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Played 10/11/19 10 am POP 3:50
First group out after frost delay. Fairways in very good to fantastic shape. Ball sat perfect with good roll. Greens were very firm and fast. They are punching on Monday. The course is beautiful right now with the colorful foliage and nice day temperatures. Enjoyed the layout. Mostly mountain type golf with some narrow landing areas and tough angles if you find the wrong side of fairway. Nice views of surrounding mountains. Recommend after punching healed, but season most likely over?
Played 10/3/19 2:30 pm POP 4+
Enjoyed a twilight round with friends. Course is in over all solid shape. Fairway's were cut pretty tight. Looked like maybe they were planning on over seeding?? Never seen them that tight without overseeding after. Still were in great shape. Mostly green with full coverage.
Greens were in very good shape. No visuals of the past aeration, but slower then the "normal" slow of SV. Were a little on the bumpy side and held shots well. Nothing a good mow wouldn't fix. Traps mostly firm. Easy recommend.
Played 9-21-19 7 am POP 3:50.
Course is in decent shape. Typical for this time of year here. Fairway's mostly dry with some areas that collect water being very wet this early in the morning. Some areas of the fairways have good coverage. Most areas a little on the thin side and some areas brown. Didn't really cause any big issues unless you found the browned out area. Firm underneath so good ball striking helpful. Traps were a mixture of hardpan and wet sand. Found a couple of them. If you are fortunate to land in a "raked" area they are not bad. Rough was mixed bag from very thin to very thick grass. Sometimes very close to green, which made chipping interesting.
Greens were the highlight. Very receptive and ran mostly smooth at about a medium pace. They were all in great shape. Even #14 which has had many past struggles. Really enjoy the layout and mix of holes. A fun day can be had here.
Played 9-15-19 9:am POP 4+
Fairway's green and mostly lush with good roll. Ball sat very nicely. Few browned areas mixed throughout as you would expect for late summer. Over all very nice to hit from.
Greens very receptive with decent roll and running a touch over medium. They are in great shape. Bunkers mixed. Some hard, some not. Some with rocks, some with not. Tees are always the week spot on the course. They are generally small and get beat up pretty good, but still decent enough to hit from. Saw the cart girl twice. The course is in over all great shape and a easy recommend.
Played 9/2/19 9:50 POP 4:30 +
Course was in over all great shape. Fairway's were green & lush with full coverage. A few dry areas mixed around, but caused no issues. Ball sat nicely and they had good roll out. A little firm underneath. Greens, although visually lacking in appearance, played fantastic. Very receptive. Rolled true and at a good speed of a couple notches above medium. Never had so many shots stop dead on their landing or roll back. Was in a couple of traps and they all looked the same of firm, but consistent. Pace was a little on the slow side. Saw the cart girl multiple times. Great service and a great practice/warm up area. It's worth it to show up a little early to take advantage of it. Price is a little too steep in my opinion, but a great track in great shape.
Played twilight 8/29/19 $25 5 pm POP 3:45. Was just able to get the round in. Last two holes were a race in the faded light. Course is in over all good to great shape. Fairway's full and mostly lush. A few browned areas mixed around, but mostly lush. Rough no issues and traps firm, but mostly consistent. Greens were back to their normal speed of SLOW and mostly bumpy from the day's growth & foot prints. They were receptive and looked in great shape, just slow.
Over all easy recommend.
Played 8-25-19 8:30 POP 4 hrs. $49
Course was in over all great summer condition. Fairway's green & lush. A little soggy in many areas with not much roll out. Many tee shots stopped where they landed. Greens were receptive and ran mostly true, but a little on the slow side at around medium pace. You really had to give uphill putts a rap. Traps were mostly compacted wet sand. Was only in one, but buddy was in a couple and were not easy to get out of. Pace over all was good. It could have been better. The two groups in front of us were playing from tips and had NO business doing so!
It was hot and sticky. Easy recommend.
Played 8/15/19 4 pm POP. 3.5 hrs $25
They have been getting ready for their annual Member/Guest tournament. The course was in the best shape I ever seen it for this time of year. They had dyed the greens, so they were a deep green color. They were in great shape. Typical summer conditions is for them to be a little woolly and slow. Today they were running at a decent speed of Medium and receptive. Very nice. I would expect them to back to their normal speed after the weekend?
Fairways were in great shape. Almost complete coverage everywhere. Green & lush. Really nice to hit from. Traps a little firm but consistent.
The word is April 1, 2020 is the new shut down date to replace all the greens. We'll see what fools day brings?
Played 8/9/19. $200 POP 3.5 hrs.
Pretty much had the course to myself. Course was in fantastic shape. Fairways green and lush with good roll and cushion. Greens were perfection. Rolled true at a medium fast pace and receptive.
Traps were in good shape. Grainy sand and slightly compacted but consistent .
Fantastic fun layout. Wasn't a fan of the 250 & 230 yrd par 3's. But the rest of the course was a good mix of shorter target and bomber holes through the hills.
The green fees included two meals and all the non alcoholic drinks you wanted. My wife met me after the round and we had a nice lunch with the two meals. They are rebuilding the clubhouse so a semitrailer is in use with small proshop, grill and bar.
Played 7/28/19 7:30 POP 4:30
First time playing the pennical 18.
Fairways were mostly covered and in great shape.
There are some burnt areas mixed through out the fairways, but mostly good coverage and they played well.
Greens were fantastic. Firm, but held shots and ran true at a touch above medium.
Fun layout. Beautiful hole designs. Many short par 4s that driver is too much club and so can force to play a variety of shots. Most holes are surrounded by homes. Definite recommend.
Played 7/27/19 7 am POP 4:20
They mixed up the routing. We played back 9 of the south and the front North. Fairways were very thin.
Cut tight with many burnt areas mixed through out. Required precise ball striking.
Greens were in great shape. Held shots. Rolled well at a medium pace. Traps and tees in good to great shape. Fun layout on the courses we played. Started at around 90* and warmed to 100* at noon. Then jumped to 115* by 2. Recommend if good deal found.
Played 7/21/19 Course is still trying to recover from the winter. I had not played here in 30 years. Layout is fun with a good mix of holes. Fairways were in decent shape with good coverage. Many bare areas mixed throughout. Greens were very bad. Some had maybe 70% Coverage All were very bumpy with dead or sick areas covering entire green. No way to take putting serious under current conditions. Still two temporary greens which is down from the 5 they recently had. If you can find a good deal, you can have fun. It's a beautiful course, but I fear the greens will not be in decent shape for a couple of months and maybe not at all this year.
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