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Had a Great time with the GK family for the event on Sat afternoon. I had such high expectations for this course due to the high ratings and always being top 25 in the state. Unfortunately my expectations were not fully met. Don't get me wrong the course is pretty and the starter warned us about the condition not being absolutely perfect due to some none native grass they cut out of 2-3 fairways and the heat.

The only issue that I absolutely did not enjoy was the greens. They were cut so short that all of the previous hole locations were an issue. We could see at least 10 different locations of hole placements on the green and if you had more than a 15ft putt one would normal be in your line causing some bumpiness. The heat also made them very firm and quick.

I found the front nine to be very boring for some reason. Flat and not all that difficult. The first tee shot is about a 100 foot drop to the fairway below and that was the only exciting shot I can remember from the front nine. I did shoot well (38) so that helped put my mind at easy.

Then the back nine hit and boy will it hit hard. There is a wide spectrum of shots that you need to do to shoot well on the back nine. There are dog legs, forced carries, and lakes. Sadly my score shot up from there and I took a 49.

I still had fun and if it wasn't 105 degrees I probably would have enjoyed it more so Ill be back if im ever there in the winter. A big shout out to Johnny and The GK family for having this event.
Enjoyed a round at Sierra Star on 7/1 with my brother apisarski. If you have ever played this course you know the wind can be a handful luckily we got a perfect day with light winds and 75 degrees. Tee Time was at 8 am and there was a group in front of us and we didnt see them after the 3rd hole which made for great POP.

The views from the course early in their season was spectacular especially with all of the record snow still in the mountains surrounding the course. It really made it feel like a mountain course. Although the course is short at 6000 yards and a Par 70 it can play very tough with all of the danger of the pine tree lined fairways and well placed bunkers.

Course Conditions were good to great from tee-green. The tee's, fairways and rough were all lush and cut perfect with no bare spots. The grass is almost fully out of dormancy so in about 2 weeks it will have a dark green look to it. The sand traps were in excellent condition and were light and fluffy which made green side bunker shots fun.

The only thing thing that hurt the rating were the greens and they were not that bad. They seem to be dormant. Although all grass, it was just a little brown and took away from the scenic value. The greens did perform well as they were fast and firm and all putts were smooth.

One tip for putting, which I didnt learn until half way through the round, is reading the grain of the green. A normal 1 foot break can be 3 plus feet if the grain is running against the hole. This made for 5 three putts on the day.

In all the course is fun although expensive it is definitely worth a play if in the area. I will be back next year as its a course I like to play at least once a season. If you are an adventure they have a 99 dollar deal that include skiing/ mountain biking and 9 holes of golf.
enjoyed a Beautiful day out at Crossings yesterday for my birthday. I must say for a course that is in such a beautiful shape the $25 for people to come out on their birthday and play is the best deal in CA. You must sign up for their email club so they can email you the birthday certificate and you can only play on the day of your birthday.

I tee'd off with two doctors at 745 am and POP was a little under 4 hours. It could have been faster if we played through the 4 some a little earlier in the round. We never saw a cart girl but did see the Marshall a few times throughout the day.

Conditions were the best I have encountered here at Crossings. Everything from the tee's through the greens were top notch.

Fairways - were like carpet and cut short and allowed for a lot of roll to tee shots. I never had a bad lie and every ball sat up nice and fluffy like having a ball tee'd up almost

Greens were perfect in every aspect. I dont think I have ever rated a green a 10 but these ones I did. Not a single ball mark or bump on any of my putts and the entire green was the same grass with no Cancer spots.

Everything else from the tee's, rough, and Sand were very well manicured and did not come across any thing that would take away from my experience of the day. In all I will always make a point to play crossings any time I have the opportunity.
My family and I went out on 6/2 to play wolf creek with a 630 AM tee time. We play here the first Friday of June every year. I booked the tee time in February for $135 as last year the was 3 days of tournaments on the first weekend of June. This year we were what seemed to be the only non Tournament group to play and we had about an hour head start on the Tourney and had the course to ourselves never coming with in 4-5 holes of the shotgun start. If you play anywhere with no wait this is the course to be on. My brother will probably talk about the amazing amount of Pro V1's he found on the course and we took extra shots here and there. POP was about 4.5 for us.

After reading Robs review it was looking like a picture perfect golf day and fun outing. Unfortunately the course decided to aerate 13 of 14 fairways in the week between when Rob was there and us so it took the conditions down a notch. The course was still visually stunning and green but some funky lies in the fairways were a possibility. The aeration holes were about 3-5 inches apart and filled perfectly it just took a little extra attention when making a shot. It also seemed that they did not change the tee locations for a couple days as there were a few tee's chewed up.

