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We had a 6:44am tee time on Saturday the 25th. We started about 7:02am. POP was about 4:45 once we started.
Course is still really really wet.
Tee boxes were nice, flat, and decent coverage.
Fairways were WET. Some were just really damp/soft from the rains, others still had standing water in the fairways. It's crazy how bad this course drains.
Because of the the wet fairways, you got no roll on high hit tee shots. It's 'ok' as the course doesn't play too long.
Bunkers were pretty good. Only saw 2 or 3 that had standing water in them, but very playable and nothing to complain about.
The rough was thick as wet! Hard to spot balls if you didn't keep an eye from your previous shot.
The greens were pretty good. For some reason, holes 1-3 had a ton of divots - more than you'd expect. Not sure why this was the case. But overall, the greens putted true, and were pretty fast. Downhill putts to a front pin were really tough, as a few rolled right off the front of the green.

I love El Do's layout, and once these rains stop and the course firms up, it will be nice!
Give it a few weeks and it will be pristine.
Played here on Thursday, 2/16, one week after my previous review. Course is in excellent shape. We started at 9:15am and finished around 2pm, so POP was a little long. Waiting on the tees quite a bit actually.
The course is in great shape though.
Tee boxes flat with good coverage.
Fairways were great. Not wet or soggy. Not sure what they do differently than other courses.
Fairways with the normal thin, tight lies expected at Rio. But really playable.
Rough has been maintained nicely through the storm. While a little thicker than usual, still very playable, and not too penalizing.
Bunkers were consistent and very playable. None had standing water either. They looked good.
Greens were decent. A little bumpy. But rolled pretty good.
Rough around the green was decently maininted too. Lots of good lies to chip/pitch from.

Overall, Rio Hondo is in great shape. This past storm on 2/17-2/18 might make it wet again, but once it clears up and dries out, Rio could vie for best conditioned course at that point.
Played Rio Hondo 2/9 with an 8:12 tee time. Started close to 8:40'due to a fog delay. Played as a 4some, and finished with a 4:10 POP after the delay. Not bad, as a couple 5somes were out there.
Course is very playable right now. Tee boxes were nice, fairways had decent coverage, bunkers were consistent, and even the rough was lush (prob due to the heavy recent rains).
Greens were ok; they looked nice, but were a little bumpy. Still decent to putt on. Nothing negative from the greens.

Was really happy to see Rio in good shape. Even though it's a tight track, I enjoy it and find it pretty forgiving. It's helps that it's not too long either (expect for a handful of holes).
Ok, so with Johnny getting us great deals at good courses, I find it my duty to write a review. An honest review.
Used the coupon/voucher for $65 and played Sunday 1/29 at 9am as a 3some. Range balls not included, so we just putted until our tee time. Check in process was easy, friendly guys in the pro shop, and friendly starter at the first tee. They even have those GolfBoards, for an added fee. POP was 4:30, but we were waiting on every shot, as it was all 4somes in front of us. But still ok for a Sunday morning.
Weather was perfect; a little breezy, and got up to almost 80 degrees.

The course is visually stunning. I had coffee on the back patio at 8:15am, and just soaked in the view of 10 and 18. Tough to beat that view with the lake and waterfall in there.

We went to the first tee right at our scheduled time, and with the 10 minute separation of tee times, this was our only shot with not waiting. Again, the course is visually stunning, even thought the conditions were not up to the best they could be.

The tee boxes were straight up dirt most of the time. I think 2 or 3 tee boxes during the round may have been well groomed grass. I don't understand it. They were very flat, but I don't understand how they can be that bare. Shocking almost.

Fairways were decent, and with all the slopes and elevation changes, you get rolls into the rough, which was definitely playable. And I didn't see any 'damage' from the recent rains. No mud tracks anywhere, and no standing water in the playable areas, or the bunkers. A little impressed in that regard.

Greens rolled very true, always breaking towards Disneyland (as the starter told us). They didn't hold shots unless it was a well struck wedge or short iron. Mid or long irons would hit the green, and keep on going.

