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Played Glen Ivy on 6/12 with the Gk Gurus. I haven't been to GI since 2010, interesting to see how the course has matured. Visually, growth in the native areas has blocked the view of landing areas on a few holes - so course knowledge will help. I recommend a yardage book if you are not familiar with the course as several holes are difficult to see where the proper line should be.

GI appears to be one of the few SoCal courses actually putting money into the course. Things are better than I remember from a decade ago. Even in June, when the hot season is in full bloom in Corona, the greens are green, plush and soft. Fairways and rough are good, but you can see the start of the heat effects as things are getting crusty. Sand was good, but again the top level is getting baked by the heat.

I enjoyed the course more than I have in the past. Lots of elevation changes, so many holes play much shorter than their posted yardages. If you get the ball in play, there are birdies to be made, and even more birdie putts that will lip out at the last second. Dang it.

Highly recommended.
Joined in with the GK Guru's at Goose Creek on 5/18/18. We followed a Cal Am qualifier in the morning, so we were treated to some back tees and challenging pin placements, although it could have been made even more difficult.

I haven't been to GC in a few years, and things remain consistent as far as the course goes. Above average conditions all the way around. A very solid layout, fun to play, and challenging in spots, especially with some wind today. No need to call out any specific area, everything was in good shape.

I will make note of one change. This course does not have the usual "signature hole". However, it has always had the signature smell of cattle due to dairy farm west of the course. For better or worse, the dairy farm is gone, as housing sprawl is pushing up to the west edge of the course. So, things smell better, but we are going to have houses. Still, the impact is only on a few holes, and it looks like for now, the course will still be relatively isolated.

Goose Creek remains one of my favorite tracks to play.
Played LQM on 5/8/18.

I'll admit, I only play the LQ & PGA West courses in the off-season, but this time LQM was in the best conditions I have ever seen. Greens were outstanding. Green, well covered, and quite quick without being too fast. Fairways were very plush, and the ball sits up nicely. Tee boxes were in good shape, but with numerous small tee boxes - it is tough to find a divot free stance on occasion.

Thanks to Bill the starter! He warned me that I was going out as a single and would catch groups, so he suggested a relaxing pace and to play a couple of balls. Good suggestion. He even came out an hour later to see how I was doing. The cold wet towels are appreciated on a hot day.

I've been a bit skeptical of LQM in the past. This was definitely my best experience here.
Played 5/8/18, first time out on this course. This is a standard Palm Springs residential course, flat lands, running through a housing development. Now that disclaimer is out, this place is a great bargain. It is a fun course, very wide fairways, with water hazards to keep you honest.

Conditions - you can see the focus is getting the greens and fairways into top shape. Success! Tees/fairways/greens are in great shape. The greens may have been the second best I have seen lately in terms of grass coverage and smoothness. However, they are SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! It was very difficult to adjust to the speed. Through six holes, I was 1 under for GIR (hit every green, including a par 5 in 2), and my score was +3. Yikes! Later this afternoon, I played LQ Mountain. Their greens were much tougher and faster, and I putted much better there.

This would be a good course for a local to play regularly. It's in great condition, and a really enjoyable layout. Quite a bargain.
The GK Guru's got to play Oak Quarry in a misty rain on 5/2. Always fun to join up with Ron, Nick and David.

OQ remains my favorite SoCal layout. Just a really fun and challenging course, and set in a great location. OQ feels like Eagle Glen with greater peril, or Hidden Valley with less elevation & trickery. I like all 3 of these courses, but OQ is just a step above the other two.

Starting with the bad, I'll echo the other Gurus in stating that the bunkers left something to be desired today. The rain certainly didn't help - so I am going to blame Mother Nature some here. Rain tracks in the sand made for bad lies. Even with the rain, the bunkers did not have a lot of sand before you hit bottom. But, I will say I've seen a lot worse than these bunkers. They are playable, and they are punishing.

Greens were solid today. Soft, smooth, and pretty quick. Nothing that can't be handled by a red-hot $8 thrift store putter though. :)

Tees - excellent. Fairways - very good grass overage, lies still a little tight for my liking, let it grow a bit more.

Rough is a challenge. You have areas with very thick grass, and just a few yards away from areas with very little grass. Sometimes you get away with being in the rough, and sometimes you don't. The thickest rough is the first 10 feet of the fairway, so you just miss the fairway a bit and you are hacking from the thick stuff.

Thoroughly enjoyed OQ in the mist!
Heads up - Los Serranos South was aerated, probably 7-10 days ago.

