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I Walked the Blacks this morning 7/16/18. Played with Mack, Brian and Ricki on a beautiful morning to play golf. Humid mid 70 temps with a 1 club breeze for most of the day. Paid $28.00 using the walking GK coupon. POP was 4 hrs 25 minutes.

The Lakes course from the blacks is the longest course in Ventura/Santa Barbara counties and you really get a work out walking up holes 1 and 2, green from 14 to 15 and from 15 green to 16 tee.

Very friendly staff, marshall, cart ladies. Nice practice range, 2 separate chipping areas and 2 big putting greens for both the Lakes and Vineyard Courses.

The greens were listed as a 11.8 on the stimp. They were flat out beautiful. Rolling pure and quick without any blemishes. Best of both worlds as they took to high and soft iron approaches. Rated 8.5/10. Some of the better greens I have putted on in a while.

The fairways were semi-lush with really nice padding and still some roll out for players that like to hit it low off the tee. Rated 7/10.

Was in 2 greenside bunkers on #5 and #16 that contained nice softer sand that was raked and a pleasure to hit out of. Rated 7.5/10

Tees were mostly all level and semi-lush and in great shape. Rated 7.5/10.

The rough around the fairways have grown up and there were some thicker lies for our group today. Challenging and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

I love the back nine here it has so much character-did something today that I have never done and that was reach #14 in 2 shots(from the blacks) with two absolute bombs. We had a back left pin today on the next hole #15(par 3)--that might be one of the tougher greens around when they put the pin where they did today.

This course is very recommended--had a great time today.
Rode the Blacks 7/9/2018 with my buddies Mack and Brian on a promo deal for $20.49. Teed off at 2:30pm POP was 4 hrs behind a pretty full tee sheet ahead of us. Weather was low 80's, very humid with a slight breeze.

Love their practice area, staff and prices here at Olivas. It was around 100 degrees in Moorpark/Simi so driving to Olivas was a good call.

The greens were super healthy, lush, green and putted medium to slow. Fixed 2-3 extra ballmarks per hole. Got to really hit putts firm here to make em. Rated 7.5/10.

The fairways were lush, only few burned out brown areas. Great lies all day. Rated 8/10.

The tees were all level and were lush and in great shape. They have re-sodded the black tees on number 17 and it looks great. Rated 8/10.

Was not in one bunker the whole day but they all looked raked and had great beach sand in them.

The rough along the fairways was in great lush shape, green healthy. Rated 8/10.

No water in the hazards along 11/12 and 13/16.

Our group had a great time--love playing both Olivas and RiverRidge in the summer heat.

Walked the Blues this afternoon 7/2/2018 first twilight group out at 2pm with my buddy RGM2525 and two nice singles Jason and Macey. Weather was perfect low 80's with a slight breeze and one of the reasons I tied my personal best score at Rustic today!--very little wind today. POP was 4 hrs 10 minutes. Paid their walking twilight rate during the week which is $22.00. Great staff.

They have re-rated Rustic and I think they are more on the mark now with the Blue rating going up to a 130 slope and the blacks now at a 135.

Fairways were the best I have seen Rustic this year. Semi-lush with decent grass coverage in most areas. You might still encounter a harder pan lie here or there but they looked good to this golfer. It gets real hot out here in July, August, September so I commend the staff for how nice the fairways are at current time. Rated 7/10

The greens were two total different courses. Greens were generally all rolling true. The front nine greens must have just been watered and not rolled. They were slow for Rustic's standards putting wise. The greens on the back were firmer and putting awesome. Our group did fix and extra 3-4 ballmarks per hole. Overall would rate the greens a 7/10.

The tees were mostly all level and they looked like they had just done some past verticut maintenance on some of the tees. They were not there usual lush and green self but looked decent. Rated 7/10.

Was in greenside bunkers on 2 and number 12 that contained raked semi-firmer sand that was easy to get out of if you opened the clubface enough at address. Rated 6.5/10

The rough here around the fairways is always the poorest part of the course. Dry, hardpan in areas and clumpy. Rated 5/10

Greenside rough is beautiful lush and very green just off the fringes. Rated 8/10.

