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Played The Crossings on Tuesday at 1:39pm, joining another guy and a lady single visiting from Arizona for a fun 3some. Old men played the white tees, she played the green tees for her first time playing the course, and out-drove us nearly every hole! POP was good for the front nine, never waiting, but things slowed up as we played the backside, starting on #11. POP ended up right at 4hrs 30mins overall, so good enough for this course.

Similar to my last time here in April, the tees were green, well-cut and level. Had to move my tee ball once on #10 tee, as I ended up standing in a serious divot, but no other issues getting a good stance, except the par3s 14 & 17.

Fairways were really nice, still greening up and provided a lot of roll typically. Rough is filling in and the ball sat up for me today in the few times finding it. Still a little splotchy in some areas.

Wasn't in any bunkers, but my cart partner found a fairway bunker on the par5 15th, and it looked like concrete. He did manage to chunk it out, but was not happy about its' condition.

Greens on the front nine were mostly soft and bumpy, reminding me of the greens at Rancho San Joaquin a few days ago - grass in the aeration holes growing at a faster pace than the rest - too much of a good thing. Perhaps they need to roll them? The greens on the backside were much better, looked great and rolled very smooth for the most part. Medium-speed throughout. Tough pin placements on about 1/2 the holes, with ridges/elevation changes nearby the hole locations. A bit of mercy on #14, with the pin in front, we had three great tee shots, that ended with 2 birdies and 1 par (a near miss for bird)!

Friendly greetings at the bag drop to start/finish the round, pro shop, and the starter was super nice. They really do have a great staff here.
Played Friday afternoon, 5/18, teeing off 15mins ahead of our 1:00pm tee time on a cloudy, windy day, paired last-minute with another twosome. POP was 4 3/4 hours, waiting on most shots on each hole, but not backing up badly on the par 3s.

Sometimes, I'm happy to tee off ahead of schedule. When I checked in at the pro shop immediately upon arriving, 20 minutes ahead of our tee time, I anticipated having a few minutes to practice putting and to warm-up, not being sent straight to the tee. So, be advised, as my playing partner later told me is typical here, to make sure you're 'ready to play' when you/your group pay in the pro shop.

I last played here six weeks ago, which was a month after the greens were punched in March, when they were in very good shape. In spite of being 'rolled' earlier in the day, according to staff, they were now showing significant bumpiness. Greens were well-watered and held shots well, so I guess with an abundance of watering the grass growing in the aerated holes is thriving to a fault. Speed of greens were medium-paced.

Everything else is about the same from my last visit in early April, representing a hodgepodge of grasses, cut lengths and firmness of turf in fair/good condition. We were nearly hit by errant shots twice. Cart girl was by a several times.
Played The Goose Tuesday afternoon with the GK Gurus, teeing off about 1:45pm with JGK, larryq2001 and breangolf for a fun afternoon on a pretty good weather day, albeit with a steady west-to-east wind that both helped and hurt at times. Great to see these guys bomb the ball from the blues, while I played the whites, which were in great condition and were barely used on the day.

In short, course conditions were excellent all-way around, and highly recommend playing right now.

White tees were cut short, and were very level. Only issue was to be able to push a tee down enough into the dirt a few times!

As for the firmness of the rest of the course, let me just say that I LOVED the firm fairways, aprons and greens! As a short-hitter, my drives got plenty of roll, maybe 50 yards+ on some holes. On a handful of mis-hits from the fairways, the ball still rolled out enough so that I didn’t lose too much position from the distance of a well-hit shot – probably lost just two clubs at worst.

The one fairway I missed all day, ended up in the right fairway bunker in the middle of the 10th hole fairway. The wind helped and hurt on the same drive! The sand was a little looser than I’d prefer, but got out OK and squeaked out a par. Found the massive greenside bunker left of #17 green, and the sand was perfect, with a nice soft layer with about 1” depth to firm sand. Still, managed to murder the ball from 100ft away. Got a very lucky bounce, and somehow, it popped out of the trap and not too far off the green.

As reported by others, the greens were very firm. I did see light ball divot damage and in contrast to most others, I thought the greens were mostly a medium-fast past pace, based on my recent experiences at Black Gold and The Crossings. The ball would easily run past the hole on medium-range and any downhill putts if not careful. But, did have a number of 4-foot putts where a firmer stroke was ideal to hold the lines. They rolled very true, but we were all fooled by mis-reads a time or two...or, was it the wind?

