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Was invited by some friends to play Brookside on 10/19. The traffic from my house getting there is always a challenge for a morning tee time–an hour and 15 minutes but it has been a while since I have played here so I was really looking forward to it. Had a 9:00 am tee time and got off pretty much on time. The place was packed. Activity everywhere. UCLA was playing Arizona at the Rose Bowl the next night so you can see they were getting prepared for the event. In fact my friends who I played with, work for the Rose Bowl and after our round, they had to set up near the 10th green an area for Arizona tail gaiting.

We started out on the back 9 and I found the course in just ok condition. Know that when there is a football game or concert, they use the fairways as overflow parking and it shows. Many bare spots out there. That’s the way it is this time of year. The rough was beat up kikuyu. The bunkers were in really good condition. Good, firm sand. The tee boxes were recently aerated so they will need some time to recover. The pace moved along just fine. We didn’t wait on anyone so it was just under 4 hours.

The greens were in good shape however. Sneaky fast. I say that because they didn’t appear to be cut down but yet they rolled very nice. No complaints about the greens.

Played the blues and found it to be a real challenge. Long! The blues played around 6800 yds. and it seemed longer as the wind picked up.

Brookside #1 is a fun course to play. Really nice setting with the Rose Bowl right next door. I have seen Brookside in much better condition but always recommend playing here. Just know that some of fairways won’t be at their best.
Participated in a 2 day tournament at Boulder Creek the weekend of 10/13. I play in this tournament every year and so look forward to it. For one, this tournament is a lot of fun and 2, BC is always a fun venue. This year was no exception. Wonderful golf course. Played a practice round on Friday and they gave us the resident rate. Nice guys!

There are 3 nines here and all in in great condition. A desert course with desert bushes and hard pan lining the fairways. Go in there and you can still play your shot unless your ball rolls under a bush. The layout is fairly flat. Some doglegs and some minor elevations but for the most is straight away. All of the fairways have been over seeded so in the fairway, you will have a great lie. The rough is not too thick and is playable. Oddly enough, the rough around the greens was very thick. Dormant Bermuda but still playable. Bunkers were also in great condition.

The greens were not very fast but rolled great. They looked much faster as they were cut pretty low. I have seen them much faster but I am thinking they are still in recovery from aeration.

I love playing here. The weather in October is great. The views of the surrounding hills/mountains are worth a couple of pictures. Great practice area with a huge, grass driving range. They also have a nice bar/restaurant and the food is very tasty. What’s not to like? Already looking forward to next year’s tournament!
Continuing on our trip in No Calif and we have to make a stop at one of my favorite places to play. Beautiful setting on a very cool, autumn day in the Lake Almanor area. A bit breezy which made it colder and getting in the sunlight was a relief.

Everything today was great. Fairways were in great shape. The rough was not thick and very playable. Bunkers are filled with good sand and although some were damp, no issues getting out of the sand.

Greens were incredibly fast. I suppose the breezy, dry weather made them so but they were as fast as I have ever seen here. Putting downhill could end up rolling past the pin and off the green.

To say I like play here would be an understatement. Generous fairways and always in great condition makes this an opportunity to score well. New carts this year but still gas carts?? Unusual. Wonderful folks in the clubhouse and restaurant and love the food here.

I come here to play at least twice a year now and have never been disappointed. Know that they are about to close down for the winter as it gets pretty cold up here but again, if you are ever up here between April and October, make it a point to play.
Up in No Calif. for a reunion of college pals and first stop was Table Mountain. Know that this is not my first pick to play but some of my friends don’t really play a lot so this is a good place for that reason. On a cool day, we had a mid-day tee time and it was pretty busy. I was also pleasantly surprised with the conditions.

Fairways in pretty good shape. Overall pretty good coverage. The rough is beat up and dry but you have to expect that from a muni since not much water up there. Bunkers were in good shape also. It appears they were re-worked.

Greens were very nice and fully recovered from aeration. Rolled true.

TM is not a difficult track. Flat with some dog legs but it served us right on this day. Very nice folks though in the club house and restaurant. Its not a course I am anxious to get back to but I will likely be there again next year.
Played the Babe in the SCNGA tournament on 9/30. Early 7:00 am tee time and it was a bit cool and was looking forward to playing. Many of the holes are tight and long. Keeping it in the center is always good but having to hit a long iron or hybrid into the green on some of the holes is always a challenge.

