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Out again at Soule Park this morning 10/16/2017 teeing off at 9:52am just in front of a HS girls CIF playoff. Rode the Orange Tees with my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki and Brian. It was so hot today with temps ending our round around 100 degrees that we lost a player after 9 holes--one of the hotter mid October days that I can remember. POP was 4 hrs not having to wait on one shot.

Not much has changed condition wise since I played out here 9 days ago with buddies other then the greens were even rolling better today.

Greens very soft, receptive to irons with spin. Very little ballmarks to be fixed today. Would say maybe a 9-10 on the stimp. In very good shape. Rated 7.5/10--maybe closer to 8/10.

Fairways for the most part have full coverage with lush green grass--very few problem areas. Rated 7.5/10.

Bunkers contained some nice darker clay lake raked sand. Rated 7/10.

Some tees need leveling--number #5 comes to mind. For the most part lush very filled in nice teeing grounds. Rated 7/10.

Get off the fairways and the rough is a mixed bag of thin lies, dirt, lush grass or even some dirt areas between holes. Rated 6/10.

Their walking rates are a great deal--its gets hot out here so if you can pick a day where its not to hot this place is for sure recommended.
First time out here in 10 months walked the Oak Tees(72.8-128-6806) joined by my buddies Pedro and Matt yesterday afternoon 10/7/2017 teeing off at 2:30pm twilight finishing at 6:35pm for a POP of 4 hrs 5 minutes not waiting on one shot on a very hot October day with temps around 93 degrees at teeoff. Had a weird swirling wind for the first 7 holes or so that died down on the back nine. It was so beautiful today on the back nine--we saw a total of 2 groups and felt like we owned the course and had the place to ourselves. We paid their standard twilight walking weekend rate of $27.00.

Their is a new management company that took over from York management in June. I think you should check Soule out as this is the nicest that I have seen the course after a hot summer.

The fairways were surprisingly lush with most lies being very green and good with good coverage. Very few problem areas. Rating the fairways a solid 7.5/10.

The greens were in pretty nice shape. No bounces rolling very true. I thought based on the way they looked that they were going to be really fast but they rolled around medium speed. I fixed a couple extra ballmarks per hole. Tournament players that went out in the morning in front of us must not wanted to bend down and take the time to fix their ballmarks. Greens rated a 7/10.

The tees were lush but a couple of them need leveling here. Rated 6.5/10

Was in 3 greenside bunkers that contained a firmer packed darker brownish sand. All bunkers were raked. Rated 6.5/10

The rough and edges around the fairways were rated a 6.5/10--could be lush, spotty or just OK.

If the management can keep the fairways and greens at least to this standard they are going to do great. I was impressed. They are also doing a complete renovation of the clubhouse which was empty. Looked like they replaced some mats on the range.

Great Gil Hanse layout--fun, great prices and great views.

For sure recommended at this time.
Walked the blues (128-71.6-6634) yesterday 10/2/2017 1st twilight group off at 2pm with my buddy Mack and his buddies Ricki and Brian. We paid $22.00 which is their mid-day walking rate Monday through Thursday. Nice staff at check-in. Weather was in the high 70's, low 80's with about a 1 to 2 club wind on first few holes on front nine and dying down for the remainder of the round. POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes.

The greens here yesterday were just awesome--really starting to firm up putting wise especially on downhillers and sidehillers. Still holding higher trajectory irons with spin. I fixed a couple extra ball marks each hole but for the most part the greens were in great shape. Rated 8.5/10 and the highlight of the course.

The fairways are still in very good shape for Rustic's standards--semi lush with just very few problem areas. Great lies and doing a good job with watering them. Rated 7/10

The tees were lush, beautiful and level. Some par 3's need divot mix filled in. Rated 8/10

Was in pot mini sand bunker greenside on #12 trying to drive the green--it contained newer beach sand that was wet and raked.

The rough greenside is in very nice shape--like previous reviewers stated the further you get off the fairways the more the name"Rustic Canyon" comes into play. Greenside rough rating 8/10--fairway rough is hard to rate--you could have a lush lie or be on hardpan.

