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Played here 7/5/19 with a 6:10 am tee time for $59.00. My friend and I were able to get out early at about 6. Pace of play was wonderful at 3 hr 45 min. We had 2 groups in front of us and 2 in back of us. We never saw any of them!

Greens- Good shape started slow but sped up as the weather heated up- they didnt hold any approach shots at all, ball was bouncing all over the place

Fairways- mostly green with a little brown in parts. Typical summer conditions. Cut short and able to catch the ball perfectly.

Rough- Long and thick, definitely penalty worthy for not hitting a good tee shot.

Sand- I was in 1 one sand trap and it was compact and hard. Not much fluff to it.

Staff- Friendly, courteous and kind.

Water- Smelled and looked a little dirty- needs improvement

Saw the cart girl twice on holes 7 and 15.
Played here 6/30/19 with a 7:00am tee time. My friend and I were paired with another 2 some which eventually broke from us on hole 12. Pace of play was 4.5 hours. Saw the cart girl 3 times. Staff was extremely friendly. Dave in the pro-shop was very kind and welcoming.

Now for course conditions:
Greens- 10/10 PERFECT! They started off slow but sped up tremendously as the sun dried them out. Everything rolled true and all ball marks looked to be fixed when walking up to green.
Fairways- 9/10 GREAT!- Trim, Green with perfect amount of roll after the flight. Hole #13 and #18 had some dead spots and Ground under repair roped of but still amazing fairways.
Rough- 7/10 GOOD! Definitely penalty worthy. A little too long to play out of. Felt like I was playing bethpage black anytime I wasn't in the fairway.
Sand- Believe it or not our entire foursome never went in a sand trap the entire course! I can't review because of this. However the sand traps looked well manicured and didnt look to have any growth in them.
Water- Water on holes 8 and 9 seemed to be clean and clear.
Tee Boxes- 10/10 PERFECT! If you come to this course the best part of it is the greens, fairways and tee boxes.

Beautiful course! We played from the Blue tees and I shot an even 100 playing PGA rules. Tough course! I am a 16 handicap. Love the challenge though and heads up #18 has a blind approach shot to the green.
Played here 6/23/19 with a 6:27am tee time. Let me start off by saying if you're planning on playing in the desert from june-september bring tons of water and enjoy the heat. It was 87 degrees at 9 am with zero wind and I mean ZERO wind. Now as far as the course is concerned. Greens were amazing, rolled true and held balls well. However the speed was a bit too slow for my liking. Fairways green and beautiful cut short and very few dead spots. Sand- I was in 8, YES 8 sand traps. 7 of the 8 were fluffy with perfect sand the other trap had some rocks in it but I was still able to get out of it and get the club through the sand. Rough was good and green and just long enough to make it challenging but not impossible. Water was clean and clear on the course and tee boxes were level with very little to no damage on them. Pace of play for my friend and I was 3:45 min. We were second group off the tee and paired with one other single who ended up leaving us after 12 holes. He couldnt take the heat and I dont blame him. The heat is rough out here. $39 to play but sometimes money can't buy happiness ha! If you love sweating play Palm springs. Otherwise you might want to stick to the coast courses.
Played here 6/15/19 with a 6:51 am tee time. Check in was fast and easy. Staff in the pro-shop and starter were all very kind and pleasant. Pace of play for my threesome was 4 hours 15 minutes. Now let's go to conditions.....

Greens- Amazing! Held all the balls very well, 90% of ball marks were fixed by people and everything rolled true and speeds were semi-fast probably about a 9 speed

Fairways- Green, lush and full coverage, couldn't find any dead spots. I was in a few divots but all had sand in them.

Rough- Green and playable not too difficult

Sand Traps- Some were a bit muddy and wet but as the day went on they dried out and were fluffy and I was able to get out of the 3 I was in. No rocks in them.

Tee Boxes- Only part of the course that needed a bit of work. All the par 3's showed some damage and were not level. Hole #17 had moved their tee box so it was level with no damage but it was a completely blind shot from the white's. I would have rather had an uneven tee box with a view for this hole than a level tee box with absolutely no view of the hole considering you're shooting off an elevated tee box way below.

