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This is now my favorite course, best in show. The history (for me personally and in the larger context of golf in general), the views, the layout, the challenge, the usually good conditions, the fact that mostly competent players play there, the fact that it's 15 minutes from the house and that it's a beast of a course . . . a "big boy" or "big girl" course.
Tees: level and wide
Fairways: great to hit from with a bit of roll out
Rough: sticky, gnarly, penalizing and beautiful
Bunkers: firm base with a bit of fluff on top, what seems to be the norm everywhere now
Greens: still a bit slow and bumpy from the last punching, but just a wee bit
POP: today was great, our 3:10 group was sent out at 2:50 we never really waited and never got pushed, we finished around 7
Customer service: top notch, they appreciate your business and don't care if you are a local (like me) and pay $47 for twilight or an out of towner who paid a couple hundred
Highly recommended
Finally nailed down an elusive "Hot Deal" that was there, then gone, there and then gone back and forth for a few days, apparently not the courses fault, some kinda GN glitch and I am sure glad I brought a copy of the voucher because they had no record of us and the time we got is a time a certain group gets every week. After that was worked out in a friendly and professional way by the young lady in the shop we were good to go.
I found the course to be in good condition overall and the layout varied and fun as always.
Tees: mostly level with good grass coverage
Fairways: firm with run-out and nice to play from (there were aeration holes on some)
Rough: minimal in most areas but a bit variable in others, not a huge bother but enough to effect shot choice
Bunkers: the ones I found were in good condition with mostly firm sand
Greens: the greens were a bit hard, but well struck shots would stick, they rolled at medium-fast and were mostly nice and smooth . . . very few ball marks due to the firmness
POP: we played at our own pace only seeing the group in front a few times and the group behind occasionally
Customer service: always good here
Recommended: YES!
I've been spoiled lately playing at Torrey North, Rams Hill and PGA West Nicklaus for my GK Cup matches the last few weeks. To me the Nicklaus course looked a lot like the Stadium course but much smoother, not so many geometric angles, etc. A very fun course in really nice condition, tees, fairways and greens all pretty consistent (although I just couldn't make any putts and didn't at the Stadium course either at the same time of year, bermuda?). The bunkers and green side rough were the only inconsistent areas that made scoring a bit tougher. I really liked the course, unfortunately started off going all Mickey Mantle so only saw the left side of the course on many holes.
Nice facility, great course, beautiful warm-up area, top notch all around, a "players" course.

* Not sure why my rating came out so low? I would put it a full point higher.
Great place, pace (mostly), people and way to enjoy my birthday! This place never disappoints! There was a shotgun tournament out in front of us so the parking lot was almost totally full and there were more signs of play all over the course than I have ever seen and it still was a total pleasure to play. As I said to some of the GKers this was the roughest condition I have ever seen this course in and still it was fantastic to play. Only thing a bit off may have been the speed of the greens being a bit slower than what I and some of the others are use to here . . . but again they had gotten a lot of play that day and it was the latest in the day I have ever played here. Glad to see they are doing well and keeping the course in tip top shape!
First off at twilight and after playing through some lollygaggers we finished in just over 3.5 hrs
The course is in decent condition, fairways OK, rough a bit mangled in spots, bunkers manicured but just raked moist dirt and the greens are doing well after being punched a few weeks back, they aren't pristine visually but roll adequately at medium speed.
GK Cup match with Sal. Conditions are good right now, although the greens are still pretty darn hard. Hit a towering 8 iron on 11 straight at the pin and watched it bounce off the back. The only way to get close to front holes is to play short of the green and let it bounce up. The rest of the course was hard as well as I kept finding my tee shots well past where I am use to finding them. The bunkers looked OK, but you'd have to ask Sal, he was in just about every single one of them! Greens rolled well, I made some more bombs. Short putts are harder to hole than longer ones. 5 hour POP, Well worth residents fees.
