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Rode the Black Tees (73.8-142-7012) late morning this morning 2-27-2017 at 11:44am for a GK Guru round joined by JohnnyGK and Jerinthebox. Fun day on a colder damp late morning with not much wind. Our POP taking our time was a little over 4 hours. Took advantage of Moorpark's nice chipping and putting greens before the round which were fantastic.

This is the 3rd time that I have played Moorpark in the last couple of months. Right now the course is super lush, in great shape and draining fairly well from the recent rains.

The rough was rated an 8.5-10 for me. Very healthy in places 2-3 inches green rough surrounding mostly all fairway and green complexes.

The greens had a minor topdressing that did not effect the line or speed of putts. Putts were pure and the greens were very soft holding like darts--to give you an example on the par 4 5th hole on Creekside I launched a drive from the top of the hill that landed on the back of the green on the fly and maybe moved 1 foot from its divot. The greens are usually always the highlight here and they did not disappoint today. Rated 8.5-10

The fairways were super lush, really greening up from the rains and with the cold air and lush conditions played long. Would call them perfect sponge fairways. With no rain in the forecast for the next couple weeks they should only get better and better. Rated 8.5-10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers and 1 fairway bunker that were raked and a pleasure to hit out of. Rated 8-10

The tees were very lush and level. In good shape cut beautifully. Rated 8.5-10

The layout on Creekside-Ridgeline is tough and you have to keep the ball in play to score well here. Most average-good drives on most courses might not be in play here. I love the challenge here and the conditions are awesome. Thanks to JohnnyGK for the invite and thanks to Moorpark CC for having us out!
Was invited out this afternoon 2-25-17 by my buddy Pedro's friend who works at Tierra Rejada. He got Pedro, my buddy Matt and I out for $25.00 at 1:44pm riding. We got 17 holes in riding the blues before dark on a very cold and breezy afternoon. We had a great time. The course really held the rains and water great. This is the nicest that I have seen Tierra Rejada this early in the year. I drive by this course daily and you can tell just by driving by that the rains have really helped make the rough and fairways lush.

The fairways were semi to very lush--some great lies in the fairways. Rated 8-10

The tees were lush, mostly level with only divot damage on the par 3's. Rated 8-10

The greens held irons nicely and were soft on approach. Some poa is creeping into these greens. I thought they putted slower than normal but were in good shape. Rated 7.5-10.

Was in one greenside bunker that contained soft thick sand and was raked beautifully. Very easy to hit out of.

Some of the rough on the back bordering holes is very long and thick and balls can sit down. We could not find 2 balls that each of my buddies hit between 13-15 hills and 12-16 hills. Overall the rough is thicker and in beautiful shape. Rated 7-10.

The more I play here the more I enjoy it. It would not be my first choice in the area but its a must play on birthday rounds and rounds that you can land a deal on--especially in its nice current shape.
Walked my home course from the Blues (71.6-128-6628) yesterday 2/21/2017 with my buddy Matt(Barkydog1). 1st twilight group off paying $22.00 their standard twilight rate during the week-total POP 4 hours. Very nice staff let us off a couple minutes early. Ever wanted to play golf so bad even though you knew it was going to rain?--well that's what we did. Front nine we had just enough golf grip for the first 7 holes--hole 8 was dicey and hole 9 was hilarious--felt like the Bishop in Caddyshack. After a beer at the turn and a hopeful 30 minute wait out period we were the only ones other than a walking 2some a couple holes behind us to play the back nine in a light rain.

The last reviewer was spot on--looking at the rough just behind the first green's fringe it looked like the Masters. There are several areas just around the green complexes where the rough is rated a 9/10--green and lush and beautiful. Rough along many of the fairways could be rated a 9/10 in spots and a 5/10 with clumpy dirt spots in others.

The fringes are in good shape but are softer than normal and won't produce the normal kick forward onto the greens. Rated 7.5/10 and in good shape.

