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Played on Friday the 19th and one word comes to mind WOW!. I had never heard of this course and would have never played here had it not been for Situated in Bullhead AZ/ Laughlin NV its not an area I visit very often. Luckily its on about a 1.5 hour drive from Vegas or 4 hours from OC/LA and now that I know about it I will play again.

The course is designed up and down the hills above the mighty Colorado river and offers amazing views of the river and mountain backdrops. This course can eat you alive if the winds are up and your game is off. Although they offer generous fairways and not a ton of forced carries the elevation change make it very intimidating. You might want to bring a rock club with you as the rough is maybe 10 yards wide on the edges of the fairways and then you have the desert.

The conditions for the day were amazing. Dark emerald green fairways with dormant rough that was still very thick and penal. Tee's that were flat and little divot damage, and greens that you could really spin the ball on. The greens were the highlights for me they were fast but manageable. While trying to fix a divot I noticed there are two types of grass one for the winter and one for the summer and the roots were very healthy. You had to give it a little extra muscle to fix a divot.

We saw the cart girl probably 6 times throughout the round and she was very nice. Every staff member treated us like royalty from the moment we arrived to the afternoon meal at Slate. I highly recommend eating there as the food was top notch. I had the Roaster sandwich and it was very tasty.

The new owners are definitely making a difference and this course with soon be the most amazing facility in the tri-state area if it isn't already.
Out with the Gurus on the 18th to enjoy Coyote Springs. This course is about and hour outside of Vegas in the middle of nowhere, Originally planned to be a full on golf community with 5-7 course's and a bunch of homes. Unfortunately they started building right during the recession and only the Jack Nicklaus course was built.

This Course is one of the craziest designs I have ever played. Riding the cart down the fairways feels like you are on a roller coaster with all of the mounds it is quite fun. The greens are a good mix of large undulating and smaller postage stamp sized greens.

Conditions were good to very good for this mid January day The course rough was dormant which gives you that wonderful desert look. Most everything was in great shape full coverage of grass for the entire course with the greens running medium slow and held shots wonderfully.

The only downside of the day was the sand. Starting on the practice facility the liner was starting to come up and made it tough to cleanly strike bunker shots. The Course was mostly that way until the back nine where the crew was working on the bunkers. This issue should be fixed some time in the next few weeks and the course will be Amazing.

Overall the staff was amazing an the course is amazing and I cant wait to go back.
Joined the Guru's today at La Costa Legends. Having played the Champions course on labor day weekend I had higher hopes for immaculate conditions. The course was in great shape but a little under what I was expecting. I was thinking perfect greens and emerald fairways.

The Greens are showing signs of a needle punch and were not always smooth. They were however quick and firm. With the exception of the major issue on the first two greens, which has some major patch work, The greens were consistent all day.

Fairways were probably the highlight lush and the right thickness and great lies all day. The one down side is not a ton of roll due to the wetness which is a good thing considering the rough.

The rough was a nice mixture of grass the farther from the fairway the thicker and nastier it got. Around the greens were very penal as well there were a few chips where the club was grabbed by the rough and damaging my back nine scores.

The down side of the course I would say is the sand. I was in two traps and both were firm The other guys had better results but for some reason the two traps I was in were just mediocre.

In all the staff is amazing and the practice facilities are nice. I cant wait for the gk event in a couple weeks I only hope that they fix greens 1 and 2.
Went out to take a journey on the golf course at Pechanga today 11/4. Our tee time was at 720 AM and we arrived in the parking lot a little before 7am. Before we could even open the door a representative was there to collect our bags and offer assistance. While we where putting our shoes on at the car he was nice enough to inform us on where to go and what to expect. Check in was a breeze and we where off across the bridge to the starter and the driving range. I was eager to get a few swings in before playing as it has been about 2 months without golf.

The starter gave us a heads up about the course being Cart Path only which the website had informed us of. he also let us know to take our time as there was a three some with the Head Pro, Course Manager, and Head of the Casino. Talk about a high profile group. He did let us know they where aware of our twosome and if they noticed us wait at all that they would wave us through. We never had a problem because we played nice and slow.

Over all condition I would say darn near immaculate on every aspect from tee to green. The tee boxes where lush as could be and plenty of options running 7100+,6700,6300,5400 yards. The fairways where a little long but offered great lies and the starter let us know that this would be the case. The rough here ranged from 3-6 inches and was very penal. I had a few occasions where the rough would grab my wedge and force me to hit a poor shot.

The greens were probably the best part of the course as they where medium firm and running quick once the morning dew was gone. We were informed that because of a tournament going out at 9 that the pins were in some very tough locations and always expect a break away from the hills and towards the Casino/valley.

The best news of the day is when we reached the turn the starter informed us that the back nine was going to lift the cart path restrictions as the Course managers liked what he was seeing in front of us. This made the course a little easier to handle and it showed on my scorecard.

