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We played here on 3/11/18 with eight guys. we always enjoy playing here and this time was no different. We finished in 4.5 hours, paid $55 pp with a cart, and the course conditions are always above average. The greens on this day were excellent running smooth and fast. I don't think I had a straight putt all day! The tees are level and nice to hit from and the fairways were nice however had many inconsistent areas that I thought should have been marked GIR. The bunkers were nice but I did notice that there was different types of sand in them. Maybe they are changing the sand out right now. There is a great variety of holes here from every tee. Reachable par fives, fun par threes, short holes and long holes, and some tight driving holes so the layout really keeps you engaged. This is just a fun course to play period! Looking forward to our next stop to Black Gold.
We had a nice day on the course yesterday. We played as a fivesome for $52 riding carts. I like to walk but they only allow fives if everyone takes a cart. So the "worth the green fee" is borderline for me. All aspects of the course could use some attention especially the tees and fairways. They were a little chewed up but i guess they are normal for most muni's. The greens however, were the real deal! Most were very smooth, ran fast, and were undulating. We really enjoyed putting on them. The pace for our fivesome was at 4.5 hours and we never waited for a shot. If my partners were faster we could have easily got our round under 4 hours. The day was perfect and we will all be coming back to this nice muni track soon.
13 of us headed south of the border over the Presidents weekend. This place never disappoints me and holds a special place in my heart. The conditions here are never above a 6 or 7 out of 10 for the most part but i have never seen it below average. The tee boxes need some attention since many were a little unleveled and beat up. The greens were the best part however a little slow. They rolled smooth, held shots, and had only a few ball marks. We would go here much more often if it wasn't for that LONG BORDER WAIT on the return. This was the first and last time we try crossing during a holiday weekend since it took us over 4 hours!!!
We played here on Monday 2/10/18 at 8am finishing in just over 4 hours. I notice that this course hadn't been rated in a while so thought it was time to go back. My group always enjoys our rounds here. We love the layout, conditions, customer service, views, and location of Angeles National. Recent reviews were not too favorable but we thought the course was in great shape overall. The greens, bunkers, and tee boxes were all excellent! If you are not a fan of tight lies then you won't like the fairways and rough. They are very tight and do run out however we found them soft enough underneath to take a divot and hit off of. Chipping around the greens is a real challenge with these lies especially if you miss it above the hole.
A couple things to point out to everyone about ANGC for GK'ers.......the recent fires got really close to the course and now more then ever you can tell you are in a desert. The nearby mountains look nice but the areas surrounding the course are rather bare now. The rates here are a little steep at $65 for a senior but if you book online they are charging $55 with a booking fee so about $57 pp which is much better. If you call them and make a tee time they charge you the higher rate ($65) so beware....we will always return here.
Played here for the first time on Monday 1/29/18 after reading Weber's review and seeing GK'sspecial. The recent strong Santa Ana winds forecasted were also a factor in choosing here since it is protected by the nearby mountains. It turned out to be a perfect day with just a slight breeze and tempatures about 83. My group really did enjoy our day playing here. We finished in under four hours walking, thought the course was in decent shape especially the greens, liked the wide open layout and with the long par threes the course was a challenge. We even stopped for lunch after our round and the food was quite good. Personally, I think the course could use a few water holes and fairway bunkers to give it more personality but I understand it is a muni so chances are slim. We would definetly return for another leisure round.
Played here yesterday with a 8am tee time with 3 others. We all completely enjoyed our round here with perfect weather and above average conditions especially the greens which were excellent. The greens were smooth, fast, and semi firm so crisply hit shots held and not so crisp shots ran off the back. If you were above the hole it was very difficult to two putt!. The tees were mostly level, the fairways are semi lush with some spottiness and I notice the fairways were being punched behind us so beware......The sand at Los Robles is a joy to play from however most traps were left unraked. This is just a fun course to play with a great variety of holes. recommended!!!! but remember they were punching the fairways as we were finishing. Oh yea and we finished in 4 hours walking!
One more thing, the lunch menu is great and so is the food.
Played here on MLK Day at 9:00 for $47 walking. Course was fairly crowded due to the holiday and we were waiting on every shot until the Marshall saw that the group in front of us was slowing everything down. He went to talk to them on hole number 5 and we never waited again. Great service and much appreciated!!! Course conditions were pretty good overall. Tees were level but had many divots, fairways were nice but inconsistent. There are plenty of areas that should be marked as GIR in my opinion but were not. Same goes for the rough. Sand was consistent in all but a little hard packed, and the greens rolled well with a few bumps and a few ball marks needed to be repaired on each hole due to others. Fun course with long par 3's make this a challenge.
Reading all the recent reviews on Mountain Meadows I decided to give it a go. I have never played here before so made a tee time and played yesterday 1/8/18 at 8:52. We had the course to ourselves due to morning rain and were able to finish in less than 4 hours with very little rain until the 18th hole. I have to agree with the last few reviewers on how fun this layout is. My entire group enjoyed every hole and the conditions were definitely above par for a muni. The highlight were the greens and bunkers which were both consistent and played well. All other aspects were 6.5 out of 10 but I would definitely give the layout enjoyment factor and cost (which was $45 with a cart)a solid 8. Recommended for sure!
Played here yesterday with an 11:00 tee time. Customer service here is always great. The pro Scott is about as good as they come when it comes to player relations. I really like Rio Hondo because it is always above par on conditions and pace. Yesterday however was about as slow as I have ever played this course. Due to the Holidays it took us just over 5 hours to walk! We still have an enjoyable day. I think the last few reviews are spot on for Rio at this time. Tees are level with quite a few divots, fairways are tight and a little brown but playable, sand is great and the greens are always real nice to putt running smooth and semi fast with a few unrepaired ball marks. Overall 6.5 out of 10. Rio is always a fun place to play!
Played here on 12/24/2017 as a single. I am not a big fan of this course for a few reasons. The conditions are always just okay, the pace is usually slow, and the lay out is nothing to get pumped about. I give everything about 5 out of 10 with the exception of the greens which were pretty nice. They rolled well, held well, and were semi-fast. This is not a destination course but it is good place to work on your game from all different type of lies.
We played here yesterday with a 9:50 tee time. It was another perfect day for golf and we all enjoyed our round. Pace was just over 4 hours and the service was great. We all found the conditions to be about 7 out of 10 except the greens which were awesome. Running at about 11 and smooth. The course would easily get higher ratings from me but there are just to many inconsistencies. The bunkers have two different type of sand, the tees are level but a little spotty, and the grasses in the rough are varied. Getting up and down here requires a real good short game due to the hilly surroundings. We will definitely be coming back with senior rates at $55 and the starting age is also 55!.
I play here every December with a group of about 36 guys. There are a number of reason everyone enjoys this place. They have 27 holes, always in good shade, and a nice variety of holes. The Hotel, food, and service are excellent and well priced. We played on December 3-4 in perfect weather. The conditions are not perfect but I will say they are all in fairly great shape. I think the value for the dollar here is great and there are deals out there now that can't be beat. The greens were excellent, tee boxes were nice with a few unlevel but not terrible, fairways and bunkers played nicely with only a few areas marked GIR. Service is friendly and casual. We have been coming here for over 10 years and will probably do it for another 10 as long as they continue to deliver value..........
Listing 13 to 24 of 56,908 Course Reviews
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