After the round, in addition to discussion about the great day and very good course conditions, there was some debate about if the blue tees were placed beyond the normal blue tee markers. Well, according to the information at a California Amateur tournament website, they were indeed on 7/18 holes. They were longer on #s 3, 4, 8, 10, 14, 15 and 17. The tournament blue tees for the day played to about 6839 yards, v. 6556 yards normally. The course rating was 72.4 v. 71.0 and slope was 129 v. 126. So, be sure to make the adjustment when you post your scores! :)

So, you weren’t crazy to think the blue tees played longer than normal, though the jury may be out on if you were crazy to play them ;-)

If you click on any player’s name at the link below, you can see the individual hole yardages for the day. And, it looks like only a few of those shooting 72 actually made the cut!

Finally, I really love the practice facility here. Got in enough short-game chipping/pitching practice to make a modest difference in the round. Have previously made the trip from Huntington Beach to spend a few hours practicing my short-game, including the sand bunker left of the tees. Highly recommend right now!
Played Thursday, 5/10. Friendly greeting and efficient service in the pro shop and the friendly starter got me out ahead of my tee time by 20 mins, with no one else around.

Went out as a single at 1:25pm, chasing a twosome with a hole head start and moving at a good pace. Didn't see another group behind me until I was on 6th tee, and that group was in the fairway on hole #3. Finally caught the twosome at the 7th as they were waiting on a 4some ahead, playing from the black tees. Pace was a bit slow from there, waiting on every hole. POP was still pretty decent overall for this course, at 4hrs 20mins.

White tees were probably the worst aspect of the course yesterday, but I still rated them a '6'. Nicely cut, but grass coverage is on the thin side. Found unlevel areas within the marked teeing areas on about 1/2 the wholes. Still able to move to a level spot, but I think this is an area they should address to keep the course in 'great' standing.

Fairways were cut very nicely, provided decent roll-out and very good lies. Still some evidence of the spiking in April in the healing process in just a few places. Didn't really have a problem with the rough, ball sat up nicely for the most part and was able to get the club through it with no real penalty.

Was in two greenside bunkers, right front on #3 was very nice, medium-weight fluffy sand, 1" or more over a firm base. Massive front bunker on #6 was a little firm on the upslope. Was also in the long fairway bunker on #12, and was nice and firm, probably less than 1/2". All were raked and thought they provided very good and fair shot-making conditions.

The greens looked great from far and up-close. They were a deep, dark green and had very few unrepaired ball marks. Much darker than the fairways, the greens have received some large doses of water. This softened them up significantly, at least for the day's play. I wonder if they do this purposely ahead of the weekend's play, or if it is what they do daily? They held shots very well, but they did not roll smooth from the days's foot-traffic, and speed was medium-slow. Putting was a challenge and all of us left putts short most of the time.

Course overall is in very good condition right now, and definitely recommend playing. Hopefully, the greens will speed up. Cart girl was by just once and never saw a marshal. Good service by Alex in the bar after the round.

Was able to get a great $35 'Black' member rate via my 2018 Crossings Club membership. It's a pain, as you need to get someone from The Crossings at Carlsbad call the pro shop at Black Gold to set it up, but saving $20+ was certainly worth the trouble. First time I've taken advantage of that benefit in two years, and will now try to do it again. This perk will go away in 2019, with JCGolf now managing things at C@C and KemperSports still managing BG.
As always, had a great day out with Larryq2001 on a sunny and warm Monday afternoon, joined by two nice young men. Friendly greeting in the pro shop and starter. Teeing off at 12:08pm, POP for our group was about 4hrs, 15/20mins, with minimal waiting throughout the round.

Course conditions a bit better than 5 weeks earlier, most notably, the greens were darn good finally! Cut well, they rolled nicely at medium to medium/fast pace at times. Good, green coverage, best I've seen the greens since October 2016. My putter was very happy, setting a personal best with an insane 14 1-putt greens, so no complaints from me on the greens, but the cups were a bit beat up on a few holes.

White tees and Green tees were together at the Green tees marker for 16/18 holes. Very good coverage, cut nicely and level lies. Fairways were cut short, very firm and provided excellent roll-out off the tees, and very good lies. Rough was lush and a bit penal for me, as the ball sat down a few times. Course was very green for the most part, but did see some small browning areas in both the fairways and rough at times. Will likely continue as we head into the summer.

Was in one sand trap behind the #4 green - advise against EVER going in that one, as the shot back to the hole is a bit unnerving. Sadly, it seemed that at least 3 people and one sasquatch were in the trap without raking their prints. Sand was otherwise decently soft, but I still had my usual sand troubles.

Cart lady was by twice, and saw a marshal several times as well. The lovely Martine took good care of us in the bar after the round.

