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Played NYE with my friends that are locals for an amazing $40 at 11am. For that Price this course is absolutely amazing. Conditions were a little tough with a breeze and 49 degrees at tee time. Course looks visually wonderful. The staff was super friendly on what seemed to be a slow day which is weird for a late morning tee time on Sat.

Conditions are as follows.

Tee Boxes - the tee boxes are very lush and have ample space to tee your ball which helps on what can be a tight course.

Fairways - The fairways were a dark emerald green all cut the same length on every hole. Very wide landing areas. This was by far the best part of the course.

Rough - the rough was medium-long and very penal with there only being about 10-15 feet of rough around the holes then desert wasteland and houses.

Sand - I was only in 2 traps and both were very well stocked with sand and easy to escape.

Greens - This is were my ratings take a major hit. I did not like these greens at all. Some were soft and some were very firm which had a lot to do with each green seeming like a different speed throughout the day. they were also bumpy and had strange breaks that no mortal could read. So that on top of my already poor putting game made for a frustrating round with 40 putts. YES 40 PUTTS!

I am not a huge fan of this course as I do not like courses with houses all around but for the resident rate of $40 on a weekend I will always come back.
Played with family here today and had a wonderful time.

THE GOOD- Conditions are spectacular right now. The tee's, Fairways, Greens and Rough were all in tip top shape. Very lush and nothing comes to mind that would alter my ratings.

The BAD- We had a one hour frost delay and they did not open the driving range before the delay was lifted and we had to go out on the course without any warm ups or putting which is why I got a 7 on the first hole of the shotgun start.

The sand was either powder and bright white perfection or rock hard compact wet dirt (did not play like sand) It does look look like they are working on it though as I did see two traps under repair.

The Ugly- The guy in the proshop was a jerk he just did not care at all and any time you would ask a question he answered in a very negative tone.

No cart girl! AND THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!! it was tough today with gusts to 30+ on the course which made the wind chill right around freezing.

IN all everyone should play this course as it was $45 rack rate today and in my book a great value for the conditions which could easy be mistaken for a $150 course.
Enjoyed a Round with the GK Crew yesterday 12/11. This is the second time I have played this course and I think its gets better every time. Having a little course knowledge helps a bunch and Knowing where to land the ball on the green can leave you some nice and easy putts on what are normally treacherous greens.

Conditions here are top notch and its not hard to believe what they charge for it. From tee to green the course is like an oasis in the middle of the desert a with beautiful dark green fairways and rough with a lighter color to separate the greens. My only little disappointment was the sand. It was not bad but I came across a few traps that were rather firm and tough to get under the ball which is normal for the fairways but I just think in my opinion were too firm for my liking.

In all the staff and this course is a must play when out in the area. Its about 70 miles from the palm springs area and 150 miles from orange county so its going to be long turn around and I highly suggest staying somewhere as 12 hours for one round of golf can take its toll.
Played under the lights this Morning at 5am with a friend from out of town who wanted to sneak in a round before his wife woke up so this is the only place to do that. Course is in typical shape with tee's and green's being average and the fairways not so much. The green were extremely soft and would leave a nice divot even on short pitch shots it made spinning the ball easy which can in to play a lot as most greens are 20-30 yards long so you had to adjust on how far to hit past the pin.

The thing with this course is its cheap and you get what you pay for but its a good place to practice your short game as the longest hole on the course is only 315 yards. I will continue playing here as long as they keep the lights on before dawn and after sunset.
Played with the Guru's today and had a blast here as always. The staff here is the best part of the course from the girl in the proshop to everyone that you encounter on and off the course. Very friendly people that put you the golfer first which is the only reason I come back and play here.

The course conditions were a mixed bag today. I have seen this course in better shape and hope that thing get a little better.

The Good- Tee's and Greens are the best conditioned parts of the course with good coverage on the tee and a beautiful dark green grass on the Greens which is common for the Bent grass what im told. They really stand out against the dormant rough and Fairways.

The Bad- The fairways were dormant and bare in some spots and you never knew which kind of ground you were gonna get. Either it was hard as a rock or nice and soft and could change in the 3 inches between practice swing and the actual ball strike. Greens were bumpy from the days traffic on them due to the softness of the greens. I think the people that play here either refuse to fix their ball mark because its not their problem or dont know how to fix a ball mark. As the greens were very bumpy and could through your putts offline which is a big problem considering if you miss a putt by a inch or two it could end up in a different zip code.

