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Played here yesterday at 7:30 am finishing in 4.5 hours with no waiting. We played the Ridge-Canyon combo and had a blast. I agree with the last few reviews regarding the conditions however the fairways right now are not as plush and green as reported. They were rather brown and a little patchy but were no problem to hit off. They are getting ready to punch the fairways and greens in a week so this is why the fairways were looking like this. Give the course until mid April to recover and I will bet it rates at least a 8 out of 10 in every category. Always a fun place to play and if you get a chance to eat on the patio the food and views are spectacular!!
Played here yesterday at 8:00am. There is never a boring story to tell when you play Rustic. The winds can blow, the greens are always tough, every hole makes you think, and you have got to hit good crisp shots to score well. I can always recommend playing here due to all the factors listed above. CONDITIONS: The course is green due to all the rains. The tee boxes were level with a few divots that needed repairs. The bunkers were definitely a little hard due to the winds and rain but played okay from the bottom of them. Rustic has many waste bunkers in play and they are mostly hard pan so staying out of them is recommended. I was a little disappointed in the fairways and rough. The rough was patchy throughout and the fairways were as well. The lies in the fairways were often a mixed bag of thin grass, unrepaired divots, and some lush areas but in no way are perfect. I love this course but feel that if it is going to be consistently rated as one of the best courses to play in California, the conditions need to be stepped up a bit.
Played here on 3-13-2017 with 24 others in a fun outing. The weather was perfect, the greens were great and so were the tee boxes with level lies and few divots and ball marks. The fairways were green and semi-lush but watch out when you miss one. It took our group well over 5.5 hours to finish and everyone said the same thing......If you miss the fairway or green you almost had to step on your ball to find it. Not fun and definitely not good for fast play. I heard they have a women's tournament coming so maybe they are growing the rough long and plan to cut it just before the tournaments starts but leaving like it is surely makes for a long day. I highly recommend both courses here but you might want to wait until they trim that 5" stuff or plan on a long frustrating round of hide and seek.
We played TPC for $60 on Monday 3/6/17 at a SCGA outing with a 10:00 shotgun. This is why I love the Internet and sites like GK! I love playing new courses, hard to get on courses, and courses in great condition. Years ago, I use to play Cypress Golf Course in Santa Anita for $50 as a special treat. I loved playing there and so did Tiger Woods (who holds the record at 61). Now there are a number of courses available to play at that same rate or better. TPC is a great track with all kinds of variety and at $60 I will play it anytime. Conditions are not perfect due to the rains but they are better than any muni which charges the same rates. For instance, I walked Milles Square at $52 last week and it does not compare to the experience we had at TPC at Valencia. The greens were fantastic, the tees were too, and the fairways were good but lots of marked area as GUR due to the rains. The course was fantastic compared to most muni's and many others you can play. Highly recommended!
I haven't played here in quite a while so thought it was time. Got a 9:15 tee time on Sunday 2/26/17 for $52 with a cart so jumped on it. With rain in the forecast again we decided to walk the course to stay warm. It rained off and on all day but we were still able to Finnish our round and I only 4.25 hours. The course is in better than average shape right now highlighted by real nice smooth greens. the fairways were mostly lush but soggy and the traps played great. Tee boxes were level and the service was great too. For a muni this really is a fun track and can play long from the back tees. This course may not have the personality of places like Rustic or Black Gold but still can be a fun round with great conditions right now.
Played here again yesterday at 7:20 with 3 friends. Although we had a fivesome(?) behind us that I believe are locals and REAL FAST players who needed to wait on us to finish on most holes, by the time we finished our round it was only 4 hours long. I honestly think it is very difficult for a foursome to finish much faster than this due to the pace of the greens. (unless you are giving 4 footers). THANK YOU GK for the $49 coupon to play this great course. Normally we wouldn't play here very often due to the higher rates but with the coupon we have already played here twice this month and are planning another soon. Everything here conditions wise were 7 out of ten and the greens were even higher. I think this is the best value for your money in SoCal. It may not have the Ocean Views like Pelican Hill, Trump National, or Monarch Beach but you are not paying over $200 a round either and the conditions, service, and layout are nearly the same! Give BG a try and use the GK coupon.
