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I played in the Guru outing on 8-9-17. I was determined to play here ever since seeing someone’s video of the ‘magic doors’ from last year’s outing. Everything about the day was just amazing. The clubhouse is the most impressive I’ve seen. I loved the huge atrium-like lobby with the creek running through it. Having my own locker with my name on it was pretty special.

As the others have said, the course conditions were just about perfect with the exception of the bunkers. I really enjoyed the layout with the views and variety of holes. The length from the forward tees was a tad long for me at 5500+ but with the help of our caddy, Dave, I did much better than I thought I would. This was my first experience playing with a caddy. I was pretty nervous about it at first but Dave was just great. Reading the distances and breaks was a huge help. Most shots I was ready and confident to hit, but many I wasn’t, and that’s when Dave’s advice and encouragement made all the difference.
I feel so lucky to have been able to play here. I can’t wait for next time!
Played with the Gurus on 8-8-17. It’s a nice no-frills course that was quite fun to play. The fairways and tees were all in great shape as were the greens, though they were slow. I was in a couple of bunkers and the sand was clean and white but really coarse. It felt kind of odd. I didn’t like having to carry the rake from the cart to the bunkers, though. I was too hot and tired for that much extra work. The ditch on the right side of all holes was pretty nasty if you went in. The rough was long enough to swallow the balls and with all the other debris down there it was just good motivation to try harder to hit straight!

Customer service was great. Everyone was very friendly at check in and they later came around the course offering us water and ice pops. Nice touch. This is a good course for a casual or ‘warm up’ round. I would consider playing it again when in the area.
Many thanks to Johnny and The Club at Sunrise for the fun afternoon.
I played on 8-8-17. It was my first time here. I hadn’t heard or read much about the courses beforehand. When I called to make my tee time, I asked which course had more trees, only thinking about being able to stay cool in the hot weather. The guy on the phone recommended the Lakes course, so I arrived planning to play that one. Check in was easy from bag drop to the pro shop. Apparently, there were very few players out that day but they were all on the Lakes course. After waiting at the first tee for about ten minutes, I decided to play the Desert course instead. When I got to the first tee there were two gentlemen there who immediately invited me to join them. They looked like a couple of interesting characters and I just had a feeling I’d have a fun time playing with them.

The course was in pretty good shape. The fairways were equally green and brown but had good cushioned coverage throughout and provided lots of roll. The tees were level with minimal divot damage. The first green was lightly sanded but all the others were just beautiful, smooth, with no ball marks to fix (how refreshing!) The rolled medium speed and held shots really well. The bunkers- gosh, there were a lot of them- were pretty bad, being hard with lots of stones and very little sand.

I enjoyed the layout a lot. The forward tees are just the right length for me at 5400 yds. There are some really fun par 3’s, #15 in particular, and several doglegs with the turn being tight and narrow just before the green. There are some elevated greens which were even more challenging when the wind picked up on the back nine.

We finished in just under 4 hours. We never saw anyone else on the course so it was a very fun and relaxing round. I would happily play here again and would like to try the Lakes course also.
Played yesterday with Robule and two of his buddies. The weather was a toasty 107 but I came better prepared for the heat than last time we played. Tee time was 9am-ish and from the beginning it was slow going with the twosome in front of us but got better on the back.

The course wasn’t as green as last time but overall still in really good shape. There were some thin/brown/bare patches in the fairways, rough and around some greens, but nothing that caused any bad lies. I spent a good part of the day playing in the sand. I lost count of how many bunkers, maybe 6 or 7… or 8? All but one of them had decent sand. The greens were a little bumpy and pretty slow.

I like this course a lot. It has some really fun holes. I had been looking forward to the par 3 #12, hoping the pin would be at the lower level back of the green this time. It was, and I’ll just say that it’s so much easier when it’s up front! I really want to play here again. I need to finish #18 without losing a ball in the creek below the green. Fun day!
Played today, 7-31-17. The weather was 98 and very humid. I went as a single and paired with a very nice father and son. I’ve played here a couple times before but it had been about 2 years. My first impression today was that it was the greenest I’ve ever seen it. The view of the course from the clubhouse, by the huge putting green, was just gorgeous.

Fairways were mostly green with just a bit of browning here and there. They were very short giving me some trouble with the tight lies but no bad lies all day. On much of the course there really wasn’t any rough to speak of, being cut about the same length as the fairways. There were a few areas closer to the greens were it was a little longer, maybe an inch and a half and very dense so the balls sat up nicely.

