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Not much more to add to RDDenn’s review. The course was in great shape; just wish the POP would have been a little better. Gotta expect that on a weekend after 8am at Lakewood though.
Played Skylinks on Saturday at 6am. A couple groups out in front of us. We were a 5some. POP was decent at 4:40, but we were a 5some waiting on the group ahead of us on many occasions. Could have been much faster.
The course was in great condition. Nothing really to add to Ringworld’s review. Great fairways to hit from, rough was playable, bunkers were fine for the most part, and the greens were pretty pure. Roliing about an 11, with true breaks and no bumpiness.

Highly recommend now, as the temperatures in Long Beach are pretty nice right now too.
All the stars must have aligned. I just got done at Los Verdes. Tee’d off on the back 9 at 2:58pm. Played 27 holes, and walked off the 27th hole at 6:50pm. It was incredible. They had a big buyout until 2:30, and then straggler singles and twosomes came out. No tee times were offered online or by calling. That is huge for Los Verdes! 27 holes in less than 4 hours! I’m on cloud 9, so the course will also get a favorable review.

Tee boxes were cut flat and decent coverage. A few beat up, but nothing negative to gripe about. Fairways were nice, but here you always trickle to the rough, or real thin areas. Not terrible conditions, but less than ideal. Bunkers were fine. Some thin, some perfect.
The greens were EXCELLENT! They held nicely struck shots, medium-fast, and rolled true (if that means anything here, haha!), with very few ball marks.
And the views on a clear day are just amazing!

All in all, it was a great day out at Los Verdes, and I’m going to try and find out when their next ‘buyout’ is, and get out there in the afternoon.
Recently moved up to the area where Los Verdes is. I know the horror stories of 6 hour weekend rounds, but I decided to give it a shot on Easter Sunday, 4/1.
Tee'd off at 8am as a 4some, trailing a 5some, and I have to say, POP was amazingly good. At 12:10pm, we were pulling into the cart staging area. Kinda shocking actually!

Besides the POP being good, the course is spotty at best.
Tee boxes (Blues) were shaggy, with some beat up pretty bad.
Fairways were very spotty, with lots of GUR, and not lush at all.
Rough was non-existent, and let to bad lies, un-even turf, weeds in the rough, etc. You name it, the rough had it (it wasn't too penalizing, but it also didn't help).
Bunkers were decent. Nice soft, smooth sand in most bunkers.
Greens were probably the best part (besides the ocean views). The were medium fast, & somewhat smooth. Still not excellent, but a little above average.

I'd recommend on a clear day, as ocean views are awesome here, but with that comes 5somes and 5-6 hour rounds. I'd recommend, but buyer beware, haha!
Played Anaheim Hills on 3/24, as a 3some, at about 8:30am. POP was a decent 4:30. Waiting on many holes on a busy Saturday morning, but we were a 3some, so overall it was it wasn’t horrible.

Course is a very quirky layout. Lots of doglegs. Uphill, downhill, doglegs, etc. A little too quirky for my taste.
Overall, the shape of the course was decent though.
Tee boxes - mostly lush & level
Fairways - good coverage with lots of roll (not a great thing here, because you run out of fairway sometimes).
Bunkers - good, smooth sand in both fairway and green side bunkers.
Greens - overall decent. Some had lots of ball marks, but still putted medium speed (a lot slower than expected; looked really fast).

Again, the course is in good shape, and I’d recommend; I just don’t personally like it overall (the design of the holes).
Played Navy at 10:15am on Tuesday the 19th. POP 4:50. That isn't good for Navy. Usually keeps really good pace.
Course is in great winter shape. Nice fairways that, when dry, let you get some roll. When they are wet, not much roll.
The tee boxes were the worst part, and not that bad. A couple have some mounding where the blue tees are, but it's ok.
The bunkers had nice and soft sand. Nice to play from (well, not really nice, lol).
The greens, while in great shape, were testy today, as usual, haha. Fast pace except on uphill putts, and the undulations are massive on some holes. Very tricky to putt well at Navy.
Highly recommend right now, even with a close to 5 hr pace on a weekday.
Holy smokes!! If this course can turn it around, why can’t the Links at Summerly, or a lot of others??!!
Today - played at 9:15am, as a foursome in about 4:45 POP. Not too bad, for a Saturday morning.
Course was in decent shape for being a complete waste of time about 6 months ago.
Tess were the worst part, but still ok. Lots of uneven tee boxes, but you can find a flat spot. Fairways were thin in some spots, but definitely playable, and had good roll out. Bunkers were ok. Some had small rocks, but mostly ok.
Greens were good. Super fast and held their lines, with not too many divots.