The greens are in very good shape. Been playing here since the day it opened and these are for sure softer than normal but still putt semi-quick and are in very good shape. Fixed a couple extra ballmarks. Rated 8/10

The tees are in very nice shape. Mostly all level and very nice and lush. The course is doing a great job. Rated 8/10

In this golfer's opinion the fairways here still need a lot of loving. They are dry, hardpan in areas, muddy in areas and contain multiple kind of grasses. I agree that with some more water/rain and some maintenance maybe they will perk up into great shape come spring. This is a spring/early summer type of fairway course. Look out for this course once the grass grows in--it will be off the hook nice. Rated 5/10

The layout here always has me shaking my head--Yes the fairways are 60yds wide but the fun stops right there--you need length on the par 4's on the back, terrific touch around the greens and have to be hitting your irons to the correct distances or you will be 3 putting here all day. I love the layout--thanks Gil Hanse and Rustic for another memorable round despite the rain yesterday.
Rode the black tees (73.0-130-6818) today 2-13-2017 with my buddy RGM2525. CPO today due to the rains. POP was 4 hours 10 minutes waiting for most of the day on a couple slower groups in front of us. Paid $20.49 on an EZlink promo special. Had not been out here for a couple of months. The course is still very wet and soggy in most spots but playable. The most soggy spots on most holes are the low draining areas and some areas just prior to some green complexes.

Fairways 6.5-10--Rated this way not due to lack of grass but more the grass is very wet, muddy and spongy in most spots due to the rain. With all of this rain I can actually see this course come spring or early summer maybe as lush and great as it has ever been.

Tees 7-10 Good shape, level, semi-lush teeing grounds--they are sanding the black tee on #16 so watch your footing on that box.

Greens 7-10 Thought the greens rolled fairly true. Most all greens were super receptive on iron approaches. Fixed a couple extra ballmarks per green. Very soft.

Bunkers--Was only in #9 fairway bunker on our last extra hole--it was raked and in good shape. Walking by all the bunkers they looked to be raked with soft sand and in good shape. I did not see any standing water in any bunkers.

Rough 7-10-- Lush green rough lining the fairways in good shape.

The lakes on 11-12, 13-16 are almost full of water which puts a little more bite to this course on tee shots on the back nine. Recommend maybe waiting a little while for this course to drain some--while playable it is quite wet at current time.
Rode the blues this afternoon 1-30-2017 on my home course (71.6-128-6628) with my buddies Steve, Mack and Mack's buddy Brian on a beautiful low 70's day with just a slight 5-10mph breeze at times. POP was 4 hours 45 minutes taking our time waiting on some holes for the 3 some in front of us. We paid $32.00 each which is their riding twilight rate Monday thru Thursday.

The recent rain storms really did not lush or green up the fairways. They have a little more padding to them but would still call them thinner dormant grass, You get a ton of roll out here at present time. The course just plain needs more water. Rated 5-10

The rough was green, lush and thick around some of the green complexes. Lining the fairways it is thin, clumpy at times or just hardpan. Rated 4-10

The greens are in very good shape. Warning they are very firm and hard and at present time. If you are not spinning the ball or have a high trajectory the greens can be hard to hold. You need to play accordingly by landing irons with spin in front of the pins. I thought the greens rolled pure and true. I have seen them actually quicker than today but rolling very nicely. Very few ball marks. Rated an 8-10

The tees are level, lush and in good shape. Rated 8-10

Was in greenside bunker on 3 and 18 contained just enough sand, more compact but easy to splash out of. Really have to loft the SW prior to contact with these bunkers. Rated 6-10.

Very friendly staff, good twilight prices--if you can stand semi-hardpan links golf fairways and like nice challenging greens this is your place.
Rode the Blacks today 1/17/17 playing the Ridgeline/Canyon Crest Combo 73.0/138/7012 and then playing the Creekside 9 afterwards on a beautiful day with a slight breeze 10mph at most finishing all 3 nines in a little under 5 hours. Used the last of the Santa xmas gift card. Their twilight rate starts at 12 noon and is $62.00 at this time of year.

The fairways were even better today then 2 weeks ago when I played here. The recent rains have greened them up and padded them up some even more. They are in great shape! Rated a solid 8/10. There were some wet muddy spots near some of the entrances on some greens but nothing too bad. Overall looks like this course at current time has drained well from previous rains. We have another storm coming so I can only see the fairways, rough and tees even becoming greener and lusher.

The rough is super green, healthy and semi-long up to 2-3 inches lining most fairways. Rated 9/10.

The greens are bentgrass and are just a joy to putt. Smooth, very soft like darts on iron approaches and chips. Hardly any bumps on putts. Fixed a few extra ballmarks per hole. Rated 8.5/10--I thought close but the highlight of the course.

The tees are in great shape as well. Level, lush, green and in good shape. Just minor divot damage on the par 3's. Rated 8.5/10.