Love this course and highly recommend it! It has some challenging holes but if you play consistently it's a course you can score pretty well on. Conditions were green and amazing and staff was very friendly. Saw the cart girl twice and she was pretty darn good looking I'll add lol.
Let me start off by saying this was the WORST experience I have ever had in golfing for the last 12 years. We walked off the course. Pace of play through 13 holes was 4.5 HOURS!!! The course decided to put an office tournament in front of us of people who have never played golf in their lives. Some were wearing office attire out on the golf course! I was baffled by this. They were parking golf carts on the greens! throwing trash on the fairways, not racking sand traps, not fixing divots, or ball marks and on two holes they didn't even put the flag back in!!!!!

Secondly, we tee'd off at 12:30 pm 6/5/19. It was myself with a friend joined by 2 others. The other 2 guys quit after 9 holes from waiting so long and they were even more frustrated than we were. We continued to call the club house with no real punishment or action to the tournament in front of us.

Staff- Our cart broke down on hole 5! We called the club house and they gave us a new cart only to have that cart die 1 hole later! At this point I was frustrated. When we got to the turn after hole 9 we went to get drinks since it was so hot and we were standing and waiting up to 28 minutes per hole at times for the group in front of us. I bought a $1.99 water from the club house. When i asked for a scoop of ice the woman said "We don't give out ice it's $7 for a bag." I said "Not even just a scoop to keep my water i just bought cold?" She replies no and was extremely rude. Course conditions were nice. Greens were punched a month ago and recovered well but given that the idiots in front were driving up on them look for cart marks on at least 2-3 greens. Fairways were a little uneven but still green. Sand traps were bad. Very little to no sand in some bunkers, some had rocks and some had sand. Water was a little smelly on the course. Rough was ok. Good length for it. Tee boxes were for the most part level with some showing new damage most likely from the morons in the tournament.

** I am beyond disappointed with this course and the staff. Friendliness was at an all time low among all of them. I woke up this morning more upset than ever. I take a day away from the office and couldn't even play 18 holes. If we would have stayed and finished the 18 our time would have been between 6.5-7 hours for the round. So you may be thinking to yourself right now - what did the course do to compensate us when we complained? Well "Dave" gave us a coupon for 2 free green fees - CART NOT INCLUDED- Mon-Fri after 11 am. They couldn't even allow us to play on a weekend given the fact that we spent an entire day because of their lack of speeding up the tournament of FOOLS in front of us.

I did speak with Tripp who's the GM and he was very kind and understanding. Hopefully he will crack down on the bar staff. Tripp was very kind and apologetic when i raised my concerns with him this morning.
Played here 5/19/19 with a 6:28 am tee time with one friend. Pace of play was great considering it was raining and they only had 60 golfers scheduled for the course the entire day. We had rain for the first 4 holes before it went away and was just cloudy. Total time to play was 4 hours. Greens were absolutely perfect, rolled true and speed was very good even considering they were a bit wet. Fairways were thin but manicured perfect and green and not much damage. Rough was good, thick and how rough should be very little bare spots on this course. Sand was great. I was in 4 traps and all 4 had good coverage of sand and was fluffed enough to get out of. Water was clear and course is in fantastic shape. Paid $78 and it was well worth every penny! This is one of my favorite courses and it's a bit pricey but i play it 1-2 times a year and always enjoy it. Staff was friendly no starter or cart girl due to rain but clubhouse staff was very nice.
Played here 5/4/19 with a 7:30 am tee time in a foursome of friends. Pace of play was 5 hours but thats because we had a member in our group who was struggling to hit shots. Course was in pretty good condition. Much more green than California courses.

