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Decided to give Santa Anita a try on Wed. 11/15 to see if any improvements have been made since the last time I was here. Got there around 10:00 and as a single, the starter got me right out. Real nice guy and he wanted to hook me up with a twosome but they had already teed off. So off I go playing solo.

Something seems to have gone wrong here. The fairways were pretty brown with many dead areas and looked very dry. In fact, some were hard pan which was nice only as I got a lot of roll out. Looks like they were working on the fairways and the rough so this may be a maintenance thing? The areas around the greens were in very nice condition however. Tee boxes have definitely been worked on and were starting to grow in nicely. Bunkers are in great shape but it would be nice if people would use the rakes after hitting out of the bunkers (hint: that’s why the rakes are there! :-)

Greens were real slow and some were pretty bumpy. I know it’s only been about 2-3 weeks since aeration so not a big surprise. I’d give it a couple more weeks and then let’s see how they roll.

Pace of play of was about 4:40. Was moving along at a great pace until hole 7 and then came to a screeching halt. From that point, we waited on every shot. For a weekday, it was pretty crowded. A lot of twosomes followed by a few fivesomes = a long round.

Noticed a few changes which I had not noticed before. The restaurant got a nice face lift with paint and they are working on improving the clubhouse. The fairway bunker on #1 was shrunk down a bit and if you’re in it, you're no longer blocked by that tree in the fairway. Also, the OB stakes right of 13 fairway are gone. Good move.

IMO, average to just below average conditions. SA is a nice course with a nice layout and its always been a favorite muni of mine so I’m hoping for improvements in the near future.
Played Green River on Tuesday, 11/7 on a beautiful late morning, early afternoon. Got out at 11:00, playing solo and behind another single but still got around in just under 3 hours walking.

Well, I have to say it but GR has some issues. The greens on the front 9 have not recovered from aeration. Some of the greens are pretty bad and it will take some time for them to fully recover. Back 9 greens however starting with #12, are in great condition. You would have never known they were aerated.

Everything else about the course is ok. Kikuyu fairways are in good shape as is the rough. In fact it looks like they cut down the rough a bit, particularly on the back 9. Sand traps are in good shape.

I always walk GR even though it’s not walker friendly. It’s pretty flat on the front until you get to #12 and then have a very long, partly uphill walk from the green to #13 tee box. The long walk from #18 green to the parking lot is a tough one. All uphill. Although the greens are struggling to recover, it’s still a fun course to play with some challenging holes. Let’s give the course about a month and see how the greens are then.
Played Black Gold Tuesday, 10/31 using a voucher that I won in a silent auction at a golf tournament. The voucher indicated that we each had to pay for the $15 cart fee. Sergio, the person who checked us in however, waived the cart fee which was very classy! Thank you! Black Gold staff is always classy. Everyone there is first cabin including the club house, starter on the first tee and in the restaurant.

Got out right on time at 9:28 and finished in about 4:30. No one was ahead of us so the slower than usual play was on us. We did spray a few shots in the weeds and spent some time looking for balls but one guy in our group is pretty slow. No one waited on us but we need to pick it up.

The course is in great shape. Fairways are lush, rough is not thick at all. Bunkers are in great shape, at least the ones I was in.

Greens still had some light sand on them. As Lee, the previous reviewer indicated, they still need some time to heal. They rolled nicely but I expected them to be a bit faster than they were. I would give it about 2 weeks and they should be perfect. Greens have always been good here.

Black Gold is always a nice place to play. I find the back 9 far more challenging as the fairways get a bit more tight. The price tag is Orange County steep but now and then you can get a good rate on their website. Definitely recommend however. Go Play!
Played LS South on Saturday 10/28. We actually had 2 tee times, 8:02 and 8:12 for 8 of us and we got out right on time. Pace of play was a bit slow early on but it picked up as the day progressed. Finished in about 4:30. A pretty busy morning and there was a juniors tournament later that morning which explained why there was no colored flags on the pins (red, white, blue). All were blue, PGA flags. They had pin sheets but they weren’t available to the public.

I really can’t add much more than the two previous reviewers gave as they pretty much covered it. The course is in nice condition. Fairways were cut down nicely but many of the fairways were pretty damp. Nothing worse than wet, kikuyu grass. Not much roll out unless you hit on a downslope. Sand traps, tee boxes in nice shape.

The greens seemed to be a bit better than described, not as bumpy and rolled nicely. About medium speed but they held good shots very well.

