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Just posted some photos of the course from last week’s GK Review Guru round. We had 8 players. I played with leef2020, larryq2001 and sr129. Great fun and good timing on a rare perfect weather day in February. Course was in good shape. And considering the large amount of rain only days before, as well as this season, I was very impressed how well it handled it. Very few soggy areas. The only area of the course that showed saturation were the greens. Thus, the green speed was fine but a bit bumpy from footprints and very soft accepting shots. Fairways were green, provided decent lies but still winter thin due since most the turf is bermunda which thrives in the summer. Rough was spotty with some lush and thin areas but again due to it too being predominately summer turf. Tee boxes in very good shape. Mostly level and lush. The highlight was the conditions of the bunkers. Looked like all of them had new fluffy sand. I found quite a few and they played beautifully (with exception to my fried egg lie in a fairway bunker – lol).

I love this layout, played the blues, just over 6500 yards, lots of elevation changes, nice views, dog legs, mixes of long and short holes, well protected greens, risk/reward opportunities, no parallel holes and fair undulating greens. I think hole number 8, called appropriately cyclops due to a bunker being in the middle of the green is my favorite (see photo).

The service was excellent but would have enjoyed seeing a beverage cart on the course. Was getting pretty thirsty out there. A cold one would have been nice.

This is a simi-private golf course that was once totally private. Fancy clubhouse and amenities. I’m looking very forward to returning.
For some of you that follow my Johnny_GK Facebook account, you already got some insights into my round yesterday in real-time. btw – I have a lot of fun on that Facebook account.

I normally would never play Brookside Golf Course especially at holiday rate, $75, on a crowded holiday break. So many better options for your buck and time. But could not pass on an opportunity to tee it up with GK’ers BGarcelon and Krajan01 from NoCal. And like many times in golf, sometimes who you play with makes up for where you play which was definitely the case today. Just a fantastic time start to finish, 5 ½ hour round.

Met up with the Brandon and Kish in the clubhouse, had a delicious breakfast burrito and something to drink. Great service we appreciated which motivates us to come back after the round for quick appetizer, delicious chicken quesadilla and beer.

Now onto the starter and first tee. What a train wreck. Long line to check-in, ignorance paying at the window about if they were running on time, which they were not, but of course they said they were. Our tee time was at 10:00am and come 10:00am there were four groups on the tee and they had not even called our name. I decided to ask the guy in the cart behind ours in line when his group was book for and he said 10:02am??? – OK, now I get it, holiday week, great weather and the course was squeezing in more groups. We finally teed off at 10:30am and it’s a crawl through the entire golf course as expected. Still the great company of Brandon, Kish and Tommy made up for the wait times.

As for the course conditions, surprisingly better than I expected. Greens were running fast, holding shots and mostly smooth. Very difficult to read at times and do not be above the hole, especially on hole #1! Fairways mostly thin and after they park cars on some of the fairways for the Rose Bowl Monday, January 2nd, expect them to be more thin, however they provided some decent lies most of the day. Rough, same condition of the fairways with some patches of poa turf here and there greenside to make for some challenging pitch shots. Bunkers in good shape with quality sand. Tee Boxes also in good shape, mostly level, some divot damage, we played the white tees. Overall I’d say the course was in good shape. I posted some photos.

We played the #1 course which I like the layout and its very cool to me to play in the presence of the Rose Bowl, especially with the big game coming up! I even managed to bomb a drive on 18 into the Rose Bowl facility – just glad no one got hurt. The course is long, tree lined, and the greens are challenging. It’s a great test of golf on a mature course. I’m not a fan of only 3 par 3’s and 3 par 5’s. Many of the Par 4 are either very short of monsters. But its nice variety of holes.

Would I play here again? Only under special circumstances like yesterday.
Teed it up on a Thursday morning with some fellow GK Review Gurus at CrossCreek. Bagged up with sd3bs. For over 10 years we’ve been interacting yet never shared a round of golf together, what a pleasure to finally do so. Also very enjoyable as always to tee it up with rgm2525 and Boomy. If you’re reading reviews but not writing them, or have not written a review in a while, please do so I can add you to the program and you and start experiencing the fun. This was the last GK Review Guru round of 2016 but 2017 is going to be loaded with them.

