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Played Rio Hondo today, Sunday 7/30 at 7:40am, with 3 friends. Got out right on time. POP was just under 4 hours, which amazed all of us for a Sunday morning tee time.
Course is in overall great shape. Very lush, very green, and was a blast to play. The greens were a little bumpy, but still rolled true, with medium-fast pace. Fairways were great, rewarding good shots with extra roll. The rough was actually pretty thick out there. Might be the thickest I've ever seen here, but still very playable, and balls easily found. Bunkers had soft sand, and tee boxes were overall pretty good.

Highly recommend Rio right now. It was a fun day out there.
Got out for the first time in almost 4 weeks yesterday. Having a newborn takes a toll on the time needed for golf, haha! But wouldn't change it for the world!
My friends and I decided to play the Goose, since a lot of us haven't gotten out in a while.

Played the Blues, 6,500+, and a slope of 126, I think. We started exactly on time at 7:59am. For a sold out Saturday (no tee times we're available since the prior Thursday), POP was still a leisurely 4 hours. We didn't wait on anyone, and no one waiting on us. I guess 9 minute tee time separations make a world of difference.

The course is in spectacular shape. The only thing I could comment on is the inconsistency of green speeds. Some were really slow, and some were medium. But non were fast by any means. Might have to do with the overcast weather in the morning, and then clearing with sunshine a few hours later; but it was a dramatic difference.
Tee to green it was lush all around. The rough, while thick, wasn't too penal.
The bunkers looked hard packed, but when hitting out, the sand was soft.

All the recent reviews are spot on, and i highly recommend right now. If the Goose was closer, I could see playing it more often.
For LA muni golf, can't get much better than the Long Beach courses right now. Lakewood, El Dorado, & Skylinks are all great right now.

Played Lakewood today, with Kassper7 for our Round 4 Semi-Final GK Cup match.
4:20 POP which was great! I was assuming a 5 hour round, and was pleasantly surprised.
Course is in overall great condition. Still working on some construction to the clubhouse, but the new range and new bag drop are built. Looks great! Really impressed.
The tees are prob the worst part of the course. A lot of them are beat up, lots of divots, but still playable. I think only 1 or 2 are sloping and not level, but the rest are ok.
Fairways are lush with decent coverage. Bad spots here and there, but overall nice lies.
Rough is hit or miss - but very playable. Patchy in some spots, and just as good as the fairway in others.
The bunkers were hit/miss. Some good, some hard packed, some even had standing water. But still ok overall.
The greens where in great shape. Some "mean" pin placements weren't appreciated, but they rolled smooth, medium-fast speed, and held well struck shots.
Overall good shape and I'd recommend.
Wow. I am amazingly surprised by El Do today.
Tee'd off at 10am, as a single, paired up with a 2some and another singe; booked thru GolfNow, $47.99+booking fee.
POP was an awesome 4:15, never waiting on the tee, and no one pushing us from behind.
Had never experienced this before on an LA County course, on a semi-busy day. All I can say is WOW!!

The course is also in excellent overall shape.
Tees were a little hairy and growing. Lush, level, and probably due for a mow in the next day or two.
Fairways were great. Good coverage of above average turf. Plenty of roll on well struck tee shots.
Rough was good and playable. Thick in some spots, a little thin in others. But overall, very playable and not too penalizing.
All bunkers looked good (I wasn't in one today - shocker!).
Greens were good. While they rolled good, at med-fast speed, I think they are also due for a cut in the next day or two. Could roll really fast when cut thin. Not many ball marks, and decent surfaces to putt on.

