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2/8/20 Joined Blake and Mike for all 27 holes out at Braemar. Originally had an 11am tee time but there was a 45 min frost delay so we were pushed to a 1148 tee time. After all of that we ended up teeing off at 1130 so no big deal there. Staff was super friendly whenever we encountered them which made the experience better as they were not stuck up.

Not a lot to add to Wendy and Alex's reviews from the last week or two. I found the course to be in real nice shape. Good tee's, fantastic fairways, decent rough, and the greens were firm and fast. Strangly enough I could not get any check on my approaches which as of late the firmer the green the more I can spin. This made for a tough day on the greens. As stated before you DO NOT want to be above the hole. Sand was decent in most traps I did encounter a thin one and Blake had a few thin ones too.

If you have a chance to play here do not miss it. The Us Open is my favorite 9 with some doglegs and good elevation changes. Western by far is the toughest in my opinion with very tight fairways and a few blind shots. On the course the par threes are all around 175-210 from the blacks which makes up for the 3000 yard total length. The masters course is a little wider but only one par 5 makes me sad. I cant wait to play again.
Read the review from Mark_daly and decided to go play woods valley. I scored a Deal time on for $4 after using a $50 promo code and went off on time at 10:00am. Course it self is in better shape than what has been the normal as of late. It still not immaculate but I would put it a 6.5 out of 10. Fairways were cut short and rolled out well. Full coverage of grass just not all the same grass which could be troubling if you are on the edge of both grasses. Greens today were soft and a little bumpy but quick. The greens keeper decided to use the toughest hole locations today which made for an adventurous day on the greens. The sand traps I was in had good brown sand maybe a touch heavy but not issues getting out of them. The only down side of the course right now is the Rough. multiple types of grasses and not cut uniformly.

Overall this course is a lot of fun to play and with the decent conditions right now I suggest playing. One last thing to note is they bought the carts from Carmel Valley Ranch and they have GPS units on them but the course said they cant afford to activate them because its around $40 per cart per month.
Tee'd off at 12:26 today with Itslikeimsaying, Gregholla, and Hillary today using clubcorp play away/ I had a certificate for a free guest fee for mark and he was charged $21 for the cart fee and I was charged $25 I asked why it was different and he said mine is a set price from Club Corp. I shrugged my shoulders ¯\_(?)_/¯ and paid the money.

As Weber has posted so many times in the last few years I was very excited to play Coto for the first time. The course runs up and down the valley with no two holes alike or in play from the others. I enjoyed the variety of par 3's from the gold tee's the distances were fair at 150, 200,190, 120. Each one offering stunning views and lots of trouble.

As for the conditions for the course I dont have a lot to add to Weber and marks review. The tees were good and have many options to choose from. We had two score cards and one showed combos for black and gold and blue and gold while the other one didn't another ¯\_(?)_/¯ moment. Fairways had full coverage of grass but it was thin at times making ball striking a premium. With this course if you catch it thin you can put up big numbers quick. I did see a couple of GUR marked but it didn't come into play. Rough was strange, on the fairways it was nice and provided nice fluffy lies but the closer to the green there was new grass splotches popping up everywhere which you ball would bounce off and effectively taking away putting from off the green. The sand that I found ( a lot of them) was in good to great shape with a nice top layer of pure white sand. It looked stunning but a few were a touch firm. All of the greenside traps I found were soft and fair.

If you have chance to play here dont say no. It is a wonderful facility and I cant wait to go play the north course.
Joined the Gk final yesterday and these are my two cents.

Tee's- good coverage and a plenty of tee's to choose from. Minimal divot issues only on the par 3's.

Fairways- Cut short and firm which provided lots of roll out. On hole 4 the layup area had a left to right slope and with the roll we had a few balls land in the center and roll off to the right and into the water. I was very displeased with that one.

Greens- Firm and fast! If the superintendent decided to mean they have some very tough hole locations on these greens. With the speed they were tough to keep any down hill putt within 5 feet. Even though they were firm and fast I had many occasions with excess spin which made for an exciting day.

Rough- Multiple types of grass and coverage that was mediocre which left for some tough lies all day.

Sand- I was in 3 traps and the first two were on hole one. The fairway trap was hard pan and difficult to get under the ball. the two green side bunkers were decent but could use a little more sand.

Overall this is a fun course and I do recommend just don't expect immaculate conditions. I think it deserves more of a 6.5 not 5.6
I have to start with the Pace of Play. We tee'd off 10 minuets late and quit after 5hr 15 min and 15 holes played. This may have taken the record away from Costa Mesa CC for longest round ever. We waited on every tee box and usually two groups on each tee. The marshal even came by and gave us a bogus excuse saying he couldn't find the back up.

Other than that the course was a lot of fun to play. Fairways were mostly lush and cut short providing extra roll out on most drives. Greens were firm and lightning fast but I had no issues. Tee's and rough were good to great in most areas. Sand was firm and could use a truck load in a few locations.

I recommend playing here but if I see another review with long POP I wont return there are better courses in the valley.
Went out again on 1/1/20 they had a 9am shotgun start on 10 due to maintenance. We didn't notice a lot of cars in the parking lot and when we checked in the starter said we were group 10 A. We did not see a single group in front of us and only one group 2 holes behind us. We went around in 3:45 taking it easy and goofing around. Not much change in the course other than the sand traps I found today didn't have a lot of sand and were wet. Everything else was in great shape. I did also notice that the dormant rough looks to be coming out of dormancy in a few areas as its starting to get a green tint to it. Weather was 70 degree and no wind today which made for a perfect day.
Played 12/28 using my Club Corp card for just a cart fee. If you have played Pete Dye courses before you know he likes water and sand traps. This course is no different. I would compare this course to PGA west stadium with less steroids. That being said this course is very demanding off the tee. There is water on the left of most holes and deep sand protecting the right. The greens are not overly small and once on them are modest in difficulty.

