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Played Saturday, 17 Feb, joined up with a friendly 3some. mini-deal at $59, plus $5 for a small bucket. Teed off 10 minutes behind schedule at 12:20pm with a POP of 5 hrs 10 mins. Was really slow to start, not too bad a pace after three holes, then backed up again on number 9. Just too many people out on the golf course. Players in the group in front were definitely playing the wrong tees (blue) for their skill-set. We played the white tees, 6371 yds/71.0/125 slope, and it plays much tougher than the ratings, imho.

Aside from the POP, my only disappointment were the grass tees on the driving range were really rubbish, on an incline and sand-laden. Sadly, it didn't help my bunker play at all later in the round. :( Practice green was nice and smooth, and similar to the pace of greens on the day, mostly medium/medium-fast.

Fairways were green, mostly firm, and rolled out nicely. Ball typically sat up well, with a few minor thin areas. Rough wasn't too penal, with the ball actually sitting up well for me each visit.

Greens were firm, but held shots pretty well. Very smooth, true putting on the day. A step-change improvement over my visit last year.

Bunkers were also better than last year, in that they were dry this time, and sand was fluffy enough, and allowed me to flubby enough shots from the three that I visited. ;-)

Cart lady came by twice on the day. Saw a marshal in 3-4 different locations. Friendly staff all around the facility.

Very enjoyable day on a busy and sunny Saturday in Napa... came very close to a hole-in-one on their signature hole #14, settled for a tap-in bird. There are a handful of really pretty holes, some with significant elevation changes, and some holes that are just very demanding to par. Definitely recommend.
This is a great little course to play simply for the unique experience of having so many tall coastal redwoods lining every fairway. My course ratings are much lower than the others, but would still recommend it.

This is the second time I've played the course, and both times were not mid-summer when I am certain the conditions improve. Given the tall redwoods, I suspect there are considerable parts of the course that just do not get enough sun/warmth to dry out and for grass to grow strong roots.

Chose this course to go out with a friend visiting from the UK who was on a whirlwind tour of California had not played golf in 5 years. Really was perfect for him. We teed off late in the afternoon duffed it around, and finished 9 holes in near darkness, with some wait on a 4some on the last 3 holes, POP about 90 minutes walking.

The course was very green and looked 'good/great from far'. Tees were level on about half the holes, a little damp on a few. Fairway grass was thinnish in many spots, didn't provide great roll due to moisture in the soil, but the grass that was there was very green. Rough was penal at times, about 2-3 inches and the ball tended to sit down in it. Was in one greenside bunker, was very firm and un-raked by previous golfers. The small greens held shots OK, and were mostly lush. They did have bare soil spots exposed and a fair bit of forest debris on all greens, indeed too much to remove to get a clear line for putts. So, a bumpy and veering trip for the ball after a stroke.

Jeff in the bar took good care of us after the round, and had a nice salad, but they do have a fairly large offering for heavier fare, as desired.

Glad we played, my friend even made 1 par on the day after knocking some rust off, and still highly recommend the experience in spite of conditions and price. Hopefully, they spend more of the greens fees to hire someone to provide better course upkeep going forward.
Was able to grab a fantastic deal on for $21 at noon. Arrived early, but was told by the young man in the pro shop that I'd have to wait until tee time "as it is policy on pre-paid" times. Pretty silly, the tee was open for 15 minutes, and I later joined up with a very friendly two-some that teed off 40 minutes ahead of me, after passing through a two-some and a four-some. I understand why, but Kemper Sports (Crossings at Carlsbad, Black Gold, etc.) should do better here. Great deal on a fun, scenic course on a lovely day.

POP ended up at 4 hours - 1.5hrs front, 2.5hrs back when we caught the slo-pokes. No marshal to be seen.

Tees were very nice, green and level. Fairways were green, with a lot of undulations to deal with. The first four holes are all uphill, making an extra challenge while warming up. Rough wasn't too penal, with varying grasses and degrees of length. Had a handful of shots from rough on various holes, and wasn't an issue. Was in two bunkers, and the sand was medium weight, slightly damp.

Greens were firm but decently receptive, medium-green colour, mostly fast and smooth putting, with breaks influenced by the bay.

No cart lady, but the half-way shack at the clubhouse serves a variety of items.