As for the golf course, echoing HmtGolfGuy and sd3bs. The greens were in great shape. Rolling fast, smooth and firm. Speeds picked up as the round went on although a little inconsistent in speed at times. Fairways were mostly lush with some thin and on few occasions bare spots. The rough was in pretty much the same shape as the fairways but longer. You could find ball in tough spot in the rough to escape if it was sitting down. I was in a few bunkers greenside but did not experience a fairway bunker (what a change for me! – lol) – but I thought the greenside bunkers were in good shape with quality sand and a little firm. Tee boxes at CrossCreek due to how small they are and iron play sometimes the best option from the tee, did have noticeable divot damage and on some occasions not very level. However I did not have a problem looking and finding a good spot to hit from on every hole. Overall I felt the golf course was in very good shape.

As far the ambiance. To me it is big reason why I play CrossCreek. The seclusion and beautiful surrounding terrain is a such a release. Makes me slow down. Plus as much as I hate it in that I can’t get much cell phone connection, a part of me is grateful for the forced “unplugged” time.

In regards to the layout, there are few holes I dislike and seem quirky like 13, 16 and 18 but on the flip side like or love the rest of them. A trade off I’m always happy to make. The course is very challenging with narrow sloped fairways, trees, elevation changes, and undulating greens. It puts a big demand on your greenside short game if you miss the greens with tough pitch shots. There are lots of doglegs and position golf that needs to be played. It’s a very interesting and fun layout. I would play this course much more often if it were closer to me. Recommended!
Second round of GK Review Guru Monday in Palm Springs, fantastic time with good company and a tremendous golf course. Right out of the gate I was impressed with how much overseed and how lush it was. There was next to no thin or bare area on the golf course. Anywhere. Mind you this is December, not January/February when the rye grass has had at a lot of time to fill in. I was also very impressed with the condition of the greens. I was expecting slow greens, as is mostly the case in December in the desert and I got moderately fast and smooth greens. This course was actually in better condition than the Celebrity Course that had finished overseeding before it. While I like the Celebrity layout better, I love both these tracks. The bunkers were meticulously groomed with high quality sand. Tee boxes in great shape. This course was immaculate.

The layout of the Players Course is tough. You got to be accurate off the tee and you better bring your sand game. Once on the putting greens there will be good opportunities to drain some. Very fair surfaces. But the question is getting to the green in a reasonable number of strokes. There is a reason its called the “Players” course.

The service was outstanding throughout the day as it always is with every golf experience I have ever had at Indian Wells Golf Resort. I snapped a bunch of photos. Get ready to drool and start planning on playing there.
Played Monday as part of a GK Review Guru round. Beautiful morning at Desert Willow Golf Resort. The Firecliff Course is one of my favorite desert courses and I was eager to see the changes to the bunkers. I did not notice at first much difference other than some new white sand but as the round went on I was picking up subtle changes with perhaps the biggest change on hole 16 greenside. Go back and look at a photo from 2012 compared to the one I just posted and you’ll see. Overall feelings about softening the course bunkers up, very welcomed. It’s still a challenging course and just a beautiful. The changes can only produce a faster pace of play which benefits everyone.

As far as the other conditions, excellent as expected for December. I knew going into the round the greens could be on slow side. Typically all golf courses that overseed come December experience this. However the fairways were lush as was the rough. We played the blue tees, which makes Desert Willow Firecliff a pretty long course since in my experience its seem like most landing areas in the fairways are sloped up-hill. I never get much roll out there. The tee boxes on the blue tees did look much better than the white. Level, lush and with little divot damage.

After the round we had to hustle over to our next GK Review Guru round and did not have time to grab a bite to eat on the patio. I missed that. The view is spectacular and the food is delicious. Next time for sure will stick around.

Customer service Monday was outstanding at every level.

Next I’d like to get out on the Mountain View Course, it sure looked nice driving in. Maybe in January!
We started off our GK Plays outing season at Rams Hill Golf Club in January and capped off the season at Rams Hill in December. Thank you to everyone that attended. It was the first time GK has ever been to the same course in the same year. I'm so glad we did. Its an exceptional golf experience and they treat us so well. They have a perfect facility for outings. Even the drive this time, 4 hours from Westlake Village, did not seem as long. This place is special.