As Larry had indicated, we were able to grab a $52 pre-paid deal on, which is even better than the typical creek card senior rate. First time I've seen a rate that low here besides when the course was punched. Recommend golfing here right now.
Played Thursday, May 3rd at 2:24, teeing off as a 3some with a hole open in front of us. Friendly greeting by pro shop staff and starter, who got us straight out in front of a 4some that were not ready to go, though they had an earlier tee time than us - they actually suggested we go ahead. Lovely, sunny day with a 1-club wind. Waited a bit on the 4some in front after we eventually caught up to them on the 6th hole on-wards, but POP was a very acceptable 4hrs 15mins!

Main point of the review is to say that the greens, aerated on 4/9 & 4/10, are slowly coming along, but still likely need a full 2 weeks to be close to 100% healed. Greens were very bumpy and very fast, so putting was an adventure.

Course was otherwise in pretty good shape, a little better than the norm for this course, with only real issue for me was the severe R-L slant for the white tee box on #4. Fairways were pretty lush, with the normal or slightly less marked GUR. Rough was was cut short and not penal.

Bunkers looked good to me - had the best view by staying out of them the whole day. One of my playing partners visited multiple ones, and though he had his struggles, the sand seemed like it had a nice fluffy layer. He made a great 'out' on a plugged like in a front bunker on #17, so it was manageable.

The enjoyable Trixie was around 3 times, but never saw a marshal. Really do enjoy the variety of shots/challenge on this course. It's nice when POP moves along like it did.
First time playing the Vineyard at Escondido on Monday, 4/30. Joined up with couple from NJ at 12:37pm for an enjoyable round on a cloudy, 2-club windy day. Must say that I found the course to be a fun lay-out with plenty of water holes on the front and a bit on the back, too. Tight-ish driving holes throughout. Was driving the ball well, and hitting 13/14 fairways on the day did help my enjoyment of the course!

Teeboxes were level, and nicely green. Other than having a foot in a divot or two on the short par 3s, don't recall any un-level tees.

Fairways were really nice and lush, with no bare spots that I recall. A bit longer than I would prefer, mostly good lies and decent roll prevailed. Rough grass along the fairway and near the greens were pretty consistent, about 2-3 inches and were only a bit penal. One of my playing partners did lose a golf ball in it, however.

Was in one green-side bunker on the 3rd hole (hidden behind the green) and the sand was just fluffy enough, and made a sandy - miracles do happen.

Greens looked great and were very green upon approach. Held shots well. They are about 93.7% healed from whenever they were punched recently (GK has a 'good to go' green rating on them), with fairly inconsequential hole remnants still visible. Greens looked faster than they were. Other than hole#2's pin placement on a slippery crown near the front of the green, the rest of front-side greens were mostly 'slow' to medium-slow. On the back nine, the greens were a bit faster, I'd say mostly 'medium' speed. I think the elevations and undulations on the back help the greens drain quicker.

Overall, I highly recommend the course right now, given the $ value and overall conditions. if the greens were a bit faster, I've give it top marks overall. Really is a fun layout.

POP was 4hrs 15mins, with the front 9 taking only 1hr 50mins - the cart GPS system warned us that we were not on pace, we should've taken 2 hrs!?! I found that message funny. The group in front of us bogged down on the back 9 for 5 holes - they were playing the blues and should've been playing the white tees. They did pick it up on 14th hole after they noticed two holes in front of them were wide open, so it could've been worse. Only saw a marshal on #16, and by then they were moving OK.
Played Thursday, 4/26, as a 4some, teeing off about 10 minutes behind schedule from our 1:12pm tee time. The group in front picked up speed, and 2 of them dropped out at the turn. We were then the long-pole in the tent on a day of light play on the course. POP ended up at 4hrs 20mins, so not too bad for this course. Lovely day, but clouds came in later and cooled things down - bring a jacket, etc., even when its nice early - just in case.

Course is still greening up from 2 weeks ago. Fairways were cut a few days ago and provided somewhat better roll. Greens were verti-cut in the last day or two, but did not seem to affect the roll. Ball rolled nicely and at medium-fast speed.

Tees were great and the two bunkers I visited had very soft sand. Rough is still choppy, resulting in bad lies.

Marshal was buy numerous times, checking POP, and cart-girl came around several times. Course is a few weeks away, perhaps a month - tops - to being in great condition overall, imho.
Played Thursday, 4/12 at 1:12pm, on a very windy but sunny day. POP was good w/no waiting until the 14th and 15th tees, adding at least 20 minutes to the 4hr 45mins round.

Course is pretty similar to my last visit about 2 weeks ago, pretty good condition overall, but should get better moving towards summer. Fairway grass is starting to grow/green up, and had not been cut recently. Definitely cost me roll-out off the tee ball. Greens were very receptive, lush and smooth, putting at medium speed mostly. Did spot a nasty-looking fungus on #12 green and at least one other one.

