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I just got back from Glen Ivy Golf Club. I was on the first tee a little bit before 2pm and I am back home writing this review at 6pm so that tells you something about the pace of play today! I have not been to this place in 10 years or more. I am not too sure why I have avoided this place. Most of the time I am worried about the drive on the 15 fwy though Corona, but today I decided to risk it and head down.

I have read that the new ownership has been putting in a lot of work to this facility and it was noticeable as soon as you pulled in. They have just repaved the parking lot. The range has a new cover and has a parking lot right in front of it where you can literally pull your car right up to your stall. Everything looked clean and well maintained. I did not use the range so I cannot comment on its condition. It did look like it was all mats though.

Everyone I spoke to today was very friendly. The starter met me at the bag drop and took my clubs and put them on a cart for me. The guy in the Pro Shop that checked me in was very friendly and even gave the the twilight rate even though I was a bit early. The guy running the cart barn at the end of the round was very friendly as well. Customer service was top notch today. Thank you to everyone that helped me out today. Appreciated. (Sorry I didn't get everyone's name).

The course is in great condition. I had not complaints. The greens, fairways, bunkers, rough, tee boxes - all were in awesome shape. I was pleasantly surprised. The rough was a little spotty in some places but nothing that could not be played out of. Well done maintenance crew.

The layout of the course is very enjoyable. There are a lot of elevation here. There are very few holes that are 100% flat, especially on the back 9. The tee shot on 18 is always a treat. There are houses on a number of holes. The landing areas are pretty generous but it can be a little intimidating on holes like #10 and #13 where you have house down both sides of the fairway from tee to green. If the houses do not bother your game, you will 100% enjoy the layout of the course.

It will not be another 10+ years before I go back to Glen Ivy. Awesome course condition, awesome layout, awesome customer service.....what more could I ask for? If you haven't been to Glen Ivy, go check it out. Good times and thank you again to everyone I encountered today. Well done.
Made it out to Oak Valley today to get a late morning round of golf in on Labor Day. I had a tee time at 11:20 as a single and went out just ahead of the California Baptist University Women's golf Team.

I had the course pretty much to myself. I really didn't have anyone in front of me and I obviously had the golf team behind me, so I had time to get some practice in with my new irons (which was my goal). I hit multiple balls on most holes.

The course is in pretty good shape for the end of summer:

Greens - Very good shape. They rolled very true at medium speed to fast speed. These greens can be very difficult to read. Most of the greens have multiple level or shelves that can make putting very difficult. When they are rolling at tournament speed, these greens are brutal (in my opinion).

Bunkers: I was in a couple of bunkers today. One was a fairway bunker and one was a green side bunker. Both had very good coverage and were easy to play out of. No complaints.

Fairways and Rough: Both were in decent shape for late summer. The fairways were actually really good and much better than I expected them to be. On the shots that I had from the fairway, I did not have a bad lie all day. The rough was a bit thin in some areas and looked like it had suffered a little bit from the summer heat. As I always say, hit the ball in fairway and you wont have to deal with the issues with the rough :).

Tee Boxes: This was probably the weak spot of the course. The tee boxes on the par 3's were absolutely horrible. It was tough just to find a clump of grass to hit off of. These boxes were also really uneven. The par 4 tee boxes also needed some work from what I remember. The tee boxes on the (4) par 5's were actually in the best shape. If they do something with the tee boxes on the par 3's, I think this course could be up there with the best in IE.

Overall a fun day at Oak Valley. I am not sure why this place does not get more play than it does. It may be the location or the difficulty of the course The layout is fun but can be quite challenging. There are houses on this course but most or really out of play unless you hit a wild shot. I would highly recommend this course. It is about a 45 minute drive for me but it is well worth it. Go check it out if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed.
Went out and played Canyon Lake Country Club yesterday for the first time. I got an invite from my bother-in-law who lives in the Canyon Lake community. This course was fully private but recently became open to the public. The club house is outside of the guard shacks of the community so you do not have to worry about checking in with them to get to the course.

