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Played the Goose yesterday with a 2:04pm tee time but they got us out at 1:30pm which was nice. POP was a smooth 4:20. Simply put the course is spectacular right now, even by Goose's high standards.

Tees- Flat, level, lush, minimal divots
Fairways- Highlight of the day. Looks great and plays just as well. Reminds me of most Palm Springs courses in the winter. Not too many unfilled divots. Perfect proportion of roll out on drives while still providing great lies with nice padding underneath.
Bunkers- Was in 1 fairway bunker and it was firm but playable enough.
Rough- Lush and healthy but not overly penal
Greens- Really nice right now. Holding well & putting pretty quick. Smoother early in the round and but got bumpier in the late afternoon which is normal from the foot traffic. Didn't see many unrepaired ball marks.

As usual the Goose lived up to is billing as one of the finest courses around. Best practice facilities anywhere within 50 miles in any direction. Only minor quibble was the lack of a beverage cart on this hot day and if you play here regularly, you'll know that the food in the clubhouse is about average at best. But I come for the golf not the food! Have fun everyone!
Been hearing a lot of good things about Eagle Glen lately and I've always loved the course so I snatched a GN hot deal for $27 and was out there at 11am today paired with another single and a twosome all great guys to play with. It was really crowded for a mid-week round so POP was not ideal at just a tick under 5 hours.

Disclaimer, I LOVE firm and fast courses so Eagle Glen has always been right in my wheelhouse. Perhaps the course has really greened up since last week but I found the fairways to be mostly green and pretty good cushion underneath. Perhaps around 85/15 green vs bare/hardpan areas. The rain has really brought the course back to life. Rough was not much of an issue and trending toward hardpan the further away you got from the fairways. Eagle Glen is in the process of adding new sand to the bunkers so the one I was in greeted me with a nice fried egg. Soft and fluffy in the bunkers with new sand. The older ones looked to be pretty firm and compacted. Tees are really lush and frankly, could use a mow. We started on #10 today as they had verticut the greens earlier in the morning but other than the visual effect, you would never know. As others have mentioned they are so nice right now! Fast, firm, lush, and basically perfect! If you hit a good putt, it's going in. Now the one and only downside to all this rain...all the ESA areas on the hillsides would spit your ball out easily during the drought years. Not anymore! If your ball goes into one of these areas, it's as good as gone!

Gurus, y'all will have a great time tomorrow and hopefully the POP will be better for you folks!

PSA for all GK'ers and especially the gurus tomorrow. DO NOT ENTER THE ESA AREAS! Saw a marshall today with 2 dead rattlesnakes in his cart. One was from #1 and the other I'm not sure. But apparently it's wakey wakey time already for those bad boys so be careful!
Played LARV yesterday with fellow GK'er Osamabinhacking teeing off at 7:30am. We played the East/North (the most preferred routing). Course was crowded even at the early hour and POP was 5 hours however if there was ever a long round with "flow" yesterday was it. We only had more than a short wait a couple of times all day and there was not any single group out of place. Just a lot of folks taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

OBH and myself both grew up in the area and you can say this our default home course and as such we've been playing it for nearly 20 years now and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this is BY FAR the best condition that I've ever seen Royal Vista in. The * to that statement would be that there are probably a ton of courses in So Cal that are at their peaks right now as well with all the rain this winter. Course is the greenest I've ever seen it. Fairways are a deep green providing the perfect mix of firm for extra yards on your drive, yet cushioned enough underneath so that you won't have any thin lies. Rough is really healthy and JUICY in spots. Keep a close eye on your ball as there are definitely some spots that will swallow your golf ball. Tees were lush with good coverage and minimal damage but some just need to be leveled and flattened but that's been the case forever here. Bunkers are well stocked with both sand and in a couple cases, rocks too =( BUT the highlight by FAR were the greens. They were as smooth as I've ever seen here and rolling fast and pure yet will still hold any decent shot into them.

