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At the invitation of a good friend, we played DV on 8/11. Had a 7:30 time and the starter sent us right to the tee. Following two threesomes that were very slow, we still finished in about 3:45. Never played here before but always wanted to. I got a little history about it. It was first opened in 1947 as a private club but now it’s just a local muni. $34 with cart on their web site. Not sure if that was a Friday rate but I couldn’t find anything better. Nice guy behind the desk.

I usually ask the starter before going out how is the course playing. He said it was great. Well, he wasn’t all wrong as I was expecting much worse. Fairways were in pretty good shape. A lot of bare spots but I kind of expected that. Nice thing is there is not a lot of kikuyu on the fairways. The rough was horrible however. Dry weeds and dirt and some had high, uncut grass. The bunkers were weren’t too good either. Very wet and hard which was really mud. Tee boxes were very chewed up but that is never real important to me.

The greens however were great! Rolled perfectly and medium fast. A lot of undulation which made them challenging, particularly if you are above the hole.

The course is unique and pretty challenging. Hilly, with a lot of elevation changes and yes, there are some great views of the San Joaquin Delta at the higher elevation. Just over 6,300 from the blues but it is pretty tight on some holes and the driver can be left in the bag. It was nice to have someone with me who played here because there are also some blind shots.

I had a good time out there and will likely come back but won't be in any hurry to do so.
Up visiting again and of course have to play Boundary. Got to the course before daylight and the starter put me out in front of a twosome. Nice guy this starter and next time I will get his name. Finished in just under 3 hours walking (and carrying, ugh!).

I always enjoy playing here and I asked the starter how the course was playing and it said it was in great condition. He was right this time. It plays long from the blues particularly with the wind in your face. Pretty much in good condition overall. Fairways are kikuyu but were cut down so you could get some roll. Tee boxes are in good shape. Sand traps are in excellent condition. Good, firm sand. There really isn’t much rough to speak of. Its either dried out or thick with weeds.

The greens are great. They were running fast but still held good shots.

I have always been impressed with this course. For a muni they keep the course playing very well. Looking forward to coming back.
My daughter and son in law spend the night with us so the next day, son in law wants to play golf. He is just learning the game and since Birch Hills is close, that seemed to be the place. Arrived without a tee time around 9:00 on Saturday and got right to the tee as a twosome. Thought there would be more people playing but most went out earlier I assume. $47 with a cart seemed steep for this course but it is a Saturday in Orange County. Got around in just over two hours. We did catch up to a very slow foursome on #4 but they let us go through. Thank you!

The course is definitely a change of pace. Many short holes but a great way to work on the short iron/wedge game. Tee boxes are a bit chewed up. With 13 par 3’s on the course, I guess you should expect that. Fairways on the par 4’s were in good shape. Noticed some yellowing on the back however. Sand traps were a bit hard but were very playable.

Greens were in good shape but had many un-repaired ball marks.

They have a nice club house with restaurant with some very nice people working it. Friendly staff. Stayed for lunch which was very tasty.

I would recommend playing here but know it can be slow.
Played The Crossings 7/27 with GK’ers Leef2020 and dconnally. Big thank you to Leef2020 for inviting us out using his discount coupon. Lee and Dave both played well which was very nice to see.

1:48 tee time on a busy afternoon. The course was full but we teed off right on time. Its in real good condition right now. Know that the course is hilly with some elevation changes. Most fairways were generous, in great shape and downhill got lots of roll out. A couple of fairways were narrow but they were short in length so you didn’t need to hit driver. Poa greens were also in good shape. Not real quick but rolled nicely. The only downside of the course is the GPS doesn’t always work properly. Seemed like this happened last time I was there but they have a very nice club house with restaurant. Nice setting in the patio and good food. Definitely recommend.
Was heading down to Carlsbad on 7/27 to play The Crossings but decided to stop on the way and play Summerly since I've never played here before. I saw all of the poor ratings but for $25 bucks, what the hec! Made the time on line for 7:30. Drove up and saw there was only about 6 cars in the parking lot. Some were workers and some were from kids hitting on the range. So who's on the course? No one!

Check in was easy enough. Nice guy in the golf shop and he gave me the lay of the land which was helpful. Cart paths only as they were over seeding. I didn't see a soul out there so I literally had the course to myself.