I was really impressed by the conditions here. I was expecting decent, and got great conditions! And the POP was great to top it off. I would definitely recommend at the moment. One of my favorite parkland style golf courses in the LA Muni system.
Booked on GN, for $55. What a steal. This place is amazing. Could rival any top-tier club in the Coachella Valley.
Played the Championship tees (72.1/128/6698). I was the first one out, as a single, and played in 2:20. Started at 7am, and done by 9:20, on an extremely hot day. It was great. Never rushed, and no one ever caught up behind me.
Felt like the longest 6700 yard course I've ever played. Many par 4's over 400 yards.
While not many holes here stand out as ones to remember, the whole course is great. They actually punched and sanded the greens, and they still held shots, rolled true, and were very fast. The sign at the starter said they were running at an 11 on the stimp today.
Tee boxes are flat, level, and no divot damage.
Fairways are so lush and had great lies. No browning, or burned out areas anywhere.
Rough was about 1/2 inch thicker than the fairway, with very good lies.
Bunkers all had white fluffy sand, and easy to hit through.
Greens were punched about a week ago, sanded down too. But they still roll them when healing. They were the best aerified greens I've ever played on. Held shots, rolled true, and very fast.

I must say that I was very impressed with this place. It's in a 55+ community on the border of La Quinta and Indio. They pro shop was well stocked and staff was friendly. The starter said they are looking to turn completely private in about a year (semi-private now). When I finished 18, I noticed everyone here had their own carts, some of them really tricked out, haha!

Yes, I recommend even with the punched greens. Rack rate is about $125, but I booked the morning of, for $55. Had an excellent time!
Played La Mirada with criley_4way for our GK Cup Match. Played the Blues (69.1/117/6083) on a windy morning that turned into a decent day. A little on the warm side. POP right at about 5 hours. We were a 2some, match with 3 others, behind many many groups. Typical Saturday morning with a lot of golfers.

La Mirada is just ok. The conditions are just ok. It is what it is. If you've played here before, conditions are what I would expect. Not fantastic, not terrible. The greens that have heeled from aeration are nice, but some need some more time.

Tees - decent coverage, mildly chewed up. But still played ok. Some thin spots here and there.
Fairways - ok. Some had good coverage, lots of thin and even bare spots.
Rough - not to penalizing. Definitely playable, but also didn't hold errant shots. You'd roll thru to the other fairway on some holes.
Greens - Some were great, others good, a couple still healing. Overall were decent. Will get better with time.

Again, overall this place is average at best. I prefer the Long Beach courses, but they didn't have any availability when we wanted to play. It decent.
Played Navy Destroyer on Sunday, 4/32 at 10:38 with cobra1788 for our GK Cup match.
Played the blues (72.8/129/6780)
We went out as a 2 some, behind many groups of 4, so we joined up with the 2 some behind us around 3 or 4.
POP was ok, about 4:40, but it was a good pace for the most part, once we were a 4some.
Course conditions were really good.
Tee boxes, while a little hairy, were mostly flat/level, with good coverage, and good areas to hit from.
Fairways were really good. A well struck shot had some good roll on it, and even if it rolled into the rough, it was very playable.
The few bunkers I were in were decent. Not amazing, but not sub-standard by any means.
The greens were great. I heard they were punched 4 weeks ago, and really were nice. They are extremely large, with large undulations at Navy. Part of the course difficulty are the greens. Must have a good putting day to play well here.

Overall, course is in excellent shape, and had a good pace for a Sunday morning.
I enjoyed the GK Cup match with Bruce, and I look forward to my Round 3 match.
Wow. Played Navy (Destroyer) today, Sat 3/25 at 8:23am, with a 4 some and a 4 hour POP. Definitely impressed by course conditions.
Tee boxes are prob the most rough, but still decent. Some were a little tilted, but not anything too crazy. Very playable.
Fairways are immaculate. Good clean lies everywhere, good roll on well struck tee shots, and good overall coverage. Aestically they looked great too.
Bunkers are good. Most had decent fluffy sand, just a few with hard-compacted sand.
The greens are great. Sad to report they are going to punch in about 2 weeks. Most of you that have played here know the greens have severe slopes, but they rolled great, and held well struck shots.