Maybe order a bunch of plastic divot fixers with the Champions Club logo for 25 cents a piece and give them out with the round.

THE UGLY!- The Sand, there are no doubts that there is a major issue with the sand. Every bunker that I saw had small stones to full size rocks in them! This can really mess up your wedges and should be dealt with asap. After talking to the Head Pro/GM? he said that is one of the priorities for the winter is dealing with the sand. There is also an issue with the lake on 16 which is 50 percent covered in algae which is good for fishing but can come with a stench. The rep also said if they dont do a sulfur burn every other day the algae comes back in days.

IN all I still love playing this course for the challenge i just thing they really need to aerated the fairways and try to soften them up a bit. Ill be back when I need a reminder how bad my golf game can get.

I do apologize if the positives are not much but going from Paiute and Desert Willow does not help and I have to remind myself that this is not a $200 round its a value course that is very scenic
For my Second round yesterday I went out and played Firecliff because I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the Guru times. After all of the renovations to the bunkers and tree removal on a few holes the course is Stunning. I had a tee time for 1pm knowing that there is little to no chance finishing on what is a busy course.

I was paired with two Canadians who were visiting for the week and we went off on a 2hr 43min front nine. I was ready to call it due to the round being painfully slow so I started driving to the parking lot where the attended let me know if I wanted I could play the front nine again as there were two employees on the tee. So I joined them and we made it through all 9 holes again so technically I did get in 18 holes.

Conditions were top notch for every aspect of the course. From tee to green there was absolutely nothing that I could pick out that would mark down the ratings for more than a point. The green were a little slow and bumpy for my liking but that is to be expected when 150 golfers had played before you that day. Sand was wonderful and I am glad that they redid them and cut some in half.

Other than sand renovation the did remove a bunch of trees behind the 2nd green so now you can see the lake. Before they were just thick tree's that looked like a jungle. In all the round was very pleasant and I would play again any day, time, or weather.
Went out today for the First of my two rounds and was in the 3rd group out with 2 marshal's who were on their day off and a course local. I played the combos because the other three were playing the whites. The course was in fantastic shape all around and was visually pleasing. The winds were very strong on the drive in but died down for the first 4 holes. After that there were some nasty gusts paired with dead calm. Very strange and hard to gauge.

Tee's, Fairways and greens were near perfect conditions nothing really stands out that could knock any points from them other than I did land in 2 unfilled divots. That is not the courses fault more of people not be courteous of other players.

The Rough is starting to go dormant with about 10 percent in the dormant stage. It was cut short and was really nice to play out of. I never had an issue with shots coming up short from the rough.

One thing to note is that there is a lot of water hazards and sand traps to land in on this course so choose your tee's wisely. The tips stretch to a crazy long 7800 yards so dont be a hero and play the wrong Tee's.

The sand was the only part of the course that was not that impressive. It was a little wet but even when it dried out it was not that fluffy and you could catch a flyer out of them.

The Last thing to know is they are going to be building a Major resort on property and will be closing at least 9 hole's and per the marshals word its possible the entire course after a few months running as a nine hole. He says the word right now is looking like May 1st but that can change at anytime. So go out and play the course because you will never get the extremely tough par 3 17th because its on the chopping block as that is where the resort will be.
Took advantage of the back nine and breakfast deal today ($45) with my father FastFish. We we first out and enjoyed the back nine very much. Everything was soaked from the morning dew and the first 3 greens were bumpy because the skeleton crew had not gotten to them yet. One we got to green that had been rolled and the dew pushed off they became some of the most beautiful greens I had seen. Lush and smooth with a dark emerald green color to them it was outstanding.

My rating has a lot to do with the greens getting a high score as the rest of the course is in decent not great condition. Tee's were a little shaggy but tons of space to place your tee.

Fairways are the same as what mark said below good coverage overall but a few places GUR and a few that were a little dead.

Rough is like most rough in California right now and not good once you get a few yards off the fairway.

Sand was very wet but very playable with lots of sand.

Staff was super friendly and the breakfast was very good which makes this a good deal because rack rate is over $120 so Ill stick to the good nine holes and breakfast for $45.
One word describe this golf course and that word is WOW! What a wonderful Jack Nicklaus course in Coyote springs, NV. Conditions are top notch and the service is absolutely wonderful. From the check in to the starter everything was awesome. This course is 50 miles from the strip and 40 miles from mesquite in what was to be a planned community with what I was told 8 courses. unfortunately they opened the first course during the recession and every thing was put on hold They have a model inside the clubhouse that shows the next phase with a course co-designed by Nicklaus and Pete Dye (that is going to be a tough course).