The course is not it very good shape. Some of the fairways are something like I have never seen here before. A lot of bad lies, thin grass and some weeds. Really surprised to see it this way. In addition, the fairways were very wet resulting in cart path only on some holes. Tee boxes were punched so really under repair. The rough was thick and was difficult to hit out of being damp. Bunkers were damp also but still in pretty good shape.

The greens were great but were also damp. Holding all shots but they rolled great. Not real fast but true.

I walked away a little disappointed about the conditions because I have never seen imperfections here but I feel conditions will improve. Still, not so good conditions here are better than good conditions elsewhere so I am fully expecting course conditions to return the way I always knew it.
Having been on the disabled list for several weeks, I was looking for a place get back into playing again that looked short and friendly. Chose Cresta Verde as I have never played here before but heard there were some short holes. Got there around 11:30 on a pretty warm Friday afternoon. Paid $24 to ride and went out solo. Judging from the previous reviews, I wasn’t expecting much but still wanted to see for myself.

Started out good as holes 1 & 2 were ok and in good shape but the rest of the course was pretty beat up. Weird course and I really did not enjoy it. A lot of elevation changes and there are a couple of holes that are actually kind of cool but not many. Some of the holes are really close to some homes. In fact some of the cart path go within feet of some of the backyards. A lot of bad lies out there and some are in the middle of the fairway. Bunkers were brutal. Hard, packed sand.

Greens were really nice however. Smooth and rolled great. How sad though to have nice greens but lousy everything else. With all due respect for those who regularly play here, this one is not for me!
Was over in Orange County on this day, 8/23 to meet a friend for breakfast and on the way back passed in the direction of Willowick so I decided to give it a try. Never played Willowick. Got there around 11:30 and starter said “the tee is all yours”. I usually walk when playing but decided to ride. $39 and no senior rate available. I asked how to much to walk, he said $26. Told him I would ride. Didn’t notice until I got home but he only charged my card $26. Not sure what happened or why he did that.

To say this is an old course would be an understatement. A flat course lined with beautiful, old trees. Pretty straight forward with a few slight doglegs. I like the mix of long and short par 4’s. Some of the fairways are a mess however. Uncut fairways with large weeds growing. Miss a fairways and you’re in thick, uncut kikuyu or hard pan. Then again, there were a couple of fairways with nicely cut Bermuda/kikuyu. Tee boxes were beat up also. Bunkers were very hard. I mean very hard!!

The best thing about this course was the greens. they were smooth and rolled nicely. Just very slow and there are some breaks that I found hard to read.

Willowick looks like a tired, old course and you get what you pay for. Inexpensive but poor to very average maintenance. The layout is not real difficult except for the length on some par 4’s and par 3’s. A couple par’s 3 were playing just under 200 yards and into the wind. Not too crowded and as a single, finished in just under over 3.5 hours. Ok, I have played it now but won’t be in any hurry to play it again.
Played Friendly Hills on Monday 8/20 as part of a tournament and was really looking forward to it. I have played it a few times before but was a bit disappointed with the conditions on this day. For one, they are working on a couple of holes, re-doing them actually so there were a couple of really short holes with temporary tee boxes. Aside from that, the course is in ok condition. I have seen it in much better condition in the past.

Fairways have turned to kikuyu. Never seen that before. Still in good condition but not much roll out. The bunkers were in good shape. Tee boxes were beat up but playing ok.

Greens were nice. Smooth and slower than I have seen in the past but still rolled nicely. Pretty wet though. Very soft.

I guess I was expecting a bit more from this private club but I’ll give this course a mulligan in that it appears a lot of the course is under repair. A tough track with many nice holes. As it turned out, my group won the tournament and the prize was a free round here at Friendly Hills. We’ll wait a while until it gets back on its feet!
Well, my final golf opportunity while in the Bay Area and what better way to finish off the week than with my son in law and my 2 bothers in law at Buchanan Fields a.k.a Duffer’s Paradise– lol. Even my son in law asked why are we playing here?? My family does not play a lot of golf and this was a good place for their level of play. A warm Saturday late morning, it turned out to be a fun day. $13 to walk. Another $10 if you choose to ride the very old gas cart that backfires occasionally.

