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Played today, 3-19-17. With a GN hot deal + promo, $21 was a great price. I was paired with a couple and another single. The weather was sunny, breezy, almost chilly- quite a change from last weekend in the desert. The course was in really nice shape. The tee boxes were level with minimal divot damage. The fairways were beautiful with only a few having some brown areas in the middle. I never had a bad lie. #14 was CPO although we couldn't quite figure out why. The two bunkers I was in were both well raked with clean soft, damp sand. The greens played better than they looked. They were all very patchy looking with many scars around previous cup placements. They rolled smoothly, though, and pretty fast. This course is pretty short so I mixed up the tees I played from just for a little more variety and challenge. The beverage cart came by a a total of 5 times- pretty impressive. POP was unusually good at 4.25 hrs. This course is not far from home yet I don't seem to think of it very often. That may change now that I had such a nice time there today.
Played 3-16-17 as the last round of the Guru weekend. Right away I liked the look of the course with the many huge pine trees. It was kind of a nice change from all the palm tree covered courses. Like the previous two courses of the weekend, everything was super green here too. There are very wide fairways and some of the biggest, deepest bunkers that I’ve seen in a while – yes, I got stuck in a couple of them. There are many holes on the back with water. This course is pretty tough but I would like to try it again - in cooler weather.
Played 3-13-17 with the GK Gurus. It was great having an early morning tee time so that we were able to enjoy the entire round in relatively cool temps. This is an absolutely beautiful course. The fairways, tees and greens were just perfect. I was in two bunkers – one was soft, the other thin and crusty. There were ice water stations every third hole which is much appreciated in the warm weather. The first time I played here it was a bit intimidating with so much sand and water but this time it was nothing but fun. I had such a great time. Thank you, Johnny for setting this up. I hope to be able to play here again soon!
played 3-12-17 with GK Gurus. This was my first time playing here. I’ve driven past it many times never even noticing it right next to the Fantasy Springs Casino. There were many things that impressed me about Eagle Falls. The pro shop had a surprisingly large selection of women’s clothing and all marked 30% off. The carts had ice chests (with water bottles) and club/ball washers. There is a beautiful driving range, practice bunker and a large, super smooth putting green. The course was awesome. Everything was green and lush from edge to edge. It’s a very nice layout, not super difficult, but still a good challenge.
I played today, 3-1-17, with iluv2golflady. I was last here a couple years ago and really enjoyed the course. Unfortunately there was a lot of fog over the water today so we didn’t get the beautiful ocean views. Just like last time, the parking lot is a nightmare. It’s nearly impossible to find a spot, but they do have complimentary valet if needed. We had a GroupGolfer deal that included a push cart. I had taken my own but was impressed to see that their fleet was of very nice Clicgear carts. The staff in the pro shop was super friendly as was the starter. We arrived a bit early for our 10:45 tee time so took advantage of the large practice green and chipping/bunker areas. We were paired with a dad and his young son who was clearly a Rickie Fowler admirer.

The course conditions were fantastic. Tee boxes were level with much less divot damage than expected. There were laser range finders at each tee. The fairways were completely lush as was the rough. There are bunkers everywhere! The sand was damp but soft and easy to hit out of. The greens were firm and really fast. The starter had reminded us about the greens breaking toward the ocean, but because the course is out on the point, the ocean could be on two sides and that made things even trickier. The course was full with a POP of just under 2 hours.

The course will be closed March 20-22 for aerification of the tees and greens. It’s a bit of a drive to get down there but with a good deal it’s definitely worth it and highly recommended.
I played yesterday, 2-27-17. It ended up raining just about the entire round. We saw only 3 other twosomes the whole day so we basically had the course all to ourselves. Although weather conditions were lousy, the course conditions were really good. Other than the same thin/bare spots on #12 that were there when I last played in December, the fairways were green and well cushioned. The rain created a few muddy spots but surprisingly didn’t slow down the greens at all. They were firm and fast with many shots rolling right past the pins. Fortunately the rough was long enough to stop them from disappearing down the hills. The tee boxes were lush and level and bunkers had lots of sand.
I had been looking forward to the new carts but admittedly I was a bit disappointed. While it was nice having scratch-free windshields and a cooler, the GPS was very basic, showing only distances to front, center and back of greens. This course is so challenging with many blind shots that it wuld be helpful to have more details like distances to hazards.
Each time I play here I enjoy it more. I wouldn’t turn down a chance to play it again.
I played today, 12-26-17, with the GK Review Gurus. This was my second time playing here and I enjoyed it even more this time. It’s a very fun layout and surprisingly challenging for a short course. Even though I wasn’t entirely successful on them today, my favorite holes are the three par-3’s over water. The conditions were pretty good considering all of the recent rain. There were many very wet areas on the fairways but the grass was in really nice shape. The tee boxes were level and not too badly chewed up. The practice green was pretty bumpy but the course greens were smooth and medium fast. I found 2 bunkers. One was a giant puddle, the other was dry with heavy, coarse sand that was really easy to hit out of. I look forward to playing here again when the weather is nicer. I’m determined to get a better score than I did today. Many thanks to Johnny and everyone else for another great outing.
Played Sunday, 2-12-17 on a very breezy, sometimes gusty morning. It was so great to see how green the course is. My last time there it was completely brown and dry in the heat of the summer. The fairways now are absolutely pristine from edge to edge. I haven’t seen turf that perfect since Ram’s Hill last year. The tee boxes are level with less divot damage than you’d expect on a par 3 course. The greens were extremely fast and firm enough to not make any new ball marks. Although short, the course is really fun with lots of undulations in the fairways and a few carries over the wash. It was a treat to see three very large and healthy-looking coyotes run right past me on the 14th hole. The only bad part was the slow POP - just short of 3 hours, waiting on every hole. I highly recommend the course in its current condition and look forward to playing again. It’s a great morning warm-up to an afternoon round.
Played 2-5-17 with my cousins who live in the area. This was my first time here. I have heard it’s a fun course and I do agree. We had a 1pm tee time in very chilly misty weather. On the front nine we waited on every hole but we knew that the back would move faster once all the football fans were gone. We finished in little over 4 hours.