Newsflash! They have invested in BRAND NEW carts, that are pretty zippy (get fast going downhill). Yamaha gas carts, WITH GPS! A different system than at Black Gold/Crossings, but it did work fine, with a little less flexibility to point/get yardage on specific targets - but, maybe I just couldn't figure it out. Yardage is listed to various hazards and front/pin/back of green, and a phone number is listed to call ahead for food at the turn. Pretty nice overall.

This is a very fun course to play, with great views throughout the round, with a few friendly golfers. Today was chilly/windy, but bright and sunny all day. Adding in the deal, an absolutely brilliant afternoon!
Received an an e-mail from the course reminding me that Birthday rounds can be played a day before or after the big day. So, a free weekend birthday round for me on Sat., Feb 3rd, as golf wasn't going to trump the SuperBowl! Being a Crossings Club member, they waive the $25 cart fee - membership has it's benefts.

Agree with Gary00 (happy birthday, too!) overall on the conditions being very good right now. Tees, fairways and greens were nice, with nothing to complain about really . The fairways still a bit dormant, along with the rough being very dormant and a bit splotchy and cut shorter than in the summer months. Greens looked like they needed to be cut, but rolled medium/medium fast with certain pin placements.

Played much better on the front, and found the bogey-train on the back 9. I do think the back plays a few strokes tougher, as fairways tighten up a bit.

Great customer service all around, with the cart lady making several appearances. Only issue on the day was a sluggish POP, as teeing off at 12:36pm, we finished just after sunset at 5:35pm. Still, a great way to spend an afternoon... for free! Thank you, Crossings!
Had the pleasure to stay at Bay Hill Club & Lodge while attending the annual PGA Show in late January. Was able to get in a few rounds between/with a few rain-drops on the non-tournament Charger 9 ($65, includes cart, all-day practice on the range, very nice putting green, chipping green and sand trap).

There really were very few groups on the Charger course, and was able to play through a 4some each day, and the 9-holes typically only took 75 minutes or so. Was able to get in a few extra holes each day before sunset.

The other two nines, Challenger/Champion ($270/18 holes), were over-seeded for the winter and are much, much greener and in much more lush condition, ahead of the tournament taking place in March and was very busy.

Still, the 'short' 9-hole course offers a good quality challenge, with it playing up to 3324 yards from the back Green (Palmer) tee markers, and was in very good condition overall, on par with The Crossings at Carlsbad right now, I'd say.

Immediately upon arrival at the pro shop, a friendly attendant takes your clubs and will put them on a cart or make other arrangements if playing with a caddie on the tournament course. Friendly and helpful staff in the pro shop, and the starter was very cheery, as well.

There is water in play on holes #s 2 (par3), 3, 5 and 7(par3). Tee boxes were well-covered, cut nicely, green, and very level.

Fairways had very good and consistent coverage. Never saw any bare-spots in the fairways nor rough. Medium-green color and decent roll off the driver. Always had a good lie. Rough was pretty dormant (as seen in a few pics added), about two inches longer than the fairways.

Bunkers were very consistent - was in 3 over my two rounds. Nice white sand, about 1" or so of medium-weight sand on a firmer base.

Greens were firm, but held shots well, putted very smooth and rolled true, at medium speed. Thinnish coverage reminded me of the PGA West greens of Nicklaus Tournament and the Stadium courses last summer.

The Charger course was fun to play and a good challenge. The course is well-maintained, and conditions were very good. My rating would very likely be 2 points higher for the other two nines, based on how lush everything was from what I saw. Just lovely. Wish I could've gotten out on it, but a combo of weather, time and physical factors conspired against me this trip.

Staying at Bay Hill was a treat, with so much memorabilia and pictures from Arnold's golfing life, and a few stories from staff members. I hadn't seen the "Arnie"/"Arnie & Me" documentary on Golf Channel previously, and it was nice to have it on a continuous play cycle whenever I turned on the TV in the room. Very heart-warming and inspirational. The 72 room hotel has a unique charm and I highly recommend a stay there when in the Orlando area!
Played today at 12:23pm as a 3some and finished just under 4 hours. Pace seemed slower than it ended up at, but played at a nice, leisurely round on a cool MLK Jr Day.

