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Played early Saturday morning in a light drizzle finishing in under four hours. I had played the original Hidden Meadows and Meadow Lake course here many times before the turf destruction renamed this place Boulder Oaks. The name sadly is the best thing it has going for it now. The staff was friendly and helpful once you located the pro shop. The vibe there was more like visiting a liquor store. The carts have plenty of pep but lack a wind/rain shield! The tee boxes were okay to thin and shaggy with most being level. The fairways were in sad shape with all kinds of grasses, bare spots and rodent holes/mounds. The dirt traps were filled with just that dirt, grass , pebbles and rocks. The rough ranged from a few inches of clover to two feet of weeds! We found the greens to definitely be the highlight of the course, or maybe it was the carts? Anyway the greens were pretty firm and rolled quite slow. Most of the greens have break to them some quite a bit. This used to be such a nice challenging picturesque course to play. Sadly now I cannot recommend this place to anyone.
First off on Sunday and finished in a little over three hours. This course is probably in the best shape I've seen it in. The staff is familiar and friendly. The rates are very reasonable and a deal compared to the local casino course who has jacked up their rates. The tee boxes are mostly flat with a few being sloped and a little thin. The fairways have good coverage with areas that should be marked as gur. The rough is fairly thick and long making for an easter egg hunt if your ball finds it way there. The sand traps were their usual wet compact mess. The greens still showed evidence of being plugged, but the ball rolled pretty well albeit slower than usual. There were many greens with numerous ball marks in need of repair as well. The water features on this course actually still have quite a good amount of water in them which is great. I find the layout to be somewhat challenging and always enjoy a round here. Recommended.
Played Sunday 28th in right around four hours. The entire staff is always great from the pro shop to the grounds crew. The carts here do not have windshields which can make for a cold start early in the morning. The tee boxes on this side are mostly level with the exception on the 8th hole which is not level and always quite beat up. Many we found to be a little thin on coverage also. The fairways are in pretty good shape with spots here and there that should be marked gur. The rough is not consistent from hole to hole but for the most part is not too penal. The traps are fairly well maintained BUT all are extremely hard and almost everyone was wet. The greens are always in good to great condition and they were on Sunday. The greens were a little slower than usual and seemed to have more break as well. The Lakes 18 definitely has the more challenging greens here at MLCC. The Lakes also has a few more water holes than the Palms 18. I find the rates are reasonable for the quality of what is offered and always recommended.
Early off in cool overcast weather and finished in about four hours. The staff is always fantastic and welcoming every time here. The driving range and practice greens are always in great shape and busy. The tee boxes were a bit thin and beat up but playable and most were fairly level. The fairways were all in pretty good shape with a few bare spots marked as gur. The kikuyu grass is tight enough to give you a good lie on almost every shot. The rough was in okay shape consisting of longer thinner mix but playable. The bunkers were all well groomed but extremely damp and/or wet. The moisture made shots from it difficult for some but I found it to be acceptable. The greens were in real good shape showing a little bit from the maintenance but held shots well with very few marks to be found. The greens rolled pretty quick for a cool damp day and held lines good. There are several greens with break that is hard to see for some golfers. The water features, dog legs, sloped fairways, sloped greens and a 600 yard plus dog leg par five make for a somewhat challenging but enjoyable round. Definitely recommended especially with the rates and deals. Great comfortable carts but no gps.
Early off and done in about 3.5 hours. It would be nice if they had carts with windshields on the cool mornings. The tee boxes are level with the exception of a couple that are really sloped and need some work. The fairways have very good coverage. The rough was thick and about 3-4" which made it difficult to hit shots from. You were able to locate your balls today unlike some other courses where balls seem to disappear. The traps are all well maintained just in desperate need of sand!! The greens were in great shape rolling medium to semi quick and holding lines well. The staff is always great and rates reasonable for what is offered. Recommended.
Was there when the sun came up and finished in under four hours before the winds picked up. The staff is great and the food excellent as well. I was underwhelmed by the clubhouse and parking facility. I guess I expected a resort setting - it was much more like a small country club. That didn't have anything to do with course conditions but I was surprised. The practice facilities were great and in excellent shape. The tee boxes were all pretty level with perfect coverage. The fairways were in nearly perfect shape with the exception being the numerous unfilled divots. The rough was a few inches long and fairly thick. If you found yourself in it you could usually locate your ball and get a good amount of distance from it though. The traps were in excellent shape from fairway to green with plenty of sand. Many of the traps were pretty damp but not so much to affect a shot from them. My playing partners found many of them during the day. The greens were a fairly quick but a little slower than what I expected. A few of them greens were peppered with ball marks and you could also see where the greens had been plugged. The greens all were fairly flat with very little break and putts stayed true when struck. The carts are basic with good gps which is very helpful for those who have not played the course before. There were many forced carry holes on the front and back. The course did not have any extreme elevation changes but many canyons cut through the course by rainfall runoff over the years. I found that the course reminded me of a mix Inland Empire/Palm Springs courses combined. The rates are quite high compared to what I usually pay/play, but not out of place for the Las Vegas area courses. Recommended. Give them your money if you're in the area tourists.