The course actually turned out to be more interesting than what I was expecting. I played some holes from the whites and some from the gray, just whatever looked better to me at the time. There were several par 3’s over water which gave me no trouble. Where I did find trouble, though, was the many holes under the massive tree roots. I quickly lost two balls there.

The course conditions were pretty so-so. The greens were firm, fast and bumpy. I wasn’t in any bunkers but they appeared to have a decent enough amount of sand. The fairways were inconsistent, but other than the few wet or GUR areas, played just fine with a good amount of roll. There was a disturbing number of bird carcasses around the course and a gross amount of goose poop, but I guess that’s not too surprising with the number of lakes.

It looks like a really good walking course. I plan to do that next time – in warmer weather!
Played yesterday, 1-29-17 with iluv2golflady. We had a great deal for $40 each with range balls and unlimited play. I played here for the first time 3 weeks ago and was anxious to return. The weather was perfect- warm and no wind.

The course conditions were very good. Tee boxes level with no divot damage to speak of. The fairways were on the front were completely lush. On the back they were tighter with a few thin spots but I appreciated the extra roll on the par 5s. The greens were firm and really fast, very few marks. The rough around the greens is deep enough to hide your ball, but not too hard to hit out of. The fairway rough was short. The bunkers get my only negative comment. They were very thin and hard. It was pretty much impossible (for me) to hit a controlled shot from a greenside bunker which a couple times landed me in another on one the other side of the green. Having a little course knowledge was definitely helpful but this is still a very challenging course.

POP on our first round was 4.25 hours and after a quick lunch we played another 18 in 4.5 hrs. finishing just before dark.

I really want to give a big shout out to the staff who as a whole, is about the friendliest of anywhere I’ve played. The cart guys were so efficient, the starter very nice and let us out early both rounds. Aires (sp?) in the bar was amazing. Teresa, the beverage cart girl, was super friendly the several times she came around. On our second round, we caught up to the guys in front of us, one of whom is Mike, a co-owner of the course. We enjoyed chatting with him, and he treated us to drinks which Teresa gave us the next couple times we saw her. It just doesn’t get much better.

I definitely recommend Desert Dunes GC and look forward to played again soon
I played yesterday, 1-14-17, with a Meet-up group. The weather was just perfect and the staff friendly as always. The course was in really good condition except for the expected mud after the rains. The tee boxes were all perfectly level, cut short and free of divots. The greens were smooth and medium speed. Being fairly soft, ball marks were really deep, but fortunately there weren’t very many to repair. The fairways had great coverage but lots of deep squishy, slippery areas. Due to being cart-path- only, we were able to finish only 14 holes in 5 hours. I’ll be back again soon.
Played yesterday, 1-8-17. I got a very good price with a GN Hot deal + reward. The weather was perfect in the low 70’s and none of the wind that I had been cautioned about. I was immediately impressed with how green everything is. All staff that I encountered were very friendly and helpful, particularly the 3 people in the pro shop.

On the 2nd hole I caught up to and joined a threesome of members. I’m glad I did because the course turned out to be much trickier than it appears. The fairways have lots of rolls and dips that aren’t always visible. I was grateful for the extra sets of eyes as the rough was so long that balls disappeared from sight. Fortunately, it wasn’t as hard as expected to hit out of. The fairways were completely lush with no browning. The tee boxes were a bit shaggy but level. The bunkers had very nice sand and were well raked, but 2 of them that I was in had mud in the middle. The greens were firm, smooth, rolling medium fast with lots of big undulations. Again, I was glad to have the help of my playing partners as there were some surprises like where the ball breaks uphill for no apparent reason. Holes 9 & 18 have a big double green. There is a bunker in the deep valley between them- miss your line on either hole and you could be in big trouble!

I also really liked the natural look of the course except for #16 which, although pretty, looked quite out of place with the waterfalls and very contrived desert landscaping including several saguaros. Overall, I loved the course and can’t wait to get back to try for a decent score!
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