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After a couple lessons this morning and an appointment with the tax guy I got out for a quick twilight round at one of the courses I grew up playing. Lots of memories here! Had not played this layout in 14 months. Glorious day mid 70's and about a club breeze made walking feel nice today. Walked the blacks joined by a nice twosome and single who all rode. POP was 3 hrs 40 minutes not having to wait at all.

The layout here has always had character and for sure is like playing two different courses. The front is substantially shorter than the back. Lots of cool dogleg tee shots, trees, some dry water features and some pretty cool sight lines and corners you can cut with some local knowledge.

Greens had a slight top dressing of sand but that did not effect the speed of the greens. Greens were slightly bouncing but rolled fairly true and would say semi-quick. Greens were soft and semi-receptive on well struck irons. Some bigger undulating potato chip swales on some of the green complexes and its a must to not short side yourself on some of these complexes. Would tell 1st time players to not be above the pin putting or chipping on holes 4,5, 12 and 13. Overall green rating 7/10.

I thought the fairways for late February were nice and contained a firmer tighter base with just enough padding. I am sure with some watering and the spring approaching the fairways will become even nicer in months to come. Fairway rating 6.5/10

Tees were very lush, cut down tight and were fairly level. Rating 7/10

Was in greenside bunkers on 1 and 6 that contained nice softer beach sand that were easy to get out of. Some of the bunkers due to the renovation of bunkers are huge and I did see many footprints that I raked after playing my shot that were not raked by previous groups. Bunker rating 7/10

The rough --well they don't have much here. They completed a turf reduction program a couple years ago and in many cases if you just miss the fairway you are in some wood chip areas. Where there was rough it was dry, inconsistent, sometimes thin sometimes nice. Rough rating 6/10.

What I enjoyed most about today was the POP. In my history of playing this course I have never got around here in less than 4 hrs which I did today.

Recommended at least for POP on a weekday.
Out on my home course walking the blues this morning 1/27/2020 joining another single who was really cool to play with on a glorius day for golf high 60's for weather with a few holes of wind on 11 and 12 for a brief moment but other than that chamber of commerce weather. Course was busy this morning and we waited behind several 4 balls coming in at 4 hrs 25 minutes. Great friendly staff as always at Rustic.

Greens highlight of the course very smooth, semi-soft on approaches. Rolling pure. Fixed an extra couple ballmarks here and there. Rating 8/10

Tees very lush, green and level and in very good shape. 8/10

Fairways are thin and dormant at this time but still produced decent padding. 6/10

Saw they had several maintenance workers working on several bunker complexes throughout the course. I was in front canal bunker on 1 which contined nice newer softer sand to splash out of. 7/10

Greenside rough is beautiful around the fringes 8.5/10

Fairway rough is mostly dry, thin and bare in spots. Needs the most attention. 6/10

Overall greens, tees and greenside rough are all in great shape. If you enjoy firm links fairways with nice challenging green complexes this course is for you.

Rode the Blacks on Creekside/Ridgeline 73.8/142/7012 this morning 1/21/2020. Thanks to Moorpark CC fitting me in between a small outing. POP was only 3 hrs with beautiful weather in the low 60's with hardly any wind.

Had not been here in 16 months or so. Conditions were pretty good for mid January.

Greens were in great shape. Soft on approaches yet putting and chipping like glass. Putting just beautiful. You had to be careful on downhillers and could be semi-aggressive on uphillers. I could putt these bent grass greens everyday. Rated 8.5/10

Rough had a beautiful contrast brown dormant look in compasrion to the semi-green fairways. Rough was mostly mowed down dormant brown. Decent condition. Rated 6/10

Fairways semi-lush, tightly mowed and ball sitting up for the most part. Did not have any bad lies in fairways. Rated 7/10.

Tees were mostly level and lush and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10.

Was in greenside bunker on number 9 Creekside which was raked and contained a nice amount of sand. Saw multiple maintenance workers working on fairway and greenside bunkers on the Ridgeline 9.

Very challenging layout from the Blacks on Creekside, nice challenge from Ridgeline and Canyon Crest as well. Course has some epic elevation changes, tough par 4's and some birdie holes here and there. I love coming here to challenge myself. I would highly reccomend Moorpark CC--terrific greens, fun and challenging layout and peaceful area to play.
Rode the blues this morning 1/13/2020 on a beautiful colder morning with little to no wind. POP was great thanks to the starter letting me tee off on the back nine first to avoid multiple groups that were on holes 1 and 2.

Conditions were similar to my last round out here about 3 weeks ago.