Played here early on Presidents' Day with three friends for $62 with carts. I usually like to walk Rio but decided to ride with my group. Rio has always been my "go to" course due to conditions, proximity, and pace. I think this is a $40-50 dollar course all day but anything above that is a stretch.
Now on the conditions....the greens are still the best part and are always in great shape. The fairways are usually green but thin and this time they were a little patchy due to all the rains. The rough was patchy as well and the sand traps were pretty beat up and still had water in many. The pace of play was great at 4 hours and we always enjoy coming back here. The front nine always seems to play 3 shots tougher than the back but both nines are fun. Once Rio dries up it should get back in prime shape but I would give it some time.
Played here yesterday with 3 others. I used the GK coupon and paid $49 and the 3 others I was with paid the $55 senior rate. I have to say Black Gold is nearing it's prime right now....Everything here is in great shape. Not immaculate but way above average and for the deal we given by GK this place might be the best value around. The course moved along great at 4.5 hours and the cart girl was extremely nice and came by a couple of times. I can't give any aspect of the course a 10 out of 10 rating during this time of year but they are doing a great job with their upkeep right now. I definitely recommend playing here!
Played here yesterday with a 6:12 tee time. Played as a five some in 4.5 hours walking. I have played Los Verdes many times and always enjoy the challenge and the views. The course conditions are always a mixed bag though. They usually keep the greens nice which always brings us back and this time was no different. The greens were the best part. Rolled true with a few bumps and medium fast but are always a challenge to read. The tee boxes were mostly level and nice to hit from and the sand was nice as well. Now for the fairways and rough.........very patchy and hard to get a good lie anywhere. Many areas had large patches of crab grass weeds just off the fairways.. I think they could do a much better job clearing these areas and by doing it may even help the pace of play! Not! Anyway, we had fun and will go back but just not as often since there are many other courses in better shape however not with these awesome views.
Got a chance to play here yesterday for $43 with 3 others for our first time. Let me start by saying we all found the course layout fun and engaging. The course conditions are what you might expect with all the rain and for a muni. The greens rolled nice but we're a little bumpy and medium fast. Tee boxes were average but you could always find a flat lie. The fairways and rough were patchy throughout. Thin in spots, thick in others, and semi lush at times so we played lift and place in the fairway. We all really enjoyed Knollwood and think it has the potential of becoming a great track with more "attention to details" in regards to conditioning. We will return in the near future to see if they pull it all together.
We played here as our final round in the desert on Sunday January 15th at 8:20am. We had a golf now deal for $51 so thought we would give this place a try. Kind of wish we would have played here as our first round due to the course conditions being average and worked our way up to the pristine conditions we experienced at Shadow Ridge but we made the best of it. First off, this place can get windy......check before you go. Second, this course can be VERY difficult so choose the right tees. Lastly, the conditions here make it even more difficult. The tees we level but had divots and were not mowed, the traps were consistent and played nice, the fairways were spotty and just average, and the rough was horrible. Let me explain: If you missed a green (which happened often due to the strong winds) the rough was at least 5 inches thick and nearly impossible to get up and down. The rough along the fairways wasn't as bad but still was punishing. Not sure if this is normal or if the recent rains prohibited the mowers in many areas. This would be a tough course in perfect conditions so you can imagine what you should expect under these shabby conditions.
Played here as our second round on Saturday January 14th. We teed off at 1:20 and managed to be the last group to finish although it was dark by that time we putted. Conditions were above average since we played Shadow Ridge earlier and had to compare it to the near perfect conditions there. Don't get me wrong, Desert Willow is in great shape however, there were spots in the fairways and tee boxes that were a little beat up. The course was not as green as you might expect but the new sand in the bunkers really gave the holes more definition when playing them. Greens rolled smooth and true and the cart girl came by often. We really enjoyed the course and will return.
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