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Our vacation trip to Lake Tahoe could not be complete without a round of golf at Lake Tahoe golf course. Last time, I went by myself and met with some great locals. This time, my son and family joined me. Six of us went out and had an absolute blast!

The course was in really good shape, I love the layout. The course overall is not too difficult but I just enjoy playing there so much.

The fairways were in really good shape, the ball sat up nicely. The fairway rough was nearly non-existent but the rough around the greens were thick and grabby.

My favorite part of the course is the greens, they rolled so smooth.

So I've played this course 3 times in the past two years and have absolutely had the best time each time I've played it. Was flirting with playing th eEdgewood Tahoe course but why when I know I'm going to have a great time for a 1/4 of the price at Lake Tahoe Golf Course.
I consider Los Verdes my home course. I'm part of the South Bay Public Link Golf Club that's based out of Los Verdes and play there many times during the year.

I've recently played 7/1 and 7/4 and came away with mixed feelings. The greens were solid (maybe a little slower than I expect them to be), fairways are solid, layout is always a challenge even more so when the wind picks up.

What I've been frustrated about is the rough. Just about every hole, the rough is dead outside of the fairway which means the ball that misses the fairway will roll and roll and roll. Especially frustrating is hole 16, the past 3 times I've played I've layed up on the par 5 only to have the ball run through the fairway and into the non-existent rough and if you're familiar with the course, you know the fence line that runs along the left side of the hole. If there is no rough to catch your ball, it goes straight to the fence line earning you a penalty stroke. I know I should probably hit the fairway more but some of the shots aren't bad enough to incur the penalty you get from the non existent rough.

I also know the water situation prevents them from watering those areas properly but it's a sore spot for me.
Squeezed in a 2nd round of golf on a work trip to Vegas. I also submitted a review of Primm Valley Lake and I had said there were no "Wow" holes on the course. Wolf Creek has about 18 "Wow" holes. Has to be one of the top 5 courses I've ever played. An absolute joy!!!

I don't usually go to the bag drop, I have no problem carrying my bag. Someone saw that and rushed out with a cart to help me. That was sweet! I think I had a nice conversation with just about everyone I came in contact with. As a 10 handicap, I was told to play whites and I did but did not hit a driver or hybrid all day, mostly 4 irons off the tee. That was a big disappointing.

Tee boxes - lush, just perfect.
Fairways - ball sat up perfectly
Rough - long enough to grab your club
Greens - recovering from being punched so a little bumpy. should be fine in a few weeks.

I went out as a single and 3 groups were kind of enough to let me through.
Played Primm Valley Lake Course on the way to Vegas for work. Had a 1:30 tee time through for $40. Arrived at 12:30 and checked in and they put me right onto the course. Very nice. Staff was great!

The course was very nice but I have to say there were no "Wow" holes, just a bunch of good holes which is more than enough for me! I would definitely come back and play this course for the price. Finished in about 2 1/2 hours which was perfect because at 103 degrees, I was baking.

Tee Boxes: Very lush almost too much grass on them.
Fairways: Ball sat up very nicely even on the grass that was dead.
Greens: Slow but rolled pretty true held shots nicely
Played Mile Square (Players) last Sunday (4/22) on beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Customer service was very good and we were sent out on time. We had a beautiful no wind morning on the front nine. The winds picked up considerably on the back nine and our scores reflected it.

Course was in good shape. Greens were almost fully recovered from their aeration. The fairway on 11 was dried out and the ball rolled forever. Unfortunately, there was water on the right side and I watched my good drive (hit the fairway) roll and roll, right into the water. Bummer.

Love the Layout of this course. The holes with water were great! You don't get that element too much in the South Bay.
Played the Panther course on 3/21. Got to the course trying to walk on and before I could exit my car, someone was on the phone to the pro shop to see if they could get me on. that was awesome customer service. couldn't get on for 2 1/2 hours due to a full schedule (spring break) and i really wanted to play this course so i decided to wait it out at the country's largest golf range in the country. picked up a large bucket and worked on my game then went over to the one of many putting greens and worked on my putting game (i could have went to one of many chipping area as well but did not)

The course was an absolute stunner. I've played both courses and they both are gems. This day, the winds were howling at about 25mph. I hate to play in the wind but I still had a blast. The layout is flawless with enough water, bunkers and fairway undulation to give good players a tough challenge. Not much rough to speak of. The greens were nice and smooth and rolled perfectly.

If you are in the Orlando area, you need to play both courses at Orange County National.
Had a match play tourney here on 2/10. If you go into Alondra knowing what to expect, it's not as bad. We had a guy in the match play who complained nonstop from Hole 1 to Hole 18, but we all had to play the same course.