I played here based on a review someone wrote in the last week or so. Very glad I did.
I’d recommend. Still a little rough around the edges, but definitely playable again, and has recovered extremely well from the poor conditions of 2014 - early 2017.
Played El Do yesterday, at 10:40am as a foursome. Perfect weather, amazing 4:10 POP, and great conditions. Overall, El Do is in great shape.
Level tee boxes, with plenty of coverage. Fairways were mostly nice and lush. Some dried out spots, but that is to be expected. Overall, they were great. Fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers all had adequate sand, no rocks in them, and good to hit out of. The rough was semi-thick, but still very playable. The greens were decent. Lots of ball marks, but they were still rolling fast, and mostly true to the line. A couple of them had bounces to them, but overall not too bad.
I'd recommend right now if you want a tight track, that is in good shape, for not too much $$, comparatively speaking.
I still can't believe the POP. We didn't catch a group till the 10th tee. I think the front was an hour and 45 minutes. Little longer on the back.. But again, it was a great day to be on the golf course!!
Tee'd off around noon. Single paired with a 3some. POP was a great 4 hours. Course is in good Fall condition. A little brown here and there, but mostly lush.
Tee boxes were well maintained, with just minor divot damage. Some were a little thin, but still very playable.
Rough was not too penalizing, and good to play from.
Like I mentioned before, fairways were good Fall condition. Great roll out, still enough turf around, lush in some spots.
All bunkers were well maintained with soft sand.
Greens were pretty good. I think they punched about 2 weeks ago. Med-fast, a tad bumpy, but held its line. Should be good for the foreseeable future.
Highly recommend.
Played Dos Lagos, Saturday 10/7 at 8am. Went out as a 3some, behind multiple 4somes. We knew we were in for a long day. POP about 5 1/4 hours. With commuting back to Redondo Beach, I got home about 3:15. Also took an hour to get there in the AM. Loooong day.

But I gotta say, Dos Lagos is a great course. Even with no range (just hitting mats), only 1 putting green, and being a Par 70, I still love the course. From the blues it plays about 6600 yards and a 128 slope, I believe. So still a decent test.
A few quirky holes on the front 9. #6 is a beast of a hole. There are also some great holes here. #9 is fun. #4 is great, if you avoid the right side, haha.

The back 9 is a little more hilly, and also more parkland (whereas the front is more target style). #17 is a cool par 3, and 18 is a nice finishing par 5.

The course is in superb shape right now, but they are going to punch the greens 10/7 and 10/8.
Tees had some wear, but definitely playable.
The fairways had nice soft turf, but you still got good roll out on well struck shots. They had some overseed on them, but it didn't affect anything.
Bunkers were in decent shape (some were a little muddy until the sun came out).
The greens were pretty good. Nice, smooth roll, even with a lot of ball marks. They are punching today and tomorrow, I believe.

Dos Lagos is a great course in the Corona Valley. I just wish the 15 freeway wasn't 65 miles away...
I'd wait 2-3 weeks for the greens to heal, and then it should still be in tip top shape again.
Great day out at Skylinks on Thursday 9/28. Tee'd off about 10am, and finished about 2:45, as a 5some. We even waited a bit here and there, so all in all, pretty good POP.
According to the GK updates, they are going to punch starting next week, so I thought I'd get over there before hand.
Good thing I did. Course is in great shape. The only knock are the tee boxes, and I know that maintenance will address them with the upcoming work.

Tee Boxes - Shaggy, hairy, patches of dirt and burned out areas... and not great level lies and stances - Only knock on the shape right now.
Fairways, bunkers, rough are all looking good - has that "browning color scheme", but nice lies throughout the fairways, and the rough was a little thick, but good enough to play out of.
The greens are great right now. Running about a 10, so med-fast. Smooth and running true. They are going to punch starting 10/2.

Lots of air traffic overhead, but nothing too bad.
I highly recommend right now.
What can I say about Alondra?! You have to know going into it that the course is always beat up, 5somes all over the place, and 5 hour rounds are the norm. If you experience anything positive, well than you just made out.

I played Monday, August 21st at 2pm. The course was pretty wide open. After getting through a slow 4some at the turn, we had the course wide open for the back nine. We finished at 5:45pm, so POP was great at 3:45.

The course is struggling. Tee boxes are ok. The fairways are a mix of hardpan, GUR, and spotty grass coverage. The rough is about the same. The traps we actually decent and playable.
The greens were HORRIBLE. 3-4 of them were sanded, 10 of them were crazy bumpy and slow, and about 3-4 were just 'ok'.

Again, anything above pretty bad here is a bonus. Today the POP was good, so I guess we made out, hahahaha.
I wish they could get it in the shape it was in around 2014-2015. I remember it being in great shape then.
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