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Played yesterday with iluv2golflady using a Group Golfer deal. The weather was pretty hot in the 90s with no breeze at all on the front, but the wind kicked up pretty good on the back keeping us a bit cooler.

I’ve played here many times and have always experienced friendly and efficient service in the pro shop and restaurant with yesterday being no exception. Our tee time was 11:30 and got out on time. We were behind a slow threesome and foursome so waited quite a bit on the first 4 holes. The single behind us then caught up and we invited him to join us which really helped even out the pace for all of us.

I really enjoy the layout of this course. It’s not a hugely hilly course but has enough elevated geens, blind shots, hidden bunkers and water hazards to keep things interesting and challenging. It starts with a bang on #1 with a par 5 dogleg with a huge bunker at the corner and forced carry to the green.

The conditions were decent. The fairways had lots of thin spots and are getting very brown but we still had no bad lies. The rough varied a lot in length and is all getting brown, dry and crispy. The bunkers were thin and somewhat gravelly but still easy enough to hit out of. Tee boxes were good. Several of the reds were moved back to the gold making those holes a fun change. The greens played better than they looked. They all still showed the punch patterns and were a little bumpy but putts stayed on line. There were very few ball marks and I had only 12 putts on the back so I was quite happy.

We finished in 4.5 hrs. I hope to return again soon before it dries out much more.
Played today with Robule for a super fun round. We took advantage of their 20th anniversary year-long 2 for 1 special. This is always one of my favorite local courses even when I play as poorly as I did today.

The clubhouse is undergoing construction to double the capacity of the banquet room to 400. The bar and restaurant are still open but the pro shop is temporarily in a trailer by the driving range. I hope they can get some new carts soon. They are getting pretty rickety. It sounded like something was going to fall off the bottom and there was a very nice ‘sunroof’ on the driver’s side. There is a GPS that gives distances to greens and hazards but the lens cover is so scratched up it’s hard to read.

The course conditions are good. The fairways had a few thin spots but overall good coverage. The tees were mostly level with minimal divots. Bunkers were damp and the sand was very coarse. The rough was thick but cut much shorter than usual making it much easier to hit out of. Other than the greens on 9 & 18 which were punched and sanded, all the others were clean, smooth and free of ball marks. With as many times as I’ve played there, I thought I had the breaks figured out, but there were plenty of surprises today.

Oh – beware of dirt on the #15 cartpath by the tees. It can make a pretty slick ride down the hill!
I also played in the GK event on 5-7. I had so much fun with Tim, John and Kristie. Like everyone else has said, the course was in great shape. The fairways were beautiful and I really loved all the hills and valleys on the sides and even the ones that ran across in front of the greens. Shots really took some planning and I enjoy that a lot. As someone who can’t keep a little 3 x 5 backyard in good shape, I really found a new appreciation for how much work it must take to keep a golf course in such good shape. Just mowing all those mounds and dips must be quite a job! I was glad the sand was soft and well groomed as I found plenty of bunkers. The after party was so nice and I highly recommend the lettuce wraps. Thank you, Johnny and PGA West for another fantastic day.
I played yesterday, 4-30-17. It is a long, tiring drive to get to Ram’s Hill, but it’s amazing to see such a beautiful place out in the middle of nowhere. Some non-golfer friends were in the area camping and we met for lunch at the clubhouse. The view over the 18th hole was perfect. The food was good but seriously overpriced.

I had a very fun time playing with fellow GK Gurus sixpez, robule and roarksown1. The course was in great shape as always, though it was surprising to see quite a bit of browned grass around some tee boxes and rough, which was cut quite short. The greens rolled slower than the previous times I’ve played here but were smooth with few ball marks. I was in so many bunkers I lost count. A couple of them were thin and borderline crusty but all the others had lots of clean, soft sand.

I really like the layout of this course. Although it’s quite short from the forward tees, with all the bunkers and the fairways that always seem to slope right into them, it is always interesting and shots take a bit of planning, especially with the many tricky pin placements. The wind kicked up pretty high late in the afternoon making the last 3 holes even more challenging.

I highly recommend Ram’s Hill and look forward to playing there again.
Played yesterday in the GK outing. This was my second time at this course and overall I still like the course as much as the first time. Having even just a bit of course knowledge is extremely helpful here with the sloping fairways and many blind shots. It may be short yardage-wise, but short doesn’t always mean easy! The fairways are in very good shape. The greens were rather inconsistent from hole to hole. The tee boxes had even footing, but many seemed slightly tilted although sometimes I couldn’t tell if they really were or if it was just an optical illusion. I was disappointed that they still don’t have logo balls but hopefully they will get them soon. When they do, I’ll be back for another round.
I played yesterday, 4-16-17. Strange as it was, I had never heard of this course before. ( I missed the recent GK reviews). I noticed it for the first time while searching GN for a decent deal on Easter Sunday. The course was fairly empty and I was paired with a nice twosome. We played the East/North combo.
I knew right away I was going to enjoy this course. I like old style, gimmick-free courses with lots of trees. Conditions were really nice. The fairways were almost completely green with lots of cushion. Tee boxes were in great shape as was the rough which, though clumpy in spots, was short enough to not be a problem. The greens showed very faint marks from recent punching but rolled completely smoothly and pretty fast. The par 3s were a lot of fun. Most played long due to either being uphill or having large dips in front reducing the roll onto the green. The only hole I didn’t like was #1 on the North course. It’s a dogleg par 4 with a tee shot over water onto a very steep hill which has an almost guaranteed roll back down towards the water. The frustration of that hole was completely cancelled out by #6, which at 510 yds from the forward tees, is the longest hole I’ve ever parred. I hope to return to Royal Vista soon to give the South course a try.
It was time to head back to my favorite desert course for another attempt at a respectable score. With an Underpar deal of $79 for 2, including range balls and replay, I was joined by Gk’er Robule for a very fun day. The weather was perfect with temperature in the mid 80’s and, once again, there was no wind.

