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This is to give a heads-up to my fellow GKers. I played there this morning early and found that they're punching and sanding the back nine greens today. There is a small temporary green cut in the fairway considerably short of the regular greens on each hole. The front nine greens were in very good shape, probably the best I've seen them in a long while. I asked but the staff didn't know when they'll be punching the front next. It's too bad that they couldn't just leave them alone as they are... The condition of the rest of the course, i.e., fairways, rough, bunkers, etc., is basically the same as reported in previous reviews for this course.
Played today, had a 7:04 AM tee time but was able to go out 15 minutes early as the first tee was wide open with no one waiting. It pays to get an early tee time even though it's starting to get a bit chilly in the morning these days. Went out as a walking single following a walking twosome, was able to finish the round in little under 3.5 hours even with getting plenty of practice two balls most of the front nine. The best news is that the greens which were quite badly damaged when I played here nearly a month ago have fully recovered and/or been repaired. Although they haven't recaptured the speed they once had, it was still nice to have smooth and predictable surfaces to putt on - kudos to the greenskeeper and his/her staff. One complaint I've had for sometime now is that many of the tees are set on a downhill incline and using the two-club length rule still doesn't find a level ground. No biggie, however. Fairways in general were decent with some patchy areas. As is the case with many city and county courses in Los Angeles, the rough is being kept short presumably to help improve the pace of play - smart. Bunkers were all in good shape and very playable. This is still one of the best layouts in L. A., and when the playing conditions are decent to good, one of the best deals for a senior walker at $21 on a weekday. Can't beat getting my much needed exercise while enjoying a challenging round of golf. It doesn't get much better than that.
Walked on yesterday (July 11th) shortly before 6:30 AM, and to my surprise there was nobody on the 1st Tee. The starter let me out right away as a single, and informed me that a twosome went out a little while ago. As it turned out, all day I had at least a two hole opening both in front and in back of me, and that allowed me to play two, sometimes three balls on occasions to get my practice in - terrific! Even with that it was a little under four hour round walking, finishing just as the temperature was getting hot. The overall condition of the course was fair, with the greens and bunkers much improved from my previous experience. They would stay that way and be more enjoyable if people only fixed their ball marks and raked their foot prints, but we've all learned to not get too worked up over that, haven't we? I read RDDenn's review from last week, and all I can say is you must've hit every fairway down the middle - kudos to you! Although the fairways were thin in most part, the rough in many, many areas were thick and long, I dare say well over a foot or more. I pulled my approach to the left side of the #2 green, and I literally had to step on my ball before I found it because of the thick and long rough. Thank goodness that there was no one behind me as it took me more than a few minutes looking for my ball. One thing about walking a course is that you get to observe quite a bit of the layout, and from what I saw they must not have cut the rough in some time. Too bad that they can't grow the fairway grass in the same fashion and time. This is still a decent layout unless you're a low handicapper looking for a tough challenge. As is true with all L.A. County courses, the senior walking rate is one of the best deals around, and for a mid handicapper like me, plenty enjoyable.
Played here 6/26/18 for the first time in over six years. This has been one of my favorite courses despite the over an hour drive required to get there, so I was looking very much forward to playing it. Unfortunately, the overall conditions were nowhere near what I had remembered, and that took away from enjoying the day. My partner and I teed off about 8:30, and noticed right away as to how wet basically the entire first hole was. After hitting my third shot onto the left side of the blind (uphill) green and seeing a puff of sand, I thought I had hit into a bunker that wasn't there previously. When we drove up to the green, we saw that much to our surprise, the entire green was covered with 2~3 inches of sand. Although seeing that the second green was not sanded eased our concern, we eventually discovered that four greens including the 18th were heavily sanded. Nice way to start and finish a round indeed, and not a word was mentioned about any greens being sanded at check-in. Seeing that the same finding was mentioned in my fellow GK'er's review on 5/30/18, is there an ongoing problem with maintaining greens here? Fairways in general were thick and although not as wet as the 1st Hole, it seems like they over watered everywhere. Muddy bunkers with puddles attested to that fact. In my previous experience, tee shots to sloping fairways on this course required aiming to the high side as the ball always rolled quite a ways down to the low side, but not yesterday. The thickness and the wetness of the grass literally stopped the ball from rolling and left me with a number of second shots with the ball well above my feet. It was especially challenging if my ball had entered the rough on the high side as the ball just stayed there. It's all a part of the game, but a bit more fairness would go a long way for a non-professional like me to enjoy playing. I still like the layout of this course, but it will be a long time before I return if I don't see better reports of course conditions soon.