If Had to nit pick anything today it was the bunkers. The first one I was in was lite and fluffy. After that the 3 others were a little firm for my liking causing a few flyers from my playing partner and I.

Over all its a great course and a very nice mixture of holes that keeps you entertained throughout the day. If you can find a deal make sure to go play as rack rate can run from 135-150 depending on the time of the year.
Joined the Gurus for a warm round at Sunrise. This course is well maintained for the heat of the summer. We were the only people on the course so we flew through at our own pace. Unfortunate I didnt make it past hole 9 due to the long day of driving and my first round of golf.

One thing I found out about the course was that there is always a ditch in play. I would compare this to a well maintained version of River view with less elevation changes. The rough that protects the wash is very thick and stops and ball from rolling off the fairway and into the wash itself. Sadly there was a massive flood the week before and the smell coming from the wash was hard to bare when down wind from it.

In all its a fun course for the price.
Great day with the Guru's yesterday. Even though this course is about an 1hr 45min from my house I never have a an issue making the drive to play here. This course has such a unique feel to it with all of the giant boulders and large oak tree forests. The course is not long by any standards but can be very penalizing. Any wayward shot can find the hazards and make for some tough scoring. That being said if you are hitting them straight you can light this course up on the scorecard.

Conditions were much better than expected starting with the fairways mostly lush with a few burned out places here and there. any ball that finds the fairway sits up nice and fluffy.
The rough and tee's were decent with some holes better than others. As for the greens they were very nice and rolled true with very few ball marks.

The only bad thing that I could think of was the sand trap on hole 8. It was dirt as I took my first step in the bunker I realized that I wasnt sinking. That was the only bunker that I was in all day so they could have been better I just didnt care to sample them.

Overall friendly staff, great course, and a fun time with Jim, Tim, and Bob
Enjoyed my 100th Course played by choosing The Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay. This course is a links style course over looking the water and we got the full links/ open championship treatment with fog, mist, and wind during our morning round.

The Course was in top condition with the Golf Now AM tour teeing off right after us. Tough pins and tall rough. All of the greens were perfect and consistent. They had some tough pin locations on course due to the tournament and that didnt help our scores much but after learning the speeds nothing was too terrible.

Tee's and fairways were cut perfect and consistent throughout the course and had nothing that would take away and major ratings. The fairways are wide and leave you with plenty of options from the tee's and with the course not being overly long you can choose to layup.

The rough is quite the beast on this course it was wet from the fog/mist and caused your club to grab hard on all shots out of the rough. If you go too far you will fine the Fescu which was cut to about 5 inches and was not super thick to were you could not find your ball but long enough to make you think twice before blasting out of it.

The only down side of this course is hole 15-18 share a public path to the beach from the Ritz Carlton on site. These people are all over the place and the path is parallel with the holes . If you go offline you can easily take out a person. Also they are not quiet as most are on vacation and talk very loud as you are trying to hit.

Overall it is an amazing place to play with the views of the ocean on many of the holes (If its not foggy) and well worth the reasonable price of $140. I will be back.
First Time playing at apple mountain on Sat morning before heading over to Yocha. I found this course on Golf moose about 3 months ago and wanted to play here because all of the pine tree's and elevation change throughout the course. We arrived and headed out to the driving range, which was a little chewed up, to warm up.

We got our right on time at 640am and never caught the 4 some in front of us nor saw the group behind us. POP was about 4hrs mostly due to me launching golf balls into the Forrest to see if i can hear that loud crack of a golf ball hitting the Giant Pines. Something about that echo make you feel a little less upset about a poor shot.

This course was in great shape from tee to green and very wet from the morning watering. The course dried out quick with the exception of the bunkers that were wet the whole day. the greens were medium speed and held most shots. One cool thing is they give you a yardage book and where to hit the green so your ball will feed to the hole. This came in handy on hole 2 because if you went for the hole itself it would have rolled of the green. Instead they said hot left center and the ball will slowly feed to the hole.

One Major tip is for hole 5. Its a very long double dog leg Par 5. You must make sure to keep the first ball in play if you dont its going to be a rough hole. Do not try and draw around the the trees because you will still not be able to reach in 2. it was playing at 587 tee to hole on Sat from the Tips. Sadly I did not pay attention and hooked on into the hazard and then followed it up with a poorly aimed third shot that found the tree's. Play it safe and hit it straight there is no reason to be a hero because you will fail unless you are Bubba at the Masters.

This is a wonderful place to play and $65 for prime time its very worth it.
Had a Great time with the GK family for the event on Sat afternoon. I had such high expectations for this course due to the high ratings and always being top 25 in the state. Unfortunately my expectations were not fully met. Don't get me wrong the course is pretty and the starter warned us about the condition not being absolutely perfect due to some none native grass they cut out of 2-3 fairways and the heat.

