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Fist time playing here on 01/27/19.

Beautiful day for golf- sunny skies, no wind and temps were at mid to high 60s. We couldn’t ask for a better day on a midwinter outing.

The course is located in the east most part of Las Vegas, just on the other side of Royal Links Golf Club. Not exactly Summerlin like of a town but they have golf courses here. They’ve built this course alongside a wash or river, but I doubt the water is clean. There were no trees in play and a little lake on the front nine. The staff here were all very nice and accommodating, kind and helpful.

What they’ve done to the course’s grass: it was sprayed with some type of color green that made it looked good against some dormant grass areas that surrounds the fairways, greens and teeing grounds. The rich deep green color looks good in contrast, but the green coloring will rub onto the ball.

As far as the course played, the fairways had lots of roll as it was or we think it was almost dried out. The divots from our irons on fairways were a telltale as the pieces crumbles to dust with our shots! (lol)

The greens were hard and not as easy to hold on longer approaches, but okay with the high soft shots.

Teeing grounds were good though some spots were hard to place a tee on. Dry? …maybe! :)

The bunkers were hard pan underneath a quarter inch sand layer with the same color. The sand quality varies from fine sand in one bunker and more grainy type on another. Needless to say the consistency isn’t there so after two sand shots from greenside bunkers and one fairway bunker, I really made an effort not to get into anymore of them.

No bev cart here that day, but the bar’s tab for a six-pack of beers to take on the course was only $25. We thought that was a good deal in Vegas. Also, GolfNow charged each of us $45.49 a player. A good rate… and btw, it’s also easy to score well here as long as you are careful not to dunk shots in the river or wash or whatever it is. …and if I did, I wouldn’t retrieve it. Who knows what’s in that water??
All in all it was an okay experience.
(01/26/19) Weather here today was great! A little cool in the morning and warmed up to low 60s with sunny skies and winds no more than 10 mph. Needless to say we caught a gorgeous day in midwinter.

Shout out to the staff who were great to begin with. I booked a time from GolfNow for 11:30 for Saturday, not realizing the date I paid for was “Friday!” Yikes! We paid $226.47 for three players (75.49 a player) The concierge was nice enough to help us squeeze in for the 10:00 tee time. Which was nice- I slipped him a $20 and got things done without any other issues. Just glad we got on.

The course was not at par level as I remembered it to be.

The bunkers looks like it has sand only to hit a hard barren lie under- I was in two of them. The white bottom lining material were exposed on more bunkers as we went through the rest of the course- very exposed and very visible. #17th and another greenside bunker were completely GUR- also the bunkers had plenty of dollar sized stones and rocks enough to damage your equipment (I know about the new rule). All of that was very disappointing!

The fairways were a little less than okay- lots of recent repair that hasn’t quite grown to fair playing conditions as the ball can sit on spots in sunken lies- another disappointing factor… ugh!

Teeing grounds were not chewed up, but the grass were mixed in quality and it’s easy to tell they’re not growing evenly although this did not bother any tee shots at all- just not something I was expecting.

The greens were fast and bumpy from many unrepaired pitch marks. I suspect it’s from not being able to repair it when there’s frost under. It was receptive in many high soft shots. Greens are very important to me, but I’m not bashing this course for it- I just say what I find in my experience.

Even though all these imperfections, blemish, whatever it may be called were present, a great time was had all day.

Bev cart girl came around often- and we bought drinks often.
Yesterday, 01/06/19, was my first round here. There's been some light but a constant rain before daylight and the course was wet but without excess water on the surface. It was still drizzling when we got to the course for the 7:22 tee time and continued on for another hour or so and well in the high 40s for a short time. No wind- thank goodness and that made the round just over 3.5 hours.

It's a tight little course: there's only a few holes for a driver (of my own ability, that is) but hybrids and 3 woods were fun to play here. Many cart paths are shared for both traffic directions and many of the greens and teeing grounds are within earshot. CAUTION- some of the teeing grounds crosses a street. Yikes!!