Course was in pretty good condition overall. Blue tees were level and cut nicely. Fairways were pretty bog standard today, not getting as much roll as I'd hope. Rough was about 2-3 inches. Both fairways and rough had some washed out, hard and very thin areas, of which I found both, and then almost lost a leg sinking into a hidden water-bog under the grass just in front of #17 green, from over-watering!

Avoided all bunkers today, but my playing partners said the sand in the few they visited were soft and reasonably fluffy.

Greens were very nice, minimal ball marks, held shots pretty well, very green, lush and smooth putting. Medium-fast pace.

Saw the cart girl twice and the marshall actually was visible and said a few words. Great day on CM-ML overall.
Played Thursday, teeing off about 12:20pm, twilite rate of $45 via their website. Teed off as a 3some behind a 4some that included former US Open Champion Steve Jones.

We never threatened hitting up to his drives, and saw him make at least one putt for birdie. Word was he came out as a single, and just joined up with the group in front. Saw him giving a few swing tips - how cool is that for those guys! Seemed like a real nice gent from the few interactions we had. We did keep up with them throughout, as they were also waiting on the group in front of them. POP was 4hrs 40mins, finishing just at sunset.

Course was in very good condition overall. Greens weren't as smooth as I've seen here, but were very good, lush and green. Held shots well, and medium speed.

Tees were cut short, level and pretty green, but did have enough divots/thin spots to leave room for improvement. Fairways were generally lush, provided for decent roll, except where landing areas may be sloped against you - #s 2, 5, 6, 11, 15 and 18 come to mind.

Rough was about 2", and penal if your ball was sitting down in a clump of semi-dormant grass. Was in a few bunkers today, two fairways on #3, 14 and one greenside on #13. Fairway bunkers were pretty firm, and greenside was medium-weight, and medium fluff for me.

All staff was very pleasant and courteous, weather was a mostly pleasant mid-70's. Looking forward to coming back for a round earlier in the day, using a GK $55 coupon.
Played Monday, teeing off in a slight drizzle at 12:10pm as a 3some. Finished in 3.5 hrs, with no one in front of us. Finally saw a group on the 16th tee when we were hitting our 2nd shots on 14. Off/on lite rain all day, finally stopping for us on the last two holes, but conditions were wet throughout.

Teeboxes were uncut, about 1 1/2" in length. Fairways were still pretty firm and green complexes softened up only on the back9. Rough was pretty well cut, so no problems there. Bunkers were pretty decent, with medium-heavy sand considering the rain, but was able to get the club through and get a decent amount of fluff through the ball.

Due to such lite play, the greens rolled smooth, but were very slow uphill due to the wet conditions. Otherwise, medium-speed. Very green/lush and held shots well.

New carts have arrived. They look like the same bog-standard carts they are replacing, except they are silver. Zippy lithium-ion batteries (I believe), but no GPS unit and no USB ports nor bong holder. Bummer. ;-)
Played Thursday, Jan 4th, teeing off on-time at noon. Renewed my Crossings Club membership for 2018 online last weekend, and they had my membership packet ready, and gave me the included year's supply (one dozen) ;-) of Callaway Chromesofts. Used one of my free twilight coupons instead of paying the member-rate $40 greens fee, so already 1/3 of the way to recoup the membership fee! Friendly and efficient greeting both in the pro shop and by the starter(s).

Lovely day on the course, low 70's at teeoff. POP was 4.5hrs, with no waiting, so we were just a tad pokey. However, was a fun group with 3 other singles, lots of chatting/BS-ing, a few extra tee shots by a few guys, perhaps contributing to our finish about 3/4-hole behind the group in front. Group behind was also about 3/4-hole behind us.

White tee boxes were green, cut short, and mostly level.

The fairways and rough were generally dormant, light green/brown. Fairway grass was short and tough if taking a divot. Rough was cut very short everywhere, including banks near the greens. Ball would roll off easily, taking the downslope to a level area. Rough along the fairways was inconsistent, with tufts of varying grasses providing some difficult lies.

The greens were definitely not as smooth and fast as mid-December. Very green and receptive, however, and held shots well. Speed was medium overall, and a bit bumpy.

They've renovated 26 bunkers on 16 holes. I was in one of them greenside on #13. Sand was medium-weight, very, very soft and seemingly 4-6 inches of sand before you get to a base. Took two swings to get the ball out, and had to roll myself out of the bunker due to such soft footing and steep inclines! :) Lots of raking to reset the conditions.

