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Played Monday, 9/17, about 10:30, as a nice recovery round with John_T.

Just a week or so out of tee to green (including rough) reseeding, course is cart path only, so be prepared to wait and walk. Mountain is in reseeding now so Palm is the only course going for another week or so.

Conditions were very good. Rye has took very well with a few areas where the seedlings are still coming through. At least 80% lush grass, a bit long for now, but very playable. Greens slightly longer than fairway. Greens were running a bit slower than usual and a few had some spots of very thin areas.

Outside of the all the walking (of course I hit to the opposite side of the cart path EVERY TIME), I had a great time. Paired up with some guys visiting from Chicago, paid $35 with OB card. Worth it.
Played on Friday, 9/14, around noon or so, as part of a 3 group Bachelor Party. I really do have a crush on this course. I will always play it when offered (extra: a few years ago, Siena/Arroyo held a contest during UNLV basketball games and I would only enter when Arroyo was the prize). It has never disappointed me. Fun layout with a mix of risk/reward holes. I think it's fair enough for a high handicap (me) and can still challenge better golfers. Again, staff was great. Carts were ready and set with the rentals some of the guys used. Inside grill had us all fed and ready to go before our tee time. Only exception, the STARTER. Is this job only reserved for grumpy guys? We were all set in our carts when he started with the let's go, let's go, then was visibly angry when we asked for a group pic.

Conditions are incredible. Tee boxes level, but some damage on the par 3s and shorter par 4s. Fairways were really good, lush, plenty of coverage with a few brown/thin areas. Rough was minimum, about a ball or so high, just enough to cause some issues. Greens were good, very smooth, but a little on the slow side of medium speed. Can't say anything about the bunkers, we played a scramble and didn't need to hit out of one (unlike some other groups).

I was able to speak with the GM before we teed. They are delaying their reseeding until October (Phoenix/Palm Springs style) and may come out without Cart Path Only. Seemed like a good guy and I wished I could speak to him more and without the Bachelor Party affects.

I always recommend this course when asked for ideas. I love the variety and it's absolutely a blast to play. The par 3s are all different length, with some elevation changes or guarded greens. Short and long par 4s, wide and tight fairways. The par 5s offer at least 2 chances for medium hitters to go for it. Always a good time.
Played on Friday, 9/14, early morning as part of a 3 group Bachelor Party outing. Staff was incredible, outside of the starter, who said if we didn't get to the tee we would not be playing at all. Tee'd off on time, finished exactly at 4 hours. Someone was a bit cranky. Outside of that guy, everyone else was fantastic. I left my range finder stuck on the cart and they delivered it to their sister course, Arroyo at Red Rock, prior to us teeing off. Great F&B staff the whole weekend, outside cart guys were helpful.

Conditions were not so great:
Tee boxes: Fine, level, some divot damage but very playable
Greens: Best part of the course. Fantastic shape. Smooth, medium pace.
Bunkers: Decent, some heavy sand which may have been caused by the morning watering
Fairways and Rough: 50% coverage at best, hard pan, thin, muddy. Just horrible.

I later found out Siena uses Rye grass year round, and Rye is very susceptible to fungus (it sounded believable so I bought in). With that, they have chopped and tore up lots of grass and began new seeding.

Just can't recommend this course and can't give a timeline when it's in playing shape.
Played on Friday, 9/7, with John_T. We were looking for a round while most courses are closed for re-seeding and found plenty open times at Sunrise.

Conditions were excellent tee to green. Relatively flat and damage free tee boxes. Rough was varied from about 1 inch to over 3 in some areas. Bunkers had some of the best sand in the valley and easy to hit out. Fairways were lush, with some wet, soggy areas. The greens! Oh my gawd, the greens. Simply phenomenal. Absolutely no sign of aerating 2 weeks ago. Smooth as glass, very little amount of ball marks, and running medium speed but sped up as the day warmed. Just incredible conditions for the end of summer in Vegas.

Only complaint: they started us on 10, behind a Men's group scramble when the front 9 looked empty. We caught them in a few holes and slowed to a 2:15ish time. Men's group only played 9 and we played the front in a casual 1:30.

Here's the incredible part: we paid $29 local rate, which included $10 credit in the Winterwood Grille. I only wish it wasn't such a difficult drive for me from the far Northwest. Sunrise is being added to the rotation.
Played Thursday, 8/16 with Famed02, paid $55 late summer rate. Due to my own delay, our 7:40 tee time was pushed to 8:40. We played in 4 hours exactly, playing through a slow 4some on 9 after stalking them most of the front.

For late summer and with reseeding just weeks away, the course was in great shape. I loved how it played being dry with some brown areas, but nothing thin or hardpan. Rough varied, from 1 to a potential lost ball 4 inches in some areas. Bunkers seemed a little heavier than past experiences. The greens were absolutely phenomenal the best I've seen them. About a year of the renovations, they have grown in nicely and no longer super firm. They held shots and were smooth as glass and fast (posted at 9.5 stimp).

Definitely worth it before the maintenance downtime and a steal of a price. Absolutely loved it. NOTE: my ratings came out 7.9, but should be closer to 9.
Played on Friday, 8/10 at 3 for $22 (OB card). Walked on solo, paired up with a father/son who only played 9, then finished by myself, just under 3 hours total.

Course is showing the late summer heat wear and tear. Fairways are thinning out, with some mud areas (especially #2). Some greens have dead/dirt areas mostly around the edges, but most have 90% or more coverage.

