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November 4, 2018- first time here. Well, this place is King around here. Ask the guys here in said, mpisarski01, sixpez, and kviser, who gave me great recommendation about this course was spot on. This place is upscale and a well maintained course.

I had a 12:35 tee time, but I checked in early even though I was told about the tournament. I just wanted to get there early to putt and warm up, but 20 minutes in my warm up, the starter asked if I could go early, so he paired me with a couple from Apple Valley who were good playing group. Sunny skies, but it was a windy day, 30 miles an hour maybe, and made it tough to play in.

The fairways are great and there are no roughs to hold a wayward rolling shot on a fairway. The teeing grounds were perfect. The greens were still recovering from aeration so it was a bumpy but surprisingly moving on a good speed. The bunkers are terrible with those pebbles- they were not only annoying, but I just don’t like it.

No beverage cart around all day and the snack bar person does another job so you could either wait a while or you could try and go inside to find help. The guy at check in was fine, the guy at bag drop was okay, but the starter was cool.

We went out at 11:00am and finished 10 minutes before 3:00- good pace.

I imagine the greens would be great in a couple more weeks.

Would want to play here again for sure!
Saturday, November 3, 2018, first time here. Good recommendation by users: mpisarski01, sixpez, and kviser.

Placed a tee time for 12:30, but got in early and checked in at about 10:30. There’s a tournament in progress that I knew about so I just hung out at the practice area, the balls are part of the greens fee for my twilight 12:30 time. 20 minutes or so later the starter asked if I could go early so we got on the tee right away at 11:10, which was real nice.

It was a bit windy- 30 miles an hour for most of the day and made it a tough day. But the guys they paired me with in the foursome made up for it- they were cool to hang in with; a local who I rode with and two guys from San Diego.

The pace was great till we caught up with the tournament on #3, but the shotgun finished on #7, so it wasn’t bad. We ended ip finishing before 3:00.

The course looks good right away- green lush and almost no bare spot. Their roughs are cut evenly throughout the course is a not so bad lengths. I’d say about 2 inches, but the bermuda rough almost always has the ball sitting in and covered so it’s somewhat tough to keep the ball on a good direction. The teeing grounds are a bit uneven from the white tees, but the fairways are very good- it had some roll, it was in great shape. The bunkers lack sand and what little they had in were mixed with pebbles and small rocks that are annoying to see and play in. Their greens were nice and smooth for the most part, but super slow- maybe at 8 if anything.

The beverage girl came around a few times and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Btw, this placris built on Indian Reservation land and they have water rights which makes it nice for the course.

Overall, I liked it here and I’d like to play here again. If I were to give it a # rating, I would go with a strong 6.0.

Thanks to the guys here in the site who were kind enough to share their knowledge of the course and area overall.
Sunday 10/21/18, 12:30pm tee time for us three. Nice day, maybe less than 5 mph wind, high 70s temp and it was a clear blue skies- couldn’t be a better day on a golf course.

The staff and the beverage cart were good and did their normal services as they pleased the patrons and guests.

It’s almost been a month since they’ve aerated the greens with the new process- looks like a big rounded cut but the core was left in- no holes. Then they’ve sanded the greens heavily. But as of today, the have not cut the greens low enough to make it smooth nor roll fast- the greens are wobbly and bumpy. One of our guys said, not too, too, bad, then retracted and said, not good either- which was more accurate descriptor. The fairways were a little on a soggy side. A number of fairways were reseeded and it’s cart paths only on those holes: #1, 9, 10, 15, & 17 (check the pro shop for accuracy of those holes). So those fairways are a
Bit hairy, but they’re coming around. I’m guessing in a week or so, they’ll be cutting.

The bunkers were fine, they had new fine sand in it. The teeing grounds were good and lush- some were also reseeded. The rough is up! ...and they’re lush- I hope they cut it soon. I’ll give it a couple of weeks before it gets good again.

The driving range is mats only on Monday through Wednesday and on soggy wet muddy grass on Thursdays through Sunday. Actually, I’d wait about another four weeks before I play it again.

Saturday the 20th, October, about noon was when we tee’d off. It was breezy, but a nice clear day of mid 70s.