Everything else was great and well manicured with the greens being soft and a little slow for my liking. The course was well watered due to the aeration and that caused the sand to be wet which was not a problem for me as I only ended up in one Trap. The same could not be said for my family they loved the beach.

In all $135 is a great price for a Friday in early June to play this masterpiece and regardless of the aeration I would pay to play anytime.
Joined Other Guru's today and made the trek from Orange County to Santa Barbara. I had never played Sandpiper and after years of wanting I finally pulled the trigger. I was expecting a few spectacular holes and a bunch of repetitive style holes for some reason. Boy was I wrong. I cant think of two holes that are alike. Every hole had its own little charm and teeth to destroy your score.

We played from the Tips which run about 7200+ yards and with the 20-30 mph winds felt like 8000 yards. I had a few decent drives and was still 200+ out on par 4's and 280+ out on par 5's.

The par 3's here will eat you alive. The 4th hole was a 258 yard (YES 258!) par 3. Oh and add a 10 mph cross wind. I dont think I have ever used driver on a par 3 or at least since I was 10 years old. It doesn't get much easier after that too. hole 11 was 220 yards down hill which would have played about 190 but there was a 20mph wind in your face. It played about 235 yards. The total combined distance of the 4 par 3s was 860+ yards.

The course was in fantastic shape from tee- green. The tee boxes were level and had very few divots. The markers were wide so you could place the ball a little better for your shot shaping skills.

The fairways were the highlight of the day. Cut short and gave very nice roll. They also provided you with the most amazingly fluffy lies. There were few divots here and there and they were all filled.

The greens were a little tricky to learn. The starter let us know there is not tricks to the greens like everything breaks to the ocean. What you see is what you get. One other tip was every green sloped back to front. They had a few greens that looked like they got a small needle punch but they did not affect the putts. Greens were firm and fast which made it hard to control pitches and flops. Bump and run was the best tactic.

The rough and Sand were not much to right home about. The rough was but to about an inch and had a good 10+ ft before getting into the nasty brush that was about a foot deep. I was in one trap and it was on the 18th hole which is par three and it had a small puddle in it. The sand was soft, even though it was wet, and easy to get out of.

In all I cant wait to play here again some time soon. All I wish is a little less wind and all will be alright.
After calming down from the joy of playing here for a few days I am finally ready to post my review. I must agree with every review here and the conditions were tip top. right now is the best time to play as you still get the best visuals of both types of grass.

The fairways ares starting to lighten up but still has wonderful coverage.

The rough is a little mixed and cut relatively short. I did have a very nice fluffy lye that I went driver from the deck and hit it about 265 yards.

Sand was the best part of the course and there is a lot of it. I landed in about 5 traps and all had amazing sand.

In all the course is amazing even with the mix up with the waitress after the round. (see posts below) I can't wait to go back .... Oh wait im going to play the other two courses This weekend :)
Joined up with the Gurus yesterday for a windy 85 degree day. Course is in excellent shape right now and very hard to pass up when in the palm desert area. Tee-Green the course is darn near perfect. The greens have signs of a needle punch as well as a hand full of core tests throughout the course. Never did they seem to get in the way. This course is very tough in the wind and you might want to bring a low loft driver to keep the ball down. I normally play a fade and yesterday the wind was wrecking havoc on those shots. IN all a fun day and fun course.
Had the pleasure of playing Pelican Hill South today with my father and enjoyed the course. The scenic value at this course is the best in SoCal in my mind. We had a 920 tee time today and showed up about an hour early. The complementary valley guys were very nice as well as the people in the pro shop. Our Caddie Eddie was a very nice guy with lots of tips and he is also a GK'er who just learned about the guru programs. He will be updating his profile and posting some nice reviews soon.

The practice facility was a little on the disappointing side as the range has a large grass area and a mat section to hit off in the case of poor weather of grass rejuvenation. Sadly it was mats today even though the grass looked perfectly fine. there is no chipping area or sand to practice out of at the range and the small putting green was punched recently and made putting practice useless as they wont punch the course for another two weeks on the south and one month on the north.

Course conditions were pretty nice

Tee's- the tee boxes were a little chewed up and also a little shaggy for most people. This does not bother me as much as it would others because I like to tee up a little higher.

Fairways did not look all the pretty from afar as they are just coming out of dormancy. Although when you get up they are well manicured and have zero bare spots and very few divot issues.

Rough was very penal and you could lose a ball in it very easy. I am not sure what type of grass that it is but you could drop a ball from waste high and only be able to see it from right above. Even our Caddie was having trouble helping us find our wayward shots.

Greens- I think the greens were the best part of the course for looks and roll. A lot of putts break towards the ocean but the grains can cut the break in half and with the caddies tips i was able to hit the right line the most of the time. Sadly I could not control my power.

