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Played 2/15 at 12:30 pm. Finished in the dark a little before 6.

The course was in pretty good overall condition. The tee boxes were very nice, level and lush. The fairways has pretty good coverage with limited dead/brown spots. Rough wasn't very well maintained but was manageable, ball could be tough to find in spots. Greens were a tad bumpy but ran pretty true and medium/fast.

Was an interesting round as we played through heave fog and mist for 4-5 holes with very little visibility.
Played 2/12 at noon. POP 4:45

The course was not wet and played fantastic. The course and surrounding areas were much greener than I had ever seen them. Tee boxes, fairways, collars, and greens were in great shape. Greens ran a bit slower than they usually do at Rustic. There isn't really any rough on the course so no comment there. Fairways could be a little thin in spots, but not enough to really impact the playability.
Played on 2/9/17 at 11:30. POP 4.5 hours.

Tee boxes were all in pretty good shape, and all had even lies to be found.

Fairways were in decent shape. Aside from being soggy there were some thin/brown spots but were very playable.

Rough was ok.

Bunkers looked to be fine but I didn't find any so I won't comment further.

Greens, as usual, were the highlight of the course. They ran very true and were pretty quick. The greens here can have a pretty significant amount of break so it made putting tough but definitely enjoyed it.

Overall a pretty good experience and their Thursday special is unbeatable ($30 for golf, cart, and lunch).
Played 12/25 at 11:30 am. POP 5 Hours

An enjoyable round on a very soggy course. The fairways were muddy in more than a few , the rough was muddy and hadn't been cut in a while, making it very thick, up to 6 inches in spots, the fringe was soggy. Thankfully the tee boxes and greens were not. The greens were running medium/slow as expected because of the rain. It was cart path only and the proshop was out of pushcarts so we dealt with the long walks on the very wide fairways (and errant tee shots).

I really like the layout of this course which is what keeps me coming back over the other courses in the area. A nice mixture of holes, green shapes and sizes, doglegs in each direction make it interesting. The first four holes are boring but after that it's great.
played 12/31 at 8 am. POP 3:30.

Was able to get through the round with no rain so it was a good start. first time I've played here.

Tee boxes were in decent to good shape. there was good coverage but had some uneven lies.

Fairways were not so green. they had pretty good coverage but had more than a few thin spots.

Greens were in fantastic shape. very few ball marks, rolled very smooth. were slow because of the rain.

rough varied, some places were dirt, some were 3-4 inches thick.

Overall enjoyed the course, not going to be in a rush to play again due to distance.
played 12/24 @ 9 am. POP 4:15

Another great round at Rancho. It was a little less soggy than I thought it would be given all the recent rain, which was a pleasant surprise. The course was as green as I've ever seen it and I've been playing here regularly for almost 20 years. There we a couple small brown spots on the fairways but they were small and limited. The fairways, tee boxes and greens were in great shape, the rough is what it always is....rough.

The best part of the round was there were no carts allowed because of the rain. It made the round quiet and peaceful without cart rumbling around. Easily the most enjoyable round at Rancho I've had in many years.
Played 12-18 at 930 am. POP 4:30.

Course is in really good overall shape right now. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were all very good, greens were great. sure, there were a few unrepaired ball marks, but other than that the ball rolled true and quick. It was a pretty windy day so it made for a tougher round than usual here.

I like some of the changes they made to the layout. prefer the 9s the other was as current 9 is a good, tough finishing hole. I am happy that I didn't have to finish on that boring par 3. 11 plays much more interesting than it used to with the new green.
Played 12/7 at 11:45 am. POP 5 Hours

Man this was a slow round. That's easily my biggest complaint about this course. The tee boxes were in good enough shape. Fairways might have had a few brown spots but had very good coverage. The greens were running fast and true outside of some unrepaired ball marks. The bunkers I found weren't fluffy, but also not hard, decent sand. The layout of this course was also enjoyable. Lots of variation in holes which is nice and not many boring holes. Would like to play again but hesitant due to pace of play.
Played 12/1 at 11:30. POP 3:30

The tee boxes here are the only thing I can really complain about, they're pretty beat up, but at least they're mostly flat. The fairways had some thin spots, but were pretty lush where you should be hitting the ball off the tee. This course is all about hitting the rights spots on the back 9. The greens at Alhambra remain some of the best muni greens in the area. They're quick, they break, and they're not too tough to read. Really enjoyed my round using their "Thursday Special" which is green fee, cart and lunch for $30. Will definitely be back to play again, and hopefully on a Thursday.
Played 11/29 at 11:22 am. 3:30 POP.

I don't know why but I really like this course. The tee boxes were pretty beat up, but they were flat. The fairways had decent coverage, rough was fairly lush and the greens rolled surprisingly well. The sand, which I had the privilege of hitting out of 5 times was fluffy and very nice.

This was my first time playing that course under sun light and it was much different than playing under the lights. Each of the holes are a little different in design, and the par 3s were all playing to different yardages. While this course isn't somewhere you'll take an out of town guest (unless you're trying to sneak around in around a flight), it is a great place to practice since you need to hit so many different shots. For the price it's a steal.
played as threesome on 11/7 at noon. finished in 4 hours.

Back out at Rancho again. They had just aerated six of the greens (1-4, 16, 17) but with very small holes which made putting ok but very slow. The fairways were a mixed bag, mostly pretty good lies even where brown, but there were a few dirt patches which luckily I was able to avoid. It seems like the course is putting all their water into the greens and surrounds which has made the greens and rough lush but has also made the greens a bit spongy and the rough right around the greens soggy. I had two balls completely embedded in the green and several really deep ball marks. It seemed every step you took left a pretty deep imprint on the green.

If they could just use some of that water in the fairways (tee boxes were in good shape) and dry up the greens and get them rolling a little faster, it would be 8/10, but would currently put it at 5.5/10.
Played 10/30 at 11 am, POP 4:10.

It was my first trip out to this course and I was impressed. The course has a nice practice facility, with lots of targets on the range, two chipping greens, two putting greens and a footgolf hole.

Lots of the teeboxes were closed for reseeding so the course played shorter than normal, but the rain added a lot of length back to the course. the teeing areas we used were in okay shape. I think the rain had a lot to do with this as well. The fairways, rough and greens were all in very good shape. I was most impressed by the greens. Not only are they large and in good shape, but they can be deceiving from the fairways and tee boxes, which made my first round here more difficult. It was a nice escape from the usual poa and kikuya I usually play on at the LA munis.

Overall a great experience and will definitely make the trip back out to Alhambra (but probably only on the weekend when there isn't much traffic).
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