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I teed off on a Thursday at about 8:30. Because I played with my friend Gus, who is EVEN OLDER THAN STICKBOY, we took a cart and played the white tees. I have always liked the layout of Chino Creek. The holes move in both directions, and the creek cuts across a few fairways to keep you awake.

Course conditions were pretty darn good. The tee boxes were acceptable. The fairways had solid coverage. The kikuyu rough was very thick in some spots. Neither of us were in a single bunker, but they looked a little light on sand, so enter at your own risk. The greens were terrific. Not real fast, but smooth and consistent, with very few unfixed ball marks. Pace of play was very good. We moseyed around in under four hours, and it could have been faster if we were in a hurry ... and it's like $20 to walk during the week. Highly recommended at this time.
I used the GK Special to play Wednesday, 7/3, teeing off at about 9am. WHAT A DEAL! I hadn't played CrossCreek in over five years, and I had forgotten what a nice layout it is, and the unspoiled area surrounding the course is really beautiful. Course conditions were very good, overall. The tee boxes were mostly fine, with some understandable distress on the shorter par threes. Fairways were mostly great, with some absolutely perfect lies in many cases (just like on TV). The bunkers were well maintained, with the heavier brown sand. The greens were the best part. Mostly medium-fast, but certain putts in certain directions ran out way more than I anticipated. I found that it was a good strategy to be less aggressive on most putts. Pace of play was great. I played as a single and only played through one group at the turn. I finished in under 3 hours, often hitting practice shots along the way. I highly recommend CrossCreek at this time, especially with the GK Special. THANKS, JOHNNY!
I played Sunday, teeing off at about 8:30. First thing, the coffee shop and locker room are being remodeled. There are portable restrooms in the parking lot and, as of Sunday, the restroom by the coffee shop is still open. They say the restaurant will continue to be open, though it was closed when I was there.
Though it had rained the night before I played, the course drained well and there was no standing water. Tee to green, the conditions were good, except for the areas in the tree-line or well off the fairways, where it got very muddy. The bunkers were fine.
The greens were a different kind of challenge than usual. Some dried out quickly and were normal speed. Some held more water and were slower than usual.
Pace of play was under five hours. Service was great, as usual.
I got a great price after 11am on Tuesday, Nov. 14, so I gave Westridge a whirl. The service was great in the pro shop … very efficient and courteous.
Course conditions were pretty darn good. Cart path only on holes 1 and 10. The tee boxes had been over seeded, so all the movable markers were at the very back of the teeing areas. Tee to green, the grass coverage was good to adequate. The bunkers I was in had enough sand in them, though the players ahead of me failed to rake their footprints on a couple of occasions (not the course's fault).The greens were in good shape, which means they are tricky to read for players who don't play here often.
I really enjoy the layout here. It's plenty long for recreational players, and
many of the holes have unique character and challenging greens. I had a couple issues with previous management here, but the current owner seems to be better. It looks like Westridge will be allowed to die with dignity, at least.
Sentimentality is a big part of the golf landscape. I suggest that you play Westridge at least once more … if you're heart is in the game.
I played with the gk gurus, teeing off at about 1:30 on Thursday. It was a fun afternoon, and a great deal for such a fine golf course. Every aspect of the experience was above average, from the courteous and professional service in the pro shop, to the challenging layout and excellent condition of the golf course itself.

Two things struck me, in particular, about playing Marine Memorial. First, the course plays much longer than the yardage on the card. The fairways and other areas through the green were pretty wet, so tee shots didn't roll out very much. This, combined with significant, swirling wind, made for constant calculation and recalculation when pulling a club.

Second, I really feel like this is a course that requires a few trips around to learn the places NOT to hit the ball. Several times I had pitch shots around the greens that were well beyond my skill set. The greens also have grain and many subtle contours which make for some difficult two putts for those who haven't played here too often.

