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The last time I played Royal Vista was Nov. 2015 and because of slow play, I vowed that I would never play here again. I gave in and broke that vow today as our neighborhood group wanted to play our monthly outing here. We had a 9:38 tee time, playing east/north. Noticed they were really backed up on the first tee and when we checked in, the guy in the club house said they were a bit behind, like 5-10 minutes. Duh! How about 30-40 minutes behind! This course is always slow and never learns. Wasn’t much better as we got behind the slowest group known to man. So, 5 hours and 20 minutes later, we finished. On such a beautiful day, I wish we had picked another place to play.

The course is showing winter wear which is expected at all muni’s but it wasn’t terrible. Fairways were hit and miss. Some were in nice condition while others were beat up. There really wasn’t much rough to speak of as it was all dormant grass or hard pan. Bunkers had that top layer of sand which looked good but under was hard pan.

The good news here is that greens were in very nice condition and were a bit tricky if you got above the hole. Holding shots that were hit well.

Although a short track, I have always enjoyed the layout here and weekday rates are great. But c’mon man! 5.5 hours for a weekday round of golf is just not fun! Figure it out somehow!
On a cool but sunny morning, played here Jan 2. with a tee time at 9:04. Not a lot of people out there and we got out right on time, finishing in just over 4 hours.

Fairways getting winter dormant, still had good cover and overall they were in good condition with some tight lies. Good roll out which is always appreciated. The rough was thin and really not a factor. Bunkers were in great condition. Good firm sand.

The greens were in excellent shape. Running medium fast, they rolled very true. They were hard however and wasn’t holding all shots.

Again, I was impressed with Mountain Meadows. Its pretty hilly and placement of your drives is key but the course is in such good condition, I definitely recommend.
Heading out to Palm Springs for a tournament but on the way, we decided to stop and play Shandin. I usually walk for $20 but decided to take advantage of their deal, $34 which includes golf, cart, range balls and all you can eat from the snack bar. So a little breakfast before the round and then 4 hours later, lunch after the round. Interesting deal.

I have always liked SH and was looking forward to playing. The starter said they had 2 inches of rain the day before but I always knew SH drains very well but IMO, the course is not in good shape. Aside from the fairways going winter dormant which is expected, they were many bad lies out there. Hardpan, thin grass; was not impressed. There is no rough. Its dormant grass or hard pan. Bunkers had turned to mud but attribute that to the rain the day before.

The greens were nice as they usually are here. Looked like they sanded not too long ago but still rolled nicely and a bit fast really.

I have always loved Shandin. The layout is a fun and challenging one and I remember the days when this course was the nicest around. Can’t say that now. I hope they are able to bring this back to the way to the way it was before.
Had a 9:20 tee time with an old college friend on 11/15. Paying $32, we saw that the greens were aerated late October but decided to give it a go anyway as I have never played here. On a very chili and smokey day (heavy smoke from the Camp Fire), it was not very busy and we got off on time following two other 2 somes ahead of us. Starter was a very nice guy and gave us the a thorough overview of the course.

We heard it was Johnny Miller designed and knew we would probably in for a challenge. I was right. I found EV very challenging. It starts out with a rather lengthy par 5 and then a tough par 3. Most of the fairways were pretty generous with wide landing areas which was nice and were in good condition. Some thin lies on the back 9 but overall in good shape. The rough was cut low so not much rough to speak of. Bunkers were damp but not difficult to get out of. Tee boxes looked like they were recently over seeded and were fine.

I found the greens to be real challenging. Although still in recovery from aeration, they rolled ok but had undulations which really made them tricky. Some had 2 or 3 tiers. Some were large, some were small and narrow. First timers are really at a disadvantage because it was difficult to see how they undulate or the size of the greens from the fairways.

Pace of play was brutal. As a 2 some, we were moving on the front 9 just fine but came to a screeching halt on #7. Come to find out there was a 2 some up ahead that were really struggling which made it slow down. From that point, we waited on every shot and finished just short of 5 hours. Of course the signature hole, #14 tends to slow things down as well. Beautiful, downhill par 3 over water. We had 3 groups backed up when we got there. The back 9 has some elevation changes which were really fun. It is a very beautiful setting as the course is set in among grape vineyards but we were denied some great views because of all of the smoke. I want to come back again. Definitely recommend but expect to be challenged.
Up again in No. Cal. visiting friends and family and always, try to get in a couple rounds. As usual, make a stop to play Boundary Oaks. I see I am only rater of this course for some time and don’t have a lot to add from previous reviews. On a cold morning, there were a couple of groups already out or on their way to the tee. Waited for a bit and the starter sent me out as a single paying a walking, weekday rate of $27. It was a bit tough to get warm out there. 39 degrees at tee off time with some frost on the fairways helped get some roll.

