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I played here for the first time with 23 others yesterday. No one knew what to expect since temperatures soared to well over 100 degrees last week. We were pleasantly surprised to see the course was green and there was plenty of water holes to keep things interesting. We all played the black tees at 6500 yards and 126 slope. There were lots of fun holes with a good combination of long, short, and slight doglegs to keep you engaged. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the layout with well placed bunkers and water.
Conditions were surprisingly pretty good considering the long heat wave we were having. Nothing was immaculate however nothing was poor either. Greens were smooth and ran well, the bunkers had great sand (many were unraked though), fairways and rough had nice coverage and were fine to hit from, and the tee boxes were decent with the exception of a couple. My groups final verdict was.....this place is a keeper and if the course shows a little more attention to the details with conditions, it will only get better and better. Service was excellent!
Recommended!- yes indeed
For our second round on the Holiday weekend we played the North course for my friends 50th!!! We heard the greens had been aerated last week but really wanted to play someplace special. We were not disappointed with our choice. The conditions were very very good and the greens rolled good with a few bumps but we're very playable. They probably need another week or so to heal but I would still rate them 6.5 out of 10........we teed up at 7:30 and finished before noon on a Holiday so the pace was great. Can't wait to return!
Played here on September 1 with two others. This was the first time playing here for all of us so had no idea what to expect other than past reviews. Looking at the course driving in was impressive. The property is vast and looks similar to La Purisima imo. We all loved the lay out and overall feel of the golf course. Conditions, on the other hand, we're not as impressive. Many tee boxes were not level and chewed up, the bunkers were worse however the fairways and greens were fairly good. This place needs some TLC.......we all thought that this would be a designation type course if they maintained it better. We all said we would love to return when the course cleans up a bit. Right now you get muni like conditions with a resort feeling course........
We played here yesterday in a SCGA outing teeing off at 10:30. This is only my second time playing here so I didn't remember too much about it. Let me first say that it was a hot day and the carts were limited to "cart path only" and with very few water stations made for a tough 4.5 hour day. No one played particularly well in my group due to the heat.
Conditions were nice throughout with the greens being the highlight. They were smooth, held shots, and rolled at a decent pace. The fairways and tee boxes were all in nice shape with only a few areas needing attention. The sand was a little inconsistent but was very playable for the most part. This course isn't very long but it is engaging and fun. Bunkers are strategically placed and there is water on a few holes. I would would to play here again under "cooler" conditions.
Side note: the course took everyone's name and has pledged to give each player an embroidered towel which was a nice touch!
first off here today at 6 am and we finished by 9 am as a 3 ball walking. They are doing a great job keeping this course in shape. With the exception of the bunkers, everything was a strong 7-8 out of 10. Sand was wet and inconsistent. Played the blue tees and there are a few holes with some teeth but for the most part this course is straight forward old style golf. It is an enjoyable round especially with these conditions and i look forward to returning. We paid $45 pp to walk so it is reasonably priced as well.
okay, i have to admit, i gave Westridge a bad review a few months ago. I thought i may never play there again but i saw on GK that things were looking up conditions wise so decided to give it another try. We teed up at 7:30(our time was 7:22) yesterday behind a fivesome that arrived late. Not sure if they even allow fives but i think the group had two times and had a couple no shows. Anyway, they were real nice guys and kept a good pace so we finished in 4.5 hours.
CONDITIONS: a big improvement from my last visit. The greens were real nice with hardly a ball mark on them. They rolled smooth, true and held shots but were a little slow. The bunkers were very nice, the rough was ROUGH or should i say scruff. Tee boxes were fine but could be leveler and the fairways were pretty good but still need some attention in areas. All in all Westridge is doing a better job presenting there golf course and have won me back especially if they keep going in this direction. Cost was $40 with a cart so very worth the green fee. Have fun out there
Teed it up at BG today at 6:37 with Johnny and Jerry. What a great day and a great course. Pace was great with no waiting and 4 hours to complete while taking pictures and videos of the awesome views. I found nothing wrong with the conditions today. The greens were a joy to putt and rolled true and were medium fast. You don't want to hit hit it to far away from the fairways since there are many bushy areas that will swallow your ball. Fairways are generous for the most part and you can score here if you keep it in the short grass. Now is the time to play BG in my opinion, course is green, beautiful, and the design keeps you engaged on every hole. I will be returning soon! Fire it right at the stick and the ball will hold!