The greens once again were the highlight of the show. Super quick putting and chipping wise yet holding beautifully with well struck irons with spin. They had some really challenging pins this morning where you could see putts struck a little to firm rolling a good 6 feet or so by the hole. Green rating 8.5/10.

Fairways were mostly green. Would say 70 percent lush, 30 percent thin. Didn't have a bad lie in the fairway. Rated 7/10

Tees were positioned at the back of every tee box which was cool and gave other areas a chance to heal. Most tees were level where you could find a good spot. Rated 7/10

Rough was mostly mowed down in a uniform fashion. Some of the rough is lush, some spots thinner. Rated 6.5/10

Sand bunkers have improved some. They are actually all raked and maintained beautifully, they just need more sand overall in the greenside traps. Rated 6/10.

Course is super fun to play with some nice tight tee shots, forced carries, lakes and a good portion of ESA's to navigate. Some nice birdie holes and some challenging holes as well.

Walked the Orange tees this morning 1/6/2020 at 10am with my buddy Mack, buddy and fellow teaching pro Brian P. and his nephew Jake. Great group to play with. We came in a shade over 4 hrs for pace of play on an absolute perfect day for golf, low 70 temps with no wind. Very friendly staff checking us in. They have a range here with mats, seperate little chipping area and a nice sloped putting green.

I have been playing this course for many years and cannot remember the greens being this nice. Very quick and firm on putts and chips(would say close to a 11 on the stimp), yet holding irons beautifully. For sure the highlight of the course. Staff should be commended on how nice the greens are. Very undulating big greens here where they can put some awesome challenging pin locations. Rated 9/10

Fairways were semi-lush with most areas green and lush(epsecially for early Jan). Some wet and muddy areas in shady areas. Rated 7/10

Tees level and in good shape. Rated 7/10

Was not in any bunkers(thank goodness) but let me tell you they are white marble and are very thick. Great player in our group had a hard time getting out of them. Our group described them as almost having too much beach like sand. Would rather have to much sand rather than hard rock bunkers.

Rough was mostly mowed down, uniform length and mostly lush. Rated 7/10.

Soule's green complexes will challenge players along with holes 6 and 8 on the front nine and hole 14 on the back nine.

Had a career round out here today--even if I didn't----- I just love the layout and weather up here.

Had a great time this morning 12/19/2019 riding the blues on a colder morning with a say 10mph breeze. POP was 3 hrs playing the front in an hour and then catching a logjam of players on #12. Great friendly staff here at Tierra Rejada. Couple cool changes is they are now allowing golf carts in the parking lot to load and unload and they are currently working on the East end driving range fence. I saw a ton of improvements on the course today.

Fairways were green, mostly lush with a few tight lies here and there but for the most part for December golf I thought they were in good shape. The closer you got to the greens there were some thin chipping areas but not to bad. Rated 7/10

The greens were fantastic. Not sure if it was the last 2 days of wind that made them firm, possibly along with the colder weather in the mornings. They were awesome and a treat to putt on. Made my fair share of 10-15 footers today. Awesome when you can start a putt online and it will hold its line. Beware greens are firm and well struck irons or chips with spin will hold with height, anything else was releasing big time today. Loved the greens as I love firmer greens! Rated 8/10

Tees were mostly lush, mostly level and had some minor divot damage on some par 3's. Rated 7/10

Rough was mostly mowed down and not an issue just off the fairways, Some different clumps of grass but I was surprised how green the rough is especially again for December. Staff doing a great job here. Rough 7/10

Sadly the bunkers were the only thing that needs attention. After hitting a 355 yd drive on number 3 I was in the left fairway bunker with an 80 yd bunker shot that was on stone ground. Actually like the fairway bunkers like this but also encountered stone ground on greenside bunkers on #12 and #16. Almost looks like they had days of rain and no maintenance. For sure could use some more sand in the greenside bunkers and a good rake.

Other than the bunkers this course is in very good shape right now! Nice challenging layout with some target front nine holes, good mix of risk reward holes and some pretty good conditions especially the greens. Recommended.
Rode the purple tees Monday afternoon 12/9/2019 with the GK Gurus teeing off at 12 noon. Paired with Nickesquire, Pedro7170 and RGM2525. POP was just over 4 hours on a picture perfect chamber of commerce Palm Desert Monday afternoon with light breezes and weather in the low 70's.

