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Played on 5/22 at noon. 4 hour POP

Rancho Park is really benefiting from all of the rain this year. Most of the course is in very good shape. Its rough spots are near the fences and near the cart paths. The fairways were the highlight today. Fantastic coverage and were very nice to hit from. The greens were next, followed by the tees, then the rough. I didn't find any sand so I won't comment on it. Overall a very pleasant day. Played the front 9 in 1:30 which was great and we were met by a three group wait at the par 3 12th for our first wait of the day.
played 5/16 with the GK Gurus Mark, Kevin, and Keith. POP 3:50. I had a great time with the group despite playing my worst round in over a year.

Just as noted by the earlier reviews, the course was in fantastic shape from tee to green. Although we played the blues, 5-6 of the tee boxes were set up at the tournament tees which could often be 50 yards behind the blues. Tee boxes, fairways, rough, and greens would all rate 8+/10 for me. The greens were quick and sometimes appeared to gain speed going uphill. They were a little over medium/fast and rolled very true. Biggest disappointment for me were the bunkers, of which I found a few: there were quite a few rocks and pebbles among the fairly thin sand.

This was my first time playing at Goose Creek and I loved it. I will definitely be back for another round before too long despite the hour+ drive.
Had a great time at the GK Plays event here on 5/7

We got lucky with the weather, was in the 60s with lots of cloud cover, at times was a little windy but nothing too bad. I was paired up with my friend Nathan along with Rob and Gus who were great playing partners, was a lot of fun!

As far as conditions go I don't have much of anything to complain about. The tee boxes were lush and provided great lies, fairways were perfect, rough was amazing, bunkers had good sand but were tough to get out of. Greens were in fantastic shape. They held shots well but were firm enough to prevent huge ball marks and rolled very true. Would love to play here again now that I know a little about the layout and strategy. Lots of bunkers and water around the course.
Took a drive out to play Sierra Lakes with USCDodger on 4/23 at 2:30. POP right at 4 hours. 1:30 on the front and 2:30 on the back stuck behind a 5some that was at least a hole and a half behind the group in front of them at all times.

The course was in overall fantastic shape.

The tee boxes were level and lush. I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find a poor lie, but I didn't see any. 10/10

The fairways weren't the greenest, but had excellent coverage and wasn't until 17 that we saw any real browning. 9/10

The rough was short in most areas, was a little longer in others, was dirt in spots too. 7/10

The greens rolled great. They were quick but not too fast and could be tough to read in spots. aside from some ball marks they were excellent. The greens were firm but held shots well throughout the bag. 8.5/10

The sand was.....not sand. greenside bunkers were okay but fairway bunkers were mostly rocks and hard pan. 4.5/10

Overall a fun course but not sure how often I'll make the hour+ drive out to play.
Played on 4/16 at 7:30 am. POP 4:30.

After all the rain we got in SoCal the past few months it seems every course in the area is at its best in a long time an Knollwood was the same.

The Tee boxes were level and had good coverage.

The fairways were lush with minimal browning and bare spots.

Rough was hit or miss, wasn't long in any areas but plenty of areas with dirt.

Bunkers had good sand, weren't overly fluffy or too hard.

Greens were medium/slow but rolled true if you could avoid the ball marks that people neglected.

Overall it was a good day out there other than the very slow group in front of us.
Played 4/13 at 1:45. 4 hour POP

It's a fairly interesting course considering how flat it is. Lots of doglegs and some very sharp to keep the course from being too boring.

The course was in pretty good, but not great shape.

Tee boxes were mostly level and had good grass, but there were a lot of unrepaired divots.

Fairways were greening up and were more lush than they looked. There was good coverage sans a few small areas.

Rough was hit or miss. Has grass in some areas, mostly dirt in others.

Bunkers were in good shape, had good sand, not too fluffy.

Greens has a lot of unrepaied ball marks that made putting a little adventurous. Very little signs of aeration about a month ago. If you had a line where there was no pock marks the ball rolled well and true.
Had a great day at Eagle Falls on 3/12 with the Gurus.

Not much to add to the reviews below. Course was in great shape tee to green. It was tough for me adjusting to the hard greens.

I do have a couple things that the course really needs to improve on. First, and most importantly, this is a desert course. It's HOT. There is no water available on the course. Not a single cooler or water fountain. In conditions like this that is ridiculous. Second, and less importantly, the range was nice but there was only a small practice green and I didn't see a place to work on chipping before the round.
Played 2/27 with the GK Gurus.

The course was in fantastic shape.

Tee boxes were lush and very level.

Fairways were green and provided great lies throughout. It was a little soggy in places but after all the rain we've received it was still very playable.

Greens had just been rolled and lightly sanded. They were FAST and true. Green could be challenging to read with their placements near cliffs and barrancas. They were fun to putt on.

I didn't find any bunkers on the day.

This course was fun to play. It's certainly a lot different than a lot of the parkland courses I normally play. It was definitely a challenge. While it was tough it was a fun day that required a lot of thought and I really enjoyed the round. Definitely recommend playing this course if you're in the area and looking for something challenging and in great shape.
Played 2/15 at 12:30 pm. Finished in the dark a little before 6.

The course was in pretty good overall condition. The tee boxes were very nice, level and lush. The fairways has pretty good coverage with limited dead/brown spots. Rough wasn't very well maintained but was manageable, ball could be tough to find in spots. Greens were a tad bumpy but ran pretty true and medium/fast.

Was an interesting round as we played through heave fog and mist for 4-5 holes with very little visibility.
Played 2/12 at noon. POP 4:45

The course was not wet and played fantastic. The course and surrounding areas were much greener than I had ever seen them. Tee boxes, fairways, collars, and greens were in great shape. Greens ran a bit slower than they usually do at Rustic. There isn't really any rough on the course so no comment there. Fairways could be a little thin in spots, but not enough to really impact the playability.
Played on 2/9/17 at 11:30. POP 4.5 hours.

Tee boxes were all in pretty good shape, and all had even lies to be found.

Fairways were in decent shape. Aside from being soggy there were some thin/brown spots but were very playable.

Rough was ok.

Bunkers looked to be fine but I didn't find any so I won't comment further.

Greens, as usual, were the highlight of the course. They ran very true and were pretty quick. The greens here can have a pretty significant amount of break so it made putting tough but definitely enjoyed it.

Overall a pretty good experience and their Thursday special is unbeatable ($30 for golf, cart, and lunch).
Played 12/25 at 11:30 am. POP 5 Hours

An enjoyable round on a very soggy course. The fairways were muddy in more than a few , the rough was muddy and hadn't been cut in a while, making it very thick, up to 6 inches in spots, the fringe was soggy. Thankfully the tee boxes and greens were not. The greens were running medium/slow as expected because of the rain. It was cart path only and the proshop was out of pushcarts so we dealt with the long walks on the very wide fairways (and errant tee shots).

I really like the layout of this course which is what keeps me coming back over the other courses in the area. A nice mixture of holes, green shapes and sizes, doglegs in each direction make it interesting. The first four holes are boring but after that it's great.
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