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The good: the greens, very nice and FAST, bunkers new sand, rough thick and brutal, fairways very good condition
The bad: the wind, blowing hard
The ugly: my game
Overall: the course is in very good condition and worth a look.
I know, I know, "but you said you weren't a fan, two weeks in a row?" I was planning on playing Balboa but with the continued rain I decided the 9:22 that popped up last night looked better as Torrey drains better than BPGC. There were plenty of wet areas, casual water and a few puddles, but still played very well. Greens are still hard with only very well struck balls sticking, fast, making short putts was difficult (at least for me). Rough seemed to be cut since last week but is still brutal, especially when wet! 5 hour rounds now seem to be the norm here, at least until the hubbub about the redo settles down, I hope. Course is in good shape all around and a good deal for $52 walking . . . "I'll be back!"
12:22 time, teed off around 12:30, finished at 5:45, hard to get any rhythm going.
Fairways were soft, in need of amor with no roll out, but good to hit from.
Bunkers were mostly in good shape, but not always raked properly.
Rough, was rough, about 3 to 4 inches, thick and juicy, chop it out mostly.
Greens were hard, slightly sanded, but still quick, had a hard time making anything today, missed a few short ones.
Still not a fan of the revamp, seems as if the whole redo was for the pro's with not much thought about us.
Took advantage of another break in the weather, as most places are soaked I headed to Nado which drains well. Checked in with the starter, went back to get my stuff and when I came back I heard him call my name, niiiiice! Went off at about 7:20, finished at 10:50. The course was in very good shape with some evidence of rain storms in palm fronds, wet bunkers (but I did have 5 sandies, so they played really well), then late in the round the wind picked up. Alway a great place to walk and under these conditions maybe the, or one the best places to play.
Tees: level and well covered
Fairways: not much run out due to being wet, but I found no soggy places whatsoever and as I played from the back tees, which are long for me, I had to hit a lot o hybrids and 3-woods and was able to pick them off the turf with ease.
Rough: minimal, but some spots of bother
Bunkers: I liked everyone I was in, which was 6 times and I got up and down on 5 of those occasions
Greens: great, smooth, medium speed (slow compared with Salt Creek the other day), well hit shots stopped and clunkers ran out a bit
Customer service: perfect, they got me out fast and then left me alone
I thought it was gonna be torrential downpour all day, but then I saw the light, of the sun that is as the skies cleared. A quick look online found a great deal and away I went. I was told a few groups had just gone off and if I wanted to play fast I could start on the back, so I did. I teed off at about 12:30 got back to my truck at 3:37, niiiiiice! I found the course in very good shape considering the rain, this place drains well. There were of course puddles here and there . . . some in bunkers, some in fairway areas, but overall very playable.
Tee Boxes: mostly level
Fairways: mostly thin but never saw any bare spots (it's links style, it's supposed to be that way)
Rough: minimal, but there . . . again it's links style.
Bunkers: wet and firm, with puddles, but then again it had just rained a quarter of an inch I did see a couple that were under construction
Greens: really nice! Even after the rain they were quick! REAL QUICK! They rolled nice, accepted well struck shots, I really liked them today although I only made a couple putts of any consequence, I traditionally I have a tough time on these greens, they are a challenge with multiple tiers, slopes and subtle breaks, but nothing silly, just real golf.
POP: 3 hrs
Customer service: they checked me in, got me a cart and sent me off, that's all I need.
Layout: fun and varied
Recommended, I ALWAYS enjoy playing Salt Creek, it was a bit windy, a sprinkle or two, wet a challenging, I didn't play great and I really loved it!
First off for twilight, cart paths only today, but POP was still OK at just under 4.5 hrs.
Fairways and rough are thick and full thanks to the rain, but could use a mow.
I wasn't in a trap, but some were hard wet sand and others looked OK.
Greens were in great shape, rolling well at medium speed with a few un-repaired ball marks.
Weather was a bit chilly and windy most likely keeping some away, but it has been busy lately.
Conditions similar to last review although a bit drier and they added some nice sand in many of the bunkers. POP was at 4.5 hours, I don't know if it's the limited play at Torrey or what, but the place has been really busy for the last month.
Late decision to play the friendly confines turned out to be a good decision, had the place almost to my own. POP was just over 3 hrs. No carts allowed today. Soggy everywhere but playable, some bunkers were full of water. Greens held well and rolled very nice. The conditions will do nothing but get better with all this rain.
The title of my review might be, "Much Ado About Nothing" or "A Long Wait For What?" . . . so if you don't get the drift yet, I wasn't impressed. Not a great deal of change layout wise (and what's up with the silly little 'desert' areas with cactus etc?), the main changes are the green contours, don't get me wrong the putting surfaces were practically perfect in fact I made some BOMBS from wayout, it's the abstract contouring? I would put the green changes in 3 categories, not bad, weird and C'MON MAN! The 7th comes to mind, I know, I know Mike, he was making the green tricky for a short, drivable par 4, but really? The pins were in some tough spots and the greens being new are still pretty hard (and running rather quick even in the rain), but these greens are now completely out of context with the South, IMHO.
For a wet morning the course was in good to very good shape, CPO, POP was just under 5 hours. It's still Torrey, mostly, but the tricked out greens remind me a bit of The Crossings, not Torrey. For long time SD golfers they may remember when a Japanese firm bought Cottonwood and changed the then Monte Vista layout adding two holes that went up and back down the hill on the far southwest corner of the property and the greens they installed were vastly different than the rest of the course and just seemed bizarre and out of context, That's the feeling I got today. Will I end up liking them? I guess I'll have to now . . . I mean, I did bury those bombs?
Day off, looked at the online tee sheet and twilight looked busy so decided to go earlier and grabbed a 12:07. They were running behind so we didn't get off until almost 12:30 . . . in fact the group behind us were only charged twilight which is supposed to start at 12:30? It was slow out there with us barely finishing in the semi-dark at a little after 5. The course is in decent shape after the rains, with the greens being the highlight. Tee boxes were fine, good lies on the fairways (although the need to be mowed) with no run out, rough mostly consistent with some splotchy areas here and there, bunkers basically the new normal at most courses thin wet packed sand and the greens were actually slightly firm, running well, semi-quick, with limited ball marks (the holiday crowd don't hit a lot of greens) but some to be mended (I always do fix 'em). The group I was in were all golfers, one regular I play with often, a guy who was one over coming into 16 then got an unfortunate 8 and a guy from Kansas who after a rough start played well . . . most every other group I saw out there looked to be less focused on golf per se. So I may just pack it in for the year and not play again until next year! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!
Great day with Rene, Willie and Donna, and of course all the other GKers! Weather was perfect, very little wind, warm but not hot, perfect. The course is in great shape like always tees, fairways, rough, bunkers, greens all in great shape. Fairways were a bit long cutting down on roll out but that also made the ball sit up for great lies, I hit 3 wood with ease from the fairway a few times. Service was great, food was great and the patio was a great place to hang out!
Definitely recommended!
Third time in five days to play at the friendly confines. The overall condition of the course is good to very good (remember, the city can afford to water the course generously). The greens are fully back, but are on the slow side, they have been mowed at least twice since my last review and have sped up, but aren't back to where the can/should be speed wise. The greens roll nice (although I fixed many ball marks . . . an attempt to appease the golf Gods I guess) and accept well struck shots, but need to speed up. All other conditions are similar to my last review.
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