Brookside Golf Course #1

1133 Rosemont Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103 • (626) 585-3594

Pasadena, CA (91103)
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Humidity: 16%
Wind: CALM

Sunset: 7:08 pm
green Sunrise: 6:50 am


ALERT: Aeration
Will be aerating the greens on Course 1, also only 16 holes will be open at time of aeration date range, 3/19 - 3/27.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

1. goobies818
Posted: 10/18/17 8:57p
Member Since: Jun 6, 2017
From: Glendale
Played Saturday, Oct 14th. Booked as a 3-some with a 12:20 time. Got to starter and first tee was delayed and didn’t get to tee off till 12:50. Conditions: fairways were thin to completely dried out i... Continue »
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2. Bogey1Fogey38
Posted: 10/01/17 10:42a
Member Since: Dec 3, 2006
From: Pico Rivera
Played Saturday 9/29 Charity event for Scholarships.. Scramble, followed up with awards banquet. POP 5.5 hrs :(
POP was as expected for a tourney of this type, lot of players from good ones to just o... Continue »
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Topic: Last minute special!
Posted: Feb 9, 2013
Looking for a 4th to play 6:15am at Brookside back 12 holes for just $12 with cart!
Topic: Brookside Special
Posted: Jul 28, 2009
I'm sure there's some other place I was supposed to post this, but I didn't see it in the 5 seconds I tried and looked. Brookside #1 is having some sort of loyalty tournament special deal-y thing this sunday. 1 pm (Noon check-in), $40, shotgun start, cart included. Considering it's normally like ...
Member Since: Jul 26, 2005
A tough finish. Water on the right off the tee makes tired legs that much weaker. If this hole is pretty long for you, then I suggest playing short of the water and laying up, the green is well bunkered so why take the risk. The trees on the left make for tough recoveries so I say play for just left of middle if your playing driver. Big hitters may be able to take the water out of play depending on the tee placement. A good amount of front to back slope, which gets more extreme the closer one gets the front, make distance critical here. If you took my advice on the rest of the course than you'll be satisfied with par here.
Member Since: Jul 26, 2005
A solid par 3. Well placed bunkers make this whole straightforward. My recommend favoring an overhit shot since the green is pretty flat without the usual back to front sharpness of most of the other holes. For some reason there always seems to be more wind on this hole than any other, and it is usually helping.

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