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Had the pleasure of playing Pelican Hill South today with my father and enjoyed the course. The scenic value at this course is the best in SoCal in my mind. We had a 920 tee time today and showed up about an hour early. The complementary valley guys were very nice as well as the people in the pro shop. Our Caddie Eddie was a very nice guy with lots of tips and he is also a GK'er who just learned about the guru programs. He will be updating his profile and posting some nice reviews soon.

The practice facility was a little on the disappointing side as the range has a large grass area and a mat section to hit off in the case of poor weather of grass rejuvenation. Sadly it was mats today even though the grass looked perfectly fine. there is no chipping area or sand to practice out of at the range and the small putting green was punched recently and made putting practice useless as they wont punch the course for another two weeks on the south and one month on the north.

Course conditions were pretty nice

Tee's- the tee boxes were a little chewed up and also a little shaggy for most people. This does not bother me as much as it would others because I like to tee up a little higher.

Fairways did not look all the pretty from afar as they are just coming out of dormancy. Although when you get up they are well manicured and have zero bare spots and very few divot issues.

Rough was very penal and you could lose a ball in it very easy. I am not sure what type of grass that it is but you could drop a ball from waste high and only be able to see it from right above. Even our Caddie was having trouble helping us find our wayward shots.

Greens- I think the greens were the best part of the course for looks and roll. A lot of putts break towards the ocean but the grains can cut the break in half and with the caddies tips i was able to hit the right line the most of the time. Sadly I could not control my power.

Sand was 50/50 - the first bunker I hit into was the fairway bunker on hole one and it had decent sand in it. Unfortunately the sand on the back to back par 3's on the back nice were in terrible shape. They need more sand and maybe a sifter to get the rocks out. They were like hitting out of the desert and the caddie let us know that they want to keep the ocean side bunkers that way. They have rejuvenated the bunkers on hole 18 with white powder like sand and its very nice.

In all this is a very fun course but the price is just so high its hard to imagine playing here other than a special occasion. Also if you are looking to play here as a resort course just be warned as it plays like a tournament course course that has some very tough holes including the 440 yard dog leg 18th (that hole got the best of me)
Joined the Guru's yesterday and had a great time. This course is quite expensive on the weekend which hurts the course rating a bit. The Course is in good condition but not great. The fairways, rough and greens are all mostly lush and green.

The tee's are the issue I had. There seemed to be a few uneven tee's and they need to be moved as divot damage and no grass is a concern.

The fairways rolled fast which helps on this course that can stretch out from the tips and its nice to have roll to flat areas.

Greens were way to firm and impossible to get some zip on the ball. I do know they are punching the greens today and that was probably why they were so firm. They did roll true and everything breaks to Disneyland no matter what it looks like.

Sand- was a nice powder and easy to hit out of.
Tee'd it up with Gregholla yesterday for our GK CUP match. Tee time was 710 which was second off. We followed a two some that disappeared after one hole and we were left as the pace setters for the day. The driving range and practice area is decent and plenty of room to warm up.

As for the course conditions I would rate this course an 8 out of 10 right now.

The tee boxes have grown in nicely and they are mostly level with plenty of space to choose from.

The fairways might be the best I have ever seen on this course. All cut to a nice short length with full coverage throughout the course. I hope this keeps up through the harsh summer.

The rough was very penal and made hitting out of it a ROUGH time,see what I did there :) , it was consistently 3-5 inches deep and would grab your club like no way I have experienced before. There was also good coverage throughout the course.

The Greens were by far the toughest that I have played in quite a while. They were Firm, Fast, and smooth. All the greens have false edges surrounding the perimeter and with the greens being real firm and fast it made keeping shots on the green very tough. The greens are also tough to read because of the speed, what looks like a one cup break left may easily miss the hole by two feet to the left due to the quickness and slope of the greens.

AS for the sand. There are not a ton of bunkers on the course but the two that I found as well as the few my partners found were all in bad shape. The sand was like clay and made you launch the ball out and way over the green. There seems to be no sand and its all just compacted clay. Im sure there are good bunkers on the course but the ones we found were just in very tough condition.

IN all it was a fun day and for a regular rate of 65 from their website I will gladly return. One note is if you play after 10am your round can be very slow so please be prepared for a long day. You do get look to look at all of the scenery which helps a lot.

