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Played Fri Feb 21st at 730. This is the first time I have played here as I live in norco in riverside and it is a long trip. Getting there not bad but getting home through the 91 canyon not good. Several of us got our L A County senior card so we are adding courses to our rotation, walking for $16.50 is nice. I was very pleasantly surprised at the course, I thought the tee boxes and fairways were in good shape, the rough was not penal, greens were fairly receptive and rolled real nice, I was in 5 bunkers and was very impressed with the amount of sand , very nice. We played as a 5 some in 4:32 which was not bad. I will definitely come back.
Played Tues Feb 18th at 706, breakfast always goid, check in nice and fast, got out on time with no one in front or back. Tee boxes very hard but even, I broke 3 plastic un breakable tees, fairways in winter mode short grass with a few bare spots, bunkers were terrible, like a 1/4" of sand and then hard pan, didn't even leave foot prints, very disappointed in traps, greens were very hard and fast, very small ball marks to fix and nothing held, down hill putts would run past by 10 feet, when playing aim for front of green and it will release. Major coot problem on hole 18. Cart gps kept stopping, clicked the switch twice to restart and it worked, then by hole 15 it would not even start again. They brought back lunch specials and they are mostly good, although the menu selection in limited.
Played Fri Feb 14th at 7am, my first round in 4 weeks because of an ankle injury. Good to be back. Check in was quick, but for some reason they didn't have carts ready, had to wait. Course was in winter mode for the tee boxes fairways and rough, a few thin lies and some big bounces in the fairways. Greens were very hard, big bounces and next to no ball marks to repair. They rolled fast and a few of these had some very quick down hill putts. Was in 2 green side bunkers and the sand was just ok. I like the layout of this coures, wish we played it more.
Played Friday Jan 3rd at 7am. Starter was very friendly and this is important to get off on a good note. Tee boxes were all level, but rather hard and dry compared to the rest of the course. Fairways were cut short, dry in some spots and very soggy and muddy in others, you couldn't get a feel of when the ball would roll out or plug. Sand traps were a mess, I wasn't in any but my playing partners were and there were at least 20 traps with very deep standing water, you actually saw splashes when the ball landed in these traps. The rough that was next to the fairways was not real long and was playable. The greens rolled nice but were way too fast for the amount of slope these greens have, very few ball marks needed to be repaired when hitting the greens. Many times on multiple holes when putting down hill to the flag, the ball rolled off the green to a collection area or actually into a trap (hole 17) and these putts were barely touched. Many many putts would roll 6 to 10 feet past the hole. POP was ok at 409.
Played Fri dec 27th at 7am. Got there at 540 and had a good breakfast. We were a walking 4 some and got out on time. POP was 346 which was good. It was very cold 1st 4 holes until the sun got up, then a real nice walking day. The view of the snow on the mountains was fantastic. After the rain Thursday we expected a soggy course, well the front nine drained nice and it was a good walk, the back nine was a different story, very soggy and wet, the greens rolled real nice and were receptive maybe because of the rain the day before. I like this place, just a good friendly non stuffy place to play golf with good food.
Played Tues dec 24th , Christmas eve. My wife and I showed up at 945 as walk ons and the course was busy. The only reason we had to wait to go out was they didn't have any carts, we only waited 15 minutes and got out. They also did NOT charge holiday rates, it was $25 senior. The first 5 holes were very quick, then we caught up to everyone. Man was it slow. It was so backed up at 12 that we looked ahead and saw no one past 14, so we skipped 12 thru 14 and drove to 15 and played the last 4 holes. Finished 15 holes in 3:20. As everyone knows PK is closing dec 31, so this was our farewell round. The course was actually in good shape with as usual the greens being real nice. Pro shop is pretty empty but does have sales to clear everything out. I will be sorry to see P K close.
Played Fri dec 20th, at 750. Check in very fast and friendly, people in club house very nice, both check in and meals. Haven't been here for 5 months, course was dead winter mode, rock hard tee boxes where we broke 3 of the plastic none breakable tees puting them IN the ground. Fairways were also rock hard and dormant, ball ran forever. No bunkers so no comment. Greens were a little bumpy. POP was 350 which wasn't bad. P S don't disregard the deli sandwich for lunch, not bad.
Played Fri dec 13th, at 704, we won a 4 some tee time at a charity event a month ago. We checked in and got off early playing Vista and Lake. Course is in real good shape, tee boxes really nice, fairways and roungh was good, not in any bunkers so no comment, greens were very rececptive, ball marks to repair all day. This is a private course and I was surprised at all the unrepaired ball marks there were on the greens. The greens were very fast, going down hill, the ball just wouldn't stop. It was a very enjoyable day.
Played Tues dec10th, called in for north but a mix up and they put us on the south. Cold morning 41 degrees, very wet and damp and then it was cart path only. This made for a rough first few hole. POP was 412 and that is because of CPO. When you walked the first fairway you knew why CPO, course was soaked, even walking was difficult. Tee boxes were ok, they even look like they are leveling out #9, traps were surpsingly fairly good with decent sand, only one was a hard mess. Greens rolled nice and we had ball marks to repair, the bummer is my friend left his 8 iron someplace, hope it will get returned to the shop. The restaurant is starting to have breakfast and lunch specials again and this was beef stur fry and was really good. Nice to see again.
Played Fri dec 6th with our ofg group, had a 732 tee time and got there at 630 for breakfast which was good, checked in and told us we would start on hole 4 and then play 1,2,3 because the bridge was painted and not dry, well done on 18 and go back to the starter and he said bridge still not ready so we play 2 and 3 and then 1, so we had to drive backwards on 2 to get to the tee box, interesting! !!!! POP was terrible at 5 hours, the 2 groups in front of us were very slow. The course was in real good shape. Tee boxes and fairways good, most bunkers were not, but this is always the issue here and in most I.E. courses. Greens were receptive and we had ball marks to fix all day, they also rolled pretty nice. Course is not long but you have to have course knowledge and really use your range finder to shoot the distances for problems.
Played Fri Nov 22 at 7am, check in very fast and friendly. Love the view of hole 1 since the tee on the right has been removed. We played the whites which is the correct tees since 2 of us were below 90 and 2 were above 90, distance of course doesn't matter, skill level does. POP was not good at 420 as the group in front of us was rediculous on the greens, puttering 12" putts like it was for the masters. Saw them in restaurant after with 4 others so must have been playing for money. Tee boxes were uncut and very long, on par 3's you had to use a tee or it was like hitting out of the rough. Fairways were very thin and ran like crazy, you had to know the course or you could get into trouble. 18 was just plain unfair, aim to the left of the pole and you were safe, hit 12" to the right of the pole and you rolled into the water. I wasn't in any bunkers so can't comment. Greens were very fast but bumpy. When you replaced your ball many times it would settle into a hole, they need more time to heal. It seems every coure we play needs more time for the greens to heal this year, had to be the weather.
Played Monday Nov 4th in a charity event. Shotgun start at 11am, first time here and was a little disappointed, this is a private club but thought the course conditions were very average. I live in Norco so it was 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there and 2 hours to get home, I know why I play allot of inland empire courses. Tee boxes were ok fairways had some bare spots, no bumkers as it was best ball, and greens were receptive, the greens also had some very large Suttle breaks and were on the fast side, so if you were going down hill it would just roll out past the hole.
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