll fast and smooth except they seemed prone to spike marks, which made them a little bumpy if you hit one. Full shots stopped quickly but short game shots were difficult to control on the speedy greens. Fairways had good coverage of light green/tan grass, but it was dry and seemed to disintegrate when a club came in contact with it. Still mostly provided good lies. Rough was the same as the fairways, just a little longer and with some sketchier thin spots. Kudos to the course, however, because they seem to put the emphasis on maintaining the grass around the green complexes, which was much greener and lusher than the rest of the fairways or rough. Bunkers were good. Tee boxes were nice lush grass but a little bit long...maybe not mown for a couple days.

This was my first time here. It's an old-school course surrounded by an old-school neighborhood. Typically I associate private courses (this was private until recently) with having more character than your typical muni-type course, but that perception doesn't really fit here. This is a pretty straightforward layout, very flat and not all that interesting. That's not to say it's bad. It's just a little boring. I don't necessarily feel a strong desire to return, but I wouldn't turn it down, either. There are a few water hazards that are hidden due to being elevated a bit, one of which I totally missed noticing the yellow stakes and hit my approach shot right into it.

Here's my Flickr photo album of 30 pics:
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