As far as conditions, maybe not as highly rated by me in past but certainly the BEST its ever been. How can that be? The course is now softer. Before the greens rolled like a slick pool table and occasionally received shots like one too. But now they still roll smooth, with occasional ball marks and footprints, but also not slick (by no means slow) which very receptive to shots. It allowed be to be more aggressive with my iron play and pitching around the greens which enhanced my enjoyment of the course. Fairways super lush albeit a little more shaggy than in prior visits but that's only because its December and rye grass typically needs a few more weeks before it can be cut down more. Rough, super lush and not very penalizing. Tee boxes lush and level. Bunkers, oh, my favorite aspect of Rams Hill Golf Club. Just love how pronounced and bold they are throughout the course. Perfectly positioned, dormant bermunda trim to contrast the deep green turf, perfect sand, deep faces and uniquely designed. Just take a look at the photos I posted. Unfortunately my golf ball loved them too and I got to experience many throughout my round. LOL.

After golf we had diner and prize giveways on the indoor/outdoor patio overlooking the course. So beautiful. Perfect way to conclude the day.

Highly Recommend Rams Hill Golf Club. Its one of favorite places to play anywhere.
Played a GK Review Guru round with 6 other GKers. Enjoyed the day immensely. Looks like I found a solid winter golf option in Moorpark CC considering how nice the overseed on the tees, rough and green surrounds came out. Granted the fairways are going to be left to go dormant but I really like the contrast of the light green/blonde fairways to the bright green rye green perimeters. I posted some photos here. Bunkers in great shape with quality sand and well groomed. However, the highlight of the round from a conditions standpoint was the greens. Smooth, medium/fast and soft/sticky. I see the greens only getting more smooth, firm and fast over the next couple months.

Moorpark CC is like playing a private course from a golf course, facilities and service level yet affordable for the quality of golf experience from a public level. It's a semi-private course with no commitment type memberships. There are some cool membership benefits put in general they treat every player with that welcoming membership mentality.

I enjoy all three 9’s at Moorpark CC. We played the Canyon Crest to Ridgeline combo. I always like starting on the Canyon Crest 9 as its more open off the tee. Canyon Crest is my second favorite 9 with my very favorite the Creekside 9 although certainly the most difficult 9 of the 3.

POP was excellent on our Thursday morning round teeing off at 10am. I could play this course every month. Highly recommended.
Great time out at Champions Club at Retreat Sunday with fellow GK Review Gurus! The more I play this course and learn how slopes and contours throughout the course play a major role in where the golf ball ends up, the more I like it. It is a very unique layout in this regard. This is not a straight forward layout by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s a wonderful course to use your imagination while playing.

We missed the BRAND NEW CARTS by one day – funny as we drove our cart in seeing the tops dismantled for transport. Odd/cool feeling knowing you would be the last person ever riding in that cart.

I thought the playing conditions overall were very good. Mainly because of how fast & smooth the greens were. The greens were the highlight conditions of the round. The tee boxes were in good shape having been overseeded for the winter. The fairways had not gone dormant yet but are starting too. They provided mostly decent lies all day. There are some bare and thin spots in the fairways that are sore on the eyes but not much of a factor while playing since I’d say the fairways consisted of 85% good/fair turf coverage. The rough is about the same height and condition of the fairways. The bunkers contained at times very poor sand and at other times quality sand. Sometimes they were well raked and other times a little messy. As the nights get colder the fairways are going to go more dormant. They will get more thin and firm. The greens however will get faster, firmer and smoother.

I posted a photo of hole #11 and made a Facebook post about it on Greenskeeperorg Facebook. They constructed a small 1 ft high wood wall around the left perimeter of the hole to help prevent good shots from rolling into the hazard due to extreme right slope. I thought this was a great idea. Not only to make that hole fairer but to also help promote faster pace of play. Less time looking for a ball in the left hazard.

Service was outstanding. Very friendly. Clubhouse is grand. Bar-Restaurant tasty food/drink.

