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It's been awhile since we played Los Serranos. Glad to see that they reinstated senior rates without having to buy the Players Card. The course is in the best condition I have seen it in awhile. The fairways were nice and lush but moist. The greens appeared to have been mini aerated but it did nit affect the roll. Greens were also soft and held your shots. Only complaint was the sand traps as they consisted of compacted hard sand. POP was a little over 4.5 hours and we had to wait on 1st tee. Teed off 10 minutes behind schedule.
Played today for the first time at this course. The driving range is not that large so we had to wait for an empty stall. For a Muni course it is in good condition, from the fairways to the greens. The rough did have some bald spots. The greens were hard to read and ran slow-med even when putting downhill. Tip the greens break towards the ocean. There was one hole where 2 large branches had broken off a tree which unfortunately you had to play around.

The course does get windy so you have to club up or play with the direction of the wind as a factor. Staff was extremely friendly. POP was close to 4.5 hours
Played here yesterday using and Underpar certificate with free same day replay. It was our first time to ever play this course. It is an hour drive from the OC but close to a 2 hour drive back to the OC. Upon arrival you are greeted by very helpful and friendly staff. Your bags are tagged in placed in the carts according to your tee time. You are given a small sack of range balls to warm up. Range was grass but the range had a limited amount of bays and we had to wait for other golfers to finish their warm ups.

Course conditions are very good except for some of the greenside bunkers. Some of the sand were compacted and not fluffy and your club could not get under the ball. Greens were tricky to read some were lightning fast and some were slow. Fairways were lush and if hit your ball would continue to roll. It seems that you had to hit fairways away from the ocean or your ball rolled towards ocean side. Rough was a good height, enough that you can still see your ball but you still had to hit it hard to get out of it.

The best part of the course were the spectacular views. 1st round POP was slightly over 4 hours, 2nd round was 4 hours. If you do decide to eat lunch at the clubhouse expect to spend $30 for a sandwich, drink and tip per person. Would I play here again, maybe. I still prefer playing the high end courses in Palm Springs, more economically priced.
Played yesterday and conditions are the same as when i last reviewed it in April. The saving grace to this course are the greens. The were nicely maintained. There was no infestation of caterpillars this time. As before staff was great but again no cart person and it was a h
ot day.
It's been over a year since we played here. Played today with a late morning start time. Recent reviews complain of POP. Today it was busy but we finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. The course is in pretty nice conditions. The greens were the best I have seen it, rolled true med to fast. The fairways were nice and green. Rough were about 2 inches. Tee boxes did show some divot marks. Some wind but not unbearable. Staff was great and friendly.
Played here 5/29 on day 2 of Palm Springs trip. Another Underpar special with unlimited golf, however this course's last tee time for play Mon-Thur is 0930. We were informed that during the off season they now close early and the replay had to be played on the Pete Dye Course. We were bummed as this is the nicer course between the 2 due to all the water features. Knew something was up when we noticed that the water features were not running as usual.

Greens and fairways were excellent. Greens were slow and did not provide much break. Was told by the starter to pretty much aim it at the cup. Rest of course conditions were identical to the Pete Dye course.

As always staff is friendly and helpful. Only played 1 round at this course and 9 at the Pete Dye but stopped due to the increased heat.
Played here 5/28 on our 1st day of 2 days of golf in Palm Springs. Weather was nice with a high of 88 degrees with some wind. Played with Underpar special with unlimited golf. We were able to complete 36 holes. The course was in very good condition. Amazed how they can keep the fairways and greens so nice. The rough was showing some thinning due to heat. The sandtraps had sand but were compacted. A ball hit on the fairway did roll and the greens were fast but true.

Beautiful course and friendly staff. Driving range is irons only.
Played Monday the 13th. Started out running 10 minutes behind scheduled tee time as 1st tee was backed up. Had to wait for several hoiles until the back nine. I agree with the prior review as the fairways are entering into summer conditions as they were brown, thinning and hard. The greens were lightning fast and did not hold your shots. POP ended up being 4.5 hours.
Played early morning today. The rain yesterday did not affect the pace of play, expecting it to be cart path only but it was not. The course was green but some parts of the rough were around 2 inches or more causing you to take more time to find your ball. Lost 2 ball hit just slightly into the rough. The greens were the best I have seen it in months. Rolled med-fast and true. Landed in a couple of green side bunkers which did contain ample amount of sand.
POP was slightly over 4 hours.
Played today dreading the possibility of rain in the forecast. Fortunately the weather turned out to be great without a drop of rain. Been several months since we last visited this course.

The course is in very good condition. The fairways were drying out so your ball did run when it landed, failed to accommodate for this and some of my hits rolled out of bounds. Traps did contain decent sand, but was compacted down. The greens were soft and your shots held, but were hard to read as some were slow and some were medium fast.

Overall POP was close to 4 1/2 hours.
Played early today. Started 20 minutes past tee time due to a golf outing that appeared to have started in the back 9 and and the starter had to delay players on the 1st tee. Disappointed about the disorganized start. Thought the delay would ease after the front 9 but the outing continued to play in the back 9. ??????.

The course is in very green conditions. Greens were still slightly bumpy from aeration. Some sandtraps were hard packed and you really had to hit down to get ball out of trap. Still was able to enjoy the round.
Played today with a group of friends. The course was in very nice conditions from the rough, fairways and greens. One of my favorite courses. Fairways were nice and green, did roll when hit on the fairway giving you added distance. Greens are fully recovered from aeration. They rolled true but fast.
Unfortunately we had to deal with some windy conditions. POP was slightly over 4 hours as they were really busy.

Staff always great as usual.
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