Always love playing here--recommended.
Walked the Blues this afternoon 6/29/2018 with RGM2525 in very breezy(2 club wind) conditions. Weather was around 65 degrees. We flew around this hilly course walking in 3 hrs 15 minutes even waiting on a couple groups on the front and back nine which we eventually played through. We paid their walking twilight fee of $20.00 which starts at 2pm. Friendly staff--putting green right next to the 1st tee--did not use the range. Pro-shop old school and their carts did not have roofs which looked totally cool and old school as well.

First time playing here--- first impressions were that it is a fun, tighter tree line course where multiple holes you are bending the driver right and left. Multiple trees come into play off the tee and sometimes on approach. Ron and I hit beautiful position tee shots on #16 and they have one of the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life guarding the green--you actually have to hit a punch shot to get to the green--I thought it was pretty cool. Some in course and off the course out of bounds comes into play which I encountered once on number 2.

The greens rolled quicker than La Purisma but were just a little bumpier. Not bad overall. They were very soft as well on approach shots. Rated 7/10

The fairways were thinner to semi-lush--if you hit a low ball here you will get some roll. Fairway rating 6/10.

The rough was pretty poor and dry here--some clumps of dead grass, some hardpan and some lusher portions--total crapshoot on what you were going to get. Rated 5/10.

Was in one bunker on number 1 that was in very good shape with softer sand. Rated 7/10.

The tees were fairly lush--some teeing grounds were un-level and you could almost always find a good stance.

Some course knowledge could come in handy on this course with sightline off tees. For $20.00 it was worth the green fee--it was fun but I would prefer La P, Mission Club or River Course at Alisal over this course. I would still recommend this course if in the area.
Rode the Blues this morning 6/29/2018 with my buddy RGM2525. Thanks to Ron I played with a Golfmoose coupon which came out to $22.00 a person. Weather was high 50's tee off warming to low 60's with just a slight breeze--it was great golf weather. Ron and I saw multiple groups in front of us so we slowed down our pace to not catch them and finished in 3 hrs 50 minutes. Great staff in pro-shop, two putting greens and a nice big range to warm up on.

The greens were in great shape. Softer and slower than I am used to here but rolling great. No ballmarks. Only #2 green had a minor fungus on it. Rating the greens a 8/10.

The fairways were semi-lush to lush. Green and healthy looking--very few problem areas. Rating 8/10

The tees were lush, mainly level and even the par 3's looked good with minimal divot damage. Rating 7.5/10

The rough was healthy, lush and a club grabber. It seems like it was not as thick and penal and high as it can be but is still always a factor here. Rated 8/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #9 that was raked and maybe could have used a little more sand. Still easy to get out of. Rated 7/10

I love the layout here-could play it 2 times a week. Super challenging, beautiful scenery(we saw multiple deer's today). Very Recommended.
First time out at Camarillo Springs since 2015. Rode the Blue tees at 1pm today 6/25/2018 with my buddy Brian and Ricki. POP was super relaxed at just under 4 hrs with literally nobody in front of us. We only saw 1 group 2-3 holes behind us the whole day--it was like we owned the golf course. Weather was 75 degrees and breezy with up to a 2 club wind for most of the day.

Camarillo I believe has new management--the starter inside the pro-shop was very nice and accommodating. Their range is kind of beat up but they do have a nice large putting green, adjacent chipping green and short game area just right of the driving range fence that has a regulation green where you can hit anywhere from 10yd to 160yd warm up shots.

The greens were the highlight of the course. They were very soft on approach. They rolled medium speed--would say a 9 on the stimp. Very few ballmarks, healthy and shiny green. Rated 7/10.

The fairways had mixtures of lush green grass, sections of thin fairway grass and some hardpan areas here and there. Overall they played decently but seemed dry in many spots. Rated 6/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #1 that contained raked firm sand easy to splash out of.

Many tees were un-level and you needed to hunt for a level stance. They were very thick and green to the naked eye. Rating 6/10

The rough was very interesting. I have played thick rough and I have played kikuyu rough. The best way to describe the rough just around the fringes of the green complexes was thick kikuyu rough that in many parts were not maintained. Our group hit some irons just off the fringe and it was not a pretty site chipping your rock. For sure a club grabber. The rough around the fairways was long sketchy kikuyu rough as well. Rough rating 6/10.