With the exception of the bunkers, the course conditions were great. The fairways are still very green and lush. #’s 12 and 15 are much improved over last time I was there when they were thin with several bare spots. Some of low lying areas like between fairways 2 and 3 were pretty bare but fortunately I didn’t end up there this time. The tee boxes were all level with no divots to speak of. The greens were beautiful, smooth and rolling medium fast. I’m getting to know these greens better each time which is very helpful with all the crazy breaks. The bunkers all were extremely thin and many were muddy or had standing water in them. The rough is pretty deep in places but didn't cause too much trouble.

Once again, all the staff we encountered was very friendly and helpful. The course was not busy and we finished each round in just about 4 hours. I enjoy playing here more each time and I look forward to returning soon.
When going up to Long Beach today to visit some family and friends I stopped for a very slow (2.5 hr) but otherwise pleasant round at Little Rec. The large putting green and 3 chipping greens are very nice. I was paired with 3 other single walkers and we followed a few four- and fivesomes. Little Rec has long been my favorite 9 hole course. It's a nice mix of 3 & 4 pars with a couple of elevated greens and tees and some water to hit over from the back tees on #7. The conditions were about as good as I've ever seen there. The fairways were lush with only some faintly brownish spots. The bunkers were surprisingly soft and fluffy. The greens were awesome..smooth, medium fast and not a ball mark to be seen. I'm glad I got there today as they will be aerifying the greens tomorrow. Several large trees that were on the right side of #6 are gone after being damaged in the recent storms. I've never seen a beverage cart there before, but today it came by 3 times- very nice for only 9 holes. As long as you're not in a hurry, playing here is a great way to spend a couple hours.
Played yesterday with the GK Gurus. This is a beautiful, very challenging course in a remote setting in the mountains near Santa Barbara. The area is covered in huge oak trees and the hills are very green right now. The friendliness of the staff along with the rustic feel of the clubhouse and patios made for a very welcoming feeling.

The large chipping/bunker/putting green and grass driving range are very nice and the course is in really good shape. The fairways had good coverage with lots of roll which, unfortunately, landed me in several bunkers as the rough around them was too short to help stop the ball. Some of them had deep, soft sand, others thinner, but all were well maintained. The greens were firm and fast with crazy breaks that were both fun and frustrating. The only thing that I wish was a little different is that while the forward tees are a good distance for my game, many of them are all the way down on fairway level while the others are elevated. This did take away a tiny bit of excitement on a few holes but definitely not from the overall experience. It was a fantastic day and well worth the long drive getting there. I look forward to playing here again.
Played today, 3-19-17. With a GN hot deal + promo, $21 was a great price. I was paired with a couple and another single. The weather was sunny, breezy, almost chilly- quite a change from last weekend in the desert. The course was in really nice shape. The tee boxes were level with minimal divot damage. The fairways were beautiful with only a few having some brown areas in the middle. I never had a bad lie. #14 was CPO although we couldn't quite figure out why. The two bunkers I was in were both well raked with clean soft, damp sand. The greens played better than they looked. They were all very patchy looking with many scars around previous cup placements. They rolled smoothly, though, and pretty fast. This course is pretty short so I mixed up the tees I played from just for a little more variety and challenge. The beverage cart came by a a total of 5 times- pretty impressive. POP was unusually good at 4.25 hrs. This course is not far from home yet I don't seem to think of it very often. That may change now that I had such a nice time there today.
Played 3-16-17 as the last round of the Guru weekend. Right away I liked the look of the course with the many huge pine trees. It was kind of a nice change from all the palm tree covered courses. Like the previous two courses of the weekend, everything was super green here too. There are very wide fairways and some of the biggest, deepest bunkers that I’ve seen in a while – yes, I got stuck in a couple of them. There are many holes on the back with water. This course is pretty tough but I would like to try it again - in cooler weather.
Played 3-13-17 with the GK Gurus. It was great having an early morning tee time so that we were able to enjoy the entire round in relatively cool temps. This is an absolutely beautiful course. The fairways, tees and greens were just perfect. I was in two bunkers – one was soft, the other thin and crusty. There were ice water stations every third hole which is much appreciated in the warm weather. The first time I played here it was a bit intimidating with so much sand and water but this time it was nothing but fun. I had such a great time. Thank you, Johnny for setting this up. I hope to be able to play here again soon!
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