Course conditions are real nice at the moment with overseeded fairways and tee boxes blened with the golden brown rough make for a visually stunning course. For a cherry on top the surrounding mountains had snow all over them so a picture perfect day. The fairways were cut just right allowing some roll out on shots. Even after all the rain a few days before I found no muddy areas on the entire course. Greens were medium speed and just a touch firm but very fair. The rough was dormant but most balls would use the slope and come back to the fairway or roll to the cart paths and beyond, this made water holes extra tough.

Over all I really enjoyed the challenge and once the rough comes back from hibernation this course with be ridiculously tough from the tips. Talking to the members I paired with they said the dye is the least favorite due to the challenge but I like that in a course. If you have a chance go play it, you will not be disappointed.
Out with the GK Event yesterday expecting the same conditions in the 9-10 range and was not disappointed. Everything here at Rams hill is top notch. From the guard gate in the service is fantastic and you are secluded from the emptiness of the Anza Borrego state park.

Rolling carpet like fairways with nice and fast greens make for a fun day. I did notice they had some storm damage on 3 or 4 holes but it was very small and did not subtract from the overall conditions, Just a little ground under repair. Greens had a lot of play today and started to get a touch bumpy but they still rolled true and fast. Sand was good and not to firm not too soft. Rough wasn't too long and did stop balls from rolling into the desert. Over all I'd give this place a 9/10.
7 of us played on 12/7 at 11:08 and 11:16. A week prior I called to see if they would allow us to have riders with us on the course and the man on the phone said no problem. When we arrived the three people said no chance, they do not allow more than 2 carts per group the starter was the worst in saying that it wasn’t going to happen because it would slow down the round. Funny how our round still took 5 hours due to a very slow tournament. After some arguing the girls took the car and went and explored Palm Springs. Joke is on fantasy Springs as we were going to stop by and spend more money after the round but that didn’t happen.

As for the course conditions they are fantastic right now as expected. Tee to green everything grass related was well manicured. Greens ran smoothish with medium fast speeds. Only thing to pick on was the sand wasn’t the best and the POP was horrendous. There was a tournament playing from the tips and these guys had no business playing from the whites let alone tips. The Marshall was super friendly and apologetic as there was nothing he could do.

Because of the service it will be a awhile before I go back as it left a bad taste in my mouth.
Played using my Club Corp Play-away membership for a cart fee of $36. That price is much better than the rack rate of $210. I had played here many years ago and remember not being able to finish due to darkness. This time I got to play all 18 holes (barely) POP was 4:35 but felt slower. One thing to note is most of the course is now surrounded by multi million dollar houses but they do not come into play unless you are wild off the tee. Conditions were great not immaculate but knowing that this course is never in full immaculate condition I was surprised on how good it was.

The staff here is very friendly and the starter gave us many tip including that the greens were firm and faster than normal due to the weather the week before. Tee's were in good shape even with the tournament play the last few days and have many options to choose from. Fairways were cut short and provided great roll all day. only a few areas had some issues with browning but those were few and far between. I found the rough to be longer than a usual course but had no issues powering through it. Greens were firm and were lightning fast a two inch putt would go far if you were not below the hole it was fun. The sand was hit or miss on the day, two holes have black sand from Montana and although wet were very powdery. I cant wait to try it when the course has been dry.

Over all if you can snag a deal this course is a lot of fun but with rack rate its tough to justify with so many other options in the Las Vegas area for less.
Played on Black Friday with rob 1563. This was the first time for both of us here at Canyon Gate. I used my club Corp play away card and brought rob as my guest. The guest rate for him was a bit steep at $140 but after playing it seemed to be worth it.

Course conditions were top notch as expected for a private club. From tee to green everything was in excellent shape. I would say they overseeded 90% of the course with only rough that was more than 15-20 yards off the fairway going dormant. Greens were smooth and fast which made for an adventure on multi tiered greens. The layout keeps you entertained throughout the round with water in play on 8-9 holes. I can’t wait to play again
I am going to start this review with one word....
I have played some well manicured courses before but this one might take the cake. Playing two weeks ago on the sister course I did not realize how nice the classic was going to be. When Gregholla and I pulled in the gate we were amazed. Everything was SPECTACULAR from dark green rough to emerald fairways to the purest greens I have encountered playing golf.

The course was pretty open today on the tee sheet and we zipped around as a twosome in less than 3:15 passing 2 groups during our round. I could not find any blade of grass out of place and ZERO brown spots the entire day. Tee's were flat and cut just right. They had a few options to choose from so you dont have to worry about length of the course. Fairways were just cut this morning and rolled really nice and had very few divots. Rough was medium in length and would stop any roll as it should. You must make clean contact otherwise you were not going to advance the ball very far. Greens were medium/firm and quick today and we only encountered one ball mark from a previous group that was 3 inches from the hole and that was it (PERFECTION).

If I were to nitpick anything on the entire day it would be the sand. It was not bad but it was a little firm for my liking. Maybe 1 inch of sand and a firm under layer. I did not have any troubles getting out but it was the only thing keeping the course from a perfect 10!

If you have the chance to be invited or have a clubcorp playaway membership you must get out here immediately. I normally consider myself a tough critic but this day blew me away!
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