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Played today with John_T, his dad, and brother in law for $59 at 7am. Spanish Trail CC opened in the early 80s as an exclusive neighborhood club with 27 holes designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr and served as one of the courses for the Vegas PGA Tour stop for a few years. The club was strictly private, but has opened for public play in the past 10 years or so. No reservations on their website, need to call for available tee times. Played in 4:15, no one in front, and a foursome behind us that would be close on one hole, then disappear for 3. Did not see a lot of groups out.

Customer service matched the private club atmosphere. After checking in at the guard gate, you pull into the parking lot where you can use the manned bag drop or valet your car. If you park first, they drive out and pick up you and your clubs. Walking around the clubhouse and locker room, I was greeted by everyone, from the employees to the members. Drink cart was around 4 times during the round.

Large driving range with practice balls ready to hit. There was also a nice putting green and a separate chipping/bunker area.

Course was in dog days of summer condition but still very good. Course was very wet in some areas, making it humid with no breeze. Tee boxes were all level and I can not remember seeing divots. Fairways had some brown and thin areas, but mostly lush green manicured grass. The rough was brutal. Thick, gnarly, just get it out and back in the fairway in most areas. Both green side bunkers I was in had fluffy sand and appeared to be in good shape. Greens were awesome. Appearance wise, they showed signs of lot of unrepaired ball marks growing back, but they were fast and smooth as glass. Overall, I think it's an easy 8 (or higher) out of 10.

Definitely one of my favorites now and will be back to play. Price was high compared to summer rates around town, but worth it for me.
Played 36 holes with John_T and his dad on Friday, 6/30, for $49 resident rate (booked through their website) which included a free replay.

I have been to Coyote Springs 4 other times and it has never disappointed, and today was no exception. Overall conditions were bordering on excellent. Tee boxes were lush and level. Rough was about 1-2 inches in most places. Bunkers were pretty good, with no rocks. If you were the first one in, it appeared to be packed, but once racked, they were slightly heavy but nice to hit out. Fairways showed the signs of the brutal 2 week heat wave, with some brown areas, but they played fine, kind of like dormant Bermuda. Greens were excellent. Medium-fast and smooth, receptive, and not firm.

This is my favorite non-high dollar (Wolf Creek, Cascata, etc) course. Very tough (white tees: 6215/70.2/139) but fair. Wide fairways, Nicklaus signature green complexes (bunkers, multi-tier greens), and some hard par 3s. While it is tough, it's also fun. No 2 holes are the same and plenty of opportunities to make a memorable shot.

Definitely a must play if in the Vegas/Mesquite area, and may as well take advantage of the free replay. Good customer service, beverage cart around every 3 holes, free water placed in 2 spots that you pass twice.
After finishing an early 18 on Mountain before 9:30, decided to make it an unplanned 36 hole day. Paid a $20 replay rate and was on Palm by 10, finishing around 1:40, stalking a 4some after 6, but never wanting to pass. In all, 8 hours, 36 holes, $53, a great day even with the high winds.

Again, Tee to green side was in good to great condition. Green, lush fairways. Rough about 1 inch or so. Ok, decent sand in the bunkers. Greens show the result of the recent punching, large sand filled holes, running slow. They should be good in a few weeks.

Palm is more fun compared to the challenging Mountain. A little more chances to take a little risk with greater reward, especially on 2 of the Par 5s. There's a couple of long par 4s, but more short holes than long. You can't relax on the Par 3s, they will cost you shots. Overall, a perfect nightcap on a 36 hole day.
Played Friday, 6/9, with John_T, at 5:46a (!), paying $33 with the OB card. Paired up with a local and his buddy as the 3rd group out. The first two groups disappeared and we finished in just a shade under 4 hours.

Course conditions were great, except for the greens, which were punched a few weeks ago. Fairways were spectacular, very lush, no thin areas. The rough is growing back, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches now. Sand was typical of AP, and most desert courses, a little thick, with some rocks. The greens though were the bad part. A handful, especially 1 and 2, were really bad. Very thin in areas, borderline horrible. The other 10-12 greens were pretty good, in need of a rolling, but coming back nicely. Hopefully they can work on the others before the heat really kicks in.

Price wise, very happy, but those greens made it difficult. The placement on #4 (which I've never seen in 60 plus rounds) was ridiculous. Middle right, just before the tier up to the back. Anything to the side and above rolled almost to the front fringe, about 15-20 feet away. Wait a few weeks, then head out.

**it shows I rated it a 7, definitely not that high right now, greens were a 5 at best, averaging between the good and bad**
Played Friday, 6/2, with a 12:05 tee time. I was invited to join a regular 4some after one of the guys couldn't make. Happy I did. Paid $31 on probably the last warm day before the triple digits hit. Hit a wall of carts at the 6th, and finished in about 4:40.

