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830 tee time this morning. Course was busy and check in was nice and smooth, first tee was organized with good spacing between tee times. Tee boxes had good coverage with a couple that were not level. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Traps had good sand and well kept. Greens were lush and accepting of shots and quite a few unrepaired ball marks. Greens were smooth but a little on the slow side. POP was 4.5 hours.
Beautiful November Southern California day with no wind and temps in the 80's.
Teed off at 7:30 Friday morning on TP North with great weather. They are grooming the course for the Farmers and you will need to hit fairways or else it could be a long day as they are narrowing the fairways. Tee boxes were level and good coverage. Fairways were lush and green, rough was up and is thick and juicy. Most of the time you just have to chop it out back to the fairway. Had a good group and if someone was in the rough all four of us were trying to find the ball.
Greens were firm and fast but did have some divot damage. Bunkers had good sand. CPO still.
POP was a little over 4.5 hours due to looking for balls in the rough. Good test of golf.
Early morning tee time yesterday. Check in is always efficient and organized, weather was perfect on the front and warmed on the back. Tee boxes were pushed together and the majority were on the front of the boxes. Fairways were long and wet and same with the rough. Need to keep your eye on the ball when it goes in the rough. Good sand in all traps. Greens are firm and have recovered from aeration, smooth and speed is medium fast.
POP was a tick over four hours.
Walked on to LMGC at 1pm on Tuesday to take advantage of the discounted green fees that start at noon. Starter sent me right to the first tee and joined a twosome, very nice older couple. Tee boxes had good coverage, traps had good sand and rough had good coverage. Fairways were a mixed bag with all kinds of different grasses growing, there was one particular grass that grows in clumps that is very tall and wiry in the middle of fairways. Many dead spots with little to no grass at all, have seen the fairways in much better shape. Greens were a little on the long side and bumpy. Very few unfixed ball marks, greens were holding shots and were medium speed.
Was a little worried about playing an afternoon round but was pleasantly surprised with the POP being a little over four hours.
Had an early morning tee time on Sunday. Very few players on CC due to greens being aerated. Starter in pro shop reminded us about the greens and offered us a spot on Butterfield, we stayed on CC and he gave us a discounted rate even though we had booked online. Great customer service!
Fairways and rough were in good shape, tee boxes were shaggy and needed longer tees to get the ball above the grass. We played early and greens had not been mowed, they still had the morning dew along with the sand that had not settled from the aeration. Give the greens another ten days and they should be fine. Nice fall day to work on your game.
Early morning Sunday tee time, out early to beat the heat. GO is a good no frills course. Tee boxes were a little beat up and a mixture of grass, fairways had good coverage and traps were ok. Rough was pretty brutal with some areas that have not been trimmed in awhile. Always amazed at how little divot damage and unfixed divots there are on the greens. Greens were a little bumpy and running at medium speed.
Staff is always friendly and POP was a little over four hours
Early morning tee time at JH. Quite a few tee boxes were not level and had all kinds of different grass, fairways were very inconsistent in height of grass and firmness. On the front nine had a couple of hybrids got completely under the ball, back nine was a little better. Kikuyu grass around the greens make chipping the ball on the putting surface a must. Greens are what make things nice here. Soft and holding shots, smooth and medium speed.
Never saw a Marshall on the course and saw a group of seven join together on the second hole and the group in front of us were horsing around on every green. POP was at 4 hours but could have been better.
Had an early morning tee time at RBI. This course is located in a resort and has top notch amenities, we had a couple night stay and the grounds are nice. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Tees were a little beat up and traps had good sand. Greens were near perfect, saw no unfixed divots and were holding shots. Speed was medium and surface was smooth. POP was right at four hours and never felt hurried. Customer service was excellent.
Morning round at The Crossings, place was really busy and check in and first tee were well organized. Multiple choices for tee boxes and all had good coverage, fairways and rough had good coverage with the fairways being a little spongy. Had a hard time adjusting to the firmness of the fairways. Greens were a little on the soft side, smooth and running at medium speed. This is not one of those grip it and rip it courses, they have new carts and the GPS is very good. They have a great birthday deal and the facility is top notch.
Morning tee time on TP north, check in and first tee very smooth. Tee boxes, fairways and rough have good coverage. Maintenance crew out cutting back the rough. Greens are still hard and bumpy, hard to fix divots and plenty of old ball marks. POP was 4.5 hours and the course was full.
Early Sunday morning tee time, check in and first tee were smooth. Tee boxes were not level and had to be creative to find a flat spot, fairways had good coverage and the rough was thick and juicy. Have not seen the rough so penal and hitting fairways was at a premium. Bunkers and fairway traps were compacted sand, good thing was they are all that way. Greens were soft and you could fire away at pins, they were medium speed and smooth. POP was slow on the first three holes then picked up for a 4.5 hour round. Place was packed in the morning but was empty around 11am, the heat seemed to keep a lot people away.
Early morning tee time with nice smooth check in and organized first tee. Course is very green where it needs to be. Tee boxes were level and in good shape, fairways in good shape with lot of roll out. Rough is up and penal when you miss the fairway. Traps had good sand and a couple were on the crusty side. Greens have good coverage and smooth. Each green had fresh unfixed divots that there is no excuse for. Got a little warm and the wind was starting on the back nine.
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