Los Serranos South is a challenging course. It is long, about 6800 yards from the whites and just under 7200 yards from the blues but is one of the better public golf courses in the area. The two courses gives everyone a shot to get a good tee time on most any day. The driving range is huge which is mostly mats but sometimes they move them up on the grass. Nice views as well from the higher elevation tee boxes, particularly on #7 South and #13 on the north. Good discounts during the week/afternoon. Definitely recommend. Give it a go.
Had absolutely nothing to do today 10/25 and looked for a place to play. Pretty windy out in Orange and Riverside Counties so went inland a bit. Decided on Westridge since it has been a long time since I have played here. Have heard so many stories about this course closing but wanted to give it a go. On a warm afternoon (actually it was freaking hot) drove up around 10:00 am and got right out. Customer service was great . The starter Mario, sent me right out to the tee as a single and ahead of a women’s group.

I was surprised with the overall conditions. Tee boxes were a bit chewed up but were level. Fairways had issues. The kikuyu had not fully grown in for some reason. A lot of bare spots. Sand traps were in great condition. I saw on many of the holes, maintenance was working on the sand traps. Clearly, they did a great job.

Greens were in very nice condition. Not real slow or fast, about medium speed but rolled true. Forgot about the undulations on some of the greens. Tough to read. But it was nice to see very few un repaired ball marks

As the previous reviewer indicated, it appears the course is going through a transition period but for the positive. It’s in much better condition than the last time I was here. I was going to head up to the restaurant to have a beer but the starter said it was closed for now. He mentioned that they hope to open the restaurant sometime in the future. Looks like improvements are pending here. Good to hear as I enjoy the layout. Let’s give it some time and see how it works out. I am not giving up on Westridge.
I get the opportunity to play Boulder Creek every year in mid-October and really look forward to it. Tournament weekend and played all three nines on 10/13-10/15. I really love playing here for a lot of reasons. First if not windy, the weather is beautiful this time of year. Second, it is a fun layout. A good mixture of long and short holes with split fairways and bunkers strategically placed. And third, the course is in great condition right now.

The staff in the clubhouse and in the restaurant/bar are great. On our Friday practice round, they gave us the resident, twilight rate. So nice of them to do that. The food in the restaurant is very good and the service is exceptional.

The course was recently re-opened after all of the over seeding. Fairways are super. Not a bad lie out there. The Bermuda rough is starting to brown out providing a nice color contrast with the lush, green fairways. Even though going dormant, some of the rough was thick and you could lose a ball in there. We spent a little time looking for balls in the rough. Bunkers were in good condition. Good, firm sand.

Greens were recovering nicely from the over seeding as well. About medium fast this weekend and rolled true.

Sadly, pace of play was tournament speed, about 5 hours. Our tournament is never real fast for some reason.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. If in the area, you should make it point to play.
Played with Guru’s leef2020, gary00 and zgolfinman (Lee, Gary and Bob) on 10/10 and had a great time. Crossings is a very nice golf course, all around. I have played here 3 times this year and have always been impressed with the service. When you arrive, you just drop your clubs with the valet out front and they take of the rest. Very nice driving range and practice area and when it’s time to go to the tee box, you are always on time. Impressive.

No complaints today about the course. All is in order. Was told our round was over 4 ½ hours. Didn’t feel that long but I guess I was having too much fun to notice.

This is not an easy course to play but it is fun. Some of the fairways are generous but you need to keep it in play. Very hilly course that winds through the hills and you can’t be spraying the ball or you will end up in the native areas.

Fairways were in great shape. Lots of roll out. Wasn’t in any bunkers but was told they were hard underneath. As mentioned by the previous reviewers, they are working on the tee boxes and were scalped down pretty thin.

Greens were in great shape. Not fast but tough to read. Most of the greens are pretty large and some have undulations which make it very difficult.

After our round, Lee, Bob and I stayed and ate in their very nice restaurant. Very good food and cannot go wrong with the $8.00 burger! Had a nice conversation after. Lee knows more about club making than anyone I have ever met and Bob is a Six Sigma Lean expert. I was dwarfed in the mix as my contribution to the conversation was to order another gin and tonic!! :-) Seriously, If you ever get a chance to play with Lee, Gary or Bob do so! Great guys to play with.

Get out and play The Crossings.
Played Via Verde on Monday 10/9 as part of a scramble tournament. Have played in this tournament for several years and always look forward to it as I rarely get the opportunity to play here. I enjoy the fun layout but being a private club, it has become a little rough around the edges. Has a muni look to it! There were iron bars inside the windows and door of the club house which I haven’t seen before. Sign of the times I guess. I remember when I first started to play here and it was so nice.

Kikuyu grass is starting to take over some of the fairways but are still in good shape. The rough was ragged. The thick, kikuyu rough was not cut and seemed to be growing wildly. Some of these areas were wet and carts had run through them making a mud mess. Bunkers were in very good condition which was nice to see. Good, firm sand.