I was shocked upon looking at my spreadsheet to see that I haven't been out here in almost 10 years, as I liked both of these courses. Just a little far to get here. The 5am drive from San Clemente to LS was easy, but coming back from LS to Irvine at 9:30 am took me 90+ minutes.

Outside of the aerated greens, LS South is in good shape. Fairways are plush and not too tight. Rough is hit and miss. Tee boxes were nice. I was not aware of the green aeration, so that was disappointing. They are still bumpy, but not so bad as to make me regret coming here. I am sure in 2-3 weeks they will be nice.

I still enjoy these courses. Even though I've played the south a half a dozen times, I still get surprised by the par 74 and the sheer length of this course. Bombs away - there's lots of room to miss, but you'll get some tree trouble coming back.
Played Goat for the 1st time on 3/20. I'll echo Weber in stating this course is much tougher than you'd expect given the length. Small greens, and very difficult chipping when you miss those small greens.

Example, I hit a nice 7 iron right into the middle of a par 3 green. Landed soft about 15 feet right of the pin, back up a bit, and then picked up speed to go 20 feet into the front fringe. I tried a putter from there, ball immediately popped a foot in the air, caught a big break on the green and headed left fast..... back off the green and 20 yards down the hill. A good flop shot and lag putt saved a 5. Next hole, a good drive left a 9 iron uphill. Took it right at the pin. Landed on a slope 10 feet in front of the pin, where it proceed to backspin rocket off the green and 30 yards down the hill. One skulled chip, and my two good iron shots were both doubles. This place will do that to you.

That being said, it is a fun place to play. Play it up, you'll get bad lies off the fairway. Save your clubs and have some fun. Greens are great. Fast and treacherous.
Played with the GK Guru's on 2/13. I will say, after playing at La Costa 10 or so times, this time was by far the best time I have had there. Course conditions were really nice.

Greens were smooth and consistently well covered. Quick, but not too fast, but deadly if you were above the hole. Fairways were green, a bit tight, but good grass coverage and soft enough to not feel like hitting on cement.

Rough is thick, but not too punishing. Sand was soft and well manicured.

Still a big fan of the Legends layout. It has some tough holes, but generally lots of room to miss. That being said, I was still able to lose a ball into water on 4 straight holes. My fun stat of the day: Front nine - hit all fairways, and only hit 1 green (and that was on a Par 5 in two). That's quality golfing there.

My biggest complaint out here has been pace of play, but today was amazingly good. Our foursome zipped around in 3:40 staying right behind the twosome ahead.
Played Oak Valley on 2/6/18 (after I played Oak Quarry). Arrived at the course to find out that a pre-qualifier for the Genesis Open was on the course. I figured we were in for a tough test that afternoon.

The greens and tees were excellent. Greens were smooth and quick. My playing partners were commenting how fast they were, but I expected faster given the pre-qualifier tournament. Fairways were generally nice, but there are some weeds encroaching which can give some spotty lies. Rough was varied. Sand was good. The wind was wacky, sometimes no wind, sometimes a 3 club wind.

They only had tee markers out for the tournament, so we got to play the same tees. 65 won the pre-qualifier. If I would have had only 19 putts, I could have tied him. I didn't.
Played Oak Quarry on 2/6/18. Still my favorite course in SoCal.

Greens are quite bumpy right now. Lots of grass, just in need of some rolling and cutting. Fairways are excellent. Rough is playable, and there are a few thick parts that will give you issues. Sand is fine. The tees however, are quite shaggy.

Still a great course at the asking price.
Got out for a quick AM round on 1/30/18. Having played a lot at SC Muni over the last 20 years, I am continually impressed by the conditions for a muni course here - and this time it was as good as I have ever seen here.

Everything is in good shape here, plenty of grass in the fairways. Rough is not penal out here, lots of grass with a rare bad spot here and there. Sand is fine. I normally play sunrise golf out here, and so the greens are usually a bit damp and slower than later in the day. Today, even early in the AM, the greens were fantastic. Plush, but cut short enough to give it a bit of danger. Thumbs up SC!
Played Coyote - Valley on 1/26. A very solid track, parkland setting. Nothing amazing in the design, but a very enjoyable course.

Conditions were outstanding. Greens were firm, smooth, medium fast. Fairways were very good. Rough was some of the thickest stuff I've seen in a while. Bunkers had a good amount of soft sand.

I've heard the other 18 here is more of a challenging course. To me, that would make Coyote Creek a perfect home course. One challenging track, one track easier but still a good test. Thumbs up.
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