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Out to Rio Secco yesterday with GK Gurus JohnnyGK, sixpez, & rob1563 and as always with this crew it was a blast! Yesterday might've been the most challenging conditions that I've ever played Rio in since it was blowing pretty much 20-25mph all day with some gusts that were stronger than that. Add that to some of the challenging holes and it made a somewhat tight and tough track into a beast on several holes.

Course conditions were very good all the way around.

Tees were fine for the most part with some that had some minor issues but nothing drastic.

Fairways were a nice dark green, had decent roll out and padding underneath, and were contrasted nicely by the bermuda rough that is transitioning to dormancy.

As I mentioned the rough is beginning to go dormant so it wasn't really much of an issue off the fairways. Around some bunkers and greens they do have some nasty long rye that is coming in but those areas were scattered throughout.

Bunkers- Well...there's certainly a lot of them and a lot of sand in them. Beyond that I'll let Johnny review those as he quite the day getting a first hand look at them ;)

Greens were rolling really nicely and true. Firm underneath so it's best to allow for some run out on chips and pitches. Full shots with some height seemed to hold ok.

Service here is always on point and we saw the beverage cart several times during the round. The guys at bag drop were friendly and helpful as well. Always love this place even if that front 9 eats me alive with the tight holes. I can't wait to be back although hopefully without the howling wind.
Also played with the Guru crew yesterday. Thanks Johnny for setting it up! Not much else to add to Ed and Johnny's reviews since they covered just about every aspect. Really enjoyed myself as this was my 2nd time playing Bali Hai and it was just as fun as the 1st! Course is in all around good to very good shape with fairways being worked on and a few unlevel tees. But the rest of the course is really nice and I had forgotten how demanding some of the shots are out here. All the par 3's are fantastic and my favorite part of the layout. My ears are still ringing from the free air show overhead but I'm a plane geek so being able to wave to the pilots is definitely unique.
Had the opportunity to play in an outing at Cascata today. Funny how timing never worked out for me when the GK Plays were here and the year I move to Vegas, there wasn't a GK Play out here lol. Not much to say that hasn't already been said and done at this wonderful course. From the private gated entrance, excellent service at bag drop, the clubhouse with a waterfall running through it, to the pro shop with a make your own Arnold Palmer stand with fresh baked cookies and fruit. And that's all before you even get to the grass!

The range is awesome hitting against the backdrop of the water cascading down the hill. The putting green provided a good glimpse of what was to come on the course.

Course conditions were GREAT for summer in Vegas. Better than anywhere else I've seen this season. Yes the fairways and rough had some areas of heat stress but name a course that doesn't this time of year? Bunkers were good and had no issues. Same with the tees. Greens were PURE! Holding well, rolling fast, and other than a couple of small areas on a couple of them, were so smooth and great to putt on! Our caddy was very helpful with all aspects of the game. He mentioned that the greens were "pretty bad" for Cascata. Can only imagine what they're like in peak season if this was slow and bad. Wow!!! Can't wait to come back and hopefully with some GK'ers next time!
Sitting here inside Slate Restaurant with Matt and Alex while waiting for the namesake burger and the rest of the GK’ers to finish their round ;). We were the lead group for the outing today and finished in a tad under 4 hours while playing through one group on the front and some minor waiting on the back. The course is mostly in excellent condition with the only exception being the bunkers. Green side had good sand but a lot of rocks in them and some of the fairway bunkers look like they’re being let go completely. But other than that the course is super green and lush! Greens were slower in the morning with the moisture from last night’s rain. But once they dried out they sped up a bit. Fairways were like carpet and super nice to hit from. Rough was healthy but for the most part, manageable. Tees were no problem at all. Simply put I love LR and will look forward to many more visits in the future. Thank you Johnny for once again doing all that you do!
Return trip to Coyote Springs yesterday for the GK Plays. It was great to see some familiar and new faces make the trek to the middle of nowhere. After having played it a few months ago in January I could definitely notice some slight changes in the course between then and now.

Greens now are slightly bumpier and slower than they were in January with some more noticeable areas of heat distress that I would guess would be from the 115 degree temps that came through recently. But with that said they were still better than the majority of courses that you'll find at this time of year in the desert and while slower than previously, that does NOT mean slow! Downhill putts and chips were still a challenge to the max and some pins today were in interesting locations.

Fairways are playing firmer and faster and balls would roll out quite a bit. But they were pretty lush and always had a nice lie and padding underneath to hit from.

Bunkers...thank god I wasn't in all of them like that last time! The couple that I did visit were nice with newer sand. No problems there.

Rough is not quite fully transitioned from Rye to Bermuda yet so it was manageable and a nice consistent length throughout.

Tees were lush and some holes could use a mow as they were a little shaggy but understandable as it heats up.