The greens were pretty nice. They were a bit soft, held shots well and rolled medium fast with just a few little bumps here and there. Of course there were plenty of ball marks…

The bunkers were so much better than last time I was here. They appear to all have new white sand. I was in only one, a fairway bunker. The sand was very thin, but no complaints- I still had a long way to go and I was able to get some good distance. The sand in the greenside bunkers looked deep and fluffy but many were wet in the middle.

There was a lot of GUR today, mostly affecting the tee boxes. Most were level, some a little chewed up. On #4, the whites were moved up to the red. On #10 the black and and blue tee boxes were closed and moved down to the lower level – about 130 and 122 yds. The bridge to the #16 tees was under repair with a very rocky, bumpy dirt path detour. The red tees on #16 were closed and moved back to the whites.

The beverage cart only came around once but there were six water stations on the course. I really like this course. There are so many super fun holes. Highly recommended.
Played 7-23-17 with iluv2golflady as the last stop on our little road trip. We picked this course strictly by location after getting some recommendations from fellow Gkr’s. Check in was a bit frustrating. We paid for the round using credit from GoPlay cards. It turned out that when GoPlay called the course to submit payment, they said it was for only one player. The girl in the pro shop said there wasn’t anything she could do about it even though we had our receipt showing confirmation numbers for two players. After some back and forth phone calls to GoPlay and the course manager who was not there that day, we got it straightened out. We then grabbed a quick lunch before playing. I did see a nice looking driving range, large putting green and bunker practice area.

From the first hole I had a feeling I would enjoy the course. There are lots of undulations in the fairways and those dips and mounds that I like so much hiding bunkers from view. The fairways were in pretty good shape. Most of the tee boxes were level but a bit chewed up. I was in two greenside bunkers. Both were deep with vertical sides and just barely enough dirt to keep my shot from flying out of control. The greens varied greatly from soft, smooth, medium fast to super ugly shaggy, patchy, bumpy (#3 in particular.) I agree with Robert that #15 is a beautiful par 3. There are tall reeds and very deep bunkers in front of the big wavy green. My other favorite hole was #18, a par 5 with its green guarded by water, rocks and bunkers.

POP was a fast 3 hr 40 min. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely play here again if I’m in the area.
Played 7-21-17 with Iluv2golflady as our first stop on a 3 day golf road trip. The course was recommended by a couple of Gkr’s as very affordable with great ocean views which was exactly what I was looking for. We used the Costco deal found on GK for $35 per player.

We had a quick lunch before our round in the restaurant. The food and service were both very good. Check in for the round was easy, the pro shop was well stocked and the staff very friendly. We played as a twosome with no one behind us. The front 9 starts with two par 3s so it was a little slow going with a few foursomes in front of us. Other than the huge trees lining the fairways and a dozen deer leisurely hanging around, there is nothing very remarkable about the front. The conditions were good. The fairways had a few thin and bare spots but were mostly lush. The greens were smooth, somewhat soft, and rolled medium speed. The effect of the ocean was apparent with putts breaking in some unexpected ways.

The back nine was completely different and in a word, amazing! In the sand dunes and just across the road from the ocean it was unlike any course I’ve played before. The holes were much more interesting than on the front with false fronts, huge dunes of very deep sand and a 2 club wind. I just loved it and scored much better on the back. POP was just about 4.5 hours. We had a great time and definitely recommend the course.
Played today with Robule with an Underpar deal of $18 per player including replay. Due to the heat, all carts had to be in by 2pm so we got a very early start at 6:15 am. When I arrived there were only 2 other cars in the parking lot so I knew the course would be pretty empty.

Course conditions were very poor. Tee boxes were level but covered with either inch long grass or just plain dirt. Bad lies were to be found all morning. The fairways were very thin and brown with only a few nice green areas. There were 6 inch tall weeds growing and the fairways were dotted with huge insect mounds. The area around the greens, for maybe about 10 yards out, was pretty good on most holes making decent chips possible onto the really sad looking greens. As thin and ugly as they were, they rolled fairly smoothly, but very slow with about half our putts stopping dead a few inches from the cup. The bunkers had no sand and many were muddy. The lakes were the best conditioned part of the course. The water was so clear it was easy to see all the balls that had died a watery death.