The course conditions were very good:
The greens were smooth but because it was wet in the morning, it was slow until almost the back nine as it dries out. Maybe it's just me, but I must have fixed at least a couple marks/depression on the greens of old divots or what not... I guess I was just lucky to have them on my line- it didn't seem to bother others in my group.
The bunkers had ample sand to play from as it looks, but some were a deep fluff and some were thin in the middle.
The fairways were very good and it ran well without much divots.

It was nice to have played the historic Gene Sarazen design for the first time. He had achieve characterization with such small property he had to work with and even on some of the short holes- yes, you're better off if you could shape shots or lay it up rather than cutting corners as he has also thought that out. With that said, it's a course that could teach a me and a few others many good lessons in golf utilizing many if not all the clubs in the bag- I had a good time here.

The small clubhouse had a couple of old bags filled with club heads on hickory... very cool to see... people were nice, too. There's also a few plaques around the course describing some historic shots... good read.

I'll be looking out for another chance to play here again.
It wasn’t quite in the 50s yet when I got to the property though a high covered skies kept the couse from a morning freeze. Winds were down the whole time we were there- not one turbine was turning- a balmy day to enjoy Robert Trent Jones, Jr.’s work of art... as expected, it did not disappoint.

GolfNow discounted greens fee for $45 for the 8:30ish tee time led to us teeing off at a few minutes before 8:00 with no one in front and no one in the back through 16 holes- perfect!

Our matches heated up early on and made it for almost a four hour round- so fun... and to be on this course with everyone cutting in on each other’s efforts scores makes it a little more quiet with just a word here and there. Very seldom this much heat comes around so we pretty much just took it all in as much as we could.

The greens were still wet, but rolled quite nicely and built up to a fast pace as we went through the course. The greenside bunker on the first hole had some water in it, but the rest were fine looking even though I was only in one at the 11th fw bunker and another on the 18th green.

The fairways were in good shape and without much divot , but with my luck, i managed to be in three of them. (lol). The teeing grounds from the back were just fine and we saw the front tees looking just fine. Not much rough here the way they keep it up, but the back has some with it just a few inches and it wasn’t affecting play much at all.

Beverage cart came around a few times- yes, that’s the earliest bev cart I’ve seen on a course. Also, the pro shop staff checked me in without any issues- smooth!

All in all the color of the course is not very green, though rest assured, the grass were alive and the course is in very good playing conditions- an A+ if I had to grade it or an 8 out of 10.

Catch this course soon on a non-windy day and you’ll have the same good experience as we did today... Happy New Year!!
12/28 cold morning start frost delays teed off 9:40ish still in the high 30s and never got up past high 40s with winds towards the end of front nine 20mph wich were on and off the rest of the day.. 4 hour round.

What I really want to let everyone know is to echo the previous reviewer about the greens.. wow!! Pretty amazingly smooth true and all that about good greens. Yes there were some fresh ball marks but I suspect it is from the guys ahead who weren’t able to fix them because of some frost. Otherwise it would have been supper nice.

The fairways were nice, I wasn’t in any bunkers but they look okay and with sand. The teeing grounds were good. All in all, I’d give this little course a nice A+ for playability and conditioning. Such a pleasure to play it because of the way the golf course cares for it.

FYI: the practice putting green were damaged by a broken pipe (around Thanksgiving) that runs the waterfall on the 18th green- new pipe went in and the green was recreated, however that north end section is still closed to regrow the grass.

Pro shop guys and restaurant staff were nice. $65ish to ride... maybe $55 week day. Someone paid for me so I'm not sure.
12/01/18, in search of a warmer weather and calmer winds at a tail end of the large rain system for golf, I found Elkins Ranch to be at 3-6 miles an hour wind for the day with low 60s as its highs with clear skies/ what a gorgeous day here for a little golf time.

Paired with another single and a father/son who all played well was a great bonus. Balls were in the air at 11:28 and all holed in the 18th by 3:16. Keeping a nice space with one or two shots in front with no group following us gave us all the feeling of being in a private club, however, the close proximity of the tees and greens and other things also gave us the feeling of being crowded.

