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Played in the GK event 5/18/19. Thanks Leef2020 and Larryq2001 for a very enjoyable round. It had been almost a year since last played here and it's still one of my favorite courses. Fairway's were fantastic. Grass changing to Bermuda, but still had some decent roll. Typically will not be the case in the middle of summer. Greens were about halfway grown in with the summer Bermuda. Looked a little on the rough side, but rolled very well at about a medium pace. Were very firm and hard to get anything to stop without having the ability to put some 'stank' on the ball. Of the 100+ bunkers on the course, I found a lot of them and no issues getting out of them. Saw the cart girl many times throughout the round. Was unfortunate the bar was closing when we finished at around 4:30. Highly recommend.
Played 5/5/19 10:30 POP 4:15 $95 GN
Course was in good to great shape. Fairway's were near perfection. Lush, green and great to hit from with lots of roll. There is some browning starting to show in spots, but has little to no effect. Greens were good & great. Front nine seemed to be not in as good of shape as back. Still good, but many had thin areas and were a little bumpy. Most were firm and only perfectly struck shots had any stopping power. Back nine were in better shape. All still very playable, but not the perfection the course has been known for. Traps were in great shape and service was great. The wind was cranking in the 20's. Made for some interesting shots and some of the longest drives I've ever hit. Heard they will be closing for the summer season at the end of the month. Very much worth the trip out. The best course in San Diego.
Played 4/1/19 3:30 pm $27
They have delayed the reconstruction of the course until sometime in May, so the course is still open. As you may expect, they are not doing a lot because the reconstruction will be removing & replacing greens & fairways. The greens were firm. Running at a touch above medium. (Which is FAST for SV)
But were bumpy in the afternoon. Many sick areas mixed throughout the greens. Fairway's were in good to great shape. Green and mostly lush. We easily got the round in and then played 4 mores holes to finish the day. Worth a day if you can find a deal before they close for the year of renovation.
Played 3/24/19 12:30 POP 3.5 hrs
After re roofing my house, I decided that wasn't enough punishment, so I headed out to Warner Springs. I have been wondering how this course has been doing and since everything around me was either booked or too expensive for the time slot, I decided to give it a try. It was in overall better condition than I expected. The fairways are a mixture of grass's ( weeds) but were mostly green and covered. They gave mostly good lies. Very firm, but decent.
The rough was a mixture of dirt, gopher mounds and thick weeds. Missing the fairway meant strong possibility of losing your ball in the tall clumps of weeds. Greens were very SLOW and woolly. Some have damaged or sick areas but most were covered, just very slow and bumpy. Traps might have been the most consistent part. I found a few and they seemed hard panish, but they played great and were really easy to get out of ! I only saw 4 other groups out there so I had the place to myself. Lots of Turkeys & wildlife around the course. Weather was perfect. If considering playing the course, it is most likely in the best shape it will be for the year? It could be a good place to go out with the wife/ girlfriend to spend the day with a course to yourselves and then enjoy some of the great wineries in the area?
Played 2-24-19 10:30 $69 POP 5+
Decided to go look for some warm weather. It was a picture perfect day in Borrego. This is a fun course. Resort style & short with mostly dog legs L & R. Course is in over all fantastic shape. Almost as good as Rams Hill. Not as green, but in fantastic shape. Fairways were lush & full. Ball sat perfectly. Tees level & great. Sand in great shape & consistent. Greens were in great shape. I'd say even better then RH right now. Receptive, ran true at a touch above medium. Most greens have above average slope. So some pin locations can mean big breaking putts. A fun scoring course with beautiful views and a decent layout. No wow holes, but all around fun. I'd guess in about 2 weeks the desert Wildflowers will be in full bloom and it should be a SUPER BLOOM year. Highly recommend.
Played 2/3/19 Grabbed a HD for 10 am. POP just under 4 hrs.
Fairway's were perfect. Emerald green & lush. Ball sat perfectly.
