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Played Saturday 11/9. Course just opened back up from over seeding. It is beautiful! No one has played this course for six weeks! The only greens still repairing were 16 and 17. The entire course is in great shape, practice areas too! No mats here. All grass driving range with large target poles. They will keep this course in prime condition. This course is very old school. And a lot of fun.
Now my game that day. It was our men’s clubs member/member. 8 am shotgun, front 9 best ball back 9 shamble. We start on 18, perfect drive from me. Partner duffs, but it’s shamble, so I got us. Now we play our own ball in record both scores. I duff my second, third goes in water. Get on green 2 putt. 7 for me! Uuuuuggghhh. Usual golf story. I play 1 crappy. 2 and 3 par! #4 (insert Charlie Brown ugh) par 3. I put one in the water. The next barely makes land. I walk away with 7. NOW. This is why golf is a devil. Par 5. I bust my drive straight, it’s beautiful! “It’s gonna clear the bunker”............. “Nope”. Just caught the lip, rolls to the bottom. Par3 then 2 par 5’s in a row. Slow the course down right there. I’m on the up slope so I hit it nice and leave me 150 to the hole. My partner is in the next fairway lying 3. We are all waiting for the green to clear. I have my 8 iron. I’m not looking at the green but every minute I’ll take 2 swings. FINALLY green clears. Smooth swing SMASH straight over the flag my divot is 2 inches behind the hole and bounces back into the HOLE!!! Gross 3 net 2.
Just had to get that out. Had another sandy birdie. And played better once we found the cart girl.

Have fun and play more golf.
Squished my way around echo hills today. Played at 8am while the morning watering was going off. They over seeded the course two weeks ago. No riding carts allowed on the course, walking only until November. EVERYTHING is very fuzzy! The tee boxes, fairways, and especially the green are very fuzzy. No point in putting. They always mow on Mondays. So next week will be GREAT! This corse is maintained by the city landscape crew. They keep it in great shape. But lack the equipment to keep up the greens, compared to other golf courses.
I use this as a chip and pitch practice course. Great place for iron practice.
Actually this course is very short. No need for anything longer than a 5 iron. And I don't use it until hole 5, 277 yards. This is a great course for anyone. I take my kids here and I take my buddies. Everyone always has a good time!

Have fun and play more golf!
Ohh man. Chased my ball through Seven hills today! They are still running their overseeding deal of $25 for anytime before 1. Then $20 after 1.
Mats still out on driving range.
No driving on the fairways for the whole course. Be patient and ready to walk. They only have cart paths on the par 3’s, so the rest of the course is a bumpy ride!!
The front 9: healing very well! The tee boxes are lush and freshly cut. This is an old course, the tee boxes can lean a little front to back or whatever, but no mounds. The fairways are beautiful. You can’t drive on them. They have those beautiful mower lines you see at more expensive courses. The greens are still repairing. Sandy and wet, you can still see the holes. They did have some bare spots on the greens. The rough was thick and thin. Normal for this course.
The back 9: healing ehh. This side was not mowed. So, teeing up your ball was fun!! All of the tee boxes were FUZZY! Once they are mowed it will be GREAT! The fairways are repairing nicely. They are also fuzzy, but will be cut by tomorrow. Some spots are repairing nicer than others on this side. But the greens on this side are far more repaired. The greens on the back 9 are less sandy and a little firmer than the front. They still have some repairing to do.

Have fun and play more golf.
Played Oaks to Creek today. Unexpected 18 @ TCI today. My bro invited me to a tournament at legends golf club. Yes I’ll play! The person sending out the emails says it’s at legends golf club. We are at legends @ 10 am, no one around, no tourney here. Come to find out it’s at Bear Creek. AAAAAAHHHHH. SO we say F it. Let’s play TCI.
Oaks is completely healed from over seeding.
Lush flat tee boxes very few divots(less than 5) on any tee box. Very green lush wide open fairways! The greens are rolling true. Very few divots. (I always fix what ever I see). The greens are rolling at 12 I would guess. Shots held well, as long as they had spin.
Creek is still healing.
A couple of the tee boxes that are in the shade most of the day, still have thin teeing ground. The fairways are very nice. You can still run into some very damp areas. But all the ground under repair is marked. The greens on the creek side are still punched and a little sandy. They are healing nicely and should be more puttable by this weekend.
All of the bunkers have new sand. It needs to rain, so the sand can become more compact. Everything that lands in a bunker is gonna be a fried egg. Once the sand settles they will be awesome!
I did find out not all of the carts have GPS. But if you request it, they will find one for you.

Have fun and play more golf!
Ran through stone house then oaks today. Teed off @ 1050. Saw the women’s group, they are good so no waiting on them. We had a wedding party of 16 guys in front of us. They kept on pace nicely (picked up when they were behind). Only found out it was a wedding party in front of us because at the turn. We called in our sandwiches from hole 9. When we got there one of the guys wife’s was in the snack shack and informed us her hubby took our sandwiches. No worries the girls are quick with the samiches and had a nice conversation too. The wedding party is in from I think Wisconsin. So informed them to hit up the winery’s.
Now the course. Stone house was beautiful! Greens are lightning fast. But we like fast greens(we are used to journey greens). Everything was green and lush from tee box to the greens.
Oaks was a little different. (They over seeded stone house first. Then oaks. They are overseeding creek now) green are still repairing so they were a little slower. Tees are also repairing, they were all level just a little thin. Fairways were nice and repaired well. Over all great day at golf. Got 1 bird! Had fun!
TCI now has GPS!!!
TCI now has GPS!!!
Perfect as usual. Tee to green BEAUTIFUL! Greens slowed slightly by them verticutting (or something like that) on Monday. The course will be closed Monday & Tuesday because they are punching the greens. So Wednesday to Sunday will be discounted price, but greens will be sandy.
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Course was empty today! Usual journey... Fast greens, beautiful fairways thick rough. Good time! Starter informed us the GPS carts now give your yardage to the pin placement. Pins were in some crazy locations, but the GPS was right on! ( I also shot them with my lazer) sucks they moved the tee box on 13, but that hole is all about your approach.
Fun course. First time playing. Greens in perfect condition, fast! Fairways were patchy but mostly green. Bunkers on back 9 have better sand then front. Tees in good condition. Worth the price and will be back.

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They advertise grass driving range but the mats were out today. Practice green rolls true to the greens on the course. The greens here today were outstanding. Fast! Everything else was dormant. It was crazy yellow everywhere, but the greens were GREEN. pace was slow. Saw drink girl a couple times. Fun and worth the two for one.

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