Overall, it was a nice day to be out golfing, but I wouldn't pay rack rate here. Like I said earlier, it 'looked' a lot better than it played. Maybe in March/April it will be in great condition. I'd give it another shot around then.
Played MLK Day, Mon Jan 16th. Tee time was 8:12am. Tee off around8:30. POP just under 5 hours. Not too bad for a holiday round. For non-Long Beach residents, its $67 to ride on Weekends and Holidays. While they keep the course nice, that is still pricy for a muni- just like Skylinks.
With the recent rains, it was Cart Path Only. Course was still crazy water logged. I'd say every hole had standing water. The greens and surrounding areas were dry and in great shape. The tee boxes were really nice to. Rough is very penal here, especially with the muddy, wet conditions. While we need the rain, it wrecks havoc on my golfing schedule, haha.
I'd recommend, but can't wait for the course to dry up. It will be nice.
Played a round back in December. It was decent for the money on a peak weekend tee time.
We tee'd off st 7:45am, as a 4some, POP was 4:40. Not great, but not terrible.
Course was in decent shape. I've never been here before, and was pleasantly surprised by the whole course in general.
Tee boxes were flat and cut well.
Fairways were hit or miss, but overall good coverage for a muni course.
Rough was patchy and thin in some spots, thicker in others. Typical LA muni shape.
Greens rolled decent and held shots.
I hope the recent rains keep it in good shape.
I'd recommend Whittier Narrows to anyone.
Catching up on a previous round.
Played the Firecliff course on 12/31/16 with some buddies on a Palm Springs NYE weekend. This course is great. So lush, immaculate fairways, perfect tee boxes, challenging but fair bunkers. Only semi-negative were the greens. I think they are growing them out a little, very slow with putting, but they also didn't hold shot the best. 150 and less with a good shot, yes it held nicely, any further away, and they rolled out quite a bit. Same with chipping. High soft shots didn't roll to much, but coming out of the rough, it was tough to stop the ball. And then again, they putting deceivingly slow.
Overall it's a great course. Service and staff were very friendly, albeit the greens fee was $130/pp.
Fun to play, and maybe we'll get there again, but there are also so many great courses in the area.
Played 1/8/2017 with a 5 some. Tee'd off at 7:40 and POP right at 5 hours - about as expected.
Course is in decent shape, except for the muddy conditions. I guess it doesn't drain well.
Tee boxes - 6.5/10
Fairways - 7.5/10
Greens - 8/10
Bunkers - hit or miss. Some filled with water, others with fluffy sand.
I really like the layout, even though it is one of the longer courses, 6800+ yards. The conditions were still decent for winter and recent rains. We played lift, clean and place and it seemed fine. Greens were really soft, holding 5 woods on the long par 3's.

When it's not wet and muddy, this is one of favorites in the Long Beach area.
As most people mention, great place, great conditions, good greens, flat level tee boxes, fantastic ocean views.......but so SLOWWWWW. You have to know this and embrace this going into the round. I went out at 9:30am last Tuesday, and then around 1pm on Thursday. Both rounds over 5.5 hours, pushing closer to 6 hours. Getting to 14 & 15 late in the afternoon on a clear day is a great sight though!!

Nice staff, good snack bar, and good course, just the POP is brutal.
I love it, I hate it.....
Played the Sun Mountain course at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. I love this place. The Snow Mountain is my favorite here, but yesterday, we played the Sun Mountain.
Fantastic conditions. Tee boxes flat and a good mow, fairways absolutely perfect, and greens were in great shape. The rough is thick and lush, and will be somewhat penalizing. The bunkers were still decent at 105* in the dog days of August. I expected a little harder ground, but it was still soft in most spots.

The wind picks up out here in the PM, so just be warned. We tee'd off at 9am, and finished right about noon. Had the course basically to ourselves. Saw 2-3 groups out there, max.

In my opinion, the Sun Mountain is little tougher than the Snow, with the Wolf being the hardest. I feel the Sun is a little more narrow than the Snow, but still somewhat wide and forgiving. Water features all over the course, especially the par 3's.

I highly recommend this place. It's a little further of a drive than most Las Vegas courses, but well worth it.
Played Lakewood CC (near Long Beach, CA) on 8/7/16. Weekend riding rate is $51.50. POP was a grueling 5 1/2 hours, but expected on a Sunday teeing off at 9:30am.
The tee boxes were a little fuzzy & hairy. Could have used a nice mow. The fairways were decent, better than expected. The greens were decent too. The temporary greens are gone, and all 18 are open. Most in decent shape, but lots of ball marks. Symptom of heavy play. They rolled semi-true, just a little bumpy. Visually, the course looks good, but I'd rather hit up Skylinks or El Dorado.
Side note - Range is under renovation. You can hit short irons only off some mats.
I was in the Dallas area for work, and wanted to get in a round. I looked at for reviews from local courses, and for price deals. I took a chance on Indian Creek Lakes Course, because they just reopened from a 14 month closure due to major flooding.
This place is awesome!! They have 36 holes (Creek course opens 8/5/16, and is the tougher of the two). I played the Lakes course. Still a 131 slope from the Blues, about 6,600 yards.
The tee boxes were a little hairy/fuzzy, the fairways were in great shape, but a little bumpy, and the greens were great. I was the second single off at 7am, and finished in about 2 1/2 hours.
The water features on the Lakes course are great. I think they come into play on 14 of the holes. I am so glad I played here for $35 including cart, rather than spending $250 at TPC Las Colinas or the Cowboys Golf Club (nothing against those clubs, just enjoy the extra $200 in my wallet).
I highly recommend this place, it's only going to improve. Next time I'm in town, I will definitely check out the Creek course.
Rentals clubs were $50, but were brand new Taylormade M2 - Woods & irons, TM wedges, and a really nice TM putter. At a resort course, this set would easily be $100. They included two sleeves of Taylormade balls and a bag of tees.
Again, highly recommend this course. Staff was super friendly, and the starter was very nice and helpful with some tips.
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