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Early morning Sunday round in slightly under four hours. The staff is great but greatly over the top on the improved course conditions??? Most of the tee boxes were very thin and very dry but level. The lack of fairways made it difficult on a few holes to know where to land your tee shots and I've played here many times. There is no rough but plenty of thin and/or dirt areas along most holes. The traps have actually improved since my last round and have more sand and were in okay shape. The greens HAD been punched on Monday according to the pro shop and definitely showed it. All of the greens were very dry and still somewhat firm for just having been punched. Every area of this course needs WAY more water! The ownership had made good progress on improving conditions but I can't say that after today's round. The cheap green fees get people out but I cannot say that we will be back anytime soon.
Early Saturday morning round just under four hours. The staff always great. The entire course is in very good shape right now. The tee boxes were all in good shape with great coverage and level. The fairways were very green and had very good coverage with tons of kikuyu grass throughout the round. The rough was not too tall or very thick but stopped offline shots and was easy to hit from. The traps were all in great condition with a few in need of a little sand. The greens were great - they held shot well and rolled like a thick felted pool table! The kikuyu rough around the greens made pitch shots very difficult especially when it was the length of the bermuda grass. The course is in the best shape I've ever seen it in - definitely recommended!!
Early am Saturday round in under four hours here - miracle!!! The staff is great. The tee boxes were all in great shape with good coverage and very level. The fairways were in very good shape much to my surprise. Most had real good coverage and were in pretty good shape. The rough was thicker than usual today which made finding and hitting shots in and from it difficult but doable. The traps were some the best maintained of any course I've played in some time - nice! Some of the traps may have needed a little sand but were very playable and enjoyable! The greens were the usual slippery quick but most a little bumpy - I believe they are scheduled to be plugged this coming week. The greens were receptive to shots and like I said quick! Love the greens here!! The course is actually planting many palm trees throughout the course which is good to see finally. I would wait a couple weeks after maintenance and the course should be in great shape.
Sub four hour round on a beautiful day for golf. The course is still healing from maintenance from tee to green. The staff was a little confused on check in for us - but finally got it right. The tees had been plugged and were thin, dry and slightly beat up. The fairways also have been plugged and were pretty dry and very tight, which provided great roll but made good contact difficult. The rough was pretty long but not real thick if one could locate their shot. The traps were fairly good with okay sand but quite a few rocks and pebbles. The greens were about half way healed from being plugged. Most putts were very slow and somewhat bumpy. The course just looks like it needs more water to progress to better condition. I would give it a couple weeks if they start putting more water everywhere and it should be nice.
Third off in the morning with a finish of a little of four hours. Those who play here know that a quick round is usually not going to be the case. The staff knows of Mr. GK here very well! The tees were all in nice shape with a few being a little sloped and thin. The fairways look very green and are in real good condition but most were very firm with large bounces and roll (not always in the right direction). The grass in the fairways was thick from the recent rains and kept the ball up nicely for approach shots. The rain also has made the rough treacherous to hit from but it will keep most off line shots in play (just very difficult to play from). The green side rough is also extremely thick and swallows up shots that do not find the putting surface. The traps were the low point of the round. All were in need of sand and seriously in need of a good raking. Some of the green side traps were damp mud with standing water. I'm sure that the course will have the traps in much better condition by months end when they host the Temecula Valley Amateur. The greens will be punched in a couple days and the are in need of it. Most of the greens had quite a bit of roll out and were not holding shots great. The rain has also slowed down the greens and many were somewhat bumpy. Those that have played here a few times know the greens are usually very quick and true - I'm sure in a couple weeks that the greens will be in fantastic shape. The GPS on the old rickety carts has helped those who don't use range finders. The front nine is fairly flat while the back nine has elevation changes and more difficult layouts. The surrounding area and views along with the wildlife make this an enjoyable course to play. Highly recommended
Early morning four hour round on a very well conditioned course. The staff and facilities are always top notch. The tee boxes were all in good shape with a couple being slightly sloped and scarred up from the golfers. The fairways have excellent coverage with great lies to hit from every shot. The rough was fairly thick and pretty damp from the overnight showers. You could hit shots from the rough but would be penalized yardage every time. The traps were wet and damp with many having standing water in them. The greens were all in excellent shape and held shots nicely. Most all the greens rolled great with only a couple being slightly bumpy. The views from the course are nice and fact there are no homes along the fairways is nice. Highly recommended!!!!
