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The rise is real. The new management has done a fantastic job improving playing conditions and cleaning up a true hidden gem. Anyone who has played Soule Park Golf Course knows what a great layout it is and how affordable it is to play. Now add to it great playing conditions (which include new sand in all the bunkers), lush turf and fast, smooth greens and it’s easy to see why users have voted Soule Park Golf Course “Most Worth The Green Fee” in Ventura County 2017 & 2018.

Teed it up yesterday with a Facebook friend Garth who invited me out to play with his outing group. I could not resist. It was raining in the morning but cleared up so take a look as some the photos I just posted. The golf course was going to originally punch the greens on March 4 & March 5 but that moved to early April. For March, although there are obviously some wet thin areas in the fairways, it was green, lush and beautiful. The only minor blemish are the tee boxes that could use a good cut and possibly a future project to make them more level.
It was 45 minute drive from Thousand Oaks that I’d gladly make anytime. I feel this golf course is must play if you are in the area and can see its popularity growing very quickly. The scenery of the Ojai Valley and surrounding is gorgeous. Highly Recommended.
Played Reflection Bay Thursday with kevbig, rob1563 and phunteratc (#philonfire).
Before I jump in to describing the course, I’ve been playing golf for 35 years and can not recall watching someone make so many long bomb putts in one day. And Phil not only made the long ones, he made most of the mid to short range putts too. He will now forever be known to me as Phil On Fire – LOL

The golf course was in beautiful condition. The greens had a dusting of a top dressing that I believe made already smooth greens smoother. They rolled pure. The fairways were lush, firm and cut tight. The Rough is mostly dormant bermunda but more green than when I played back in December here. Tee boxes lush and well maintained. Bunkers mostly firm sand but kept in great shape. Overall excellent!

The layout is fantastic. It’s a Top-20 all-time course for me that I enjoy more and more with every play. This was my third round. You need to be accurate off the tee because there is a lot of trouble out there. Difficult fairway bunkers, lots of desert hazards, some water hazards and forced carries. Iron play needs to be equally spot on due to well protected greens with bunkers and hazards. On the greens, about as tame of a Nicklaus design I’ve ever played (thank you) but not easy by any means. Around the greens, some of Jack’s wonderful false fronts and doomed if you miss the green short side but not as brutal as many of his other layouts I’ve played. Golf course is very scenic (please check out the photos I took) and visually stunning at times.

Service is top-notch. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. We must have seen the on course service 5 times. Proshop staff, food service and outside services spot on. They make you feel special here.

Highly Recommended.
Thanks everyone that came out for the GK Guru small group play Tuesday. If anyone reading this does not know what a GK Guru is please message me here on for more info.

Great time at Goose Creek! Fun and challenging to play the golf course set up for an SCGA qualifier that day. Still having nightmares about some of those pin placements. The afternoon wind added an extra layer of difficulty. I often hear it’s a golf course that is designed to be an easy bogey and difficult par. Well nothing was easy about Goose Creek Tuesday! – LOL

Course was in great shape. Greens fast, very firm and mostly smooth. Fairways lush, cut tight and firm. Rough short and not that punishing but you certainly wanted to be in the fairways. Tee boxes (played the blues) lush, tight and level. Bunkers had quality sand and well maintained.

Layout, I just posted some beautiful photos from Tuesday, mostly level, large undulating greens with many false fronts. Fairways mostly wide but miss them and pay the price of trees, OB, brush hazards and water hazards. Even though we rode, it’s a gem of a walker’s course. Tees are spaced next to the previous hole greens and as I mentioned level course. The layout allows those that like playing a high or low ball to score… as long as they are putting well. Lots of dog legs and fun risk/reward par 5’s.

Great service from all the staff.

Highly Recommended.
First time playing Spanish Bay Monday!

Second 18 and part of our GK Cup Team Match with Mattias, Alex326 and dbev606.

It’s been a bucket list golf course for me a long time and it lived up to the hype. I heard the horror stories of how tough it is but I brought a lot of game especially off the tee so fortunately I never did feel its bite. I did struggle at times with its crazy undulating greens. I also found my share of bunkers which are nasty deep. But being there was hardly any wind with moist conditions I think you could say it was “scoring conditions”.

I snapped some photos up until hole 14. We teed off just before 3:00pm so it was race to the finish with limited sight on holes 15 – 18. Holes 17 and 18 pretty much played in the dark. Which means I need to play it again … darn … oh well :)

What a great track with so many ocean views and rugged natural terrain. Just a beautiful relaxing coast line to feast your eyes on all day. Then there are few holes on the back nine 10 – 12 that reminded me of Spyglass. Loved Spanish Bay.

