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So in between the three days I was there, on Feb 11, Sunday, it was miraculously a beautiful day as the wind laid down letting me and my golf instructor by for a very nice day of golf.

As for the course condition, this little gem of a course had one of the best true rolling greens prepared for the public to play in, although the one bunker I was in at the back was not desirable for its lack of sand and attention/preparation. The teeing grounds were very good and almost pristine (at back tees- hard to find a broken tee on par thee holes. jk.) The fairways are amazingly cut short and tight without much divots and noticed that the shorter holes had more divots, but they were filled in with sand.

The bev cart came by a few times and the pro shop guys were straight forward, informative, short and sweet.

If you've played here before, you know this is a good track and that's how we found it in, in its great condition- so I'd give the course condition a rating of a high 8 out of 10... pleasurable!

Saturday 11/04/17: I was joined by a local resident here in the back nine as I caught up with the groups in front. It was a breezy when I started about 11:45 and I expected the wind to pick up even more but instead the weather was even more calm which made for a real nice day.

What a difference since I was there last- the grass grew back and the rough are taller making it almost difficult to find the ball- you really have to keep an eye on it. The fairways are in good shape- running and not so much divots unfilled but nice and tightly mowed. The greens are so receptive, making it easier to get close (if I could only make shots- lol). The bunkers I was in were fine and the the teeing grounds were okay/ not so chewed up late in the weekend day- you’ll have to find a spot. I’m just glad the grass came back alive oh and the greens rolled nice.

Always a pleasure to play here... love it.
Rosamond, CA is part of Kern county.

Muroc Lake Golf Course is in a town called Edwards.

Review: the overall course conditions are fair.
Greens: this is the best thing here in MLGC. Rolling smoothly and at a good speed- eleven probably during the early morning prior to mowers.
Bunkers: are good but with old sand- some pebbles, but not clay clumps- not the best quality sand. Not bad.
Fairways are the second best thing here, it’s really lush, green, but doesn’t get the run so the course could play a little longer.
Rough: I’m not a fan. There aren’t much of it, but it’s like weeds or cabbage.. it grabs the club and doesn’t get through. It looks easy to get out of, but not. Outside of that are baren lies with sand, stones, and rocks that can damage your club. Find the fairway!
Teeing grounds: they’re good.

I’d give this course a low 80s in comparison to similar course layout.
Rosamond, CA is part of Kern county.

Muroc Lake Golf Course is in a town called Edwards.

New super is doing a great job at the course this whole summer. The greens are rolling so smooth and are starting to get its speed back up to fast again.

The roughs are also covering more areas before it gets to the deserts' hard barren ground.

The sand in the bunkers are mediocre and the teeing grounds are more than okay. I love the fairways... so green and runs pretty good.

Two thumbs up for the new super!
Hey Guys,
The aeration won't be till September 25, 2017.

I played there the 10th and the 12th, September. The better conditions was on the 12th.

Some spots on the course are mushy- over watered. I'm not happy. The large rain that poured over on the 9th didn't help. But on the other hand, if you want to see green, the course is green and lush and the rough are healthy.

New sand for the bunkers came in and are being applied.

Anyway, the greens are great and were getting nice and firm, but that's just a prep for aeration and it will be done in five days.

Hoping to play it once more before aeration.
We were here on September 3rd, and so glad to be back on for a day of golf with one of the members here.

It wasn't surprising to find the greens to be in its normal excellent shape- smooth, probably an 11 on a stimpmeter- not overly fast- just a great speed, I think, and it was really a pleasure to putt on. The bunkers have sand in it although it was powdery on some (like on #10 front right bunker) and just right on others that I was in. The fairways were a little on the wet side as they protect from the heat, and the teeing grounds were pretty good.

I could play all day on a course like this and that's just what we did.
It's always a treat for me to come and be able to get on on this course. I was here on September 4th. I don't always come here, maybe 3 months or so, but it was enough to notice some differences. I think there's just been many dead areas of grass more than previous times I've been here although most of those areas that are dying/dead aren't in play there are some areas that are starting to die. The greens looks lush and green but have been bumpy and many ball marks that aren't fixed. The greens are so over watered that even in the late afternoon, hitting the greens could plug on in the greens. The bunkers' sand are thinning and much of the teeing grounds looks almost all used up and moved forward.

I am so very disappointed how this course is moving towards less care and less maintenance- I'd hate to see this course go to the dogs... pretty sad.
June 27th, Tuesday 7:00am on the Lakes/Canyon.