Overall it was great. Still can't believe POP was right at 4 hours on a Saturday morning. Gotta treasure that on a public course in Southern California.
On a side note, the replica ship that used to be in the water on 9 has been moved to the grass by the parking lot. I thought something was missing from that hole.
Highly recommend.
Had a GK Cup Match Round 1 at Alondra today with Ringworld.
Played as a 5some, in about 4:20. Pretty good pace for Alonda (and a 5some - normal out there).
Courses is pretty decent.
Tee boxes - while beat up, still were very playable.
Fairways were decent, good coverage, good lies... a few spots of GUR, but pretty good.
Rough wasn't very penalizing; very playable
Bunkers were all pretty hard, compacted sand.
Greens were the usual bumpy here, but still ok. I don't mind their 'bumpiness', because I feel they still roll true.

This is definitely a no frills type LA County course. But decent conditions and played under 5 hours! Not too bad.

It was great playing Ringworld our GK Cup Match. I defeated him 5&4, but it was really fun, and looking forward to the next round!
When I went to UNLV, this was a premier club, that always had excellent conditions and service. I think the economy is taking its toll, and not enough residents of the community are members. It was 100% private in the early 2000's, and around the recession time, they opened up a few public tee times. Now they offer tee times pretty much throughout the day.

I loved this course back around 2001-2003ish, but it isn't in that shape anymore. The Lakes 9 is still a fun track, with water hazards on every single hole! Some holes have multiple water hazards!
So I really like the layout - all 27 holes.
But now for today's conditions:
Tee boxes are flat, but not the most well-groomed.
Fairways are great. Hard and fast, with great lies.
The rough is patchy, dried out, spotty, and dormant in some places, and not dormant in others. Kinda weird.
The bunkers had hard compacted sand. And no rough around them to save any type of shots. If it's headEd towards a bunker, no chance of staying out of it.
Greens were ok. Not sure the type of grass, but it's very "matty" - if that's a golf term, haha. Overall, this is a good facility, and 20 years ago it was a premier club in Las Vegas. I hope things can get back to where they were.
The beverage cart came around a few times, and everyone was friendly, but you could tell they had a "skeleton" staff working - not many employees around. No starter. No Club wiper at the end. These are things that are standard at Las Vegas courses. But they do give you plenty of bottled water!
Had to make a trip to Vegas for work, and threw my clubs in the trunk, just in case.
Played on Monday the 13th.
What can I say about The Paiute that hasn't already been said.
I play the Snow. I was really surprised to see that the slope from the gold tees (6,600+) is only 118! While the fairways are pretty wide, there is a lot of challenge with the desert, water holes, and oh ya...the wind, haha.

Anyways, tee boxes were lush, flat and perfect.
Fairways are as good as ever.
The rough is there, but not too penalizing.
The sand in the bunkers is soft, consistent, and decent to play from.
The greens are awesome. They hold shots, have good roll when chipping from the rough, and putt so true.

I just can't say enough great things about this place. I love all three courses (although The Wolf beats me up). I would rate this a perfect 10. Not a single thing could have been better.
Service was great, food was great, the starter was really nice, and POP was right at 4 hours.
We had a 6:44am tee time on Saturday the 25th. We started about 7:02am. POP was about 4:45 once we started.
Course is still really really wet.
Tee boxes were nice, flat, and decent coverage.
Fairways were WET. Some were just really damp/soft from the rains, others still had standing water in the fairways. It's crazy how bad this course drains.
Because of the the wet fairways, you got no roll on high hit tee shots. It's 'ok' as the course doesn't play too long.
Bunkers were pretty good. Only saw 2 or 3 that had standing water in them, but very playable and nothing to complain about.
The rough was thick as wet! Hard to spot balls if you didn't keep an eye from your previous shot.
The greens were pretty good. For some reason, holes 1-3 had a ton of divots - more than you'd expect. Not sure why this was the case. But overall, the greens putted true, and were pretty fast. Downhill putts to a front pin were really tough, as a few rolled right off the front of the green.

I love El Do's layout, and once these rains stop and the course firms up, it will be nice!
Give it a few weeks and it will be pristine.
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