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I teed it up today with dcricket using their Black Friday deal of $90 for 2 players. As always, customer service was friendly from start to finish. When we checked in, they told us that we would be starting on #10. There was some construction work on #7 with the water feature being drained and that there would be a temporary green (which there wasn’t.) He didn’t mention that holes 10 & 11 were CPO, but it was ok.

We spent a few minutes on the large putting green and the chipping/bunker area. The sand was amazing- deep, clean, soft and well groomed. It was the same all around the course as well. Tee boxes were in exceptional shape. All were level and lush. The greens and collars were very good. They were soft but with surprisingly few ball marks. The greens on the back nine were very smooth, but those on the front were much bumpier. All rolled medium-fast and were fun and challenging with many large undulations.

The low point, unfortunately, was the fairways. They were in nowhere near the condition I’ve seen before at this course. They were thin with lots of areas marked GUR, and many more that should have been. There were so many clumps of sprouting grass (weeds?) that, although they didn’t really interfere with play too much, it was just really ugly. On a few holes, there were large areas that looked like the turf had been pawed up by some large animals.

All in all, it was a really nice day on a very fun course. My highlight was hitting the #8 green in 2. I’ve never done that before and it was very exciting (of course, I then 3 putted… go figure). We later enjoyed lunch in the clubhouse. I will definitely be back again when the fairways look better. Recommended.
I played today with my friends Ed and Christal and we were joined by another single. Check in was fast and after putting a bit on one of the three practice greens, we teed off on time at 9:15 am. There was no one in front of or behind us. With a very relaxed pace, we finished in exactly 4 hours.

Conditions were good. The fairways had some patchwork areas of different grasses and a few thin spots, but over all had good coverage and none of us found any bad lies. I was surprised that the fairways were completely dry. I was expecting at least a few mud puddles after all of the recent rain. Hole 10 was CPO with signs of recent punching.

The rough was about 1-3 inches and littered with a lot of tree debris. But, it was neatly trimmed and very easy to chip out of, particularly around the greens. The tee boxes also had some debris but were level and in good shape. The bunkers were very inconsistent. On the front there was a good amount of soft sand. On the back there was just mud.

The greens were very nice. They were soft, smooth and rolled medium speed. There were plenty of uphill putts that required considerably more speed to reach the cup. We all had too many lip outs but I finished with 32 putts so no complaints.

This course is fun. There is plenty of water and even the forward tees are a challenging length for me. All went well today and I am thrilled with a 98. I hope I can play here a few more times before it’s gone.
I played yesterday in the GK Guru outing with Mark and David. The staff was friendly and efficient at bag drop. The carts are fully loaded with USB, GPS, ball/club washer and water bottles in the cooler. There is a large grass driving range, short game/bunker practice area and putting green. The range balls are kind of pricey, though, at $12 for a small bag.

Every time I play here I am surprised at how secluded this course feels. It’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Irvine. It’s always a fun challenge. Seemingly every fairway slope funnels the ball into either water or a bunker- and I landed in several of them. I was lucky, though, as the sand was soft and plentiful. I saw a few other traps that weren’t quite as good.

The fairways were in good shape, mostly green with some brown in the thinner spots. There were a lot of divots, though. The greens were somewhat bumpy and inconsistent in speed. I’m sure that very soon they will be as fast and smooth as the putting green next to the starter’s desk. I played from the forward tees. They were also in good shape with just a couple of them being noticeably unlevel.

The on-course service was good. Our cart battery light went on at one point and the marshal very quickly arranged a new one for us. The beverage cart also came around a few times. POP started out very slowly but after five or six holes, sped up and we finished in about 4.5 hours.

A few of us stayed for dinner afterward. The food and service was very nice. I should have asked what was the brand of Pinot Grigio I had – it was excellent! Overall, another fun day at a really nice course. Many thanks to Johnny and Oak Creek.
I had a very fun time playing today with Johnny, Matt and Nick. The staff made us feel very welcome and spent some time giving us lots of good information about the course. There is a nice short game practice area and two large putting greens which gave a good sign of the challenge to follow.

There are huge pine and pepper trees lining the course and scenic views from mountain to ocean. It’s definitely one of the prettiest courses I’ve played- especially hole #15. It was cart path only today. The fairways are fairly narrow, though, so it wasn’t too much walking. The carts had no GPS but did have coolers and ball and club washers. Each nine had a water station with snacks too- a nice touch.

The fairways were in great shape, beautifully green with lies a bit tighter than from what I can hit well. I played from the gold tees. Some were thin and a bit chewed up but all were level. What I really appreciated was that on the holes with elevated tees, the forward tees were up there too. Too many times I’ve played courses where the front tees are moved down to fairway level taking a lot of fun out the shot.