Weird, the conditions were better than when I played in mid-March. Tee boxes are still a bit chewed up and some need to be leveled (especially the Par 3s). Fairways were in great shape. Lush, not really firm, a bit wet, but no brown/thin areas. Rough was thick and brutal, definitely paid the price to hit into it. Green side bunkers had about 2 inches of nice sand, than hard packed. I was in a small fairway pot bunker (about 6 feet across) that was just filled with rocks. Greens were in fantastic shape. Relatively smooth, medium fast, and held shots. There was quite a few unfixed ball marks left from earlier rounds.

Nice customer service. Friendly bag drop guy. Starter let us out early since the group ahead of us wasn't ready to go. Drink cart was around quite a few times and there's water coolers every 3 holes (just bring your own cup).

It was a steal at $31, but that was with great weather, I don't know if I could play when it's 10-15* hotter starting next week. They have a 2 sided practice range that is shared with the private club next door. Be careful if you use it. The public side is on the far side from the clubhouse and you have to go down a path to between the private club's #1 and the range. I ducked down and put the shield up since the path is littered with errand balls.
Played on Monday, 5/22, with a 7:50 tee time, as a 3some. Paid $135 and was completely worth it.

Course was in the best condition of the 4 times I've played it. Tee boxes level and in great shape. Lush carpet like fairways. Rough was about 1.5 to 2 inches, just long enough to cause some trouble. Bunkers were a little mix. Holes in the canyons had soft fluffy white sand while the holes along the ridge and more exposed to the wind had hard packed, crispy bunkers. Greens were just spectacular. Fastest I have seen them, smooth, with little amount of ball markers.

I love this course. Every hole offers something new and with a great view. While it can be short from the white tees, if there is any wind, it becomes very difficult. Bucket list course.
Played Saturday 5/20. I made 2 tee times for our 5some, noonish, $40 each. When I checked in, the starter told us to go out as a 5 but to keep pace. We finished in 3:45.

Amenities are pretty basic. Great grill with cheap prices. Small pro shop. Nice outdoor patio area with misters and cart parking (yep, covered parking for the run in at the turn). The carts were the weirdest I've ever seen. Stripped down basic model, no windshield, no cooler, nothing, EXCEPT for a very nice high res GPS system with yardage to the day's pin. Very friendly vibe around the place. Drink cart was around a couple of times.

Course was starting to brown out. Tee boxes were mostly leveled, but had some divot damage. Fairways were firm and thin, with brown areas starting to creep in. Bunkers were a mix of hard packed and heavy sand. Rough was cut just about fairway length, causing some roll outs into the desert areas. Greens were in good shape, firm, medium fast, with some ball marks. There was a handful of holes were they have done some sod replacement around the fringe/collars.

Nice course but not one to plan a trip around, more of a locals place. They have some interesting holes, including an island green on the front 9, a great uphill par 3 on the back, and some great scenery with a few elevated tee boxes. They cleared the desert areas off the fairways so it was easy to find any ball that rolled out. Winter and early spring may be a better time to play.
Played Friday, 5/19, with 12:30/12:40 tee times following our round on Stadium. Our bags were transferred over from Stadium and we drove our car across the street and were waiting for us.

Condition wise, Champions was a huge step down from Stadium. Tee boxes were level. Fairways were thinning and had some brown areas. Rough was about 1 inch, not difficult to hit out. Bunkers were a bit dried out, definitely not fluffy like Stadium. Greens were good. A little slower than Stadium, but smooth.

It definitely felt like the little brother, complete with hand me down carts (older, no GPS, no USB), and less love from "the parents." However, I loved the feeling around the clubhouse. They had a very nice patio area with a grill (Stadium is a sit down place and a half way house), lower prices, and incredible food (the burger I had was outstanding!).

My only complaint about the staff: We were booked as a 3some and 2some and a 2 was paired up. We checked with the starter beforehand and knew no one was behind us until a shotgun about a hour later. We let the added 2some played through on their own (they were happy about it), then joined up as a 5some at the 6th hole. We actually caught the 2some on 10, but no one behind us. 3 marshals drove past and didn't say anything. On the 16th green, a marshal stopped and berated us for playing as a 5. Yeah, and we finished in 4 hours, 10 minutes, no one behind us.
Played Friday, 5/19. This was the trophy course for our trip and it did not disappoint. We paid $225 for a 36 combo deal they run with the Champions course. Basically, we paid for Stadium and Champions was thrown in for free. I've been a fan of the Phoenix tour stop and have wanted to play this for sometime (minus all the times I've played on Rory McIlroy). We played as a 3some and a 2some paired with another 2. Finished in 4:15 with a 6:40 tee time.

Customer service was top notch. I had to call to make the tee times and the lady was great working with me to get the times I wanted for the 5 of us, Stadium in the morning, Champions in the afternoon. Bag drop guys were friendly and informative. Check in was easy. Starter was a great guy who BS'd with us while we waited and took our group pic, along with some helpful course tips. Large included driving range and small putting green near the first tee. Carts had GPS and dual USB plugs.

Course was typical of a TPC. Lush fairways. Rough was almost 2 inches, thick, and penal. Sand was the type you see the pros hit out off, amazingly soft and fluffy, I almost wanted to hit into it. Greens were fantastic. I read previous reviews that mentioned slow speeds, mostly due to growing them out for the summer heat. For us, they were medium-fast and rolled smooth, even with some signs of some light sanding.

