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Played here at 7am on 9/17/18. The course is a little tired feeling right now. The greens were pretty nice, held well, and rolled true. The rest of the course is inconsistent though. Fairways were green but patchy, the tees were mostly level but a little beat up, the rough was long, short, bare, i think you get it...…...The course has been in much better shape but perhaps they are getting ready to punch soon as evidence on the Players Course. The best thing was we finished in under 4 hours walking.
I played here with 40others on 9/9-10,2018. I love this course and love this resort. Conditions were excellent throughout with the exception of some tee boxes which were chewed up and unlevel. This is the first time i have played here since they started building next to holes 9 and 18. I don't get it, especially on 18, golfers are going to be screaming FORE all day long if they done do something. With jail being left and now a building right we might be forced to tee off with our putters. What's up???
I hope they figure something out but we 100% enjoyed ourselves and will be returning!!
Played here on Memorial Day at 7:15. I have to say the pace was great for a holiday at 4.5 hours walking and very little waiting. I am a little on the fence right now in terms of course conditions. I have seen it much better and I've seen it worse. My problem right now is that it lacks attention. The tees were level on some boxes and not so on others. It looked like they just moved the markers without any concern to the golfer. They placed the tees in uneven and patchy areas but i saw many areas where there was level ground just a few yards away. The course was green throughout and well watered but the rough was inconsistent and so were the bunkers. The greens were nice and rolled smooth and the fairways, although a little patchy, did give great lies most of the time. I think a little more care show to the course would go a long way here...…..
Here is why I love this website. I haven't played Skylinks in a long time but reading the great reviews made me give it a try. We teed off on Monday 8/20 at 7:48 right on time and played as a five some walking. We finished in 4 hours and really enjoyed the course. I rated almost everything here to be about 5 out of 10 and here is why. They are punching the fairways now and by tomorrow the course will be about average. We finished the front nine ahead of the aerators so the course was just great not certainly not perfect but 6.5 out of 10.
So GK'ers thanks for the recommendations to play a course I haven't visited in a long while and be warned the fairways are full of holes now so give this course some time to recover if you are looking for excellent conditions....
we have played here the past two Mondays. The course is in great shape right now even in this extreme heat. The greens are holding and smooth, tee boxes are level, fairways are always thin but nice to hit from, not much rough on this course, the sand was inconsistent and could use some attention, and the pace is always good due to the small amount of play here. Feels like a private course and the design is outstanding. Lastly, i have been saying that the rates to play here are too high but see that there senior rates drop to $57 pp Monday-Thursday which i think is perfect. You need to book online to get this rate and you are charged a booking fee but the bottom line is you get to play an awesome track with a cart for $60...……….Recommended highly.
Played here last Sunday with the first tee time out. Obviously pace was not a problem and we joined up with two others and walked 18. I have to say that NOW is the time to play Simi if you are looking for outstanding conditions. Everything about this public track makes you feel like you are playing something private and special. Hey it's not Valecia CC but it definetly is worth the money and time. They are doing a great job in making this place a course to play and enjoy. Why can't places like Rancho Park golf course get it together like Simi. I definetly recommend here right now!
I took a friend out here to play on 7/19/2018 since it was last minute and I saw tee times open in the afternoon. I booked the 2:30 time for two players and joined two more guys on the first tee right on time. That was about it though, over three hours later we finished 9 and played a couple more before packing it in. Too bad really, the course was in real nice shape especially the greens. The rough as stated by many is a real mixed bag of crappy grass but that is mostly overshadowed by the awesome views and let's be real....hitting fairways should be rewarded and missing should be a challenge. Recommended yes but get out early
Wow, played here yesterday in the member guest tournament. Great time, great course, and can be challenging if you spray the ball. Course conditions were outstanding in all areas. Great layout and fun to play but tricky if you don't know where to miss it. I'm was invited as a guest so have no idea the cost to play but we would definetly play here again if the chance comes.
Played here for the first time in many years yesterday. I forgot how much i love this course especially when it is good shape. For some reason I always play good here probably because it fits my eye and it just feels right playing here. No homes, fantastic (IMO) layout, great restaurant, great service, and the pace was great. I think the course could definitely be in better shape especially for the amount they charge which was a $65 senior rate. The bunkers had plenty of sand, the tee boxes were all pretty level, the fairways were nice to hit from, and the greens were nice but could use some attention. The were a little furry, had a few patchy areas, and were also a little on the slow side. I saw three holes posted with signs stating these greens are slower than the others due to maintenance. All in all it was a great day of golf and i plan on returning to AT soon.
Back out at Los Robles yesterday at 7:20am and finishing at 11:15 walking. I have to say this course is a joy to play since many holes give you options. The par fives are reachable with good drives, there are doglegs, left to right and right to left holes, short ones long ones, and i just keeps you engaged throughout the round.
Course conditions right now are very good and only getting better. The sand was consistent but had some areas left unraked, the tee boxes were nice and we only found one which was unlevel, the fairways were semi-lush throughout with only a few areas of thin spots, the rough here is a mixed bag due to the bare desert style format they use to save on water, and lastly the greens we fast and smooth but i will say that about 1/2 of them were recently punched with the small holes but still rolled true. You rarely get a straight putt here but the greens are a lot of fun to play. Lastly, at $25 to walk this place is surely worth the money!!!
recommended highly!
Had a 6:30 tee time yesterday getting out just before the men's club. We finished in 4.5 hours walking with no waiting. Olivas Links in a little over an hour drive for me so I don't get out there much but I love this course. I wish I lived closer...Playing the blue tees on a calm day is very enjoyable however when the winds blow which is often due to the nearby ocean, this place can be a real challenge. Yesterday was calm most of the day so all was well. Conditions are very good overall right now. There were a few problem areas though. Some tee boxes were placed in unleavened areas and there were areas in the fairways that were thin and a little wet. The course is nice and green with a great feel but I was bummed to see my favorite holes with water hazards were not as expected. The water is gone......sad to see but I understand why. The holes were still nice just not as visually appealing or intimadating. Can't wait to come back though as this is a favorite of mine.
Played here yesterday teeing off at 6:36 am. We finished 18 walking at 10:45 on a perfect so-cal golf day. Rio never really disappoints us. The course has a lot to give. Challenging holes, birdie holes, short and long, risk-reward, and the conditions are always above par. The greens yesterday were very nice and smooth with enough undulations to make 3m footers interesting. The fairways were nice to hit from and the rough and traps were nice and manageable as well. The tee boxes do need a little work though. Although they we fairly level, i found a few to be torn up and cut a little long. One bad thing, there was no cart person and when we finished 9 there was no one in the snack bar as many waited for her to return from wherever she went but she did not arrive in time for us to grab a bit to eat. I hope she is okay and we look forward to returning to Rio........
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