Played here today at 7:30 and finished at 11:45 with a short wait on half the holes due to a very slow twosome. It has been years since I've played here probably due to the high rack rates they charge. The senior rate starts at 60 so I can now play for $75 so I think I will be returning a little more often because the course is fun to play. The landing areas are very generous with many well place bunkers. We all found the conditions to be quite good throughout the course. The greens held shots and rolled true however we all thought they were a tad bit too slow.all the tee boxes were level other than the 13th which is still a temporary box due to maintenance. They did have a few divots but you could always fine a nice place to hit from. The fairways and bunkers were the highlight for the most part. There were a few areas GUR but the lies were usually nice and the sand in the bunkers proved to be some of the best I have played in a while. Had a great lunch in the players lounge afterwards too. Only negatives to our day was no cart girl was seen, the range is closed on Mondays, and the pace could have been I little better. We will definetly return soon!!!
We always love to play Angeles. We teed off at 7:30 today and had the course almost to ourselves the entire day. I think more people would play here if they lowered the rates. Don't get me wrong, this course is excellent and it much better than a muni but I think the price point should be around $75 and $50 for seniors in order to get their play count up. The course conditions were great for the most part however the greens were slower than usual and hard. I have seen the greens much faster and prefer them that way. Fairways are always tight but are nice to hit fro. Tees were level and the bunkers were inconsistent with a mixture of soft sand and hard pan. We look forward to returning but FYI looks like the snack bar and restaurant aren't open on Mondays but we did see the cart girl once on the back. Plan accordingly.
I played here yesterday teeing off at 5:30 am and finished in 3.5 hours walking. It has been many years since I've played here so didn't remember much about it. I must admit, I thought it was a much nicer course then I expected. There are all kinds of different holes and plenty of hills to deal with too. Water comes into play on a few holes which makes it fun and the lies are often not flat. I give the overall course a strong 7 with the only low point being the bunkers. Greens were great with semi fast surfaces and held shots. I will definetly be back to play here again. Side note: choose the tees that fit your game and you are in for an enjoyable round.
Played here today for my first time. I actually really loved the course and layout. Although it's not a long course the hilly terrain make it play longer. We teed off at 7:10 and pace was not a problem at all. Nobody caught us and the group ahead moved along so we finished in just under 4 hours. The greens were the highlight with smooth semi fast surfaces that held shots very well. Tee boxes were fine and so was everything else. I would love to add this course to my rotation when heading to the OC. Next time we will definetly stay for lunch on the cool patio. Recommend yes!
Teed it up here today at 7:30. We haven't played here for quite a while mainly because conditions have not been good. Reading recent reviews gave us hope. Upon arriving, the pro shop greeted us and made us feel welcome. We paid $43 to play with a cart and were given a free lunch coupon. Great deal!!
Now for conditions. They have shown huge steps in bringing this place back but but I think they still have a long way to go. The greens were the best part by far. They rolled true, were semi fast, held shots, and were a pleasure to putt on especially with all the undulations. The tee boxes were nice and level for the most part but were a bit lnconsistant in grass height. The course was overly wet (not sure why they do this) which made the bunkers damp and difficult. The rough here is definitely hit or miss. Hard pan, patchy, long, short, and sloppy. I thought the fairways were nice but thought the ball sat down a lot. It was real nice to see the dirt areas if front of tees being worked on. Aesthetically it will be more pleasing to the eye. They were adding walking paths and ground cover which will really make it better. Pace was great at 4 hours. All in all it was a great day on a much improved golf course. Keep it going Sterling Hills.......we'll be back.
Listing 13 to 24 of 61,426 Course Reviews
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