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Played today, POP 3:54.
Santa Ana winds made for a dificult day.
Greens have been recently aerated with small holes, and no sand (maybe yesterday?).

Course is in good condition, but between the greens and Santa Anas (estimated at about 20 mph) made for a difficult day for scoring.
Got out early, played in a threesome (NOT a fivesome) and finished in 3:45!
Starter got us out early.
Tees, Fairways, Greens in good conditions, but the rough really inconsistant... Bare, patchy, or long enough to loose balls in. Tough if you can't shape your tee shots to your advantage based on the fairway slopes.
Only in one bunker, groomed with plenty of sand.
Great deal, well worth the green fee. Would play more, but tough to get to.....
Out today after a men's club scramble event. Waited on almost every shot until the event ended (we were on 14 at the time). POP 4.5 hours, just seemed longer.
Greens were a average speed for MM, could use a rolling (lots of little lumpy areas). Quite a few unrepaired ball marks (tried to fix at least 2 or 3 each green), and the bunkers were pourly raked (got out, but no real control). Tees, fairways, and rough in pretty much the same condition as all of 2017.
Service great as always, friendly starter.
Worth the price (player's club rate)
Played today with another single. POP 3.5 hrs behind a threesome on an open course.
Tees were ok except for the par 3s (very shaggy, like hitting out of the rough even with a tee).
Fairways in good condition, rarely had a bad lie. Rough is long and "grabby," especially tough on delicate shots around the greens. Tough to use putter from off the green (used my hybrid with moderate success). Greens have recovered from aeration a few weeks ago, but slower than usual for Chino Creek.
Bunkers were a little crispy, but no trouble getting out.
Service is always good here, but no Cart Girl on a very hot and still day.
Out today, course was virtually empty due to heat. Did pair-up with another single.
The course had been heavily watered, and none of the grass (tee, fairway, greens, or rough) had been mowed recently (understandable given the heat).
Not alot of roll-out anywhere.

Greens were soft, and it was like throwing darts (fun!). They slow, but rolled true.
Bunkers looked wet and packed. Only in one, but was able to get up and down (it was obviously hard pan, and blasted out).

Always enjoy El Prado courses. Staff is excellent, and price is right.
Winter conditions, greens subject to spike marks (soft spikes), but relatively quick. Fairways typically give tight lies. 15 is so sloped and bare, my tee shot into the right rough, rolled into the fairway, and approximately 70 yards into the hazard. Both groups in front and behind me had the same issue. POP 4 hours, but waited on every hole on the back nine. Bunkers are being repaired, 50/50 chance for good sand.
Greens in good condition (compared to what I've read). Only 2-3 greens has excessive damage (more than I could count/fix). Stealth bumby (bumpy, but not an obvious mark). Too soggy, but sprinklers were going off anyways. Tee boxes were soggy, rarely level.
Listing 1 to 7 of 60,671 Course Reviews
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