With all that said, I still really enjoyed the first 18 and even managed to beat my previous course best score by 2 strokes. We finished in 3 hrs. After the playing the front nine again, we were both tired and pretty much over it so called it a day. Desert Dunes is still one of my favorite courses and I will definitely be back when conditions are back to normal.
Played yesterday with iluv2golflady using an UnderPar deal that included replay. The weather was hot and humid with no breeze until the second round. I played here once about a year ago and everything about it was much better this time, from customer service to course conditions. When we arrived it was very crowded, but it turned out to be a tournament that was organizing to go out after our 8:30 tee time (whew!!). We were paired with another twosome and got going just a few minutes late.

From a distance the fairways looked much greener than they did up close. They were quite thin with many bare spots but still we rarely had a poor lie. The rough varied from nothing to six inches long like around the #1 green. Of course I landed in that but managed a successful chip out to end with a one putt par.

The practice green had made us a bit nervous as it was SERIOUSLY bumpy. Luckily the greens on the course were not. Other than the usual old and new ball marks, they were smooth and rolled medium speed uphill to extremely fast downhill. The #14 green was the one exception. It was it terrible shape. The entire green was covered in huge multi-colored patches, big scars and bright blood-red spots. I couldn’t figure out what that was about. I was in a few bunkers. They varied from soft & fluffy to thin & hard. The lakes had plenty of water but it was pretty ugly, scummy and buggy. There was no beverage cart, but there were several water stations. My only real complaint is the lack of bathrooms on the course –only an outhouse on each 9.

I really enjoyed playing the course. We made our own combo of tees for some variety. Overall, the course isn’t that tough (except for #16 – a forced carry par 3 that for some reason I just couldn’t manage yesterday) but still challenging with all the rocks, large oak trees and many bunkers. POP was not bad- 4.75 hrs the first and 4.5 hrs the second. I definitely recommend Woods Valley and look forward to playing again.
I joined Robule yesterday for a very fun round. I’d heard of this course several times but just never had gotten around to playing it before. Being my first time there, I was really glad to play with someone who was familiar with the course.

I knew right away I was going to like this course with the many big trees, rolling fairways, mounds and dips hiding bunkers and large, very wavy greens. The fairways had more brown than green, but mostly good coverage. I did manage to find two spots of rough that were thick and deep enough to all but completely swallow my ball. There are a lot of steep elevation changes. The par 3 third hole I played from the whites with the very big drop to the green which was a lot more fun that the forward tees which were only about 70 yds out on level with the green. A couple of the par 4’s left me with an almost vertical shot up to the green. I really enjoy a course that requires thinking and planning shots. I didn’t always get it right, but it sure was fun trying!

Of the three bunkers I found, the greenside was the muddy one but I made a good out so I can't complain. As Rob described, the greens were in very good shape, smooth and fast. There are some huge slopes and unexpected breaks. It really took some figuring to read them.
I loved the course. I want very much to play it again when it’s a little greener.
I played today, 6-19-17, with leef2020 who had extended a Meet & Play invitation. I am always impressed with the friendliness and efficiency of the staff. It’s nice dropping off my bag by the parking lot and then having it on a cart waiting for me behind the clubhouse. I’ve never used the driving range but the practice area is great with large hilly areas around the chipping green and a large deep bunker. The sand was so deep that I knew I’d have to be sure not to get in any on the course or I’d be in big trouble. The course conditions were amazing. The fairways were completely lush like beautiful carpet. On the first hole the footing was very uneven on the tee box but all the others (forward) were level. The greens were soft, smooth and fast with not too many ball marks. I have played here a couple of times before but I didn’t remember how tricky some of the greens are with big ridges and slopes. Other than the round taking just short of 5 hours, it was a very good day. I definitely recommend the course and look forward to playing again.
I played yesterday with a GN Hot deal for $14. I wanted to walk a shorter course and I’ve only played there once since the renovation and was curious to see how things were progressing. I arrived about 30 minutes before my tee time - with a completely flat tire. I knew I had to attend to that before playing. The girl in the pro-shop said it was no problem, the course was wide open so I go out later. (The auto club had the tire changed in 20 minutes so I actually got to start right on time.)

The new clubhouse looks great. It has a nice modern look with several tv screens, a bar and patio tables all around. I was surprised at how many people were hanging out there. It had a very happy vibe.

The course was fun. Many of the holes are pretty much the same as prior to the renovation, and a few are completely different. I think there used to be a lot more big trees on the front. There are some nice hills and a couple of holes with water. The tee boxes were level but pretty chewed up. Some fairways were very green with good coverage, others were very thin. The rough varied from patchy to long and lush. The greens were smooth and fast and the bunkers had decent sand.
I finished in 2 hours. It was very enjoyable and good short game practice. I will definitely be back.
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