Some excellent deals out there to play Champions Club at Retreat. Well worth it. Recommended!
Joined SBogey, larryq2001 and sixpez for a GK Review Guru visit to Eagle Glen Golf Club Wednesday. I was part of the first GK Review Guru visit back in early September. Comparing this visit to the first one, the golf course has improved. The greens are now in much better condition and fairways a little more lush. With the cold nights now upon us, the fairways and rough are starting to transition to dormant blonde color. They will get more thin and firm with the cool temps however I feel the course has done a solid job on most holes establishing a good bermunda turf base so even when dormant, the fairways will have a nice padding of grass beneath them. They overseeded the tee boxes so those will remain lush and I can only see the greens, as excellent as they are now (fast, smooth, holding shots), getting more smooth and firm. Its was mixed bag for bunker conditions with most having quality sand and few on the firm compacted side. Our Pace of Play was brisk at just under 4 ½ hours. The layout is fantastic with exceptional closing holes – especially the Par 5 Risk/Reward 18. The clubhouse is grand, practice facilities excellent, service great – it’s a complete golf experience. If you are the kind of player that can enjoy a round of golf on dormant fairways/rough, you’ll be very pleased with Eagle Glen Golf Club – I know I was.
Catching up on a review, had a great time Tuesday with fellow GK Review Gurus at Indian Wells Golf Resort. The Celebrity Course is one of my very favorite tracks. To me it’s like playing in a beautifully manicured desert garden. One of favorite aspects of both Indian Wells Golf Resort courses is the bunkers. Dramatic in natural, perfectly positioned, challenging to escape yet not unfair. Add to that the spectacular clubhouse, service and impressive on GPS...this is a complete high end golf experience.

As far as condition, excellent, and in few weeks, immaculate. Whenever you play a golf course coming out a rye grass overseeding the greens are going to be on the slow side yet likely exceptionally smooth. In addition fairways will be extremely green, hardly any divots yet still a tiny bit thin in spots until a few more cuts can be done. With every cut, and this goes for the greens too, the blades of rye grass get larger and hence denser the coverage. This results in faster greens and lusher fairways. Some courses do a good job overseeding, Indian Well Golf Resort does a fantastic job overseeding. That’s why the course is already lifted virtually all its cart path restrictions and in excellent condition early in the season.

Highly recommend play the Celebrity Course now and both Indian Wells Golf Resorts course this season. Can't wait to play the Players Course on 12/12.
It’s always a fun round at Goose Creek Golf Club. The weather was a bit threatening but it never rained and myself along with 7 other GK Review Guru’s had a great time. Conditions were excellent with the reseeding coming in beautifully. We followed the Inland Empire Pro/Am Match Play so the pin placements were in some cases diabolical but never unfair. Greens were running mostly smooth, holding shots and about an 11 speed. The fairways all lush as was the rough. Rough was maybe 2 inches high and not much of a hindrance. Sand traps I found were all in good shape with quality sand. The tee boxes lush and level. Excellent pace of play as we finished in under 4 ½ hours. It was a great day to be playing Goose Creek.

Fun layout for sure. Easy bogey yet tough par as they say. Hole 18 is as challenging as they come for a par 4 IMO. Some interesting risk reward Par 5’s and Par 3’s (hole 11 is my favorite par 3 - nice birdie abbacat!) Flat layout with a good variety of holes. Doglegs in both directions, well protected undulating greens, trees to work your ball around and some tight tee shots.

Clubhouse is very cozy. Good food and excellent beer to finish off your day. Service is always terrific and friendly with everyone you meet at the course. I wish it was closer to me as there would not be a month I would not want to play it.
Our second round of our GK Plays Las Vegas could not a have dialed up a more picture perfect day. At first there was a cool wind but by the time we teed off the wind had subsided and temps rose quickly. With a crystal-clear sunny day, Las Vegas Paiute got to show off its spectacular visual experience. Add to that immaculate playing conditions, just blew me away.

Greens rolled true, moderately fast and firm. Fairways perfect. Rough perfect about 1 to 3 inches high. Bunkers perfect. Tee Boxes perfect. With the deep green turf and contrasting desert landscape with no homes to obstruct distant beautiful views…can you tell I dig this place. Add to that a grand clubhouse with delicious food in the restaurant, enormous proshop, and views of the course…I swear this is not a commercial for Paiute.

As far as the outing, from the moment I arrived their staff was there to accommodate. Everything went smoothly. They even surprised me by giving us a Las Vegas Paiute poker chip ball marker to each player. I had a nice buffet breakfast to start my day overlooking the 18th hole of the Snow Mountain Course then off to the golf cart staging area and excellent practice facilities to greet more GK’ers. After our round the clubhouse served us well with food, drink and plenty of space to give out prizes.

Next year I’m going to try to arrange the Wolf Course for GK Plays Las Vegas 2017. We got to keep coming back here.
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