All in all, I had a great time … though my game wasn't up to the challenge. I highly recommend the course, though I would suggest playing it forward the first time around.
Thanks, again, Johnny!
I played with the gk guru group, teeing off on Tuesday afternoon at about 12:30. The temperature ranged between 95 and 100 degrees throughout the round, so the course was relatively uncrowded.
I was impressed with the practice facilities at Eagle Glen. They have a large driving range with all grass hitting areas. There is also a nice chipping area with a large practice bunker. So, if you play there, give yourself a little time to warm up and get a feel for hitting pitch/chip shots.
As for the course, it's a beauty. A very winding layout that twists though the hills. I found tee shots to be challenging, but fair. The greens were pretty large, for the most part. I would characterize the layout as moderately difficult.
The tee boxes were mostly satisfactory, though some of the moveable tee markers were placed in uneven areas. From tee to green, the conditions were good, though I did find a couple areas of near hardpan just off the fairway. The bunkers were nicely groomed. I found the greens to be a little tricky, but what helped me get the speed a little better was to putt as if the grain grew away from the hills.
Customer service was great in the pro shop. We also dined in the restaurant, and the service was very good there, as well. I also thought the prices in the restaurant were very fair, and the food was really good (I had the French Dip).
Thanks to Johnny and Eagle Glen for a great afternoon. I'll be back!
I played Sunday, teeing off at about 7:45 with my regular Sunday group. The first thing we noticed was that the practice putting and chipping greens are distressed, suffering from some kind of fungus, or something, We were concerned that the greens on the course would be in the same condition. To be honest, the first three or four greens seemed to have a bit of a problem, but the others were fine.
The rest of the course was in pretty good shape. The tee boxes are fantastic. Tee to green is fine, considering ongoing water restrictions. The bunkers have the good sand, though it is possible in some spots to hit clay if you go too far under your ball.
There are certain issues at Los Verdes that are just part of the … er … charm. If you hit one off the fairway, be prepared to encounter a mix of hardpan, cow grass, and tree roots. But, hey, it's a county course with multiple ocean views.
Pace of play was under five hours, but we teed off early. Expect longer as the day wears on.
Customer service is top notch in both the pro shop and the restaurant.
I played Saturday, teeing off at about 9am with gk stalwart mcantos and another twosome. As with many fine courses in the L.A. County system, the issue at Mountain Meadows isn't the layout or conditions, but the pace of play. It's a five hour course, owing mostly to some demanding tee shots and elevation changes … and the unwillingness of many players to play the proper tees. That being said, our pace of play was acceptable at around five hours, making for a day of enjoyable golf.
If you've never played here, it's a very nice Ted Robinson course that has some unique and interesting holes in the hills above the Pomona fairgrounds. I have walked the course before, but it is challenging, especially in the heat.
The course is really in good shape now. The tee boxes are large and have fine coverage. Fairway grass is pretty lush in most places, and the bunkers are reasonably well groomed with muni sand. The greens are the best part, rolling very well with medium speed and few ball marks.
Customer service in the pro shop was excellent.
I'm not sure how the course will withstand the current heat wave … so far, so good.
I played Moorpark on a beautiful Monday morning, teeing off at about 11am with respected gk gurus Nickesquire, MrKich, and mdames, I had played two of the nines before, so I knew what I was getting into.
The layout is very good, with ribbons of golf course winding through the beautiful, natural terrain. There are constant elevation changes, with many holes that play downhill, and many long cart rides up to elevated tees with magnificent views.
From the tee, landing areas are fair, but not generous. Errant tee shots result in balls lost in the ever-present lateral hazards which line virtually all the fairways on both sides. Lay-ups and approach shots can also find the hazards, and there are also a couple shots which need to carry over canyons.
I found myself often commenting on the beauty of many holes as I stood on the tee. The variety of length and personality of so many of the holes is astounding. Thank goodness all 27 holes have survived the trials and tribulations in the golf industry the last few years.
Course conditions were stellar across the board. Good coverage in the fairways, Thick, deep rough around the greens. Plenty of well-maintained sand in the bunkers. The greens were smooth and ran at a comfortable, medium speed, and were tricky for me to read.
Pace of play was great, and would have been better if we wouldn't have spent so much time looking for my wild shots. I could see the difficulty of the course adding time to rounds if the course got really busy, though.
Customer service was polite and professional at every turn. The golf related personnel were friendly and helpful. I also ate supper in the restaurant. The food and service were very good, and the beer selection was ample and cold.
Thanks, again, to Johnny and the staff at Moorpark for making it happen. You"re the greatest!
We teed off a little after 9am in another gk guru fun fest. The weather was perfect, with blue sky everywhere serving as a backdrop to the tree lined hills. The golf course was lush and green, with smooth, flat tee boxes and good grass coverage from tee to green.
The greens themselves were very good, with decent speed. They held almost any type of approach shots, with many wedge shots backing up significantly. I found the greens very hard to read. There must be a prevailing grain direction, but I couldn't figure it out.
The layout is lots of fun, with the front side being pretty straight forward. The back side is more tricky, and probably requires a couple rounds to figure out club selection off a few of the tees.
All in all, a very good course in a beautiful setting.
One thing always strikes me when I pull into the parking lot at Goose Creek. Unlike other golf courses, Goose Creek is not a golf course that was built to sell houses, and it's not intended to be a pretty backdrop for bridal showers and wedding receptions. Like Spyglass, Bandon Dunes, and (the late) Stevinson Ranch, it is clear that this facility clearly puts golf ahead of everything else ... as it should be.

I played yesterday in a GKReviewGuru group, teeing off at 12:15, with GK legends dconnally, leef2020, and weber2323. First, I would say that the practice areas at Goose Creek are unrivaled by any public course in Southern California. There is a grass driving range, and putting and chipping greens which are actually large enough so that players can find a spot to practice each element of their game before they tee off.

As for the course itself, it is the perfect mix for my game. Forgiving off the tee, but challenging on and around the greens. The tees were lush and green. The fairways and rough had nice coverage. The bunker I was in had the heavier, coarse sand, but it played fine. I loved the firmness and pace of the smooth greens, though I misread a few putts. The pace of play was about 4:30, which was just fine. Every employee with whom I came in contact was positive and professional.

If you've never played here, I strongly recommend making the trip. Goose Creek is a golf course designed for golfers who love the game.
First, kudos to the course for locking the carts in the barn and only letting walkers play today. If they let golf carts out today, with all the mud and slop on the course, one a-hole could have done so much damage that it would have taken months to fix.

Second, (and I'll be brief), if you book your time on GolfNow you will not tee off before your scheduled tee time, even if there is nobody within fifty miles of the golf course. The starter ran some stuff about "time stamps" and invisible people with tee times before ours, but the real poop is ... you may go out an hour AFTER your tee time, but you ain't going out one minute before. (EXCUSE ME, STEWARDESS, I SPEAK STARTER).

As for the course, it was very good considering all the rain.The tee boxes were swell, and I love the fact that they put the markers far apart to accommodate various shot shapes and minimize divot damage on par threes. Fairways had significant standing water, which is understandable after all the rain. And the bunkers were wet, but playable. The greens were tricky, as some ran almost normal speed and some were very slow. Pace of play was really fast, and we finished all 18 holes teeing off at exactly 1:15. The girls in the coffee shop and bar are tops. All in all, it's a nice golf environment and reasonably priced for the OC.
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