Conditions here are amazing for being the only thing in the area its a true diamond in the rough. From tee to green everything is great. Full coverage and nothing to complain about. I highly sugest playing here if you get the chance I hope it stays open for years to come and it will be interesting to see if the rest of the community with be built around.
Date of play was 11-13 and my gosh where to start. This course is quite a treat. A 30 min drive from the strip and you start to wonder where this place is as you run out of city and it turns in to open desert you think you missed it. Then off to the right of Highway 95 you see what looks to be a mirage with the most amazing green grass and a beautiful club house and you start to get a warm and fuzzy inside. You pull up to the bag drop and the Staff welcomes you with a big smile and you know you are in for a treat. Inside is a large pro shop with all of the goodies and a very scenic view that looks over the snow course. The Bartender is a very bubbly lady who is very happy to talk to you and make you the drinks of your choice.

Once you get down to you cart they send you to the driving range and practice facilities. They have two separate facilities, one for the wolf course and one for the the sun and snow. A larger driving range and putting green with a small bunker and chipping green is all you need. One thing to note is that practice area is in better condition than most actual courses which is amazing.

As for the conditions for the course they are all Top notch. Tee to green the conditions are immaculate. Emerald green against the mountain and desert landscape is hard to not like the view. Sand was in great shape and the Fazio Railroad ties show up quite often which is a nice touch. Its hard to nitpick anything on the course because it is very nice. They do have a bird poop problem on holes 10 and 18 but that is to be expected and a large lake in the middle of the desert.

My overall Opinions is that you should play here and yes its a little bit of a drive from the strip but its well worth it. Rates are comparable in the winter but if you are a local its an amazing value. After playing all three courses now the Snow Mountain course is the best overall course as its not to hard but not too easy. The Wolf is a great challenge and is not for beginners. The Sun Mountain Course is very easy and little to no water in play.
Played with the GK group on 11-12 and had a great time. Course is in good shape and is a nice dark emerald color which make it look stunning. Practice facility and staff were nice and we saw the cart girl man times. Only down side was the prices for alcohol but i guess its vegas so why not. $13 for a captaina nd coke is crazy compared to other courses where they were $8. That was the only thing that bothered me all day but hey it wont bother you unless you actually buy it haha.

Conditions are as follows

Tee's- tee boxes were great with good coverage and only a few divots on the par 3's. I never recall a tee that was uneven which is great.

Fairway's- The fairways were a very nice emerald green and had zero brown spots that i remember. The down side as they were wet for excess watering making tee shots stick and no roll. I probably had 14 shots stay within 2 inches or plug the divot in the fairway.

Rough- The rough was a very nice dark green with full coverage and very thick. My only comment is Good Luck if you have a down hill lie.

Greens- I think the greens were the worst part of the course. they were multi colored and very firm with a few that were soft which through my game off. I was not a fan of the greens.

Sand- the only sand I was in were green side and they were nice and full. I had one bunker that was wet about 1 inch below surface which cause me to fly one into the lake.

In all its a fun course but not going to be on my list with a few other course's in the area that are similar at better prices.
Had a great time yesterday with the Guru's out at Crossings. This course has quite the difference between each 9. The front nine is generally open with generous landing areas and not a lot of trouble to find. Then comes the Back nine where there are some forced carries and a lot of OB/Lateral Hazards. The only hole that I have a problem with is hole 13 its a medium length par 4 with a green that on the left side has OB 2 ft from the green it self. I landed on the green and with the firmness of them one small bounce and it was OB. Not quite the way I wanted it to go.

Not much to add to the conditions from the previous reviews. Green were medium fast and firm. A few has some extra growth coming from were the punch holes were which made for a few bumpy putts. We only saw this on 2 or 3 greens.

Fairways good coverage and conditioned. The few that I hit were nice lies not to soft not to firm.

Sand- I was in one trap and the sand was decent of course I could have put a better swing on the shot but hey thats golf

Rough- The rough is a mixed bag of good to bad with generally uneven lies which is the way it should be. It looks like they are experimenting with tall Fescue grass on a few holes. Especial left of the green on 7. it was probably a foot deep and no chance to find you ball. It leave you nowhere to bail out on 7 due to the waterfall on the right and tall fescue on the left.

In You should play this course as it is very scenic and challenging. I know the price is steep but this was the most expensive public course ever built when constructed and that is to be expected in the area that it is. Also I recommend the steak tacos from the restaurant
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