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Played on Tues 7/17 as a guest. I will repost sngernz review of course conditions
Reviewed by:   sngernz, Redondo Beach
Played the Ike with the clubies this Sat. AM and got around in 4:45 which is a great tourney pace. Sad to report the summer doldrums have taken over on the Hill, at least on the Ike. Overseed Rye is gone and the heat has taken it's toll so there's lots of bare areas and it really looks hideous. We played it
Played Tues 8/26 8:45 tee time. Had breakfast there, good food, great service, decently priced. Been going there for years so the waitress knows and is friendly and courteous to everyone.

The Course - tee boxes in OK shape, par 3s take a beating. Fairways were nice, good roll, some brown and thin spots but otherwise good condition for a course that gets a lot of play. Rough was long and difficult to get out of so punch shot to get back into play for me. Bunkers had nice sand, greens were recently sanded so they played a bit quick, but were in nice shape with only a few ball marks. Had a slow 5some in front of us POP was 4hr 45min.
Played Tues 4/17 9:30 tee time, last group of the Seniors Men's club, 2 members and I as a guest. Course was in great shape.

Tee boxes fairly level, a couple divots here and there, the fairways were lush, like carpets, with an occasional un-sanded divot from earlier groups, greens were lush and quick. The rough was not easy to get out of so I hit irons to get back in play. Bunkers were disappointing, hard pan with little sand.

Customer Service as always was outstanding. Can't beat the ambiance of the course, and the views.
Our Golf club Played Saturday 4/7 with a 7AM tee time for 1st Group (My 4some)

The course was in good condition, fairways have greened in, encountered many un-sanded divots from previous groups. Rough was punishing, 2-3 inches high, damp, and grabbed the club or hit grass between ball and club face making for a tough out. Bunkers were firm with damp sand/dirt mix, some un-raked footprints. Greens were fluffy and med fast to slow, had not been cut/rolled, bumpy, many ball marks, but not much sign of aeration marks. All in all a good outing, but could have been more enjoyable. It still :Rocks"

Customer service was excellent as usual, waitress hustled our breakfast since we only had a half hour to tee time, made it to go. Waitress at 19th hole was friendly, and attentive.
Played 4/3 7:45 t44 time. Course was in very nice shape tee to green,
Tee boxes were fairly level with a divot here and there, the fairways have filled in, and had nice roll out, rough was high with some lumpy areas, bunkers had decent sand which was damp in the early hours and dried up on the back nine.

The greens were lush, receptive to high shots, but did not have much bite. Too many ball marks, had to fix at least 3 on each hole. POP was a decent 3 3/4 hr. Customer service was good, beer was cold, sampler plate was a bargain. Downside - no breakfast until 8am, but snack shop had breakfast sandwiches, eggs ham cheese which were OK.
Played Tues 3/13, 7:28 tee time
First shot off the tee at about 7:40, two slow groups ahead of us. Customer service good as usual, grill was being renovated with new carpeting, good breakfast sandwich, and great service.

The course was in good condition, still some dormancy, fairways are starting to green up but has some thing spots, same with the rough. The bunkers were hard, with little sand, the greens were lush, and quick, specially down hill. POP was OK at about 4 hrs 40 min.

FYI good GPS, also carts have USB port, if you need one.
Played today, 3/4, 9AM tee time
Course was in OK condition, fairways are starting to green up, still dormant with some thing spots, but playable. Tee boxes were fairly level with a few divots, no rough, greens were lush, firm, and fast. bunkers were firm with little sand.

All in all a decent play to work on short game and putting. Decent green fees for a weekend. POP was 3 hrs.
Played Saturday 12/2 - Last Men's club tourney for the year.
Customer service was very good, got us out on time for an 8am shotgun, marshals circulated around to keep everyone moving, 2 tourneys going on.

The course was is very nice shape, tee boxes were green with few divots, fairways were green with some dormant areas but rolled decent, the rough was about 2-3 inches and the ball tended to settle in and hard to find. Hard to get out of since it would grab the club head. Greens were nice and lush, rolled on the slow side, maybe around 9-9.5, bunkers were mostly dirt.

Green fee included breakfast buffet, and lunch buffet. The carts have 2 USB ports, wish I had known I would have brought my charging cable.
Played early Tues 11/28 - Customers service was good, got out on time, friendly old timer at the starter post, Santa Claus beard, appropriate for the season.

The course - Tee boxes were OK not too many divots, fairways were green and brown as the grass is going dormant, and I'm sure the cold nights don't help. Got some long rolls on drives, fairway shots were off thin brown spots. As mentioned before the greenside bunkers were a couple inches of sand and hard underneath. Greens were fast and smooth.
Played here on Tues 10/17. The crews were out mowing, and spreading fertilizer. The fairways and rough are getting dormant, beginning to show brown areas, but playable and maintained. The tees were fairly level, not many divots. The fairways rolled well. The greens rolled well, some ball marks, and at times bumpy. The rough was fairly short, but tended to grab the club (for me that is). The bunkers had good quality sand in them. The course is always challenging to play.
Late post
Played Tues 10/10 as a guest of Men's Tuesday Club
Customer Service is always great, the desk guys are friendly, and courteous. Special Shout Out to Arturo at Red. Always stop at the 19th for beers and nachos, Arturo is efficient, professional, courteous, and friendly.

The Course - Tee boxes were fairly flat with some brown but very playable The fairways were smooth, with lot of run, also had some brown, The rough was about 2-3 inches playable but could grab your club. bunkers were sandy but a bit thin on ones I got into. The greens were in great shape, on the quick side with only a few ball marks.
Second round for our Men's club Weekender.
Shotgun start at 9AM, Customer Service was excellent, all the staff made sure we would have an enjoyable time.

The Course - Almost totally healed from previous aeration, looks like they did blade cutting of tee boxes, and certain areas of the fairways.
Tee boxes were fairly level with very few divots, The fairways has the usual few brown spots for Desert courses, ball rolled well. Rough was cut short but hard to come out of. Bunkers were like at Mojave course, packed dirt and pebbles. The greens were visually nice and green, we were informed that they had been cut and rolled early that morning. They were very quick, 10.5/11 stimp, but ran true with some unexpected breaks for us playing it for 1st time in 4 yrs.

As part of our package they set us up with a private area near the practice green and range and added a deli meat buffet with salads, and pastries. Great time, great round for me, and another fun Tourney.
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