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I played today, 4-29-18. The weather was beautiful - 85 degrees with, at times, a 1-2 club wind. I got a last minute GN Hot deal for $17 at 1:30 pm. The price was great considering I wasn’t sure if my recently repaired knee would be ok walking this 2,000 yd, 18 hole, par-3 course. (happily, it was.)

I’ve wanted to play here again since my first experience in January. I was just as impressed this time as I was then. I was again greeted by Stuart in the pro-shop. He remembered me from last time and we chatted a bit before I teed off. The course was pretty much empty so there was no waiting at all.

The course conditions were very good. The Bermuda is beginning to sprout, making the fairways very thick and a little bit long. It didn’t affect play at all, but it definitely took more effort to push my cart up the hills. The bunkers were nice with clean, soft, white sand. There are many lakes on this course and the water is impressively clear. The tee boxes were level but had a good number of divots and could use a mow. The undulating greens were very firm, rolled medium speed and I saw only about 3 ball marks. The cups had the sharpest edges I’ve ever seen. Many putts dropped right in where they probably wouldn’t have had the edges been not so clean.

After I finished the round, I chatted a bit more with Stuart. He told me of the renovations/improvements that are planned for this summer. They will be enlarging the putting green to about double its current size. The patio will also be increased in size from a seating capacity of 60 to about 90. The ponds that are next to the patio are going to be redone to more of a river design. They are also going to be putting in full bathrooms and water stations at each end of the course, on holes 5 and 15. He let me know that from June to October, the pro shop is closed. All rounds are $10 on the honor system- just put your payment through the door. I will definitely take advantage of that!

This is such a fun course. It’s great short game practice and a perfect warmup to a later round. I highly recommend Palm Royale Country Club and look forward to getting back soon.
Played yesterday, 1-28-19, with wsbell57 and colmcd, using a Groupgolfer deal of $39 each. It was Bill and Kathy’s first time playing here. I’ve played a few times before and was very happy to get another opportunity. I really enjoy the course. It has all the things I like – sizable elevation changes, blind shots, forced carries over barranca, water and frog crossings. There are also some nice ocean views from the back 9.

Check in was easy and all the staff very friendly. We spent a few minutes warming up on the range. The grass stalls were available which I always prefer over the mats. The range is in pretty poor condition but suits the purpose just fine. There is a practice bunker also. The putting green was super nice. It’s very large and gave us a scarily good preview of how tricky the on-course greens are.

We were joined by a walking single who plays there regularly and we started on time at 9:02am. The course conditions were somewhat disappointing but more from a visual standpoint than of playability. The Bermuda fairways and rough were more brown than green but had complete coverage, thick cushioning and a surprising amount of roll out. Many tee boxes were chewed up but all seemed level. The only real disappointment was the bunkers. I was in a few and only one of them had good quality sand. The others were just thin dirt with lots of little stones. My “shot of the day” was from one of these bunkers though, so I won’t complain too much.

The greens… Wow! They are in excellent condition and they are tough! The guy in the pro shop had said they measured 10 but they seemed much, much faster. There are hard to read multiple breaks that are strongly affected by the ocean. Many putts stopped, reversed direction, picked up speed and ended up off the green. Not a great putting day for any of us lol.

After the round we enjoyed some tasty burgers out on the patio. Overall it was a very fun day. I still recommend the course and look forward to playing again when its greener.
I joined in the GK fun on 1-7-18. This was my fourth time to Rams Hill and it still surprises me to see this beautiful oasis out in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. From the lady who greeted me at the entrance gate, to the staff at bag drop, pro shop, restaurant and starter, everyone was very friendly and efficient. After a nice breakfast on the patio, we headed out for some warm up. The range is one of the best. It’s completely green, has plenty of targets and is stocked with ProV1 balls.

The course was in its usual fabulous condition. The fairways and rough are lush and emerald green, the bunker sand soft and deep, and the greens smooth and fast. The layout is a lot fun. I played from the red tees which is make the course pretty short at 4900+ yards but no less challenging with the many sloping fairways, bunkers and false fronts. The 18th is one of the toughest finishing holes I’ve played. A decent score still eludes me on that one so I will look forward to returning for another try.
Wanting to play a short course as a warm-up for my afternoon round, I found a GN hot deal for $16 for a 7:30 am tee time. Palm Royale is a walking-only, Ted Robinson Sr. design, 2000 yd, par 3 course in a private community. I was greeted by Stuart in the pro shop and then paired with some vacationers from Oklahoma and Sweden.

The course has a very fun layout with lot of hills, dips, undulating greens and several holes have carries over water. Other than the expected tee box divots and some ball marks on the greens, the conditions were amazing. The fairways and rough were completely lush, immaculate from edge to edge. There are lots of bunkers and every one was perfectly groomed. The sand was soft and fluffy, unlike any that I’ve seen in a long time. The greens had some challenging pin placements, were firm and rolled medium fast.

There are some areas of desert-scape that were put in recently. They did a really good job with it. On a couple of holes it’s integrated into the area around the lakes. Some larger areas between fairways were very unobtrusive and really don’t come into play unless you are seriously off line with your shot.

