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I was happy to have the opportunity to play today with Johnny, Gary and Ron. I had last played here about 5 years ago. I didn’t remember many specifics of the course but I could see right away it was in much better shape than back then. I was immediately taken with how pretty the course is with the variety of vegetation and the many beautiful Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

The red tee boxes were divot-free and there were only a few areas of uneven footing and long grass. The fairways were in great shape, very green, with great coverage and cushioning. The greens were awesome. There were lots of undulations, multi-tiers, ridges, valleys and backstops. It was not a good day for sinking putts but it sure was fun trying.

I really enjoyed the course with its good variety of holes. It was totally worth the 2.5 hour drive from OC and I look forward to playing again soon.
I played yesterday in their Cinco De Mayo Member/Guest tournament. I and five friends were invited by a member whom I met about a month ago while playing at San Juan Hills. Cheryl was the organizer of the event. I was very excited to have this chance to play here. I’ve driven by it many times and it always looked so pretty.

From the moment we arrived, were made to feel very welcome. Our bags were loaded on our carts and then we spent some time on the small driving range and very hilly practice green. There was about an hour before tee time so we indulged in the complimentary margaritas, chips, salsa and empanadas. There was a taco bar outside for a small fee. Most of the members were there by this time. We had a great time just hanging out and meeting so many friendly people.

All guests were paired with members, which was very helpful on the course as there was no GPS on the carts (we did have ice chests and ball washers on board.) It was a shotgun start and we started on hole #5. As we took a wild ride shortcut across the course to our tee, we got a good look around. There is a creek that runs through most of the course, with steep hills all around.

There was a good variety of holes. There were a few shots over water and blind doglegs. There was a short par 4 on the back that took a good combination of accuracy and luck on the drive to hit the extremely narrow fairway with a big hill on the left sloping down to water on the right. There was a par 3 with a really crazy green. It was obvious that there would be some break toward the entrance road down below, but without the advice of our playing partners, we would never have realized that we had to aim our putts about 10 ft left of the pin! Another par 3 had a big sombrero painted on it. I was the first to land in it– about 12 inches from the pin.

The course conditions were good, not great. The fairways were mostly green, cut very short and a few had signs of recent punching. The tee boxes were neat and level. The greens were smooth but rolled a bit slower than I like. The bunkers were a little thin but the sand was good.

After the round we had a complimentary buffet dinner and drinks in the beautiful dining room. Afterwards, they announced all the winners. Well, it turned out that out of 66 players, only 2 hit that sombrero- I and one of my friends. Not a single member did lol. I got a very nice prize for that. It was a super fun day on a nice course. If you ever get a chance to play here, don’t hesitate. You’ll really enjoy it.
I played Wolf Creek on 4-28-19. This was the highlight of my golf weekend with Bill, Kathy and Dixie. I had wanted to play here ever since I first saw a magazine photo of it over 10 years ago.

We were greeted in the parking lot and given our cart. After checking in and exploring the pro shop we had a quick breakfast and putted a few balls. The grass driving range was close by but there wasn’t time to warm up before heading out. The starter gave us a few hints and instructions and off we went.

The view from the first tee was just a small taste of the spectacular scenery that we would see throughout the day. So many times reality doesn’t meet the perfection of media photos, but in this case it exceeded it by a mile. The green turf and white sand contrasted against the red canyons was breathtaking. There was a lot of colorful desert flowers in bloom. From every direction, it was just gorgeous.

The conditions were just amazing. The fairways were lush with no flaws that I could see. The bunkers were a little thin but clean and groomed. The rough was consistent around the course and easy to hit from. The greens were firm and fast. There were a few unrepaired marks here and there but not enough to give a second thought to at the time. The tee boxes were all level with few divots.

I often marvel at how much work it must take to keep any golf course in good shape, but never as much as I did here. With the overall amount of space, all the elevation changes and areas of grass just tucked into little hidden curves, it’s just amazing. Huge kudos to the maintenance crew.

The course is tough, even from the very short red tees. Hole #4 with its bunker minefield was certainly interesting (I got caught in 3 of them). Although the forward tees often take out some of the challenge of forced carries, hole #7 still had all the thrill. I had a great drive right down to the creek and then made the very high uphill second shot over the canyon to the green. That hole was fun! Prior to playing I had seen a very intimidating photo of #14. Seeing it in person just got me so excited and determined to get it right!

The only thing I didn’t like was the carts. It was very hard to control the speed when going down the extremely steep hills. And there was no GPS. If there is ever a course where one would be helpful it’s Wolf Creek. There is no beverage cart on the course but the comfort station by holes 6 & 15 has a drive-thru window. I’d never seen that before.

Playing Wolf Creek was everything I’d hope it would be. Playing it was probably one of the most satisfying rounds I’ve had. It was totally worth the price and shooting 97 (!) was just the icing on the cake. I’m ready to play it again!
Royal links was course #2 of my fun weekend with wsbell57, colmcd, and iluv2golflady. (Thank you, GK!).