There was a twosome- a father and son who I was paired with. In front of us were a foursome who was fast in some holes but very slow with more than a few holes making it a 4 hours and 20 minutes round total- not that bad, but it didn’t help to see that there was no one in front of them for about 2 whole holes.

It was a busy day, there were a lot of people on the range and we see the carts making the turn from the ninth- the parking lot was almost full that day.

Their aeration was done more than a month ago and the course is looking good. The greens were rolling nicely and fast (thumbs up on that!). The fairways were also nice and lush but there’s a few areas that were over watered but it wasn’t much in play. The teeing grounds looks good, too. The bunkers looks like sand were added, but it was mixed with lots of gravel/pebbles (about the size of a penny- I didn’t care for it at all). The rough was tall in many areas that were not in play, but along both sides of the fairways, you can see that they’ve mowed it down nicely. So it was maybe 3 and 4 inches tall and boy it was lush and it made it a little difficult to find the ball much more getting out of it.

The guys at their pro shop are always good including the starter up at #1. The beverage cart came around at least three times.

So all in all the course is in good shape and it looks like it will only get better through the winter and we can definitely see many rounds here or at least this course will be a choice contender for the winter.

Good job Oak Valley GC!!
October 13, 2018 goes on the Southern California calendar with reports of the long awaited rain which was great! The temperature was in the high 50s for the most part with some breze. I’m not sure that this playing and current weather conditions will be a fair review for the course. It was wet and soggy conditions. What’s good is that the course is covered with good grass and for the most part the rough were lush though not very penalizing.. aw wet sand and some water in it. The greens rolled real well but it’s soaked and holds the ball where it lands- that could be good news for some or not.. for some. The pace of play sucked behind a very slow tournament- over 5 hours... YIKES!!!!
Still a good golf day- better than going to a dental appointment. The kid practicing for his am tour next week was an inspiration to tee with- all day bombs and darts from him.. shakin my head.. kids these days...
I’ll need to come back here and play it again in a better weather and conditions- nice track.
Bev cart were around a few times. Staff were good and attentive including snack bar food folks.
Long time friends got together in a reunion and we picked this course because we used to play here in in the early 90s when we were all new in golf.

Our tee time was 07:48am. At 11:10 we walked off the 18th green. Very pleased with the pace from the groups ahead.

I was only in one bunker 3rd or 4th hole, by the green. There were fluffy but a thin layer of sand, and not prepped well- it seems they just dumped and spread out the sand without conditioning it.

The fairways are thinning with lots of bare brown spots- some rolled okay, some are too wet for the ball to have any roll.

The back tee markers for most holes (17 out of 18) were moved forward between the blue and white tees!!! ...ugh. What is the use of slope/rating when they're not going to use it properly?

Finally the greens were so soft. They look nice and green, but there are ball marks that had been fixed halfway and some are totally left for others to fix. I have to admit, some of the greens rolled okay.

All in all, the conditions here last Sunday was not good although everyone had a pretty good round. Maybe we're just remembering how much better it was. I'll tell you what though... we're not planning to come back and do a reunion here again!! LOL LOL LOL LOL
It was a warm sunny afternoon with blue skies and light breeze of a club to a club and a half at times. My pal checked us in without any issues, but there I found out that one of our long time friend whom we knew since a kid is now a pro there and qual to play in the amateur at Pebble.

Back to my course review: the course was kinder and gentler this time around. The rough was down to about 2” though the fairways were sort of soft spongy (taller cut of grass) and were not rolling as much. The bunkers I’ve been in were all in the front and they were conditioned well. The teeing grounds were fine in the combo tees we played in and the greens were much slower than the last time I was there and if I had to guess, it was about 10.5 to 11 in stimp.

BTW, the trees on the #2 to the left were trimmed to where even a high drive could be played.

On the course, we almost saw no one and it was perfect for a leisurely round of 3 hours and 15 min or so. But not surprising we saw a few more long time friends in the building.

The services there were great, and I was even given a brief tour where we saw another long time friend pictured as club champ. Needless to say that a wonderful day was had and will be back again to visit.
So another opportunity presented itself last Saturday, which was a clear skies and some breeze enough to make me think a half to full club difference.

Our group went off about 9:54. behind the tournament who started on the 15th hole, but we caught on to them around the 4th hole or so and it was a bit slow as we finished about 4 and a half hours. My company had to leave and could not come out for the second round anymore, but I went out again and the course was pretty much empty- no one in front and back of me and I had a leisure time of just under 3 hour round.

