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This was the first time back here in a few years. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the facility is nice. Usually I don't visit the driving range, but today we did - nothing to get very excited about for a course that was once private. The layout on the front nine is somewhat confusing with no flow to the design? The tees were in fairly good shape but a few were a little shaggy and beat up. The fairways were passable for the most part with many thin dry spots that would provide good roll if the ball stayed on them. The rough was a mix of grasses - thin in spots and thicker on other holes. The traps looked to be hard packed, but were actually pretty soft and were well groomed. Most of the greens were covered with ball marks in need of repair! Lazy inconsiderate golfers!! The greens held shots well, but most were somewhat bumpy and had varying speeds throughout the round. The views and scenery in and around this course are great. The rack rates are maybe a little high for the conditions the course are in right now. I really enjoy the course just wish the conditions were a step above.
Early am round right at four hours - great for the guys in our foursome! The staff is always friendly and pleasant every time here. The tee boxes for the most part had good coverage - a few were a little thin and some a little hard to place a tee into but in good shape. The fairways were in fairly nice shape with good coverage on some holes and thin on others. There were a few holes where the fairway was very thin and hard packed. The rough was thick on some holes and thin on others. I found the few traps I was in to be very damp and in need of raking - many had numerous footprints in them from the last few days? The greens were very thick and had great coverage rolling nicely on well struck putts. I did notice many, many ball marks throughout the round - very discouraging to see the lack of respect some people have for others!!!! The vistas from this course are one of the best I feel in the SD/Riverside county area. The course is maintaining conditions and the green fees are very reasonable. The drive is a little off the main path but well worth it!!
First off and completed the round in a leisurely four hours. The gentleman that runs the shop is very polite and extremely busy running the place by himself. The course has digressed some since my last round here. The entire course had dried up quite a bit and the water features have seen the levels in them drop. The course has a great layout but REALLY needs some TLC. Tee boxes were dry and some very hard and thin. The fairways have almost all dried up and crusted over or soon will be. The rough is very thin where it exists. The fairway traps are dry and thin and those around the greens were thin and very damp. The greens HAD RECENTLY been punched (much to my surprise) and were very slow and bumpy. The carts are real nice but the GPS in them has nothing of assistance to the golfer and is only used to keep them from entering those twilight zone areas? Cart paths?? I hope the course makes it thru the summer and the early fall/winter rains help it stay alive.
Course is in very good shape and always cooler than those in the valleys. The staff is always laid back and welcoming here every time we've made the trip up the hill. The tee boxes were a little firm and some slightly thin - but still in pretty good shape. The green fairways were cut short with great coverage and sat the ball up nicely. The rough was for the most part thick and cut at the right length to hold shots for finding the snakes. The few traps I found were very wet, hard and difficult to play from - they were definitely the low point. The greens were in great shape with very few marks and held shots better today than in all my previous visits. Most of the greens on the course were slightly slower than what you found on practice greens. The location and views from this course are a big draw for most and never disappoint. The green fees are reasonable for the quality and conditions of the course. I think the course has made consistent improvement in playing conditions - it's a course everybody should play at least once.
Early am round in under four hours. The staff was real and very nice from the pro shop to the cart attendant. The course was in great condition with great coverage from tee to green. The tee boxes were almost all very level with grass better than many courses. Fairways were also very nice with only a few tight lies to be found during the round. The rough was thick enough to hold up wayward shots and easy to make good contact from. The sand traps I ended up in were very well groomed with damp fluffy sand (not what I'm used to playing from) that was a little tricky to play out of. The greens were actually quicker than other courses I've played in the Palm Springs area and were not hard to read. The entire facility is very well taken care of and a place you would definitely want to visit again. One of the twosome that we were paired with told me he's played the course 25 times in last several weeks - must be a regular? I really liked the layout and the scenery and highly recommend.
Early am round taking 4 1/2 hours due to slow playing partners! The course was in very good shape today but very damp on a few holes. Tee boxes were are in good condition and the warm weather has filled in the bermuda fairways nicely. The rough was much thicker than it's been recently and very damp on a few holes. The greens were beautiful green with the best coverage I've seen for many years. The length of the greens was also much longer than usual surely due to the heat. The greens rolled well but quite a bit slower and were somewhat bumpy. The many traps I found were nicely groomed with damp hard packed sand. The 18th fairway greens were in slightly better shape than my last visit here - they still need work. The maintenance crew had the creek on 18 also shut down with work around the pond area - bummer. The staff is always great and the food is pretty good at the 19th hole!
