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Played here yesterday in an SCGA outing or $60 with cart and range balls. Since this was my first time playing here I was excited to get out and play. Let me say this about this track, it has many fun and interesting holes. Still of shorter par 5 that can be reached in two by seniors over 55 and a good variety of holes of different lengths. The conditions there where not what you would expect from a private course. The fairways were spotty, tee boxes were too, the bunkers had nice sand but many had gopher holes and were left unraked. The greens were the best part. They ran smooth and were medium speed and putted well. We all really enjoyed our round here but felt the conditions needed more attention but the layout really kept us engaged for most of the day. For $ 60 we will be back.....
We played here yesterday as a foursome teeing off at 7:20 and finishing at 11:15. It was a perfect day to golf and the pace was perfect as well. The course is in great shape right now. The fairways are semi lush, the traps were consistent and nice however many were left unraked by inconsiderate players. The tee boxes were mostly level and were the only beef I have with this muni condition. Why do the have two or three different type grasses growing on some of the tee boxes. Seems so odd for this to happen and I don't know why they can't fix it. The greens were rolling smooth and semi-fast and the layout as always is a blast to play. Many risk reward shots are out there. recommended YES!
What else can be said about this place? It is a great course with a great design and is always fun to play. I finished in 4 hours walking and we saw the cart girl once on hole 15. I can't rate the conditions as great this time around. I have seen it in much nicer shape. The tees were great and the fairways and rough were good but the greens were much slower than usual. I think the name Rustic is so perfect for this place. There are no homes around and it feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. Personally I think they can do a better job on maintaining there fairways and bunkers. They just seem old and overlooked lately. The greens are usually excellent so I think I just played them on a down day. I will always return here and still think it is one of the better courses in Southern California.
Played here on 7/28/17 with a 3:35 tee time. The twilight rate was $180 and we teed off right on time. I don't get a chance to play here very often due to the rates but when I do I love it. The course is just visually beautiful and the layout is tons of fun. We finished in four hours with very little waiting. There are many holes that require carry off the tee but the fairways are wide enough that it is not as antimidating as you might think. If you can get off the tee consistently then you can score well.
The course conditions as you might expect were very good although I did fix quite a few ball marks and the greens were slower than usual but still putted well. Overall, the course was 7 out of 10 but I am not sure paying the rack rate of $330 is for everyone. I get it though, the property is in a multi billion dollar area with views everywhere and the homes in the several million so it fits the needs of this affluent community. However my pocketbook just can't handle this sort of luxury too often. Treat yourself to a twilight round if you get a chance! Other than price, this place rates high on my favorites list. After our round we went to the bar for drinks and food. We found the food just average though which was surprising considering the clientele.
The SCGA has outings here for $160 which I think is a pretty good deal and you are guaruteed to finish.
Played here yesterday in a SCGA outing for $65 with a 9:30 shotgun. We finished in just over 4 hours with perfect weather. We played the Lake-North nines and blue tees. The course is not overly long but it is tricky and hilly so you play many difficult lies. Many greens are well protected by numerous bunkers so you need to get your distances right to score well. The course is green and semi lush throughout. The tee boxes are level with the exception of a couple, the bunkers were great, the fairways were nice and the ball sat up most of the time however they were spotty in places. The greens ran smooth and held shots very well. Speed on the greens were medium fast and there was a few unrepaired ball marks but they putted well. Not many straight putts here due to the hilly conditions which makes scoring even harder. We had a great time here and look forward to playing it again.recommended.....
Played here again for $65 pp in perfect weather. I still always love playing here but have trouble paying rack rates very often. I really love everything about this course. I still think they need to get creative on offering golf deals here and there bottom line just might improve! Conditions are better than average as usual and we always enjoy getting back to play there.
Played here today with three others. I really want to give this place the higher rating every time play here but I never can. The tee boxes are always good and the bunkers are too. Usually the greens are excellent however today they were a little too slow which is not normal. He fairways are pretty good but are always tight and I have a harder time I'm tight lies. Maybe that is why I have trouble rating it higher. I love the layout and the overall feeling of being in LA but worlds away from anyone. I think this is a $60 golf course all day long and maybe the $80 rate keeps people away during the week but I will always return because it just feels good here!
Played here on the 4th of July for $55 with a cart teeing off at 5:50am. We paid holiday rates and the pace of play was not good considering we were the 5th group off. A fivesome in front slowed things down big time. Never once saw a marshal and I really question why they would put a fivesome out on a holiday and not monitor there pace. Oh well I still enjoyed myself and the course has great views from every hole. Now for the conditions:
Greens were in great shape and medium fast, tees were decent, fairways were nice for the most part but did have a few patchy areas, and the rough was SPOTTY. Can someone tell the greenskeeper there to show some love and attention to the rough areas? The grabby crab grass can really hurt your wrist and is located just off many fairways.......The $55 holiday rate is about as much as I would like to pay for these conditions and pace of play. I will return (as always) but really believe they can do a better job addressing some neglected areas throughout.......
I played here on June 5th at 1:00. It has been a few years since my last round here and I was pleasantly surprised. The course is very green and all conditions were better than average. The greens rolled true although were a little slow but not bad, tees were fairly level, and the fairways nice. Pace was great once we skipped number 8 due to a very slow foursome but once we did the waiting was over. For a muni this is a good test of golf and conditions are better than most so give it a try.
Played her on Monday May 22 teeing off at 7:20 and finishing 11:00 so pace was fantastic. Lets get right to the good stuff.....The GREENS have fully recovered are were in excellent shape and fairly fast. I think these are some of the best greens of any public course we play right now. They were smooth, rolled the ball well, and held shots. Everything else on the course was in better than average shape and if you want to challenge yourself then you can always play the back tees. Great lay out and real fun to play.
definitely recommended....
Played here yesterday with my buddy Ken. Teed of at 1:00 and finished by 5:30 so pace was nice. The course is kind of a mixed bag. The greens are recovering nicely for the punching and roll pretty smooth and with okay pace. The recent rains made them a little softer than normal which makes them bumpy at times. The tee boxes were in great shape with no complaints. The fairways were lush at times however spotty with different grasses and the rough is hit or miss. There are large patches of crab grass throughout so lies can be challenging. Was in one bunker and it played well with ample sand. The views are great and the rate to walk is very reasonable. I always recommend playing here however the pace can be a issue at times.
I played here for the first time yesterday. It was a beautiful day on the course with old friends. The golf was a different story....the only part of our experience that was above a fair rating was the pace of play. We finished in 4 hours with no waiting at all. I think the course design does have some potential however the conditions here are just bad. The tees were inconsistent and patchy, the fairways were the same, and the greens were soft and okay speed but they have many different grasses mixed in them. Not sure I would play here again but if I did I would just enjoy the company I was with and not focus only the golf aspect. For $39 with a cart there are many other courses to consider that do a better job keeping their course in shape.
Listing 13 to 24 of 54,921 Course Reviews
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