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I played this course today for the first time and in a tournament event. It's not my all time favorite course in terms of layout since I prefer more variations off the tee and this allows for a lot of drives despite a few short 4s, but still pretty nice. It definitely helps to have played it once since there's a few blind/unknown spots off the tee box... and that's by excuse for a crap score!

Super fast greens today, some have a ton more break than I would ever guess even after playing, some the opposite so it's a matter of realizing the slope of the mountains I suppose.
It's probably been in better shape than today since there were a lot of yellow/brown areas but still grass so not completely dry.

Good course on a overcast day and no rattler sitings despite the multiple signs giving me the shakes, and that's my final excuse for a crappy score ;)
Some great people and friends have been invited to play this course for some time now and finally the times aligned so I got to go out there. I love the layout. I'ts a bit hilly but walkable so if you're looking for a workout, you'll get it here! Since it's in winter time the fairways are not the best I've seen but not bad by any means. The greens are pretty fast but with a true roll, no muni-bumps here, so if u miss it, blame ureself or get yet another putter... or another caddy
It definitelly helps to have played this course once since there are some hidden views, and that's my excuse for a poor score this time ;) In any case, if you get a chance to play this couriers, go for it, you'll enjoy it!
Listing 1 to 2 of 61,852 Course Reviews
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