The rain has turned the rough into an Easter egg hunt. First off and around in four hours on a perfect day for golf. The tee boxes were all a little firm and shaggy but okay. Fairways we're in very good condition with good coverage. The traps greenside we're fine but some of the fairway traps were full of large rocks. The greens are in very good shape also with very few ballmarks. The rates were reasonable this weekend. The course actually sent emails informing those in their system that they will be punching the greens later this month. I think the present management has finally started down the right path. Recommended
Played a couple back on a very cold foggy morning in about four hours only after passing the slowest group in the world. The fog did not actually lift until the fifth or sixth hole. That made for an interesting front nine but surprisingly no worse scoring side than usual. My partners actually played better in the fog?? The tee boxes were all damp and level with good coverage. The fairways were very damp with pretty good coverage - only a few thin spots throughout the entire round. The rough is mostly short and thin but you will find thicker places on some holes. The traps were all well groomed BUT needed a SAND infusion worse than most local courses. Many rocks and extremely thin places in most of the traps even the green side bunkers. The greens were fairly soft and held shots good but many had numerous ball marks in need of repair! The greens are always consistently true and roll quicker here than most local courses. The green fees are reasonable for what is offered. Always recommended.
Finished in under fours hours this morning on a pretty well conditioned course. The staff is top notch. The tee boxes were mostly level but a few were thin and damp. The fairways have very good coverage with a mixture of grasses with kikuyu being the dominant type lately. The rough is almost all kikuyu and you'll find thin dry areas and thick damp places from hole to hole. The traps were a little damp still but were in great shape and well groomed! The greens have filled in very nicely since the maintenance last month. The greens have excellent coverage with very few marks. Most greens were somewhat slower than my previous rounds here but in great shape. The course is very narrow with homes along most fairways with a few water holes mixed. The place is always busy and is fun and challenging as well with very reasonable rates. Always recommended.
Played a quick sub four hour round last weekend on a cool crisp day. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The tee boxes were all in okay shape with a few being somewhat thin. The fairways were damp and thin with coverage lacking here and there throughout the round. The rough was also hit and miss with thin hard areas and thick damp places as well. The traps were very damp and thin but were playable. The greens were definitely the highlight of the round. There were a couple bare spots on a few of the greens which I'm sure should fill in with the rains and conditioning. The greens held shots well and were very smooth with good roll. The dormant bermuda really kills the look and playing conditions at this course - especially with the cooler damp periods during the fall and winter. The regular green fees might be a little much also for what you get.
Played a few weeks back during the week. Thought it would be a little less busy. HA! They were about 45 minutes behind already at 8 am - not a good sign. Any course that routinely books fivesomes is never going to be on time or have any quick rounds midday. The tee boxes were all very level with fairly good coverage. All of the fairways had pretty good coverage with the exception of a couple on the back nine. The rough was not very rough and missing on several holes. The bunkers were in very good condition with semi hard packed sand. The greens were somewhat bumpy but rolled very quick and true. The greens have many hard to see breaks for the first timers here. The course is lined with trees and a few hidden water hazards with a few good doglegs. The overall conditions are good for a course that gets so much play - just would be nice to quicken the pace of play. Recommended at least once if you enjoy six hour rounds of watching other groups play!
Played last Sunday am in right about four hours. They were running behind about fifteen minutes but the great weather made the wait okay. The staff is great from the pro shop to the cart barn (they have nice carts). The tee boxes were mostly level but many were shaggy, thin and almost concrete. The fairways were in pretty good shape with quite a bit of new kikuyu covering a lot of real estate. The kikuyu was very thick and dry in some places but for the most part was playable. The rough where is existed was mostly just longer kikuyu and helped slow off line shots. The traps had enough sand in them but were in desperate need of maintenance around the edges. The greens had been punched earlier in the week and were still not in real good shape. Most greens were covered with wet sand on the front nine and dryer sand on the back nine. They rolled very slow but picked up speed as the weather dried them out. I would estimate about three weeks before they are back to the excellent condition we have found them in before. The rates were discounted about 50% which was a good deal.
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