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Got out yesterday at noon using Club Corp play away. Starting from the valet to the proshop and starter the service was top notch. It was a busy afternoon at IWCC but the staff does their best to make everyone happy. The starter even let me tee off 45 mins before my tee time because there was an opening.

The course was in great shape as expected this time of the year in the desert. From tee to green everything was lush and if I could nit pick anything it would be the tee's on par 3's were chewed up. This course IMO is very easy if you can keep your shots reasonably straight. Fairways are flat and other than a few lakes and green side bunkers there are not a lot of forced carries. The greens were not tricked out and seemed to be a little flat for my liking. Holes 11-16 have the mountains on the right and are visually epic.

Overall this is a very fun course if you want to score well but I was expecting it to be much harder. After talking to the guys in the shop after they mentioned that the classic course has most of the tough greens that are elevated and tricked out but no mountains.
Went out yesterday using a combo of certificates and promo codes from to the just re-opened from over seeded and CPO Nicklaus course. Staff hew was fantastic and mentioned right away that it was CPO and to expect a little longer POP. We tee'ed off right on time and finished in 4hr 35 mins.

Conditions are great right now with the tee's and fairways stealing the show. Very lush and great lies all day. Greens where also very nice and lush but where shaggy and very slow. This was to be expected with them just opening the day before. Sand looked brown and wet but was very very soft and easy to hit from. The rough was very thick and starting to go dormant like usual for PGA west course but was playable for the most part, no bare spots.

Over all if you can find a deal for this course I highly recommend coming out and playing and its only to get better from here on out with the PGA coming in a little over 2 months.
Played 10/5 and must've just missed Steve and friends. We tee'd off at 10:30 using our free foursome certificate that Apisarski won at a GK event. The staff here was super friendly as usual and the bar food was tasty albeit expensive.

Course is in great shape right now as expected. When you get to the starter he warns you with a smile saying that there are over 100+ bunkers and only about 4 of them are visible from the tee. The last time I played here I did not hit any bunkers but this time I landed in two and both up against the front edge of course. Sand was decent but not great, a bit firm for my taste. Fairway and rough were lush with some of the fescue being knee high even though it looks to be only 3-5 inches, a great job by the grounds crew to make it look like a rolling mound I was convinced that it wasn't that thick. Greens were semi soft and rolled well and quick. The gold tee's we played from seemed to be a bit chewed up but nothing major.

Overall the unique layout itself warrants a trip here even though rates can be a bit high at times but nothing out of the ordinary for Las Vegas.
Decided to finally play Siena yesterday as it was nearby my hotel, boy im glad I did. My expectations for this course was mediocre at best but when I arrived the course was in really good summer shape. Very few bad spots on the course and it was very visually pleasing.

Tee's, fairways, and rough were in good shape with plenty of grass and very few burned out spots. i did see a few areas where to mower cut too short but nothing to write home about. Greens were a bit slow but held shots and most were smooth. Sand was a mixture depending on the trap, most were wet from morning watering and a few lacked some sand.

This course is very fun with each hole being a little different than the last making it and enjoyable round. I highly recommend in its current shape.
Ventured out to Cascata on Friday with Johnny and the Gk crew. Weather was hot but the stiff breeze made it feel less warm. Speaking of the wind.... it made this course very difficult. All uphill holes had wind at the back so they were fine but most if not all down hill were into the wind. This made and fade or draw go OB most of the time.

Course was in great summer condition and is better than a majority of the other CA, NV, AZ courses right now. They recently renovated the green side bunkers to nice and fluffy white sand. If you read the reviews from prior people this was needed. They still need to fix some fairway bunkers as there are small pebbles but the firmness is good for fairways. Greens ran smooth and fast like normal. They were however a little firmer than I like and anything landing on the back of the greens would bounce or roll off. The rough was super nasty friday and penalized you severely. Those will slower swing speeds pay the price and its tough to get one out of the rough.

