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Played today with a large group of friends. Noticed that it was going to a busy day when we noticed that a large golf group or tournament was stacked up on the first tee box. Our tee time was one hour later so we expected the group to be way ahead.

Teed off on time and did not encounter the group until hole#5 where we came to a standstill and stacked 3 groups. Called clubhouse, but noone came out to move the forward groups along. Grueling 5 hour POP.

Greens #1 and #4 were extremely bumpy, sandy and overgrown. It appears that they top dressed some of the greens. Fairways were decent but roughs are bumpy and full of gopher holes.
Finally the sun comes out after a week of rain. Decided to play knowing that the course would be cart path only. POP was at about 4.5 hours but this was due to the restrictions. Course was saturated from the rain and the balls would stick where they landed, not that much roll. The greens rolled very slow and were extremely soft, understandable due to all the moisture.

Bunkers did have standing water and we adopted the rule of pick, clean and place. Conditions should be very good next week when it dries up a little. Great staff and fun play.
Played today 12/27. Holiday rates but still reasonable. Checked in on time, but noticed that 4 groups were already waiting on the first tee and we teed off 30 minutes behind reserved tee time. Already knew it was going to be a long day POP over 5.5 hours and finished just as it got dark.Very frustrating day due to pace of play. Marshall was out but kept saying that holes were back to back. I believe they overbooked as usual. The last couple of times we played here the POP was close to 5 hours.

The course is overall good condition. Fairways were growing nicely due to all the rain and watering. Greens were smooth and rolled med to fast. Sand traps did have a thin layer of sand which was still easy to get out of.

Sad to say that due to the current POP issues this course will be a last resort for our weekly rotation.
Played today 12/20. It's been many months since we last played here due to the high green fees. However this is one of our favorite courses and thanks to management for offering specials, which allows us to economically play this course several times a year.

The course in very nice condition from the greens to the bunkers. Greens were smooth and rolled medium to fast. Bunkers had nice fluffy sand, a little wet but easy to hit out off. Today the pins were placed in difficult sections of the greens and shot placement was a must or you rolled off the greens. Challenging but always fun. This course can get punishing if you tend to slice or pull your shots, bets to hit then straight.

Round started out slow as we followed a slow forsome, but it appears that the course marshall moved them along as we noticed their pace of play speeded up.

Black Gold has one of the best staff around. great customer service and personable. Always enjoy playing this course when we can.
Played today 12/19, The course is looking very lush. Greens were nice and smooth and rolled med to fast. The fairways were nice and green. It appears that they are letting the roughs grow out as they were around 3 inches or more in height, making it somewhat though to find your ball if you fly it to the rough.

Greens #9 and #18 seem to be under maintenance as they oversanded the fringe areas of the greens., however the greens itself were fine. The bunkers had nice fluffy sand. Overall POP was slightly over 4 hours.
Played today during an overcast and cool day. The course is in good condition except for a couple of greens that appear to be on the onset of some disease. They appear to be on top of maintaining the problem. Hole 15 has a temporary green set up. The greens were somewhat bumpy and was hard to read. The tee boxes have been overseeded and are thin but starting to grow back. Still an enjoyable round.
Played today 11/30. First time back since playing here in August when the greens were devastated by disease. I was hesitant to play because of the prior conditions, but I am glad to say that almost all the greens are 95% healed. There are areas that had patch repairs showing on the green. The greens were medium slow, looks like they were letting it grow out to recover. Fairways were in good condition but mushy due to rains. Rough was maybe 2". Overall glad to see course maintenance has been a top priority. Cart path only due to yesterday's rain but POP was just a little over 4 hours.
Played today 11/26 with a group outing. The conditions of the course varied. The course has been overseeded and new grass is starting to grow in areas where it was bare. The fairways were thin which made your ball roll further. Some areas of the course has been over watered causing standing water aka mud. Some of the traps were also muddy, which we played as GUR. The greens were nice but fast and at times hard to read. Still a good track to play.
Played today 11/5. It's been awhile since I played this course. It appears that the tee boxes have gone dormant as they are extremely thin or they are overseeding them.

The greens in very nice conditions, green and flat. They rolled fast. Overall good conditions. POP was a good 4 hours.
Played today 10/24 afternoon tee off. It has been over a year since I played this course. The conditions were good. The greens were nice and rolled fast. The fairways were decent and some areas are recovering from aeration. Some bare spots on the rough. Some Tee boxes showed recent aeration.

Some green side bunkers were hard compacted dirt and some had good sand. Once the rains come this course will be in great condition. Staff was friendly.

Only drawback for our round was a foursome that held up play to a POP of over 4.5 hours. Didn't see Marshall speak to the group to move them along. GPS in carts were also not working.
Played Thursday 10/18. It was a grueling POP of slightly over 5 hours. Other than that the course was in good condition. The greens were medium fast and recovered well from aeration.

The Players side was busy as they are aerating the Classic Course this week.
Played today after noon. Another grueling round over 5 hours. 2 groups before us with slow play throughout the front 9. The back 9, pace improved. It appears that one group quit after the front 9.

They are preparing to aerate next week so some of the tee boxes and fairways had already been tilled.

The greens rolled fast but were in good shape. The bunkers appeared to have been completed and contained fluffy sand. Staff always friendly.

Note driving range will be closed from next week to early November for reseeding.
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