Was in two greenside bunkers that always look firm but contained a great amount of sand to not have the club bounce. Rated 8/10. All the bunkers I saw were raked beautifully and had an ample amount of rakes. Just walking by several bunkers today I noticed that many bunkers here are huge in size and there are an ample amount of bunkers at Moorpark on all 27 holes.

The practice range is huge, putting green is huge and they have great restaurant facilities. My wife's work had a Sunday Xmas party here last month and their Sunday morning buffet is off the hook good.

I have a soft spot for this course--I got married here--its only 10 minutes from home. The layout is strong, fun and breathtaking all at the same time. You feel like a member of a private club when you play here. Both par 5's are strong on Ridgeline and there are 3-4 holes on Creekside that will test the best of players. Keep it straight here. I highly recommend Moorpark CC as a stop for all golfers.
Rode the Blacks (73.8/136/7012) today 1/3/2017 playing the Creekside/Canyon Crest Combo and then playing the Ridgeline 9. Very nice staff and starter today let me go before my scheduled tee time which I had at 12 noon. Used a gift card from Santa but at that time its $62.00 for twilight. POP for the first 18 holes was 3 hrs and the last 9 holes took about 2 hrs behind a couple groups. Weather was epic 58 degrees for a high with no wind.

Had not played here in over 2 years--too long to let that happen again.

Greens were the highlight of the course. I could putt these greens everyday and twice on Sunday. Pure, no bounces, soft on iron approaches, hardly any ballmarks. Probably rolling a 10 on the stimp. Probably my favorite greens in the County. Rated 8.5/10

Fairways were nicely padded brown dormant grass. Never had a bad lie in any fairway. They have a great looking contrast to the super lush green rough. They were not summer good but excellent considering the time of year. Rated 7/10

Rough was beautiful, green and semi-lush 2-3 inches in spots. Rated 8/10

Tees were beautiful, lush, level and had some minimal damage on par 3's only. Rated 8/10.

Was only in 1 greenside bunker that was perfectly raked and contained soft sand. Rated 8/10.

I love the layout at Moorpark--Creekside, Canyon Crest Combo a blast to play. This is one of the best courses in the greater Los Angeles/Ventura county area--highly recommended.
Rode the Oak tees this afternoon 12/28/2016 with RGM2525 in about 4 hrs 10 min riding through several groups on the back nine on a very busy beautiful mid 70's day with no wind. We actually met up at Moorpark CC and the winds were so bad 35-40mph that they were swaying the medal lights and street signs so we decided to trek up north to Ojai. We were joined by a nice twosome for the front nine and we played the back nine by ourselves.

Not much has changed since I played here 8 days ago.

Greens are the highlight of the course--they are rolling around a 9 on the stimp, putting fairly pure with minimal bounces--saw more divots I fixed today than last week. Greens showing some signs of soft spike marks. Rating 7/10

Tees all level--some divot damage on the 3 par's but not to bad. Semi-lush tee boxes. Rated 6.5/10.

Was in one fairway bunker that contained nice compact raked sand easy to hit out of.

Fairways are basically either thin packed dormant grass, some mud areas and some dirt areas. Need a lot of H20. Rated 3.5/10

Rough is dry, thin and not in very good shape. Rated 3.5/10.

I really like the layout and weather--currently you can get some great GN online prices--but if you can't land a good deal online I might wait for spring to play Soule.
Where does one go to avoid the wind? Ojai. Rode the Oak Tees earlier today 12/20/16 in 3 hrs 50 minutes on a GN Hot Deal Time with a $10.00 off promo code. Ended up paying only $3.49--that's my type of golf! Weather was postcard 71 degrees with no wind. Let out way earlier than my tee time by the nice staff. Waited some on back nine behind a skins game that had 6 players in a group holding up groups? Anyway.

Greens were in great shape! Rolling probably a 9.5 on the stimp, holding irons like darts. Putting pure--fixed an extra couple ballmarks--highlight of the course. Rated a 8/10.

Tees were in good shape--lush teeing grounds, mostly all level--some problem areas with divots but not to bad--rated 7/10.

Was in one bunker that contained brownish softer sand that was easy to splash out of. Rated 7/10.

The fairways are very poor, thin and dry. They just plain need water. Rated 4/10.

The rough is very thin, clumpy at times and very dry. Rated 4/10.

Love the layout here and with a $3.49 round with no wind it was a no brainer even knowing going in that the fairways and rough was going to be dry.
Walked the blues with my buddy Mack yesterday 12/17/16 on a cold high 50's tee off start a little earlier than our scheduled 12:03pm tee time. We paid $36.00 which is their standard twilight time which starts at 12pm. The course was pretty empty considering the colder weather and a nice brisk maybe 10mph breeze at times. Our POP was only 3 hours 25 minutes walking waiting a little on the back nine.