The layout here is very fun--the first 6 holes will test the best of players especially in the wind. Reachable par 5's, some fun elevated dogleg tee shots, couple longer par 3's and enough bunkers, OB and dry lateral hazards to keep it interesting. Due to its poor tees and rough it would not be a course I could recommend for a player on a regular rotation but I for sure appreciate its bones/layout. We had a great time today--thanks Camarillo Springs.
Walked the Blacks Monday 6/18/2018 with my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki using the all day twilight promo for $25.00. We teed off at 12 noon and finished at 4pm for 4 hr POP. Weather was breezy up to 2 club wind with temps in the low 70's--beautiful weather. Course seemed packed after the US Open but it moved well considering the amount of golfers out there.

Tees were lush, level and in good shape. Speaking of the tees BOTH #12 and #13 have new black tees. #13 is now an awesome par 4 into the teeth of the wind with the new tee a good 30-35 yds back from the original back tee. On a shorter treeline course these 2 tees add enjoyment and some teeth into the wind on these 2 particular holes. Tee Rating 8/10

The fairways looked and played semi-lush with some firm spots here and there. Most lies were really good. I would rate Olivas's fairways a bit more lush then these. Rating 7.5/10

The sand here is very thick beach sand that was in awesome shape according to my playing partners. We had time on #11 so I dropped some balls in the sand after we were finished with the hole to test them out--they were very nice.

The rough here is a little drier than the fairways, lush in some spots in decent shape. Rated 7/10. Most of the rough is mowed down here at present time.

The greens were medium paced speed, rolling smooth with not to many ballmarks present. They had some nice challenging pins here which they can on some of these bigger undulating green complexes. Rated 7/10.

I always like coming here for occasional rounds. I like working on bending the driver each way here and working on the wedge and short game.

Great staff, good prices, cool weather. No driving range, just stalls. Recommended.
Walked the Blues super twilight Saturday 6/16/18 for $20.00 with my buddies Rick, Pedro and Matt. POP was 4 hrs--country club pace with beautiful conditions not being pushed or pushing anyone. Weather was semi-windy and around 70 degrees.

This is the greenest I have seen Olivas's fairways, tees and rough.

Fairways provided beautiful semi-lush lies and if you hit the ball low you can still get some run out. Fairway rating 8/10.

Greens after playing RR Lakes course 4 days prior seemed slow to me but they were probably in the 9.5 range on the stimp. Soft, held approaches like darts and rolling just fine. Not that many ballmarks present as usual. In pretty good shape. Rated 7.5/10.

Tees were in very good shape, mostly level, green and lush, most par 3 divots have been filled in. They have finished re-sodding the blue and black tees on #17 and they look beautiful. Tee Rating 8.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked raked and had enough quality beach sand according to my buddies.

The rough in the native areas have grown to waste high in most areas. Close to as penal as when the course first opened. Rough just off the fairways was green and lush in most areas and in great shape. Rated 8.5/10.

The next 3 months is the time to go play Olivas Links. They have the best staff , great practice facilities, cool weather and a fun layout.

Highly recommended.
Walked the Blacks this morning 6/11/2018 teeing off at 9am with my buddy Brian. Weather was in the low 70's with a 1 club wind. POP was 4 hrs behind a mini ladies tourney. Paid $28.00 with the GK coupon. Very nice staff and starter.

I always like coming out here to test myself from the Blacks which play 7170 yds. I have always felt other than La Purisma the Blacks here are one of the toughest tests in the county. This is the longest course in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. What I was not expecting today was how fast the greens were!--they were flat out awesome PGA tour quality! Listed as a 11.8 on the stimp felt like they were in the 12 range and there were several pins today where you needed to make the putt or have 15 feet coming back. I stuck my 9 iron to 15 feet to a back left blue flag on number 15--and 4 putted for a double from 15 feet. I would rate these greens a 9/10. I just loved them but a word to the wise you will get frustrated and challenged to the max currently. They were soft on iron approaches and held chips well. The staff must be commended on their current shape. They have them ready for the City Championships here Saturday.

