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Played on Saturday, 1/18, at 10ish with John_T and paired up with a couple from Canada. Paid $59 with the Arroyo/Siena card. The typical slow Saturday round on a nice Vegas golf day, finished in about 4:30.

First time I've played here in the dead of winter, my past rounds have been in spring and summer. Conditions did not disappoint. Fairways and rough completely re-seeded, with lush fairways and some gnarly thick rough. If you hit in the rough you were searching for it, the ball will sink down. Greens were smooth and relatively fast, I've always found the greens here in great shape. It looks like they've done some work on the bunkers, I only noticed the liner poking through in one of the bunkers on 3. Sand was like a light desert sand, with some decent depth but still with the pebbles. The tees are dormant Bermuda sprayed green to match the course. Nothing that changes the play.

Extras: Food and Beverages prices are some of the best in Vegas, everything is a few bucks under the typical golf course price. The range is included and full grass. Only issue is getting to it, as you drive between the private course's #1 and the range. I'm always skittish as you see all the range balls along the path. Practice green by the clubhouse is nice, but it runs faster than the course. The carts, well, at least they have four wheels and carry the clubs. I'm always amazed by the quality of the carts for a higher end course, and have joked they were "hand me downs" from the big brother private course, without the GPS and speakers. Today, apparently they were borrowed from some other courses as their fleet is breaking down. Definitely not a deal breaker, just a surprise.

I love Arroyo. It's a fun course with a chance to score or get your butt kicked.
Played a GKguru round with JohnnyGK and LarryTee on Thursday, 1/16. 11am tee time off the 10th tee and finished at 4 hours, letting a couple of 2somes play through on the front.

Reflection Bay has easily become my favorite Vegas course. Conditions are consistently great. Today we had smooth greens, lush fairways, and nice, medium heavy sand in the bunkers. The rough is dormant Bermuda, which really makes the course "pop" from the tee box.

Customer service was excellent, from bag drop to grill to drink cart and finally the cart drop, just friendly staff with great service.

Reflection Bay is the 1st course I recommend to anyone making a Vegas golf trip. Great course with some fun holes and excellent views.
Played on Saturday, 1/4, with a 10:15 tee time with a high school buddy and paired up with a local dad and his son. Paid $49 with the OB card. I was a little scared of the mid morning weekend start but we finished in 4:10, waiting on the group ahead, who had no one in front of them.

Conditions were excellent for early January. Hopefully, one of these days they'll level off the tee boxes that have been built up from years of divot fills, but that was the only complaint. Fairways have complete coverage with no dirt areas. Rough is cut short this time of year, so barely over an inch or so. Sand is better than normal for a Vegas course. Greens were just great. Smooth, some unrepaired ball marks, and fast. The hole on 16 was the most unfair placement I've ever seen, no shot of stopping it close, either in or roll 20 feet away.

Palm is an excellent course to build your confidence. Not long on the card, but all the par 3s are over 150 with trouble everywhere. Greens are small and tricky. Fun course to play and bet on.
Played Thursday, 12/26, with a 7ish tee time, paid $47 NLV resident rate. John_T found the tee time online last night, and it looked like it would be a busy day with limited availability. Arrived 30 minutes early, in the cold and rain, and found a virtually empty course. Went off 2nd as a 2 and barely saw anyone. Finished 18 in just over 3 hours, including a 10-15 minute break after 9.

Course is in total winter conditions. Tee boxes level. Fairways a mix of green and dormant tan grasses, but no hardpan/dirt areas. As Johnny and I have joked, the fairways were running about a 12 on the Stimp, just firm and fast, and so fun. Rough was completely dormant Bermuda, with some areas a little thicker than other. Greens were firm and fast, almost completely smooth.

I haven't played here since April and the biggest improvement has been the bunkers. They were in incredible shape. Even with the rain the last few days, they were almost fluffy, well maintained, and easy to hit from. So much better than the days of hard pan, paper thin, shallow sand of the past.