Our caddie was Casey and while being a younger caddie he had been there for 14 years. He was spot on for every little piece of information. Even though we blamed him for the par 3 15th where all of us went into the back bunker haha. He should have told us the wind swirls on the hole. :) This is a great experience and I hope everyone get the opportunity to play here one day.
Used my club card for the $90 rate this morning going I booked the only singles time they had before 11 and tee'd off at 840. POP was decent at 4:20 my group had a father and son that were on the slower side for my liking but we kept decent pace and we never saw the group behind us. Staff here was fantastic as always IMO. I even went to the restaurant this morning and if you are a Eggs Benedict fan this place is for you.

As for the course it is in fantastic summer shape. It has been in the high nineties the last few weeks but they have watered the course a bunch to keep it alive. A few fairways were almost too wet and would stop all high shots and leave divots. Greens were smooth and running at a 10.5 per the sheet in the proshop telling you about weather and course conditions. One tip that I have hear is that like money every putt goes to the casino. So knowing that I had a fantastic day putting because this tip was true. Sand was decent to hit out of, out of the three shots I had to hit only one was a touch firm but nothing out of the ordinary.

This course is a must play and if you know someone with a gold card or above at Pechanga the rates are quite reasonable. I will be returning often until my card expires in six months
Had to visit Quintero again on my trip to AZ. Yes this course is a little out there from the city but it is worth the 45 minuet drive from Glendale. I played here last year after GK had a guru visit due to the great reviews and loved everything about the course. This year was no different. The conditions are outstanding for mid summer. The course is green and well manicured. If it wasn't 118° you'd thing its prime season.

Upon arriving and taking the 5 minuet cart ride from the club house to the practice area we were amazed at how green everything still was. Tee's were good with only a little damage on the par 3's which is normal for a busy course. Fairways had great coverage and gave you nice fluffy lies all day. I did notice after taking a divot the ground is still really moist from watering and the fact that its monsoon season. Rough had good coverage with a little discoloring here and there but nothing that takes away from the beauty of this course. Sand traps had a lot of sand and as mentioned previously it is a bit thick. Id rather have thick sand over powder sand any day. I was picking the ball clean on every shot.

As for the greens I needed to start a new paragraph. The greens here are not overly large but offer many different breaks and some that you can not see. The are a little furry to keep them alive in this heat but if you were with the grain they were fast. Against the grain was very slow. The greens were very firm and it was tough to get a ball to stay unless you hit 10ft in front of the pin. I learned the hard way on hole one. I saw a nice backstop to land and spin the ball back to the hole. Unfortunately my well struck approach landed 3 ft past the hole and bounced off the back. Once you get to reading the grain they were a pleasure to play and all putts were smooth rolling.

This course is a must play and the staff was fantastic for the most part. The cart guy in the morning from new york wasn't the friendliest at customer service but he didn't offend me so no biggie. Drinks are expensive and they dont take card on the course yet as the cell signal is bad, not always a bad thing. If you have the time I suggest going. Summer rates were $51 resident and $69 out of state plus you have to pay tax at the course which was almost $7 a person!
Played at 1:20 today with Wendy, Blake and Greg. A fun time was had by our group. The group inn front of us was really quick and was usually 1 hole ahead of us and we never saw the group behind so we have a nice relaxing 4:10 round. The staff at Oak Creek is super friendly throughout your experience, all of them had smiles on their face.

I have played Oak Creek and handful of times and normally I have been let down on conditions. Well not today! The course was in fantastic shape right now in the peak of the hot season. Tee's were decent but a few a little chewed up from all of the play before us today. Fairways had full coverage and great lies all day. I know that they are not the pristine emerald green through out but I'd say they were 90% green and were cut perfectly. Rough was a mixed bag the farther you wandered from the fairway but it was all cut nice and had good coverage.

The sand and the greens were the highlight of the day. It seems they added more sand to almost all bunkers and man they are soft, maybe too soft for some people but id rather have that then no sand. Greens were super soft but ran quick which I think is a strange combo but I loved them. Unfortunately the clientele that play in orange county have no Idea what a divot fixer is and leave craters on the greens.

