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I teed off at about 10:30 on Tuesday. They have a great deal for seniors, and I gladly took advantage of the deal on a perfect, sunny day.

Course conditions were pretty solid, all around, with the greens being the highlight of the course. The greens were smooth, with few ball marks and medium speed. Tee boxes, fairways, and rough were all in nice shape. If I had to whine about something, I'd say that there needs to be a little more sand in the bottom of the bunkers.

In any case, I love the layout here and I'll definitely be playing here more frequently with the very fair weekday green fees.
I played Oak Creek on Tuesday, teeing off at about 10:00. I played for free, having been given a free round by gk "Gold Vest Member" mcantos ... best Christmas present, so far.

The course was cart path only. Though I took a cart, I definitely felt like I had walked the course by the time I was done. By the way, did you know that you're allowed to walk Oak Creek? I did not know that. Anyway, call first after it rains if you have ambulatory issues.

Course conditions were pretty good, considering the inconsistency of the recent weather. Tee boxes had been punched on a few holes, and the grass was a little fuzzy. Fairways were generally good, with increased divot damage due to cpo. The rough was short and very playable. There were many footprints in the bunkers I was in (I guess the clientele thinks the high green fee means someone else will rake the sand). The greens were the best part. They were smooth and a little slower than usual due to the rain.

I really like the Fazio layout at Oak Creek. The best part of the experience is the secluded feel of the golf course. I feel like I'm out in the country when I play here. I highly recommend playing here if you can fit the price into your budget.
I played Cascata with the gk gurus on a Friday, teeing off at about 10:44. The experience of playing here is terrific. It allowed me to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The layout of Cascata is very good. It rises and falls as it winds in all directions through the desert hillside. There is enough room to drive the ball ... unless the wind is blowing 20mph or more. Sadly, we caught Cascata on a very windy day, which brought the level of difficulty of the course to a point where I was unable to successfully face the challenge. So, I would advise checking the weather forecast, and teeing off a little earlier than we did, especially if you're paying rack rate.

Course conditions were very good, as expected. The tee boxes were lush and level. The fairways provided perfect lies and the rough was consistently thick. The fairway bunkers were fine, though one I was in was more like hard pan. The greenside bunkers were PGA perfect, with just the right amount of pure, white sand. The greens were fun and faster than most I play on. It was nice to have a caddie to help with line and especially with speed, as they ran much faster or slower in different directions.

Our caddie was great, and he did as much as he could to help us, but it was really almost impossible to club us in all that wind. The pace of play was a smooth four hours, with little waiting on Johnny's group ahead of us, and nobody behind us. Service was friendly and professional everywhere. Thanks to Johnny for arranging the round. Great job, as usual.
I played on Friday, teeing off (right on time) at 8:15. I really enjoy the layout here. There is plenty of room to hit driver on the longer holes, with trouble lurking for bad tee shots. There is enough bunkering off the tee and around the greens to get one's attention.The greens have accessible sections, along with some spots that are very difficult to attack.

Course conditions were very good for the middle of summer. Tee boxes had fine coverage. The fairways were very nice, and the rough was a consistent length that was not too punishing. If there was an area where some improvement might be needed, I would like to see a little more sand in the greenside bunkers. The greens were smooth, though the 110 degree days require the pace of the greens to be a little slower than they could be.

The pace of play was four hours, on the button. I also have to mention that the customer service was excellent from start to finish. I highly recommend this course for a fun round of golf.
I played on a Wednesday with the gk gurus and teed off at about 6:45. It can get a little warm at Black Gold, but the early tee time kept everyone in the groups comfortable for most of the round. I love the layout here. It's a fair course that will definitely expose any deficiencies in one's game.

Conditions are very good at Black Gold. Tee boxes, fairways and rough are mostly lush, with wiry kikuyu grass in the rough to punish crooked shots. The bunkers I was in were perfect, with light, high quality sand that is well maintained. The greens are mostly smooth, though the moisture on the greens first thing in the morning slowed them down a little. Pace of play was great; about four hours, despite the fact that we had to look for my golf ball on several holes.

Customer service was terrific. All the employees I came in contact with were efficient and professional. Though I played poorly, I had a great time with my friends from Thanks, Johnny!
I plated Los Verdes on Sunday, teeing off at about 7:30. It was really nice to get away from the blazing heat of the last week and visit the much more comfortable coastal cloud cover on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Conditions have been consistently good this year at Los Verdes. The tee boxes, fairways, and greens are really good for a county course. The bunkers have the lighter white sand, which is USUALLY deep enough to hit a confident blast shot.

As always, there are a couple ever-present problems. Pace of play wasn't good (over five hours with a 7:30 tee time). There is also a ton of cow grass just off some of the fairways, and many exposed tree roots if one strays into the forest.

