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On to El Do Friday morning as a two-ball and a fast PoP under 4 hrs. Winter conditions starting to show as some of the Kikuyu is beginning to lie down and even thin to non-existent in some patches (which I seem to find on every other hole!). Wind really kicked up on the back nine so lots of debris on greens ... Lawnboy's team will be super busy this weekend.

Greens healed and healthy as the Poa edges try to fill in ... will take a while. The surface on holes 1-3 a bit uneven but much better as you move ahead, best on the back side. GS bunkers look great but most are thin sand over clay, so beware (where's the sand? Second protest :-)

Challenging layout from the Blacks on a blistery day, really had to focus on every ball strike. I enjoy playing here for that reason. With all the trees El Do can be a bear if you're not straight off the tee but birdies are getable if you're on in regulation. Always recommended.
Back to El Do this morning, got around in a tick over 4 hrs as a walking foursome. Lots of water on the course, so some spongy areas to contend with along with casual water. Mostly good lies in fairways and rough all morning.

Greens were punched a couple week ago (one side) and are coming back nicely. They will punch the second half this coming Mon/Tue. Speed is predictable and semi-quick.

Bunkers have good sand, heavy texture and very playable. Many tee boxes were punched, too, and that project will continue for a while longer.

El Doardo does a great job of evening out the maintenance to keep the course open and playable. Recommended, especially with a LB city card.
Out at 7:20am for a 4:20 PoP at El Do this morning. No changes since my last weeks review but I was told they'd be aerating half of the greens on Sept. 17 and the second half two week later. Recommended.

Don't know why my rating came out at 5.6. Should be 6.5
Played El Do with a 7AM tee time, a bit slow with waiting on most front 9 holes so PoP was 4:25 today, oh well ... play early or get what you get. Summer taking effect in some areas of the fairways but most lies were very good and there's still plenty of green Kikuyu to go around. In a few GS bunkers today, very good sand and easy to play from ... well maintained, too.

Greens, as usual, very good Poa holding shots as predicted as well as chip/pitch shots. Green expansion project continues and will take a while to get the shape back to the original 1962 Ted Robinson design. Today, some green collars were in work laying down new Poa sod (I wanted to steal a few squares for my yard :-)

[I completely disagree with the complaint of the previous post (rant) as this project has a purpose and it will enhance play of this well thought out track, but some people would rather find the bad rather than the good when they write a review. Pity.]

Anyway, as most courses that get over 100K rounds per year, play early or expect slow play. Otherwise, the course is in very good shape and is a fun, walkable track. Recommended.
Decided to play Sat. twilight and found a great internet deal at Black Gold (course website) so I jumped on it. Ended up with a $30! green fee, teed off at 3:30PM as a three-ball and finished in a bit over 4 hrs. Glad I did.

Course conditions are good fairways, mostly green and playable lies all day. Rough can be difficult to play with a mixture of Bermuda and Kikuyu, so you had to be Johnny-on-the-spot to get the ball to your target. Bunkers a tad thin & crusty but very playable with lots of unrakiness going on. Greens were soft Poa with plenty of afternoon foot marks to kick your ball off-line but that's expected when playing late in the day. Speed somewhat slow-ish for the time of day, which was surprising cuz last time I was here they were really firm and quick. In fine shape otherwise, looking real nice, holding approach shots like velcro. Semi-bummer: a few too many unrepaired ball marks for such nice looking putting surfaces.

As stated in previous reviews, very challenging back nine where wayward tee ball are simply gone. You need to be precise on most holes to score here. Recommended, for sure.
Los Logos Sunday 9AM, $38 walking green fee, PoP a waitie 4:45 today. Humid with all the watering, as Leef2020 mentioned in his recent accurate review, prepping for the CM City next weekend. Much nicer once the ocean breeze kicked up around 11.

Conditions today: Super spongey would sum it up from the as-far-as-the-eye-can-see Kikuyu fairways and thick rough (dconnally's favorite) to the uber-soft-bumpy Poa greens. Some 'no grass gonna grow here' patches to navigate but mostly good lies ... don't venture to the rough cuz that thick stuff can be a bear to play from. Either that or you're under the Pine trees on needles and dirt.

In a couple GS bunkers, good sand just not maintained today, very playable though. Course should be in very good shape for the City Championship when they clean it up, let the greens get fast, and the rough get deeper. Recommended for some decent muni-golf.
Booked an 6:20am Friday single tee time at Skylinks, $48 walking non-res rate. PoP was like 4:15 but should have been faster ... waiting on a slow-poke 5-some who had no business playing that early (2 holes behind, minimum). Conditions here are about as good as it gets for a muni: Bermuda is mostly green, full and some padding in most fairway areas. Rough not long but balls can settle making it a difficult shot.