The course has many huge bunkers and I landed in more of them than I could count. The sand was so nice and easy to hit from but the long thick grass bordering the traps was just deadly.

The greens were just wicked! On the front, they were crazy fast. Later in the day, on the back, they were somewhat slower but certainly no easier. There were many false fronts causing a short approach shot or too firm a downhill putt to roll ten or twenty yards back onto the fairway.

Many thanks to Johnny, for arranging the outing on this wonderful course. I would absolutely love to play here again given the opportunity.
Played today with Gkrs wsbell57 and colmcd. We got a great rate of $26 including cart by booking on the course website. We started about 11:15am, about an hour early. The starter said no one had teed off since about 9:30 so we pretty much had the course to ourselves until a twosome caught up to us around the 8th hole. I'd only played this course once before, several years ago. A few areas looked vaguely familiar but it was much like playing it for the first time.

The conditions of holes 1-13 were so-so. The fairways were more brown than green, very thin with lots of bare spots. There were tons of track marks causing crazy bounces. That, combined with a 2-3 club wind, made for some interesting and frustrating shots. The greens were varied-some smooth, some bumpy- all with many unrepaired ball marks. Tee boxes were mostly level. The bunkers had ample sand and were easy to hit out of.

There was a marked improvement in conditions on holes 14-18. The fairways were green with well-cushioned coverage. The greens were much smoother and held shots better than those on the front. The wind had died down by then but strangely enough, I played much better on the front in the tougher conditions. There are some more challenging holes on the back with carries over water to elevated greens. Those were my downfall today. Overall, the course is very fun and I would like very much to play again when the fairways are in better shape.
I played today using a GN Hot Deal. It had been several months since I last played what is still one of my favorite area courses. I had a 7:44 am tee time but after pairing with another single, we got out about 20 minutes early.

The course is in decent condition. I expected (hoped) it would be better after the recent over-seeding, but it needs a couple more weeks. From a distance it appears to be all green and lush but underfoot, it’s not quite that good. The fairways are thin which did get me some good roll out, but also gave me a few unlucky bounces. The rough was in good shape, well on its way to its usual long, thick, ball-hiding condition. The tee boxes were in need of mowing but were all level. The bunkers were terrible- all mud with good sized ponds in several. My playing partner landed in a couple of them but fortunately was able to fish her ball out with the rake. Sadly, the greens were very disappointing. They were slow, thin and bumpy- kind of like putting on Berber carpet.

As far as the lay out, I just enjoy it so much. It’s very peaceful with no houses and only occasionally a bit of freeway sound. There’s a lot of wildlife around the course. I love the huge playful roadrunners. Other than the big drop offs from the fairways on holes 1 & 3, it’s pretty straightforward and there is water on only 3 holes. It’s the only course on which I can score so badly every time and still look forward to my next round to try to do better.
There was no one in front of or behind us the entire round. POP was great at 3 hrs. I wish I could’ve stayed for a replay. I will try to get back again soon. Recommended.
I played yesterday, for the first time, using a GroupGolfer deal. I’d wanted to play here for such a long time and finally decided to go even with the predicted high winds. Fortunately, the weather was near perfect with strong breezes only on the last 3 or 4 holes.

Check in was easy and I was told I could start whenever I was ready. A threesome ahead of me asked me to join which was perfect as it was all foursomes ahead of us. I was so glad that I wouldn’t be waiting on every hole!

Despite my lousy play, I enjoyed the course a lot. Visually it was really pretty with lots of desertscape along most of the holes. The fairways were in very good condition. All were completely green, but several were CPO as the turf was still a little thin. The fairways are all quite narrow so, being CPO wasn’t any problem. The tee boxes were level and lush, but most were in need of mowing. I was in only one bunker. The sand was damp but clean and plentiful. The rough was just plain nasty- long, deep, thick and sticky…. and I was in it in all but about 2 holes. The greens were firm and and a little bumpy from recent punching. The speed was very inconsistent from one to another so that was a bit frustrating.

I would like very much to play here again. If I can get a good deal during good weather, it would definitely be worth the drive.
I played today using a last-minute GolfNow Hot Deal. I wasn't planning to play today but I just couldn't pass up another affordable course so close to where I'm staying.

My tee time was 7:52am. I was relieved to see that I would be going out just in front of a large tournament. I was paired with a couple of local guys who were a lot of fun to play with.

I knew right away that I was going to enjoy this course. I could see from the first tee that it was in very good condition. The fairways were lush and lined with many large oak trees. The balls sat up so high I had none of the trouble that I had yesterday at Blackhorse. The front nine is relatively wide and flat compared to the back which had hills, a couple of blind shots and doglegs. There was one hole that had two carries over water. That was actually my favorite hole. I had to plan my shots well and fortunately everything went as planned.