Is it Rams Hill? Of course not, let's not get silly! It's not Goose or Oak Quarry either, but for those of you that have played LARV before, you'll be hard pressed to ever find this course better than it is now. Go play now because the reality is, it won't last and in a couple weeks or months, it'll be back to our lovable home course that is just "pretty ok".
After getting a bad case of cabin fever I finally made it outside over to Two Lakes this morning. No numerical rating in GK for today's round as it wouldn't really be fair given the recent storms. Surprised that only a few holes were CPO as personally I think they could use another few days to dry out. Not that many really wet spots but still quite a few soft and clumpy spots left that carts would just do more harm to. Overall though I was pleasantly surprised as the course seems to have drained well for the most part. Tees definitely need a mow but they're green and lush. Fairways and rough are a combo of dormant and semi-dormant Bermuda. Dry areas played super firm and fast and rough was non-existent and wouldn't stop a ball from rolling into or out of trouble. Only thicker areas were closer to the fringes. Bunkers had all dried out and had nice soft sand. Greens were soft and bumpy but rolled at a nice medium pace. All in all it's very playable and will only continue to get better as the temps warm up. Recommended.
Been a while since I've played at my home away from home course. Had some expiring vouchers that I needed to use and I was prepared to play in the rain but to my pleasant surprise, it was one of the nicest days I can ever remember while playing up here. Close to 70 degrees and not a breath of wind, which for those of you that have played here before, you'll know how rare that is! Threat of rain caused many cancellations and I was able to cruise around solo in 3 hours while only having to wait a handful of times on a few foursomes ahead or else 2-2.5hrs would have been doable even taking my time.

As I've come to expect course conditions are darn near impeccable. I was expecting some soggy conditions after last night's rain but found the course drains extremely well. Only minor issues was the placement of the (gold) tees today. A few could use leveling but all had a great coverage and minimal damage. Fairways were completely lush and healthy and not a thin spot to be found. Rough was the same however, if you find yourself further offline in the mounds then it's a crapshoot as always. Bunkers are same as ever and possibly the most consistent out of any course around. Different type of sand than other courses but all the traps at MD play exactly the same which is nice. Greens are great right now! Rolling medium-fast and pure. #15 & 17 being the exceptions as they still have issues with thin spots and bumps which I assume is due to the lack of sunlight they receive because of the huge Eucalyptus groves surrounding them.

Service is great on all levels but no drink cart today. As others have mentioned, the layout is just so sweet. A little bit of everything regarding length, width, elevation changes, green undulations, wind (not today!) and you'll use every club in your bag. Contemplating if I should get out there again tomorrow morning? Really hope to have a return GK Event at the Old Course again one day! Happy New Year everyone!
Pretty much ditto what everyone has already mentioned. Last year I gave it a 10/10. This time around is 9/10 which is of course still spectacular! Just some minor things here and there that I noticed yesterday such as the tees being a little long and a good amount of footprints on the greens but as such, these are just minor nitpicks and really nothing that affects play at all. The greens still rolled beautifully. Fairways and bunkers look like something straight out of a magazine! Can't wait to go back and try out the golf bikes.
Monarch Beach yesterday 1:30pm. So is this the new Champions Club at the Retreat? Not so much the course itself, but more so the recent reviews/ratings along with the wide array of opinions. Here's my long detailed version of it:

Pre-Round: Complimentary valet took our bags (after standing around for 5 minutes with no help even though they weren't that busy at our time of arrival) and loaded them up onto our carts/golf boards (more on that later). We had a discounted pre-paid tee time and went to check in with the very friendly pro shop staff. Had to watch the golf board safety video and sign the waiver & pay the advanced reservation fee of $50 which seems high considering other courses are charging around $20-30 to try the golf board. The odd thing is, if you don't reserve the golf board ahead of time, MB only charges $30 if they're available. After some back and forth, the pro shop ended up giving us the $30 rate. Thank you for that!