I love the back nine here--its one of my favorite back nine's in all of Ventura County.

Highly Recommended.
Was invited out again by my brother in law today 9/25/2017 at 11am for a scramble shotgun tournament run by the Gardena/Carson YMCA. Was joined by Pedro, Brandon and Andrew-awesome group to play with. Our POP was 5 hours enjoying our day on this private track not being pushed nor pushing anyone. Weather was sunny, breezy and 80 degrees--great golf weather. Enjoyed the day shooting a 60 as a team--4th place out of 29 teams--winning score was a 53(head scratcher and eyebrows raised).

The Old Ranch course has a beautiful clubhouse with ample restaurant space and we enjoyed breakfast, a box lunch before the round and nice sit down dinner afterwards. Range was big using AstroTurf. They had a nice putting green and a separate chipping area next to the range. Staff and servers were friendly. Carts did not provide GPS but were nice.

2nd time here in the last 6 months and the conditions were even in better shape this time out.

The greens were in very nice shape--just a shade of topdressing showing but did not effect speed of putts as the greens were lightening fast for the way they looked. Holding irons very nicely with spin and height. I thought they were the highlight of the course. Rated 8/10.

The fairways were lusher this time around--would call them lush to semi lush with some green and brown spots mixed in but mostly green. Very nice lies. Rated 7.5/10.

The tees were lush, green and were mostly all level. Tees were soft and your feet could sink down some on some tees. Most of the par 3 tees had all there divots filled in. Rated 7.5/10

Was in one bunker that contained nicely raked beach sand in good shape.

The rough was tough. It was not that long but it was Bermuda and your ball could sit down just an inch to an inch and a half and cause problems with chipping and full shots. Rated 8/10.

This course will not blow you away but I think it has a nice mix of doglegs, straight away holes, water features, traps, mounds and OB to keep it interesting and semi-challenging.

We got a interesting experience today with some Blue Angel planes taking off and practicing at the nearby airport/airbase literally right above our head--scared the living daylights out of us--very cool felt like we had the best seat at an airshow.

Would recommend this private course to any golfer .
Walked the blues (128-71.6-6634) late this morning 9/18/2017 at 11:20am with my buddy Mack joined by a nice single Jim. We paid $29.00 which is their mid-day walking rate Monday through Thursday. Nice staff at check-in. Looks like they have got some newer mats on the driving range. Weather was in the high 70's, low 80's with about a 1 club wind which felt great. POP was 4 hrs 10 minutes waiting for multiple groups out on a busy Monday. Great to get back to my home course after a hot summer.

The greens were in very good shape, rolling fast and firm--resembled the old rustic especially on downhillers. I did fix an extra 3 divots or so per green waiting for the groups in front of us. These greens were a big improvement from what I remember from a couple rounds ago. They held shots like darts yet were quick and rolling true. Rated 8/10

The fairways I thought were in great shape considering this is a links course that traditionally has harder pan fairways. They were semi-lush to lush and had some great padding to them. Pretty green as well. Staff should be commended for keeping them in this great of shape with the way it can get hot in this area. Rated 7.5/10.

Tees were all level, beautiful and lush. Par 4 and 5 tees were in great shape and not to many divots on the par 3 tees. Rated 8/10.

Was not in any sand or waste bunkers today so I cannot rate them. They looked to be all raked and in good firm shape as usual. Of note as always and noted on the scorecard there are certain portions of the course that have blue stakes which denotes a waste bunker.

The only parts of the course that really need work are certain portions(rough) in and around some fairways and green complex's. Would rate these areas a 5/10. You shouldn't be there but you should not be in dirt or plugs of mud either.

I would highly recommend Rustic's greens, tees and fairways at this time. Such a challenging, fun and beautiful layout. Looking forward to some nice fall and winter rounds here.
Played La Quinta Mountain course with Nickesquire on 9/15/2017 teeing off around 12:45pm. We played the blacks at (72.9-135-6666). POP taking our time was 3 hours 30 minutes letting a 2some play through on #12. Weather was in the 90's and a bit humid. Very friendly staff and although we didn't use the practice facilities they looked nice. Cart had GPS and was equipped with a cooler. Course had rest stations with chilled water. Very friendly starter giving us the lay of the land.

