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Joined GreensKeeper for the 12/9 GK Events. Every time we come to Rams Hill we are blown away by the quality of service, conditions, and all round value of Rams Hill. Course was in fantastic shape as usual with on marks being in some very minimal fairway repair most likely due to recent rains. Besides small repair areas, fairways were lush and emerald green. Rough was short and dormant with a great contrasting gold color. Greens were pretty fast with true roll and smooth bent grass. Really have nothing bad to say and can't wait to come back. Also they have a new indoor simulator that is top notch.
Finally got to play some golf this last Sunday, as i have been nursing a fractured hand ... Joined some old friends at Woods Valley in Valley Center played a little scramble. One thing i always notice is how dry and hard packed the driving range is which always make me worried on course conditions. One thing to note is Valley Center area is under water restrictions and the range receives minimal water.

As we hit the course we notice the course is in much better shape. Tee boxes have decent coverage and are much softer than the range. The fairways have good coverage as well but can be a little dry. Some bare spots here and there but nothing that really disrupts your game. Sand traps were the only thing that I would give negative marks to. Most were wet and rock hard with not much actual sand left.

The highlight of the day would be the greens. Greens were lush and in fantastic shape. They felt soft and received shots but rolled at medium fast speed. Most put rolled true and steady with no bumps at all. This course is a fun layout and you must actually think out your shots. Gripping it and ripping it will get you in a lot of trouble. Overall I am always pleasantly surprised by Woods Valley and look forward to playing again.
Met a buddy in town for our annual fishing trip and the last day we always play golf. After fishing Saturday we always play golf the next day to cap off the weekend. After playing Woods Valley the last few years, we decided to try Eagle Crest.

Overall this course was a big disappointment. To start it off the fairways are short mixed grass to barren dirt. You pretty much never had a good lie and as the only real green grass seemed to be about 15' from sprinkler heads. Bunkers were either clay dirt, rock filled old sand, or on a select few holes new heavy wet sand. Tee boxes were okay but seemed to have a lot of divots. The one plus side to the course were the greens. Greens were a medium speed and soft. Most high shots would plug or spin out a few feet. I had a low angle 6 iron shot that some how stuck on a par five but left a 3 inch tear in the soft greens, anywhere else that shot would have not have stayed on the green.

All in all a fun little layout but conditions will keep me from ever coming back. Sad to see a cool track with great friendly staff fall to such poor conditions.
Decided last minute to drive out for the GK Event on 7/15 after some convincing by JohnnyGK and mpisarski01. I was at first skeptical about playing anywhere in Laughlin, let alone in July with the heat, but I'm extremely happy I did. Laughlin Ranch is a hidden gem and rivals many of the Palm Springs course at a much better price. I will be playing here anytime I'm close.

Mpisarski01, Kevbig, and teed of first just after 7. It was muggy but manageable with some lingering cloud cover with the storms from then night before. Considering how much it rained conditions were amazing and improved as the course dried out. Tee boxes were lush green and for the most part very flat. Fairways were almost perfect carpet like grass. I dont think I had a bad lie all day.

Rough was short and not very penal. The only time we had any trouble was if you were off in the dirt which was very soft and soaked from the rains. The only real negative to speak of all day was the bunkers. Some had a decent amount of small rocks but really weren't all to bad. Hard to tell what they are normally like because they were still very wet.

The grounds crew were not able to cut the greens before we played due to the overnight monsoons but the still looked great and roll true. They were pretty slow and soft but not to the fault of the crew at Laughlin Ranch. All in all a beautiful and challenging track that I cant wait to play again. This place is a steal for the price and conditions, two thumbs up!
Headed to Palm Springs for the GK Plays at PGA West. We played the Nicklaus course and had a great time. Facilities are top notch with great service. The whole experience is enjoyable from the valet to the first teebox. Started on hole 5 for the shotgun starts and pace of play was fantastic, finishing in just over 4 hrs.