Something else very cool and sorry to spoil the surprise but after you park the car and go through the proshop, the first look at the first tee with ocean background is breathtaking. You feel immediately transplanted into a Scottish links style course. Then as the day is winding down, out come the bagpipes that resonate through the course. It’s quite an experience.

As far as conditions, great shape even for how wet the region has been. I did run into some causal water and muddy spots but nothing serious. All the bunkers were in immaculate shape regardless. Greens a little bumpy, rolled medium-fast (my guess slower than normal) and I chalk that up to the late day round on soft moist greens. We played the gold tees and they were in very good condition. A little thin but full coverage and well manicured. Fairways were a little shaggy but I’m guessing that because of the rain and they did not cut them on a Monday. I might have noticed more imperfections at Spanish Bay then most since I just played immaculate Quail Lodge & Golf Club hours before. But again, Spanish Bay was in great shape and extremely enjoyable.

Check out the photos I just posted.

Highly Recommended!
Just an awesome time with GK’ers Mattias, Alex326 and dbev606 playing the first 18 of our Team GK Cup Match on Monday March 4th. Mattias and I arrived Sunday night, got a room at Quail Lodge, place is fabulous, see pics and fully prepared ourselves for our match. Even warmed up the morning of on their very cool practice putting course intertwined between room cottages. Lodge is walking distance from the golf course.

Thought to myself if there was a time this course was not going to be immaculate as always it was Monday due to heavy constant rains in the region. Nope. Immaculate. Fairways like carpet and so meticulous they are about persevering the high quality condition it was cart path only AND designated areas of ground under repair that were perfect yet very saturated as to avoid giant divots. Greens damp, a little slower, and a little softer due to wetness but excellent shape with good speed. Rough flawless like the fairways. Primary rough poa like the fairways and rest of the course for that matter. Secondary rough tall fescue around the bunkers making you wish you were in the bunkers instead of the rough. Bunkers, perfect, wet weather, what wet weather?, sand was beautiful and perfectly manicured. Tee boxes, damp and in great shape. Cut tight and manicured well.

We played the gold tees, rode, although I would have preferred to walk given it was cart path only. It’s a relatively flat course ideal for walking. The layout is resort style with generally wide fairways that severely punish you if are wild off the tee or find a fairway bunker. Deep beautiful bunkers are the golf course’s main defense. Avoid them and putt well and you should score well. Great variety of holes with beautiful backdrops in the Carmel valley. Front nine has lots of dogleg rights and back nine dogleg lefts. Trees line all the fairways but are not overly baring. Hole 10 is a fun hole yet an anomaly being super tight with a big tree to hit over (super fun hole although). See pic I just posts.

After golf we ate at their restaurant Edgars and upon the recommendation of Alex326 to order the Sand Dabs, I did, they were amazing. Great service as well and affordably priced for the caliber of food and ambiance.

Highly recommend this course and any great deal on a Play & Stay.
Was great seeing mpisarski01, kviser, larryq2001, dsal_13 and Mattias. Put this round together on late notice and really appreciate those that could join me. I want to find a way to get together with GK’ers on just about every weekend. For me, as brutal as the high winds, cold temps, wet conditions, excruciating slow pace (due to a tournament) and very poor play on my part was … awesome time as always with GK’ers! Afterwards kviser, Mattias and I went over to the Ventura Harbor for some clam chowder and beers. Golf is best with friends no matter. Thank You.

The course, greens in very nice condition, running mostly smooth, fast (can only imagine how fast they will be when they dry out more) and holding shots. I found many bunkers and they were all in good shape. Was impressed how well they had drained. No standing water and not that moist. Fairways are bermunda turf with sprinkles of poa dotted only because of the wet winter season, come late spring, summer and fall when they are in season, they should be beautiful. Rough is a mixture of many grasses and varying in length, had many experiences due to being wild off the tee, it’s pretty easy to escape from. Tee boxes thin, level with some divot damage (we played the blue tees).

With the high winds coming off the ocean from the NW holes 1, 2, 6, 8, 13, 15 are super tough into the wind. Holes 7 and 12 have large water hazards on the right so that wind can grab your ball and easily deposit it into the drink. Holes 17 and 18 play straight downwind so that’s a nice almost too little too late breather. I love this layout. It destroys me just about every time. I’ve played it well over 20 times and have only had a couple great performances. I’ll be back for sure to take it on again.
Only my second time playing Royal Links Golf Club, this time with mpisarski01, rob1563 and famed02, was a great time Friday 2/1.

