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Played here on 5/14/18 at 8am. We got right out and waited on the first hole but that was it. Pace was perfect at 4 hours. They serve a nice lunch in the restaurant too!
Course conditions were the same as the last reviewer except the greens were not bumpy at all. They were smooth, receptive, and semi fast. Everyone enjoyed putting on them. The course is not super difficult but can be tricky with all the water and slight doglegs. Bunkers were consistent and the course is green and an easy walk. We all had so much fun we are heading back there this Monday!
I have played here for many years and always think this place is heaven. Living in the busy and crowded beach community of Redondo, arriving at PVGC feels like being in the secluded mountains. There are no homes on the course, everything is green and beautiful, and it always feels tranquil on the course. The conditions right now are some of the best i have seen. Everything is in great shape and the pace was right at 4 hours. It pays to know where to hit it in this course and still can be quite challenging to score well even if you are in the right place. It is always a pleasure to get out and play this gem. Looking forward to returning soon.
Played here yesterday in a SCGA outing teeing off at 10am. I played here years ago but did not remember much about it. One thing for sure though, i had no idea there was that much water on this course which was a pleasant surprise. The course from the tips is one tough customer which is why we chose to play the gold tees. The weather was perfect so conditions were made for scoring. The lay out is super fun and there were many risk reward holes which i love. Cost was reasonable at $75pp and i would definitely play here again. The conditions were very good for the most part however the greens were to slow(8.5 on the meter). They rolled true and smooth but many putts came up short. Everything else on the course was well above average and the service was excellent. definitely recommended....
Played here for the first time on Sunday 4/22/18 at 7:00 for $149 which i thought was a little too high since most courses are offering deals about this time. Decided to play since i have heard nice things about the course and since the winds were not blowing it was time. I was not disappointed at all in the course and when i found out that our rate included a $15 voucher for food or drink i felt much better. This is a very nice designed course and the conditions were all better than 7 out of 10. I could not find one thing about this golf outing that i disliked. Service-great, food-great, golf-great, weather-great, and i look forward to playing here again.
Teed it up here on 4/9/18 with 3 others. We finished our round at 11:00 in four hours walking with was great due to strong Santa Ana winds blowing. The course is very green at this time. Tees were level and fairways were nice. The rough was okay however it was hard to find your ball in it which slows play down a lot. I had to switch to a yellow ball on the third hole due to balls we could not find off the fairway and finding fairways in that wind is tough. The greens were great as usual here running fairly fast and smooth. I will say this though, I think the push for fast play has created a inconsiderate/lazy golfer. It takes only a second to repair your ball mark but many golfers are rushing so fast they don't bother or just forget. I know I am a fast player and I am always repairing ball marks since I am on the green first waiting for my slower playing partners. And don't get me started on the raking of bunkers...this is a lost art due to the push for a three hour round. I favor a four hour round for these reasons only.
We played here yesterday in just over 4 hours as a fivesome. There is a fine line in rating a course a 7 or a 9. Not many muni courses will ever get a higher rating than 7 from me due to the lack of attention to details. The fairways are inconsistent and different grasses throughout, The tees are level but most have divots left unrepaired, the sand is okay, the greens are great but i did need to repair many other ball marks left by others. Having said all this Miles Square is in very nice shape overall. Lush green grass, greens that hold well, and a fun layout with plenty of water to navigate always keeps it fun. Recommended-yes 7 out of 10
I played here yesterday with three others teeing it up at 7:30 and finishing at 12:30 walking. I was so lucky years ago to find this website and sign up so i could check course conditions before making a tee time. It has worked almost perfectly. The phrase "know before you go" is genius. After reading the previous couple reviews for RC i was a little reluctant to play here but i noticed that a few other courses were doing maintenance to the greens and RC was not so i went for it. I concur with the last two reviews regarding the fairways and rough.....i think they need to do a better job maintaining these areas. With all the rains i can understand why the bunkers are inconsistent and why they are behind in their mowing. The tee boxes were level and nice to hit from and the greens were surprisingly hard but did hold high shots struck well. I did not se many ball marks nor were the greens slow. I thought they were the highlight of the course and we all enjoyed this fantastic lay out. Have i seen RC in better shape? Absolutely! Is it worth playing in its present condition? Absolutely! I say give all the Ventura area golf courses your business, with all the flooding due to rain they could use it and conditions will definitely improve.
played here yesterday as a fivesome with carts. we teed off at 7:45 and finished about 12:00. I have to say that the greens are very nice right now. Running about 10 and most have some undulations. This is not an overly tough course with wide fairways and not much OB but it can still be a little tricky around the greens. The greens are the best part right now and the other areas could use some attention. Most tee boxes were level but inconsistent in length, the fairways were similar to the tees and so was the rough. The bunkers were okay and played well. With the rains coming things will really start to grow and then it would be a good time for their crews to work on being consistent. Fun course to play though.
We played here on 3/11/18 with eight guys. we always enjoy playing here and this time was no different. We finished in 4.5 hours, paid $55 pp with a cart, and the course conditions are always above average. The greens on this day were excellent running smooth and fast. I don't think I had a straight putt all day! The tees are level and nice to hit from and the fairways were nice however had many inconsistent areas that I thought should have been marked GIR. The bunkers were nice but I did notice that there was different types of sand in them. Maybe they are changing the sand out right now. There is a great variety of holes here from every tee. Reachable par fives, fun par threes, short holes and long holes, and some tight driving holes so the layout really keeps you engaged. This is just a fun course to play period! Looking forward to our next stop to Black Gold.
We had a nice day on the course yesterday. We played as a fivesome for $52 riding carts. I like to walk but they only allow fives if everyone takes a cart. So the "worth the green fee" is borderline for me. All aspects of the course could use some attention especially the tees and fairways. They were a little chewed up but i guess they are normal for most muni's. The greens however, were the real deal! Most were very smooth, ran fast, and were undulating. We really enjoyed putting on them. The pace for our fivesome was at 4.5 hours and we never waited for a shot. If my partners were faster we could have easily got our round under 4 hours. The day was perfect and we will all be coming back to this nice muni track soon.
13 of us headed south of the border over the Presidents weekend. This place never disappoints me and holds a special place in my heart. The conditions here are never above a 6 or 7 out of 10 for the most part but i have never seen it below average. The tee boxes need some attention since many were a little unleveled and beat up. The greens were the best part however a little slow. They rolled smooth, held shots, and had only a few ball marks. We would go here much more often if it wasn't for that LONG BORDER WAIT on the return. This was the first and last time we try crossing during a holiday weekend since it took us over 4 hours!!!
We played here on Monday 2/10/18 at 8am finishing in just over 4 hours. I notice that this course hadn't been rated in a while so thought it was time to go back. My group always enjoys our rounds here. We love the layout, conditions, customer service, views, and location of Angeles National. Recent reviews were not too favorable but we thought the course was in great shape overall. The greens, bunkers, and tee boxes were all excellent! If you are not a fan of tight lies then you won't like the fairways and rough. They are very tight and do run out however we found them soft enough underneath to take a divot and hit off of. Chipping around the greens is a real challenge with these lies especially if you miss it above the hole.
A couple things to point out to everyone about ANGC for GK'ers.......the recent fires got really close to the course and now more then ever you can tell you are in a desert. The nearby mountains look nice but the areas surrounding the course are rather bare now. The rates here are a little steep at $65 for a senior but if you book online they are charging $55 with a booking fee so about $57 pp which is much better. If you call them and make a tee time they charge you the higher rate ($65) so beware....we will always return here.
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