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Played on 2/15/2020 with some good weather, sunny and a light breeze. Course is in good winter conditions for So Cal. Fairways are dormant, but not too thin, mostly good lies out there, easy to catch it clean and judge the spin. Rough is minimal, course plays like a links course for the most part. Greens are in good shape, I'd say above average for the normal play out here, mainly smooth and true with some bumps here or there. Medium speeds. Bunker sand looked good for the most part, usually is hit or miss out here with the bunkers. A little pricey but a fun layout with no houses on the course always brings me back.
Played in some STRONG wind yesterday which blew alot of debris from the trees all over the greens making it tough to putt, but other than that (obviously the course has no control over the wind), the course was in fantastic shape. They have the fairways mown nicely and theyre firming up getting alot of roll out off the tee. Rough is beautiful dark green and borders the fairways nicely absolutely perfect. Bunkers have wonderful sand in them. Greens were rolling and look as good as I've seen them out here, seems like a fairly recent verticut but didnt affect roll. Only complaint is alot of tee boxes are chewed up with divots, not as prisitine as the rest of the course is. Love the layout and am excited to come back out and play in the next few weeks once some of the debris caused by the wind gets cleared away.
Played this morning 12/28/2019. Weather was ideal for golfing, 55-60 and no wind, really nice out today. Course is in great shape. Tee boxes, fairways and rough are all over-seeded and look great. Ball doesn't sit up perfect in the fairways, not quite as full and thick coverage as some courses but still nice. Rough is looking really good, thick and full. Greens looked great and rolled smooth, not super quick though, probably could get them rolling a little faster. Bunkers have nice sand but found many of them un-raked. Really not much to complain about the conditions, more just nit-picking. If you're a fan of this course and don't mind the drive it's definitely the time to go play it.
WOW. Played here on 12/22/2019 at 9am. This course is off the beaten track a little bit but so worth it, don't let that deter you from coming out here at all. This place should be a bucket list course for anybody in the Southwest. I had heard good things about the course but was really blown away by how good this place was, specifically the front 9. The first 9 holes is one of the best nine hole stretches I've played anywhere, really. Greens were lightning fast, there were some ball marks on certain holes that people aren't repairing well but greens were pure otherwise. Fairways and rough are as good as it gets anywhere. Greenside bunkers were nice with some good fluffy sand. My only complaint were the fairway bunkers needed some work, plenty of rocks in them, crusty and not much sand. Paid 135 to play which is definitely on the high end for me and man I would pay it again in a second. Comparing this like something to troon north in the area for me personally wasn't very close, I'd play here everytime, and I LIKE Troon north. Highest of recommendations to check this place out.
Played in an SCGA tournament out here a week ago, was my first time down at this course and I had heard good things. The course layout is old school and honestly not too memorable for me, they have some good par 3s and all the holes around the clubhouse are nice (1,9,10,18). Condition-wise the tee boxes out there are immaculate as are the greens. The bunkers have fantastic sand and are consistent throughout the course, they have extremely steep faces that turn abruptly into flat bottoms without much gradual slop so you usually find yourself with no uphill lie and a difficult spot to get over a near vertical face. The fairways and rough were a little wet from all the recent rain and had some muddy spots and some bare spots, not too different than you would see at most courses. If you have a chance to play down here I definitely would check it out mainly because of the green complexes but I wouldn't waste the entire bankroll on it.
Played out here this morning at 745am. Course is pretty wet in the mornings, was cart path only on probably 6-7 holes which obviously slowed down POP although still got around in about 4.5 hours. Course layout is quirky and tight and doglegged. Definitely a course that is all about ball placement off of the tee, once out of position tough to get back. Course conditions were very nice highlighted by near perfect greens. Fairways were a little long in spots and the ball doesn’t sit up great but they looked nice. Rough was pretty tough in the morning with the wetness out there. Bunkers were all great from what I saw and the one I was in. Price was only 50 bucks which I thought was a good deal for the conditions. Not my favorite layout but definitely makes you hit a variety of shots off the tee.
Course is entering standard winter conditions. The fairways are dormant getting firm and fast but not hardpan, looks like they've done the standard green spray painting in areas. Tee boxes and areas around the boxes have been overseeded and looked and played very nicely. There was some overseeding done around the greens with some nice rough in areas. The bunkers have tons of rocks in them and are inconsistent throughout the course. Greens were rolling a nice speed, pretty quick but very untrue and bumpy, looks like there are still some signs of recovery from aeration but maybe just rolling the greens in the morning would take care of it. Pretty average conditions out there, just about what I was expecting going in, not bad and an enjoyable golf day. Course always plays much shorter than yardage on the card but the par 3s always impress me out here.
Played this weekend and course is coming back great from recent aeration of the greens. Conditions are getting firm and fast out there, seeing alot of roll out off the tee. Bunkers are probably the low point of the course, inconsistent sand and some pebbles in here and there but not horrible. Tee boxes and fairways are nice. Definitely recommend right now if youre a fan of this course, best the greens have been in a long time, probably even better in two weeks from now.
Drove up from Orange County yesterday to play, took a little over an hour to get there and same coming back. I hadn't played here in a few years and was excited to come back for the views and course conditions. Starting with the customer service that you would expect at a course for this price I was pretty disappointed. It doesn't take much to keep me happy from a check in point of view but customer service was rough. Next the layout, tee boxes and scorecard do not match up. We were looking for a challenge and tipped it out to find that multiple tee boxes that used to be there are not there and the scorecard needs updating. The course layout and flow really doesn't make much sense and the cart path routing is really poor. There is hardly a hole where you don't park your cart and walk back up a hill 50-100 yards to get to the back tees. There are par 5s that should be par 4s and par 4s that should be par 5s, really no rhyme or reason to the way they have this course playing, from the tips at least. As far as conditioning of the course goes, it was about what you'd expect. Very nice greens, quick with alot of undulation. Fairways, tee boxes, and rough were in good shape. Bunkers were a little hit or miss, not quite what I'd expect from a course in this price range but not horrible. Got on for 100 dollars which I feel is a pretty fair price. I wouldn't come back and pay over 150 mainly for my dislike of the layout and distance to get to the course from OC, but it was fun to see the views and putt on some nice greens.
Played out here on Sunday 9/8 for the first time in a few months. The course is in great shape in regards to the tee boxes, fairways and rough. The bunkers are okay, some have nice sand but almost all of them have large rocks in them. The greens look healthier than I've seen them in a while, but mannnn are they slow. Proshop states they mow them and roll them Saturday morning and then Sunday they dont mow them.... they only roll them. Rate is over 100 dollars, come on. If they mowed the greens, the course would be worth that fee, but as they were, slowest greens in Orange County. Not sure why this course can't figure out their greens, never seems to change. If you don't mind slow greens then go for it, if you do I'd call and find out if they are mowing that day.
First time out at Bear Creek today. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming out, but really enjoyed the course. I’m not a big fan of Jacks designs, but I would say this one was one of my favorites I’ve played. The course is fair, with plenty of tough holes but some birdie holes as well. The greens were amazing. Extremely smooth and fast yet held shots very well. Fairways were great, rough was good but not too penal. Bunkers around the greens had nice sand. Played in under 3 hours which is always a bonus. From a conditioning stand point there really is nothing to complain about. Good driving range, putting green and short game area.
A little late on this review, but played here on 7/24/2019. Course was in fantastic shape following a recent US amateur qualifier. The greens were in near perfect shape, fast and smooth. Fairways were full and ball sat up great. Bunkers had great sand in them. Really love the challenge of the layout here, they have some brutal par 3s. Would love to come back out soon.
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