Sand was 50/50 - the first bunker I hit into was the fairway bunker on hole one and it had decent sand in it. Unfortunately the sand on the back to back par 3's on the back nice were in terrible shape. They need more sand and maybe a sifter to get the rocks out. They were like hitting out of the desert and the caddie let us know that they want to keep the ocean side bunkers that way. They have rejuvenated the bunkers on hole 18 with white powder like sand and its very nice.

In all this is a very fun course but the price is just so high its hard to imagine playing here other than a special occasion. Also if you are looking to play here as a resort course just be warned as it plays like a tournament course course that has some very tough holes including the 440 yard dog leg 18th (that hole got the best of me)
Joined the Guru's yesterday and had a great time. This course is quite expensive on the weekend which hurts the course rating a bit. The Course is in good condition but not great. The fairways, rough and greens are all mostly lush and green.

The tee's are the issue I had. There seemed to be a few uneven tee's and they need to be moved as divot damage and no grass is a concern.

The fairways rolled fast which helps on this course that can stretch out from the tips and its nice to have roll to flat areas.

Greens were way to firm and impossible to get some zip on the ball. I do know they are punching the greens today and that was probably why they were so firm. They did roll true and everything breaks to Disneyland no matter what it looks like.

Sand- was a nice powder and easy to hit out of.
Tee'd it up with Gregholla yesterday for our GK CUP match. Tee time was 710 which was second off. We followed a two some that disappeared after one hole and we were left as the pace setters for the day. The driving range and practice area is decent and plenty of room to warm up.

As for the course conditions I would rate this course an 8 out of 10 right now.

The tee boxes have grown in nicely and they are mostly level with plenty of space to choose from.

The fairways might be the best I have ever seen on this course. All cut to a nice short length with full coverage throughout the course. I hope this keeps up through the harsh summer.

The rough was very penal and made hitting out of it a ROUGH time,see what I did there :) , it was consistently 3-5 inches deep and would grab your club like no way I have experienced before. There was also good coverage throughout the course.

The Greens were by far the toughest that I have played in quite a while. They were Firm, Fast, and smooth. All the greens have false edges surrounding the perimeter and with the greens being real firm and fast it made keeping shots on the green very tough. The greens are also tough to read because of the speed, what looks like a one cup break left may easily miss the hole by two feet to the left due to the quickness and slope of the greens.

AS for the sand. There are not a ton of bunkers on the course but the two that I found as well as the few my partners found were all in bad shape. The sand was like clay and made you launch the ball out and way over the green. There seems to be no sand and its all just compacted clay. Im sure there are good bunkers on the course but the ones we found were just in very tough condition.

IN all it was a fun day and for a regular rate of 65 from their website I will gladly return. One note is if you play after 10am your round can be very slow so please be prepared for a long day. You do get look to look at all of the scenery which helps a lot.

I give it a two thumbs up!
Played with the Gurus yesterday and had a blast as normal. Course was very soggy due to the morning rain and the course was cart path only and rightfully so. I had a few lies where id hit the ball and get a face full of water and mud. Course is in good shape mostly all green with a few bare areas. Tee's were the worst part of the course with a lot of divot damage and not a lot of places to tee up. Greens were very tough as the pins were put in the most sloped parts of the green. The greenskeeper must have had a bad night and decided to take it out on the players.

In all a fun little par 67 and I would play again if in the area.
Joined up with Dave, Ron, and Matt for a little midweek fun at the quarry. Dave somehow got a very nice $38 rate for 10am It was very hard to pass up. The staff was super friendly from when I arrived and the staff picked up my bag from my parking spot. The lady at the desk was happy to see us and got us checked in very fast. I purchased a small bucket and the cart barn guys gave us a large and said here have a few more to warm up with.

We got out about 6 mins early and were out on our way. Course is still stunning as usual. Overall I would rate the conditions very good.

Tee's - the tee boxes might have been a little disappointing as the grass was a little long but they were wide enough to find a good area to tee it up.

Fairways - were cut short and were running very fast which is nice on such a long course. They also provided some nice fluffy lies and it was very nice to hit from. One little down side is there are a few poa cancer spots on 3-4 fairways but only about a square yard in size.

Sand- sand was a little firm still due to all of the rains and the sand on hole 11 had a nice puddle in it that Matt found.

Rough- The rough was in good shape and very few bare spots. The grass varied from area to area but was mostly consistent. I did fine one muddy area on the side of a hill where my club dug in deep.

Greens- Green were decent but had some bumps due to foot traffic and easily knocked your ball off line. After having one i started to hit a little harder and pounded the putts into the back of the cup. Speed was running medium fast but nothing special.

I do believe the greens keeper was having a bad day this morning as all of the pins were in tough locations. There were 3-4 pins that were no more than five feet from the edge of the green and on an upper tier. (not a lot of ball marks up there).

In all a fun course in great shape right now and I recommend as always.
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