They had construction going on #14 but other than that it was such a peaceful afternoon/early evening. This course is set up against the mountains and some holes reminded me of Silverrock's setting. First time here general impressions were very good. The first 2-3 holes are nothing special but then the course really picks up beauty from holes 4-18. Hole 4 is an awesome dogleg par 5 around a mountain. Nick is correct holes 13-17 is a stretch to remember. Holes 10, 11 and 12 have homes and are tighter driving holes. Hole 16 is an elevated par 3 kind of island green with amazing views of the valley. #15 and #17 are holes to let the driver rip from elevated tee boxes.

The Bermuda fairways were nice and lush and contained very nice lies. Rated 8/10

The Bermuda tees were very nice and lush. Great shape. Rated 8/10

The sand was in good shape-- but we raked many sand bunkers that had footprints from groups in front of us. Rated 7.5/10

I did not think the greens were up to standard with the rest of the course. Not sure if they were recently sanded or coming out of maintenance. They were super grainy and bumpy and very slow--you had to rip the ball and hope they stayed online. Rated 6/10.

The rough was maintained nicely and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Played a dozen courses in Palm Springs and even though I thought the course was in a beautiful setting and very cool--I would pick the PGA west courses, Silverrock, Eagle Falls or Desert Willow before this course--its a good problem to have in Palm Springs as this will be close to an 8 rating but there are many other courses that would trump this one in my mind.

Still highly recommended.
Played the Stadium Course on 9/15/2017 at 7:04am with Nickesquire and joined by a father/son. I played the tournament tees (76.1-150-7300). POP was 4:15 minutes enjoying the course not being pushed by anyone and the group in front of us was at least a hole ahead of us for most of the day. Weather was perfect for the front nine and started to heat up on the back nine. Very friendly starter and on-course marshall. Starter letting us know that this course is the toughest course West of the Mississipi. First time here--general impressions from this golfer's point if view: The moguls and uneven lies in the fairways and just off the fairways are tough as well as the numerous bunkers and water features. The length of the tips on #3 and number #6 were tough but other than that if you can bomb your driver I thought the course was manageable to a certain extent. Well here is that extent--lol--the rough is very punitive-I experienced 3 chips greenside that I just had to look up to the heavens and laugh--not used to leaving a chip 3 feet beside my feet--I thought that was the biggest challenge of this course. I was lucky enough to be in the fairways for the most part today but I can see a bad ball striking day here create BIG numbers. There were so many cool holes I loved like #5, #7 and #16 which was such a cool hole. Its fun getting to hit shots that I will be seeing this coming January/February for the Career Builder.

The bermuda fairways were semi-lush to lush, mostly being green with a couple dry patches here and there. Fairways contained great lies and you get a decent amount of roll but not to much. Rated 8/10.

The Bermuda tees were so soft and lush that if you did not have a jumbo or long tee in the ground your peg would not be high enough if you like to tee it up high. Most par 3's were filled in nicely and the par 4 and 5 tees were nice.

The Bermuda greens were slower for my taste-- in very good shape, held shots extremely well and putted OK. Rating them a 7.5. Some of the very first few green complexes were small and then you had other green complexes like #6 where you could host a wedding reception for dinner on.

The bunkers were raked and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10.

The rough was some of the most penal thicker rough I have ever played. Ball would settle down to 2 inches beneath the surface. I am rating it a 8.5/10 for lushness, quality and challenge factor.

The carts had GPS and were equipped with coolers, they had rest stations--warm up area great with a pyramid of balls, chipping and putting greens.

If you want to challenge yourself this is the place. Only La Purisma rivals this place for toughness.