Played here on Apr 5th for the first time in well over 5 years, but to my pleasant surprise I remembered the layout quite well. I can't say the same thing about the general condition of the course, however, as my memory of how it used to be is much better than how I found it this time around. Perhaps due to the recent heavy rains, the course seems to have a lot of wet grounds. I don't know if that's the reason, but the lack of mowing has created heavy, lengthy and inconsistent rough throughout, making it a challenge not only to play out of it but to find your ball just off the fairways on occasions. The greens were not as fast as I remembered them, but there was a definite improvement in number of unrepaired ball marks, which is a very good thing! POP was not too bad for a weekday morning here, about 4.5 hours following two foursomes that overestimated their prowess with a driver. Got into a few bunkers and found adequate amount of sand to play out of them fairly. Overall, my partner and I enjoyed our round, and with our city senior discount, it certainly was a good value.
I hadn't played Los Amigos in over 25 years, but after recently hearing that the course had been improved greatly in last few years, I was eager to play and see it for myself. Teeing off a little before 7:00 AM this morning, I'd like to report that I thoroughly enjoyed my round. Although this is not an overly long layout, it requires accuracy and good positioning both on tee shots and approaches to the greens in order to score well. Unlike many L. A./Orange County munis that do not feature doglegs and severely undulating greens, Los Amigos offers plenty of challenges on all aspects of one's game. Because of my long absence from this course, it virtually was like playing a brand new layout which presented an additional enjoyment. The overall course condition was very good, especially for a muni. I only wish that it was a lot closer to where I live as I would definitely like to play it again, but the heavy traffic on freeways even during the so-called non-rush hour periods is a cause for hesitation. An excellent value, especially if you are senior walker with an L. A. County Sr. Card playing on a weekday. Highly recommend it for players of all skill levels.
Played today, had a 10:30 reservation, but the course was not busy and we teed off around 10:15 as a threesome after a single joined us. Course is in very good shape, except it was over watered in many spots in fairways. Greens were excellent, quick and true, requiring paying full attention to recognizing the grains. One big complaint: we were following a foursome which in turn was following a twosome and a threesome. Understandably, the foursome in front of us started to have a large gap between them and the threesome in front of them, which turned into a minimum of a hole, hole-and-a-half about half way through the front nine. We were hopeful that they would eventually let us play through, as we had lengthy wait on just about every shot, but that never took place. What was frustrating was that the "course ambassadors" came by and saw what was happening a number of times but never approached the group in front of us to let us play through, even after we pointed out to him about the gap they had in front of them. Rather, the ambassador spent time feeding a flock of geese that abound the back nine and picking up trash - nice. Long story short, we ended up with a 5 hours and 45 minutes round that could easily have been a four hour round. The twosome that was behind us gave up somewhere in the back nine and left the course - what a shame.
Played here on June 30 for the first time. Was a bit leery after reading some of the previous GK reviews regarding remaining flood damages, but was very pleasantly surprised to find the overall condition of the course in a very good shape, particularly the greens and the bunkers (actually had good sand in them!). Enjoyed the links style golf, the view and the abundant wildlife, plus a great customer service all around. Will definitely return. Just wish it wasn't so far from where I live, but it's absolutely worth the long drive.
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Played on a Monday in March. Had a 9:00 tee time. The pro shop staff member was very cordial at check-in, then it was all down hill from there. Didn't know it was cart path only for the entire round until we reached our first tee. No one, not the pro shop and not the starter advised us in advance. They had sprinklers going everywhere on every hole for the first 3 hours or so. Fairways were not only wet, but the maintenance crew were aerating them on many of the holes, too, paying no regard to our approach from the tees and towards the greens. Apparently customers come second is an accepted standard there. Ironically, no one was maintaining the greens which were laden with ball marks. It's too bad that players don't repair their ball marks, but it's worse when the maintenance crew doesn't either. I have a bum knee and walking on wet and uneven grounds all day certainly was not a pleasant experience. Paying $100 a head to play under a "caddies' day" conditions is not my idea of value, let alone a good one. It's too bad because I still like the layout of the course, but I won't be going back there anytime soon. Give me Lost Canyons, Oak Quarry or Moorpark anytime over this over-priced course.
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