I expected this course to be a flat, tree lined course, winding through the Canyon Lake community. I didn't really expect it to be in great shape since they had to go public. To me, this meant they were not getting much play so the course conditions could be a little rough due to a lack of funds. I was completely wrong.

The course is very hilly. Besides a couple of par 3's, there is not a flat hole on this course. I had asked about walking this course (I enjoy walking) and there is no way I would walk this place. There are also a lot of dog leg holes. I was lucky to have my brother-in-law with me because I had no idea where we were going on some holes.

The course conditions were very good - far better than I was expecting. The fairways, tee boxes, and greens were all in excellent shape. I was in 3 bunkers and all 3 were perfect. They were some of the best bunkers I have ever played. Big thumbs up to the maintenance department here. Well done. Also, the course does have a grass driving range. It is relatively small but it does the job.

The downside to this course is that it is extremely narrow on some holes. Most holes are lined on both sides with houses and the other holes are lined on both sides with trees. If homes make you nervous, this may not be the course for you. If you hit the ball relatively straight, you will enjoy the layout.

I will say that is was obvious that we were not from the Canyon Lake community. Everyone that was playing had their own golf cart. We were the only ones that had a rented cart! We really stuck out.

If narrow courses do not scare you, go give this course a try. Each hole is unique and I never got the feeling like "didn't we just play this hole?" I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and I will be back.
Went out today and played Arrowhead CC. I was looking for a place that looked pretty wide open for a Sunday morning where I could play by myself and get some practice in. Looked on GolfNow and it looked like the course was pretty open. Once I arrived, I was able to go out as a single and had a fairly large gap to the groups in front of me. It was perfect.

This is an old school golf course. The fairways are pretty narrow and tree lined throughout the course. Most of the holes are parallel to each other with the tee boxes and greens VERY close to one another. If you are offline a bit of your approach shots, you could be doing a lot of yelling during your round. If you like old school golf courses, this is definitely the place for you. The course was a fully private golf course up until a few years ago.

The course was in pretty good shape for the amount of heat that we have been having. The fairways were in good shape - very payable. The rough had a few bare spot but nothing extreme. The tee boxes were probably the roughest part of the course. Some were pretty uneven and patchy but nothing you couldn't work around. The tee boxes are almost 100 years old so, when you think about it like that, they are in very good shape :)

The greens here can be tricky, especially if you have not played here before. Most are sloped pretty severely from back to front. A lot of them had large humps and bumps in them that can make putts difficult. All of the greens rolled well and had pretty minimal ball mark damage.

All in all, a good day of golf. I would recommend this course to anyone that likes those tree lined type golf courses. It is not really my favorite style of golf course but I still had a lot of fun playing. Nothing to complain about!
It is a couple days late but I made the drive up to Sierra Lakes on Thursday, 8/8. Been a while since I have made my way out there. It wont be that long next time!

The layout at Sierra Lakes is excellent. It is actually one of my favorites in the IE. The course does wind through a housing tract but most of the fairways are quite generous and the surrounding houses don't really come into play unless you hit a really errant shot.

As the previous reviewer mentioned, it does look like the course is dealing with some issues between the edge of the fairways and the rough. There were quite a few bare spots in these transition areas - really on all holes or just about every hole. Not sure what has happened. That being said, it is obvious that the course is doing what they can to get these areas back to the usual Sierra Lakes standards so Kudos to them.

Besides these few areas, the course was in great shape. The greens were great. They were fairly firm and fast but they did hold shots well.

I was in two green side bunkers and both had about an 1" of great sand in them but were a little firm under that initial layer. They were very playable - not complaints. I am sure the bunkers are not easy to maintain here with all of the wind the course gets.

Besides the bare spots that I mentioned above, the fairways and tee boxes were in great shape. My group agreed that we could "bump" our ball in these areas and and it worked out just fine for everyone. Don't let this small negative discourage you from giving Sierra Lakes a go.

I will definitely be back soon. I should not have waited so long to come back! Also, you can sign up for their emails and get some discounted rates.
Played The General this afternoon as a 3some. Showed up around 2pm and had the course to ourselves. We didn't have group in front of us or behind us the entire round. Great afternoon.

