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Went off at 12:15 on a 12:10 tee time but POP was good (4.5 hrs) for a Sunday with all those in the know staying away from South until it heals from punching and were all lined up to play the North (wait list was 10 deep). Course is in good shape, everything is still hard and running fast (had 188 in on the par 5 9th for my second shot). As it was a bit later in the day the greens were a bit slow from bumps in spots but fast with roll out on others. Until they punch the North next month or at least for a couple more weeks North is the spot at Torrey.
Got out at 8:02 and finished at 12:30. The course is in nice condition, playing short (if you hit it in the fairways)and the greens are still hard (you can hear the thump when a ball comes down on them).
Fairways: nice to play from and running out a bit
Rough: mown down but still sticky and penal
Bunkers: a bit inconsistent in depth and texture but smooth
Greens: hard, mostly rolling smooth (some scruffy looking areas but still rolled well through them) and medium fast
POP: good at 4.5 hrs
Customer service: saw the snack cart a few times
A top quality, fun, solid course, most definitely recommended
As per Sal's latest review they are preparing for maintenance and the course was a bit rough around the edges and on some holes we played up from the White boxes. The greens were in great shape a bit firm but rolling nice, although they do seem slow after playing Torrey South, Torrey North and Golf Club of Ca in the last few weeks. They will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday for maintenance so maybe give it a couple weeks before expecting decent conditions.
First off twilight (2 pm now) on Sunday March 19th, got off a bit early and, although waiting to much for the constantly behind a hole group in front of us, finished in 4 1/2 hours. The course is in good shape, all over except the greens, it was twilight coming off some rain days so the po wasn't the smoothest I've seen. There were some bumpy, slow putts, some knocked off line, so it was hard getting them in the cup even from inside 3'. Also I don't remember any recent reviews mentioning the strange growth or fungus that seems to be invading the greens (unfortunately hole #4 green was closed with a temp green set up 70 yards short with just a flag and cup, no mowed down area, no circle, just a flag and cup. Strange and quite disappointing as there was no notice whatsoever concerning this condition). It was pin position #2 which involves some strange and difficult hole placements . . . front pins on 2,3,4 was a temp, 5 and 6. Then back pins on 9,11,12,13,14,15 and 17?
South is a big boy course even from the greens, 6628 73.1/133 with long holes, deep sticky rough, deep faced bunkers, large deceptive greens (what other tour course puzzles the pros as much as Torrey South?). It was slightly wet, cold, windy and glorious as usually (despite the temp on #4).
If I want an ego boost I play North, if I want to be humbled I play South.
Rare Saturday outing for me as I have to go be nice to people tomorrow, ugh. Course is in excellent shape and drained well from the rain. The rain did slow everything down except the greens . . . nothing seems to be able to do that yet! POP 5 hours, ugh.
First off twilight (12:30) finished just before 5. Course is in fine condition and POP was good.
Tees: small like always, a little beat up in spots but plenty playable
Fairways: very nice, a bit of roll out, great surface to hit from
Rough: a bit scarce, but I wasn't too far off the fairways today
Bunkers: very nice, manicured and full of good to play from sand
Greens: very nice, took shots well, rolled well, a bit slow IMHO, but the last three courses I played were all fast Golf Club of CA, Torrey South, Torrey North . . . so maybe about medium speed, but smooth and true
POP: was good at 4:20
Customer service: fine
Walkability: I walked with my push cart, some hills, but in this weather it was an easy walk
Everything was great except the POP, went off at 12:50 and didn't finish . . . well technically we finished, but played 17 and 18 in the dark. The greens are still rather hard and getting close to some of the pin locations is near impossible. They roll well and were fast, again not tournament lightening fast, but PDQ. Fairways nice, rough sticky and the bunkers had good sand, not totally consistent but always playable. I did need to clean up some unraked areas and I fixed quite a few ball marks on the greens . . . no ones fault but the players before me. Recommended as always. Torrey is paradise . . . just paradise was a bit sloooooooow today.