Greens rolling medium speed and true, a few unrepaired marks but not a problem. Bunkers have great sand, not maintained today so a few footprints from lazy SOB's.

A bit pricey here but for a few extra bucks I'd play here again. Recommended.
Played the Ike with the clubies this Sat. AM and got around in 4:45 which is a great tourney pace. Sad to report the summer doldrums have taken over on the Hill, at least on the Ike. Overseed Rye is gone and the heat has taken it's toll so there's lots of bare areas and it really looks hideous. We played it LC&P so you know it's bad.

Greens were in great shape, so that was nice to see, rolling medium and true, very quick downhill. Good medium textured sand in bunkers, well maintained.

I cannot predict when the Bermuda Hybrid will kick in but it will be a while. If you play here, be warned ... it's a major bummer.
Early Friday round at El Do, very uncrowded so they called me up too soon ... I had a bucket of balls which I wanted to hit, so I went out as a single (first time that happened here ... EVER). Anyway, I caught the 3-ball ahead of me on #3 ... they ignored me (maybe BO?) so I played a Mr. Black vs. Mr. Blue match ... it was a good one, too, with Mr. Blue missing a short birdie putt on 18 which would have given him the win, so I shook my own hand and drove home.

Anyway, the course conditions are real good right now. Ran into Lawnboy who told me about some water issues they had earlier in the week so he's playing catch up trying to get the course ready for the LB Golf Festival. He also answered some turf questions I had, so I learned something today.

Greens were cut short and were quick but not overly so. Kikuyu fairways cut and green with a few GUR areas here and there. Rough at a decent length, mostly full. Bunkers have fluffy, brownish sand, easy to play from and well conditioned.

ED is always in good shape, a decent test with a lot of mature trees. Greens do not have too much undulation, putting is fairly predictable, and they are in the process of enlarging them in order to get the course back to play in the manner it was designed.

Recommended but play early cuz it gets slow there. LB resident discounts are available.
Played an early Friday round at the 'Wood, PoP quick at 3.5 hrs, green fee $30 walking. Not alot to add other than the greens were about as good as Poa can get right now. Even #2 & 3 which have had issues in the past were just about perfect.

No bunker maintenance today, so they were wet and lumpy. Fairways and tee boxes were getting ready to mow but we were out too early to get that benefit.

Recommended for no frills golf. Oh, the big lake was very low and the smell of turtle dung was nearly overwhelming on the 12th green. Hope they fill it back up soon.

BTW: I wish I was posting a round at Spyglass again like Johnny and Sixpez. I might have driven all the way back up to Monterey if Alex invited me :-)
Out to Beaumont with the Dawgs on Oak Valley, early Sat. morning. Good PoP just over 4 hrs with little to no waiting ... course pretty much open. Played white tees which made the course play fairly easy. Not a lot of trouble unless you're way off your game. Fairways generous and rough cut reasonably low, very good grass cover with a few hard pan areas. Bunkers were in great shape.

The defense are trees and some H2O hazards. Greens are not terribly difficult unless you're above the hole, rolling at medium speed. On guy said they can get insanely fast here at times but not today.

Layout winds thru a Beaumont neighborhood but houses do not come into play, most errant balls can be found. Various mounds and some strategic bunkering to avoid off the tee. It can get really windy here, so check the weather report and try to play early. Pre-paid green fee ... check the course for rates. Recommended, especially if you live out here in the desert area, otherwise it's a hellofa drive.
Hooked up with Alex 326 to play Poppy and he beat me to the review. Really enjoy playing with him and the youngster he had push his cart around as the youth-on-course he mentioned.

Anyway, not much more to add except the greens were so firm that even well struck, high balls barely left a mark. Everything released big time and if you played a bump and run, just say good-bye ... and we did on many occasions.

Still a great layout and fantastic conditions, tee to green, and gorgeous surroundings of the Del Monte Forest. Can get an SCGA deal to save some bucks as my green fee was $110 and the rack rate was $250 ... yep, pricey now.

Another thing: nobody told me they switched the nines, I was told it was for pace of play. Funny, when we got to #10 (the old #1) there was a 20 min. wait to tee off. I like the original layout. PoP was around 4:45. Recommended if you get a deal.
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