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Played TGC@La Quinta on Jan. 1 on a gorgeous desert day with temps near 70* and a slight breeze. Was able to get member rates, $55 included breakfast or lunch plus range balls. Went off on time and played in under 4 hrs.
The course is in great shape, tee to green. Pristine fairways and rough, bunkers had some rocks but were very playable. Greens firm and fast, like glass, and you had to play for some roll out or else you're off the back of the green.
Four sets of tee boxes to choose from, friendly staff, and nice clubhouse.
The areas outside the rough has been cleared out (per the previous review) and designated Environmental but you can still play it from there with no penalty. It used to be bushes and shrubs and a lost ball, so it's actually a good idea to keep people moving. And it's still called the Golf Club at La Quinta.
Recommended if in the area.
Ventured to Palm Desert on Thur. to visit friends in La Quinta and got in a round at the famed Classic Club a week prior to overseed shutdown, glad I did. Easy to find just off the 10 but it can get very windy, I here. Luckily, perfect weather and only a slight breeze. I tried to set up some golf with my ol' bud Nickesquire but it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time.
Unfortunately, they did not mention the greens had been sanded a few days prior even though I asked. Fortunately, they were just a tad slow and only affected a handful of putts ... just took a few holes to get used to the speed. The rest of the course is still in very good condition, new bunker project is done, and it was a nice experience (did I mention the green fee was lowered to $50 which was a real good deal).
Classy place, very well designed clubhouse and course, practice area pristine (unlimited balls on range ... I could hang here for hours), nice bar/restaurant, and the Turkey Club sandwich was outstanding.
More water features than you would expect from a desert course and some very scenic holes. Not an overly difficult course (but played white tees) and greens are not over the top with undulations and the like, so good scores are out there. I'm sure playing blue or black tees would make a world of difference. And if the greens are cut low I'm sure it can be a big challenge to get the ball in the cup.
It must be gorgeous here after overseed during golf season, Spring would be a good time to return, which I shall. Highly recommended.
Was able to get a am time as a single at LV on a previous day call, my bad for waiting but it worked out. PoP right at 4hrs. Have not been here for some time but since I've played here for a couple decades now I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Good: the greens are excellent Poa, cut perfectly and rolling true. No complaints. The new bar/restaurant looks like a nice place to hang out, too. Bunkers rate up there, too. Good sand and taken care of, good to see.
The Bad: fairways are mostly green and playable with some patchy stuff to negotiate. But some fairways are downright terrible (ie. #2, 9, & 18) and it's a shame nothing has been done about it.
The Ugly: anywhere off the fairway. Wire grass has doubled ... the 'rough' is either overgrown Kikuyu or the more prevalent hard pan. Oh, yeah, they allow five-somes which contributes to the slow PoP here.

Recommended if you can get out early and can keep the ball in the fairway. After all, $30 walking is hard to beat.
Played Arroyo Trabuco Wed. senior $70 green fee. Found the course in great shape, tee to green, very pleased as the layout here is one of the best in the OC. Greens were cut so decent speed, rolling true ... not shaggy like some previous reviews. Maybe the cooler temps allows them to cut to an appropriate length cuz it's no fun putting on slow greens on an otherwise super course. I'd guess rolling around a 10 today.

Found a few rocks in bunkers (okay to remove) which had lightly textured sand at a playable depth. Bermuda fairways mostly in great shape and plenty of roll out but some landing areas were a bit pock marked (ie. #6). The majority were in fantastic shape and a pleasure to play from.

With a PoP just over 4 hrs., a real enjoyable experience even thought it's a bit pricey here. But that's the OC for you. Recommended with a deal.
Played The Crossings on Wed. at 10:20AM and a PoP of 4:30 with some waiting but not much. If you have not played this SD County gem yet, you should. Conditions very good tee to green, with good sand and manageable rough. Course layout can be challenging if you're not getting off the tee as planned as there's lot's of ESA areas on both sides of the fairways to lose your ball.

Some great views along the hilly, coastal terrain and you will get many side-hill lies to boot. Best part was the greens which rolled nice and true, slow early and speeding up as the day warmed up.

Give it a go if you're in the area. Our fee was $62 riding senior rate ... worth every penny. Recommended.
Played Ike on Sat. AM got around in 4.5 PoP. Sad to report the summer doldrums have hit this course and the Bermuda looks terrible ... brown and thin in most landing areas so we played LC&P. Everything else is fine: greens rolling medium speed and true; even the bunkers (that I visited) had decent cover.

So, the good news is they're going to re-sod most of the dead areas next week so that in a month or so it should be in much better shape ... time will tell. Also, we paid a reduced rate of $75 so that made it bearable.

Recommend to call before you book a time to get the update. Most likely CPO on many holes until the new grass takes root.
Out to the IE Sunday playing an event at Sierra Lakes. Nice greeting from the staff, grass/mat driving range, rolled a few putts, and onto the first tee. Found the course in good, very playable condition overall with good coverage in fairway but some thin/patchy areas on fringes (fungus?) and rough. In two GS bunkers: one had great sand/depth and the other a bit thin.