First time here and the course was pretty much as expected. Late morning 4 1/2 hour round because of a foursome that was pathetically slow (Mr. PGA pro)!! The staff was fairly friendly and somewhat helpful. The tee boxes were in good shape with only the par three boxes being a little beat up. The fairways were green and not cut too tightly - but did have a few drier thin sections on the par 4's and 5's nearer the greens. The rough was 2-3" and very consistent. Shots could be hit from the rough without much trouble. The traps were all well groomed but ALL had poor quality sand, dirt, mud and LOTS of rocks. Luckily there were not many traps on this course. The greens were not the prettiest I've seen but were in excellent shape and very quick. Every green had larger than expected breaks and a few of the pin placements made two putting difficult. Most greens were very large and did not hold shots all that well. The course has a few water holes and many trees on every hole lining the fairways. The course is VERY flat and could easily be walked if one enjoys that. The entire course is a quite aways from the clubhouse and about a five minute cart ride to your first hole. There are homes along several fairways but really don't come into play. The green fees were more than I would expect for the quality of play offered, and I've NEVER been charged TAX on a round of Golf??? I did enjoy the course but would not pay that much again. Recommended if you don't mind paying TAX on top of your green fees.
Twilight round right at three hours. The recent rain has been good for this eighteen here at Menifee Lakes. The tee boxes are all level but most were very dry and some even a little thin. The fairways are all very green with pretty consistent coverage throughout the entire round. The fairway grass was about the perfect length with a few tight lies but very good shape. The rough for the most part was still dormant and brown but not too thick to hit from. The traps here are well groomed BUT filled with DIRT and rocks - definitely the worst place to be here. The greens were great and held shots well. Most every green ran consistent with ALMOST no ball marks to be seen on any of them - GREAT! The water on this side comes into play on a few holes but the course in fairly forgiving for beginners and very flat and easy to walk if you so wish. The rates are very reasonable and with two eighteen hole courses pretty easy to get out. Recommended!!
Great four hour am round on a course in very good condition. Staff friendly. The tee boxes were in good shape with a couple of the par 3's a bit beat up and not totally level. The fairways had excellent coverage and are cut very short allowing for tremendous roll with some very tight lies. The warmer weather has really greened up the entire course nicely. Most of the rough was very thin where it existed. The traps were all in great shape with many having had sand added to them recently. The greens had total coverage but were slightly difficult to have good shots hold real well. The greens have very little break (took a few holes to realize) in them. Many of the holes are protected by traps and a few by water. The views are nice on the entire course. The large homes on the course sit back far enough to not be in play. It had been several years since I had played here and so glad I did - especially after the night before wore off! I DEFINITELY recommend a round or two or three here!! Great deal offered online through Costco also - even on weekends.
Early morning four hour round on a perfect morning weather wise. The staff is always working hard and friendly too. The tee boxes are in real good shape with only a few being a bit firm. The fairways are starting to grow green again with the warm sunny days we've had in the area. You will still find a few tight lies during the round but very playable and not soggy at all. The rough is consistent on most holes and 2-3" in length which allows you to hit from it fairly easily. The traps were actually in very good shape (I was in many today) and not very damp. The greens are in excellent condition and quicker than usual with hardly any ball marks! The overall shape and look of the course is near excellent for this time of the year. Recommended.
Early Saturday morning 4:15 round only because our group is getting old! There was a tournament that went off shortly after us but we did not see them once! The course is in much better shape with the warmer weather and reduction in over watering. The staff is always great and was once again. The tee boxes were in good shape with only the par three holes being a little rough. The fairways are filling in once again as the warmer days have encouraged the bermuda to grow. There is enough coverage on most fairways that not every shot is a tight lie anymore. The rough has also thickened up on the holes that have it - there are a few fairways that lack rough on one side or the other and bad shots will not get any help. The sand traps have once again become some of the worst around. Many of the traps were hard as concrete and muddy wet messes! Most all of the traps are in desperate need of sand and care! The greens are in excellent shape right now with very few unrepaired marks. I can definitely recommend a round here now and if you can get a discount somewhere it is a bargain!
Early morning 4 1/2 round on a marginal conditioned course. I have played this course for over thirty years from the Hidden Meadows and Meadow Lake times of yesteryear. This was my first time playing the shortened new layout and not sure that I'm really a fan. The first few holes always seemed to slow down a round and did today. The tee boxes were in pretty good shape with a few being a little thin on coverage. They do have divot mix on the markers which is a great idea, especially when used by the golfers. The fairway conditions varied from thin to great depending on which hole you were playing. There is really no rough with the turf reduction - but plenty of bark and granite outside of that along all of the fairways. Many of the fairways were narrow before and seem to be narrower yet now. The traps were in sorry to okay condition with a couple having good sand and others being not more than mud puddles! The greens are definitely the best part of the course and all were in pretty good shape. You could see the greens had been plugged sometime ago but were very firm still and did not hold shots well at all. The greens are pretty flat with the exception of a couple that had some different elevations on them. The staff was great and the food in the remodeled bar/restaurant was fair at a fair price. The discounted green fees available make it worth a go - just keep it in the fairway!!
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