We finished in just about 2.5 hours. I had so much fun and was very impressed by the course. Because it wasn’t previously listed on GK, I wanted to try to get a bit more info. I stopped back in the shop to chat a bit with Stuart. He didn’t know much specific info but suggested I leave my email address and he’d find out what he could from the greenskeeper. I really appreciated that and mentioned I’d be writing a review on GK. About an hour later I received an email with this info about the course:

“Greens: 3 blend perennial rye grass and Poa trivialus. The greens are over-seeded on top of 328 hybrid Bermuda
Richard Jimenez. Superintendent, Timateo Gonzalez.Head greenskeeper, Phil Boyland. Head Professional
We received $15,000 per acre for turf reduction from Coachella Valley Water District. We transitioned 2 acres on golf course which represents a 15% saving on water.”

I thought it was so nice of him to do that. Kudos to Stuart, Mr. Jimenez and Mr, Gonzalez for making Palm Royale my new favorite short course! I highly recommend it and look forward to playing there again.
I played yesterday on Christmas Eve. I found a Hot Deal of $60 for an 11:42am tee time which was a good opportunity to finally get to this course. This was my second visit to PGA West and like last time, the customer service was top notch from bag drop, pro shop, cart guys, restaurant, starter and beverage cart. The expansive driving range was stocked with balls so I had a good warm up. I was paired with three other singles. One lives along the 2nd fairway so his course knowledge was extremely helpful. Another was distractingly talkative and the other was very pleasant with an enviable game.

Visually, the course was beautiful. The emerald green of the tee boxes, fairways, and rough were in stark contrast to the golden brown of everything else. All of the turf was lush and in great shape other than some divot damage on the par 3 tees. The greens were very firm and smooth but somewhat slow. All day long putts abruptly stopped a couple inches short. The water in the lakes was clean and clear.

After everything I’ve heard about this course, I went in with no expectations of a good score. Although it’s considerably less beastly from the red tees than the others, it is still a huge challenge, especially on a day when I just wasn’t hitting well. Other than the tee boxes, I don’t think there is a square foot of level on the whole course. I found myself in two of the bunker ‘canyons’ that are twice as deep as I am tall. I successfully hit out of those, but kept hitting poorly from the perfect lies in the middle of the fairways. Go figure…

The highlight of my round was making par on Alcatraz, the par 3 #17 with the island green. We all know there is the one shot or hole that keeps us going back. That one did it for me. I can’t wait to play the Stadium course again!
I also got to join the fun at the latest GK event. I played with Jim, Kevin and Greg- thanks, guys!! This was my first visit to La Costa. The resort is beautiful and the staff very friendly and helpful. I agree with some of the previous reviews regarding the course conditions. I really liked the fairways. Other than the crazy number of unfilled divots, they were in great shape. I was in the deep rough many times but it wasn’t hard to hit out of. The bunkers were a bit thin but the sand was nice and I actually made a couple of good shots out of it. The greens weren’t pretty but rolled fast and smoothly. They had lots of unexpected breaks which kept us on our toes. Visually, overall, I found the course somewhat bland. I guess I just prefer hillier courses. What was really interesting, though, was the wind on the back nine. One minute it would blow warm, the next cold- very unusual. I would like to return sometime to play the other course. Thank you, Johnny, for another wonderful day. I really appreciate everything you do for us.
Played yesterday, 12-3-17, with iluv2golflady and her friend, Mike. We had an 11:15am tee time and got out immediately. Indian Hills is always good when looking for something inexpensive and local. It’s a pretty fun course with a variety of holes. It has some big elevation changes on the back 9. The front is basically flat except for the par 3 #3…don’t miss right!

Course conditions were pretty ok. Tee boxes were recently over seeded so they had good coverage but many were very out of level. The fairways were mostly good but there were many areas marked GUR and several others that should have been. Bunkers were clean, soft, damp dirt. The greens were somewhat disappointing, though. The grass has recovered nicely from the recent punching. They rolled pretty fast but they ranged from damp to waterlogged (#16) so were very bumpy.

POP was good at 4 hrs. We were behind a fivesome but rarely waited and there was no one behind us. The beverage cart came by 3 times. A fun day on a fun course.
I played today, 11-26-17. After seeing some current photos online, I knew conditions had recovered from the terrible shape the course was in the last time I played there, shortly before they closed for the summer. It’s a bit pricey now but I was so eager to play again that I found a Hot Deal and stacked a couple of rewards to bring down the cost a bit. I was paired with a very nice twosome and another single. Our tee time was 7:04am but we got out early at 6:45am.

The cart guys and starter are all very friendly and efficient, as is the guy in the pro shop who told me that the course in under new ownership. So far it seems to be a good thing. They have all new carts with ice chest and USB. The GPS units are to be installed soon. The course was in fantastic condition. The fairways were emerald green and lush. The yardage marker poles in the fairway centers have been removed and replaced by very large painted rocks on the sides of the fairways. The tee boxes were level but in need of mowing. The rough was all in good shape but varied a lot in length from one to maybe four inches in some areas. I was in one bunker. It was damp but soft, clean and well groomed. The greens were good. They were very quick even when wet in the morning and just got faster and faster. The rolled smoothly, except where there was a ring-shaped depression around many of the cups. I’m not sure what those were caused by. OB vegetation was nicely trimmed but it’s still so dense that it’s pretty much impossible to retrieve lost balls. It was also nice to see clear water in the lakes on 8 and 16. All the palm trees behind the 10th green are blackened from a recent brush fire.