The greens however were in great shape and are a bit tricky to read. They rolled very nicely, were fast and held good shots. Actually, I had my ball back up after hitting the green. Kind of neat to see.

I will always enjoy playing here and if ever invited back, I am there. You get some clear views of the San Gabriel mountains. I know a couple members here and never heard them complain about the course but I am thinking this will likely open to the public sometime in the future.
It has been a long time since I have played Coyote; probably close to 25 years. Not sure why but I guess the price tag never attracted me. Was invited out to a tournament on this Saturday 9/30 which was nice but I had no recollection of the layout. Fortunately, one player in my group plays here regularly and that helped. It was a slow day. Took just short of 5 hours to play and waited on most shots but I attribute that to some difficult holes. People spend time looking for balls. My friend whom I played with tells me his group is usually 2nd or 3rd off in the morning and always finish in 4 hours or less.

The course is in good condition. Bermuda fairways are in pretty good shape. As Weber mentioned, there are thin areas and but the fairways were cut down just right and for the most part, had good cushion underneath. Bunkers were in great shape with good firm sand. Tee boxes were chewed up a bit and were hard but many were uneven. Tough to find a good spot to place your tee. The Bermuda rough wasn’t too thick and playable.

Greens were in great shape. About medium fast and not a lot of ball marks which is always nice to see. They were pretty straight forward with very few undulations.

The course plays relatively short and there are a few holes that do not require hitting a driver. We played it from the blues which is around 5,600 yards but just because it’s a bit short doesn’t make it easy. Target golf on some holes so if do hit driver, you can’t spray it. The views are outstanding if you get a clear day.

As I mentioned, the $95 price tag kept me away but my friend tells me they have a senior rate during the week of $55 which includes lunch. That’s a much better deal. Recommend.
On the way back to the SAC airport, we stopped to play Teal Bend on 9/24. The course sits right next to the airport and along the Sacramento River. I have played TB a couple of times and always thought it was so so. Different story today and was pleasantly surprised to see the difference. Had a 12:10 tee time, payed $49 and finished in just under 4 hours. Thought it was going to be slower being a Sunday but had a very enjoyable time.

The layout is great. A good mixture of long and short par 4’s with some dog legs and small lakes. The setting is very nice. Large trees line the fairways but the trees also provide a very nice and scenic background for the greens.

The course is in great shape. Fairways are Bermuda and most were lush. Some fairways had drying areas but not many. Excellent roll out. The rough was also in great shape and very playable. Bunkers had good, firm sand.

The greens were a bit chewed with many unrepaired ball marks. In addition to my own, I repaired at least 2 ball marks on just about every green. I take it that repair of ball marks on the greens is an issue here and is being addressed. On this day at #10 green, there was a box filled with plastic divot tools and a sign that says “please take one and use it to repair your ball mark”. Interesting but they make a good point. The greens will only be as good as those who play it. Like the idea. Regardless, they still rolled nicely and were medium fast. Most were pretty large with large undulations. Really challenging

Had a great time out there and if I lived in the area, I would make this course as part of the rotation. A must to play if in the area.
Played Bidwell on 9/22 while traveling up to Chico to visit with some friends. I see I was the last one to review this course and I don’t really have a lot to add from about 2 years ago. There are some improvements however. For one, the fairways are more lush than before and in pretty good shape. Areas off the fairways are still try but noticed these areas are improving also. Bunkers are in good shape. Good firm sand.

The greens were a bit chewed but rolled nicely. Some of the greens have some sizeable undulations and make putting a challenge.

It is a fun course to play and scenic as it sits adjacent to famed Bidwell Park. I would still suggest that if you are ever in the area, it is a must play.
Decided to play GR as a single today 9/19. Got there about 10:00 am and the starter sent me right out to the tee. Ended up playing with another single, Doug. Nice guy and we had a good time out there. Know that they are not aerating the greens this week and will do so on Sept. 25, 26. Pace of play was slow. We still played in just under 4 hours but should have been faster but there was a 4 some a couple of groups ahead that was really slowing things down. They quit after 12 holes which was fine by us.

The kikuyu fairways are decent. They pretty much keep them mowed down but still not a lot of roll out. Tee boxes were ok. Very thick though and could have used a mower. Bunkers were hit and miss. Some were playable but most of them were rock hard. Sadly, this is so common on many courses so it’s tough to be critical here but I did make a point of mention to the pro, Art Guevara about it and he said he would make it a point to remedy. Art is great guy and if you’re ever there, say hello.

The greens are starting to wear with some showing some burnt areas. They did roll very nicely but looks like they could use some work.

Green River has a great lay out and I have always found this course challenging (then again, they’re all challenging). If you play after 11:00, you will get some wind to hit into. They’re going to aerate the greens soon but I would definitely recommend.
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