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Played Goose Creek on 1/24 in a group of 8. Always such a joy driving out to play Goose Creek because you'll very rarely be disappointed in the conditions and this day was no different. Conditions were just short of perfect. For $55, it was an incredible deal.

Love the layout and for a relatively flat course, there are just enough elevation changes to make you think. While the rough is not particularly thick, the grass grabs your club enough to cause issues. The layout of the course is awesome, really top notch.

This day the greens were rolling very fast. I kept finding myself 6 feet by the hole and I'm notorious for leaving putts short to keep in perspective. Couldn't quite fix the issue and paid with one of my worst scores in quite awhile.

But it was a blast and I look forward to my next trip to Goose Creek!!!
Played Long Beach Rec on 1/3. It's one of my favorite Long Beach courses, not too hard to get around the course but the greens can get you and they did for most of our group that morning.

I enjoy the layout of the course but like I said it's not too difficult to get around the course. this particular day, the green were fast and it ate up most of the players (we had 9 out there)

Not much rough to speak of, the tee boxes were in good condition. I wasn't in the sand at all so I can't speak to that.

I play this course a few times a year and it never lets me down. Always a good time!
Played Strawberry Farms on 1/2. A buddy of mine got a Golf Moose coupon so we ended up paying $69. Great price for a beautiful course.

I've always wanted to play this course but don't make my way down from the South Bay too often. I think I'm going to have to start after playing this course.

Course layout is completely different between the two nines. The front nine is pretty straightforward and nice. The back nine is much more challenging and fun in my opinion. I made the mistake of hitting driver on 18, next time I'll know better!

Greens were really fast in the morning and slowed down later in the round which we all found very strange.

Sand was very nice, the rough not too bad.

I can't wait to come back and play this course.
Played Oak Quarry on 12/27. Course was recovering from the rains as there was water in the bunkers but overall the course was in really good condition.

Layout of the course is incredible, have always enjoyed it so much over the years. I took my cousins out for the first time and they absolutely loved the course. If I had one gripe, I don't love the 18th. I like a challenging finishing hole and when you're hitting a six iron off the tee, kinda takes away from it.

Conditions of the course were very good considering how cold and wet it was. Greens were soft and slow due to the wetness, the sand I thought was really good (despite the last reviewer's comments). Rough isn't so much an issue on this course. Tee boxes in good condition, the par 3s a little more beat up.

All in all, always a great time at Oak Quarry!
Played Rio Hondo 12/13 and came away very disappointed with the winter conditions of the course, specifically the fairways. Ultra thin, muddy or ultra thin and rock hard. at times, felt like i was walking on cement.

The rest of the course was in solid condition. Greens were bumpy at times but not terrible.
Played with my buddies on 12/1. I would echo the statements of Andrew and DConnally and their experiences with the North course recently.

On the practice greens, the speed was very quick and when we played I was leaving everything short which was frustrating.

Really like the layout of the course, the condition of the course were just okay, maybe from the rain we had the week prior (giving them the benefit of the doubt)
Played on 11/23 with a group of 8 buddies.

Skylinks is in really good shape right now. I can't think of one area of the golf course that is need of attention. The greens rolled true although a little slow (that's a preference thing), the fairways are in really good shape, they are on the thin side so you better bring your ball striking skills with your irons. Not much rough to speak of and the bunkers were in good shape.

The layout of the course is very nice with a couple of holes with water, a couple of well placed bunkers in the fairway.

I work across the street and putt daily there but only get to play it once every few years, I may try to get out here more often. Very enjoyable experience.
Played in a SCGA 1 Day tourney on 11/3, Monarch Beach has been on my local bucket list and was happy to finally play it.

I couldn't have been more disappointed in the conditions of the course. There were so many dirt spots on many of the fairways, we were comparing it to Victoria in Carson. The tee boxes were mostly beat up.

The one bright spot was the greens, they were in great condition and played fast but for the money that is paid to play that course, you have higher expectations than just nice greens.

I wasn't a big fan of the layout as well. Only 1 hole near the water and it was a funky hole, only 300 yards and the green was almost circus like.

I love posting positive reviews on my golf course experiences and 99% are good. Unfortunately, I couldn't give a positive review of Monarch Beach and most likely will not be returning to the course anytime soon.
Had a chance to play this incredible course while on a business trip to Dallas.

First off, I paid $39 to play here. It should be more in the $100+ range easily! I couldn't believe the price when my buddy who lives out there told me.

The course takes all of the most famous holes in Europe and recreated them at this course. Each hole has a stone with the information on the history of the hole. Pretty neat. The course is on Lake Lewisville, so many of the holes have beautiful views of the water.

The course was in just about perfection condition. Tee boxes in great condition, the ball sits perfectly on the fairway. The greens were fast, I had the worst time with them.

If you're coming to Dallas, you should definitely check on The Tribute.
Played on 9/22, went out at 2pm for $60 (great deal!) and was joined by a couple of guys who were attending the same conference I was.

Loved the layout of the course, had some stunning views of the Vegas strip. They reopened after a reseeding so the fairways were very lush but very playable, just didn't expect much roll from our drives.

If I had one complaint, it was the tee boxes, they were pretty torn up.

Will be back next trip to Vegas to see the difference in playing it without the over seeding affects.
Made our annual trip up to Lake Tahoe and played my annual round of golf at Lake Tahoe Golf Course with my son.

It was a rough winter for the course and it showed a little. But the staff has been doing their best to make it great and it didn't detract from the great time I had with my son.

The layout of the course is the best. I've always played from the Blacks and hit a ton of irons off the tee so this year decided to play from the back tees and it made the round so much more enjoyable. There were some narrow shots off the tee box to get to the fairway which made it so much fun.

For the $75 price to play, you got breakfast, warmup balls, cart. It truly is a great deal. The staff are always very nice and we look forward to playing here every year!
I come out to Orlando a few times a year for work and it's always a pleasure to get out and play the Orange County National courses (both Panther Lake and Crooked Cat).

The facility is absolutely top notch (with the biggest range you'll ever see, it's where the PGA show host its testing)

Played Crooked Cat this time out and had a blast. Had a 7:15 tee time and get there early. I was asked if I wanted to get out early in front of a 4some (I was alone) and heck yeah I said. Teed off at 6:40 and was done by 8:30am. Incredible!!!

The course itself is beautiful. Pretty flat, wide fairways, big greens. Perfect vacation course! The condition of the courses will never disappoint! I highly suggest getting out to Orange County National and playing the courses!!!
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