The course was in good shape from fairways to green. The teeing grounds were a bit used up on the whites where I played both rounds. I think I was in one fairway bunker and a couple of greenside bunker for the day. The fairway bunker was pretty crusty and almost had no sand, but I didn't mind that very much. The greenside bunker I was in were okay with sand- not the greatest quality sand, but it's okay.

Considering the hot weather we're having the fairways were in great shape. The greens were soft and were very receptive. They were smooth and rolled nicely. I think maybe 10.5 as a guess. I liked it a lot and had a blast on both rounds.

There's no bev cart there ever, but the restaurant is in between nines- just have to plan for that. Also, the pro shop guys were all very nice and accommodating like always.

There were some dried out areas I saw but it's far from being in play- no big deal at all.

All in all, this place had just become a favorite spot to come visit and play. Great job Oak Valley!
Another chance to play Coto’s North course came my way yesterday and it was another spectacular day of golf. We’re told the south is currently healing from its aeration so we may find the north course busier. We teed off at 11:30 just after a late breakfast and good service at the club, finished at 3:40 or so. We only waited a few times from different holes, but it was a pretty day of sunshine in the low 90s with a light breeze that comes and goes throughout the day. The sand in the bunkers were very good and with good consistency for the two i was in around the greenside and the other two from the fairways. The teeing grounds were fine. The geens were grown nicely from a recent aeration, but I thought it was still a little bumpy. The fairways were looking good. I just wished I played better... can’t wait to come and play here again.
So I had an opportunity to play here at Oak Valley on Saturday, 06/23/18.
It was a sunny day with winds no more than 12 miles an hour if any.
My guys played an early round, one of them joined me for 36 holes with replay of $30 or so.
Our first tee time was just passed 12:00pm and the pace was leisurely at 3:45. The following time was even faster it seems like.
The guys at the pro shop were cool to bend a couple irons of mine before my range time.
The hotdog and the drinks were served nicely at the restaurant.

We played the white tees on both rounds and made it for a fun day.
The greens were fine, but it just tends to get a little bumpy around that time of day it seems.
The bunkers were okay from the two greenside I was in.
The teeing grounds were mostly level- some slight slope from a few tee- not a big deal.
The fairways were good and weren't over watered nor dried out.

There were no bev/snack cart, but the clubhouse is in between 9s.

I noticed there are now signs to be ware of mountain lions crossing. I was telling my bud that I met one of them on #6 tee a while back- last year late in summer I think. It stared at me and I didn't take my eye off of it for what seems a long time at the time. It slowly walked away but I left even though there's plenty of sun left on my third round. Just glad nothing happened.
So in between the three days I was there, on Feb 11, Sunday, it was miraculously a beautiful day as the wind laid down letting me and my golf instructor by for a very nice day of golf.

As for the course condition, this little gem of a course had one of the best true rolling greens prepared for the public to play in, although the one bunker I was in at the back was not desirable for its lack of sand and attention/preparation. The teeing grounds were very good and almost pristine (at back tees- hard to find a broken tee on par thee holes. jk.) The fairways are amazingly cut short and tight without much divots and noticed that the shorter holes had more divots, but they were filled in with sand.

The bev cart came by a few times and the pro shop guys were straight forward, informative, short and sweet.

If you've played here before, you know this is a good track and that's how we found it in, in its great condition- so I'd give the course condition a rating of a high 8 out of 10... pleasurable!

Saturday 11/04/17: I was joined by a local resident here in the back nine as I caught up with the groups in front. It was a breezy when I started about 11:45 and I expected the wind to pick up even more but instead the weather was even more calm which made for a real nice day.

What a difference since I was there last- the grass grew back and the rough are taller making it almost difficult to find the ball- you really have to keep an eye on it. The fairways are in good shape- running and not so much divots unfilled but nice and tightly mowed. The greens are so receptive, making it easier to get close (if I could only make shots- lol). The bunkers I was in were fine and the the teeing grounds were okay/ not so chewed up late in the weekend day- you’ll have to find a spot. I’m just glad the grass came back alive oh and the greens rolled nice.

Always a pleasure to play here... love it.
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