POP was a little under 5 hours and that's probably because of the brutal wind gusts that rolled in around the time we started the back nine. Couple felt like they got up to the 40mph range. Watching balls hit the invisible wall on #17 was fun in a masochistic way. Service was great at all levels and they brought out box lunches with Gatorade to us on #10 which was super nice of the course! I really love this course and just wish it was closer to civilization. If you're planning to go for the first time make sure you have a full tank of gas and/or stock up and refill on gas/food/supplies at the Love's travel stop at the 15 & 93 junction if you're coming from Vegas. That's all you'll see until you reach the course. Thanks John for once again outdoing yourself and thanks to Coyote Springs for hosting us. Can't wait to be back!
Was in the second group of the Guru Plays today with MrKich, Sixpez, and LarryTee. Great group as always at these GK plays. Agree with everything Phil said regarding conditions although I will say that the course was a little too soggy for my liking but I totally get it as it is the desert and the course is green and lush everywhere! It was my first time playing Rio Secco and if not for the knowledge of my playing partners, it would have been a real struggle today. Lots of forced carries and some blind tee shots but the layout is really fun! Top notch facility in Vegas and easily in the upper echelon of public courses here. Highly recommended and can't wait to play it again.
Back out at Reflection Bay today and you would never even know that there was a huge deluge yesterday afternoon. Course has drained extremely well! Most everything from my previous review in February still holds true. The only variances would be the greens being softer and much more receptive now that we're into spring/summer. They have fully healed from aeration about a month ago and even though they were needle punched yesterday, they are rolling smooth and quick. Happy to report coots have headed out for the season and as such, all fairways are now really lush and full. Cut down short to allow for nice roll out but still have a nice cushion underneath. Rough remains thick and will require your full attention. Bunkers and tees still good/great as well. Service here is super friendly and helpful.

Summer rates go into effect next month for those looking for the best deal. New carts scheduled to arrive in the fall with GPS. They're needed as the current fleet is way past their expiration dates.
Had a buddy in town visiting so we got out to RR early Monday morning at 7:15. Check in at the shop was quick, friendly, and efficient. Their outside services had several people out sick that morning so one poor guy was pulling carts, loading bags, & starting all by himself. Despite all that he was really friendly and things were running on time. Kudos to him!

Tees- Above average coverage with only one box that I can remember not being flat. Normal damage on the par 3s and short 4s.

Fairways- Really lush and full coverage as is to be expected right around March Madness in Vegas. Cut semi-tight allowing for some nice roll out.

Rough- Lush and pretty thick. Balls could easily sit down and require some strength to get back into play.

Bunkers- Was in a couple and they had nice soft sand. Didn't see any issues with other players in the group either.

Greens- I'd say they were above average as well. Different mixes of grasses that gives that splotchy look. Some greens early in the morning were bumpy but that might have been an issue of maintenance not getting to them yet because as the day went on, they got progressively smoother and quicker. They held well and were rolling at a medium pace.

Overall RR is a fun track to play. Beware though houses are on the majority of holes. Most are set back far enough as to not be an issue but I can definitely see some wayward shots sending some warning shots across the bow. The layout itself is a nice mix of holes. You have reachable par 5's except #9 which is 571 yds from the blacks. Par 4's are a nice variety of longer holes and shorter risk/reward challenges. Par 3's are really fun. Although they're all similar in distance, they are all very fun and picturesque. One is all carry over a lake and another is surrounded on both sides by sand and waterfalls. Really strong set of par 3's in my opinion. Saw the beverage cart out a few times. RR doesn't get the acclaim as some of the other courses in the valley, but I'd highly recommend it and you can usually get some good deals here unlike many other courses in Vegas.
Played today with fellow GK'er Matt, mpisarski01 with a nice local deal for $65 teeing off at 8:15am. We were a twosome following a 3-ball, with another twosome behind us. Around the 8th hole we asked the twosome behind to join us as we had been waiting on the group in front on every hole. Once we did that, the POP smoothed out a bit.

The course in very good shape right now although the fairways were a little tighter than we've normally seen here. But with that said, they were still excellent and allowed for a good amount of roll. Yellow tees had good coverage and were flat, no issues. Was in one bunker and it was fine, although one that Matt was in had no sand. Rough was manageable but could easily grab your club if you're not careful. Greens were the highlight as they were firm (allow for release), putting fast, and rolling sooo PURE! Really fun to putt on.

One note I hope might be addressed in the future, a set of tees or combo set between the blacks (7009 yards) and the yellows (6483 yards) would be really appreciated. 6700-6800 yards would sweet!

Weather ended up being the overall winner today! Started out overcast with a consistent 10-15mph wind. We could see that the mountains surrounding the valley were covered by storm cells. Around the 5th hole the sun came out and it was really nice...for a while. About the time we got to 12/13 the cells moved in and we got some rain. Said rain eventually gave way to sleet, which then turned into hail. But that cell moved out shortly thereafter and luckily we got the play the signature island hole 15 in nice weather. To which, Matt promptly stiffed his shot to about 18" for a tap in bird. Then after we hit our tee shots on 16, all HAIL broke loose as it started coming down to point that we were getting pelted everywhere. A few 40mph gusts combined with the ice pellets was not that fun and slightly painful! It did however make for a really nice photo op as the course quickly became a White Wonderland. Alas, that was enough for us and our playing partners and we decided to call it a day. For this reason I didn't rate the course but I would say it's a solid 8/10 and always recommended, provided the weather cooperates. Thanks Matt for a fun and memorable round!
Took advantage of February resident rate special today and got out to Reflection Bay for the first time. The course winds through some very impressive homes and spills out onto the shores of Lake Las Vegas making for some spectacular scenery! Love that the area is completely away from the city allowing for a peaceful day. I was met at my car by a friendly girl that took my clubs and loaded them onto the cart while I went to the pro shop to check in. I was told that they always pair you with a cart partner unless you want to pay extra for your own cart? Odd but no big deal.