Since we arrived well ahead of our tee time, we had lunch at the grill overlooking the course and Pacific Ocean. Food was delicious and the views were spectacular! After that we rolled some putts on the tiny putting green and hit some balls in the 3 bay stall. I know space is limited but for a high end course, it's honestly pretty pathetic. For those that haven't been, the hitting bays at your local golf shop are the equivalent.

After that, was some practice time on the golf boards to get used to them. Of note, if you rent one, there is no space for GPS so bring your own.


Tees- Pretty lush with the expected divots on some of the Par 3's and shorter layup holes.

Fairways- Definitely good in spots and TERRIBLE in others (#12 comes to mind immediately as it was LCP rules for us). As dconnally mentioned, the upper course holes are having their issues right now. Most of the time if you hit the fairway, you can see a puff of sand come up when your ball contacts the surface.

Bunkers- By far the highlight of the course and lord knows I was in enough of them to get an accurate gauge. I was in no less than 10 bunkers today and all were consistently great and awesome to play from! Some unraked ones but that's not any fault of the course.

Rough- Anything from patchy/bare/dry to muddy/calf high kiss your ball goodbye.

Greens- Started out quick and true but by late afternoon they were a bumpy, heavy trafficked, Poa mess! Quick and true is great. Bumpy and fast? Not so much.

Layout is really solid with a good variety of holes. You get just about everything here. Long, short, wide, narrow, doglegs in both directions, ocean breezes, blind tee shots, uphill, downhill, etc. A lot of fun to play!

POP was weekend slow at 5 hours with a lot of "resort" duffers today.

Overall I had a good time. I'll say it's not as bad as some may think nor is the conditioning anywhere near great at the moment. Somewhere in between is probably the most realistic. Maybe 5.5-6.0/10? Take it for what it is but for the OC premium price you're paying, I'd say it's disappointing. Temper your expectations and I think it's ok. Will I come back? Perhaps for special occasions with a deal but at full rack, no thanks.
Was privileged to be part of the GK Guru/GK Cup Finals at Black Gold yesterday. Not much else to add to everyone else's reviews. Course was in pretty good shape and other than a few areas of patchy/spotty rough, I found it to be very enjoyable and playable. Since conditions have already been covered in the previous reviews I'll just add that while I really like the layout, it can be punishing if you're even slightly off. With many hazards, ESA, or OB on just about every hole, you'd better be straight or else you're in for a long day! Customer service has always been nice here and yesterday was no exception. I'll be back as soon as the greens heal from aeration. Thanks GK and BGGC!
Played today in the GK Guru Play with Johnny, Steve, & Nick. Super fun group to play with and if today was a scramble, we would've annihilated the competition with the amount of quality shots that were struck today lol!

Just about everything in weeman's review is spot on conditions wise with the only exception being that on the back 9 our group found that the greens were rolling faster than they looked. I won't go into too much detail on the course conditions since they are well covered in the previous review and still hold true. I will say that it's quite obvious that the management is putting the effort into revitalizing this course and I can only hope that they can bring it back somewhere near it's peak in its glory days!

Customer service was friendly on all levels and the GM was nice enough to provide us with some ice cold drinks on the 9th hole which was really a nice gesture and greatly appreciated on a warm day. Not much wind today which is rare for this area. We got a nice view of the nearby brush fire as well which made for some interesting backdrops and at times, added an orange filter to the sky.