The course is showing winter is on the way. Fairways look to be going dormant but still in good condition. Some bare spots out there also but for the most part, good coverage. Tee boxes look like they have been worked on so over seeding may have taken place. Bunkers are in great condition. They have all been worked on and have good firm sand.

The greens are in good shape. Fast actually. The pins were in difficult locations today so you had to watch the speed or going downhill you could roll past the hole and down on the other side of the green.

Always enjoy playing here but have seen it in better condition. Looking forward to my next trip up north to play here again.
Was invited out to play with leef2020 and was so looking forward to it as I have never played TRanch before. Always heard good things about the course but certainly wanted to see for myself. Check in was easy enough. The starter out on the course was a very nice guy. Set a nice tone for what I was hoping to be a very fun round which it was. No one to pair up with so off we went as a 2 some an pretty much on time. POP was just about 4 hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing here. The fairways were just fine. Bermuda and got some roll out which is always nice to see. The rough was a bit beat up. A lot of bare spots. Bunker were very soft with white, fluffy sand. Tee boxes were a little ragged but looked like they needed a good mow.

The greens were slower than looked. Nice and green but didn’t roll out like I thought it would.

This being my first time, I was impressed. Nice layout. Good mixture of long and short holes. The fee is pricey out here. We paid $61 which was a good price I am told. Would love to play here again though and will look out for deals as they come in. Definitely recommend.
Played El Dorado on 10/29, invited to play by a family friend who got a $42 riding online rate. Was so looking forward to it as I have never played El Dorado, Eldo or El Diablo as my friend calls it. Had a 7:56 tee time and noticed it was pretty busy for a Monday morning. The starter paired us up with a couple of nice guys and were off a little late. Noticed they allow 5 somes and got concerned as the group ahead of us had 5. Not a problem as they kept up. We kept up as well so POP was a little under 4 hours. What I liked about Eldo is the starter made announcements as to who was on the tee, who was next and who was in the hole. No confusion on a busy day. Love that!

I really enjoyed the layout. Was nice to have someone with me who played here before because there is a creek that comes across a and in front of couple of the greens. Water also comes into play on a couple of holes. Fairways were hit and miss. Some were a bit beat up and some were real nice. The course is well bunkered both in the fairways and protecting the greens which makes it very challenging. Most of the bunkers were very damp however. In fact, the whole course was pretty damp.

The greens were still in recovery from aeration and need a few more weeks to heal. They had cut and mowed down the aprons on some of the greens attempting to make them larger but it’s not taking. Some are in real bad shape. The back 9 greens were in much better condition. The practice greens are very nice and thought we would get the same on the course. Didn’t work out that way.

My friend loves playing here and says it is usually in much better condition. Overall, I enjoyed playing here and want to go back again.
Played LS North today 10/24 with a 8:42 tee time. They were re-paving the parking lot on this day and had to walk a little further but nice to see the improvements being made for my home course. They are also trying to improve some of the fairways as well. A couple of fairways had roped off areas where they were they were clearly trying to repair burned out areas.

The course was very wet this morning which results in mud where there is no grass. Actually lost control of my cart as I was heading back from the fairway to the cart path because the area I drove on was heavy, wet mud. Slid for about 6 feet. Also affected roll out on drives. Nothing better than wet kikuyu eh? 2 feet of roll out! Yay!

Tee boxes are ok. Bunkers were pretty damp. Again, some had heavy wet mud.

Greens are in good shape right now. Some were bumpy but for the most part, they rolled well. Held good shots but didn't hold thin shots.

The course was so wet we thought it had rained the night before. Since that didn’t occur, not sure why it was necessary to saturate the place. The new management group has now taken over and the jury is still out on them. Cost cutting seems to be the theme. They closed the snack shop on #7 north during the week. Disappointing actually. Lets see what else gets cut.

