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Played May 28 & 29 about noon for 30 pre summer rate in low 90's with light breeze. Was lightly populated with most locals out early and done. Course was in nice condition with smooth greens accepting shots but a little slow (few marks), green fairways sat ball up nicely with a couple areas roped off ground under repair, yellowing short rough & OB and traps okay but pebbley. In two traps both good sand but removed several 1/2" pebbles first. Patrick was great in clubhouse even checked GPS cart had ice in chest and my 19th hole beverage got an orange slice! Fun Ted Robinson design will play again when in area.
Got out Monday 10:30 perfect weather after Sunday rain. Course soggy but playable mostly good fairway coverage with untrimmed rough/weeds. Puddles and mud along cart paths nothing bothersome though. Greens typical good condition medium speed with surprisingly few unrepaired pitch marks. Wetness made course play long so moved we moved up to red tees. Noticed a couple greenside bunkers looking okay but found large pond in fairway one. Let twosome pass on 2nd then a couple singles on backside holes for just over 4 hour pace. With range closed starter gave dad a warmup bucket to hit short irons off grass below clubhouse which was greatly appreciated. If we'd started on red tees dad may have lowered 94 score to beat his age 92. Enjoyable day with clear snowy mountain views.
Took 92 year young dad for warmup Friday noon with faint breeze 60 feeling like 70's. Told it was first day after rains they were able to have entire course ready. Tee boxes and fairways freshly mowed and ball sat perfectly rarely used a tee from the whites. I was in front trap on fourth but made up and down to save par from fluffed damp sand. Other traps looked like they had been turned and drying out too. Hit full lob to clear steep face and stop near tight pin location. We fixed several pitch marks each green made them better for those following us. Greens were somewhat fast mostly due to smoothness and undulations. No flat areas on these large greens which made a long putt a three for each of us. Couple fours and a twosome ahead gave us time to take in views and strategize each hole. Fun and unhurried round then off to late lunch at nearby Red Onion (original owner & very good). Groupon golf voucher made $$ about 2 for 1.
All area courses very busy with snowbirds Mojave Resort had few openings until afternoon. Thought Wednesday 1:30 I'd just hit range in windy 70 was offered front 9, cart, water and unlimited range for 20. Warmed up breezed around then back to grass range and nice sand practice. Went again on calm 68 Thursday same option and jumped into wide open gap on back nine. Tee boxes level, over seeded fairways nice contrast with dormant rough and greens smooth medium speed with a couple odd looking but putted fine. Rough was short & dry but offline wayward shots will be lost in thick desert brush. In one greenside bunker enough sand to get out but that appeared to be the exception as I flipped back out of another not wanting to damage a club. Noticed several others devoid of sand containing only pebbles, rocks and stones! Area receives lots of wind must be hard to maintain them but the course was good overall. Staff always nice and helpful. Enjoyed practice and playing.
Friday member for a day cost a little bit more than I prefer but a fun course to play. 11:30 tee as single staying behind a fast single walker behind a quick member foursome. Finished about 2:45 occasionally hitting 2 balls. In two greenside bunkers sand was fine easy out. Fairways mostly good lies with mixed grasses some more dormant than others. Damp from recent rains left little rollout. Whites played a little long for me at times with light breeze. Greens were fast and smooth and quick with break. Speed made me nervous on several strokes but only one 3 putt with a chip-in on 11 to make up. Very friendly staff and 19th hole made an enjoyable day.
Typical course conditions today and seemed fairly dry though creek beds showed signs of heavy runoff from recent rains. Was a solemn day after hearing of starter Dennis passing on Christmas Eve. He was El Prado and will be missed dearly.
Passing through Carson Valley stopped to play Toiyabe semi-private vs previous Thunder Ranch CC for 40. At 3:30 hit included range and practice green but didn't venture over to chip/sand area that looked really nice then off in cart with GPS, club'n ball wash, ice chest & provided water. Everything very green even a bit too wet in a few areas that were marked to avoid driving through. Tees, fairway and greens (no marks!) carpet smooth with 6 set tees and several extras to rotate. Easy out of one trap with thick reddish brown sand which looked to the normal of all. Course was empty at that time so round was quick. Didn't stop at 19th although members appeared to be using large clubhouse or late rounds as a few cars were still in lot. Has to one of the best courses in the entire area will play again.
Took boyfriend of one while in town for other daughters wedding. Cloudy upon early arrival at offsite range for warmup then on to course to pitch & putt. Nice single joined us. Perfect warm day without breeze until late back nine. Tees flat no divots, fairways green carpet like, good rollout, grass rough light easy to play from, ball swallowing environmental rough mostly stayed out of but smooth greens seemed to vary in speed. Single had tough day in deep stuff but we collected a couple dozen high quality balls looking. Stayed on several foursomes ahead with eased pace of 4:20 getting time to take in the awesome views which also made for some deceiving shots. Probably a once in a lifetime but very well enjoyed. No time after to check out the 19th sure looked nice though.
Used Group Golfer voucher mid-week uncrowded day. Hit off flat grass range downhill and up, nice chip area and two greens off first tee same med fast as on course. Caught 4 some at turn which let me play through leaving no one ahead. Smooth firm green fairways. Must hit to level areas or play from hilly lies. Rough becomes native grass with trees quickly if offline. Breeze was light and not a factor except into on par 3's 3&14. In two greenside traps both nice sand but steep and deep! Fun and challenging will play again.
Up fishing in the area and went out last Sunday afternoon and again Tuesday morning. Stayed at their recently reopened cottages across street from course. Everyone nice along with all the facilities. Starter warned of some deep rough before paying with maintenance out trimming early Tuesday. Not a problem with fairly wide fairways. Greens smooth medium speed with no marks! Fairways green and thick for good lies but not much roll out. In one trap plenty of sand a few pebbles too noted others looked well kept. Good Rainville design very scenic with deer, turkeys, eagles and road runners. About half the tee boxes were dry or shaggy but level. Enjoyed relaxed sub three hour rounds in new cart with club/ball washer & ice chest. With the quick pace and decent conditions will play whenever in area and a few hours available.
Played 18 yesterday 1:10-3:50! Rented Calaway clubs hit a few range balls and took off. Only a few locals out ahead that played fast as I caught a single in 18 fairway awaiting twosome on green. Only waited a minute or two there. Light breeze on 67 shirt sleeve day. Tee boxes nice all level few divots on par 3s. Dormant fairways very nice with thick coverage never a thin or muddy lie. Sanded greens smooth and still putted well. Not in any traps but looked like they had good sand. Overall a well conditioned scenic course I'll be sure to play again in season.
Played with dad Wednesday 10:10 in leisurely 4 hrs while visiting parents. Elevation allowed a little more distance though shots needed to be planned to avoid risks, mainly trees or sloped terrain. Couldn't have been any greener and there were a few wet areas in various locations including one green we both plugged. Greens medium speed recovering from recent verticut but rolled smooth maybe took away some of the undulation influence. Rough mostly an inch longer than carpet fairways but sticky. Tees all smooth & flat with par 3's clean lots of area for rotating boxes there. Very fun course with great views at distance or near within forest and hilly terrain. Not sure if another course has this kind of scenery throughout all 18. Uncrowded during round but we did hear a few tree knocks! Would love to play again for another try at missed opportunities on early holes before working out of the intimidation factor which never bothered dad. Clubhouse, putting green, smaller grass range, food and after round lounge nice with friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend this course.
Listing 1 to 12 of 59,643 Course Reviews
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