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Greens were recently verti-cut. I’d guess they need at least three more weeks to heal. This was some aggressive trenching! As a result, putting parallel to the cuts would often see the balls fall within these tracks and stay there—like the ball was on a rail. Putting perpendicular to the cuts, would see the ball bounce up and down like it was going over little curbs. (It was.). The course layout is great. Course conditioning is fair/average. Layout is really fun. Pace of play was excellent because most golfers were on the Lakes course (where greens had not been verti-cut).
The lakes course is in much better shape than the Desert course. Both courses are terrific layouts. But the desert’s greens are in rough shape. Both courses are also very rough around the edges—weeds, patches of dead grass, bunkers without much sand, tee boxes are not level. The conditioning doesn’t match the outstanding layout. But i suppose the price reflects that. The lakes course also has a lot of trees, which is fairly unique for desert golf. because the greens are in bad shape in the desert course, the lakes course is getting a disproportionate amount of play.
Everything was fine; nothing was exceptional. The "Legends" course has several poorly designed holes, but the conditioning of the course is about the same as usual: greens are slightly above average, bunkers are average-to-poor, fairways are nice, there are spots (as usual) that are muddy and drain poorly, and the tee boxes are beat up. But the pace of play was fantastic. We played in under 4 hours on a Saturday morning. I guess that's the benefit of coupling an odd (bad?) course design with a high price tag.
The course hasn't looked this good since the 2008 US Open. Seriously. Greens are terrific, bunkers have plenty of sand and were perfectly raked and manicured, fairways are pristine (and narrow), rough is up (but not impossible to play from), and the tee boxes--even on the par threes--were in good to great shape. Pace of play was decent as well. We finished in 4 hours 20 minutes (decent for TP South). (Someone who teed off 20 minutes after us will probably tell a different story re pace of play because there was at least a 3-hole gap between our foursome and the foursome behind us.)
The Snow Mountain course was in pristine shape at the end of August.

No houses surrounding the course is a huge plus.

Our foursome finished our weekend round in 3.5 hours.

The price for out-of-town guests is steep. But after playing the course, we all agreed that it was well worth the price of admission. We're looking forward to playing the other 2 Paiute courses on our next trip to Vegas.

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort Review
Las Vegas Nevada Golf Course Reviews
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The course was in very good shape, especially considering the time of year (end of August) and green fees ($17 with cart).

If you can ignore the houses that surround the course, the layout is interesting and challenging. Deep bunkers, water hazards, dry creek beds, and a few doglegs give the course variety.

Troon Golf is now managing the course.

Aliante Golf Club Review
Las Vegas Nevada Golf Course Reviews
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We played Steele Canyon on Memorial Day weekend. Everything--from pace of play to course conditions--was very good.
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Some golf courses are so challenging that even good shots are punished. The Bandit isn't one of those courses.

The course layout is interesting and challenging. But most importantly, the course is fun. Hole No. 18 is a fantastic finishing hole. The course makes good use of some water hazards.

Conditions are above-average, although the fairways are spotting on certain holes.

Its worth the drive from San Antonio or Austin.
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Played Avery Ranch on 9/10. The greens and fairways were in very good condition. The condition of the bunkers was inconsistent, but generally average-to-below-average for a high-end course. The pace of play was better than I expected for a Saturday morning.

The layout is challenging and interesting enough to warrant a return visit. Some of the holes are scenic (18 is especially beautiful), but the course is located within the Avery Ranch subdivision so homes border several of the holes and a highway borders another hole.

The day before we played Avery Ranch, our group played Wolfdancer. Even though we scored better at Avery Ranch, we thought Wolfdancer was more fun, more scenic, and a better value for the money.

In short, Avery Ranch is a solid golf course. And I'd probably play the course again if I lived in the area. But if you're only in town for a few days, Avery Ranch is not a "must-play course."
Wolfdancer is an excellent golf course. There are no houses surrounding the course and the layout is memorable, unique, challenging, and fair. Even though we played on a hot day in September--after the hottest and driest summer on record--the course conditions were very good.
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Maderas is almost always in great shape and yesterday was no exception. The greens seem a bit slower than usual, but they were still in excellent shape. They were starting to aerate a few fairways. I couldn't tell if it was just spot maintenance or the beginning of a larger project.
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Played 7/16. The Celebrity course was closed so we played the Players course twice. The service was fantastic. The layout is solid, challenging, and fair. And the conditions were fine (but not excellent). But the course wasn't especially memorable. I read and heard a lot of fantastic things about the Players Course. And I was told that it is one of the top 10 courses in California. It didn't quite measure up to that kind of hype. If you are in the Palm Springs area, its definitely a course to consider. But I drove a little over 2 hours to get there. And there are dozens of courses within a 2.5 hour drive that I would rate higher than the Players Course.
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