The back-to-front sloped greens (a few tiers here and there so stay below the hole) rolled nice and consistent with a few ball marks to repair on every hole. A bit grainy so we saw a few putts roll off line but no major complaints.

Course layout runs through the local neighborhoods with generous fairways and a few H2O hazards to negotiate. Just enough of a challenge to keep you focused but the two long hitters I played with used driver on most holes. Our PoP was at 4:40 in tournament conditions.

Recommended, just remember it's summer time and the heat is beginning to stress out some areas. Oh, yeah, there's several water stations with cool, drinkable water ... stay hydrated.
Out on the Babe as a 3-ball, 8AM Friday morning, with a 4:15 PoP. $44 riding green fee, great deal.

The Good: greens rolled medium speed and true. Very few un-repaired ball marks, too. Nice. Bermuda fairways were decent to very good, again, nice. New golf carts with ice chests and bottle of water. Did I mention a 4:15 PoP?

The Bad: lot's of unfilled divots in fairways, especially the landing areas. Pity peeps don't use the sand/seed bottles on every cart. Cart paths are bumpy ... needs repairs.

The Ugly: bunkers, especially the GS bunkers. Like real bad. Yes, ugly.

Sweet deal still going on at IH, Babe. Take advantage before it's gone. Recommended.
Big Rec on Fri., July 5, 7AM walking 4-ball. PoP slow ^rant on^: 5-somes galore and not in any hurry ... don't get how peeps play early and are clueless on PoP ... never saw a marshal ... 4.5 hr round waiting on most every shot ... ^rant off^. Course in decent shape as Kikuyu fairways were mostly green and good lies, getting patchy as you move away from center. Poa greens rolled slow-ish to medium speed with a few bumps here and there. Bunkers ranged from poor to unplayable: wet and not conditioned in what looked like some time now.

All in all, good parkland layout at Rec but paying $54 to walk is way overpriced. Worth a play a few times a year though, I guess.
Out early at El Do on a overcast Friday (Ladies day starts around 8AM) matched with 3 other singles, got around in 4 hrs ... shoulda been faster but, oh well. I must say that ED is in about as good of shape as I've ever seen right now. Green, lush Kikuyu fairways and rough ... the kind that's thick and juicy like a 16 oz. Porterhouse (DConn would love this stuff). Clearly defined fairway and green complexes, cut just right. Greens were outstanding Poa with only a few ball marks to fix, rolling true and holding approach shots like velcro. Bunkers excellent sand with good depth ... just very wet from watering.

Grounds crew out in force cutting, trimming, watering, and making the place look great. Kudos to Lawnboy and his green thumb ... ample water availability sure does help. To be honest, there's a few areas that need some work but most of those do not come into play unless you hit a bad tee ball or approach. Green enlargement project mostly done albeit some re-sodded areas where the new Poa did not take off.

Highly recommended! I'm rating it 7+ all around.
Played the Goose with the Dawgs on Sunday, PoP a bit slow at 4:45. Weather was cool and very windy but we lucked out and had no rain, just a few minutes of drizzle was all.

So, maybe today was not the best conditions to write a review for a course that everyone rates so highly, as mine will not be as positive. Let's start with the greens which were probably not mown this morning: very firm so chip shots were unpredictable and most rolled out 5-10 ft. farther than anticipated. Not fun when you chip from those collection areas that are adjacent to every green and a big part of the defense of this course layout. But putting was a tad on the slow side and somewhat bumpy, so it was very difficult if you wanted to die it in the hole.

Bunkers were downright terrible. I'm talking a half inch of thin sand over hard pan. All my playing partners said the same thing. Fairways were green but thin lies most of the time, could not take much of a divot. Rough not deep, very playable ... sometimes better than the fairway.

Always enjoy playing the Goose, we just caught it on a bad day which was disappointing, especially when we payed premium dollars (and I walked). Big, wide fairways and a scorers paradise on a good day. Won't scratch it off my list but it's just not all that ... at least on Sunday.

Add: I realize this is a huge contrast from previous reviews. I have no hidden agenda, just call 'em as I see 'em.
Big Rec this AM (LB Golf Festival, Senior Division), got around in 4:45, not too bad for tournament play. Course very green Kikuyu/Poa with some bare/semi-muddy spots, some marked GUR, some not ... I seemed to find a lot that 'were not'. Rough challenging if your ball settled in that damp grass. Greens somewhat disappointing as they were a tad slow with some bumps thrown in for good measure ... was expecting real smooth and fast. Only in one GS bunker, good condition but thin layer of sand over clay.

Overall, it's the same ol' Rec Park: no frills golf, no H20 penalty areas, gentle rolling hills (very walkable) with some challenging holes ... and some easy holes. Never was a fan which is why I only play here a few times a year.

Recommended for what it is: a decent muni in the center of Long Beach (yes, there's a bit of street noise to contend with, too).
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