My second time playing here and I loved the course even more the 2nd time around. A great mix of some short risk reward par 4's and some longer par 4's with some teeth. Some up and down hills and some tighter tee shots that must be accounted for, but not a target layout. The real winner for toughness for this course is the current length of the rough and the numerous fairway and greenside bunkers the players must avoid. We lost my playing partners tee shot on number 4 even though his tee shot looked to be just off the left side of the fairway(that gives you an example of the rough). This is such a fun layout with the darling standout holes 9 and 18 that provide water features/ponds near the greens.

Fairways were a 10/10. I thought they were the highlight of the course. Super lush lies, green. Just perfect.

The fairway and greenside rough was also a 10/10. Very thick, playable but you needed to really know how to go down and get it if you were in the fairway rough.

Tees were a 10/10 level and lush. Perfect condition. I did not even want to walk on the tees or fairways or greens to ruin the presentation.

Greens were a 9/10. Quicker than Rams Hill or Indian Wells. Rolling very nicely. Made my fair share of putts today on these greens. Had some tricky pin locations on 2 and 4 if I remember right where if you were on the wrong side of some of these pins you were in triouble. I mentioned to my playing partners that I don't remember the greens having as much undualtion and character as I saw today. Awesome green complexes.

Was in greenside bunkers on 12 and 13. Both bunkers were raked with the perfect amount of sand and easy to splash out of. If a player can miss all bunkers here on this layout they have really golfed their ball well! There a tons of them! Very strategic!

They have a beautiful range and a rocking patio, clubhouse and restaurant. I have not played the sister MountainView course and I want to try that one next time I am at Desert Willow. This is one of the best conditioned courses that I have played in a while.

Totally Recommended!
Rode the Blues 12/9/2019 GK Guru round 2nd group out at 7:10am with JohnnyGK, RGM2525 and Pedro7170. Weather was perfect warming up to low 70's hardly any wind. POP was comfortable at just over 4 hours.

My first time playing here. My camera battery was low after this round after all the beautiful pics I took which I posted on my instagram. This course jumped into my top 3 courses I have ever played. It has character, beauty and I am sure my rating is going to come out close to a 9.5 or so on ratings. I just don't play enough courses this lush so for me it was like playing in a lush heavenly garden.

Fairway ratings were a 9 out of 10. Mostly all lush lies, very few wet areas. Staff should be commended.

Tees were beautiful. Level and lush. Rated 9.5/10. You can get lost here in a cart going from some tees to the next tee.

Greens were soft. Holding irons well with spin. Putting very well even with some old ballmarks visible. Greens looked quicker than they actually were and it did take some getting used to get the ball to the hole or just past it. Green rating 8.5/10.

Rough was generally uniform in length, green and lush. Not to penal. Rating 9/10.

Was in greenside bunkers on 7 and 14 that were raked to perfection and in great shape. Just the right amount of fluffy sand to easily splash out of. Rated 9/10.

Layout had some elevation changes, some nice dogleg holes a couple of water features and hidden lakes and enough bunkers to keep you on your toes. Good mix of tighter holes and some grip and rip holes. My favorite holes were 12 and 14 with 14 being my favorite on the course. I loved the back nine here. One of the better back nine's that I have played.

Had the breakfast burrito in the morning(delicious) and the hotdog after the round at the food truck. Beautiful clubhouse. Putting course was closed but looked awesome.

I asked Johnny when can we come back. Kudos to Indian Wells staff. Highly Recommended!
Rode the gold tees this morning 1st group out joined by Keith, Pedro and Ron. Met by blustery wind conditions especially on the back nine. We waited for many groups in front of us as the course was packed this morning. I don't get to venture out to play much with my schedule lately so for sure a treat to get to hang with some buddies for a 2 day golf trip. 1st time ever at Rams Hill and I loved the conditions as well as the layout. Several strategic fairway bunker landing areas in the 280 range that make driving a premium. Ample room with most fairway shots and those sprayed are in desert landscape. Some huge green complexes and some smaller skinny ones like number 17. Layout had a couple long par 4s like 2, 8 and 15 and some shorter risk reward par 4 like 12 and 17. Great mix of holes that would never be boring on repeated replays.

Fairways a 9/10 mostly all lush. Only reason I would not rate them a 10 was due to some minor muddy areas. Very nice shape overall.

Tees 9/10 all level and lush and in great shape.

Rough lush, fairly thick in spots but not super penal. Rated 9/10.

Was in one greenside bunker and one fairway bunker. Great sand in both raked nicely. 8.5/10

Greens were looking great to the naked eye, super soft on approach. Had one sand wedge ball sank into it own pitch mark. I was expecting the greens to roll quicker which my playing partners stated they used to. Green rating 7.5/10.