Highly recommended.
Walked the Tips at RiverRidge Vineyard Golf Course on Tuesday 9/5/2017 teeing off at 8:40am with some buddies(Matt,Mack and his buddy). Our POP behind several slower groups in the morning was 4 hours 30 minutes. Used the free birthday round that RiverRidge offers 2 weeks before or after your birthday--you just need to sign up with their e-club online and provide drivers license at clubhouse. Weather was beautiful-foggy in the morning and the sun came out on the back nine--mostly in the high 70's. The Lakes course was closed due to aerification so the Vineyard course was crowded. I always enjoy RiverRidge's beautiful and challenging layouts. The staff here is always very professional. Marshall's provided a ride up the hill to 3 tee along with a ride from 13 green to 14 tee which was appreciated!

The greens were rated a 7/10 for me. They were listed as a 9.5 on the stimp in the pro-shop. I thought they putted medium to slow speed and were rolling fairly well with just a few bumps here and there. Very few divots and looked nice.

The fairways contained very lush green Kikuyu grass and you had perfect lies in the fairways. My buddy thought they were a little thick but I thought they were in very good shape for the end of summer. Rated 8/10

Was in fairway bunker on #17 that contained raked and more compact sand which was nice. Was not in any green side bunkers so could not rate them.

The tees were mostly level and lush containing Kikuyu grass. Some divots filled in with sand on the par 3's. Rated 7/10

The rough is very healthy lining some of the fairways. Very green and a club grabber. They had some of the maintenance mowers cutting it down between #10 and #11 as we were playing. Rough rating 8/10.

Layout has some strong long par 4's and a couple of tough par 3's with one of them being the finishing island hole which was playing 215 to a back pin today plus a 10 mph breeze. Playing this course for free today was unbelievable. For the GK coupon walking for $28 bucks in the morning is one of the better if not the best morning coupon that GK has around. Had a blast today capped off by an eagle chip in on hole 1.

Highly Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (73.0-130-6818) as a single this afternoon 8/28/2017 in very breezy (2 club wind) beautiful weather in the low 70's. POP was 3 hrs 10 minutes playing through a group on #10 tee and then waiting for 3 straight 2somes on the last 3 holes-(what the hey). The 2some in front of me that I caught on 16 almost took 55 minutes to play the last 3 holes--it was painful to watch them. I paid $16.49 on a teeoff promo special.

Olivas's fairways, rough, tees and sand continue to shine. The greens were a little better today than they were the last time I played here.

Fairways were green, lush and you had some nice lies out there. Some spots browning out but for the most part would say still 90% lush green grass. Always a pleasure to hit from these fairways--I feel so bad when I take a divot from these fairways. Rated 8/10.

I was not in any bunkers today but paid close attention to them. It looks like the run off drain problems they might have had a week ago have been fixed. None of the bunkers looked firm or wet. Most were all raked with a couple of footprints present. I had to wait on the last several holes so I threw about 8 balls in number 16 and 17 bunkers to test them out so I could rate them. Rating them a 8/10.

Tees were lush, striped and level. They are very soft so I would advise a longer or stronger tee if you play here. Rated 8.5/10.

The rough is very thick and lush lining most fairways. You get on the other side of the cart path here and you are almost certainly lost or if you get lucky you are power swinging to get in back in play. Rated 7.5/10.

At this time the greens are still not close to where the other parts of the course are rated. They are very soft and ballmarks just impale with higher trajectory irons. They are semi-bumpy but today rolled better than my last visit. Rating them a 6.5 today. They need a good rolling and haircut.

The staff here is very friendly, awesome layout and if you play here in the afternoon and the wind is up #1, #2, #6, #8, #12, #13 and #14 are all straight into the teeth of the wind.

Highly recommended for fairway, rough, tee and bunker conditions if you can deal with semi bumpy so-so greens at present time.
Rode the Blacks yesterday 8/21/17 joined by my buddy Nickesquire. Could not pass up the free points that Buena has given me over the years so I played 36 holes for free in around 7 hours total--can't beat that. We had a beautiful day to play with temps in the 70's and maybe a 1 to 1.5 club wind--perfect conditions. Buena runs there all day twilight rates Monday's so if you are a Monday player I would check it out due to the current conditions. No range to warm up on but they have cages and a putting green.