As always thank you Johnny for setting us up and thank you Eagle Glen for your hospitality. I'll definitely be back and can only see the conditions getting better and better as we head into the fall!
Really enjoyed my round with Sixpez and mpisarski01. Thank you fellas for a great time even if we never did get those Jack in the Box tacos behind the 6th hole! Ditto everything Matt & Keith already mentioned. Only thing I'll add is that the layout has a couple of surprises (considering the land the property sits on) in the form of some demanding uphill approaches on the front 9 and play most often into the prevailing wind. Had never seen the course other than on TV when the Big Break was shot here years ago. It was a fun time and really scenic and for an airplane geek and golf nut like myself, there may not be a better place to play except maybe Westchester ;)
Played Journey 8/13/16 with Osamabinhacking and 2 other friends using an UP voucher for 2 players for $183 good anytime including replay. Our tee time was 8:50am. Arrived around 8am and we were met at the car by a friendly attendant who took our bags and loaded them onto the carts for us. Check in with the pro shop was smooth and efficient. Proceeded to the massive all grass range with new-ish balls to lubricate the swings. After about 15 min, we headed to the short game area to hit some chips and bunker shots. Lastly, we hit some putts for a few minutes before heading off to the 1st hole. The putting greens were almost EXACTLY representative of what we found on the course which was nice. POP was 4h20m with not much waiting.

Tees- Flat with full coverage and minimal damage. Never an issue

Fairways- Some minor areas of brown/thin but mostly great with nice lies all day long!

Rough- Grassy areas were consistent in coverage and length with a couple of longer areas that could really grab your club. But for the most part, it was not too difficult to escape. The areas that were pretty gnarly were the areas under some of the many oak trees on the course. MANY burrowing animal homes and if your ball was near any of these areas there was the possibility of losing your ball down one of the holes as OBH found out on # 10.

Bunkers- Our group didn't experience any issues with fluffy white stuff. A real treat although not as nice as Black Gold the other day!

Greens- As mentioned in the prior review, they still show signs of recent maintenance including a light top dressing of sand. HOWEVER unlike the previous review, we didn't find that it affected play that much. They were pretty firm but still held a well struck shot. Rolled pretty true and very quick!

Overall course conditions were very nice considering it's the middle of summer and it gets quite toasty in the Temecula Valley around this time of year.

For those that have played previously, not much else needs to said about the layout. I really like how the first few holes on either side play relatively easy on flat terrain closer to the clubhouse & resort. Then you climb into the hills for some spectacular views! Most notably the signature 6th hole.

Service was amazing on all levels from arrival, check in, starter, cart girl (4-5 times), snack bar at the turn, free bottled waters, well stocked locker room, etc...first class all the way around. Unfortunately we didn't take advantage of the free replay as we had prior commitments (casino! lol) but it was over 100 degrees by the time we finished so we didn't mind one bit. Still a good deal with the UP voucher especially on the weekends. Will be back sooner than later!
Just returned from the GK Guru Plays with Itslikeimsayin, Stickboy, & Nickesquire. Thank you fellas for a great time today!

Tees had good coverage with some divot damage on shorter holes but nothing unexpected or problematic. #8 had the whites and blues being re-done so they were closed off and the blues were back where to normal black markers are.

Fairways also mostly green and lush with a few areas that were thin and a couple GUR that were marked. I found a couple of squirrely lies in between patches of kikuyu that had not fully grown in. But those were few and far between.

Rough was most the same as the fairways just longer but not too difficult to play from.

Greens were looking kinda frumpy with some old ball marks that had not healed completely but they rolled surprisingly well and didn't affect our putting much. Plenty of putts outside of 10 feet were holed in our group today. They were rolling a medium-quick pace and quite healthy.

Bunkers. WOW! 10/10. Was in 3 bunkers today and all of them were absolutely perfect to play from. Wish all courses had sand this nice!

Layout is a hilly track with a good variety of short, medium, & long holes. Front 9 is more forgiving as the back 9 really tightens up off the tee. Wind can really swirl here but it wasn't bad at all today. Customer service was excellent in the pro shop and from the friendly starter. Saw the beverage cart once on #14. POP was a little over 4 hours and no waiting on any shots. I love this course and can't wait to come back again! Go play!

***Numerical rating should be closer to 7.5/10
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