Customer service is great. Everyone I came in contact was cheerful and upbeat. Los Verdes is a fun golf course with beautiful views ... and it won't empty your wallet.
I played on Wednesday, teeing off at about 10:15am. I have been playing here often, since I moved to Placentia. I like to play this course, because it requires me to hit many side hill shots, and there are constant elevation changes. Par is only 67, and the slope rating is 115 from the blues, but I find the practice value of playing here is very high.

Course conditions are not up to the standards of the higher priced Orange County courses, but they are decent and very much in line with the green fees. The tee boxes are acceptable, with much more damage on the shorter par threes. Tee to green is mostly fine (for a muni),with some areas a little more distressed than others. The bunkers are ok, with the darker, heavier sand. The greens rolled pretty well: Minimal ball marks and mostly smooth at medium speed. Pace of play is always a little better than it seems (about four hours), because there are a higher number of par threes. Customer service is efficient and friendly.
I teed off on a Thursday at about 8:30. Because I played with my friend Gus, who is EVEN OLDER THAN STICKBOY, we took a cart and played the white tees. I have always liked the layout of Chino Creek. The holes move in both directions, and the creek cuts across a few fairways to keep you awake.

Course conditions were pretty darn good. The tee boxes were acceptable. The fairways had solid coverage. The kikuyu rough was very thick in some spots. Neither of us were in a single bunker, but they looked a little light on sand, so enter at your own risk. The greens were terrific. Not real fast, but smooth and consistent, with very few unfixed ball marks. Pace of play was very good. We moseyed around in under four hours, and it could have been faster if we were in a hurry ... and it's like $20 to walk during the week. Highly recommended at this time.
I used the GK Special to play Wednesday, 7/3, teeing off at about 9am. WHAT A DEAL! I hadn't played CrossCreek in over five years, and I had forgotten what a nice layout it is, and the unspoiled area surrounding the course is really beautiful. Course conditions were very good, overall. The tee boxes were mostly fine, with some understandable distress on the shorter par threes. Fairways were mostly great, with some absolutely perfect lies in many cases (just like on TV). The bunkers were well maintained, with the heavier brown sand. The greens were the best part. Mostly medium-fast, but certain putts in certain directions ran out way more than I anticipated. I found that it was a good strategy to be less aggressive on most putts. Pace of play was great. I played as a single and only played through one group at the turn. I finished in under 3 hours, often hitting practice shots along the way. I highly recommend CrossCreek at this time, especially with the GK Special. THANKS, JOHNNY!
I played Sunday, teeing off at about 8:30. First thing, the coffee shop and locker room are being remodeled. There are portable restrooms in the parking lot and, as of Sunday, the restroom by the coffee shop is still open. They say the restaurant will continue to be open, though it was closed when I was there.
Though it had rained the night before I played, the course drained well and there was no standing water. Tee to green, the conditions were good, except for the areas in the tree-line or well off the fairways, where it got very muddy. The bunkers were fine.
The greens were a different kind of challenge than usual. Some dried out quickly and were normal speed. Some held more water and were slower than usual.
Pace of play was under five hours. Service was great, as usual.
I got a great price after 11am on Tuesday, Nov. 14, so I gave Westridge a whirl. The service was great in the pro shop … very efficient and courteous.
Course conditions were pretty darn good. Cart path only on holes 1 and 10. The tee boxes had been over seeded, so all the movable markers were at the very back of the teeing areas. Tee to green, the grass coverage was good to adequate. The bunkers I was in had enough sand in them, though the players ahead of me failed to rake their footprints on a couple of occasions (not the course's fault).The greens were in good shape, which means they are tricky to read for players who don't play here often.
I really enjoy the layout here. It's plenty long for recreational players, and
many of the holes have unique character and challenging greens. I had a couple issues with previous management here, but the current owner seems to be better. It looks like Westridge will be allowed to die with dignity, at least.
Sentimentality is a big part of the golf landscape. I suggest that you play Westridge at least once more … if you're heart is in the game.
I played with the gk gurus, teeing off at about 1:30 on Thursday. It was a fun afternoon, and a great deal for such a fine golf course. Every aspect of the experience was above average, from the courteous and professional service in the pro shop, to the challenging layout and excellent condition of the golf course itself.

Two things struck me, in particular, about playing Marine Memorial. First, the course plays much longer than the yardage on the card. The fairways and other areas through the green were pretty wet, so tee shots didn't roll out very much. This, combined with significant, swirling wind, made for constant calculation and recalculation when pulling a club.

Second, I really feel like this is a course that requires a few trips around to learn the places NOT to hit the ball. Several times I had pitch shots around the greens that were well beyond my skill set. The greens also have grain and many subtle contours which make for some difficult two putts for those who haven't played here too often.

All in all, I had a great time … though my game wasn't up to the challenge. I highly recommend the course, though I would suggest playing it forward the first time around.
Thanks, again, Johnny!
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