Rough was no big deal. Easy to get out of with little issue. Traps were in great condition & consistent. Tees Lush & level. The only less than perfect were the greens. They were mostly in good to great shape. Looked a little rough, but actually ran smooth with good roll at a little over medium pace. But many had sick/bare spots along the fringes. They mostly did not come into play, unless you were trying to putt across them or had to land a pitch on them. 90 % of the green surfaces were not affected. Only small portions. Really enjoy getting out here. Easy recommend to go out & play.
Played 1/26/19 Pop 4+ $155
Course was in fantastic shape. Fairways perfect. Only some small dry areas well out of play spotted. Greens were firm and running at a medium fast pace. Ran true and smooth. Hard to get any stopping power without perfect contact. Traps were tough. Mostly hard pan and great for fairway but sucked anywhere near greens. Expensive but still recommend
Played 12/26/18 10:10 POP 4 hrs.
First time playing this course and really enjoyed the layout. Many elevated Tees and vistas.
Fairways were soaking wet from recent rains and were cart path only. This made for a lot of walking up and down hills. It might have been better to have a pull cart? They were in mostly good shape and good coverage. Thin and bare spots mixed throughout, but overall good. But of course very soggy on this day. Greens were decent. In mostly good shape, but ran fairly slow with lots of bouncing. Mostly from the soft conditions and foot prints. Every trap on the course had been turned into a water hazard. My brother lost 6 balls in them.. ouch !! The areas of the traps not filled with water were hardpan & rock. It will take many hours of work and money to get these back into any shape. Over all a fun course to play and would recommend to all that enjoy mountain golf.
Played 12/23/18 10:30 POP 3:45
First time playing this course and my score showed. Beautiful and scenic golf course. Some very tight driving lines from Tee with a few collection areas that will gather balls. Fairways were cut TIGHT. It really required great ball striking. Many areas were still soggy from recent rains that made pour contact even more penile. Rough wasn't too bad and in decent shape.
Many traps on the course and some are difficult to get out of. Greens were rolling fast and true. Held well struck shots, others would roll with the slopes. Sometimes far from the hole. With the many undulations, it made putting an adventure. You really needed your "A" game on the greens. Numerous false fronts. Some pin locations on the greens could be impossible to get anywhere close to. Without any course knowledge, seemingly good shots can find bad areas. Definitely a course that you need to play often to have a chance at scoring well. Look forward to trying this course again. Recommend to play at least once, But I like Bayonet better.
Played 12/22/18 10:30 POP 4 hrs.
A enjoyable course to play tucked up in the trees. Many nice vistas and some very nice looking holes and some quirky ones as well. Fairway's were mostly good. Because of the recent rains they had not been able to cut the fairway grass, so it was like playing from a light rough all day. But, the coverage was good in most areas. Greens were in decent shape. Held shots well and ran somewhere around medium pace. A little bumpy, but manageable. Rough was thick in some areas typical in others. A fun course to play with typical "Muni" conditions.
Played 11/24/18 10 am POP 3.5 hrs.
What a beautiful day in the valley. Perfect weather mid to high 70's. Course was in really great shape and we had the place mostly to ourselves ! Fairway's green & lush with just the occasional "non" green spot. Very nice to hit from with perfect lies.
Greens were in fantastic shape. Receptive and smooth, but ran on the slow side at medium or below. Traps were consistent and in good shape. Pretty easy course with many short dog legged holes. Saw cart girl twice. Picture perfect day of golf. Highly recommend.
Played 10/14/18 11:50 am POP 4:20 $65
First time playing this course and really enjoyed it. Played the forward Tees with my Father and another older couple and it was still a challenge. It can show it doesn't matter what tees you play from, you still have to make the shots! A fun layout, with some slightly challenging tee shots. Fairway's were mostly lush & green. Very nice to hit from. Greens were receptive and ran smooth at about a medium pace. The course winds through a rolling hills vineyard. This time of year with the grapes turning color & the golden foothills it is very scenic. Look forward to playing this course again. Highly recommend.
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