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Played 2/11/18 Previous reviews are still good, but it did seem the fairway's were cut tighter with less cushion? Maybe mowing schedule? Greens seemed smoother and are still in very good shape. Group found a few bunkers and some where very firm to rock hard and others in decent shape. Still a good deal and course is in very good shape overall.
Played 2/6/18 10 am $165 POP 4:20
WOW.. Just F... in wow. Second time playing this course and it is just a fun course to play. I found my self laughing out loud more then once from the T shots and the scenic beauty. Emerald green against the tan mudstone hills. It's amazing the imagination of designing & then building this course. Fairway's were almost Rams Hill quality. Good roll and ball sat perfectly.
Greens were receptive, smooth and fairly quick. Down hill putts easily got away if you were not respectful. A couple of pin placements were right below a tier and if you were above, you'd have no chance of keeping the ball anywhere near the hole and risked the ball running all the way off the green. You HAD to keep the ball below the hole at all times to have any good putting chances. The traps were the best I've seen & played in a long time. They had a firm base and about two inches of softer fairly course sand that made getting out very predictable. No cart service, but good customer service before & after the round. The halfway house has a drive through lane & window for food & refreshments. Awesome ! Small iron only driving range which really sucks because the T shots require very good driver play. Would recommend stopping at one of the other courses to warm up if you can? Price is a little steep, but worth every penny IMOP. Highly recommended bucket list course !
Played 2/7/18 9am shot gun $100 4.5 hrs
Fairway's were a mixture of perfect lush grass, very thin grass or a criss cross mixture of both.
If you found the good grass it was great. When you found the other... sucky.
Greens were VERY firm. Almost impossible to stop the ball without 'tour type' spin. You had to play way short of the pin or green if pin was up front. Rolled about a notch or two above medium. Mostly good rolls except when your ball hit a rock from the traps which were a mixture of small rock & firm sand. Every green had a sprinkling of tiny to large rocks on them from the traps. Some greens were very dried out in appearance and a couple of par 3 greens were pretty chewed up from old ball marks. Oddly, I hit some quality high soft shots into them and they didn't leave a mark at all?? Decent layout with a mixture of hole designs mostly on the shorter side even from the blues. Course runs though a housing track and around the private course with some very long travels from one hole to the next. Some very nice views of the Red Rock mountains nearby. If you can find a great deal there is fun to be had ?
Played 1-27-18 10 am POP. 4:20 $80/2 Costco
Fairways were cut tight and had a olive green color. Looked firm & dry, but played much softer then they looked with good roll out. Many of them have collection areas and in those areas there was a lot of divot damage, but over all in pretty good shape
Greens played better then they looked as well. Mostly smooth rolls and a good pace of Medium fast and held shots well. Many of these greens have big tilts to them. Any faster and balls might not stay on greens ?
Most traps in decent shape. Mostly firm, but playable
The cart girls was around a few times. The Costco deal of 2 for $80 is a very good bargain and the course is in all around good shape.
Played 1/21/18 11:50 $80 POP 3:50
Course was in decent & very playable shape. Fairways were mostly dormant, cut very tight, very dry and firm. They had been painted green and had a nice looking contrast to the dormant rough.
Greens have almost completely healed. Were firm and fast. The blooming poana caused many balls to wonder. You could try the same putt threes times in a row and get three different out comes. Was fairly busy, but still finished under 4 hrs. The course needs some rain, but still in decent shape and a very good skill test.
Played in the GK outing. Thanks Johnny for another outstanding day and Andrew for all the great Linksoul swag. The dry winter has dried the course a little from the last time I played here so there was an occasional dry looking spot mixed around in the fairway's, but really had no effect on play. Fairway's were lush and perfect.
Greens were in great shape. Noticed a couple of wobbles here and there and lots of foot prints around the pins. But, mostly played well. Receptive and I thought a good pace of medium fast. The practice green was much faster than the course greens, so it took a couple of holes to get the slower speed down. Service was great and just another fabulous day at the best course in San Diego County. Love this place!