The last thing the starter is going to tell you is to be on the look out for the 100+ deep pot bunkers so you don’t drive your golf cart into them (or should I say plunge into them) – thankfully that did not occur. However we all found our share of them and although they are only half as deep as the real ones they are replicating (this is 18 hole replica golf course of famous British Open courses), they are still all brutal to escape from. Maybe if they were as deep I would not have got the crazy idea of trying to escape the one in front of the 4th green… that resulted in two failed attempts and an eventual pitch out backwards. In the second photo posted Rob demonstrates the proper way to play them.

This course is a blast to play. Every hole is interesting and challenging. I love this track despite being pulverized by it twice now. I liked it better this them than in the Summer when I played it all green and lush because this time it played more like a links course being fast and firm. It’s still had full coverage and was in great shape. Greens moderately fast, firm and mostly smooth. Fairways, firm, tight and perfect, loved them. Rough, depending on if you found the long secondary rough “basically not playable” or the short forgiving stuff just adjacent to most fairways dictated a lot how your hole was going to go. Tee boxes, big and in great shape. Bunkers quality sand which is essential given their degree of difficulty.... and trust me by the back nine you saying to yourself “anything but in a bunker”.

Service was excellent all day. The course was playing slow due to it being packed for Super Bowl weekend. We teed off at 12:50pm and finished in 5 hours. Before golf we sat down to eat. Great food and neat place to eat. Small dining area that is part of the pub. The clubhouse is very cool made to look like a castle. I thought the whole experience was fantastic and can’t wait to play it again.

Check out the photos I just posted!
First off Friday morning 2/1 on a cold morning with mpisarski01 and rob1563. Fortunately no frost delay so we flew around in just under 3 hours. Good times and the golf course was in very good shape. A different look for me as the greens were overseeded with bent grass, green surrounds/tee boxes with rye grass and the paspalum fairways sprayed green. Keep in mind the entire golf course, greens included, is a paspalum base so the majority of the time when you play this course it’s going to be more firm. I was impressed how the overseeding went as it made the golf course look attractive and play nice. I was wondering why for the first time I saw some small indent ball marks on the greens (normally you can hardly find any) but that’s because its bent grass right now rather than paspalum this time of year. Greens still rolled well and a pleasure to play. Regarding the fairways, good lies and full coverage. Some thin spots but overall played fine. Pitching around the green was very nice due to the rye grass. The best part of the golf course conditions and normally with desert courses as well as golf courses I play in Southern California the worst part, was the sand traps. They had excellent sand and were well groomed. As always if you want to have a good round of golf at this course you need to avoid the ditch on the right at all times. I noticed it was much cleaner of debris than I had seen in the past. We saw some small equipment and ground crews doing what appeared to be finishing touches on clearing out the wash. However you want to avoid missing your shots right even more because of the dormant paspalum the ball quite often for us would roll all the way down into the wash.

For the price to play, especially during the Vegas peak season this place is a steal.
The second round of the day, 1/31, was on the Concord Course. We teed off at 12:56 and just completed 18 holes before sundown. Joined again by rob1563, famed02 and mpisarski01, this was my first time playing the Concord Course and I was very impressed. Had heard how this course is the little brother to the Lexington Course, IMO, no way, this golf course is equally as fun if not more fun. As good as the views on the Lexington Course are, the views on the Concord Course are better. There are so many elevated tees hitting to beautifully framed fairways and greens. It’s a blast. And the 18th hole is instantly one of my all-time favorite closing holes. Dramatic downhill Par 5 that if you catch your drive just right can roll all the way down for a mid-short iron to the green. However the green complex is exceptionally guarded (see photo).

As far as the conditions, even better than Lexington, that is if you don’t mind dormant bermuda rough. Personally I love the framed dormant rough/overseeded fairway look and this course does it as well as I’ve seen just about anywhere. Plus with most fairways bowled if you hit the rough it kicks back into the fairway, sure is nice to get a lot of good breaks out there. Greens are large and challenging. All in great shape, smooth, firm and fast. Fairways lush with overseeded rye providing great lies all day. Tee boxes, a little bigger than the Lexington Course so consequently less divot damage in great shape. Bunkers, actually a step down as far as quality of sand than the Lexington Course which was not good to begin with so that’s where improvement is needed most.

As with the Lexington Course, great service with many visit from the on course service. We played the silver tees, next time I want to step back to the gold tees if playing in the winter. If playing in the Summer, it’s a different ball game because all the dormant rough kicking you back in the fairway in going to be lush bermuda rough holding up your ball providing awkward difficult shots. I bet the golf course is at least 5 strokes harder in the summer. I will find out!

Check out the photos I just posted!

Highly Recommended.
First round of 36 at The Revere Golf Club on Thursday 1/31 with rob1563, famed02 and mpisarski01. We had a 40 minute frost delay on a cold Vegas morning. Still managed to snap some nice photos so please check them out.