Tee Boxes: The tees are the pretty decent shape. We played the blue tees and all had good coverage. The par 3s did have a bit of divot damage, but that is to be expected. Some of the tee boxes are a bit on the un-level side, but it was easy to move around the tee box and a nice spot to hit from.

Fairways: Fairways were in pretty good shape as well. There were some areas that showed some signs of stress from the recent heat, but overall, a nice surface to play from. We did have to "bump" the ball a time or two but overall, can't complain at all.

Rough/Bunkers: Rough was a bit on the "rough" side. There were quite a few areas that were bare and had gopher holes but, hit it in the fairway and you wont have to deal with it :). The bunkers were pretty good for the most part. There was sand in the few bunkers our group was in today and you could a good pass at all of them. No complaints.

Greens: Excellent. This is definitely the bright spot of the course. It looks like they put a lot of effort into the greens and it show. They were medium speed and rolled very true. Very minor pitch mark damage. Well done here.

For us, the best part of the day was getting to watch the military planes that fly out of near by March Air Reserve Base. Quite a show to see the aircraft that hovers around there. It is also cool to hear 21 gun salutes going on at the National Cemetery. Although it is sad that a solider has passed on, it is a reminder of the freedoms that we enjoy in this country and the sacrifices that it takes. It really does add to the experience at The General.

Overall - Good day on the course! Can't complain!
Played the Goose this afternoon. I will keep it short and simple:

Tee Boxes - Great
Fairways - Awesome
Greens - Awesome
Pace of Play - Once we passed a 4-some that was in front of us playing pretty slow, it was great.

This place was in outstanding condition as usual. Kudos to the grounds crew here. They deserve a big shout out for the condition of the course. They do a great job around here and I dont think they get the credit they deserve. Awesome job guys.

If you have not made it out to play the Goose, do yourself a favor and take a trip out. The practice facility is top notch and the course is always in great shape. It is an easy course to walk, if that is what you prefer. I feel pretty spoiled that this is my home course. Hats off to the staff and maintenance crew. Well done everyone!
Played Mojave Resort on a recent trip to the Avi Casino for a wedding. I went out as a single (the wife rode along) in the late afternoon and finished in less than 3 hours.

This course checked all the boxes for me.

Layout - Fun layout in my opinion. The course is pretty straight forward but you do not feel like you are playing the same hole over and over again. I really enjoyed the finishing holes - 16-17-18. All three are great holes and look like they could be challenging, especially is the wind picks up. Each has water waiting for any errant shot. Great holes. A lot of the greens have run off areas so if you are slightly off on your approach, it could go down the slope and end up 10 yards from the green.

Condition - I thought the condition was great. The fairways and areas around the green are very closely mowed so you have to be very precise with the short game. Tee boxes were in good same. Fairways were excellent - not a bad lie all day. Fairways are pretty generous even though a few holes on the back 9 do run through a housing community.

If you are ever staying at the Avi or are in the area, I highly recommend this course. It is very close to the Avi Casino (almost walking distance). I was going to go up and play Laughlin Ranch instead of the Mojave Resort Course, but do to time constraints, I was not able to. I was not disappointed and I was actually pleasantly surpised. Go check it out - you will enjoy it. I would definitely play it again if I was in the area.
Played The Goose this afternoon. Today was the last day of CPO so I wanted to get out there because I knew it was going to be as good as it gets. I was not disappointed. This place is in awesome shape. The condition of the course is up there with any course I have EVER played. I have played here 4-5 times over the last 3 weeks and it has been interesting to see the overseeding process and the transformation from week to week.

There isn't really much I can say about the course. Tee boxes - Excellent, Fairways - PGA Tour quality, Greens - Perfect. What more can we ask for? Hats off to the grounds crew! Well done! I was thoroughly impressed.
Made the trip up to Big Bear Saturday to check out Bear Mountain. I really did not know what to expect with this course, especially with it being a 9 hole course. They obviously have some pretty different weather up there compared to down here in the valley so I figured keeping a golf course up in those conditions would be difficult.

