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Played 9/10/17. Afternoon replay round. Very warm & muggy. Fairway's in great shape. Seemed to get a little more roll then "Firecliff", but mostly the same. Greens not in as good as shape as Firecliff. Seemed to be a different grass. Very grainy & slow. Took a few holes to get the pace down. In great shape from Tee to green. Some fun designed holes with a slightly different look then it's bigger sister and a little easier to play. Would not hesitate to play this course if Firecliff was not available or a fun second 18 for the day.
Played 9/10/17 Early morning GK Guru with Nick, Robert and surprize morning show up of Gus. It was a great day of golf with this group. This is one of my top 3 favorite courses in the valley to play. It's typically in great shape and just fun! And has some very nice vistas of the surrounding mountains. The conditions were excellent. I'd say the best of the 4 courses played over the weekend. Fairway's lush and typical summer sponge. The ball does not roll. How ever far your T ball flies, that is what you get. The course play's 200 + yards longer in the summer, so play the proper T's. From Tee to green in excellent condition. Greens in great shape. Rolled well, decent pace at medium + and held shots well. Greens on 16 & 17 had some poor areas on them, but they were the only ones.
Service was fantastic. We had a very nice lunch before our replay round at the Mt. View course. Add Firecliff to your list. A Fantastic golf course!
Played 9/9/17. The celebrity course fit's my design eye. I enjoy a layout that is not your typical course track. Short 4's that give you the option to go or hit to a spot. A par 5 with a good drive leaving you a go/no go over water to the green. Good stuff ! The course was in typical summer conditions. Fairway's lush and not much roll out. Greens were in good shape. Not their typical great, but in good shape. Rough thick enough to cause some issues, but still very playable. Service was fantastic. Thank you IWR for setting up a great day for our group. A great place for group play!
Played 9/9/17 I look forward to when I get a chance to play this course. Especially when I get to Tee it up with fellow GKers- Nick & Matt. I really enjoy the design of this course. The conditions are typically not as "Lush" as many other courses in the valley. This day they were very fantastic. Played three other courses over the weekend and these would rate one of the highest.
Fairway's were excellent. Ball sat perfectly and were firm enough for a good roll out and soft enough to make perfect divots.
Greens were in great shape. Rolled well at medium speed and held shots well.
Rough not too thick and in good shape. Sand in good shape as well. Customer service excellent. They have a good warm up area & putting green with range balls included in price.
Add this one to your choices of play!
Played 8/24/17 Thursday Night special. Course is in really good shape. The best I have ever seen it. They just verticut and rolled the greens. Caused and couple of bumps, but mostly ran well at medium fast. Was told they may not aerate the greens this fall?
Fairway's in really good shape. Bunkers poor and a couple of T's in typical Mt. Woodson shape, but over all in great shape.
Great GK deal for Monday's $25
Played in the 8/6/17 GK Guru & again in the Thursday 5:30 twilight plays. A great deal. $10 for 9 holes with a cart and 1- beverage (Beer or Soda). Shot gun start and still enough light to just get the 9 in. I'm still impressed how much this course has improved with the new ownership. Course is in really good shape and fun to play. Bunkers still suck and some T boxs need work. They have closed a couple and have flattened and replaced turf so they are working on them. One of my favorite twilight courses in San Diego to play. If you haven't played here in a while it's worth a trip.
Played in the GK event. This is a difficult review. Of the handful of times I've had the pleasure of playing this course the conditions were immaculate. This day, they were the worst that I have seen. But, with the exception of the greens, they were still very good. I guess that can be a problem. When you are used to perfection, anything less stands out. Except for a few spots here and there the fairways were very good. I found the rough often and it was pretty thick, but manageable. The greens were not in that great of shape. I would imagine the hot weather has been taking a toll. It was very hot the day we played. Over all the course was still in pretty good shape. I felt a little bad for some of the GKers that drove all the way and didn't get to experience the 'typical' conditions of the course. This is a course design that I grow to love the more times I play it. There are couple of holes that seem pretty straight forward, but once you see the nuances of the design, you see that you have to hit the ball to specific areas. The fairway might be forgiving, but the approach shot is not! Looking forward to my Fall trip up north to play this gem again.
Played 7/19/17 $70 POP 4hrs.
Course was diffinet a tale of 2 nines. The front plays in a open valley. Fairways technically mostly green, but very dry and brown looking. Greens not in very good shape. Very bumpy and inconsistent on speed. Some very fast and others Not .
Back nine in the trees and lush. Greens in much better shape, but still on the bouncy side. The back can easily be played and probably should be played with the driver left in the bag.
Over all in decent to fair shape and fun to play
Played 7/4/17 10 am POP. 4:15 $128
Fairways were in very nice shape. Mostly green, but dry underneath & firm. Good lies and balls sat nicely.
Rough a mix bag and T's in very good to great shape
Sand very nice and lots of it.
Greens...... Well , they are trying hard to get them back into shape. Only a couple of greens still had signs of the disease that they've been fighting. They said that they have been small & medium tine punching often. They did a small tine punch a few weeks ago and have just done a medium tine punch & sanding a coupe of day's ago. Front nine greens weren't in too bad of shape, but still bumpy. The back nine were in much rougher shape. Lots of sand and larger punch holes. They rolled at a good pace of medium fast, but were pretty bumpy and did not hold lines very well. I'm glad to see they are working to solve the issue, but appear to be a few months away from them being back in prime shape. Mid week twilight rate is not a bad deal, but full weekend rate is not really worth it, sorry to say.
Played a 4 hole loop at 5 pm on 5/21/17
The fairways were perfect. Green & lush.
The 4 greens I played were in great shape and typical pace of medium/slow
The course is in fantastic shape. Wish the greens had a little more speed in them.
Played 5/19/17 with the GK guru dudes. Another great day with with the GK group. Played with Johnny & Andrew. Lots of laughs.
I thought the course is in very good shape. Haven't played here in a couple years and really thought the course has improved a lot. Fairways have filled in more then they used to be, and even though many are cut very tight, still presented decent lies. A little dry and firm underneath and they had very good roll. Which was nice on some of the longer holes. Especially that beast of par 5 that is all up hill!
Greens were very good to great. Receptive and ran really smooth at a very good pace of medium fast. Although a couple seemed slower ?
Rough was a mixed bag, but very playable. Traps in very good shape.
I've always loved the layout of this course. No holes alike and are challenging, but still fun to play.
The course is in the best condition that I have every played it.
Played 5/14/17 12 pm $ 44 POP 3:45
Course is a mixture of good and bad. Most of the fairways were in decent to great shape. A little woolly in some areas and thin in others. Mostly green, but dry underneath. Decent lies.
Rough was a mixture of 12" tall meadow grass, 6" thick lush grass (Torrey Pines, US Open)and bare dirt. Some fairways went from wooly mowed to 12" weeds.
Greens were "OK". Most are very spongy and feel like they really need some aeration & sand.
Held shots decent, but ran at a pretty slow pace. Some were very wooly and needed to be cut. There were patches of lush green spots on some of the greens were the grass was 1/2" higher then the surrounding areas. If you had to putt trough them, you had no idea how the ball would roll.
Tees were pretty beat up and you had to look for flat spots to hit from.
The weather was perfect and a silence that you can almost feel is a real pleasure. I really enjoy being out in this area. Turkeys, tree squirrels and ground squirrels everywhere. We pretty much had the course to ourselves. If you don't mind a course that is a little rough on the edges and sometimes in the middle. It is a nice way to spend the day out here. And some good wine tasting places as well.
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