This is a great facility perched up in the hills loaded with the best views of the Las Vegas I’ve seen. They have two 18 hole golf courses both unique and fun. The Lexington Course is by far the most challenging so be ready bring your A game for it. Green are fast, mostly smooth and surprising held shots well. They are however very undulating, large and difficult to read. The fairways are tight, winding in all different directions, have lots of contours and doglegs. They were in very good shape, lush, firm with overseeded rye. Finding the fairways off the tee is essential as missing them means you are likely in a desert hazard. The rough is overseeded rye as well this time of year but maintained low so not much of issue to hit from. You are glad they have it because it helps hold up errant shots heading for the desert hazards. Tee boxes (we played the Silver tees which are by far the most popular) are small which means there is not much room to place the markers. Consequently there is a chance you will have some tee boxes with a lot divot damage. However they have plenty of grass to find a good spot to hit from. Bunkers, like many courses in Vegas, can be thin with small pebbles. I’d say the bunkers are where the golf course needs the most improvement from a conditions standpoint.

As far as service. It was excellent throughout the day. It was a busy day but that did not hinder the on course service as we saw them many times. Active starters and marshals to help keep pace moving.

Clubhouse and Food. Excellent. I have had breakfast there before and asked Ed how his breakfast was which he said it was very good. As Rob mentioned, they have a fantastic $5 hotdog and draft beer deal (some quality beer choices on tap).

I highly recommend this golf course but as much as I like this course, I like their other 18, the Concord Course more … see Concord Review.
Had an early birthday present given to me by Alex326 who picked up my green fee to play Aviara Golf Club on Friday 1/25. I’ve always wanted to play it having read so many positive reviews and seen so many beautiful photos. Thank You.

Outstanding golf course while not being in its typical immaculate shape yet still in great shape and tons of fun. Loved it. Place is loaded with signature holes. One of the most beautiful sets of par 3’s I’ve ever played.

Greens were smooth, fast, holding shots and very tricky to read. Without question the most challenging aspect of the golf course. Other challenging aspects were the many tight tree lined holes with thick rough. We found the front 9 rough more thick and prevalent than that back nine. The course has it's fair share of small strategically placed water hazards close to the green complexes but not much water besides hole 8, 16 and 18 that come into play other than par 3’s. It’s a hilly course that winds its way through the high scale Aviara community/resort and there are some steep uphill and downhill shots to be found.

As for the course conditions besides the greens that I already mentioned… fairways in very good shape. Mostly lush with full coverage. I’m not sure if the golf course closes for overseeding before the Kia Classic at the end of March to get them pure and LPGA tour lush or if the turf is just more suited to warm weather and really perks up then. Rough, lush with some real thick stuff as mentioned its best to avoid. Bunkers in great shape with quality sand, little firm and perfectly manicured. Tee boxes, we played the blue tees and I was surprised by the mediocre condition. They had full coverage but thin at times and with noticeable divot damage. Still just fine to hit from but for such a high-end course but this caught me by surprise.

Regarding the amenities and service, top shelf, of course. Great staff, service, clubhouse, practice area and high-end feel throughout the day. I understand the food is delicious but did not have time to hang out after with Alex for bite to eat as I needed to take on the traffic and run an errand on the way home to Thousands Oaks. btw - grab a complementary cookie afterwards, tasty.

This was a golf experience I will never forget and can’t wait to have again. I’d like to come back in April-June after the Kia Classic as I hear the golf course is in mint condition then as well as the flowers being in full bloom. Highly Recommended. Check out some of the photos I posted.
Teed it up Sunday with Mattias, roarksown1 and kassper7 at Angeles National Golf Club on round the came together pretty quickly at a $60 rate. Good time!

The conditions of the golf course other than the greens being in excellent shape (fast, holding shots and smooth – with exception to some small slits that did not impact the roll of the ball much), was very dormant with thin lies. Looking back at the history of reviews this time of year it seems to always be that way. Add to the thin lies wetness you’ve got on your hands some very challenging conditions to hit the ball flush unless you are very good at compressing your iron shots. At first it was bothering and frustrating. Then I took what the golf course was giving me, the ability run shots from all over the place. I took a page out of rob1563 in Vegas’s book and used putter from all around the green complexes with much success. Rather than try hitting perfect wedges, I opted to hit low releasing shots. I ended up having a blast with it. Made me play the golf course as a links layout on many occasions. Had to get creative in ways I don’t normally do. What a difference the golf course was in terms of lushness the last time I played it in October. I believe most golfers will be very disappointed with the thin lies but very happy with the greens.

Great service all day from bag drop, proshop, range, marshals and on course food & beverage service. Not many golfers out there due to cold temps so we played at a relaxed pace. I’ll be back out here to play again in the Spring.
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