Greens- A little bumpy but ran true and were fairly quick
Fairways- had a few dead spots but for the most part was green and lush
Tee Boxes- had some minor damage on some but others were great
Rough- perfect length for rough and was tough to get out of but still manageable.
Water- Clean and clear with no smell
Sand- Fluffy and easy to get out of.
Staff- Friendly and kind. Got a $5 breakfast burrito which was pretty delicious.
Played here 5/7/19 with a 9:02 AM Tee time. What can I say bad about this course? NOTHING! It's a great track, in amazing condition and extremely friendly staff.

Played in a foursome with 3 friends and it was 4.5 hours.
Greens- Perfect and rolled true.
Fairways- Trim, green and all covered perfectly. No dead spots seen anywhere
sand- Perfect fluffy and easy to get out, no rocks.
Tee Boxes- Level and flat and green. One hole was a bit beaten up but we still have plenty of options.
Water- Clean but not clear. moss floating around in it but it didnt smell.

Staff- Friendly and efficient, marshall was a jokster and very nice, starter was efficient and bar and grill were quick and polite.
Played here Saturday 4/27/19 with 2 others with a 1:00pm tee time. Pace of play was 4.5 hours. This was awesome considering we were stuck behind 2 fivesomes on the course and there were only 3 of us. The groups ahead of us played fast and we appreciated that a lot! Greens were amazing. Everything rolled true. Hole 2 must have been punched at a separate time then the other 17 holes because it's the only hole that still had dimples on it. Fairways were lush and green. Rough was a little long for my liking but that's how rough should be. Sand traps were fluffy and had good coverage of sand in them. Water was clean and clear. Tee boxes were level and great. Paid $49.00 on golfnow for this course. It's usually an $85-$90 weekend course and it's priced correctly. This course should charge $70-90 on weekends and $50-70 on weekdays. It's a good track and fairly challenging but not to the point where you will want to quit. Fairways are mostly pretty open.
Played here 4/20/19 with a 6:22am tee time and with one friend. We were paired with another 2 some. Pace of Play was 4 hours 10 minutes. Fairways were good. Had good coverage and were green. Tee boxes were mostly flat. There were 1 or 2 boxes that had some damage to them. Rough was pretty deep and we lost a few balls at times because we had to look really hard to find them. Sand traps were decent. Water was a bit stinky on the course and hole 18 had duck poop everywhere on the green and fairways. Greens must have been recently punched. The ball was bouncing everywhere and it looked like a 15 year old kid's face after eating a greasy pizza. dimples everywhere! Give it another 2 weeks before judging. However, I did shoot my best round ever! I shot an 83 from the tips. Not bad for a 19 handicap golfer. 1 birdie and 8 pars. =)
Played here 4/19/19 with a 6:22am tee time. P.O.P for my friend and I was 4 hr. Fairways are lush and green, sandtraps were amazing! New sand in most of the traps made them nice! Greens were great! Course is an excellent condition. The Par 3 tee boxes had some divots in all the boxes but other than that everything was green, smooth and perfect! We paid $40 and I would have paid $60 for the conditions it was in! I was impressed!
Played here 3/31/19 with one friend. Had a 12:00pm tee time. Pace of play was 4 hours but we took our time and most of the time spent was searching for balls hit in the rough. The rough was terrible! Wayyy too long. sometimes almost 1-2 feet high! I know it's rough for a reason but it was a little extreme. Let's move to the greens. Firm and rolled true but WOULD NOT and I mean WOULD NOT hold a ball for the life of me. No matter what my friend or I did every single freaking ball rolled off the green. There was no way to stick shots etc. Greens were so fast it was insane! I later found out they are purposely drying them out for the PGA Qualifying. They were PGA speed. Course was ready for the qualifications in a week. Sand traps were amazing and fluffy. Tee boxes on par 3's were absolutely terrible and chopped up. We moved back just to find a level spot. The other tee boxes were in great shape though. Fairways were trim and nice and smooth hardly any divots. Water was clean and staff was friendly. Extremely windy conditions and temperature was 85 degrees. Paid $59.00. Had lunch at the clubhouse before we tee'd off and service was great and friendly. Love this course but it's a course that doesn't love me back! =)
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