Overall, a great experience. Fun course with a good mix of long/short holes. Excellent Par 3s. Challenging Par 5s. They get a bad rep for the Sun City houses surrounding, but they are almost all out of play. Customer service was great. My only complaints would be the pricing. It's about $5-10 above other courses in the area, and may make a difference when choosing between courses. Also, seems like the Food/Beverage prices were raised. While it was one of the BEST! Bloody Mary I've ever had, it was a bit on the high side.
Finished up a 36 hole GK guru day with a round on 12/9. Customer service was outstanding. Grabbed a quick bite prior to the round and had to pick from about 6 different hot dog combos, they all looked delicious.

The course was just incredible. The fairways were so perfect that they could easily pass for high end artificial without a blade out of place. Bunkers were filled with some thick white sand that I come to expect from Palm Springs area courses. Greens were smooth and on the quicker side, having the sun up and burning off the morning moisture helped.

Halfway through our round, I looked around and could not believe I was in the middle of a city. The course makes you feel very secluded, even from other groups. There's even a few wayward pelicans and cranes in the many water features around the course. I loved the par 3s and the 18th is a great par 5 finisher, with water protecting the green.

Highly recommend a round here and absolutely worth it.
Played on Monday, 12/9, with the GK gurus. This was my second time here, but the 1st was over 5 years ago and I could only remember the great service. Service was again outstanding, even the parking lot construction crew who moved their heavy equipment after I unknowingly parked in the middle of their work area.

Course was in phenomenal condition. Just lush and green everywhere. Course was pretty wet, but no pooling in the low area or bunkers. The bunkers had nice heavy white sand, which I'm definitely not used to but everyone else was fine with it. Rough was gnarly. Greens ran smooth but a lot slower than they looked due to the early morning wetness.

Celebrity could easily have been designed for Instagram, 50 years before the Gram was even thought of. Just tall trees, lush green grass, bright flower beds, and incredible water features everywhere. The course looks quirky before playing, when you notice 1 par 3 and 1 par 5 on each 9, but there is a great variety in the par 4s to keep it interesting. And those par 3s and par 5s are some of the most spectacularly photogenic holes on the course. One thing overlooked in the winter is the amount of ice/water machines on the course to make the summer play a bit easier.

Celebrity is a must play in an area with a ton of great courses.
Played the GK Plays on 12/7. I have been listening to the hype of Rams Hill for a couple of years now and I've been yearning to visit. I'm happy to say it did not disappoint. Course has a great feel and views from the clubhouse and patio area. Nice practice areas with an all grass driving range and large putting green with plenty of slopes.

While standing on the first tee, I mentioned the wide fairway and was warned not to get use to it. Rams Hill has a great variety of wide and narrow fairways. The front nine carries much of the distance with some longer par 4s and the back 9 has some fun risky short ones. The fairways were mostly lush, with just a few spots were the winter grass had issues. Greens were smooth and ran great, just a bit slower than they looked. The rain over the last week or so caused some wet areas and killed any roll outs. And despite the rain, the bunkers were filled with fluffy sand and no muddy areas. The rough was up and caused issues trying to get out of it. Course had elevation changes, rolling mounds in the fairways and rough, and views for days.

I loved it! Definitely want to go back when the course is running firm and fast. I can't believe how close it is to most of Southern California. While it's not a day trip from Vegas, Rams Hill should be included in any Palm Springs area trips.
Played on Saturday, 12/7, with the Pisarkski clan and Gregholla. Tee times were just after 11 and we started a few minutes late.

PROS: Turf conditions were incredible. Lush fairways. Thick rough. Greens were smooth and quick, just some ball marks here and there. Tee boxes were pretty level.

CONS: The sand in the bunkers was pretty thin, like an inch than hard packed. Pace was horrendous. We were warned there was a tournament in front, but I've never seen a tourney where a 4some had more than 4 tee shots (a combined 9 tee balls on the 18th). See Matt's review for the customer service experience.

Golf wise, the course is phenomenal. Great conditions, and an interesting lay out. Course is house free and has some great views, with a price consistent with Palm Springs courses this time of the year.
Played on Black Friday with MPisarski01 using his ClubCorp pass. I paid $140 as a guest, which is above my normal limit, but proved to be worth it, especially since there's no public times here and charity events run higher than that price. We basically had the course to ourselves, minus a single that played through on 3 and catching a 3some on the back. The cold, wind, and snow flurries (on 2 holes) kept most away. We finished in under 3 hours. Drink cart was around at least 5 times.