Would highly recommend this track for playing conditions, layout, peace and quiet and overall enjoyment.

Thanks to Johnny and Rams Hill golf course.
Rode the blues today 11/18/2019 with my buddy Matt, 24hourgolf and kviser on a picture perfect day with light breezes and temps in the mid 80's. Great guys to play with. POP was 4 hrs 20 minutes with nobody in front of us. I had not played here in 10 years. The driving range was a blast elevated where you could see shots hang forever. Range balls were in good shape with some being Pro-V1's. Driving range had artificial mat strip. They had 2 seperate putting greens and I thought the putting green speed was around the speed of the greens on the course which is always nice.

Course layout is super fun and challenging at the same time. Some times courses are just fun, sometimes they are just challenging--this course is both. Beautiful elevation changes with a great backdrop on most holes(esepcially when you get on the back nine). Holes 2 and 3 are dogleg lefts and then there are holes like (12 and 16) which are awesome dogleg right holes. You need to not only be straight with your ball striking here but being able to work the driver either direction is a plus. Course has a great mix of par 3's which vary in length from the blues or blacks. Course has some nice strategic fairway bunkers and some well placed greenside bunkers to grab errant irons sometimes just barerly off line. Some forced carries on the back nine but overall the course is right there in front of you. The members here are blessed!

The greens were fantastic. I could putt these greens all day. GM stated that they were running at a 12 which seemed correct. Several awesome pin locations today which the player really needs to concentrate on chipping and putting. I love greens that are both quick but still are soft and receptive. I had 3 wedges hit the front middle of the green and spin off the green into the chipping area which was fun. For sure knowing the section of the green to land the ball here comes with playing experience. Some smaller green complexes to start the round with some larger ones throughout the round. Rating these greens a 9/10

Fairways were perfect and lush with your ball sitting up. Cart path only today which helps the fairways both visually and playability wise. Some water on fairway 11 but other than that perfect. 9/10

Tees were mostly all level and lush and in great shape. Rated 9/10

Greenside bunkers were perfectly raked and were like light white fluffy pancake material. Beautiful bunkers! Rated 9/10

Rough was lush, green and at times penal. Some of the rough was different lengths and added character and toughness if you were offline. Rough rating 8/10.

If you get a chance to play here I would HIGHLY reccomend it. It has everything you would want in a course--toughness, great layout, great conditions and peace and quiet. Can see why the US open qualifier was played here. My rating should come out close to a 9 condition wise.
Walked this morning--- mid-morning 11/12/2019 with my buddy Matt on a perfect day for golf with no wind and temps in the mid 80's. POP was just a shade under 4 hours not waiting on one shot with nobody in front or behind us.

As previous reviews have stated Soule Park is in really nice shape especially for mid November.

Greens were soft and receptive on approach shots yet putted medium to quick for pace and all balls held there line beautifully. Rated 8/10

It looks to me like the tees have been resodded and leveled some and they were in great shape. Lush, green level and clean. Rated 8/10.

Fairways were mostly lush with very few problem areas. Great lies 7.5 bordering 8/10.

Was only in one bunker on #16 greenside that was in perfect shape, beach like sand that was raked to perfection.

Rough was mainly cut down to uniform nice length, mostly lush. 7/10

Highly recommended.
Walked the Blues Monday morning 11/4/2019 joined by Kyle on a beautiful day with light winds and a POP of 3 hours 20 minutes. Had a super time with Kyle who was a bomber. Fun time with a lot of birdies

Fairways here are super dry and get a ton of roll. We both had driver 9 iron in on the par 5 4th hole? Both reached number 9 in two shots and had driver 9 iron into #18. Fairways were that dry, thin and for sure made the course play shorter than the actual 6900 yd scorecard. Had to really compress irons precisely. Fairway rating 5/10

Greens looked like they were just coming off maintenance with some sand and bumps especially on the first 4-5 holes or so. It pains me to rate the greens here a 6/10 as I am used to a 8.5/10 range on this course.

Tees were mostly level, semi-dry but they were level so that's mostly all that matters. 6/10

Was in 2 greenside bunkers and 1 fairway bunker that contained more packed like firmer sand but still had enough sand to splash out of easily. Rated 6.5/10.

Rough and chipping areas were drier, thin and wispy but not to long. Rated 6/10.

I love the bones here and the layout. The staff is very friendly and nice. As the round progressed the greens got better. The course is really not in that great of shape but if they can get the greens close to what they used to be the course layout is so worth it.
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