The greens are in very good shape. Soft on high irons and shots with spin while running firm on all other shots. Putting semi-decently with fairly pure surfaces. Not to many ballmarks today but could see evidence of some softer footprints on some common pin placement areas. Overall would rate the greens a 8/10.

The fairways have pretty much gone dormant brown and even with the colder air produced some roll out and long drives. You still get a decent lie at present time on the fairways. These fairways always start to perk up and get better in the spring. Overall rating on the fairways 6/10.

Most tees were lush, fairly level and in good shape. Some tees could use some more sand mix on the par 3's. Overall rating the tees 7/10.

Was in one greenside bunker on #18 that was firmer than normal due to the overnight rains the day(s) prior.

The greenside rough and the rough lining the fairways was lush in spots up to 2 inches and depending on where you were could be more thin or more lush than usual.

Great staff, great practice areas, great back nine and great prices--especially if you can snag a online time. This is my buddy Mack's home course--we had a great time!
Rode the black tees this morning 12/5/2016 on an EZlink promo$10.00 off special for $19.99 at 11:07am. Played through a 4some on #3 and a 5some on #5 tee--waited behind a 2 some on 8 tee on for a total POP of 3 hrs 25 min. Nice starter let me out 30 minutes early. Weather was low 60's with a very slight maybe 5mph breeze at times. Nice golf weather.

This remains one of my favorite layouts in the County. VERY long from the blacks, challenging, elevated tees to let the driver rip, some nice long par 3's and several lakes and OB that will keep a player honest.

These greens were the quickest and probably some of the better greens I have putted on this year! Listed as a 12 on the starter shack they were at least that on level and downhillers. I just rated them a 9/10. They were quick, firm, very little ballmarks and putting smooth. If you were above the pin it was tap it time. They are doing a great job with the green complexes. For sure highlight of the course.

The fairways are becoming thinner since my last visit here. Looks like they are spraying some green spray to keep them better looking. I thought at present time there was just enough padding for your irons. You get a ton of rollout on these fairways--hit a bullet on 16 and it rolled 10 yds past the 100 yd marker to give you an idea. Overall rating 7/10 for the fairways.

The tees are mostly all level--in decent shape. The black tee on #10 has some sand on it and maybe could use more sod but overall the tees were rated an 8/10.

Was in 2 greenside bunkers that contained enough sand to splash out of and both traps were raked nicely. Would not want the sand to be any firmer. Rated 7/10.

The rough lining some of the fairways is thick and varies from deep thin wispy stuff, to lush rough to some minor bare areas. Rough was mostly lush though and in good shape. Rated 7/10.

Recommended for sure.
Out for an annual black Friday golf round at Olivas this afternoon 11/25/16. There were 5 of us golfers(Rtucker, his son, Pedro7170, myself and Barkydog1) so we had to split tee times and I rode the blue tees on an EZlink special with a $10.00 off November promo code for $18.99. Very nice starter got my buddy Matt(Barkydog1) and I off 30 minutes early just after 12 noon and we finished 18 holes just before dark with a very slow POP of 5 hours which is to be expected on one of if not the busiest golf days of the year. We had a 7-10 mph wind this afternoon that died somewhat on the back nine as the sun went down. I know I always say this but Olivas has some of the nicest pro-shop staff around. Michelle went out of her way as the only one at the counter at check-in with the phones ringing, a long wait in the shop and people complaining to greet us with a smile and exhibit great customer service. Their practice facility is awesome as well.

I was impressed with the greens. Have not played here for 2 months. They were quicker than usual--with not as many ballmarks present and in good shape. Very soft on iron approaches. Not perfect shape but well above average. Rated 7.5/10.

The fairways were not as lush today as they were 2-3 months ago but are still in great shape for a muni in almost December. Mostly semi-lush conditions with a few hardpan areas here and there--never a bad lie--lots of roll on drives. Rated 8/10.

The bunkers were all raked and in good shape. Was in 2 fairway bunkers today that were a pleasure to hit from. Rated 8/10

The rough around the fairways was lush 2 inches, green and in really nice shape. Rated 8/10.

The tees were lush, some were un-level and some had some par 3 divot damage. Overall they were in good shape. Rated 7/10

Most of the mowed down huge aprons were softer and in very good shape.

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