Had the first time at twilight for Balboa Park but saw a 6:50 tee time come up last night for South (I didn't even know they did times that early, and we were second off after the 6:40!) so jumped on it. It was foggy for all but the 9 through 12 stretch then it came in again on our approach shots to 13. Makes for tough sledding when you have no reference to aim for. Luckily we were all locals and knew pretty much where to aim. 16 was fun, couldn't see a thing.
Course is in very nice shape right now, rough mown down to a reasonable level (where you can actually find your ball), fairways mown tight, greens quick rolling well with remnants of a sanding of some sort? Only thing was the bunkers, they were thin, well maintained but thin. After a green side bunker shot on 11 I had black stains from hitting the liner on the bottom of my wedge . . . but overall nice conditions.
POP was just 4 hours (we were second off) as we were all walking
Snack cart came by a couple times a nine.
Everything went well except the fog which a damper on an otherwise fine mornings walk ruined!
Haven't been here in along time, too long. I really enjoy this type/style of golf course, what I call 'old-school', greens with open fronts defended and defined by bunkering, trees, not too many forced carries, with a good variety of holes. I had a 9:52 but was asked and then sent right out at about 9:20. POP was decent at just a tick over 4.5 hrs. The three I was sent out with (no Wendy I didn't have to invite myself?) were all older players (the youngster was 70) that played from the green or front tees . . . and they could play well, quick and efficient, a pleasure to play with. The course is in very good shape right now, it's not a perfectly manicured type course and doesn't ask those kind of fees. Tees, rough, fairways, bunkers and especially the greens were in great shape, I saw a few bare spots around greens, but nowhere near the hole, the fairways were a bit shaggy on some holes, but overall a very enjoyable experience.
Got an 11:06 from T-off .com $50, seems they are now offering two slots each day. The place does look like it needs a bit of a revenue boost. The course itself is very playable, with the greens being real nice (hard & fast), tee boxes covered and level, fairways provided good lies, rough being penal, bunkers full of brownish sand (?) that are playable and basically maintained, but the periphery, paths, road in, parking area, warm-up areas and buildings all need a face lift, a paint job, asphalt, spiffy up and a lot of TLC.
I like the course (second time here, first was years ago and I didn't remember much), it's fun, interesting, challenging, getable in spots and hold on and just try to get par in others. Range is small with limited flight balls (most very old), the tiny putting green was sanded as was the smallish chipping area. POP was good at around 3 hours after I (playing solo) was allowed to play through a family group (4 adults and 4 or 5 children) that I caught after 4 holes that couldn't hit the ball at all.
They will be sanding and punching tomorrow.
The good: the greens, very nice and FAST, bunkers new sand, rough thick and brutal, fairways very good condition
The bad: the wind, blowing hard
The ugly: my game
Overall: the course is in very good condition and worth a look.
I know, I know, "but you said you weren't a fan, two weeks in a row?" I was planning on playing Balboa but with the continued rain I decided the 9:22 that popped up last night looked better as Torrey drains better than BPGC. There were plenty of wet areas, casual water and a few puddles, but still played very well. Greens are still hard with only very well struck balls sticking, fast, making short putts was difficult (at least for me). Rough seemed to be cut since last week but is still brutal, especially when wet! 5 hour rounds now seem to be the norm here, at least until the hubbub about the redo settles down, I hope. Course is in good shape all around and a good deal for $52 walking . . . "I'll be back!"
12:22 time, teed off around 12:30, finished at 5:45, hard to get any rhythm going.
Fairways were soft, in need of amor with no roll out, but good to hit from.
Bunkers were mostly in good shape, but not always raked properly.
Rough, was rough, about 3 to 4 inches, thick and juicy, chop it out mostly.
Greens were hard, slightly sanded, but still quick, had a hard time making anything today, missed a few short ones.
Still not a fan of the revamp, seems as if the whole redo was for the pro's with not much thought about us.
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