Nevertheless, its current playing conditions were at par or better for the little hidden course against the hills. It’s a short but a tight par 71 from the back tees although some of the markers were on or near the white tees making it even shorter but they were mostly in good shape. The fairways were lush and covered with kikuyu grass and ran well enough without mud on balls even though we just had lots of rain the day before- the course drained well as I could see. The bunkers looks okay along the fairways and greenside had some good and well prepared sand though some of them were still on the wet side. The greens were a pleasure for its nice speed though bumpy at times.

There were no beverage cart which we didn’t miss, but the pro shop people checked me in without much questions and off to my cart and the first tee I went.

I highly recommend this course on a day like this though I hear this place could be very busy which I myself would not like and enjoy in such a small tight place not to mention the quirky routing it has, it can easily get clogged up like a heartattack. I was actually afraid of that as I remember it to be back in the mid ‘90s since I last played it.

All in all a great day at the ol’Elkins.
November 4, 2018- first time here. Well, this place is King around here. Ask the guys here in said, mpisarski01, sixpez, and kviser, who gave me great recommendation about this course was spot on. This place is upscale and a well maintained course.

I had a 12:35 tee time, but I checked in early even though I was told about the tournament. I just wanted to get there early to putt and warm up, but 20 minutes in my warm up, the starter asked if I could go early, so he paired me with a couple from Apple Valley who were good playing group. Sunny skies, but it was a windy day, 30 miles an hour maybe, and made it tough to play in.

The fairways are great and there are no roughs to hold a wayward rolling shot on a fairway. The teeing grounds were perfect. The greens were still recovering from aeration so it was a bumpy but surprisingly moving on a good speed. The bunkers are terrible with those pebbles- they were not only annoying, but I just don’t like it.

No beverage cart around all day and the snack bar person does another job so you could either wait a while or you could try and go inside to find help. The guy at check in was fine, the guy at bag drop was okay, but the starter was cool.

We went out at 11:00am and finished 10 minutes before 3:00- good pace.

I imagine the greens would be great in a couple more weeks.

Would want to play here again for sure!
Saturday, November 3, 2018, first time here. Good recommendation by users: mpisarski01, sixpez, and kviser.

Placed a tee time for 12:30, but got in early and checked in at about 10:30. There’s a tournament in progress that I knew about so I just hung out at the practice area, the balls are part of the greens fee for my twilight 12:30 time. 20 minutes or so later the starter asked if I could go early so we got on the tee right away at 11:10, which was real nice.

It was a bit windy- 30 miles an hour for most of the day and made it a tough day. But the guys they paired me with in the foursome made up for it- they were cool to hang in with; a local who I rode with and two guys from San Diego.

The pace was great till we caught up with the tournament on #3, but the shotgun finished on #7, so it wasn’t bad. We ended ip finishing before 3:00.

The course looks good right away- green lush and almost no bare spot. Their roughs are cut evenly throughout the course is a not so bad lengths. I’d say about 2 inches, but the bermuda rough almost always has the ball sitting in and covered so it’s somewhat tough to keep the ball on a good direction. The teeing grounds are a bit uneven from the white tees, but the fairways are very good- it had some roll, it was in great shape. The bunkers lack sand and what little they had in were mixed with pebbles and small rocks that are annoying to see and play in. Their greens were nice and smooth for the most part, but super slow- maybe at 8 if anything.

The beverage girl came around a few times and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Btw, this placris built on Indian Reservation land and they have water rights which makes it nice for the course.

Overall, I liked it here and I’d like to play here again. If I were to give it a # rating, I would go with a strong 6.0.

Thanks to the guys here in the site who were kind enough to share their knowledge of the course and area overall.
Sunday 10/21/18, 12:30pm tee time for us three. Nice day, maybe less than 5 mph wind, high 70s temp and it was a clear blue skies- couldn’t be a better day on a golf course.

The staff and the beverage cart were good and did their normal services as they pleased the patrons and guests.

