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Played today and agree with the prior review. I did enter some of the fairway bunkers, they did contain decent sand and I was able to get out of them fairly easy. The only difference between last review and mine was that the greens were lightly sanded and did affect the balls speed a little. Greens should be in top condition in about 2 weeks once the sand settles. POP was slightly over 4 hours.
WARNING: I would like to mirror the prior reviewers comments about the course conditions. The greens were just aerated and sanded. NO mention of this when we booked our tee times last friday on the website. NO mention when we checked in at the pro desk and NO mention of it by the Starter.

You would think they would have said something or offered a discount rate. NO THEY CHARGED FULL PRICE.. SHAME.

I would not play this course for at least 2 weeks and hopefully you read this prior to playing this week.
Played a best ball tournament yesterday 2/17 . It has been awhile since we have played Los Serranos due to their new pricing structure. The greens are the best I have seen it in awhile. Greens were green rolled tru med/fast and not that much divot damage. The fairways were green and if your ball landed on it they continued to roll. No standing water or muddy spots like the last time we played here.
Played this morning and noticed that the course was extremely busy arriving 1 hour before our tee time. I think it was due to the great weather, started out cold but warmed up as the day went by. The best part of the course were the greens and the sand traps. Greens rolled true but were fast. Green side sand traps had a good amount of fluffy sand. I unfortunately landed in several of them. Fairways and roughs were okay as there were some thin spots.

The only complaint I have is that they do not allow you pay and check in until 10-15 minutes before your tee time. Went to check in 15 minute before tee time and it was crowded inside didn't get to pay until almost 5 minutes before tee time. A 5some tried to sneak in before us saying their tee time was before us, but luckily the starter was wise to their game and put them back in their respective tee time. POP 4 1/2 hours.

They have a map of what the new course will look like after the remodel to an 18 hole. Looks like most of the Classic Course will be retained with some of the Players Course holes. If it's busy now I would hate to see what happens when it goes down to 18 holes.
Late Review. Played last week Friday 12/27. First sunny day for that week, however it was cart path only. The course was wet and some areas had standing water especially some of the bunkers due to several days of solid rain. POP 5 hours due to CPO.

Greens 9/10 best I've seen in the last year
Fairways 7/10 just due to rain and standing water
Bunkers 3/10 standing water and sand being heavily compacted
Tees 7/10 Soggy due to rain
Course should be in very good condition as soon as it dries out and the traps are tilled. As usual staff is very friendly, a cart person was also present.
Played today and what a disappointment. Half the course is shut down due to the construction in the area near the bridge leading to hole #3. So you play hole 1-2 then 12-18 and repeat. They did offer a discounted rate for the inconvenience, however the discount was not worth the conditions on the course. I figure it will be his way for at least several more weeks or at least a month.

First there is no starter to control the confusion on the first tee from players starting and the players coming from finishing he 1st nine holes. Many frustrated players playing through other groups, which happened to us when a 2 some jumped in on the 13th hole.

The greens are the only saving grace to this course, however they were still bumpy. Don't think its returning until the full course re-opens
Played here on 12/5/19. Conditions is exactly like the previous review. It was still cart path only as it rained the night before. We paid $60 for Creek Card Senior and the group behind us was charged $55 since they waited to book later. Hate their dynamic pricing.

The course has not been mowed and per staff, greenskeeper was waiting for the course to dry up a bit. Rough was brutal as your ball will get lost in the rough if you did not see exactly where it landed. Lost several balls that day, and slowed down pace of play looking.

Greens were nice as they rolled true at a med-fast pace. I may return in couple of week when they decide to trim the fairways and rough.
This is one of my favorite courses, but can only play it a couple of times a year due to it not being financially friendly . We decided it was time to play this course as we saw the last review since the course was aerated. The greens still had some top sand and a few had aeration holes still visible. It appears that they are letting the greens grow out a little as they were slow. Hit a high shot to the green and your ball would stay where it landed.

Rest of the course was in very good condition. If you hit the fairways expect your ball to roll. Traps contained good sand. Staff is friendly as always.
Played today after reading last review, I was expecting the same conditions. Unfortunately it wasn't that great. We also started 20 minutes behind our start time as several groups were already waiting on the 1st tee past our assigned time. POP was close to 5 hours.

Greens 13, 14, 15 were recently punched and still had visible holes and sand on the greens.

Hole 16 a Par 3 the area surrounding it was over saturated and hitting your ball short it sunk into the fairway, you could barely walk on it as you sank into the turf.

Majority of the bunkers had no sand and had standing water in it.

The other parts of the course were good. Starter was friendly and funny.
Played today with our weekly foursome. The course in good condition. The course is being overly watered to fight it from drying up. The fairways did start to dry up midday and your ball did roll if you landed on it. The greens have recovered from being aerated approximately 4 weeks ago. The greens were rolling slow as they are still a little shaggy. Great staff. They do need to change the range balls as they are torn up. Still one of the best track to play especially the 18th hole. POP was slightly over 4 hours.
We had the opportunity to play El Niguel during a tournament. The course is in good condition. Layout has some tight fairways. Front nine hits must be to the left as balls will trickle back to the right and towards the creek. Course knowledge is a must as there are a couple holes where water hazards are hidden. Overall great experience. Staff was friendly. Small practice area.
Played today with an early morning tee time. The greens have recovered well from aeration approximately 1 month ago. They were running slow and held shots as they were soft. The 18th green has some GUR on the fringe. Hole #3 tee box was under repair so it was temporarily converted to a PAR3. Overall course is good condition. The wind did not come into play until around 11am when we reached the 8th hole, windy but not overpowering. As usual staff was friendly. The course does not have a refreshment cart or drinking water on the course, so make sure you pack up at the snack bar at the 1st tee or the turn. POP 4 hours.
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