The beautiful Spanish Trails was all I heard about before playing here, and it was. The- most- pleasurable greens I have putted on in a while existed here. They know smooth and true rolling greens in speeds of 11/12. I LOVE their greens!! The whole course layout and composition are a treat to play like I wouldn't get tired of playing here for the rest of my golfing life. I've enjoyed it here very much.

The fairways were neatly cut in tight lies, green and lush, it ran pretty good, too. Teeing grounds were fine, the bunker i was in was nicely prepped. The roughs in some areas were very healthy, but in most cases, not punitive.

The beverage cart came around more towards our back 9 which was fine, and the staff at the pro shop were attentive and accommodating.

I can't wait to play here again.
Wednesday the 28th of June, 7:05-ish shotgun start.
I was surprised about the distance of some green to the next tee- I was thinking this course would be walker friendly in that respect, but we had a cart anyway, it was just a thought. The course is beautiful and it was fun to play.

The greens were lightly sanded with fine sand. It was receptive and were rolling to about 9, it was smooth most of the time not bad. The bunker I was in was okay and with a good prepped sand. The fairways were in good conditions, and the rough wasn't punitive. The teeing grounds were good, too.

The bev girl came around a few times.

I really enjoyed this course and I'll possibly make another time and play here again. I'll give the course and conditions an 8.0
Thursday, the 29th, 7:10-ish shotgun start, 87 players.

The layout was okay, the holes- each of them were different and far from being monotonous from each other. Many interesting holes that made me think of what to do, what club to tee off with. It was almost difficult to get a rhythm and flow going because I never knew what Jack has in mind for the next shot or the next hole. It made for a long day as a tournament, but it turned out to be a very fun and memorable day even though the greens were so slow (maybe 8 on a stimp?) it rolled okay for the most part- bumpy at times. I'm not happy with that at all. I wasn't in any bunker, but the guys I was with who played in it said it was okay. The fairways were just fine although more than a few divots were unfiled (it looks like it's at least two days old- so disappointing. The teeing grounds were okay and level.

I hate to give low reviews on a course most especially on a premium course as this, but I can't help to give a few dings against it. For the course itself I think it's fair that they get an 8.2. For its playing conditions, I'm sorry but a high 6.5 should be all I could give it. Remember this course is not cheap to get onto.

Anyway, the wait to get on this course was still worth it beca of its individual hole design, but that's all. I can't sa I'd be in a hurry to be back... on a special much discounted deal, maybe.
This has been a course I've always wanted to play. I didn't read up much about the course except that I knew it was a private course and that I also knew that it is somehow connected to Big Horn cc. I had a high expectations with its conditions and it didn't disappoint. Just about at every where every corner you look, the grass is healthy in emerald green with fairways that are in one of the best top playing conditions, however, they are sloped and like Ken said in a review previous to this, you'll find some with moguls and some fairways are severely sloped- a good target drive and placements are a must on those holes. Otherwise, what you may think would be a good drive down the middle may just end up on either an unplayable spot or furthermore in a hazard. The greens are undulated and it's a must that you stay below the hole- that could mean just about anywhere depending on the green. The greens rolled nice and smooth, but not as fast as anyone would think- it just has a lot of slope and I'm glad it isn't that fast. The teeing grounds were perfect, but I didn't care much for the bunker's sand- I'd give it a 3 out of 5. It's just amazing how green they are in the same deep colored tone they have all over the course. Lots of money are being poured in here just for seeding each year.

I wouldn't mind playing here once in a while just for its condition and atmosphere along with good service. I felt good being here, our caddie was good and accommodating to all of us and the food was good, too.
April 30, 2017, we were there that Sunday and were joined by to gents from Sacramento who played pretty well themselves without delay- they were enjoyable.

The greens healed from the recent aeration- it looks good but the balls wobble around more than a few times from all our putts. At times, chips and pitches would take sharp turns surprisingly left or right on its first bounce on green surface. We weren't sure or we couldn't tell if we were hitting ball marks, but everything looks perfectly smooth. After a few times with this going on, it became comical and we just had to laugh. I have never experienced this sort of thing on any of these three courses at Paiute. One of the guys were real funny and quick with a joke blaming the golfer. (LOL). Other than that, everything else was just fine good and playable.

There was no one in front of us and no one behind us until the last three holes, a twosome caught up with us.

Pro shop services were good. At the bar, devour tender was all alone and huge giant restaurant/bar. So we moved up at the bar- she was thankful, and served the beers well. :)
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