It’s almost been a month since they’ve aerated the greens with the new process- looks like a big rounded cut but the core was left in- no holes. Then they’ve sanded the greens heavily. But as of today, the have not cut the greens low enough to make it smooth nor roll fast- the greens are wobbly and bumpy. One of our guys said, not too, too, bad, then retracted and said, not good either- which was more accurate descriptor. The fairways were a little on a soggy side. A number of fairways were reseeded and it’s cart paths only on those holes: #1, 9, 10, 15, & 17 (check the pro shop for accuracy of those holes). So those fairways are a
Bit hairy, but they’re coming around. I’m guessing in a week or so, they’ll be cutting.

The bunkers were fine, they had new fine sand in it. The teeing grounds were good and lush- some were also reseeded. The rough is up! ...and they’re lush- I hope they cut it soon. I’ll give it a couple of weeks before it gets good again.

The driving range is mats only on Monday through Wednesday and on soggy wet muddy grass on Thursdays through Sunday. Actually, I’d wait about another four weeks before I play it again.

Saturday the 20th, October, about noon was when we tee’d off. It was breezy, but a nice clear day of mid 70s.

There was a twosome- a father and son who I was paired with. In front of us were a foursome who was fast in some holes but very slow with more than a few holes making it a 4 hours and 20 minutes round total- not that bad, but it didn’t help to see that there was no one in front of them for about 2 whole holes.

It was a busy day, there were a lot of people on the range and we see the carts making the turn from the ninth- the parking lot was almost full that day.

Their aeration was done more than a month ago and the course is looking good. The greens were rolling nicely and fast (thumbs up on that!). The fairways were also nice and lush but there’s a few areas that were over watered but it wasn’t much in play. The teeing grounds looks good, too. The bunkers looks like sand were added, but it was mixed with lots of gravel/pebbles (about the size of a penny- I didn’t care for it at all). The rough was tall in many areas that were not in play, but along both sides of the fairways, you can see that they’ve mowed it down nicely. So it was maybe 3 and 4 inches tall and boy it was lush and it made it a little difficult to find the ball much more getting out of it.

The guys at their pro shop are always good including the starter up at #1. The beverage cart came around at least three times.

So all in all the course is in good shape and it looks like it will only get better through the winter and we can definitely see many rounds here or at least this course will be a choice contender for the winter.

Good job Oak Valley GC!!
October 13, 2018 goes on the Southern California calendar with reports of the long awaited rain which was great! The temperature was in the high 50s for the most part with some breze. I’m not sure that this playing and current weather conditions will be a fair review for the course. It was wet and soggy conditions. What’s good is that the course is covered with good grass and for the most part the rough were lush though not very penalizing.. aw wet sand and some water in it. The greens rolled real well but it’s soaked and holds the ball where it lands- that could be good news for some or not.. for some. The pace of play sucked behind a very slow tournament- over 5 hours... YIKES!!!!
Still a good golf day- better than going to a dental appointment. The kid practicing for his am tour next week was an inspiration to tee with- all day bombs and darts from him.. shakin my head.. kids these days...
I’ll need to come back here and play it again in a better weather and conditions- nice track.
Bev cart were around a few times. Staff were good and attentive including snack bar food folks.
Long time friends got together in a reunion and we picked this course because we used to play here in in the early 90s when we were all new in golf.

Our tee time was 07:48am. At 11:10 we walked off the 18th green. Very pleased with the pace from the groups ahead.

I was only in one bunker 3rd or 4th hole, by the green. There were fluffy but a thin layer of sand, and not prepped well- it seems they just dumped and spread out the sand without conditioning it.

The fairways are thinning with lots of bare brown spots- some rolled okay, some are too wet for the ball to have any roll.

The back tee markers for most holes (17 out of 18) were moved forward between the blue and white tees!!! ...ugh. What is the use of slope/rating when they're not going to use it properly?

Finally the greens were so soft. They look nice and green, but there are ball marks that had been fixed halfway and some are totally left for others to fix. I have to admit, some of the greens rolled okay.

All in all, the conditions here last Sunday was not good although everyone had a pretty good round. Maybe we're just remembering how much better it was. I'll tell you what though... we're not planning to come back and do a reunion here again!! LOL LOL LOL LOL
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