The only issue that I absolutely did not enjoy was the greens. They were cut so short that all of the previous hole locations were an issue. We could see at least 10 different locations of hole placements on the green and if you had more than a 15ft putt one would normal be in your line causing some bumpiness. The heat also made them very firm and quick.

I found the front nine to be very boring for some reason. Flat and not all that difficult. The first tee shot is about a 100 foot drop to the fairway below and that was the only exciting shot I can remember from the front nine. I did shoot well (38) so that helped put my mind at easy.

Then the back nine hit and boy will it hit hard. There is a wide spectrum of shots that you need to do to shoot well on the back nine. There are dog legs, forced carries, and lakes. Sadly my score shot up from there and I took a 49.

I still had fun and if it wasn't 105 degrees I probably would have enjoyed it more so Ill be back if im ever there in the winter. A big shout out to Johnny and The GK family for having this event.
Enjoyed a round at Sierra Star on 7/1 with my brother apisarski. If you have ever played this course you know the wind can be a handful luckily we got a perfect day with light winds and 75 degrees. Tee Time was at 8 am and there was a group in front of us and we didnt see them after the 3rd hole which made for great POP.

The views from the course early in their season was spectacular especially with all of the record snow still in the mountains surrounding the course. It really made it feel like a mountain course. Although the course is short at 6000 yards and a Par 70 it can play very tough with all of the danger of the pine tree lined fairways and well placed bunkers.

Course Conditions were good to great from tee-green. The tee's, fairways and rough were all lush and cut perfect with no bare spots. The grass is almost fully out of dormancy so in about 2 weeks it will have a dark green look to it. The sand traps were in excellent condition and were light and fluffy which made green side bunker shots fun.

The only thing thing that hurt the rating were the greens and they were not that bad. They seem to be dormant. Although all grass, it was just a little brown and took away from the scenic value. The greens did perform well as they were fast and firm and all putts were smooth.

One tip for putting, which I didnt learn until half way through the round, is reading the grain of the green. A normal 1 foot break can be 3 plus feet if the grain is running against the hole. This made for 5 three putts on the day.

In all the course is fun although expensive it is definitely worth a play if in the area. I will be back next year as its a course I like to play at least once a season. If you are an adventure they have a 99 dollar deal that include skiing/ mountain biking and 9 holes of golf.
enjoyed a Beautiful day out at Crossings yesterday for my birthday. I must say for a course that is in such a beautiful shape the $25 for people to come out on their birthday and play is the best deal in CA. You must sign up for their email club so they can email you the birthday certificate and you can only play on the day of your birthday.

I tee'd off with two doctors at 745 am and POP was a little under 4 hours. It could have been faster if we played through the 4 some a little earlier in the round. We never saw a cart girl but did see the Marshall a few times throughout the day.

Conditions were the best I have encountered here at Crossings. Everything from the tee's through the greens were top notch.

Fairways - were like carpet and cut short and allowed for a lot of roll to tee shots. I never had a bad lie and every ball sat up nice and fluffy like having a ball tee'd up almost

Greens were perfect in every aspect. I dont think I have ever rated a green a 10 but these ones I did. Not a single ball mark or bump on any of my putts and the entire green was the same grass with no Cancer spots.

Everything else from the tee's, rough, and Sand were very well manicured and did not come across any thing that would take away from my experience of the day. In all I will always make a point to play crossings any time I have the opportunity.
My family and I went out on 6/2 to play wolf creek with a 630 AM tee time. We play here the first Friday of June every year. I booked the tee time in February for $135 as last year the was 3 days of tournaments on the first weekend of June. This year we were what seemed to be the only non Tournament group to play and we had about an hour head start on the Tourney and had the course to ourselves never coming with in 4-5 holes of the shotgun start. If you play anywhere with no wait this is the course to be on. My brother will probably talk about the amazing amount of Pro V1's he found on the course and we took extra shots here and there. POP was about 4.5 for us.

After reading Robs review it was looking like a picture perfect golf day and fun outing. Unfortunately the course decided to aerate 13 of 14 fairways in the week between when Rob was there and us so it took the conditions down a notch. The course was still visually stunning and green but some funky lies in the fairways were a possibility. The aeration holes were about 3-5 inches apart and filled perfectly it just took a little extra attention when making a shot. It also seemed that they did not change the tee locations for a couple days as there were a few tee's chewed up.

Everything else was great and well manicured with the greens being soft and a little slow for my liking. The course was well watered due to the aeration and that caused the sand to be wet which was not a problem for me as I only ended up in one Trap. The same could not be said for my family they loved the beach.

In all $135 is a great price for a Friday in early June to play this masterpiece and regardless of the aeration I would pay to play anytime.
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