Tee time was 850 as a single and was paired up with a fun threesome teeing off about 5 minutes late. Once on the course, our POP was 4 hours flat with very little waiting and never seeing the group behind us.

Course conditions were borderline excellent all the way around.

Tees- Flat, good coverage, minimal divots. Could use a trim in some spots but that's being nitpicky.

Fairways- Deep emerald green with beautiful mow patterns like you see on TV. They were good to hit from other than the holes nearest the lake that were thinner due to those d%mn coots!

Bunkers- Beautiful white sand bunkers framed by a ring of dormant rough surrounding them for that cool contrasting look. They have a good amount of sand in them. No issues there.

Rough- Similar to the fairways, deep green and lush everywhere other than where the birds congregate. Not very long but thick enough where your ball might settle to the bottom at times to make for a tougher recovery.

Greens- Super firm and not holding all that well. Better to aim for front of greens to allow for roll out. I have a high ball flight and only the wedges would stop within 15 feet of where they landed. Never had to fix a ball mark as you couldn't really make one. Chips and pitches would run out as well. They did putt very nicely at a fast pace!

Overall it's really fun course to play and very fair. No GPS onboard so BYO. Visually deceiving for first timers off the tee. If you're striking the ball well, you'll score. On the other hand, bad shots will be punished by numerous hazards. Good mix of wide open and tighter holes to make you think. For a Nicklaus course, the greens at are Reflection Bay quite tame. There are no crazy undulations or breaks. What you see if what you get. I can definitely see myself coming back here again as long as they keep offering deep discounts for locals. But even at rack rate, it's recommended in it's current condition.
Was back in So Cal for the weekend and was able to get out to Glen Ivy on Saturday. Original tee time was 833 but a frost delay backed everything up by about 1.5 hours. Once we got going we found the course to be in typical winter condition. With the dry winter that meant the course was playing firm and fast.

Tees- Fine enough with good coverage
Fairways- Nothing great to look at but enough coverage and padding to hit from considering the time of year and lack of water. But beware that balls are running forever. Especially the downhill holes. #16 in particular, which always boosts the ego with it's severe downhill sloping fairway, was interesting to say the least today. Our entire group managed to find the fairway with our tee balls. All four ended up rolling down to the front of the green somewhere around 100-125 yards past where our shots originally landed.
Rough- Mix of lush and dormant. Areas that did have good coverage were very manageable and in some instances provided better lies than the fairways.
Bunkers- I was in 2. One was good and the other was thin. Enough said.
Greens- Best part of the course both visually and in playability. Held shots well and rolled smoothly at a nice consistent med-fast speed.

I've always loved the layout of this course. For the most part it's well kept but sad to see the lake on 16 completely bone dry and how much lower the remaining lakes have gotten but it's totally understandable with the lack of water. Cart girl was around several times and POP was 5 hours which obviously isn't great but with the morning frost delay, they were doing their best to play catch up all day.
Day 2 of the GK Guru plays NV/AZ brought us to Laughlin Ranch. I had previously never even heard of this course but in the lead up to today I had been doing my research and it looked amazing. Let me tell you something, the pictures don't do this place justice. It's beyond what you've heard or have seen in pics. A true must play if you're in the area.

Tees- Level, lush, and minimal damage. Great!
Fairways- Perfect. No really...there's literally nothing to complain about. They're beautiful to look at and even better to play from. They were like carpets and you'd almost feel bad taking divots. Almost ;)
Greens- Held all shots like darts but were smooth and true rolling at med-fast speeds. Really nice surfaces to play on.
Rough- Dormant bermuda but they still had some bite to them as there were several occasions where our balls would nestle down to the bottom.
Bunkers- The only weak spot as they are thin and full of pebbles/small rocks but Chris, the owner & GM, told us after the round that they're in the process of renovating them and adding new sand. Once they're done, I have no doubt they'll be awesome.

The layout of the course has you playing up or down, toward or away from the Colorado River. Spectacular views are everywhere! This course will reward good shots and punish poor ones but most holes have generous landing areas off the tees.

Carts are new gas powered carts that have GPS and USB plugs onboard. They're super quiet for being gas. The clubhouse is super impressive with a full service spa, banquet facilities, restaurant, bar, gym, etc...A true all in one destination. The slate burger after the round was so good! All employees that we encountered were super friendly and seemed genuinely happy to work there. So refreshing to see! Laughlin Ranch is a course that I fell in love with right away and I can't wait to be back!
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