Always have lunch after and as usual, it was very good. The girls in the restaurant are great. Ashley, Melissa, Jackie, enjoy your company. Stop in and get a meal when you are there. Great service from all!
Was invited by some friends to play Brookside on 10/19. The traffic from my house getting there is always a challenge for a morning tee time–an hour and 15 minutes but it has been a while since I have played here so I was really looking forward to it. Had a 9:00 am tee time and got off pretty much on time. The place was packed. Activity everywhere. UCLA was playing Arizona at the Rose Bowl the next night so you can see they were getting prepared for the event. In fact my friends who I played with, work for the Rose Bowl and after our round, they had to set up near the 10th green an area for Arizona tail gaiting.

We started out on the back 9 and I found the course in just ok condition. Know that when there is a football game or concert, they use the fairways as overflow parking and it shows. Many bare spots out there. That’s the way it is this time of year. The rough was beat up kikuyu. The bunkers were in really good condition. Good, firm sand. The tee boxes were recently aerated so they will need some time to recover. The pace moved along just fine. We didn’t wait on anyone so it was just under 4 hours.

The greens were in good shape however. Sneaky fast. I say that because they didn’t appear to be cut down but yet they rolled very nice. No complaints about the greens.

Played the blues and found it to be a real challenge. Long! The blues played around 6800 yds. and it seemed longer as the wind picked up.

Brookside #1 is a fun course to play. Really nice setting with the Rose Bowl right next door. I have seen Brookside in much better condition but always recommend playing here. Just know that some of fairways won’t be at their best.
Participated in a 2 day tournament at Boulder Creek the weekend of 10/13. I play in this tournament every year and so look forward to it. For one, this tournament is a lot of fun and 2, BC is always a fun venue. This year was no exception. Wonderful golf course. Played a practice round on Friday and they gave us the resident rate. Nice guys!

There are 3 nines here and all in in great condition. A desert course with desert bushes and hard pan lining the fairways. Go in there and you can still play your shot unless your ball rolls under a bush. The layout is fairly flat. Some doglegs and some minor elevations but for the most is straight away. All of the fairways have been over seeded so in the fairway, you will have a great lie. The rough is not too thick and is playable. Oddly enough, the rough around the greens was very thick. Dormant Bermuda but still playable. Bunkers were also in great condition.

The greens were not very fast but rolled great. They looked much faster as they were cut pretty low. I have seen them much faster but I am thinking they are still in recovery from aeration.

I love playing here. The weather in October is great. The views of the surrounding hills/mountains are worth a couple of pictures. Great practice area with a huge, grass driving range. They also have a nice bar/restaurant and the food is very tasty. What’s not to like? Already looking forward to next year’s tournament!
Continuing on our trip in No Calif and we have to make a stop at one of my favorite places to play. Beautiful setting on a very cool, autumn day in the Lake Almanor area. A bit breezy which made it colder and getting in the sunlight was a relief.

Everything today was great. Fairways were in great shape. The rough was not thick and very playable. Bunkers are filled with good sand and although some were damp, no issues getting out of the sand.

Greens were incredibly fast. I suppose the breezy, dry weather made them so but they were as fast as I have ever seen here. Putting downhill could end up rolling past the pin and off the green.

To say I like play here would be an understatement. Generous fairways and always in great condition makes this an opportunity to score well. New carts this year but still gas carts?? Unusual. Wonderful folks in the clubhouse and restaurant and love the food here.

I come here to play at least twice a year now and have never been disappointed. Know that they are about to close down for the winter as it gets pretty cold up here but again, if you are ever up here between April and October, make it a point to play.
Up in No Calif. for a reunion of college pals and first stop was Table Mountain. Know that this is not my first pick to play but some of my friends don’t really play a lot so this is a good place for that reason. On a cool day, we had a mid-day tee time and it was pretty busy. I was also pleasantly surprised with the conditions.

Fairways in pretty good shape. Overall pretty good coverage. The rough is beat up and dry but you have to expect that from a muni since not much water up there. Bunkers were in good shape also. It appears they were re-worked.

Greens were very nice and fully recovered from aeration. Rolled true.

TM is not a difficult track. Flat with some dog legs but it served us right on this day. Very nice folks though in the club house and restaurant. Its not a course I am anxious to get back to but I will likely be there again next year.
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