Played 12/27/17 9:50 $89 POP 4:20
Course was in fantastic condition. It is a shame that it was not in it's pristine shape that I have known it to be for the GK outing in last July. The greens sucked then, but this day they were almost perfection. The only issue was the coloration on many. Some had the appearance of army camouflage. But they played like a pool table top. Medium fast to fast pace, Receptive and smooooth. Man they were awesome. Fairway's lush and perfect. Was in a few traps. All were great and consistent. Service was typical Troon great. I love this course the more I play it and could play it everyday! Played with some high handicap family members from the very forward tees. It was a lot of fun playing the different angles and club selections. It's a tribute to good course design that you don't have to play the same Tee box all the time !! Go play it.
Played 12/12/17 2 pm $16.5 POP 3:10
Working down the street so I brought my clubs to work and stopped by on the way home. They changed the routing back to how it was originally. They've re-installed a driving range. The first Tee is back to just above the practice green and left of the 18th. What had been the first hole is now the 12th and they moved it out of the old driving range area. Now it is where the old 13th used to Tee off from. A big dog leg left par 5.
The conditions were decent. Some of the greens showed some damage and didn't look that great, but most looked good.
Did not hold lines very well, but receptive and a good pace of medium.
Fairway's were in pretty good shape with good coverage and mostly green and fairly lush. Thin spots mixed through out.
Some traps were very poor others were in good shape.
A fun course to spend some time on and if you get a good deal a good way to spend some outdoor time. $16 for 18 and a cart on a Tuesday afternoon?? Sign me up !!
Played 12/9/17 GK event. Had a great time. I really enjoyed the course layout & conditions. As others had mentioned 3 or 4 of the first greens were still recovering from something. The rest were in pretty good condition. Even though they didn't look fantastic, I thought they played well. Fairly receptive to well struck shots and had a good pace (For me) at medium fast. They seemed to hold lines well in our group. It took us the front nine to get the feel of the reads & pace down. Liked that this course does not have all the raised greens where you can't see the green surface as the Legends does. There are some funky contours on some of the greens that you really need to see if you don't play the course often.
Fairways were in very good shape. I had great lies all day. Some soggy spots here & there, but over all very nice to hit from. Wasn't playing all that great so I found a fair amount of rough, but thought it was very benign to get out of. Was able to get good contact on the ball most of the time even with some stopping power. Was in a couple bunkers. Most had good sand, but some had 3/4" rocks in them as well. Must be getting near the bottom of the sand ? Customer service was great and had a pretty good burger in the Vue lounge. All around solid course in pretty good to very good winter condition. Would enjoy playing here again.
Played 11/24/17 $80 GN Hotdeal 11 am 4:45 POP. Very busy !!
The course was in it's prime shape. I've never rated any course a 10 before, but this course was all that and two bags of chips. Everything was perfect.
Fairway's were deep emerald green and manicured. I am absolutely spoiled now. I don't want to hit from any other fairway's
Greens listed at 10.8 speed. I'd give that a touch above medium fast. Very controllable and even with the afternoon foot prints ran Smoooooth and receptive.
Rough just thick enough that you wanted to stay out of it, but still very playable.
Found a couple traps and all were consistent in great shape.
Right now it is in ideal conditions. I was paired with a guy that works at the Classic Club and he mentioned the conditions were better then his course and most in the valley. GO PLAY !!!!
Played 11/5/17 10:30 $35 POP 3.5 hrs.
They have done some more alterations to the course. They took out the traps along the left side fairways of hole 3 and 4. This really took a bite out of those T shots.
Fairway's mostly green & somewhat lush. Cut tight with a few browned out areas mixed in.
Greens were mostly in good to great shape. But most also had some troubled spots some where on them. Some very small others a little larger. Mostly in very good condition. Receptive, but slow at a little below medium. Traps in very poor shape. They had scalped the T boxes and alternate T's were in place. Very much worth the $35 fees.
Called course today 11/5/17 and was told they deep cored the greens a couple of day's ago and are recovering from both aeration and summer damage.
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