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Played 3/14 and the course is in excellent shape. It's a shame they have to do maintenance now. The ball sits up nice in the fairway, the rough is about 3" but you can play out of it easily. The greens were a little on the slow side from what they usually are so it took awhile to get use to but they rolled consistently from one to the other. The nice part were the bunkers, not sure when it happened but all the bunkers seemed to have fresh new white sand, did not see any dirt or water. Got up and down twice just like you're suppose to. Not sure if I will get before the end of the month, if not will wait until mid to end of April due to maintenance. Get out there now. It was nice that it only took 3 1/2 hours to get the round in.
Played here yesterday 3/13. I enjoy this course as it helps out my ego. Bunkers were damp but not bad to play out of, rough was hit and miss, some thick some non-existent but that's winter conditions for you. Tee boxes were okay, we just found a flat spot to play from. Fairways were rather short grass but it makes you concentrate to hit down and through the ball and not try to hit under it which is a no no. Greens were a little slow but that was due to the moisture hanging around the last couple of days. Now off to Goose Creek tomorrow.
Went out Thursday on a $45 dollar with lunch coupon and could not be happier. Went out around 8 and played in about 4 hours. Fairways have been sprayed with fertilizer and except for the green color you would never know it. The greens were around a 10 and nice and green and smooth, and consistent from one to another. The first cut was real nice grass along with the approach area in front of the green for some nice grass to chip from. It seems they finally got all the bunkers filled with nice new sand as I was in 2 and they were fluffy. The fairways were a little tight but if you swing correctly and catch the ball first, no problem.
I hadn't been here for a year or so but figured it was time and was glad I went out today. Bunkers were hit and miss but the greens were nice, smooth, and quite quick with subtle little breaks. Rough was winter rough, some thick, some non existent. The fairways were hard but if you hit down and through the ball, the ball will act like it should and you get a nice spinning shot and the ball travels like it should.
Went out this morning as a 3 some and played in 4 hours. Bunkers on the front 9 have nice sand but they haven't got to the back 9 so just dirt. Greens were in fantastic shape at around 10 or better on the stemp meter and consistent. Now for the bad part, fairways are hard pan, very hard to judge your distance when you have no idea how much roll out you will get. It seems as though they just don't water the fairways.
.Had a early morning tee time, 7A.M. and a nice day. Took just under 4 hours to play. Fairways are going dormant for winter but good lies. Sand traps were hit and miss. I was in one that had nice sand and one that was fairly hard. Greens putted true and were quite fast,(the way they should be) you just better stay below the hole. Greens were a little hard but still left ball marks but ball spun back nicely. I had been having trouble with scoring the last couple of months but shot a nice 82 today so the year is getting off to a good start. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Got out this morning and the course is in good shape. Greens were fast and smooth and consistent once again from hole to hole. Fairways look dead but just dormant grass and ball sat up good and you got some good roll out. Rough is hit and miss due to winter coming around. Fairway bunkers are hard but nice to hit out of and the greenside bunkers had a 3-4 inch layer of sand which makes it nice to get out of.
Played late morning and course was in unexpected good shape. Greens on the slow side but consistent and smooth. Bunkers were smooth with a mix of dirt and sand but very playable.
Course is in very good shape and the greens are nice and fast. The nice thing about them is they are consistent from green to green. Fairway grass is going into the dormant stage for winter and this makes the course appealing to the eye with the contrast between brown and green. Will be heading back next week.
Played late this morning and was surprised at how nice this course has gotten in the last 6 months since I was there last. Nice and green with plenty of roll in the fairway, rough is rough but you could advance to the ball very nicely. The greens were the best part, they all seemed consistent from green to green as far as speed and nice and smooth. The bunkers could use a little work but nice fluffy dirt with no problems getting out. I checked with the starter and he is unaware of any maintenance coming soon.
Worst experience in a long time, started out as the computer was down so had to pool our money to pay, don't know why they couldn't have us come in after the round so no money to spend for lunch (their loss). Next nice thing was all the greens were sanded, they had more sand on them than the bunkers. The rough was at least 6-7" high and we lost a few and found some in the rough just next to the fairway. Fairway was high and absolutely no run out. P.S. must have had the same starter the previous reviewer had, kind of a cocky dude.
Got out this morning around 10 and played in just under 4 hours (not bad considering we were behind the mens club). Course is in a okay condition, 10 and 11 fairways are just not cooperating since they were flooded earlier this year and just are not responding. Hit and miss on bunkers and still have to hunt for balls hit into the rough.
Listing 1 to 12 of 58,265 Course Reviews
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