I give it a two thumbs up!
Played with the Gurus yesterday and had a blast as normal. Course was very soggy due to the morning rain and the course was cart path only and rightfully so. I had a few lies where id hit the ball and get a face full of water and mud. Course is in good shape mostly all green with a few bare areas. Tee's were the worst part of the course with a lot of divot damage and not a lot of places to tee up. Greens were very tough as the pins were put in the most sloped parts of the green. The greenskeeper must have had a bad night and decided to take it out on the players.

In all a fun little par 67 and I would play again if in the area.
Joined up with Dave, Ron, and Matt for a little midweek fun at the quarry. Dave somehow got a very nice $38 rate for 10am It was very hard to pass up. The staff was super friendly from when I arrived and the staff picked up my bag from my parking spot. The lady at the desk was happy to see us and got us checked in very fast. I purchased a small bucket and the cart barn guys gave us a large and said here have a few more to warm up with.

We got out about 6 mins early and were out on our way. Course is still stunning as usual. Overall I would rate the conditions very good.

Tee's - the tee boxes might have been a little disappointing as the grass was a little long but they were wide enough to find a good area to tee it up.

Fairways - were cut short and were running very fast which is nice on such a long course. They also provided some nice fluffy lies and it was very nice to hit from. One little down side is there are a few poa cancer spots on 3-4 fairways but only about a square yard in size.

Sand- sand was a little firm still due to all of the rains and the sand on hole 11 had a nice puddle in it that Matt found.

Rough- The rough was in good shape and very few bare spots. The grass varied from area to area but was mostly consistent. I did fine one muddy area on the side of a hill where my club dug in deep.

Greens- Green were decent but had some bumps due to foot traffic and easily knocked your ball off line. After having one i started to hit a little harder and pounded the putts into the back of the cup. Speed was running medium fast but nothing special.

I do believe the greens keeper was having a bad day this morning as all of the pins were in tough locations. There were 3-4 pins that were no more than five feet from the edge of the green and on an upper tier. (not a lot of ball marks up there).

In all a fun course in great shape right now and I recommend as always.
Played Sat 2/11 with the men's club tournament. It was 53° and raining. Course is looking better and better every time i go by. The rain is helping out a lot and everything is green and the ground is soft which is a lot better then the hard pan that I have seen there before. All lakes are back to full and the greens are perfect right now.

The are working on a new Gray water pump for the course so It looks like things will continue to go up from here.

By the Way it was NOT CTP as the ground was not muddy. so enjoy while you can.
After playing here many many times in high school and college I had not returned to Newport due to poor conditions and way over priced. After 5 years I finally returned and to my surprise the course has improved nicely. I was told 13 months ago a new own took over and revamped the whole property and lowered the Price. $25 to walk 18 on a sat morning is much more reasonable than the 38 that they use to charge.

The tee are still mats but new and nice conditioned mats with tee holders on longer holes which is a nice touch. Obviously id still prefer real grass but its a budget course.

Greens are in good shape and running real fast. a few were a little softer than others and you could put some crazy spin on a few of them. I had a ball back up about 20 feet and roll off the green.

Fairway is cut short and soft which is better than what they called fairway before.

Sand - there are only 2-3 traps on the entire course and the one I found was terrible (Ill leave it at that)

In all a fun little par 59 and I will return again soon.
Played in the Mens club tournament this weekend and the conditions were very soggy. The good news is the two lakes that were empty a month ago are now back to full including the one on hole 6 the lake has been empty for at least 2 years is now full to the brim and is visually pleasing.

The tees are back to good condition but unfortunately they were very mushy and the play might affect the condition after 2 days of play.

Fairways had good coverage and have softened up which is nice as the last time I played they were hard-panned. Holes nine and 18 were a little soggy from all the rain and even with the cart path only were taking some damage.

Greens were very soft and slow with many ball marks not being replaced and hole 18 had a second hole location that was not filled from a putting competition the previous day.

In all a fun course and I will continue to play I just hope they dont let the course dry out again like last year.
Used a promo code for a $75 dollar round to day off I'm glad I found this deal as I had never played here. I dont care who owns it im all about the golf not the owners. This place reminds me a lot of cascata on the service side of things. There is free valet and wonderful people ready to help you. The restaurant was great even though a little pricey. Weather was party/mostly cloudy which take a little away from the ocean views but I could still see Catalina all day through the haze.