Overall I think this course is in great summer shape and if things stay the same October/ November is looking real good.
Played with the Gk event this past weekend and hag a fun time with them. Big shout out to Johnny for setting everything up along with Royal Links, Golfmoose and Linksoul for the awesome swag for the prizes. I have played champions a few times and I regret to say this course has seen better days. Now it has never been a perfect conditioned course when I have played but Saturday it seemed like the course has been let go a bit. I will go into more detail below about that.

The major issue we had Saturday was the Cart Lady! She is a thief! Being stacked up my brothers group was behind us so Gregholla decided to buy them a shot as we were on the green them on the fairway. We let the cart lady know that these two drinks were for the group on the tee. She said no problem and drove over to them. We found out later at the Vue restaurant that she did not give them the drinks and charged them for the ones they ordered. We were pissed. I must say the GM or Restaurant manager was very apologetic and promptly brought out doubles to them so that was amazing for him to go above and beyond especially seeing how the restaurant is separate from the golf facility. That is the only reason we gave a three star. The rest of the staff was friendly so that was nice.

As for conditions of the course I mentioned that they were sub-par for this course. Starting with the driving range were its all mats and half of them were missing the tee holders. Also there are not enough stations for one course let alone two. Tee's were decent and offered adequate space to tee it up. Fairways were Ok with mostly grass but sometimes different types. A lot of holes were CPO for some reason and the carts didn't tell us until on the grass were we had to back up to the CP. Rough was a real mixed bag of grass switching to brush the farther off fairway. Sand was absolutely terrible, I was in 5 or 6 traps and none had sand I dont know why this is a problem as its not windy often and the course makes money with the high rack rates. As for the greens they were medium fast and a little bumpy (from play not courses fault) Also the pins were in some tough location which is becoming the norm for all GK events it seems.

Overall if it wasn't for a GK Plays or event I wont be back until they fix some issues.
Went out and played Terranea this morning with my Family and we enjoyed a nice day. This course is a 9 hole par three course that is ranked top 5 for par 3 courses in america. Although not overly long the holes have some teeth. The holes range from 100-175 yards from the back tee's and there are a lot of bunkers surrounded by fescue next to the greens. Throw in a stiff ocean breeze and this course can destroy you. Conditions were tip top with the exception of a few traps that could use a little TLC. I highly recommend playing here because even if you are having a bad round you can still look out the pacific ocean and Catalina.
Joined the Gk community for the event on the 30th. Course is still in fantastic shape even after two weeks of 100°+ heat from the last time out. Course was lush and mostly green from Tee to Green. I must say the staff here is amazing and is very friendly. The entire event went smooth and it seemed that everyone had a blast.

I dont have a ton to add to the rest of the reviews. Tee's were great and had ample space to choose from. Fairways lush and rolling well. Greens soft and rolled real nice. I believe hole 7 has a little GUR near the green but it does not affect you much. Sand is fantastic now that they have replenished all of the green side bunkers.

This course is a must play when in vegas and IMO the most fun of all of the courses.
Joined Rob, John and my Father on 6/28 for a fun round out at Bali Hai. Having played here a few times before I knew what I was getting into when we got to the course. The staff is super friendly from the moment you arrive. Check-in was simple and our bags were on carts by the time we left the pro shop. Every thing about this course has a laid back vibe, from the Tiki decor and the country and island music playing by the snack shake to the crush shell mounds separating the holes.

As for course conditions I thought it was better than expected for end of June. The tee's were goods and had great coverage with the exception of two or three that needed to be moved. Fairways lush and mostly green providing great roll and fluffy enough lies to hit your approach shots. Rough was good and wasn't overly penal. Greens were medium/fast and held most well well hit shots. The one thing to note is the greens here are tough and the pin locations were tough all day. It is always best to shoot for middle of the green here as there are many false edges.

Overall this course is a blast to play even with the planes constantly flying over it is still worth it IMO. I recommend you go out and play.
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