Some cooler weather and next month's reseed can not come soon enough, but for $20-30, definitely worth the price. If playing in the afternoon, stock up as there was no drink cart and the snack shack was closed, and the course is far from the clubhouse.
Played on Friday, 8/10, with a 7am tee time. Joined by John_T, Famed02, and Andy.drew621, using the phenomenal GK coupon, which cut the price in almost half.

Arrived around 6:20 and told the tee box was ours whenever we wanted it but there was a high school qualifier going out as soon as we teed. Paid and headed out, joined by a local to make a 5some. He was great, has a house overlooking the 7th green/8th tee area, and joined in on the trash talking. Only saw the drink cart once.

Tees and fairways were incredible. Fairways like carpet, lush and dry with plenty of run. Rough was about 1-2 inches. Bunkers were fine. Greens were aerated in the last week, not with the small tines they said on the phone, so they were sandy and bumpy. I can never get here when they are good.

Overall, LOVE this course. Awesome views. Great conditions (if I can get here when the greens are pure). I'm willing to make the drive every couple of months.
Played on Thursday, 8/9 with a 7:10 tee time with Famed02 and a buddy from work. Paid residents rate of $45, guys ahead of me paid $69 each, Elite cardholder paid $35.

Course is in OK shape. Tee boxes were pretty good. Fairways were showing some damage from monsoon rains and some recent punching, with some in good shape and a handful in bad shape (18 was destroyed, all mud). Rough was ok. Sand looked good, but had a thin layer of fluffy then hard packed. Greens were hit and miss. I would say about 80% of the surfaces were great, smooth, and very receptive to shots, however, there were some bare patches, mostly along the edges.

Service was great. Pro shop opens around 30 minutes before 1st tee, about 6:30. Grill opens at 7, but no drink cart that day so we ordered and she drove our breakfast burritos out to us.

Definitely bring some bug repellent. Mosquitoes ate us alive, pro shop guy gave us his OFF can for the back 9 but the damage had been done.

I liked the course, would liked it more for $35 considering the shape of it. Plenty of tee times available, heard they were only expecting 20 golfers on Thursday.
Played AP Palm on Friday, 8/3. Walked in at 1:50, on the tee at 2, in the car before 4:30, playing through a 4some on 2 and stalking a 2some from 7 in, all for $22 with the OB Card.

While the snack shack at #8/#10 was closed, saw the drink cart 3 times through the round.

Course was in summer conditions. Tee boxes were pretty good. Fairways had thin/brown spots but mostly covered with some run, only found a soggy spot in front of #1. Rough was about 2 inches, just enough to cause some issues. Bunkers were crusty up top, with some monsoon rains this week followed by high temps. Greens were spectacular. Slightly slower than they looked, but receptive and smooth.

For $22, it was a steal but it was an August afternoon in Vegas. Course was playing great.
Played Sunday, 7/29, with a 7ish tee time. $45 through the course website. This course always seems to have a few early morning (before 7) tee times still available the day before, a few of the other local courses had no openings before 8-9. Teed off 1 group early, finished in just over 4 hours.

Such a mixed bag. Fairways were in good shape, with some areas of brown, but not dead. Rough was just above fairway and not very penal, with it longer around the green. Bunkers were a crap shoot for conditions, 1 fairway one had a bunch of little stones, but green side was nice and semi-fluffy. Lots of tee boxes were very thin, with some having no grass coverage.

The greens are usually outstanding here, but not this time. Almost every green has spots of dirt/dead areas, some up to 25% of the green. Just really bad right now.

Right now with the green conditions, tough to pay slightly higher than other "local" courses in the area (Aliante, AP, etc). Hopefully they can make it through the month without much more damage and fix them during overseed.
Played on Friday, 7/20, with John_T. 6:58 tee time for $30 with OB card.

Course is in great condition for the summer time. No complaints on tee, fairway (almost full coverage, except some thin spots on #2), and rough. Bunkers have improved over the last year. Greens were GREAT! Almost fast, receptive to shots (not firm), but some unrepaired ball marks.

Only complaint was Pace of Play. Joined on the 1st tee by a local. Played behind a 4some which became a 3 after 9 when 1 broke away. Probably because 2 of them were playing from the blacks and having some difficulty. Finished almost right at 4 hours, but we waited ALOT.

Course looked to be in better shape than Palm if deciding between the 2.
Played the GK event on Sunday, 7/15. Always a splendid time with fabulous people. Well done Johnny!

Course was phenomenal. Very comparable to Wickenburg Ranch, which I heard they were inspired by LR. Tee boxes in great shape. Fairways were lush and carpet like, just incredible considering Laughlin is 5-10 degrees warmer than Vegas. Rough was minimal and easy to deal with. Bunkers were hit in miss. I was in 2, both on 18. Front left was filled with plenty of good side stones, the right side was clear of rocks, with some heavy sand. There's maintenance being done (removal, re-shaping, letting nature take over) to bunkers throughout the course. Greens were slow and hadn't been mowed, and I can imagine they are dastardly when fast, with all the contours and large areas.

Only bad point for me was the food and drink area. Grill did not open until 9, so no pre-round food. Drink cart started around 8:30, and we met her on 8, with no food in the cart, just drinks. The "outpost grill," near the practice area and between 9 and 10 holes, was closed for remodeling. I will give the cart girl kudos for taking our food order on the course, calling us so we could change it, and then delivering it out to us. I later checked their website and saw they don't have a breakfast menu and usually don't open until 11, except brunch on Sundays. Just be prepared if playing an early round.

Overall, I LOVED the course. Challenging but rewarding, great scenery (even though I missed the burros), and a great layout of holes. Already have the next round planned and will be here at least twice a year.
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