I’ve said so many times how much I love this course, but the truth is it’s a love/hate relationship. It makes me crazy. The course beckons me with its beauty and layout and then it taunts me and beats me up – every time. Yet I feel compelled to keep going back to try again. It’s like I’m a kid determined to do something I’ve been told I can’t do (like get a good score – I’ve yet to break 100 there.) Will I return? Absolutely!!
Played a Thanksgiving day shotgun along with iluv2golflady. Everything was very well organized and we started on time at 8am. It was great to see all new carts. They are very comfy and are outfitted with club/ball washers, USB ports and interactive GPS.

The course in the best overall condition I’ve ever seen. The fairways were green and lush with a few divots but no bad lies otherwise. The rough was uniform throughout the course. It was cut fairly short, which was easy to hit from but, unfortunately, too short to keep balls from running off the cliffs. The bunkers had an inch or so of clean soft sand. Tee boxes were level. The greens were amazing. They looked like velvet, held shots well and putts rolled fast. They were such a pleasure. The vegetation throughout the course was cut back and thinned out giving the course a very neat and clean appearance. It was also great to see that #15 is no longer cart path only.

The only negative feature is the on-course bathrooms. They have no door locks, no soap and had ants on the seats. I have mentioned the lack of locks to the staff on previous visits and just don’t understand why this is apparently unimportant to them.

This is such a fun and challenging course. I always look forward to playing here. Definitely recommended.
Played today with an 8:38 tee time. I knew there was a good Underpar deal avail but getting early tee time was the higher priority so we were willing to pay $65 senior rate to be able to reserve farther in advance. Check in was fast and the starter, Denis, was very friendly.

The fairways were in very nice shape. There was just a small amount of browning, lots of roll and we found no bad lies. The tee boxes were mostly level but a bit shaggy. I was in two bunkers, both of which had really good sand. It might have just been my imagination but it really smelled like ocean sand. The rough varied from as short as the fairways to deep patches that all but covered the ball. The greens were beautifully green with only an occasional ball mark. They were very soft, though, with footprints and spike marks causing lots of slow, bumpy rolls. The edges of the cups were in need of trimming too.

This is such a fun course with a good variety of holes and lots of beautiful scenery. Who doesn’t love the view from the 18th tee! POP was good at just a bit over 4 hrs. I managed a good score and no lost balls. All in all, a great day. Glen Ivy – highly recommended.
Played yesterday as a single, eventually paired up with two others after a very frustrating check-in process. I had booked a GolfNow hot deal for 12:20pm. The guy told me I was not on the tee sheet. I showed him my email confirmation then he said just go talk to the starter. Then I showed him my email offer of free range balls or beverage and he told me that offer is not good anymore. (It is good till the 31st.) I was none too happy at that point but I eventually got my beverage and headed out.
Course conditions were very nice. The fairways were multiple colors but lush with just a few muddy spots. The bunkers had a sufficient amount of sand, all well groomed. The tee boxes were all cut extremely short so were as much dirt as patches of grass. There was only one that was badly unlevel with wobbly footing.
The greens were amazing. The were beautiful, velvety green, soft, and rolled fast and true. Yes, there were a few ball marks to fix along the way but not enough give a second thought to.
The layout was fun and challenging as always with lots of elevation changes, forced carries and false fronts. One of my favorite holes is #15 with all the hills and dips surrounding the green. Unfortunately, my long streak of rounds with no lost balls ended here.
The beverage cart came by several times and there were plenty of water jugs around the course. There were very few ball washers, though. It would be great if the carts has GPS but I guess with no reception out there that may not be possible?
POP was slow at 5hrs but we had so much fun we snuck in a few extra holes finishing at dark. This is such a fun course. I highly recommend it and look forward to playing again.
I played yesterday joined by rudyclub. I used the birthday deal of $12 cart fee. The guys in the pro shop were so friendly and it was no problem that I had forgotten to bring the printed voucher with me. This was my third time playing here and it was, without any doubt, the best conditions I’ve ever seen here. The fairways were lush with hardly any brown spots. There were quite a few divots along the way but none that affected my lies. The tee boxes were not all level and had lots of divots but again, no problem. I was in two bunkers. One was very damp but both had plenty of sand. The greens were awesome. They were so soft that ball marks were really deep but it seemed the players before us did a good job of repairing theirs because I found very few other than my own to fix. The greens are challenging with some hard to see breaks and a good medium fast speed. This is such a fun course. It’s short but definitely challenging with its target style layout. That, combined with the beautiful scenery, has made Mt. Woodson a favorite. If it was closer I’d play it a lot more often. Highly recommended .
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