Shorter, tighter tree line layout with undulating greens, afternoon wind and kikuyu tees and rough spread throughout. Always great staff here--Vicki in the pro-shop is a gem.

The fairways-well they are just flat out a treat--just have to rate them an 8.5 which is high for a muni but spot on. Little to no divots(those we saw were filled with sand), perfect lush lies in the fairways and even though thick you still get some roll out if you are a low ball hitter. Higher drives to do not get much roll out here. Fairways are the highlight of the course.

The rough is thicker, grabby kikuyu--would not say that long but can nestle greenside and make chipping kind of tough. Rough was in uniform good shape. Rating the rough 7.5/10.

Was in 5 bunkers over 36 holes, all raked and containing beach sand--Nick had one fried egg and I was lucky to have none. Bunkers rated 7/10.

The greens were in a lot better shape this week than last week. They rolled a little firmer this week and still contained ball marks from others. Minimal bounces and held any type of iron very well--very soft is a good description for the greens. We must have still fixed an extra 3-4 ball marks per green. Rating the greens a 6.5/10.

The tees were in very nice shape. So lush you need a strong tee to keep the tee in the ground. Mostly all the tees are level and the par 3's even are pretty well kept. Tees 7.5/10

With the free rounds it was a no brainer today--would recommend Buena if you want to work on bending the driver around doglegs, work on shorter and mid iron play and deal with windy conditions in the afternoon.

Course is in real good shape. Enjoy
2nd round of the 36 hole beautiful day of golf. Rode the Blacks (68.3-117-5826) on 8/14/2017 teeing off around 2:45pm with my buddy Nickesquire, my buddy Mack and his buddy Brian. POP was 4 hrs 10 minutes waiting for most of the day on the group in front of us. Weather was perfect low 70's and breezy(1-2 club wind). Paid their standard twilight rate of $25.00. Great staff inside pro-shop. Buena has a putting green and some nets to warm up.

They really got the fairways going on here. This is the nicest that I have seen the fairways in some time. Nick and I were commenting these were the best fairways we have seen here ever. Going to rate them an 8.5/10. Ball sitting up perfectly. Lush but contained some great roll out. Perfect combo. Fairly any divots.

The bunkers have pure white marble sand and the two I were in were a pleasure to hit out of (greenside #8 and #18). Rated 8/10.

The rough is very lush and thick here. It seems its mostly Kikuyu. Chipping and pitching can be tough out of it greenside. Very healthy stuff in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Tees were beautiful, mostly all level Kikuyu tees. rated 8/10

The greens were the only real disappointment. They were not horrible but they were super bumpy, thick, grainy and to make putts you had to rip the ball and hope to get the right bounce--lol. To me they just need to be cut and rolled. I did not see or notice an abundant amount of ballmarks so I think with a good cut they would be much better.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the course was looking.

Walked the Blues (72.9-131-6875) 8:51am on 8/14/2017 with my buddy Nickesquire joined by two nice older gentleman who were a pleasure to play with but agonizing slow. Our POP was 4:35 but felt like 5:35. We were 2 holes behind holding the course up. Nick and I were in a tough position/situation but made it work. Surprised the marshall did not give us grief. We paid $28.00 on the GK walking coupon with beautiful weather mostly in the high 60's low 70's with a breeze on the back nine.

I just love this course.

Fairways semi-lush with a great amount of roll out. Very few divots or problem areas. Rated 7/10.

Greens the highlight as always--listed at a 11.3 on the starter shack--at least that maybe quicker on downhillers. The greens were glass, smooth and in great shape and holding high trajectory irons very nicely. I am rating them an 8.5/10 bordering on a 9/10.

The tees were mostly lush, level and only contained some minor divot damage on the par 3's. Rated 7.5/10

The rough was in good shape--no problem or bare areas noted. Thick in spots. rated 7.5/10

Was in greenside bunkers on #4 and #5 and #17 all contained good quality sand. Rated 7/10

Strong layout from the blues or blacks--a bit underrated on the slope and rating in my mind.

Highly recommended.
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