Saw the cart girl on the front and back side. Two guys ordered hot dogs at the 1/2-way shack, and noticed generous helpings of onions on both, and only one went for the mustard, not totally depleting the supply for others.
A great day at the Goose! Played 12/28, teeing off 5 mins behind schedule at 12:27pm as a 3some, and finishing 4 hrs and 09 mins later. Minimal waits throughout the round on the 2some in front (they were waiting, too), and the 3some behind waited on us, as well. Good pace, everyone was keeping up with the groups ahead of them.

Was able to hit the range and practice facility before the round for about 30 minutes, including chipping, sand trap, putting green and full grass driving range. Not included in the $80 rate w/cart. Fortunately, I had an unused ball token from a previous visit.

One of my playing partners made the reservation via phone, and was expecting something in the $65-$70 range for an afternoon rate. Oh well, I guess I will have to make arrangements in the future. I think he could've done better, as I saw rates online that were lower, so worth a few minutes of extra research to save a few dollars.

Holes looked great as you stood on each tee, and was very firm throughout, on a sunny, mid-80s degree day. White tees were level with some wear-n-tear and soft footing (recently watered) in spots. Though not quite lush, and cut short, the fairways were pretty green and provided good roll-out. Ball did sit up nicely. My drives were an extra 15-20 yards, about a 7% gain, and enjoyed a club or two less into the greens.

Generally, the greens were receptive and left a ball mark, but shots did not check-up as you'd like. Employed a strategy to play about 7-10 yards less than measurements to the pin and let the ball roll-out accordingly. Worked pretty well for me and mostly stayed below the holes or hole-high, but did have a few shots on the fringe, short of the green. Greens rolled fast to very fast downhill, and true.

Rough was short and not very penal. Did a good job avoiding the traps, and was only in the practice bunker, which could only muster a thin layer of sand over a very firm base. My playing partners said the bunkers they were in were very hard, so I guess similar. They were well-groomed, however.

Undulations on and elevation changes around the greens present a keen challenge for this course. Overall, very well manicured and great shape for this time of year and nothing really to complain about regarding the course. No GPS, but there are a number of yardage markers on each hole, though they were generally 4-5 yards off my Garmin GPS readings.

Pleasant cart lady came by 4 times by the time we hit the 12th tee, and then was heading in for the day. Course has a fair number of ice-cold water jugs throughout. Highly recommended right now.
Played Thursday, teeing off about 15 minutes late, at 12:25pm. Grabbed a $36 Crossings Club rate, and happy about it for my last round of the year here. Joined by a twosome and another single. Was told by the other two Crossings Club members that they paid $34 'senior' rate! They hit from the blues, and the tee boxes looked good there, I teed off from the whites and they were a bit worn, but mostly level. Finished after sunset at 5:05pm, for 4hr40min round, waiting a bit on most holes.

The fairways and rough were generally light green/brown. Fairways were very firm and provided excellent roll and good lies. The extra roll helped out this short-hitter. Rough was inconsistent, with tufts of grass providing some difficult lies.

The greens were fantastic, very green, receptive and held shots well. Ball rolled nicely and managed two birdies on the day, which nearly made up for my double-bogeys.

Wasn't in any bunkers. Did notice that they were re-lining one of the bunkers by #16 green.
Saw the cart girl just on the front side, but did stop at the half-way shack and the guys were happy with their sandwiches and hot dogs and the amount of mustard that was available.
Played the front 9 holes today at the 'super twilight' $16 walking rate. Starts at 3pm these days, and I teed it up at 3:26 as a single. Only a few 2somes riding in carts front of me, otherwise the course was nearly empty. Ended up catching the 2some in front on the 9th hole. 1 1/2 hours for the 9, getting in just past sunset.

Tees were fair, annoyingly chewed up on 5 of the 9 holes at the white markers. Fairways rolled out a good bit today, due to all the winds we've been having. Mostly good lies. Wasn't in any bunkers, or rough, for that matter. Greens were very firm, not allowing for much stick'em with approach shots. But, they did putt fast and were mostly smooth with very little in terms of bumps/foot traffic.

Thought the course was in 'good' condition, but nothing to write home about... just a GK review.
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