It rained for days prior but you could not tell on the course. Level tee boxes. Fairways were lush with no water pooled anywhere. Rough was about 1-2 inches. The sand in the bunkers was incredibly fluffy for the amount of water that has come down. The greens were phenomenal. Glass like smooth, receptive to shots, and FAST.

It's a fun, incredible course. It's a Ted Robinson Jr design, so plenty of water and tall palm trees around the greens. I thought the greens were small, especially with some have triple tiers, it made shot placement and putting fun. It's worth a trip.
Played on Veterans' Day, 11/11, with John_T and a couple of his co-workers. Paid $65, which is about the top of what I would pay for a "local" course. Teed off on time at about 8:45a, which is about as late I would go since I had to work at 3. This course has a reputation of being a bit slow. Finished the front 9 in just a shade over 2 hours, then waited on every hole of the back, with 2 groups on at the tee on a few holes. Unbelievably, finished in about 4:40, just above their pace of play recommendation.

Course is in great shape. A few tee boxes had the markers set with uneven lies, but most were fantastic. Bunkers were in solid shape. I was only in ones near the fairway, but the group appeared to be handle the green side ones with ease. Rough is thick and gnarly, I had a couple of shots where it grabbed the hosel and killed the shot. Fairways were incredible, just lush from tee to green. Greens were in excellent shape. Smooth, very receptive, and medium fast.

The more I play here, the more I love this course. It's a Ted Robinson Sr design and has that SoCal feel with plenty of palm trees and some big water elements. It runs through a residential development, but the houses are out of play and barely noticeable, except for the early morning house party on #9. There's lot of elevation changes and plenty of awkward lies. Maybe not a must play, but definitely second tier.
Played on Friday, 10/18 with John_T. We made a very last minute decision to play and luckily found a 7ish tee time for $39 (with a $10 food credit) on their site late Thursday night. It was still very dark when we pulled into the parking lot. Checked in and we were told we could follow the 1st group if we were ready after they go at 1st sign of light. We teed off about 20 minutes early and finished in just over 2 1/2 hours.

Some new things at the The Club: 1. They flipped the 9s so you start next to the clubhouse and finish on the par 3 on the other side of the clubhouse. This is to avoid frost delays this winter as the old front 9 is more shaded and gets the morning light later. I think the last 3 times I've played here I started on the old 10th/new 1st so no difference to me. Routing wise: It allows you to ease into the round with the most difficult holes stacked in the middle, the new 8-12 are the most difficult holes, at least for me. 2. Carts now have GPS with center green yardage. They will be adding the feature to order food from it to pick up at the turn.

Course has exited the maintenance period VERY LUSH! Tee boxes a bit long. Fairways were carpet like. I know they advertise the greens as the best in the Valley but the bunkers are near the top too. A little heavy but very loose and nice to hit from. The rough was just gnarly. I'm thinking they keep it Bermuda and it was just thick and nasty, except the side hills have been cut down. The Greens. They lived up to the expectations. Surprisingly though, a few ball marks on the first few holes, the first I've seen here. Glass like smooth, and the speed picked up as the sun warmed up.

Afterwards, took advantage of the food credit and enjoyed a great breakfast. All around service was great. They also added a drink cart to the rotation.

As always, The Club is a fun course to play. It can be easy, but if you go right, you're in for an adventure and scrambling for a score.
Played Thursday, 10/17, with a 7:30ish tee time. Paid $45 with the OB Card and grouped with a group of 3 local regulars.

1st time back since the course re-opened about a month ago. Course was in great shape. Still wish they would work on leveling out the tee boxes but they were mostly level with little amount of damage. Fairways have taken to the winter grass and it was full and lush. Very few spots where they're still working on it. Rough is growing in and currently just over an inch long. The sand was great, a little heavy but loose. Greens were fantastic. Smooth, and getting to their normal almost fast winter speed.
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