Overall, I loved it! Front 9 is pretty nondescript, but the course changes on the back. 6 of 9 holes have water. The "signature" 16th was disappointing, with no stadium, it was a very bland 135 yard hole that just didn't feel like the crazy hole it should be. My favorite was 15, a 2 shot par 5 for the pros, which amazed me. The water in front of the small island green looks bigger on TV, but is like 15-20 yards, even hitting over in 3 was nerve wracking. 17 was a blast at 250 yards from the white tees, with a chance to drive the green (I yanked it left but short of the water). 18 is a tough finishing hole with water left of the tee. The long hitter bunkers at the end of the water were not in play for me. I would play here again for a price around $100, but the price was worth it to scratch it off the list.
Played on Thursday, 5/18 with tee times at 12:04/12:12 due to being 5 of us. Paid $38 booking online. It's a bit of a drive from Phoenix, about 50 minutes to the southwest, but worth it.

Customer service was great. Bag drop guys loaded the carts, quick check in, friendly staff, and a phenomenal drink cart which was around 5 times. Starter let us out early and as a 5some, since the there wasn't anyone behind us except a 3some (they played through on 8) in the next 4 tee times.

Tee boxes were level and relatively divot free. Fairways were wide and carpet like lush. Rough was cut just a bit longer to give definition. I did not like the bunkers. Sand was heavy in deep bunkers, just made it difficult for me to get out. Greens were firm and smooth, some roll after shots into them. Speed was close to fast.

Loved the course! I had not heard of it and wasn't on my trip radar until a few weeks ago, and I booked it mainly because of the price. Absolute gem. Catching it after the prices went down but still not hot helped a lot. I recommend it at the price I got, a steal.
Played on Wednesday, 5/17, as we drove from Vegas to Phoenix for a weekend of golf. Excellent course to start off the trip. I was excited for it after reading and talking to Sixpez about his trip here.

Course has a private club feel to it. You pull up to a guard gate to enter the community the course runs through. The club house, pro shop, and event areas have a western motif to them and just feels laid back. There's chairs, couches, a fire pit all around so you can watch play as you relax before or after the round. There's some yacht rock type music pumped through speakers near the practice green. Practice facility is great. Large driving range which is included. Large putting green with lots of undulation (if you want to practice a putt that drops like 5 feet, here's your chance). Practice green was consistent with the course.

Course was in great shape. A mild spring has kept the course in fantastic condition. Lush green fairways with no thin/brown areas. Rough was about 1 inch or so and easy to hit out. Bunkers were a bit crispy, with some pebbles. Greens were super firm, but smooth and fast. You had to just hit to the front and let it roll up. Tee boxes were pretty good, some damage on the par 3s.

Great course and worth the drive. It's in a housing community, but they're not really noticeable. A nice variety of holes. The uphill 9th is incredible, along with a couple of elevated tees. We paid $80 for a 11:40 tee time, basically had the course to ourselves, played in just under 4:30. Great customer service.
Met JohnnyGK for a round yesterday, 5/25. First time playing here since the renovation, and hadn't played the old Desert Rose layout since the days of playing 2-3 times a year, so I did not remember a lot of the old course. We played as 2, with a single skipping through, had the whole course to ourselves on a Thursday teeing off at noon, and finished in a just under 3 1/2 hours. Fantastic Vegas golf day, temps in the 90s, but a good wind.

Practice area was nice. Driving range has one of those long, semi-soft astroturf type mats to hit from. Easy on the irons, but difficult to put a tee in, unless you like to tee it really high. Cool feature: a large "777" sign for the 150 yard flag, which we took aim at a couple of times, unsuccessfully. A two tier putting green with about 8 holes, which was the same speed and condition of the course greens. They also have a chipping/bunker area.

Onto the course. Back in the day, it was nicknamed "The Ditch" for the Las Vegas Wash which runs along the right side of all but 3 holes and factors in almost every shot. Due to still spring like conditions, the ditch was as green as the fairways and made choosing a line of the tee in the wind difficult. We just couldn't figure out where the edge of the ditch started. Fairways were a bit thin in places, due to the drought resistant, salt resistant grass they use tee to green. The grass grows better in warmer weather, so summer should be great. Rough is cut to fairway height. Bunkers were pretty good. I was in 2 green side, neither were too fluffy or too firm, they were just right and easy to get out (I used a putter for one for fun). The greens were the best part of the course. They were incredible. They felt soft under my feet, but I only found 1 ball mark all day. Glass like smooth, medium fast and tricky undulation.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the course. With the firm, fast fairways, wind, and no trees, it played like a links course. The ditch is to the right and there's houses all along the left, but they are set far enough back from the fairways. There's red dirt between the cart path and houses, so prepared to hit some low runners out if you end up in it. It's a fun course to try some shots you wouldn't normally try to hit. With it's current rates under $30, it's a steal.
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