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3750 Olivas Park Drive
Ventura, CA 93003 • (805) 677-6770

Ventura, CA (93003)
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Sunset: 7:10 pm
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1. BrianH
Posted: 06/26/17 5:09a
Member Since: Jul 2, 2004
From: Westlake Village
Played as a replay on Saturday 6/24 with the first round being at Buena Ventura, cost for the replay was $20 and that included the cart. POP was just under 5 hours playing as a foursome at 2:00. I ass... Continue »
Not Rated
2. GDR23
Posted: 06/19/17 8:05p
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
From: Thousand Oaks
Walked the Blues (71.6-127-6530) this afternoon 6/19/2017 on an EZlink 20% promo deal for $16.49 teeing off at 2pm with my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki. Passed on the cart today which was included w... Continue »
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Topic: previous reveiw
Posted: Jul 7, 2015
Not sure why the previous review by (Kevkey) only added up to a 4.4 rating? He clearly liked all aspects of the course and recommends it highly so did something happen??
Topic: Motocross Adjacent To Olivas
Posted: Aug 6, 2012
Another Sunday, more moto... Just a little. You could hear them along the southwest side of the course, holes 3, 14, and 15. They must have been on smaller bikes with mufflers. Not too loud at all.
Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
The good news, the hole almost always plays downwind. The bad news? it is a 480 yard par 4 from the tips with a lake left, OB right and a green that is among the least receptive to hold a non lofted club on the course. The now dry lake on the left is reachable with a driver for longer hitters. It's OB right the entire length of the hole. The fairway is very tight if you go beyond the edge of the lake off the tee, plus everything slopes toward the lake. They have trimmed the trees in play on the right, so they do not obstruct nearly as many approach shots as they used to. The green is very wide but also narrow from front to back. Couple that with the fact that the green runs away from the golfer on the approach shot and it is a very challenging green to get on in regulation. Missing left of your approach is the main place you can bring big numbers in play. Very tall, lost ball grass left of the green side bunker. The large bunker of the front left is a hard up/down, missing right is the play because balls right generally funnel back toward the green. Par is a GREAT score on this hole!
Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
Short, dog leg right par 4 with OB right that comes into play on both the tee & approach shots. Position off the tee is more vital than length, many players may desire a long iron or utility wood to get the ball in the left center of the fairway. This will allow the best angle into the green for most pin locations. Off the tee, if you get too far right, you can be completely blocked by the trees &/or have a blind approach shot over the out of bounds area. On your approach shot, do not go left or long or your ball will be in knee deep brush, almost certaintly lost or at least unplayable. The green has a huge crest in the middle that seemingly almost seperates the green into two different sides and makes putts from the other side very hard to judge. Keep it in play and get it on the right side of the green and this hole isn't as tough as most holes on the back.

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