Course is in Immaculate shape starting with the driving range that had the best turf I had ever seen on a practice facility. It was so lush and soft I just wanted to lay down on it and take a nap.

The actual course followed in the foot steps of the turf on the practice facility.

Tee Boxes- This might be the only non perfect thing on the course and Id still give them a seven. the boxes looked like they were a little thin and 2 of the 5 par 3's where covered in divots.

Fairways- Id compare the fairways to LV Paiute in the fact that they were perfect. I never had a bad lye when in the fairway and they looked wonderful.

Rough- The rough was very tough if not in the first cut. The marshal said that they had not cut it in a few days due to the rain and some areas are still wet which made thing a little dicey. I had a few shots go wrong from the rough.

Sand- Sand if very well stocked and can easily provide you with a sunny side up lye which cause more issues with my game.

Greens- the greens were Firm, Fast, and glassy as can be. I wasn't aware of the everything breaks to the ocean tip until the turn which is mostly on me because that is normally a given on ocean courses. The front nine I had 20 putts and on the back I had 16 so there was a difference. One other thing is that the greens are very large and can have very bad places for the pin the if on the wrong level you could have a triple break putt.

In all the rack rate is way too much for this course at $300+ but I can see this course in the mid to high 100 range. Maybe that would fill the course as there was only about 30 golfers on the entire course.
Played NYE with my friends that are locals for an amazing $40 at 11am. For that Price this course is absolutely amazing. Conditions were a little tough with a breeze and 49 degrees at tee time. Course looks visually wonderful. The staff was super friendly on what seemed to be a slow day which is weird for a late morning tee time on Sat.

Conditions are as follows.

Tee Boxes - the tee boxes are very lush and have ample space to tee your ball which helps on what can be a tight course.

Fairways - The fairways were a dark emerald green all cut the same length on every hole. Very wide landing areas. This was by far the best part of the course.

Rough - the rough was medium-long and very penal with there only being about 10-15 feet of rough around the holes then desert wasteland and houses.

Sand - I was only in 2 traps and both were very well stocked with sand and easy to escape.

Greens - This is were my ratings take a major hit. I did not like these greens at all. Some were soft and some were very firm which had a lot to do with each green seeming like a different speed throughout the day. they were also bumpy and had strange breaks that no mortal could read. So that on top of my already poor putting game made for a frustrating round with 40 putts. YES 40 PUTTS!

I am not a huge fan of this course as I do not like courses with houses all around but for the resident rate of $40 on a weekend I will always come back.
Played with family here today and had a wonderful time.

THE GOOD- Conditions are spectacular right now. The tee's, Fairways, Greens and Rough were all in tip top shape. Very lush and nothing comes to mind that would alter my ratings.

The BAD- We had a one hour frost delay and they did not open the driving range before the delay was lifted and we had to go out on the course without any warm ups or putting which is why I got a 7 on the first hole of the shotgun start.

The sand was either powder and bright white perfection or rock hard compact wet dirt (did not play like sand) It does look look like they are working on it though as I did see two traps under repair.

The Ugly- The guy in the proshop was a jerk he just did not care at all and any time you would ask a question he answered in a very negative tone.

No cart girl! AND THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!! it was tough today with gusts to 30+ on the course which made the wind chill right around freezing.

IN all everyone should play this course as it was $45 rack rate today and in my book a great value for the conditions which could easy be mistaken for a $150 course.
Enjoyed a Round with the GK Crew yesterday 12/11. This is the second time I have played this course and I think its gets better every time. Having a little course knowledge helps a bunch and Knowing where to land the ball on the green can leave you some nice and easy putts on what are normally treacherous greens.

Conditions here are top notch and its not hard to believe what they charge for it. From tee to green the course is like an oasis in the middle of the desert a with beautiful dark green fairways and rough with a lighter color to separate the greens. My only little disappointment was the sand. It was not bad but I came across a few traps that were rather firm and tough to get under the ball which is normal for the fairways but I just think in my opinion were too firm for my liking.

In all the staff and this course is a must play when out in the area. Its about 70 miles from the palm springs area and 150 miles from orange county so its going to be long turn around and I highly suggest staying somewhere as 12 hours for one round of golf can take its toll.
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