The fairways are semi lush with pretty decent coverage throughout. Never had a bad lie in the fairways. There are some drier spots here and there but that's nitpicking. Rated 7/10

The tees were beautiful, level and in good shape. The black tee on #10 looked like it had just been re-sodded and is muddy. Tee rating 8/10

The rough was lush, thick, green and very healthy. Rating 8/10.

Was in greenside bunker on #16 that was raked and contained just enough sand.

Highly Recommended.
Rode the Blues this morning 5/29/2018 for a GK guru round teeing off at 10:05am with JohnnyGK, MrKich and Barkydog. POP was 4 hrs 40 minutes. Weather was beautiful low 70's with maybe a 1 club breeze on the back nine. Had not played out here in 15 months. Tierra Rejada's range is closed for a couple weeks as they are fixing the fence around the range. They have a very huge and sloped putting green and a separate nice smaller chipping green. Down below on their range they also have a nice short game chipping area with a practice bunker.

The greens were very shiny green, soft and were putting medium speed. They had some minor poa circles creeping in that could effect putts. For the most part the greens ran true. We fixed a couple ballmarks here and there. Green rating 7/10.

The fairways were more lush than thin. 75/25 lush to thin. Some divot damage in the low lying and common areas like #10 fairway. I thought they were in pretty darn good shape. It gets hot in this area and it looks like the course is trying to water where they can. Fairway rating 7/10

The tees were semi-lush with mostly level teeing grounds. There were a few tees where you had to spend time hunting for a stance but you could always almost find it. Some divot damage on the par 3 tees that I tried my best to fill in with sand. Rating 6.5/10.

The rough was low in most places just off the fairway and high in others like where my buddy was just off of #1 fairway. The further you got off the fairway the rougher and less predictable it got. Rated 6/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #7 that contained raked firmer sand.

The layout here is an interesting one on the front--very hilly elevated tee boxes with small target landing areas. I think the front is tougher and has a lot more character than the back nine. It's 2 different golf courses. Some fun character holes on the back as well like 11 and 14. Better hit it real straight here to score.

Its only a mile from home so for sure I will be back on birthday rounds or rounds that I can land a deal on. Recommended for a fun and challenging option in the area.
Played 36 holes today 5/21/2018 as a part of the PGA PAT. Paired with Cory, Ryan and Nicholas--great group to play with. Weather was mid 60's with a steady 1-2 club wind for some of the morning round and most of the 2nd round.

Olivas is in very good shape.

The greens were recently rolled and were quicker today than the last time I played here. They held irons very nicely and were such a treat to putt on. Fixed a few extra ballmarks. I am rating the greens a solid 7.5-8/10.

The fairways were semi-lush to lush with mostly all great coverage. GUR marked off properly. This is a summer course so the fairways are beautiful and will only get better n the coming months for the City Championships. Fairway rating 8/10.

Was only in one fairway bunker rd 1 on #7 and one greenside bunker on rd 2 on #3. Both bunkers contained awesome quality beach sand that was raked and in great shape.

The rough was super lush, green and thick. They have really grown some of the native grasses outside of the cartpaths. Rough rating 8.5/10.

The tees were mostly lush and level and in great shape. They are re-sodding the back 2 tees on #17. Tee rating 8/10.

Well run tourney by the PGA--great course, great layout, comfortable cooler temps. Looking forward to some more summer rounds here with buds. Recommended.
Rode the Blues today 5/14/2018 on my home track with my buddies Mack, Brian and Ricki. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes on a beautiful low 70's day with about a 10mph wind. Paid their twilight rate which a great deal $22.00. Friendly staff. Teed off at 2:30pm.

The fairways are coming in nicely. More green grass than the last round I played here. Would not call the fairways lush but each time I am out here they improve. Rated 6.5/10.

The greens were super shiny, green and I thought slower for Rustic's standards. Don't get me wrong you have to be careful with downhillers but uphill putts and putts from the fringe areas were slower than normal today. Putts on the greens rolled true. Irons held very soft and well. Rating 7.5/10.

Tees were the highlight of the course. Super green, lush and mostly level. Rated 8/10.

Was in greenside bunker on #4-good shape raked and contained just enough sand.

The greenside rough in many places is a 9/10. Get off the fairways in the rough and most of it is poor and spotty--5/10.

I just love the challenge of Rustic especially in the afternoon wind. Highly recommended--course is in good shape.
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