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I was supposed to play South but ended up we were booked for the north. Not a big deal as I have played both and they are both fun and challenging, obviously being an SD Res helps that no worries attitude. From the moment I walked from the parking lot, the first thing I thought was "I wow, the course looks really brown." On closer inspection some of that appears to be because they might be cutting the kikuyu grass down really low so that the base isnt too thick. I am no greens keeper so I am only speculating but I have played courses what the kikuyu base was deep and was an injury waiting to happen. That being said, this was only 50% of the issue. There were bald spots in the fairway, bare spots in the rough and all over. I remember thinking it looked like the Body of Torrey wearing the clothes of Admiral Baker South. In all honesty I have never seen Torrey this bad before and have no clue how they are going to have it ready for Farmers Open. I am sure they will but I won't be playing it until after. POP was just under 5 hours which is not uncommon at TP. Course was very soft due to rough and green side grasses being cut super short, bunkers had good sand but needed more respect from players playing out of them. Non residents, do not go. Greens were a bit shaggy but rolled nicely. Player tip, its easy to over read greens here, for some reason they just dont break that much.
Played Friday Oct 5 as a single. Walked up to starter, was 4th on list and got out in under 20 minutes. They had a shotgun tournament so we were last group (all the singles at once)... Course conditions were nice, greens a tad on slow side from what I am use to but rolled nice. Fairways were nice, rough wasnt very penal but def took spin off the ball. Funny as I was trying to decide where to play, I read a reviewer that said "there was surprisingly a lot of sand at the top of the bunker" and it struck me as an odd comment until I missed the green right and just about lost my ball because the sand at the top is deep and light... The ultimate plug.
Played here again on 11-8-16 ... Course was in great shape, greens have fully healed and are running perfect. My only gripe and as I have said in my last post was, the course runs wet. Not all of it but portions and also the greens, for me and my game, that hurts. However, knowing this will make me play it different next time. Greens are soft and damp so your ball will check up MUCH faster.
11-4-16 Played front 9 for a little quicky at 9am. My first time playing here and I really like it. The greens rolled great and the course is plenty difficult. A lot of blind shots so I think I will play it better next time. That being said, I had fun, fairways were nicer than I would have expected, bunkers were as well, and greens were very nice. Maybe I was expecting less and got more but enjoyable round.
Played in tournament 10-21. Course was in decent shape, greens (prob 2 weeks from punch) healing so they were slow and bumpy, a couple holes were WET WET #1 and #10. Over all it was a pleasurable experience.
Play in a tournament Sunday 8-21 teeing off at 11... The course is in decent shape. There are a lot of different types of grass out here. Fairways have grass and are nice, Greens roll pretty true and have some pace to them, bunker sand varies depending on which one you are in... some are wet some are dry. Worth the money to play
Standard Maderas. Greens were a little slower than usual but in perfect condition. I am sure the speed was due to the heat. They were not slow, just not fast either.
Same as last time. They will be punching next week. I have no clue what type of punch they are doing so I couldnt tell you what to expect. I have a love hate relationship with this course. but it is always in great condition.
Played sunday 3-13 for my gk match play. Played the south + east ... It is a good course, not great, but that is not because of conditions. The conditions were great but the layout is resort course ish like rancho las palmas imo. Nothing wrong with that, it just lacked a little character. However, I have been told we played the lesser combo as south + north is the way to go. Will play again.
Played afternoon round on 2-4-16. Overall, I liked playing it and would like to play it every so often but, for me, not as a member.
1. Perfect fairways fully grown in hybrid bermuda (my club is working toward this hybrid grows slow) with regular bermuda rough that is filled in and consistent.
2. Bunkers are good quality. Different type of sand but good.
3. GREENS... I have played SDCC plenty, I was a member at Stoneridge (they brag about greens), I have played every course that thinks their greens are Phil Mick's practice spot for masters... NONE of those courses have ever been even close to these when I played them. They were perfect and LIGHTNING

Cons- Really my only complaint and the course
1. A lot of the greens are elevated or hidden-ish. So, you don't get to see where your ball lands and how it reacts. When you are working on certain shots, these are things you want to know.

Overall, worth the experience and very enjoyable.
Played Balboa Thursday Dec 17th at 11:00. I am on a quest to golf nomad and finish playing every course in San Diego Balboa was first on the list. The course is a muni and it is in muni condition. Not terrible but, not great. Bunkers are average to below average. Fairways are above average. Greens are above average. The course itself (we played from back tees) is very tight and risk reward. I hit 3 wood off many tees. It was a good test and I enjoyed it.
Course condition: Greens were running fastish and were pretty clean from ball marks but as someone had said before the greens are a little soft so they were a little foot printed up which when the greens a running a little fast, can cause havoc. Around green had bare spots in some areas. Course has a lot of mixed grasses and rough really wasn't present. Was not in any bunkers but they looked nice.
My Bias- I did not like the course. Yes you can spray it and be ok but, there were too many blindish shots for my liking. I am not a fan of bunting it out there and then hitting to a super elevated flag (that you cannot see) or hitting to a tiny landing spot. It is the same issue i have with courses like stoneridge. It was my first time playing here and I would play it a bit better a second time but< I doubt there will be one.

Staff was very very pleasant and kept us on pace as well as everyone on course on a crowded Sunday. range was of mats and had large putting area.
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