It was easy to forget we were in the middle of Las Vegas as soon as we entered and saw the castle clubhouse and the wide open links style course that was such drastically different scenery from that of the previous day at Reflection Bay. Check in was fast and the starter was super friendly and helpful.

Conditions were pretty good, with a only a few thin and bare spots on the fairways. The tee boxes were a bit shaggy but level, so no problem. The greens were very firm and quick. A big part of the fun and potential frustration definitely comes from the 100+ pot bunkers on the course. Because there was no GPS on the carts to help locate the bunkers amid all the hills and dips, almost every shot left me with a few moments of suspense wondering if I had landed in one. By some enormous miracle, I was only in two of them and was able to get out of each in one shot.

The highlight of my round was on #15 when I holed out with a chip from the deep, dense, clumpy grass around the bunker. Overall I played really well, shooting 95 with 33 putts. I thoroughly enjoyed Royal Links and would definitely like to play here again.
Played 4-26-19. This was the first of a three-round weekend with Gkr’s wsbell57, colmcd, and iluv2golflady. It was the first time for all of us to play Reflection Bay. We were very excited to play after reading so many great GK reviews. Our first impression when we drove by it was just “WOW.” The fairways that we could see from the street were a stunning shade of emerald green and we knew right then that we were in for a huge treat.

The clubhouse is a beautiful building with spectacular views of the bay. It was a good thing we arrived early because we took so many photos before we even got onto the golf course! We had a nice lunch in the restaurant and then a quick visit with Gkr kevbig before heading out to play.

The course conditions I can describe very simply- they are as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen from tee to green. The fairways are lush without a spot of brown anywhere. The tee boxes are tightly trimmed and level. The bunkers are sparkling white and the greens smooth and rolled medium fast. The course is as tough, though, as it is beautiful. I didn't play well and it beat me up pretty badly ...I just can’t wait to give it another try!
Played a few days ago, on 4-21-19. This was my first time here. I chose this course for something new and to enjoy a little bit of a drive. I had a tee time of 11:50 but was able to go out right away when I arrived about an hour early so I didn’t sample the driving range or putting green.

I was looking forward to playing by myself so I could just take my time and relax- it all worked out great as there was no one behind me the entire round. This is a very enjoyable course. It’s an older, no frills course with a good variety of holes. Some are just straight forward with no surprises and others that really took some planning-my favorite kind. Other than the 150 yard rocks, I couldn’t find any markers so I was glad I purchased a yardage book (and thank you, HmtGolfGuy, for the handy hints).

The conditions were good. The fairways were a bit thin in spots but overall had adequate coverage. The tee boxes were shaggy with lots of dandelions but were level. The greens were great – smooth, medium fast and held shots well. There were lots of fun undulations. I found a couple of bunkers. They were ok, just dirt, but soft enough to hit from easily. The rough varied from a couple inches to bare dirt but I was playing well and only strayed from the fairways a few times.

I had to wait on the twosome in front of me on several holes, so I replayed a few and really just had a nice time. I finished in a bit under 4 hrs. I shot a 94 so it really was a great day! I’d love to play here again sometime.
Played yesterday, 4-18-19. I had a tee time at 12pm with a reasonable fee of $34. The carts were really nice with ball/club washer and a good GPS. I was paired with a fun threesome of guys who play there regularly.

I played the reds which, although really short, still give me a good challenge with the layups and forced carries on several holes. The course conditions now are very good.. The fairways are completely green and lush, and the greens were fast! There are a lot of interesting breaks here, with balls doing almost a full u-turn at times. I wasn’t in any bunkers. I was very happy about that as most were muddy with an occasional puddle. . The tee boxes were all level but in dire need of mowing. One of the guys commented that it looked like I was teeing off in the rough. There was several maintenance workers out on the course during the round, so I’m sure things would be trimmed up soon. There were sprinklers going on a couple of the holes, causing some swampy areas, but we didn’t mind when we considered how beautifully green the course is now.

I only got to play 14 holes because when we got to the 15th I realized my cell phone was missing and I had to back-track the course to try to find it. I wasn’t able to but Mike in the pro shop took my info in case it was later found. Fortunately it did turn up a couple hours later and Mike sent me an email letting me know. I really appreciate that he went the extra mile to help
Hidden Valley – highly recommended!
I played in the Member for a Day event at Los Coyotes. This was my first time here. Check in was easy and then I spent some time warming up. The range was very nice with balls provided. There was also a chipping area and a good practice bunker. The sand was so fluffy it made me think of marshmallows. The putting green is large, very fast with lots of undulations. The carts are basic with no GPS. On the course the it was hard to find the yardage markers.

I was paired with a nice twosome and we teed off at 9:44a.m. on Valley/Vista. It was apparent from the start that it was going to be a very, very long day. We were behind a fivesome and when we finished the first hole there was a backup of 4 groups on the par 3 second hole. It eventually spaced out a little bit but we still waited on every hole.