Tees and bunkers were all good/no issues, and similar to last time out. Rough was pretty choppy, presenting some very bad lies.

Now managed by JC Golf instead of KemperSports, the reservation system has been changed over, making clear you will be charged $25 for each no-show. Employees are now paid by JC Golf, as of March 1. Speaking with a member of staff in the pro shop, he indicated that the 'Crossings Club' will give way to the JC Card/membership at some point later this year. The Crossings Club membership is good through December 2018.

The JC Golf Card memberships are 12-month annual, based on purchase/anniversary date. The JC Golf Club Cards are significantly more expensive, but do potentially offer a few more 'free' rounds, depending on option. As I understand that the course is still owned by the city, it will be interesting to see what happens to local(s) resident pricing, etc., next year. The Crossings does not yet show up as a course option to play for JC Golf Club members, via their website today.
Played Monday, April 2nd, teeing off about on time at 1:22pm on a cool, cloudy day with mostly a 1-club wind. Our three were joined by a single. Play moved along pretty well until #13 on the back nine, then we waited on each hole until #18 tee. POP was 4hrs 30mins.

Friendly greeting by staff in the pro shop and starter. Fee was $35 for the senior rate, including a cart.

Greens were punched in early March and were very nice, pretty much 100% healed less than 4 weeks later. Ball rolled smoothly for the most part, and were medium/medium-fast at times. Held shots well.

White tee-boxes were mostly cut short and were very firm, a challenge to get the tee in some times. Very thin areas, but a few were lush. Unable to get a level area to tee off from on more than a handful of holes.

Fairways and rough were a hodge-podge once again. Mostly firm, decent roll-out, thin lies but patchy grasses all about. Did get some mud on the ball 1/2 dozen times.

Rough was long and sometimes spongy. Decent enough lies, but you needed to go at the ball with a sweeping angle of attack, else you'd pop 'em up, as our single found out repeatedly on #12.

Was in one bunker, but two swipes at it. My playing partners found them a bit more often. Overall, the sand was well-groomed and was fairly heavy-weight sand.

Aside from a few quirky features, the course provides a good challenge and some interesting holes. Greens can be very nice. I really need to figure out what clubs to hit on the uphill par 3s.
Played Saturday, 3/31, teeing off 12 mins past our 2:48 tee time on a busy day. We made it to the middle of the 18th fairway in near-darkness when the marshal told us to pick up and head in. We got in several more holes than I expected, so a good afternoon in spite of the delay and overall slowish play.

Pretty similar condition overall from last week, as expected. However, the greens were cut nicely on the day and the cups were not so mangled. Pace of greens were still medium/medium-slow and provided for some bumps. Much better than last week, but need a good rolling.

Fairways still good and the rough was lush, dense and penal.

Was in two bunkers on the day, and they were somewhat improved, providing a thin layer of topsand. Did see several wet/crappy looking bunkers, though, including the front greenside bunker on #11, and front-left bunker on #15, which was as bad/worse than when I was in it last week.

Heard the staff telling a brand new 2018 Creek Card purchaser that TC has now taken away the 'free birthday round' from the former list of benefits. Confirms my previous decision to not renew, I guess. A good day overall at the Creek. Look forward to a return visit in six weeks or so.
Played today, Friday 3/29 at 1:12pm for $40 via their website as a Crossings Club member. Joined by another single and a twosome, had a great time on a sunny day. A bit of a wind throughout, about 1 club. POP was good on the front, 2.25hrs, but slowed down on the back, for a total POP of 4hrs 45mins.

Main report is that the greens, punched a month ago, are 95% healed. Only noticed the #3 green as having some filling in to do...the rest were really nice. Greens overall, were receptive, lush and smooth, putting medium-slow to medium speed. Really needed to give putts a poke and bang them into the back of the hole, but they were rolling true. We did that as a group, and it was fun, with some exciting birds and pars.

Tees were nice and level, and good grass and footing. Fairways and rough still mostly dormant, decent lies with very good roll-out in the fairways. Bunkers were a bit firm in the two I was in, but others had some fluffy lies.

Cart lady was by 3 times, Marshals were making their rounds, and we mostly played without waiting until the infamous slow-down on the par 5 #15. Our cart then died, and a young man came out with a replacement on #17 green. I got some extra exercise on the severe uphill transition between #15 green and #16 tee, and my cart partner got his on the next, while I got a push from our playing partners in their cart.

The barmaid took good care of me after the round, running the entire show between the bar and patio. Pretty impressive on a busy evening.
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