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Played with rudyclub on 7/1 teeing off just before 11.
The course is very playable but definitely has the rough around the edges appearance. I though the fairways were good with solid coverage. Lots of roll but not what I would call thin. Greens were receptive and rolled well, but my goodness the unfixed ball marks were a plague. Not much rough to speak of except around the greens and even then it wasn't very penal. Bunkers were on the thin side and several tee boxes were quite crowned.

I would venture to say that there is an excellent golf course hidden here but it needs a dedicated effort to get to that level. Getting the tees a bit more level and figuring out what to do with the previous waste bunkers would go a long way. Curious to see what will happen in the coming years because as Nick said in a previous review: The bones are there.
Played Thursday 6/14 in the early afternoon. The place was pretty dead. I played through 2 foursomes than didn't hit anyone else until the 18th fairway. I knew going in that the course had punched the previous week but the greens had mostly healed up and looked good so soon after aeration. Much like the other regulation length course in town, Oakcreek, this course puts a premium on accuracy. This course is a bit more "target golf" in comparison to Oakcreek whose main defense is narrow tee-lined fairways. Overall the course is in good shape, especially the fairways. The tee boxes were occasionally a problem, where several were crowned and tough to find a flat spot.
Played today. The punched middle of last week but should be good to go in a week and a half or so. Fairways and rough were a bit sticky but very good. Bunkers are firm, which is the norm.
Played with Sal in our GK match yesterday teeing off just before 2:30 and finishing around 7:15.
Sal's review is spot on. Tee boxes, fairways and rough good to great all around as I've come to expect on both courses. Fairways have a bit of sand around the greens from the recent aeration so keep that in mind on chips. Greens still showing aeration scarring but getting close. No real difference between these and late afternoon Poa in terms of roll; a few bumps here and there. Much more receptive than they were a month and a half ago. Saw the beverage cart twice and check in was a breeze.
Played today walking up as a single around 10:30. Had called yesterday to get an idea of how crowded the tee sheet was going to be (busy this morning, open after 10).
Weather was partly cloudy with a 10-15mph wind on the front 9 turning into a 30mph wind on the back 9. Course was in good shape. Fairways lush with good coverage. Rough consistent and not too penal. Tee boxes flat with limited divot damage outside the shorter par 3s. Bunkers pretty good with soft, heavy sand. Greens had lots of Poa buds but were somehow consistent, just on the slow side. After years of playing here I find the fairways, rough, bunkers, and tee boxes don't change much through the year so you pretty much know what you're going to get. Greens have a bit more variance from round to round and were surprisingly receptive this time around. POP was right around 4.5 hrs, slowing down once I hit a few groups on the back 9 and the wind started to really get up.
Played this afternoon; walked up at 1:25 and was first off twilight at 2:00 on resident rates (Boy, does it feel good to say that). The South is in very good shape. Not much has changed since Rat-Patrol was last here. I would say the green are in better shape than his review (but afternoon Poa is always going to be bumpy) but all else remains the same. Good tee boxes, solid bunkers and very good fairways. POP was a solid 4:30 and saw the beverage cart quite a few times. Amazing for resident rates, overpriced for out of towners (especially on weekends). Awesome first experience here and looking forward to the next bout against the South.
Played Sunday 2/11 @ 11:00 with dconnally, Rat-Patrol and rgm2525. Like Rat said, course was in fine shape apart from a couple of greens. Fairways were very firm giving plenty of roll but a very consistent surface. Greens were inconsistent to start with but really evened out by the time we hit about hole 6. I was in one fairway bunker that could be best described as "fluffy." Tee boxes were solid and rough wasn't overly penal. In fact, a bit more rough would save a few balls rolling into the hazards. POP was right around 5 hours and service was good throughout the day. I think we saw the beverage cart 3-4 times. Like the layout even if it keeps kicking my butt.
First off at twilight last Sunday (Jan 21st) to finally check San Clemente off the list. Always heard good things and I'm here to report... that they are all pretty much spot on. Everything was a notch above what you'd expect from a municipal course and in same cases at least two notches above. fairways were excellent, tee boxes and rough were both what I would call solid. Greens were firm and ran forever until you putted away from the ocean then they went NOWHERE. Pretty amazing. I loved the layout and the POP was just over 4 hours for $32. What is not to like?!
Will be back and hopefully sooner rather than later.
Had my first Rams Hill experience with the Gurus on 1/7. Everything about the course was well above average. Great coverage on the fairways and rough, good tee boxes (some overly long but they were probably getting a haircut soon), and great, receptive greens as Keith noted. They definitely looked faster than they were and my entire group left more than our fair share of putts short. Bunkers had lots of soft sand, which was great around the greens but made fairway bunkers a pain to play from. I really enjoyed the layout which reminded me more of Tucson golf than anything in Palm Springs, not something I was expecting. Looking forward to coming back!
Played today as a walk-on getting off at 8:40. Used a Costco coupon for the "free" round and paid an additional $15 for weekend morning priority. Also they charge a cart free at all times before noon on weekends which is stupid (I walked anyway).

Was a little damp in the morning but quickly warmed up to a beautiful day. Everything is solid but not spectacular. Greens were a but bumpy with lots of divot damage. They sped up markedly once things started heating up. Fairways were good and very green with solid coverage everywhere. Rough was often long and wet. Not a lot of thin lies but some fluffy dirt patches were present. Bunkers looked pretty typical with a good layer of dune sand. Tee boxes okay to good all around for the black markers. They have seed available on the par 3s to fill things up. POP was right around 5 hours which is not a shock for Thanksgiving weekend. Not beverage cart was driving around that I could see. Normal rack rate is too much for area and conditions, especially if they're throwing a mandatory cart fee on top of normal greens fees (Seriously? This is your business practice?) Still a solid track with good conditions, just overpriced.
This place is growing on me. The layout demands attention, especially off the tee, to avoid the numerous bunkers and hazards awaiting you at the landing area. Conditioning was very similar to Eagle Falls in my previous review where the fairways and rough were very solid, especially for the desert in September, with greens lagging behind slightly. The greens were playing medium slow (well, except the front right pin on #11) with a few bumps from still faintly visible aeration marks. Bunkers were very good and the rough was consistent despite not being particularly penal. The beverage cart was roaming and we saw it MANY times during the round.
Very much recommended.
Not much to add from Nick's previous review. The course was in very fine shape considering it is September in the Coachella Valley. Fairways and rough were really quite good. Greens maybe a step behind the fairways, rolling medium slow but consistent. Bunkers were excellent and you will find them on this design. As a 3-some we finished in about 3:45 as some wind was kicking up as we finished. Solid layout and very much recommended.
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