The tee boxes were almost all level and only the par 3s had noticeable damage. There are lots of bunkers here and by some miracle I avoided them all. From what I could see the sand look pretty good.

The greens were a pleasure. They were a little bit on the slow side but were smooth, rolled true and held shots well. A big plus was there were no unrepaired ball marks!

POP was good. We waited only a couple minutes here and there, finishing in exactly 4 hours. I like this course so much. It's a nice straightforward, no frills course that I will absolutely play again next time I'm in the area. Definitely recommended.
I played here yesterday with Alex326.
I arrived early enough to have breakfast in the clubhouse. The ocean views, good food and service were a great way to start the day. Check in was easy and of course I got my logo ball. We then chipped and putted long enough for me to get an idea of what kind of punishment I was in for!

The fairways were in good shape but I had a difficult time hitting from them. The turf is a very thin layer with damp, soft dirt underneath. I kept swinging too steeply and just ended up taking divots without a good result. It seemed that my most successful shots of the day we're out of the several bunkers I was in. They had a thin, soft layer of sand that sparkled in the sunlight. The greens were crazy tough. Alex did his best to help me read them, but let's just say this was not one of my lowest putting rounds.

This course is fun, beautiful and absolutely brutal. I'm sure a lot of that had to do with my total inability to hit the ball yesterday but, after reading and hearing comments from others who have said how tough it is, I do feel a little bit better lol.

I would definitely play here again when I have the opportunity. I would also like to give Bayonet a try as well. Hopefully it will be a little better knowing what to expect.
I played here yesterday. They offer a birthday deal of cart fee only so it was a good choice to play on my way up to Monterey for the weekend. My very first impression of the course was how friendly everyone is- the other players, the snack bar staff, the starter, pretty much everyone except the lady in the pro shop who was impatient and just not interested in answering my questions. One thing I thought was odd was when I asked to purchase a logo ball for my collection, she said they only sell sleeves of monogrammed balls. They don't sell singles. One to display, 2 to lose, I guess.

I was paired with 2 guys whose wives were along for the ride. They were a very fun group and we had an enjoyable time. It was pretty entertaining when I found that the guys could barely hit the ball. (and of course they were playing from the blue tees…)

The fairways were really nice- few thin spots, good cushion and a decent amount of roll out. There are only two or three bunkers on the course and no water. The tee boxes varied with some being level and some with the ball noticeably above or below my feet.
I had a tough time with the greens. They did not hold shots well and there were some unexpected and severe breaks causing what normally would have been a really good shot, to roll off the back of the green.

My playing partners only stayed for nine holes. I played the back by myself following a slow foursome. I didn't really mind as it gave me the chance to play a few extra balls here and there.

The course is fun and has some nice ocean views. I would like to play it again if I'm back in the area.
A friend and I walked the course today, paired with a fun twosome. Check in was easy and we headed out on time at 8:52am.

The course conditions were good. The fairways were almost completely green and lush helping the ball sit up nicely. There were very few thin areas and even those weren’t bad lies. The tee boxes were mostly level and well-trimmed. The rough was very inconsistent, ranging from “no problem” to “I’m giving up golf forever!” The greens, damp and slow when we started, were quite fast by the time we got to the back nine. They were smooth, soft and have many subtle breaks, making them more challenging than they appear.

Even with a slow almost-5 hr POP, the course is very enjoyable. It’s a basically flat course, an easy walk, and the many water holes make it really interesting. I’ve heard that the course will be closing sometime next year which is disappointing. I hope I can play it a few more times before then. Recommended.
A friend and I took advantage of a member-for-a-day offer of $20. I've played here several times before and figured that even if conditions weren't good that would be a great deal.
Our tee time was 7am and after a fast and friendly check in we were offered an earlier start. We decided to skip warming up on the range and headed out.

The conditions were ok. The fairways, while very damp early on, had good coverage and were well cushioned. There was, however, a lot of tree debris and animal droppings all over the course. There were many maintenance workers out getting things cleaned up.

I was in only one bunker. It was clean, soft, heavy, dirt - easy enough to hit out of. There has been a lot of turf reduction around the course. Most of it is around the tee boxes, creating a nice look and a longer carry from all of them. Those areas are currently all dirt but the plan is to put in drought tolerant vegetation. I was super disappointed in hole #5. All of the reeds in the lake have been cut down to the nubs and with all the turf gone from around the tee boxes, the hole just looked barren and ugly.

Many of the greens are in recovery from a fungus. They looked worse than they played, though. Putts rolled medium speed and, for the most, part smoothly.

There are so many fun and challenging holes here. I played well today and it felt so good when #9 didn't beat me up like it usually does. POP was nice at 3:45. I will definitely be back when conditions are better.
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