Finally played this course after wanting to for the last 25 years. The pace of play was at about 4.5 hours which was expected. The tee boxes were all level with good coverage and in great shape. The fairways were also in very good shape with most being covered with kikuyu - always popular near the coast. The fairways were cut short but the ball sat up well enough for good contact. The rough was slightly longer and thicker but one could still make a good stroke if you had to hit from it. The traps were well groomed, slightly damp with fluffy sand and very playable. The greens were very firm and not holding all shots into them - most shots would bounce and roll unless the approach shots came in from a high angle. It took us a hole or two before we started playing the roll on them. The greens were fairly quick and very large (some of the largest I've played in a while). Most all of the greens were tilted toward the fairway which made getting a shot to the back difficult. I found with the overcast skies and cool breeze that an extra club or two was needed on most holes. The staff was excellent and it was nice to see the marshal out on the course a few times. The sun finally arrived on the last hole and made for some great photos. I think the green fees are reasonable for what the course offers and would definitely recommend a round here!
Early morning four hour round with a couple of real characters - brought my wife along for the cart ride. She wouldn't have believed me unless she saw them for herself - really nice guys though. The course is in great shape with the fairways in probably the best shape I've seen them in. The rough was very thick and in perfect shape. The tee boxes were all nicely prepped with one note that the 15th tees have been moved up quite a bit with the new casino construction. The 14th fairway hole also narrowed near the green with the earth moving. The greens were all in great shape as well but maybe slightly slower than usual. The water features throughout the course have seen their levels dip maybe a foot or more - possibly due the use for construction? The traps were all in great shape with heavy white wet sand in the few I found. The rates are extremely reasonable for the conditions and what this course offers!! The staff and facilities are near top notch and highly recommended! One note - ran into The Hemet Golf Guy when making the turn. He said it was a practice round before his cup match later in the week so look out Dave.
Early 4+ hour round on a fairly good course. Most tee boxes were in okay shape with a few slightly thin. The fairways have actually stayed green since my last visit here and have also softened up somewhat. Most fairways were cut short with the exception of the 16th where I found my drive exactly in the middle of the fairway in thick 4" rough?? What's up with that?? Maybe somebody forgot to mow that section! The rough was mostly thick throughout the round and made it very difficult to find balls. The greens were softer after the maintenance but very bumpy with MANY balls marks! The staff is always great and the vistas add to the experience also. The course has improved but still has some way to go before it is nice. The place was very busy which is encouraging to see!
Early four hour round in cool cloudy conditions. It's amazing how nice the greens have firmed up since the aeration a few weeks ago. The greens are very nice and nearly free of any ball marks. They are holding shots pretty well - but seemed quite a bit slower than usual. The tee boxes are in okay conditions with a few being a little thin. The fairways for the most part are still in good shape with good coverage on most holes. The rough along many holes is getting fairly thin, with the exception of a few holes (especially 18) where the rough consists of weeds and foot long brush. The finishing hole should be one of the better conditioned holes on a course in my opinion - after all it is the last thing you'll see during your round. The fairway bunkers on 18 are terrible and the surrounding rough is the worst it's ever been. The green side trap I was in on 17 was like granite and in desperate need of work! The staff has always been welcoming and in a great mood even at six in the morning. Still recommended for a reasonably priced fairly well conditioned course in the Temecula area.
The course is in fairly good shape with right now and very busy this Sunday. We completed our round in a little over four hours being one of the first few groups off. The tee boxes are all in good shape with a couple of the short holes in need of some aeration - the ground being so hard that a tee could not be placed in the turf. The fairways have very good coverage but an abundance of kikuyu grass - the stuff seems to be taking over on many golf courses lately. The rough was thick and longer than usual, add the kikuyu and shots from the rough are VERY difficult. The kikuyu is not dense enough in many areas and the ball will sit down just enough to make getting your club on it very frustrating. The traps looked like they were in good shape with visible work going on. There are still a few trees down on the course that need to be removed. The greens were in nice shape and rolled well. The break on many greens here is very deceiving if you've not played the course before. The staff is always friendly and it's nice to see the same faces year after year. The course has some good specials and is usually quite busy. The location makes for a quick round if it's not too busy.
Early am round just under four hours. It's been a year or more since I've been here - I remember why now. The clubhouse was locked up until after 7am - we had a 7:08 tee time. The gentleman that was running around by himself this morning was friendly but really needed help. The locals know the routine here and were nice enough to share it with us. The course itself is looking fairly shabby as I remember it looking. The fairways are drying out and everything is starting to die with the warmer weather. There are a few types of grass covering most areas of the fairways with a lot of roll on well struck shots. The tee boxes are on the downhill slide too - a few were so hard I could not even put a tee in them. I actually snapped a tee trying to do so - just glad I didn't slice my hand! The rough was fairly thick maybe a few weeks back, but that too is drying up and going away. The traps were hard, wet and loaded with pebbles. The greens were the best part of the course by far! They too were very firm and most were extremely slow which made for a frustrating round of three putts. The water features and layout of this place are great - it really would be nice to see somebody bring this place back to what it was in the beginning!! The new carts are great but the GPS settings will shut your cart down when you are no where near protected areas and when you're on a cart path??? We actually thought that the course might be getting ready to shutter their doors after seeing one car in the parking lot upon arrival - I suggest those with vouchers to use them up soon!
Listing 1 to 12 of 54,162 Course Reviews
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