An old, 9 hole, tree lined par 31 (4 short par 4’s) which gets a lot of play and in good condition. The young man in the club house got us off on time. We did rent one cart and the young man went out of his way to get us one. They only have 4 or 5 carts and they were being used but he found one somehow. Fairways on the par 4’s are decent enough. Tee boxes are a bit beat up. Bunkers are hard. Awful actually. Very hard and damp, like hard pan.

Greens were very nice though. Smooth, holding shots and rolling true.

Not much change from when I played here last time which was just about a year ago. Not exactly on my “oh boy, let’s play this one soon” list but for folks who are all over the place or just starting to play, it’s a good one.
Onward on my trip in No. Calif and played Blue Rock Springs East on Friday 8/3 with an old college friend. Got there about an hourly early and noticed the place was packed. A lot of golfers out there which was actually nice to see. Had a 9:02 am tee time and payed $31 through golf now. Went to range to warm and drove back to the first tee early and saw the tee box was open. It was about 20 minutes before our time but we decided to tee off anyway. As we walked off the tee, we heard the starter call out our name to be 3rd up. Ooops! We went ahead anyway and played in about 3.5 hours. Would have been much faster but we were behind a slower 3 some but wasn’t in a hurry and enjoyed the time with my good friend.

Now to the course. Not a very long course but it is hilly and in decent condition. I enjoyed the layout and was fun to play. Fairways were decent. Some tight lies but not bad. There really wasn’t much rough to speak of. Mostly dry or hard pan. Tee boxes were ragged and some not level. Bunkers were in good condition but what I liked about them is the rakes were very light weight. I know that sounds stupid but most courses have rakes that are big and heavy. Not here!

The greens were really nice. Looked like they were verticut recently but didn’t affect the roll. A little fast with some undulations and you really don’t want to be above the hole putting downhill.

Had fun out there. My friend said he had heard rumors of one of these courses closing down. Doesn’t look like that’s true judging by the good Friday crowd. Looking forward to coming back. Recommend!
Up in the Bay Area visiting the in-laws and going to try to get in a few rounds. I always start with Boundary Oaks as it is only 10 minutes away from where we are staying. Got there early today 8/2 and a twosome was already on the tee hitting. So, the starter sent me right the tee to follow. Real nice guy in the clubhouse. Wish I had got his name. $27 to walk and didn’t bring a pull cart so decided to carry. Made it around with no problem and in 3 hours. Never caught the 2 some in front of me.

A beautiful, cool morning and was very impressed with the conditions. Mostly kikuyu fairways but they were cut down. In fact I seemed to be following the maintenance guys cutting the grass. Had to wait on many holes as they made their way through the fairways. The rough was not thick and very playable. The bunkers were in excellent shape. Soft, fluffy sand which was nice to hit out of but could easily get a fried egg because they were so soft.

Great greens!! All of them. Soft, holding shots and they rolled perfectly. As fast as I have ever seen them.

This course is in excellent condition right now. As nice as I have ever seen it. If you’re ever up here, got to give it a go. Note that they do charge weekend rates on Fridays so Mon-Thurs are the best days.
Played MM late morning on 7/31 with a good friend and was out as a twosome as there was no one to be paired up with. It has been a couple of years since I last played here and was looking forward to it. A warm day and it moved a bit slow - 4.5 hours. The wait on the par 3’s was brutal , 3 groups backed up on each of the them. Ugh!

The course is in great condition however and not many browned out areas. A lot green out there so they must water regularly but the fairways are heavily “kikuyufied” (a new word) and even though cut down, not much roll out at all. Very soft fairways. I hit some good drives only to be disappointed when I arrived at the ball to see I didn’t get much distance. Good lies however. I can truly attest to the bunkers as I was in six of them! They were in good condition. A little damp/hard underneath but not hard to get out of. The rough was thick in some areas and you didn't want to be in there. No bueno!

The greens were in great condition , but they have always been good here. They rolled great. And not too many ball marks which is always nice to see.

Overall, I was impressed with this muni. Except for the wait on the par 3/s it was a great day. They have also done a nice upgrade in the restaurant. It’s now a restaurant with a full bar, numerous tv’s so I can see this making a big hit during football season. I would like to add MM to our rotation. Recommend!
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