This course is links style and has a real nice lay out. I very much enjoyed the layout. There are some burns that come into play on tee shots and having course knowledge was helpful. Tee boxes were good. Fairways however are a mess, particularly the back 9 . Its going to take a lot of seed to help this course. Bare spots everywhere. Greens were great however. Soft but they rolled very nicely. Was only in one bunker but it was just fine, surprisingly.

I would love to play here again but when it has its act together. I know they had closed here some time ago for repair and heard they might close for good. Doesn't look like it. They are currently in construction of a community park with baseball fields right next to #8 green and #9 tee box. I also noticed they are building numerous homes above #10 fairway. Great to see. I hope this place can come back.
Wasn’t doing anything today so I decided to head out and play somewhere. Chose Dos Lagos since it has been about 10 years since I last played here. Check in was great. I got there about 10:00 and the starter sent me right to the tee to play solo. The rate was $29 bucks today which was nice and no one out there on this hot day. Caught up a with a foursome on #15 which slowed things down but still played in about 3 hours.

Not sure why I haven’t played here in so long because I really like the course. Nice to play Bermuda grass fairways for a change instead of kikuyu. The fairways were generous and in great condition. Lots of roll out with good lies. The rough was thick on some holes, not so thick on other holes but it was Bermuda rough and was tough to get it out. Best to stay out of the rough. Sadly, the sand traps were rock hard.

Greens were great. A bit soft but they held good shots and rolled true. Not many un-repaired ball marks out there which was nice to see.

I enjoyed playing here today. Very nice views of the area and you can always find a good price online. The wind came up on the back but it is a nice layout and there are opportunities for birdies. I am definitely playing out here again and won’t wait so long next time.
Never played Skylinks and was hoping a friend of mine who plays here regularly, would one day invite me. Today was that day. We played as a 3 some with a walking 2 some joining us so they do play 5 some’s here. It was fine and they were great guys to play with.

I really enjoyed the day. Check in was great. I mentioned to the club house attendant that I have never played here and was looking forward to it. He then handed me a yardage book – no charge. Very nice of him to do so. Wish I had remembered to get his name because he deserves some props!!

The place was packed which my friend says it’s rather unusual for a weekday. We teed off right on time however – 8:12 but we pretty much waited on every hole. We finished in about 4:35 even though it seemed longer. Regardless, I was impressed with the whole experience.

Fairways were in very nice condition. Bermuda fairways and they really rolled out unlike kikuyu which tends to suck up tee shots. The rough was also bermuda but was not real thick. Sand traps (and I was in a few) were in great shape. All were good medium soft sand.

The greens were really nice. Many undulations provides a challenge to read them correctly. Course knowledge would have helped here as it is best to have an uphill putt. Regardless, they rolled very nicely and were holding all shots. Unfortunately I fixed many pitch marks in addition to my own but the greens were still smooth.

There are a lot of good things about Skylinks. The driving range is huge. Plenty of space/matts to hit from. The cute, cart associate came around 3 times so we had plenty of water. Except for the pace of play, I can’t really criticize much. It is a fun layout. Not real long (just under 6400) from the blues but there is a good mix of long and short holes with doglegs and numerous traps. For a muni, this course can clearly be an example of how to make a muni a great experience. I am looking forward to playing again.
Was invited to play RH for a noon tee time on Friday 6/23 and was reluctant to do so largely because of the heat, the reviews and comments from some of my friends. I decided to go as I have never played here before, at least not since it was redone what? about 20 years ago? I’m glad I did as I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I was expecting the worse and it was better than what I expected? No, not really. I enjoyed this course and would rate it higher than the previous reviews from our GK colleagues.

Overall, not a real long course and it is a muni. The fairways however were in very nice condition. It was heavy kikuyu but was cut down pretty low so the ball sat up pretty nice. Some dry areas but not very many. Sand was in good shape as well. Not much rough as it was cut down a bit as well so getting out was not difficult. Tee boxes were a bit thrashed but can’t say it was different than any other course I have recently played.

The greens were soft. They were smooth and rolled true but not very fast. A bit on the slow side particularly as the day progressed.

I enjoyed playing here. $52 to ride seemed a bit high for a muni but there are a good mix of long and short par 4’s. Opening hole played to about 410 from the blues. A couple of nice dog legs are mixed in so you need to hit to a good spot to approach the green. Par 3’s are challenging as well. #8 played 239 yards for us on this day.

We had a late lunch/dinner in the restaurant and it was pretty good. They have a very nice bar overlooking a couple of the holes. Nice!