The fairways were very firm which led to some big drives but at the same time tough to hit off hardpan at times.

Greens were very bumpy which made for some adventurous putting, hard to get into a groove with those greens.

Found myself in a few traps and they all had a little sand and your wedge bounced off the bunker. Most times after you hit your bunker shot, you look down and see the hard dirt underneath what little sand there was.

Many dry spots throughout the course. The most difficult was the dry spots around the greens which made chipping tough.

Overall, it was a good time due to the fun of playing matchplay and the guys we played against were really good guys.
Was able to get and play Tijeras Creek the day after Christmas. My second time out here. I really enjoy the completely difference nines that you get by playing Tijeras Creek. The front nine more subdued winding through homes and the back nine much more demanding with no homes to speak of.

The conditions of the course were very solid. Tee to green the conditions were above average, we teed off in the morning so everything was wet. I found myself in many of the bunkers this day (ball striking was a bit off) and they all played pretty solid. The fairways were very nice, the ball sitting perfectly if you found the fairway. The rough was hit and miss, some areas pretty thick and grabby and others pretty thin. Greens were medium to fast depending on where you were on the green.

At $86, it's more than I would normally pay for a round of golf but it was a great day with some buddies from work at Tijeras Creek.
Played Oak Quarry on 8/15 with my son. Been about 11 years since I've last played here and can't understand why it took so long to come back. Beautiful course! We had a nice cloud cover for about 15 holes and when we left it was a gorgeous 77 degrees!!!

Good combination of nice wide fairways on some holes and some holes playing tighter (hole 6 comes to mind). Ball sat up nicely on the fairways. Rough was not too penal.

Greens were very nice! Rolled true although I thought they would be a little faster.

Staff were incredible, we pulled into the parking lot and 2 minutes later, a cart showed up and loaded our bags. When we walked up to check in, they were on carts and ready to go.

As soon as we putted out on 18, my son turns to me and says "Dad, we can we come back". That says it all!
Was out in La Quinta for the 4th of July weekend and found this gem thanks to Greenskeeper so my son and I and some friends tried it out and boy I'm glad we did.

I had a booked a 3some and my son's friend decided to come out and play at the last minute. That last spot was filled when I called to add the fourth but Matt was able to arrange it so that we would have our foursome and push the single on two groups behind. Couldn't have appreciated that effort Matt made on our behalf more. Thanks, Matt!

This course was an absolute gem. Couldn't believe how green it was from tee to green. It's a very challenging golf course. Not a lot of room to miss outside the wide fairways. Greens were a bit bumpy and slow but held shots and overall very nice. The layout was incredible with each hole offering a little something different.

$49 summer rate with all the balls you can hit. We were the first group out on the course so pace of play was not an issue. We had two beginners with us but were able to keep ahead of the group behind us at all times but having them pick up after double par.

Will definitely come back out to play this one!
Played CrossCreek on 6/17, Father's Day weekend.

It had been about 10 years since last playing this course and I'm wondering why it has been so long after playing this weekend. What a great layout, great conditions, pace of play, etc.

This course is a real challenge, if you don't bring a solid game to this course, you will get eaten up. You don't have to be a single digit but you better hit it fairly straight.

The layout is phenomenal, you start off the first few holes winding through trees, then it opens up for a number of holes then you finish winding back through trees, culminating into a incredible finishing hole that requires an accurate tee shot, your 2nd shot needs to hit over brush onto a green guarded by trees on the right side.

Greens were beautiful, rolled perfectly. Rough was not very hard to hit out of ball sat up most times. Fairways in really good condition. Sand was in good condition.

All in all, I won't wait another 10 years to come back here to play.
Had a chance to play this course on 6/13 while on a business trip. What a nice course!

The course had a great layout giving you many options off the tee. I chose the Blue tees (6500 yards) but it was playing a lot shorter and only hit driver 4 times which was a bummer. A lot of 4 irons/Hybrids off the tee for positioning.

Water on every hole, the greens were excellent, held shots, medium to slow in speed.

Rough wasn't too penal ball rarely sat down in the rough mostly sitting up.

Fairways were in great condition, it had been raining on a daily basis (no surprise there) so there were a few fairways with a little water but no biggie.

Customer service was top notch from the girl in the clubhouse, to the cart person, to the kid meeting me at the first hole.

Pace of play was just over 4 hours. I played as a single and groups on the front nine were letting me play through until I met this foursome who said there is no where to go in front of us so we're not letting you play through. And all four proceeded to dribble the ball around the back nine. It was brutal.
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