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Course in very good shape except the bunkers (hard dirt), the greens showed no sign of being sanded or punched, just very slow compared to what they usually are. The strange thing was the rough around the greens and the fairways on the front nine was about 1-2 inches and you had a chance to get out with maybe just a flier but the back nine was completely different with the rough on the fairway and around the greens was about 5-6 inches and we even lost a ball when it rolled through the green and into the rough, you basically had to just gouge it out. The bright side was the weather stayed cool until about 5 holes to go and for $40 you can't complain, just enjoy the Quarry
Another 4 1/2 hour round but that's par for this course. You can tell rain season is gone, fairways are getting hard, no sand at all in the bunkers and rough hit and miss. Greens were at least consistent and close to the same speed for all 18.
Course is in good shape and you will get beat up on some holes. The south course is long and hard but a good test to see where your game is. I hadn't been there in over 10 years but after Fridays round, I will be back often. I need to play the north course next.
Played this morning and course is in nice shape and a nice course to walk. I just wonder why I can play Goose, Oak Quarry and even Hidden Valley under 4 hours but always at least 4 1/2 here and today almost 5.
Played Wednesday and course has never been better.The nice thing about this course is the pace of play. I can't remember the last time it took us 4 hours, it's usually around 3 1/2 and we have a good time, no rushing it.
I guess since it is right next door to Eagle Glen is the reason both these courses play about the same. Hard fairways, nice greens and no rough. I used the GK coupon for Champions so for $28 I can't complain to much.
All the rain we had did the course good, #10 still have some silt on them from the flooding they recieved last month but nothing severe anymore. Bunkers still hard dirt, over 4 hours, way to long when you can do Goose in under 4. Alert says aerating next week but the back nine already looked like they aerated about a day or 2 ago.
All this rain and the fairways are still hard as a rock and non existing rough. Tee boxes could not be better, green and lush and level. Greens were green and smooth and faster than I have ever seen them, played like they look at the WGC this week with lots of undulations. Bunkers on the front 9 had nice soft sand in them and a pleasure to play out of. Not sure about the back 9 as I did not visit any of them. If the fairways were only 1/4 as green and nice like the rest of the course it would really be enjoyable to play. All the other courses in the area have good coverage on all their fairways, not sure why they can't either.
Went out early again today, 6:30 yesterday and 7:00 today. Early is nice, as my last review, course is in real nice shape. Maybe yesterday we just got behind some slow pokes as todays round only took 3 1/2 hours.
Course is in good shape, greens were quick and rough around the greens was nice but the sand bunkers had no sand to speak of. I enjoyed it except that it took 4 1/2 hours in the early A.M. to play 18 holes! I do not understand how you can play Goose Creek, Eagle Glen, Oak Quarry easily under 4 hours and this course in way over 4. This course should be played in less than 4 hours just as easily.
Course is as good as I can remember it. Green, green, and green. Sand bunkers could really need some sand to make the course the best. Today the greens were fast and hard and I mean hard. Even wedges coming in high would not hold and I don't believe we found one ball mark to fix. Went out at 7 and have no idea where everyone was, we basically had the whole course to ourselves, did not see a soul all day.
Played this morning and was a little disappointed, course no quite up to its standard. Greens were real nice, rough was nice and green and about 2-3 inches. I mention the rough because it is real healthy but then you get to the fairways and Hard pan. How can the whole course be nice and green but the fairways like a rock. I will be back and hopefully the super can figure this dilemma out.
Listing 1 to 12 of 53,596 Course Reviews
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