Course is in great shape and stayed great with the light showers all day. Fairways ran well and had no damage and harly any divots. Greens seemed medium speed, with a few on the faster side. They proved tricky for me to get good reads but weren't too bad once I got used to them. Chip shots were accepted well and you could even get a little spin on a well placed wedge shot. Tee boxes were lush and void of an significant damage. Sand traps were fluffy and not too taxing. All in all a great day at a great facility. We are headed back this weekend to play Norman and Stadium courses!

The only complaint I have is driving range was backed up pretty bad. At all times there were about 5 to 6 players waiting for stalls, even though there was another third of width left on the range. Also the tiny practice green seemed in rough shape but I'm assuming this is because of the amount of traffic they get on a daily basis.
Got a chance to play an afternoon round at Dos Lagos with Gregholla on Saturday 5/6 to warm up before PGA WEST GK Plays. We found an Underpar deal for 24 each! We headed out to our 1:08pm tee time and arrived at the course about 12:15pm. Went to check in only to find out that they could not check us in because the course was running behind. They told us to go warm up in the "driving range." This consisted of a three bay net, but at least it was free. After warming up and deciding not to walk to the putting green over the bridge at 1 we headed into the bar. The bartender was super nice and makes one hell of a jack and coke for $7. At about 1:15 they had enough carts and had everyone checked in. They then apologized for delay and explained that there was a tournament. We headed to the 1st tee to find 3 groups waiting to tee off.... it was going to be a long day.

We decided to let the long wait times go and just enjoy the round. We were luckily paired up with a local twosome that liked to laugh and joke as much as us. Once we hit the course we were surprised by the conditions. The recent rains have made playing conditions great compared to normal from what I was told. Greens were lush and soft but still rolled pretty moderately fast. Reads were very true and allowed for some great chances for long putts. Fairways were great and rolled for days. Very few brown or thin spots and divot damage. the only thing is really have anything to complain about was some of the tee boxes had substantial divot damage. Some of the boxes were tough to find a good lie to tee up.

As far a pace of play, it was a bit rough as expected and took about 5hrs 45min to get through the round. It sounded by the grumbles of the locals that this is pretty common and 6 hr rounds aren't out of the question. With the wind blowing 30 to 40 some of the par 4s proved very challenging. i would imagine without the wind this would be pretty fun course. We were in survival mode but still had a great time.
I played Sat 4/1 with Gregholla, Cortard, and Greg's girlfriend Hilary. We teed of about 11:30 in gorgeous conditions of 70 degrees and light winds. Having never played here and being recommended by Greg's boss I looked forward to playing a new course. First hole I lost a ball just outside the fairway. Rouhg was chunky and full of holes. We all lost balls that missed the fairway. After the first few holes we all started using alot more irons to play it safe.

The green were the highlight of the course, they were firm but provided great hold with a good shot. Not many marks or imperfections whatsoever. All putts were true and consistent.

Fairways were decent some lush and others a little brown and spotty. Rough definitely made things "rough" if you were in it.

Tee boxes were flat and in good shape with nothing really to complain about.