Played South last Sunday first group out at twilight (better late than never, right?), actually finished with some light to spare. The course is in excellent shape and a steal for the $47 resident walking fee.
Tees: mostly level with some divot damage on the shorter par 3's (3 & 8), wide a perfectible playable
Fairways: niiiiiice, some good roll out and great to play from
Rough: I tried to avoid that as much as possible (one always should at Torrey), I believe it has been mown down from tournament length (which is good because you can find your ball), but still is thick and penalizing
Bunkers: perfect, best I've seen in quite awhile (I think even better than the deep, sometimes sloppy sand at some high end places), fairway or green side a joy to play from (much better than being in the rough!!!)
Greens: really, really niiiice firm with some bounce (especially the long par 4 12th that I had to lay up on and I could hear the "THUMP" of my well struck gap wedge approach as it landed in the middle of the green then rolled to the back fringe), they were fast, not lightening tournament speed, but rather quick and rolling well
POP: just over 4.5 hours, but not much waiting, it's just a long difficult, big boy golf course
Customer service: great, we were sent out 15 minutes early and saw the snack cart often
Walkability: I always walk this course it's just such a beautiful place
Highly recommended . . . anytime I can get a good time here or North, I'm ON IT!
Went off at 11 with fellow GKers David, Matt and Ron. Weather was nice, with a bit of wind picking up as we started. Driving range surface is a bit loose and sandy. Putting green is really, really furry and slow, so no help. The course was mostly in good condition with a couple greens being a bit off. The first green was a bit furry and slow, as was the fourth green. The rest of the greens were pretty nice. Bunkers were good to play from and the layout is challenging for a hack like me (we played the Blue/White combo which is a good mix). I like this course even though I played badly . . . but any day upright, playing golf is a glorious day!
Played with a bachelors party group on Thursday 2/8, three groups teeing off starting at 12 pm. The check in was, like always, slow. A room full of people and one register going. When I got to the desk there was some confusion as we had been told a rate of $35, but we were charged $49? No worries, we got sent out, a couple players from out of town needed rentals and those clubs were there set up in their cart ready to go . . . on to the course.
Tees: flat enough, with enough coverage to play from, so fine
Fairways: some patchy areas, some dirt areas, not visually pleasing but playable for the most part
Rough: pretty much ditto from the fairways just a bit longer, 1 to 2 inches were there was some
Bunkers: actually some of the best bunkers I've played from in the last couple years . . . let's just say, better than most
Greens: firm, quick and very nice condition almost on par with the bunkers
POP: pace of play was great as we were the first of the three groups out and finished 3 holes ahead
Customer service: was excellent from the snack cart to the 19th hole which kept the kitchen open a bit late for our group which was nice.
Recommendation: sure, it's a mostly mellow golf experience with the only improvements need being check-in and the fairway/rough, but it's been a long time since it's rained making that a tough proposition. The rumor is the place may only be there for another year to so, so go play it before it's gone!

Such a shame if we truly lose such a cool, convenient, golf facility!
GK Cup match with 140ver, thanks Mike it was a pleasure and fun match.
To me it looked like they had mown the rough down just a touch but not the fairways as they were a bit furry reducing the roll out on drives. Everything was in good shape all around and as Mike (aka weber2323) said it wasn't quite in the excellent shape I imagined it might be after the Farmer's, but it's still Torrey and a really good, challenging golf course.

Off at 11:06 done at 4.
Been awhile since playing here and I was pleased to find the course in good shape, greens were excellent. Of course I made just about everything I saw, 26 putts, so I'm biased, but they were rolling well, medium speed, a bit firm but excepting of well struck shots. Bunkers full of soft white sand, fairways nice, rough minimal but there, tee boxes mostly level (except #8 Blue). Worth the greens fee, go play it!
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