This is not on my “hurry up and play again real soon list” but I would definitely like to come back give it go. Overall I was impressed and would recommend.
Played in a GK Guru outing on Tuesday 6/20 with Johnny GK, Gary00, Tubedude and Stickboy. Yeah, we played as a 5 some but we got around in about 4:30. (allowed to play as 5-some due to course being wide-open because of heat) Off at about 12:30 on a pretty warm day. Definitely hotter as the day progressed and I’m guessing it was around 100 but the course was pretty empty.

I last played here about 7 months ago and I can see some improvements from then. Fairways were in good shape so no issues there. Some lies are still pretty tight and some browning but overall in good condition. I have always felt EG is a challenging course. Accuracy off the tee is a must as many fairways are lined with thick brush. Roll out was good. Tee boxes were a bit thrashed and some were uneven. Bunkers were a mixed. I was in a greenside bunker and it was very soft sand. Then the following hole I was in a fairway bunker and it was pretty hard. The rough wasn’t long or very thick.

The greens were a bit grainy. First time I have ever seen that here. They are usually firm and fast but on this day they were medium fast but rolled true.

Despite the heat, it was a great and fun day. I see some good rates out there and I intend on playing here more. It’s definitely worth the rate.
Finally got a chance to play Rancho. A friend called to say he had opening and having never played here, I accepted even though I knew it would be a 2 hour commute home. Had a 10:32 time on Friday 6/16 and was on the tee right on time. Pace of play was slow – about 4:45. Not sure why it was so slow but after #12, the pace picked up considerably. Everyone seems to wait a while on 12 as it is a fairly long par 3 next to a concession stand with lots of booze!

I was so looking to playing here and enjoyed the course. A mixture of short and long par 4’s with long par 3’s make it challenging. To say this course is old would be an understatement. The layout is nice. Mostly straight away holes but a couple of fairways with slight doglegs. Some elevation changes but not severe. The fairways are lined with large trees adding to the beauty. A lot of brown spots out there. The kikuyu fairways were cut low so there was some roll out. There wasn’t much rough to speak of as it was dried out but miss a fairway and you could end up in tree roots. Was only in 1 bunker and it was in good condition. That’s always nice to see.

The greens were really nice. Smooth but kind of spongy and they were really holding. Not a lot of undulations on the greens so breaks were subtle.

Had fun today with some good friends. If it wasn’t so far traffic wise, I’d be playing here more I’m sure.
I play here regularly but because of other commitments, travel, etc, its been a couple of months and was anxious to get back out. Played today 6/14 and had a 9:38 tee time. The morning times were booked on both course due to a youth tournament but that’s not why it was a 5 hour round today. After the tournament, there was a 4 some, a 3 some, then us. Somehow a 2 some snuck in there and they were very slow. They were not very good and it really slowed things down. Very unusual for a 5 hour weekday round here.

Regardless, the course is in very nice condition. Fairways were lush kikuyu but it was cut down real nice. The rough was pretty thick. Hard to hit out of today. Sand traps were in really nice condition. Big improvement here.

The greens were great. Not real fast but were rolling perfectly. Downhill putts a different story. Hit it too hard and you were possibly off the green. They were holding shots however.

Love playing here. Always look forward to having a good lunch after in the restaurant. The girls who serve are super! Coming back next week!.
Played the Babe today 6/11 in the SCNGA tournament. Early morning 7:00 shotgun start on a misty, cool day. We played the combo tees at about 6350 yards. Never played the combo tees here but a good idea and very challenging. We started out on #17, par 3 over water about 195 to a back pin. What a way to start! I played well but this course is tough and can find a way to grab you. Many of the fairways are pretty narrow and they had the pin placements in areas I have never seen before. They were hard to get to. Pace of play was slow. Just about 5 hours but this tournament is always slow and was expected.

Regardless, the fairways were in great shape. Some browning out there which was a bit surprising but otherwise the lies were great. The rough was thick but playable. Beautiful, large trees line the fairways and do come into play. Best to be in the fairway! Sand traps were in great shape. Some are pretty deep.

The greens were in great shape, they rolled perfectly and were about medium fast. A lot of undulations make them difficult to read but they were holding.

I would love to play here more but the price tag is a bit high. Never really see a good deal. Only complaint today was the cart paths. Tree roots are more than evident and can make for a bumpy ride but a small price to pay for such a nice venue!
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