Overall a fun and challenging course but needs some work to compete with the rest of the inland empire courses. at $47 to play it seemed a bit much for the conditions. I think I may just be getting jaded with the epic conditions we have had with the rain. Hard to drive to a course like that when conditions are better at our home courses.
Played the Classic course with Dconnolly for our GK Cup Match play. After playing the week before the greens seem to be healing up nicely. Greens were soft but rolled medium speed and were fairly easy to read. Most puts stayed true to the line. One thing i noticed over last week was the amount of ball marks on the green. There was a ton of big deep ball marks left unrepaired. David is particular about walking his put and checking for debris or irregular greens. This is a great habit and makes you a more consistent putter. He also fixes every mark he sees which leaves greens better then he left them. It seemed like there were a lot more fairway divots then the week before. Fairways still had great roll and mostly lush. Pace of play was great for a Friday afternoon round at 4 hours. One thing I do have to bring up is the confusion of the starter. We were told to go tee off and had a group in front of us the had just driven up. The starter had to come out and get the other group off the tee box and they refused to leave. The single with us teed off with all four of the other group arguing with the starter right behind him on the tee box.... Besides that great round for a fair price!
I played Mile Square with Gregholla on Sunday MArhc 26th. We had a 1:50 PM tee time and were paired with another twosome that didn't speak English. First of we had called over the phone and booked at rate with cart for $27 but when arrived we were told that it will be $37 each when we arrived. After explaining that we were told the rate was lower the starter was rather short and rude and refused to work with us. We decided to pay the additional rate and let it go. Once we made it on to the course we were pleasantly surprised with great conditions besides the greens. Greens looked to have been very recently punched and sanded. They played super soft and any high shot plugged. Putting proved somewhat challenging for pretty simple breaks. We missed a few easy puts when our balls would take and random jump or direction change. Besides the greens, the rest of the course was in great shape. Fairways, tee boxes, and rough were all very plush for an community course. Some tee boxes had a decent amount of divots, mostly par 3s, but you could find a good lie. The couple sand traps we found were soft fluffy white sand and allowed for easy escape. Pace of play was great and we finished in just over 4 hours.
I had a chance to play Oak Quarry for the first time Sunday 3/12/17 with Gregholla, Greg's girlfriend Hillary, and my dad. We had a 7:40am tee time and were able to see an amazing sunrise while enjoying a fantastic breakfast burrito. After warm ups we were up on the tee box with no groups in sight. It was really nice to have open holes in front and no one breathing down our back. We enjoyed playing at our pace.

Course conditions were great besides the greens being punched and overseeded a week ago. Even with the punch marks and sandy conditions greens peformed pretty well. Most of the time you could get a decent true break without to many surprises. Occasionally you would get a bad hope or under putt due to slow speeds of the green. On the positive note green received shots surprisingly well with good hold and allowed spin. Fairways were pretty close to perfect, allowing drives to roll and roll. Rough was long and lush but not too hard to recover from. The only real negative I have is the sand traps were extremely soggy or puddled. I had a few extra bunker shots that I would have normally have recovered from first shot.

All and all a great day on a gorgeous course. I believe it was worth every penny and will definitely be going back. Breath taking views with all of the surrounding hills so green from recent rains. Do yourself a favor and play before things dry out and go back to brown.
I was able to join some of the GK Gurus Sunday 2/26 for a mid day round at Westlake. I have to say I was quit impressed for an executive course. Course was well manicured and in pretty decent shape considering all the rain we have had lately. All in all a great day on a challenging short course. It was nice to have to break out a few irons on par 4s and really think about your approach. Fairways were heavily bordered by large trees, so trying to rip the long drives to go for it didn't always pan out. The course was no doubt soggy, but managable. A few puddles and a decent amount of mud made for some interesting lies and muddy balls. Greens were surprisingly fast even though soft from the rain. Pin placement proved very challenging on many holes. The course was mostly lush besides the mud. Bunker were hit or miss depending on the amount of water. Pace of play was great and the course was rather empty. I would recommend playing if you are in the area to hone your short game and approach play.
I had a chance to play Costa Mesa Country Club (Los Lagos) on monday with Corey McCartney at a great price of $29 with cart. We jumped on the 2pm tee time and hoped to get through 12 or so by dark. With all the rain the course was green and long but had lots of mud and standing water. You had to drive down the sides of the rough and fairways were fenced off. There was a ton of damage to trees and the driving range due to high winds. I must say for the less then ideal playing conditions, pace of play was great as we picked up in the dark on 18, almost making it through a full round. Fairways were left long due to mud and not being able to mow. It was a challenge to get distance after landing as the ball did not roll well and occasionally plugged in the soft fairways. Greens were gorgeous but soft and slow. Tee boxes for the most part were great and lush. It is amazing seeing of local courses so green but they need to dry out a bit. All in all great price and great day if you don't mind a little mud on your shoes. This spring should be awesome when the rain goes away!
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