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I played here on May 16, 2017. The course was in OUTSTANDING condition. The tee boxes are firm and level, some of the par 3 tee boxes did have some big divots. The course was very lush and green, the are also firm, so a good low flighted shot will run an additional 15-20 yards. The rough was a playable length, about 1" - 1 1/2". There are a lot of bunkers throughout the course, so you will land in at least one. The sand is firm packed, but you can slide your club threw the sand. The greens are rolling really fast. The firm greens and tightly mowed greens = FAST, but true rolling. There are a few hole with some multi-tiers. The practice facility is really nice. Huge practice putting area, nice short game area for pitching and chipping. Highly recommend course to play.
I played here Saturday, with a group of friends from H.S...It started out nice, but eventually the rains came in. The tee boxes are flat and level, with very few gouge divots. Teh lay out is really challenging, but fair. The fairways are firm and green, and no brown out spots. The rough is at a playable cut level, about an inch or so. Bunkers are placed strategically through out the different holes. If you happen to hit one, the sand is firm, but playable to get out. The greens are very smooth and fast, but rolls on a true line. Highly recommended course.
I played in our bi-weekly golf club tournament at SDC this weekend. The course was in really good condition. The greens are so fast and smooth, and roll nice. But remember your playing SDC, they do have hard to read breaks. The fairway was in firm condition, you will get extra yardage, with a good bounce. the rough was ok, not to long, I was able to advance my ball quite easily. The bunkers where good, except for the players that do not know how to rake a bunker after going in...sand quality is good, no large pebbles, just grainy. The tee boxes had shown the quality of players that played before me, HACK CITY! I know it's a public course, so I accept that.
I would come back again, soon if possible!
Played on President's Day, at 7:30AM. I like their new club house. I got off to a good start, until a group of 5, novice players slowed our group down, (whack, whack), it scared off a twosome with us. so on a par 5, the 4th hole, we past them up. The tee boxes where pretty hacked up, with a lot of craters. The fairway was ok, it was firm but playable. the rough was cut really low and tight. Bunkers where racked and had good quality sand in them. the greens rolled med-fast and are firm. I like the lay out, because it give you a lot of different shots. The front 9 was less windy than the back 9. The back 9 allows you to play a lot of elevation changes. I have always like the course, so I will be back.
I played, Sunday Jan. 25 with my Golf Club Group (Hi Caps) We had 6 groups, I was in group 5, got off about 8:45. The course layout is a great challenge; wide open on most and narrow as an arrow on another. There are a lot of elevation changes on the different tee boxes. The tee boxes where firm and mostly flat, some with some tilt. The fairways where firm and fast, the ball rolls or bounces out another 20-40 yards, added the slopes on the course. The rough was cut really tight, about 1-1 1/2, so it is easy to advance your next shot. The bunkers are firm, but escapable, almost every hole had bunkers protecting the greens, so be prepared with your bunker game. The greens are firm and fast, or slow, or rolled pretty smooth, depending on, if you are putting into the mountain slope or against it. But they did roll nice. This is a must play course, you will get frustrated, but you will also feel rewarded on some holes when you birdie or par a hole.
I played in a charity tournament on Oct 26, 2015. The clubhouse is one of the best, that I have seen. The golf had just over-seeded, so we have cart path only and slower than normal greens for the clubs "standards". You can see that this golf course id not obey the water restrictions imposed by DWP, the course was green and some spots too wet/mud. The fairways are firm, and the rough is long, but playable. The bunkers are well manicured, if and when players rake them. The greens where sanded, and they played slow, but true roll. They do have very interesting holes, for shot selections, there are a lot of elevated greens, some are so small, like throwing darts, so they are hard to hit for a greenie. This is a 3 x 9 hole course, which I think is one of the worst layout designs, with a lot of criss-crossing throughout my round. The also have their greens keeper crew in the middle of the golf course, and they have cars and trucks driving through, worst than the 405 Fwy down below. But I would play this again, I like the challenge.
I played in the GK plays on Oct 23. I haven't played here since the course got washed and reduce the golf course from 2 18's to 2 9 holes course. The course had a few raise tee boxes, which is nice to "hit down the fairway". Most of the tee boxes where firm, and many had excessive hacker divots. The rough was long on some of the holes, sometimes burying the ball. There where ALOT of leaves, that to, made it hard to see or find your ball. The bunkers are plentiful throughout the course, many holes are protected. The greens seemed to roll really consistent and true. The overall course looked green, and has not been too effected by the water shortage. I did not feel like I would make this course as one of my go to course, but for special events, I would play again.
I played today on the FREE Birthday golf, cart fee $15. The course was in nice condition, though we had a good rain yesterday. Fairways where soft, but allowed to drive on them. the rough is cut low and playable. Some of the sand bunkers did have some standing water, so the bunkers where firm, but not bad. The greens rolled really nice and true. a little slow in the morning ( early holes) but dried nicely. A must play, especially on YOUR birthday!
I played in a charity golf tournament , West Covina Golf Classic (Kiwanis Club), on Sept 28, 2015. This course is in outstanding condition, The tee boxes are flat, firm and lush. The fairways are in excellent condition, after the over seeding. The rough is about 1-3", so diffidently playable. The greens rolled true, with a medium to fast on the stimp. Bunker are fluffy with good quality sand. The lay out is fun and challenging. You will use your complete bag of clubs throughout your round, because of the different shots you will approach.
Because it is a private club, you should play this course if you ever get invited, or if you have an opportunity to play in a charity tournament.
I played last weekend at 7:30 tee time. It was cart path only, because they just over seeded. The course was OUTSTANDING!! The greens where a bit slow, because of the over seeding and they are letting the greens fill out. The customer service is great: as you pull in to park, they have a shuttle cart picking up you and your bag(s). free range balls is included with green fee.
I can not write anything negative about the course, maybe for the NAYSAYERS, I'll write..."it sucks we had to be cart path only, I had to walk too much!!"...there!
I played in the GK golf outing on Aug 31, 2015. We where given a tour of the Lorean Ochoa Training Center, than given a Short Game clinic. I learned some good tips!
The course played fantastic! The course has beautifully lined trees, fairways where firm and looked lush green, no burn spots. The rough was cut down to about 1-1 1/2 , so it was easily playable. There are quite a few holes with a lot of bunkers, to protect greens, which made it a good challenge on, how to approach the green. The sand in the bunkers was a bit firm, packed down, but playable. The greens are firm and fast, and rolled true. Most of the greens are fairly big, but if your approach shot is too aggressive, you can roll off. Overall playing conditions are great. I will play this again.
I play on a email special, 2 for $99. The course was in super shape. some of the tee boxes had a lot of divots, but they where firm and level. the fairways where firm with a little cushy in the turf. The rough was fair and playable level cut. The bunkers where deep on some and the sand condition was fluffy and racked smooth. The greens where rolling medium fast, and very true to the cup. There are several holes with a lot of angulation.
Really enjoyed the time on the course, it was only 4:15 with a foursome.
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