Overall, the course conditions were impressive. The fairways were lush, very well cushioned. The rough was shortish and uniform around the course. I was in 2 bunkers. I was hoping that they would be like the practice trap but were thinner and a bit crusty. The greens were smooth and fast but there were so many unfixed ball marks. It’s such a shame that the guests of a private club didn’t bother to take care of the damage. The tee boxes were chewed up but level.

This course is really, really long for me. It’s over 6,000 yards from the forward tees. It plays even longer with all but 3 greens being elevated, some of them extremely so.
By some miracle, I hit better than I have in a long time. I managed a 48 on the front with 14 putts. Unfortunately by the time we got to the back, tired from the heat and all the waiting, my game pretty much fell apart. POP ended up a bit over 5 hours. It’s a very nice course, but I don’t think I’d be in much of a hurry to return.
I played yesterday, 4-7-19, with my cousins who are beginner golfers. On GN, it was $40 including cart and range balls. There were no recent reviews on GK so I had no idea what to expect. The conditions were surprisingly good. The fairways had good coverage, the rough was well trimmed and the tee boxes level. The greens were medium speed and rolled true. The bunkers were awful, though, just hard and full of little stones. There are some really fun holes, including a few elevation changes and carries over water and a ditch. I was in desperate need of a confidence boost and this par 62 course was perfect. I would gladly play here again if in the area.
Played yesterday with a meet-up group, 24 players. Check in was fast and our carts were ready for us. Half of the carts looked brand new. The are very comfy but the GPS was not working. Our tee times started at 9:30am and never saw any other players on the course ahead of us.

The course was in really good shape. The fairways had only an occasional thin spot and the rest was well cushioned. The rough was short- not the usual club-grabbing grass. The bunkers were a little thin but the sand was clean and mostly soft. The greens were great-smooth, a little bit soft and surprisingly fast.

There is a good mix of fun and frustrating holes on this course. I didn’t play too well overall, but getting a bogie on my nemesis hole (#2) just kept me smiling the whole round. Lunch on patio after the round was a good finish to a nice day.
I played here yesterday, 3-25-19. This was my second time. When I was here a couple years ago, I wasn’t impressed at all but some friends convinced me to try it again and I’m glad I did. I got a great price using a GN Hot deal and a couple of promo codes. I arrived about an hour early and after an easy check in, I grabbed a quick snack and a bucket of range balls. The driving range is small but was in good condition with grass stalls. I was paired with a local regular and the starter let us go a few minutes early.

The course was in good shape. The fairways had a few thin spots but otherwise had good coverage. The rough varied from very short to a thick mix of grass and clover. The tee boxes were not so great, though. Several were sloped enough that the ball was noticeably above my feet, and couple of them were so hard that I could barely get my tee in the ground. The bunkers were a pleasant surprise. I was in 3 of them and they were all filled with ankle-deep, clean, soft, well-raked sand. The practice green was beautiful and perfect speed but the greens on the course were quite different- very firm and slick. Shots didn’t hold and putting was really frustrating.

The layout is fun. There is a good mix of holes including a few that really require some strategy and planning. Those are my favorite as I seem to do the best on them. POP was great at 3.5 hours. With the perfect weather and the great company of my playing partner, I had a wonderful time. I look forward to playing here again.
Yesterday was my first time playing here. I read that Tecolote Canyon Golf Course is the only Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and Sam Snead-designed golf course in San Diego. The photos on the website looked nice, I wanted to play an executive course and it was a beautiful day for a drive.

Arriving at the course, the first thing I encountered was about zero available parking. Much of the lot was taken over by construction trucks and large gravel piles. Cars were parked in every available inch in crazy angles. Vehicles then were parked along the entry road narrowing the way to one lane for 2-way traffic. I was conflicted at that point as to leaving right then due to inconvenience vs. thinking the place must be really great because it certainly seemed popular!

There is a decent driving range but half of it was closed. There were people lined up waiting for a hitting stall. Check in was fast and friendly and I headed to the putting green. I was surprised at how nice it was. I didn’t see a chipping area but later found it down the hill by the 18th green.

It was at this point that I changed my mind about walking the course. I had been looking forward to walking but my first look at a couple of holes made me reconsider and I was glad I did. Every bit of the course, with the exception of the greens was shaggy, rutty, bumpy, rocky- a sprained ankle just waiting to happen. I don’t believe the messy conditions were all rain related.

I was paired with 3 guys and played from the blues with them. I love short courses where I can score well from something other than the forward tees. The course is set in a very narrow canyon with steep hills on both sides and a creek down the middle. There are plenty of elevation changes and forced carries to make this short course fun and challenging. I didn’t land in any bunkers but they looked clean other than just a few little stones here and there. The greens were really great – smooth, fast, and plenty of crazy breaks.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I think if I hadn’t played with such fun people I would have a very different opinion. If American Golf can improve the conditions, I wouldn’t hesitate to return.
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