I was pleasantly surprised with the course conditions. The fairways well really really good. The were very few bare spots and some areas were almost like carpet. The rough was a bit "rough" with a lot of gopher holes and bare spots but we are supposed to keep it in the fairway so we can't complain too much. The greens were awesome and rocket fast. It took a couple holes to get used to them but they rolled great.

A few things about this course. First, it is extremely narrow. There are houses/condos and run through the middle of the course. Just to give you an idea, there is a sign on #8 that says, "You are 135yds from the middle of the green and 150yds from a $200 broken window." Awesome thought right before you hit your tee shot :). The greens and the next tee box are also extremely close together. You really have to pay attention at this place or you will be sitting in the clubhouse with an ice pack. Second, if you want to hit balls before your round, you have to drive (in your car not the golf cart) to the driving range. Just something to keep in mind. Finally, the ball does fly roughly 10% longer. You have to take this into account on shots into greens or you will be apologizing to the group on the next tee all day long.

Go check this place out if you are in the area. The surroundings alone are worth it. If you hit it relatively straight, you will have an awesome time. If you are spraying it around, well................
I got a chance to play Rio Secco yesterday, 2/25 with a buddy of mine from the Vegas area. We got off about 40 minutes late due to a frost delay but the pace of play was decent at about 4.5 hours. We got paired up with a father and son that were visiting from Atlanta, GA. They have played what seemed like every course around the world so it was fun to hear their take on some of the greatest courses the world has to offer (Pebble, St Andrews, Royal Troon, East Lake, you name it).

The layout of this course is one of the best I have ever played. I really enjoyed the golf course. There is quite a bit of elevation changes and there are a few holes that require a decent forced carry off the tee. The landing areas are pretty generous so, as long as you are hitting it relatively straight, you will be able to find it and hit it again.

The fairways at Rio Secco were some of the best I have ever played, ever. They were like carpet. They were so good that I felt guilty for taking a divot and approach shots. The rough was dormant and the fairways were bright green so it was quite a sight. I have never been to a PGA Tour event, but I think the fairways are Tour quality right now.

The only real downer is the fact that the bunkers are absolutely horrible. They are rock hard with ZERO sand. It is almost impossible to hit a good bunker shot. There were also a lot of rocks that we moved before bunker shots because we were afraid it would actually damage our clubs. It was really surprising since the rest of the golf course was in such outstanding shape. I also did not like the fact that the driving range consists of a long lumpy mat that you have to hit off of. They have a grass area but it was closed (not sure if this is always the case).

There are so many golf courses in Las Vegas, so we try to play a different one each time we go out that way. We haven't played the same course twice yet. That being said, I will 100% be playing this course again. If you are going to Vegas, do be afraid to give this one a try. You wont be disappointed. If you live in the Vegas area, consider yourself lucky that you have a course like this so close. It is a bit pricey but I think it is worth it.
Played Jurupa Hills on Thursday afternoon. Walked on at about 2:30pm as a single and got right out. I went through the front nine in just over an hour. I really did not see another person on the golf course. I caught another single on #8 and followed him to make the turn. Then I got to #11......there was a group on the green, and group in the fairway, a group on the tee box, and the single in front of me was waiting. I ended up cutting across the course (long drive) and going back to #2 and playing the front nine again. I was done before 5:00.

As for the course, it is in pretty good shape. The greens were the brightest spot. They were in great shape, rolled smooth, and were decent speed. They were also very soft. The fairways were fine. I didn't have a bare lie all day. There really isn't much rough to speak of at this course. I did not hit a bunker shot all day so I cannot comment on them. The ones I looked at looked decent enough.

I have not played this course in a while so I forgot how narrow this course is. This course really requires accuracy off the tee. If you are having a rough driving day, you are going to have a hard time scoring on this course as most of your approach shots are going to be under or through trees. The tee shot on #9 looks like you have about 3 yards of landing area.

Go check out this course in you are in the area. It is a fun layout and is in decent shape right now. You can usually score some good deals on GolfNow for this course as well.
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